June 16th Market Update – A manufactured crisis is still real; what I recommend for the future


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-A discussion of the framework behind my conclusions. I need to preface my analysis with a background behind the QE concept.

-My analysis and observations, and why I am viewing the current inflationary “crisis” as an everlasting development rather than one that will fade soon.

-There are two likely scenarios here;

  1. The PTB are attempting to unwind as much of the CB balance sheets as they can and raise interest rates as high as possible before the next staged crisis or,
  2. The PTB intend to grind us to a nub over the next couple years, which will facilitate the next crisis.

I will tell you which scenario is more likely.

-Knowing what we know about the objectives of the Great Reset, it is impossible to disregard the catalysts that caused this crisis as being accidental or coincidental.

-Is the Fed willing to send us into a full-blown recession in order to quiet inflation? Does it really matter and is that just a red herring?

-In an either/or outcome, I would rather have low interest rates and a recession than high growth and higher rates. The consensus for future price increases keeps undershooting the actual data.

-What are the best courses of action for real estate investors? What about SFR landlords?

-Value stocks always outperform in these situations.

-Which investments provide us with the most protection?

-What do I think is going to happen to bitcoin soon?

-My observations on investor nonchalance in many sectors.

-The demographics of investor denial; the younger they are the more denial.

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5 thoughts on “June 16th Market Update – A manufactured crisis is still real; what I recommend for the future

  1. For me personally – seeing how almost all the countries had the same exact COVID polices in place was like an alarm bell going off. Most European countries. Russia. China. USA. Canada. Australia. Even Singapore. The same exact COVID policies. No logic in their decisions. Just marching orders it seemed. Also, not one country went after China besides a few PR statements that was simply all talk to appease the masses.

    BTC is at 18k right now — 10k is a real possibility. But I also agree this can last for several years in this state – slow bleed or flat growth before something breaks.

  2. Chris – great podcast. I’ve been saying since the supply chain issues started – “it’s fishy”. There are just too many stakeholders involved for the issues to occur organically – too many smart, money-motivated people. 100% agree with you there. There are no coincidences

  3. Through the heavy dosing of vaccines on the population since the early 1980s, our adversary has finally achieved its goal of creating a satanic multicultural global kingdom where everyone is the same; at least cognitively, and the citizenry never know.

    Through diet, injections, and injunction our adversary has accomplished its task of creating the sort of person that governments deem desirable.

    It’s lights out on humanity. If you were never vaccinated, never indoctrinated via public schools, nor cognitively reconfigured via diet at an early age, perhaps you, too, see that the objectives of our adversary have already been achieved.

    I understand the OT is too complicated now. The average Christian’s IQ has been effectively lowered by at least 20 points from potential via injections, injunction, and diet. We are all the same now… Forever

    We’re so easily managed from the top now. There’s no escape. Enjoy our one world multicultural global kingdom. We won’t own anything, and we’ll be happy.

    1. The most effective answer to addressing this manufactured mess would be for American infants and children to be ever more vaccinated. This will address all the societal woes. Thus, when they become adults, the entire population will be a dulled down light shade of brown. If these people took an IQ exam from 75 years ago, they would achieve an 85-90 score. But IQ exams have been recalibrated to make that the new 100-105.

      And we wonder why people are so easily fleeced?

      OMG alert, you are so hateful, Chris.

      Student loan forgiveness could help narrow the racial wealth gap, say advocates. Here’s how


    2. I have seen it and experienced it. Our parents made those decisions for us, and the schools stated it was policy for certain vaccine requirements. Same with the Dr and dental visits, anyone have tooth fillings? Is it mercury or amalgam in those fillings? We can exercise, avoid junk food, alcohol, tobacco.

      If someone was in BTC in 2020 and held they are still doing good. The SOS will probaby give it a big pump again. I don’t know anybody that bought btc above $10k, but at this point some people are down on the mining stocks.

      No way to get started in real estate in my area except goto a courthouse auction or buy a bug infested craphole and fix it up, which are marked up to high. After all expenses, would take at least 10 years to make any profit, with a lot of headaches for that duration. I guess one could get a license and work at an agency or a bank, possibly get a first shot at any deals.

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