Donald Trump; A change agent who destroys wonderfully

Oh I don’t know there a plenty of worse things to happen to the Republican party out there [than Trump]. House and Senate minority leaders for 2. Trump is sure a bad judge of character no doubt about it. the main job of the parties is to keep the people distracted and divided.


How does Trump get his money during ongoing fraud and impeachment investigations?

New $100 Million Bank Loan Suggests Trump Organization May Survive Fraud Probe, Backlash

A year ago, it looked possible that Trump might become a pariah after his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to stop a vote certifying President Biden’s election win, with banks, insurers and other business partners all cutting ties following the riot

A bank’s decision to loan Donald Trump’s company $100 million is the latest evidence the former president might survive fraud investigations and a business-world backlash over his efforts to stay in office after losing the 2020 election.

San Diego-based Axos Bank finalized the loan with the Trump Organization on Feb. 17, according to documents filed with the city Tuesday.

That’s just three days after public revelations that the Republican’s longtime accountants had disavowed a decade’s worth of his financial statements amid allegations by New York’s attorney general that they had exaggerated his wealth.

New $100 Million Bank Loan Suggests Trump Organization May Survive Fraud Probe, Backlash – NBC 4 New York,
March 10, 2022

Trump appears as an ally, while destroying the Republican party from within. Let’s take a look at what happened to the Republican party since Trump entered the scene.

  • Because Trump is now the face of the Republican Party, the polar opposite is now in power at the federal level across the board. This was not by chance. Two Hegelian extremes are at work to turn the Unites States into a defacto Socialist financial dictatorship.
  • Had a less-polarizing, moderate Republican been at the helm, Biden/Harris never would have usurped the presidency.
  • While Trump was an ardent supporter of the covid vaccines, his anti-vaccine alt-media supporters still rallied around him. His support of the covid vaccines facilitated their widespread enforcement on the population, including his supporters. Many moderate Republicans were set against this coercion to enforce the vaccine uptake, while Trump was remarkably reticent and only showed mild interest. Of course, he was working on a $200 million payout at the time (see below), so his acquiescence ensured this payday.
  • He even surrounded himself with a bunch of underminers during the 2020 vote recount, thus fatally destroying his recount efforts.
  • He threw his January 6th supporters under the bus. He also “failed” to pardon any of those close to him while in office.
  • What has happened to your first amendment rights since Trump was elected?
  • What is about to happen to your second amendment?
  • What has happened to your freedoms since Trump entered the scene?

He’s a self-serving opportunist and I submit he was planted there in his position to most likely unwittingly destroy. That’s his nature. He delights in the notoriety that the synagogue gives him. He doesn’t care less about you nor his constituents. All he cares about is himself and what’s in it for him.

I thought Trump was going to jail or worse?

So why did he get a $200 million windfall in May 2021?

Donald Trump is set to share a $617 million windfall with Vornado Realty Trust, due to a property refinancing deal, reports say

Former President Donald Trump may receive a multimillion payout from his minority ownership stake in a San Francisco property with Vornado Realty Trust, which on Friday sold $1.2 billion in bonds, according to Bloomberg.

The deal included a $617 million return for the partners, Bloomberg had previously reported. It was unclear how much would go directly to Trump.

The Trump Organization has about 30% ownership in office towers on both coasts through a partnership with Vornado. Together, they own 555 California Street in San Francisco and 1290 Avenue of the Americas in New York City.

Donald Trump is set to share a $617 million windfall with Vornado Realty Trust, due to a property refinancing deal, reports say Business Insider, May 1, 2021

Trump destroys wonderfully and his base continues to support him while this false dichotomy fights itself out. Even worse, his alt-media critics will just write him off as a carnival barker. Of course, it’s all handed to us by the synagogue of Satan.

This is the childish premise in the MSM;  1. If you support all of the constitutional rights that were afforded to conservative Christians, you now support Trump. 2. If you support Trump, you’re now racist and xenophobic. 3. Ipso facto, the Constitution is an out-of-date racist and xenophobic document. Bye bye gun rights. Trump surrounds himself with a horrible cast of characters, because Trump is a horrible man himself.

I hear people like Joel Skousen declare that if we could only get through to Trump, he would see the truth. Trump doesn’t care and he already knows what we know. Trump put about $200 million in his own pocket from a cheap refi deal as soon as he left office. That was the synagogue’s way of thanking him. $200 million in his pocket while selling his dull-witted constituents down the river. He’s done it, because his constituents no longer have Godly discernment and have thrown their adulation at a deceiver’s feet.

You better think long and hard about dismissing this charlatan character. Never underestimate our adversary.

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20 thoughts on “Donald Trump; A change agent who destroys wonderfully

  1. Someone asked me about Etherium. I do not like the chart action on ethereum and I would rather own Bitcoin. The chart action on ETH is telling me that something is wrong with it. Are people beginning to doubt all of the splendid predictions?

    1. I think anyone who has been in crypto before 2017 knows that all altcoins are pump and dump schemes. Ethereum is no different. Altcoins are “pre-mined” (created out of thin air) and then sold in an “initial coin offering,” usually for Bitcoin. Altcoins create the problem that Bitcoin was designed to eliminate — the creation of money out of thin air.

      It’s always better to look at crypto prices in terms of BTC, not dollars. At Ethereum’s first peak, it was worth 0.15 BTC. Second peak, 0.10 BTC, third peak 0.08 BTC.

      If Bitcoin sets new all time highs, then Ethereum will likely set new all time highs, but its value in BTC will probably be lower, as has been the case in all crypto bull markets. The media never mentions this fact.

      Bitcoin is the way to go if you want to bet on crypto. If there is a reason to prefer Ethereum, it would be because politicians prefer it, due to its centralization and plans to shift away from proof of work.

      1. Would like to know how many here have actually used BTC as a form of payment? The fees to sell and transfer are ridiculous. the only reason BTC is at the top is because it has name recognition. If people had to use it for buying or selling they would soon find out there are much better coins to use. Litecoin for one but there are others. BTC is 1st gen and there are newer coins out there with much lower fees and faster transaction time. The price fluctuations in crypto will burn you so dont put in money you cant afford to lose.

        1. Bitcoin is the one that is promoted in the adversary’s media. That’s the one with a futures contract and ETF type trading vehicles.

          I agree that transacted your Bitcoin is too inefficient and expensive to make it worthwhile.

          Bitcoin is the only one that no one seems to know where it originated. All the other ones have a definite source of origin. You and I both know where it came from however. That was from the top.

  2. ‘Betraying the American people’: Leaked video reveals Joe Biden’s ‘hush hush’ migrant invasion

    If you say something, you’re racist. Yay! Let the illegals pour in! Up 7 figures in past year. Take action and own rental properties while your fellow American goes down the financial toilet. The population here continues to rise while the home building is lagging. I have noticed the low end Hispanic and weird looking non English speaking foreigner explosion in working class areas where I live and where I invest. I thank the Democrats for allowing my rents to escalate to new highs. Time for more rent increases. My tenants typically vote Democrats so they make their own coffins.

    An unexpected side effect of all of the tens of millions of illegal immigrants that have come in over the decades into the United States is that it strengthens the United States dollar. Plus this immigration drives down the wage base and I can get labor for cheaper. For me, it’s doubleplusgood. I imagine the heads of the experts in the alt-media blowing up as I say this.

    Will the secret New York migrant flights ever stop?

    As illegal migration at the southern border breaks new records, the Biden administration has upped the frequency of its secret flights to an industrial scale.

    Migrant flights into New York have ratcheted up in recent weeks to almost one per night, and now a new airport is being utilized to cater for the overflow, in an apparent bid by the administration to avoid images of border chaos before the November mid-term elections.

    New York Stewart International Airport, in the Hudson Valley, is taking up the slack for Westchester County Airport, according to video provided to The Post by Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino.

    “It’s just an expansion of this program and a second airport no one thought they would go through, either to be clandestine or because of a need for another runway,’ says Astorino.

    The former Air Force base in Newburgh is a Port Authority airport under the control of Gov. Kathy Hochul, and is still used as a military airfield for the New York Air National Guard and the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

    “This directly links to the governor,” says Astorino, one of the few Republicans sounding the alarm about the border crisis.

    “She is not willing to do anything to stop these flights. In fact, she is encouraging them because she keeps giving money and goodies to everyone.”

    The footage shows the same conveyer belt operation previously observed by The Post in Westchester, in which migrants alight from the planes late at night and are transferred to waiting charter buses to be deposited at residential complexes or highway rest-stops around the tri-state area.

    As with the flights into Westchester since last summer, the majority of migrants appear to fit the cheap labor demographic: Hispanic males in their late teens or early 20s.

    Astorino’s footage shows each passenger leaving the aircraft carrying large white boxes and strolling past parked Port Authority vehicles to waiting buses, which have had their company insignia covered over, although they appear to be the same charter operator that has been meeting migrant flights in Westchester.

  3. Are the kidneys of vaxxed people shutting down from injury?

    Covid: Millions of patients may have potentially fatal condition and not know it – study

    Research by the University of Queensland (UQ), in Australia, found a fifth of those admitted to hospital with Covid develop acute kidney injury (AKI). This rises to 40 percent of COVID-19 patients in intensive care. However, UQ PhD candidate and kidney specialist, Dr Marina Wainstein, said the true numbers could be double those figures.

    “Doctors look at the amount of urine a patient passes and the level of a compound called creatinine in the blood, which rises when the kidneys aren’t working well,” she said.

    1. Uncle just had surgery on kidney to remove cancer it increase in size rapidly in the last 1-1/2 years. Yep fully vaxed and up to date on boosters.

      1. My friend received a poor cancer prognosis yesterday. I honestly don’t think she has long to live and she was otherwise healthy. She’s going the radiation, chemo, operation route and doesn’t want to hear anything I have to say. She thinks I’m crazy.

        Double and triple vaxxed, of course.

        1. These vaxxed people like to dig their own graves. I have a boss who is quadruple vaxxed and he has been feeling lousy since. I knew this would happen.

    1. Of course, but we Christians are portrayed as such in our adversary’s media.

  4. Don’t get me started on the Reprobate Trump. What it boils down to is…
    Many so called Christian Patriots have little Biblical/Spiritual discerning ability.
    Trump/The ObamaNation/Billy Boy Clinton are just Cult of Personalities.
    Pied Pipers. People are looking in the wrong places faces for a savior. They are just precursors to The Grand Deceiver The lawless One The Man of Sin.
    Most people no longer use their left brain which analyzes and discerns.
    Nowadays it’s all feel good rhetoric. Who’s gonna save the day.

    1. It’s also downright idolatry. When people put their faith and love more in these leaders instead of the king of kings – our Lord Jesus Christ. And these so called leaders all love the limelight, and attention it brings. Instead of bouncing that limelight and praise to the almighty; they simply suck it up all for themselves. That is how you know they are deceivers in chiefs. Put there by the adversary to carry out his work. You’re never going to get change with the right or left. It’s simply a game of time until the real heavenly change occurs. When the heavens are rolled out and people see Jesus coming from the clouds of heaven – they will know that God was always right there – watching. That the adversary has been lying to the whole world for centuries. About everything. Politics. Cosmology. Evolution. Covid. It’s all going to be revealed in time.

  5. For some reason people continue to cling into the old and now fully discredited paradigm of the GOP vs. the Dems or Trump being bad or Trump playing 4D chess. This appears incredibly naïve. The underlying reality would seem to be described a lot better by a fight among a few competing power groups. Obviously there is one group behind the WEF, and that group is openly pushing at least some semblance of an agenda for how society is to function going forward. Are there any other groups powerful enough to matter? My very humble take is that there is at least one such group out there, which could likely be called “America-centric”, and that group is not in (full) agreement with the WEF-promoted plans. Each group owns its own fair share of politicians among both political parties, judges and bureaucrats in various positions. Unfortunately it appears that Team WEF owns a lot more of these pawns in the US, and that it also owns the controlling majority in Europe, Canada and Australia. Also, Team “America” is for some reason not active enough to openly push its own vision for the future direction of society, and hence they are mostly playing defense for now (and losing). It is then very far fetched to claim that Trump was installed by Team WEF. It is a lot more likely he was in fact installed by Team “America”, which might have grossly underestimated the true power balance with Team WEF in terms of corruption in government. Trump would then be grateful to escape alive and in one piece, for which he has since been paying tribute.

    Note that while Team America may not full agree with the WEF on the future direction, there is very likely still at least some agreement, because the WEF agenda is ultimately driven by the good old class warfare against the masses of now-useless plebs, and Team America would be facing the same problem no matter what. Of course, there could be even higher level of game planning by yet another powerful group (the S.o.S maybe?), using dialectics to pitch the WEF against Team America to then “resolve” the struggle with some not-yet-announced “solution”. This process is hard to game much beyond what is clearly visible, and what is clearly visible is the WEF pushing their solution, and certain forces in the U.S. (the Red states) mildly opposing it, yet not offering any competing alternatives or even education for the masses on what’s going on.

  6. This is the childish premise in the MSM; 1. If you support all of the constitutional rights that were afforded to conservative Christians, you now support Trump. 2. If you support Trump, you’re now racist and xenophobic. 3. Ipso facto, the Constitution is an out-of-date racist and xenophobic document. Bye bye gun rights. Trump surrounds himself with a horrible cast of characters, because Trump is a horrible man himself.

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