A response to a comment by a reader; was Trump really the worst thing to happen to the West since Obama?

Welcome to the third millennium.

Aren’t they just fulfilling a role?

Trump was the worst thing to happen to the Western world since Obama.


In this instance, T may be technically correct, but perhaps President Biden is the worst “thing” to happen since Trump, Obama, and the rest, and we give life to Obama when we shouldn’t. I observe that the alt-media dwell often on Obama and Soros, etc., but hasn’t each president subsequent to Jack Kennedy labored to build the new world order on the shoulders of the previous one?

At least he tried, which is why he ended up dead.

Let’s see; The 2000 presidential election was thrown to Bush. Recall all that “hanging chad” hogwash in Florida? Al Gore won fair and square, but it was not his time. The engineers of the new world order needed to introduce the world to the third millennium.

Bush’s out-of-touch mindset and absurdities, as well as the manufactured and purpose-driven 2008 collapse throws the election to Barack Obama. Obama’s Marxist proclivities, transgender wife, and over the top PC policies shifts the election to Trump.

Financially compromised Donald Trump, with his vacillating foolishness appears in the MSM as a total polar opposite to Obama, and in many ways, he was. Unfortunately, for Trump’s supporters, they were unwilling or unable to spot the wolf in sheep’s clothing. As a result, they were all painted into the loser’s corner, which allowed the “deep state” to engineer another rigged election and bring in a previously unelectable puppet in Joseph Biden.

Regardless of how its done, the country, and world, is always worse off

Will there be four more years of Biden/Harris? Probably, but by then the Alex Jones’s in the alt-media will be ready to promote another Republican who will declare martial law and round up those who fail to salute the flag. Another false dichotomy and the patriots never saw it coming.

The adversary’s media portray one reactive polar opposite after another. It started with a compliant baby Bush and a rigged 2000 election, which allowed 911 to be carried out, because Gore was not a trusted member of the Bush Sr. cabal and would have screwed up the globalists plans. What a change in the US and world since 2001, the beginning of the third millennium.

Let’s look at the wealth and power consolidation since 2000, right around the time the internet went mainstream. It’s all accelerated since the advent of the internet, because our adversary can monitor our reactions in real time like livestock.

You think the internet is the great equalizer? Guess again.

Welcome to the third millennium. Welcome to the new world order.

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21 thoughts on “A response to a comment by a reader; was Trump really the worst thing to happen to the West since Obama?

  1. If the inflation was caused by the Covid stimulus and direct cash payments to Americans, shouldn’t it be ending on its own pretty soon, given that Americans are poorer than ever? The jolt is gone.

    1. This is why I do not want to be a landlord. Times were different maybe 20 years ago but not now. Every policy on housing seems to be designed to destroy the small property investor. Or rather make sure the Blackstone money buys up the house after the owner is left with no choice but to sell to get the squatter out. The world is up side down.

      Long gone are the days when you can have your Hells Angel buddy serve a 3 day notice and come down stairs with the front door (true story but not my story).

  2. What a money maker Americans have with oil & gas; A trillion dollar profit maker.

    Cash from operations is also expected to balloon this year as oil companies break the $1 trillion barrier for the first time. This is expected to increase so significantly as oil and gas companies typically use these funds to finance new investments, pay down debt, and pay out dividends. While there are plenty of oil and gas companies paying down debt and making large payouts to shareholders who weathered the lean years of the pandemic, the growth in investments is only set to increase slightly this year.

    White House Ups Anti-Oil Company Rhetoric
    By Julianne Geiger – Jun 09, 2022, 2:00 PM CDT


    The White House is doubling down on its rhetoric against oil and gas companies in the wake of higher gasoline prices—rhetoric that is likely to do precious little to inspire long term investments in an industry that is scrambling to meet demand—but one that could garner support for a possible windfall tax on the heavily profitable industry.

    “It’s outrageous that oil and gas companies are able to take advantage and make four times the profits that they made when there wasn’t a war,” deputy director of the National Economic Council Bharat Ramamurti told CNN in a phone interview on Thursday.

    Ramamurti wasn’t dismissive about the windfall tax either. When asked by CNN if the White House would support the windfall profit tax, he replied, “We review all of those proposals. We are open to lots of different ideas. We realize there is a problem here we need to tackle.”

    Public oil and gas companies are indeed profiting handsomely from today’s high crude prices, and are expected to rake in $834 billion in total free cash flow this year—an all-time high, according to energy intelligence firm Rystad Energy.

    This compares to $493 billion in 2021—another record profit year, and $126 billion in 2020—the first year of the pandemic as demand crashed.

    Many U.S. oil companies lost money during the downturn, much to the dismay of the shareholders. Exxon lost $22 billion in 2020, while Conoco Phillips lost nearly $3 billion. Chevron lost $5.5 billion that year

  3. Big numbers day tomorrow with the CPI coming out.

    Jobless claims trending up.

    1. The median monthly asking rent in the U.S. surpassed $2,000 for the first time in May, rising 15% year over year to a record high of $2,002, according to a new report from Redfin (redfin.com), the technology-powered real estate brokerage. That’s on par with April’s annual increase of 15%, but a slowdown from March’s 17% gain.


      Gas, rent, and food surging. People are being forced to borrow to pay for essentials. Now the interest rates on their debt will skyrocket, making them even more destitute.

      Biden and the SoS keep stoking the conflict in Ukraine, which will make gas and food prices further skyrocket. The Fed will use this as cover to continue rate hikes. I don’t see housing prices going down much, if at all. Rents will continue to skyrocket. The SoS wants people to be stuck renting, which requires continually rising housing prices.

      What I’m not sure about is the stock market. In theory, it seems like a further crash is coming, since valuations are still high even after the market has priced in rate hikes up to 2%. It sounds like the SoS/Fed wants to go higher. They could pull a fast one and suddenly cool down the war in Ukraine, but when has the SoS ever done something good for the people?

  4. Hi. I’m today’s Christian. I strive to be just like the white lotus flower that will rise out of the mud and bloom into a beautiful white lotus flower above the mud and muck. Since I’m already saved, so it doesn’t really matter anymore. Let’s rejoice. I’m today’s christian. Let’s strive to be better in a cesspool. Now let’s quote Paul. I get my daily affirmation by quoting Paul.

    1. It’s the unfortunate truth, Chris. But I’m not going to debate about it anymore. I’ll pray for God to send the Holy Ghost to help guide them. To Paul’s credit he has scripture like this one — Galatians 5:19-26. Very few big Paul supporters use that one, though.

  5. 55th anniversary of the USS Liberty attack

    Radio silence on all the “media.” The US Navy is willing to offer a mere Twitter post to remember the victims.

    Things would be very different if Israel had succeeded in killing all the soldiers. The SoS be able to write the entire story, blaming the attack on Egypt. The US would have been led into a war and the sailors would have been remembered as heroes. Instead, they are remembered as “anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists.”

    The USS Liberty is the one time the SoS really screwed up. But they did not screw up when it comes to covering up the attack, since hardly anyone even knows about it.

    1. The US Navy is UNwilling to offer a mere Twitter post to remember the victims.


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    1. You should be able to trace the hit from the IP address. I do not know how to do this but others with wordpress sites do it.

      Probably a paid troll

  7. Explosion in Texas LNG terminal sends nat gas prices lower. Concerns of back up of supplies out of US. Europe not going to benefit from that. GASS getting beat up as a result.

    1. GASS partner IMPP is going up again. I’ve noticed many stocks under .40 cents are being pumped this month on no news. They have a large float but do not have high short interest and they double or triple within a day. Really odd behavour going on.

      1. I will check it out. Thanks.

        Just bought 1,000 shares at .82. Thanks for the tip.

  8. The website’s traffic from the Google search engine is down about 95% from two years ago. Hmmm…..

    1. Google has become unusable if you want to find truths that the SoS doesn’t like.

      Here’s an example: If you search “jan 6 magnetic door locks” on Google, you get nonsensical results. Google of course knows you are talking about “The” jan 6, since it aggressively promotes any article calling it an “insurrection.” Google believes jan 6 is one of the defining events in US history, so if you are searching for “jan 6” you are probably not interested in buying hardware on Amazon. Even Bing, which is run by the SoS-owned Microsoft is much better.



  9. The Soviet Union hopes to launder oil. Sounds like a rock solid plan….

    Russia Could Replicate Iran’s Strategy To Skirt Oil Sanctions


    •The EU’s ban on Russian oil imports by sea could impact as much as 75% of Russia’s crude oil delivery to the bloc.
    •Russia is looking to skirt sanctions by using a decades-old smuggling route through Iraq, Jordan and Syria to send oil to Europe.
    •For Asian-bound shipments, the reliable methodology has allegedly involved Malaysia (and to a lesser degree Indonesia) in forwarding oil exports to China.

    There are a plethora of methods by which Iran has successfully evaded the bulk of the sanctions ranged against it all these years, and these are analysed in depth in my new book on the global oil markets. Several of them, though, involve neighbouring Iraq, over which Iran still holds considerable power through a combination of political, economic, and ethnic factors reinforced through its military proxies in the region. The core strategy simply involves ‘rebranding’ Iranian oil as oil from Iraq – which remains broadly unsanctioned as an oil exporting entity – and then moving it on freely to wherever Iraq wants. The bulk of this can be done through Iraq’s existing crude oil export infrastructure, including very large crude carriers loaded in and around the southern export hub of Basra. It can also be done directly into southern Europe via the Turkish port of Ceyhan through the crude oil pipelines running through the semi-autonomous Iraq region of Kurdistan, although these have been subject to ongoing disruptions for years, and there are also plans for further pipelines from Iraq to Jordan and Syria.

  10. This is spot on and practically word for word what I realized myself a few years ago. We are all being played and have been for a very long time. It’s also worth noting that my comments on forums that have a political section suggesting exactly this is always met with verbal abuse from the Trump fans. It’s impossible to reason with people who have their mind made up and are not willing to accept a possible scenario that they have not thought of. We are truly in the minority.

    It’s also interesting that you post a pic of JFK. For an equally long time I have told people that he was the last real president this country had.

  11. I remember a post 9/11 interview with Bush where the journalist asked if he was meant to be the president as in “it was his destiny”. Bush’s reaction struck me as odd at the time since he vehemently and uncomfortably denied being meant to be there for 9/11. Now that my eyes can see, I understand that he knew why the presidency was handed to him over Gore but he didn’t want everyone to know.

    The fact that presidents are selected instead of elected confirms the path to the nwo beast system is progressing nicely.

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