Scare tactics in the alt-media; While a force majeure is coming, the timeline to war is longer than most think

War is definitely coming, but our enemies are not close to being ready

We need to concentrate on the existential threats coming from our own government first

Over the past couple weeks I received three or four emails from readers asking me how much time we have left until war. I was also sent a couple links to some “analysis” from Mike Adams regarding this timeline to war. Evidently, he has been indicating that the CCP’s PLA is set to invade mainland United States this Fall through a number of wild means. My answer is simple; the bottom line is that neither Russia nor China is close to being ready to engineer a protracted conflict against the West, especially the United States.

To wit, I wanted to submit to you a portion of this week’s World Affairs Brief from Joel Skousen, which goes into great detail dismantling Mike Adams and his military analysis.

I have always warned the reader to discard anyone who claims to base his or her research on inside sources. These supposed insiders are either providing disinfo or are there for histrionics effect. It always seems to end in the demoralization of the listener when the predicted events do not occur as told to us, or just end up assisting in feeding us limited hangout.

Whether it pertains to Economics or geopolitics, I stick to what makes sense. Based on my analysis of Russia’s actions in Ukraine, as well as China’s ongoing domestic security and economic issues, it is clear that neither government is close to being ready to take on the United States.



Based on all our previous analysis, it is clear that the actions of our own government pose the biggest existential threats to our financial lives and personal safety. Never lose perspective on these matters. I warn the reader to stop getting emotionally involved with the Cassandra callings from “inside sources” and “people in the know.” There’s plenty of readily available information out there to be concerned about.


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29 thoughts on “Scare tactics in the alt-media; While a force majeure is coming, the timeline to war is longer than most think

  1. True about the man mentioned in the post, and fear mongers in general. And then you have the hopium scammers…I can name a few besides the “Q Anon” folks… And then there are the click bait artists, particularly one female, but won’t mention her name (but when she posts a video I immediately click off it.)

  2. Top economist says most US inflation ‘could have been avoided’

    Top economist Mohamed El-Erian said the US could have avoided most of its inflation if the Federal Reserve acted earlier.

    Most of the current record high inflation could have been avoided had the Federal Reserve acted earlier and shown humility after it wrongly described inflation as “transitory,” economist Mohamed El-Erian said Sunday.

    El-Erian, chief economic advisor at Allianz, appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” to discuss what caused the current inflation and where it was likely to be heading.

    “We got here because we got a combination of things happening,” El-Erian said, citing the war in Ukraine, the energy transition, and how the Fed incorrectly judged inflation and fell behind.

    “All these things came together and are feeding now this everything inflation. The price of nearly everything is going up and making us feel really insecure,” he said.

    El-Erian said that most of the inflation “could have been avoided if early action had been taken” by the Fed, which must now regain credibility to ease long-term inflation expectations.

    “I was very puzzled when a year ago so many people were so confident that inflation was transitory,” he said. “There was so much we didn’t understand about the post-COVID inflation that humility would have been a good idea.”

  3. Hello Chris,
    I am new to your website so I apologise if I’m asking a question that you have previously discussed.
    Could you enlighten me as to the true intentions of the recent grotesque Chinese lockdowns on it’s own citizens.

    It simply does not seem credible that it has any relationship to a “virus”.
    Particularly with such low numbers.
    It seems to me that what they are doing to their own people is from the same WEF playbook, albeit, a “later” chapter.

    Thank you for your excellent writings. I’m happy to have found your website.

  4. From what I’m reading, the proposed gun laws are really not that restrictive. It still allows for 18-21 year olds to buy, but could expose Juve records to scrutiny.

    I bought another firearm, an AR-15, last week with a 40-round magazine. Got an optic scope for my 9mm. Excited about firing them.

    Once I move out of VA, I’ll be moving to a constitutional carry state, so I can help prevent s of S staged mass shootings.

    1. I laugh at the fools who think the Chicomms are coming is storage containers. There are millions of people like me who will have no compunction to shoot the enemies where they stand.

      Don’t forget about the dragons breath shotgun shells. These are so fun to shoot. My semi-automatic has a hard time cycling them, but check it out.

    2. “gun laws” what a hoot! – I am new here as well, and I think this outcome perfectly illustrates the author’s warning: “Scare tactics in the alt-media” – Dec 2020, Jan 2021 – how many times did you hear “my sources tell me” – ah yes, the insurrection act has been signed! (again).

      In this case, you are entirely correct – they are barely even “gun laws” – rather just more rent seeking – one of the bullet points was “more Mental Health dollars” ! – I worry about quiet attacks on ammunition availability more than anything the congress critters can manager to do.

      good to see you got the “staged” part correct – it must cost tons of money to put one of these events on (FBI guys got to be all well over six figures yearly) – and they end up with “more dollars for mental health” – what a joke!

  5. “China will activate its embedded civilians who are already inside the CDC, FDA, universities, corporations and government bodies, and they will initiate mass sabotage operations to bring America down.”

    This kinda goes along with my opinion that they are already here, and they do not need to attack military style. A slow frog boil decade after decade replacement chess style stategy is how China operates. I know Chris you mentioned before that the bible states the force majure will be a violent invasion conquest. However breeding out any future opposition is also a brutal type of modern invasion conquest. As the enemy population is slowly humiliated into a politically correct type of defeat without any legal recourse or defense. Watching it happen and very aware of their losses before being disposed of, rather than a more quick heroic death. We can see this with our own eyes even in small town USA, and of course in the media with all the racial, religious, and education agendas at play.

    “but training them to be saboteurs with hidden caches of military equipment is a much more difficult challenge without being discovered.”

    It may not be that big of a challenge if our top law enforcement or military intellegence officers were infiltrated too(they are) gag ordered to stand down and only be allowed to moniter situations, yet not intervene.

    One option that i’m leaning on if they are serious about a Great Reset, would be to fake a nuke attack. Could be just regular bombs in an abandaned area then an initial media informed blitz 24/7. Martial law is declared, all communications shutdown(interenet, cell phone, mail service), all traffic will be shut down(even on your own street), all financial transactions, savings and property ownership are cancelled(bank accounts are zeroed with no recourse). With Covid only a few conveinences were shut down, however for this event Everything gets shut down. There would be rioting and people actually being killed as a result of panic from this fake nuke attack. More injuries and deaths would occur than caused by a vaccine.

    We would be informed afterwards that since the damage was minimal, the USA military decided not to launch a counter attack so the Reset doesn’t have to take long. After five months or so, people will be forced to restart their lives and ordered to follow strict policies to participate in the ways of new world, which would be ruled by the Japeth remnant.

    1. You are right. They will use the fakery they always use to get what they want. Its always effective because the sheeple are so trusting and ignorant of the evil surrounding them. I don’t believe for a minute they plan to “nuke everything” to bring the US under their full control. Look at the mileage they just got out of Uvalde with terrible “grieving” crisis actors, many crying tearlessly behind sunglasses, who couldn’t even remember what grade their kid was in and that there are no public records the kid ever existed. Most people will eagerly lap up whatever treacle the government serves up and beg for more. The people in this country right now will give up every last remnant of liberty just to have any small conveniences returned back. The US population have, on a whole,become spoiled, willfully ignorant children and that’s the only weapon of mass destruction needed by Klaus Schwab and his ilk.

    2. This is totally anecdotal but I have cousin who married a Chinese citizen. My cousin lived with her husband at first in China and then they moved to Canada. They live in quite a big house in an affluent area. They have means but no one knows what this guy does for a living, where he gets his money and no one wants to ask. I think we’re rather afraid that he’s a Chicomm. I wouldn’t be surprised.

    1. Do you subscribe to Seeking Alpha premium? I’ve noticed a lot of your picks are stocks that Seeking Alpha quant recommends as “Strong Buys.” (GOGL is one of them.) Their methodology seems quite accurate for short and medium term investments. The quant system weights momentum and EPS revisions more heavily than valuation, profitability, or growth. I guess that’s what matters in the algorithmic trading era.

  6. “The world will face ‘a severe food crisis and famine,’ Zelenskyy says. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that the world will face a “severe food crisis,” with Russia’s war on his country dragging on, as he virtually addressed the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore on Saturday”

    Meanwhile, “China announces bumper wheat harvest amid looming global food crisis caused by Ukraine war ”

    So China has no food shortage, no inflation, and is pursuing pro-growth economic policies, while the West is tightening and headed for a recession. The West is also funding a pointless war that is crippling its food and energy production.

    I’m not sure Biden can be tough on China because the SoS narrative is that he’s a “puppet of China” just as Trump is a “puppet of Russia.”

  7. Watching the business talk show circuit this morning on MSM and it’s nothing but how the Fed got it all wrong. They all ask how the Fed could have been so wrong?

    We’re way ahead of them. Undermine and demoralize. The world losing confidence in the Fed. Runaway inflation on purpose.

    1. We called it earlier this week The Etherium chart and market action said it all. it’s officially broken. All those splendid theories about ETH. Which mainstream firm wants to build on a platform that’s that volatile?

      The US monetary system has been purposely set up to explode. Powell is just the puppet. Fed should raise 100 bps immediately. Why won’t it? Inflation needs to get out of total control. Only a white guy like Powell could be the puppet.

      Why is Powell going to serve another term? He is terrible. Perhaps he’s there to serve a purpose.

      After it all blows up, a quad-racial, non-binary, homosexual muslim, non-English speaking misfit will take the helm at the Fed and create a global solution and correct it all.

      1. I was thinking about Bitcoin recently and realized it is just as centralized as the US dollar. If the SoS wants to force a change to Bitcoin, it needs only to get the five biggest exchanges to agree to it. As long as those exchanges agree to give the “Bitcoin” name to whatever fork has the SoS prefers, the SoS will able to change Bitcoin however they see fit. They could even adjust the issuance of Bitcoin, which would defeat Bitcoin’s value proposition. So they could simply “ban” Bitcoin by forcing through an undesirable change that collapses its value.

        Ethereum could make a comeback if Bitcoin experiences a new bull market. Ethereum might end up with a higher trough to peak, making everyone think it’s a good investment. They never pay attention to Ethereum’s price in BTC, which always goes down over time.

        Overall, I think you are right about crpyto — it’s hot air to get conservatives to avoid buying real assets. A lot of tech stocks, such as those in the ARKK fund, played a similar role recently.

        Powell is the first non-Jewish Fed chair since 1987. The non-Jewish chair before him was also tasked with dealing with inflation. But Volcker is remembered by the MSM as a great Fed chair, while Powell is so far being scripted as “incompetent.” It’s still possible that Biden and Powell pull through and improve the economy without a recession. The SP500 hasn’t closed below 20% of its peak. Like I’ve said before, many Democratic voters believe that the Democratic party has a much better track record on the economy. If things get too bad under Biden, they might realize they’ve been sold a lie.

        1. I know many Democrats and they are all voting democratic across the board. Whenever I bring up anything that seems political, they reject anything that sounds contentious or controversial, according to the MSM s of S narrative.

          I would be amenable to voting Democrat if the old Bill Clinton ran in lieu of anyone else on either side. At least the government was living within Its means.

          It’s too late to engage people in politics. Just understand the system and make money while we can.

          The people are under total mind control. Why do cities like Detroit vote Democrat across the board for over 60 years? The people who do so love their prison cells. I think of my NY relatives in this regards. New Yorkers love the prison gulag they created and love showing it off to everyone else as an example to the rest of the world.

          On the bright side, the s of S will never stage a mass shooting in downstate NY. They don’t need to convince them that guns should be banned.

          Don’t try to tell a democratic that the multi-cultural, non-binary, Marxist cesspool in which we live is not favoring them. It’s great for landlords like me and the wealthy who own the assets. It’s most excellent for those in the the top 10% of balance sheet wealth and those who derive a lot of passive income. These lost souls cannot compare what life would be like for them if the s of S didn’t pollute the population. Wage earmers are total suckers. Keep raising those income taxes on the stupid democratic voter. I pay hardly any taxes. I just have pay 2000 a year in CPA expenses.

          Even the church pastors approve of the one world government, but do not realize it. I listen to even the fire and brimstone preachers and they are one worlders, except in their own and their congregation’s minds.

          1. I listened to Zero Hedge for too long. What do you think we should do now?

            1. Stop listening to the demoralizing propaganda of Zero Hedge and taking its advice.

      2. Don’t be so quick to write ETH off just yet. Major players are backing up ETH at the enterprise level (JP Morgan, Microsoft, AWS, P&G, EY, etc.) check out Consensys: ( I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be part of the backbone for the upcoming CBDCs. It’s not ready to scale yet, but give it a couple of years, it will probably get there. I don’t think these large institutions would back it if they thought it has a high chance of failing before it gets out of the gate. Short term I think you are right though, it’s going down hard with everything else. But as soon as the FED pivots, it’s going up. What are your thoughts on Nancy Pelosi’s recent trade buying Microsoft and Apple call options?:

        1. I don’t make a big stink about such things. The question I asked and ponder is why did it make the news? Politicians make many types of these financial choices all the time. I think of Nancy pelosi’s husband that must be totally Antichrist in spirit. He killed someone when he was young from reckless driving and yet he still drinks and drives. That’s because he’s Antichrist spirit and so is his wife. Their embers will burn brightly in hell. So will the Republicans.

  8. It’s all an attack on Christ, we fretting little created beings mean nothing and they could kill every human on the planet if they wanted. Of course you should not give this any credence but I personally reason to believe God incarnate may turn 33 in 2o30. That’s the timing and I saw some other UN plans giving 2063 as a date up in lights which is interesting. If you really want to get a grasp of what’s going down you have to study Kabbalah and destroy yourself in the process. Jesus says go your own way till the end for a reason and that that he’s the only one who can root out the chabad Babylonian snake magik and laugh. Yes there’s time and life is precious. Be creative, focus on personal goals, study new languages to open neural pathways. Do art and be creative. Homestead and grow healthy food and play musical instruments.

  9. Thanks again, Chris. Feel free to call me wrong, but I don’t think everything Joel Skousen dismisses is as baseless as he claims (i.e., Mexican cartels). We even had recent news on the defunct North American Union come out of Mexico. There is also the issue of the Spetsnaz and their Soviet-trained Chinese counterparts. However, the forceful destabilization period by special forces preceding the nuclear conflict was treated as a possible stage that might not occur, but depends on conditions.

    What makes me the most sense from a military perspective is a sudden pre-emptive nuclear strike versus an obvious blockade or overt military action directly against the US. As he rightly points out, giving some kind of warning gives the American public and military the ability to be better prepared (mentally, if not materially). Skousen’s scenario of a strike on military targets and blackmailing the civilians seems most likely.

    This seems especially true if we consider the massive amount of pro-Russian propaganda, Jan 6, Trump, and other events and peoples used to tie the Dissident Right to Russia and enemies of the United States. Other theories have the Western powers “defeating” Russia and China, and reorganizing around a converged entity of West and East (Globohomo Problem + Eurasian Reaction = NWO Solution). However it comes about there will be ample material and opportunity for creating a pretext for persecuting dissidents like us who survive.

  10. If the SoS waits long enough, the US and the West will collapse on their own, since they are turning into Brazil demographically. Militaries with affirmative action won’t even be able to use the technology created by white men. We got a preview of this phenomenon during the Boeing groundings in 2019. So, yes, if a war is coming, then it makes sense for the SoS to delay it. The SoS is incredibly patient because they are the ones who innate every move.

    Meanwhile, China is making all the right moves by promoting ethnonationalism, strong families, and opposing SJW causes. As the West continues to promote feminism and LGBTIQA+, which results in childlessness, the Chinese government is working hard to get single people married and having children. The Chinese central bank is also easing rather than tightening. Curiously, we don’t see rampant “inflation” in China.

    “Defying global surge, China’s factory inflation hits 14-month low”

    Do you think KWEB is a decent buy? The massive buying in March 2022 looks like a bottom, and KWEB is up when the US market is selling off on 6/10. I think the SoS would like to further demoralize and impoverish the US by having China become wealthier as Americans deal with inflation and interest rate hikes.

    1. KWEB; Yikes. Under normal circumstances I would say perhaps give it a try and bottom fish My one concern is that holdings in Chinese issues may face trouble in the future if China goes the Russia route.

      Other than that I would say we could still see a pullback here. Hop on board for a trade, but be careful and lookout for Taiwan talk.

    2. We don’t have to wait for a collapse. As Chris points out, people at the top are calling the shots on this controlled demolition. The delay is the curious part, but I’m inclined to believe what Chris says here, that they need more time to position. There is a line from the interview that I do think is true, that “no one has ever tried to do something like this”, on such a grand (global) scale. It is revealing of the inhumanity of the plan for WWIII and how assiduously its planners have been at work in its realization on behalf of the demon.

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