A response to a comment; Are the Chinese lockdowns about containing a virus?

The Chinese lockdowns; About containing a virus? Why now?

This is certainly not about containing a virus. Why does it get so much coverage in the Western media? Why now?

Hello Chris,
I am new to your website, so I apologise if I’m asking a question that you have previously discussed.
Could you enlighten me as to the true intentions of the recent grotesque Chinese lockdowns on its own citizens.

It simply does not seem credible that it has any relationship to a “virus,” particularly with such low numbers. It seems to me that what they are doing to their own people is from the same WEF playbook, albeit, a “later” chapter.


These lockdowns make sense given the context of the timeline

Thanks for asking. These are great observations. Here’s my sobering take on this. These CCP heavy-handed lockdowns have nothing to do with containing a virus. Based on this site’s ongoing discussions with the timeline out to 2030, I have to suspect the CCP is getting ready to engage in its next stages of its ambitious plans. Of course, it will be military in nature, and in order to bring about this Great Reset, war must happen.

As of now, it seems only Russia has been overtly moving in that direction, but CCP China has been actively building behind the scenes for a conflict with the West and America later in the decade.

The Chinese are not ready to directly take on the West, but it must consolidate its power and supply lines in the SE Asia area. As war gets close, China will seek to expand its territories outward and develop its strategies to effectively engage with the reformed Soviet Union on its mutually agreed upon ambitions – the takeout of the United States.

These plans have been well discussed in the elite military circles for decades, and the CCP is now attempting to suppress the potential blowback that will develop from its residents as the CCPs military ambitions move forward with the green light it is soon to receive from the top of the pyramid.

I realize that many readers find these conclusions incredulous, but war is coming later this decade, and the average Chinese citizen will not be supporting these CCPs ambitions, regardless of how much propaganda they receive in the schooling and media. The average Chinese wishes to be left alone and engage in commerce, but the plans speak otherwise. The CCP needs to keep their population in line. It starts with these harsh lockdowns. They are a reminder in China of who’s the boss.

This is why I have also been warning Westerners to be careful about investing in non-Western countries, especially in China.

I also have to conclude that the Western elite want us to see these oppressive lockdowns for a reason, since the Western person only sees events and developments in China on a “need to know” basis. The lockdowns there have been brutal, and the fact that they have been so well displayed in the Western media tells me that the engineers at the very top want us here to be conditioned to this inevitably here in the states and in Europe as well after the war.

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17 thoughts on “A response to a comment; Are the Chinese lockdowns about containing a virus?

  1. Don’t ever fall for the adversary’s propaganda to hate our fellow Jews. The good news is that it appears more Jews are starting to believe in Jesus:

    “A Barna study of Jewish Millennials carried out in 2017 found that 20% of Jewish Millennials surveyed responded that Jesus was “God in human form who lived among people in the 1st century.”9 A statistic like this indicates that emerging generations of Jewish people in their 20s and 30s are deciding for themselves who Jesus is.

    While Jewish followers of Jesus acknowledge the cultural obstacles and painful historical facts surrounding his identity, there are still many reasons that drive them to believe that he is the Messiah. First and foremost, most people who come to follow Jesus, Jewish or not, have a personal encounter with God that changes their lives. As a result, Jewish people who have this experience can’t help but passionately embrace both their faith and their heritage.”


    There’s multiple reasons why Jews may not accept Jesus, but one reason is regarding this Messiah prophecy:

    ‘Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, nor shall they learn war anymore’” (Isaiah 2:4)

    There are still prophecies in the old testament that haven’t been fulfilled. Isaiah 2:4 may very well be referring to Jesus’ 2nd coming.

    1. I see certain segments such as Rense.com and others scapegoat all of the Jewish faith.
      While some leaders who claim to be Jewish do work for the synagogue of satan, however, they are not really practicing Judaism in the Old Testament manner and are thus not real Jews.
      The average Jewish person is a victim of the synagogue of satan like the rest of us non-Jews.
      Most of the persecuted Jews in WWII Germany were average Germans trying to earn a living and they valiantly fought for Germany in the previous war. The German Jews were victims of people up top who called themselves Jews such as Rothchilds and other members of the synagogue of satan. Jews in general should not be blamed.

      Jesus always told us to focus on people’s actions and not who they say they are. It is not the Christian way to scapegoat people based on race, religion, gender, etc. Christians are supposed to be warm and welcoming to all. Many early followers of Jesus Christ were Jews. It is also very encouraging that more Jews today are opening up to Jesus Christ as their savior.
      I actively support Jewish organizations that promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ to fellow Jews.
      Everybody needs to be saved.
      Jesus Christ is a savior for everybody.

      1. Andrei, my observations of these people has led me to a few blanket conclusions. These people prefer poly racial, polyglot societies. They don’t like nationalism. They don’t like tribalism (except their own). They always want to engineer the goyim and they always identify key positions of influence and occupy them. They don’t like traditional societies or thinkers who favor traditionalism.

        Yes, all of them tilt this way. Their genetics move them to it.

        In short, these people instinctively seek to control the goyim. They won’t tolerate goyim not under their control. They won’t quit until they achieve it. They never have quit. I don’t trust them. Not a one.

    2. Jews for Jesus is a Judaizing group that has connections to various high-powered individuals that have questionable heritages if not outright Jewish ones. From that site’s own numbers, they claim just 12% of Jews have some kind of Messianic belief, without delving into any denomination, group, etc.

      On that very same page they have written: “Jesus never would have condoned antisemitism in any form.” Historically, because of the New Testament they refer to as a defense against antisemitism, Jews have accused the Blessed Lord Jesus Christ of being the “original” antisemite from which Christians sprung.

      Judaizing has also been condemned, which Jews for Jesus does. If one deliberately attempts to be a Judaized Christian then Hell is your eternal destiny. Consider the words of the Blessed Lord in reference to the Pharisees, which also applies to the various Marranos of history:

      Matthew 23:27-28
      “Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you are like to whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear to men beautiful, but within are full of dead men’s bones, and of all filthiness. So you also outwardly indeed appear to men just; but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.”

      1. “Jews for Jesus is a Judaizing group that has connections to various high-powered individuals that have questionable heritages if not outright Jewish ones.”

        I want to clarify, obviously this group is about Jews. However, where one might think that this association would harm someone’s career, instead the opposite occurs. If they were effectively turning Jews to Christ, would they really have good relations with Talmudic Jews?

    3. This has always been one of the tenets of the dispensationalists and the Hebrew roots scamsters. That’s a Darby and Schofield fallacy. They are not going to convert and that’s not one of the premises for the last days. I know this from being the student of scripture as well as anecdotally speaking. The vast vast majority of them were trained at a very early age to reject him. It’s as certain as night becoming day.

      1. Chris wondering if you could elaborate on how you see the Hebrew Roots as scamsters. I know some people that practise HR & it seems like their premise is to take the whole Bible as relevant and applicable (Matt 5:18). They also see the 12 tribes today similarly to how you do. Thanks

        1. I have not come across one Hebrew roots proponent who also concludes that all 12 tribes are still here. They claim that we need to evangelize to the Jew and that there will be an awakening in the Jewish population. The problem is that they are only a minature part of Israel, and that’s if they can trace their lineage back to Judah and Benjamin. Besides, if they believe the 12 tribes are still present, they should be smart enough to know that they’re not even entitled to the namesake Iseael. That six-pointed star is occult and these people wrap themselves in this Rothschild cocoon creation.

          From every indication I see they also refer to the false dichotomy of Jew vs. gentile as they disingenuously portray Paul as saying. They have brainwashed the true Israelites into believing this demoralizing lie. Mark my words, the Jews will never convert to brothers and sisters in Christ. I know hundreds of them personally over the years and they will laugh in your face if you talked this stuff. I know of maybe one or two, maybe.

          I don’t mean to sound like a Debbie downer, so if you can point out one of the Hebrew roots people to me I will follow up with it. Perhaps a podcast.

  2. Libya Loses 1.1 Million Bpd As It Shuts Down Nearly All Its Oil Fields


    Libya is losing oil production at the rate of 1.1 million barrels daily, the country’s oil minister Mohammed Aoun has said, adding that almost all of the country’s oil fields were shut down.

    Libya’s largest field, El Sharara, was shut down last month along with El Feel, with reports saying that it was groups affiliated with the eastern parliament that shut down oil production, among them the Libyan National Army of Halifa Khaftar.

    According to Aoun, however, “it appears that the closure instructions were issued by an official body, the Petroleum Facilities Guard in the closure areas.”

    Libya is currently in the throes of yet another flare-up of violence as two politicians vie for the post of Prime Minister: interim PM Abdul Hamid Dbeibah and eastern-affiliated Fathi Bashaga. According to reports, the groups shutting down fields and export terminals are affiliated with the Bashaga camp.

  3. Oil falls on Beijing’s COVID-19 warning, inflation worries


    Oil dropped about $2 a barrel on Monday as a flare-up in COVID-19 cases in Beijing dented hopes of a Chinese demand rebound, while worries about more interest rate hikes to control rampant inflation added further pressure.

    Beijing’s most populous district Chaoyang announced three rounds of mass testing to quell a “ferocious” COVID-19 outbreak that emerged last week. Mass testing would take place until Wednesday…..

  4. Chris, I’m not sure if you know of Dr. Peter Pry, the nuclear weapons expert. He did an interesting podcast that I’ll link here below. His main point was that Russia has to also tread carefully regarding its relationship with China. For the sake of argument, let’s say Russia and China team up and defeat the US in a nuclear conflict (World War 3). Once that happens, Russia will have to contend with China and potentially face off in another nuclear conflict with them (World War 4) for which they are unmatched and may potentially face defeat. Curious to hear your thoughts on this. I personally don’t think the US goes down in defeat, at least not easily, I’m pretty sure the US military has next-generation weapons technology, either nuclear or vacuum energy/particle beam-based that will blow away anything anyone else has, but it’s just not revealed or known to be public. As for myself, have no clue how to play all this economically, I came to know of your website too late, currently don’t have enough capital to plunge into real estate. I’m in mostly blue-chip (BTC and ETH) cryptos right now, still at a slight profit. Not sure if I should sell here at break-even, or hold through the pain for up to 2 years until things go back up. I’m kicking myself right now for not selling back in November near the top and going into oil & gas/wheat/fertilizer/copper etc. I was considering it at the time but didn’t have the courage to act on it. If I do that now it just feels like I’m late to the party. Here is the link to the podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/41E6nZkPFRMipa20L9t13X?si=j6Wse7CfQQOErQV6NcA6BQ

    1. I will respond more fully when I have a chance, but as of now, I would not buy anything. Cash is king here and I suspect the central banks will begin something never tried before since the GREAT Depression. Specifically, they may have commenced on a a formal operation to contract the money supply. This would unwind some of what they built during COVID.

      I pointed this out a week or so ago in response to a reader’s comments, and showed that last month’s small contractions in the M1, M2, Currency base+demand deposis fell for the first time in recent memory. I suspect this will continue as a means to drain inflation’s vigor (and our wealth) permanently. It could get ugly, like the Great Depression, too.

      Cash may be the best thing. While real estate looks like a lock, I doubt it will hold up either like it has. Sure, rents provide a nice income stream, but everything could be under pressure soon.

      BTC chart looks like hell. Stocks, too? We could be seeing a great unwind. Hold cash. Stocks look like crap.

  5. The lock downs in China are real, in case anyone thinks it is faked for western media. I received an email from a friend last week – i did not correct any spelling but cut out some sensitive information.

    “Hello Ken,

    Hope you are doing well. I wish your business is doing great too.

    We are doing ok, but the Covid is making everyone so hard right now. The zero policy made the business is so hard.. We cant travel freely. I cant remember when its my last time to overseas.

    My plant is doing ok. The shoe project is doing ok. We got some OE GM business. So as a new factory, we are doing ok. But running a factory is really hard for me. I hired someone to run the plant, but I failed. Now, my husband is running the plant, and Im doing the sales. My daughters are turning to 9 and 6 this Sep.. They keep me extremly busy, everyday. I got much older than you saw me last. I have so many friends in Shanhai, some have been lockdown in the house for nearly 75days.. You understand the living condition in China, it is so crazy. Hopefully things would get better soon. Now, everyone is inscure, we dont have confidence, and seems we dont have future.”

    Top level business people don’t understand why. I know others there, they are also demoralized.

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