America, Britain, Russia, and China; A quick update on the timeline to WWIII

I wanted to forward a portion of this week’s World Affairs Brief, which discusses the latest developments surrounding the Russia/Ukraine conflagration as well as the upcoming confrontation between Russia and Eastern Europe.

As you know by now, war is coming, but we still have time.

Russia is threatening dire consequences, hinting at military action, but they can’t fully handle Ukraine, let alone invade a NATO country like Lithuania, which would trigger the entire Article V NATO defense pact.

World Affairs Brief, June 24th

WWIII Update


Yes, Britain should be prepared to go to war with Russia but not because it is going to be anything similar to Ukraine. All countries in the West have to be prepared to intercept Russia’s huge inventory of nuclear weapons which will be what’s different. If anything the West has learned from the war in Ukraine it is that Russia doesn’t have any hesitation to destroy cities that resist. But, it won’t be constant artillery barrages as in Ukraine destroying military and civilian targets, but a barrage of intermediate nuclear Iskander missiles from Kaliningrad that is the real threat to British cities if the West does not succumb to Russian threats. Russia’s ICBMs will be reserved for decapitating the US and British military.

And even that won’t happen until China is ready to join Russia in attacking the West, because Russia can’t possibly occupy Britain or Europe even if it destroyed all NATO’s military—which is unlikely. China has the military manpower to occupy where Russia does not. As I said in a prior brief, with Russia and China, its either all or none as to use of nuclear weapons. There won’t ever be any token strike to threaten or blackmail the West. A token strike would demand massive nuclear retaliation. Russia’s only military advantage is in its quantity and quality of offensive missiles. That’s how the next big war is going to start and not before.

World Affairs Brief, June 24th

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15 thoughts on “America, Britain, Russia, and China; A quick update on the timeline to WWIII

  1. It’s interesting to know that the world is so concerned about redeveloping Ukraine – as Ukraine is being destroyed slowly and precisely by Russia with no end in sight that I’m aware of. Millions of articles focus on how much better Ukraine will be as if someone knows precisely when Russia will stop the demolition – I mean bombing.

    And if this doesn’t make my point about this entire questionably legitimate (dare I say scripted) conflict even more clear, Biden has this to offer at the recent G7 meeting –

    “The announcement is an official launch and a rebranding of what had been rolled out last year at the G7 in the UK as “Build Back Better World,” a play on Biden’s domestic proposal that would have reshaped the U.S. economy but foundered in Congress. The effort is now called the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment, or PGII.”

    1. Solely designed to anger and incite Russia. The Western elites know and want this.

      I don’t get caught up in these stories. They are just designed to invite a Russian reaction. Works like a charm. WWIII rollout proceeding as planned.

        1. I apologize. I honestly didn’t read the story, but it really doesn’t have anything to do with Ukraine per se. Yeah, it looks like a social largesse boondoggle of $200 billion.

          Follow the money.

          And we wonder why the price of energy is so expensive in the marketplace. Thank you, government intervention.

          Government regulations across the board in the United States helps to suppress the supply of oil and natural gas. Then when prices rise to levels that normally would not be seen in a free market, the government rides in as the savior with hundreds of billions of dollars in additional spending. All this spending flows up to the pockets of the wealthiest income-generating asset owners and drives the prices of energy up for everybody.

          $600 billion over 5 years is no longer a lot of money, and most of that will end up on the balance sheets of the promoters of the bill. The private side of the public-private partnership will gain the most.

  2. AJ now changing his tune and pumping DeSantis for president. He still says Trump is a good man though he’s pigheaded.

    He’s just making sure that the people in the former patriot movement stay in the partisan cattle pen. DeSantis says the right things when needed, just like Youngnkin in VA, but things only drift back from the far left to a more Marxist equilibrium.

    DeSantis rips the vaccines, and rightfully so, but it’s too late as the 60-70% have already taken them and are now getting sick and getting cancer. Now the establishment can allow pushback on the jabs, since so many took them already.

    1. When DeSantis becomes president, AJ will start to sound like I do regarding America’s economic prospects. He and Adams will trumpet America’s renaissance, right on time to keep the alt-media in their mental prison.

      I marvel at how AJ screams about his high sense of morality. His followers believe it. They were also a product of the public school system and recieved all their vaccines as youngsters, too.

      1. BTW virtually everyone I come across in the alt-media have been duped into becoming economic collapse parrots 🐦🦜🦜

        They all 🐦🐦🐦 the same Western collapse message.

        Wait until DeSantis gets in office. The 🐦🐦🐦 song will change.

      2. Jones spends a lot of time trying to convince his listeners that he’s a moral and Godly guy. You’re right to say avoid him.

  3. Any person who sits at his or her computer screen, rallying around Russia to take out a drag queen in Ukraine or a bunch of woke Western politicians better start realigning his mindset. Heads need to be examined.

    People like Alex Jones who laugh at how Putin is making the West look foolish is not your ally. First of all, it’s not Putin running the show. He’s carrying out instructions. Second of all, Russia will nuke the West in the future. The American elite know it and have been planning. Third of all, he’s not making a mockery of the West. Fourth of all, Putin is not Christian, he’s a psychopath ex-KGB.

    The Western elites use degenerate Freemasons like Alex Jones to lead you astray with disingenuous arguments and flawed logic to support our existential enemy.

    War is coming and the elites want you to die. Keep listening to AJ and Mike Adams. A couple of disingenuous “clickbait queens.”

    1. The Great Kabbalistic Dialectic is zioeuew vs commieeuw and you can set your watches by it until you finally get so much mental illness that the “singularity” presents itself, since it is the left brain attacking the right brain, essentially. Keeping a step ahead of it all is not rocket science. Satan plans to send the human collective consciousness into a magnetic wormhole in Switzerland and all you have to do to save yourself is go your own way till the end. Now that I’m back in the US … working at a convenience store cuz it’s been on my do-do list and where I am is not HOT. I don’t believe in investing in satan’s grand casino royale because God says we must work with our hands. I’m staggered at the mental state of so many people. There is nothing but junk in the store, name your poison. What’s really alarming is the energy drinks and I’m also v suspicious of all the new the “malt” drinks. I drank half a supposed malt that was supposedly like a screwdriver and I felt so weird after just a few sips I tossed it … and tossed a couple of the others I tried too. WTH are these people drinking? I’m going to do some more research there and also on the energy drinks … Then there’s all the weird flavoured nicotine products and I looked them up because I wanted to see if they were tobacco-derived or if they could synthesize the stuff in a lab and YES they can, but only a couple of brands use that, something called Biddy Stick and ZYN, which is a pouch, both of which should be avoided like the plague I think. The other brands use tobacco-derived nicotine so I guess there’s enough tobacco for now. Anyway … they had to pull them all this week … I so I knew it was the FDA since there is a massive regulatory battle raging over these products, but then the next day they were all back on the shelf together with the Supreme Court ruling stating that vape supplier Juul’s appeal will be heard. Dunno, but there’s a conflict between tobacco and pharma, for sure huh. So yeah, GPM, which is the 3rd bigger fuel retailer is wholly owned by ARKOS which is on the nasdaq and it does seems like the directors may all be dual citizens and yes the raise money for ukraine flyers were out till they all disappeared from everywhere at exactly the same time. Then there’s the gay Russian choir boy who walks up and down the road and stops for a Lucky Strike. That’s where the real nightmares begin. Gognmagog is sooooooooo bad if you look at the path of the serpent vs the path of the flaming light.

      1. ENERGY DRINKS. My relative at Health Canada says they are alarmed at the number of deaths on the rise and are blaming the sudden cardiac arrests on Energy drinks combined with the vax.

      2. Haha Brilliant. ITER ain’t what it use to be. Glad to see someone else is picking up on this.

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