Podcast update; I own firearms, because I fear the government


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-Never be demoralized into thinking firearms are only for personal protection or hunting.

Second Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

-Look at what the US government has accomplished over the past three years. It has;

  • Eviscerated our first amendment rights under the guise of national security or political correctness,
  • Effectively removed our fourth amendment rights through cunning and the use of technology,
  • Been caught rigging elections,
  • Engaged in monetary and fiscal policies that have essentially impoverished the entire working class, while enriching the few,
  • Coerced and effectively intimidated and bullied the vast majority of people to take unproven vaccines that do not even work,
  • Maintained long-lasting and heavy-handed restrictions under the guise of covid that have bankrupted the small business owner and landlord, while consolidating the economic power into the hands of the few,
  • Forced the people to pay huge markups on gas, fuel, and electricity so that its citizens shift to “renewables,”
  • Been caught facilitating staged mass shootings, with the latest one in Texas being just one of many that raises more questions,
  • Used these events for gun ownership restriction on the lawful populace,
  • Set us up for another global war, and one in which the US people will suffer greatly, since it is exposing its people to the potential of mass casualties, since it is not warning the people,
  • Overrun its borders with mass immigration that has lowered the wage base and driven up the costs of everyday living for its citizens,

The right to bear arms is not for hunting or personal protection. It’s necessary to preserve a free state, and the United States government is no longer a Godly servant nor one in which it serves even the basic interests of the people.

I submit that the government wants our guns, because what comes next will be too difficult for most people to accept and an unarmed populace poses little threat.

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11 thoughts on “Podcast update; I own firearms, because I fear the government

  1. What do y’all think the clot kill shot was for????
    To weaken and kill as many gun owners as possible. Control who’s left with food.

  2. Thank you, Chris. Given the response to covid, I expect many people will end up capitulating. Like you said, historically disarmament is always a precursor event. You don’t even have to be researched in this conspiracy to understand that, but many people will fail the test.

    I do wonder if they will stage one terrible event of “gun violence”, or if they will have one right after another for their justification. They’ve been working on this for decades now, but it has generally been a career killer in politics. There are indicators that China is actively preparing for war, and a leak claiming that perhaps they will attack before November, which would mean our traitors need to act fast if that is the true timeline.

    1. I was emailed a YouTube link regarding a Jr Nyquist, a supposed expert in such matter, regarding this.

      There is not enough time to make all that happen. The Chicomms would be decimated.

      I warn people to not rely on the testimony of these people. I wonder the objectives here by Nyquist. Of course, it scares a lot of the listeners, but it will be forgotten about when it never happens. I warn the reader to disregard these discussions for now.

      China and the Soviet Union are not yet ready. I think by the time it happens it will be obvious to a select few. We still have time. I need to transfer out of the blue areas as they are completely under NWO mind control.

      We still have a couple years left before we have to start taking cover for war.

      1. Nyquist denies the SoS element and more or less considers it to be the fault of the Communists. He actively derides those who name the Jew and considers a lot of this to be conspiracy theory. Somehow he has these blind spots but understands the issue of the deception of Soviet perestroika and the false democratization of the Soviet republics.

        It does seem to be true that the Chinese are actively preparing. I hope you are right about the signs for war.

      2. I hope you’re correct about the China timeframe. I appreciate your words/work. Thanks for this particular podcast. Thanks for saying what you said about abiotic oil. How can people not comprehend these are not fossils? How many dinosaurs could possible have roamed the earth (if you even believe those stories) in order to continue to make the billions and billions of gallons of oil used thus far? How stupid are people?

        There IS a lot of sabre rattling from Russia (Medvedev, etc.) for several months now about being forced to use nuclear weapons if they feel their backs are against the wall by the “neo-cons” and the “west”. TruNews has been reporting on this for several weeks now.
        I fear they will use food as a weapon. As this “economy” is brought down even further, it’ll be, “Give us your guns and we’ll give you food.”
        St. Michael protect us.

    2. I suspect these mass shootings will continue and continue until we “decide” to give up our guns and just own pea shooters.

  3. -Factory jobs up 18,000. Production coming back home. Good.
    -Labor participation rate up a tenth. Good
    -Wage growth up less than expected at 0.3%

    All I read about is how the economy and world is going in the toilet. Most expect a market crash.

    We need to keep an eye on M2 and other money stock measurements going forward.

    1. What other money stock measurements are you looking at and what in those charts and M2 should we be looking at for a sign of danger?

      1. Thanks for sharing the articles. What I am trying to figure out is how can economists consider a 3% rate to be neutral when inflation is running at 7%?

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