Mass shootings and the synagogue of Satan; Beware of the last days deceptions

An important observation about mass shootings and guns

The ones we don’t hear about… How many of these have been avoided by gun owners?

Note to reader: Thinking outside the box can empower you and keep you from being just another demoralized soul

One wonders why the bankers must stage mass shootings to introduce gun control when Americans show no sign of using them to defend freedom.


Anyone who is familiar with my blog and the others in the alt-media is familiar with the objectives of the new world order. The goal of the NWO engineers is to confiscate handguns and limit the ability of the average citizen to gain access to any powerful weapons that could pose a threat to the timeline. Invading soldiers or those engaged in subduing civil unrest must not be deterred from their slaughter of Americans; for it is clear that Americans need to be disarmed.

Whether staged or not, these mass shooting are most likely real; real blood is spilled and souls are lost. Maybe some are complete fabrications like the recent staged event in Las Vegas; but I am not here to discuss that theory.

What about the mass shootings that are “avoided?”

So, Jay makes a makes a valid point, given our limited access to information. Where are Americans? Are they cowering in the corner?

Knowing what I know about our adversary, I doubt it.

Here is one thought for you to contemplate. I wonder how many mass shootings were actually avoided because firearm-toting individuals fought back? Since the objective of our adversary is to disarm the American populace, we are only going to hear about the “successful” mass shootings and not the ones that were avoided by vigilant lawfully-armed citizens.

A shooting that was just an “avoided” mass shooting will be mentioned as gun violence with no other commentary, and even the God fearing patriot will begin to wonder if guns are an evil.

I wouldn’t be too hasty to conclude Americans don’t use their firearms in defense of other lives. Remember, you’re only listening to the adversary’s media.

Many foreigners will look at the adversary’s media and declare that Americans are stupid, fat, and violent people, but they are just as deceived by our adversary as the supposed unwashed.

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29 thoughts on “Mass shootings and the synagogue of Satan; Beware of the last days deceptions

  1. Indeed!

    Getting an additional AR-15 for heaven’s sake! Thanks, Chris!

    I can only imagine the type of training Abraham had his men under in order defeat the king and his army that had his nephew Lot!

  2. Can someone please tell me the benefits of virtual real estate? I am still nonplussed.

    Op-Ed: Virtual real estate is booming: Benefits of buying properties in the metaverse

    The metaverse is a booming industry, with artists, musicians, and numerous companies from different industries eager to jump on the bandwagon. That said, who would have imagined back then that investment giants, fashion brands, tech corporations, and the everyday user would be using digital assets to buy virtual properties on blockchain-based metaverse?

    1. The difference I see with virtual real estate and “real” land is that you cannot make any more “real” land. Only Mother Nature can make more “real” land. That’s what make land scarce. Virtual land on the internet can be easily made by creating space on the internet, add a little pizazz and you get suckers buying the space. That said I think virtual real estate is a waste of money as space can be easily made. I would like to be the one selling the virtual real estate for real money and buying “real” rental properties with tenants that pay real money. It is just a reflection of how most people today turn away from reality instead of facing it and making it better.

    2. It’s the new bitcoin? Invest in something that doesn’t exist to divert attention from the things that do exist? But I’m with you. None of this crap makes any sense.

    3. Only 5 months into this new Horizon Worlds it seems not all is perfect in a reality world. But if the crime happens in a virtual reality world shouldn’t it be virtual crime? Seems someone in the real world is bent out of shape about crime that happened in a virtual world.

      I have to stop saying “you just can’t make this $h!t up” because someone has taken that as a serious challenge.

  3. I just received the below article from a subscriber.

    Keep in mind that part of the internal rate of return is the income generated. With rental properties, it looks as if landlords are going to soak tenants for another 5 to 10% increase, that is an amazing rate of growth. When I calculate an irr I never put in such rosy scenarios, so investors are willing to pay up. Moreover, renters seem to be taking it in stride.

    Landlords say they’ll raise their rents again this year

    If you’re renting a home, you’d better brace yourself. Landlords are planning further rent increases this year, following substantial rent rises in the last 12 months.

    A new survey from shows that some 61% of landlords are planning to raise their rents on at least one of the properties they own over the next 12 months. The majority will increase their asking prices by between 5% to 10%, the survey found.

    The good news is that 38% said they’ll raise their rents by less than 5%, but 45% said increases will be in the region of 5% to 10%. Another 9% will increase rents by 10% to 15%, while 5% will raise their prices by 15% to 20%. Just 3% of landlords say they’ll bump up their rents by more than 20%.

    Interestingly though,’s survey found that even as rents are rising, the majority of renters don’t seem to be too concerned. Most have gotten a better grasp over their finances compared to a year ago, the survey found.

    Eighty-two percent of renters said they have not missed a rental payment over the past 12 months, which is up significantly from 57% in September 2021. More than three-quarters of renters – 77% – say they don’t expect to miss a rent payment in the next three months either.

  4. Note to reader: the tenants want to pay a rent that is fair, but do not want to pay market rents. Welcome Agenda 2030….

    LA City Council to Consider Buying Apartment Amid Tenants’ Rent Increase

    LOS ANGELES (CNS) – The City Council Friday will consider trying to purchase a 124-unit housing development in Chinatown in an effort to keep some of the tenants housed amid rent increases by their landlord.

    Residents of Hillside Villa Apartments at 636 N. Hill Place have lobbied since 2020 for the city to use eminent domain to purchase the building, saying that the landlord increased some rent prices by as much as 300% after the building’s affordability covenant expired.

    The apartments were constructed with loan assistance from the then- Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles. In exchange for the loans of about $5.5 million, a 30-year affordable housing covenant was negotiated with the property owner. That agreement expired in August 2020.

    Some tenants were paying around $900 to $1,200 a month, but some saw rent increases of up to $3,200 a month, tenants say.

    “It’s not that we don’t want to pay rent or that we’re denying to pay rent, but we want a rent that is fair,” a Hillside Villa tenant named Mario said through a translator during public comment in a May 18 City Council meeting.

    “Everything, all the prices are going up, the food, the living situation, the rent, everything, all the prices are going up and increasing. But we are not getting any increase in our salary. So how are we going to survive in this situation? And that’s why we’re asking for this help, and we need this help now so that we don’t become homeless.”

    1. It seems one translate this article to “we are from the gov’t and we are here to help you”

  5. You made some bullish comments on the stock market earlier in the year. What do you think now? Do you still think stocks look good here?

    1. My prediction is still in effect. 5000-5200 in S&P 500. It seems rather ambitious now, but war spending can be doubleplusgood. Dollar fade really helps profits.

      BTC 85k in less than five years.

      1. The S&p prediction was for 2022. We had a huge retail shakeout and those people will be left in the dust.

        1. While we’re at it with predictions — wondering if you could weigh in on where you see interest rates going… is the fed really going to try to tamp down demand for products that cant be produced or shipped by jacking rates?? If they were to fly, I suppose it could be one way to get the variable rate real estate mortgage holders to hand over their properties a bit easier & help the WEF achieve one of its objectives…

          1. Based on announcements already made by the Fed, I see the Fed funds rate remaining low relative to inflation. 100 bps in for June and July. Another one in September, I guess. Talk about dragging its ass. 2.5% by end of year? It’s only 75-100 bps currently.

            I suspect the Fed will try to contain bind yields and rates vs. inflation since its objective is to keep the USG in business.

            Since their balance sheet rolloff is going to be $95 billion eventually,


            I think rates and yields will remain subdued while access to credit could tighten significantly. Only those with great credit will be able to tap into borrowing.

            I suspect bond yields will stay lower than what most think. Only those who are capable can access them however.

      2. It appears from the charts, that negative FED news released earlier this month and short lived bad retail news has been digested. The uptick across the board started on Tues the 24th around noon. Held support and broke resistance levels. Clear skys until….

  6. I got this funny feeling that stocks are beginning to look good again.

  7. Zack’s pushing DSX. Looking cheap here. Also CPLP. Like DSX better.

    1. Once the white race is subdued, the end times can begin. This has nothing to do with race equality. It has all to do with grave and death equality. There is no more restraining force. The blacks are getting hosed financially and worse. I see it first hand. They never posed any threat, as they were easily duped by the racism propaganda. The foreigners have overrun the West. But the immoral whites can’t say anything, they no longer have any high moral ground. Too demoralized.

      Non-whites are wishing on the monkey’s paw for race and gender equality. They got it as offered by the synagogue of Satan. Now the destruction has already begun. Take your jabs, nobody stands in your way to stop you.

      Even people like Warriors head coach rolling over to keep his job, like a little dancing bear for the synagogue.

      1. Ray Liotta and Alan White, the drummer for Yes, both die unexpectedly.

        Let’s hear it for race equality. Let’s hear the latest angry wisdom from Lebron James. He’s so wise. Just another dancing oso for the synagogue.

        1. He was promised he could become a billionaire if he followed his script to sell out his own people. If he deviates, he ends up like Kobe.

  8. The SOS are making alot of money selling guns and ammunition. I do not think they want that to end. Gun ownership fits in with the marketing idea of Good Ole USA, Baseball, apple pie, Proud to be an American type ideologies. As we know on this blog, that form of the USA no longer exists, except for short experiences in small town USA. Sorry to anyone who is a veteran or currently has family members in the military. But you should know it’s no longer about defending the Constitution, freedoms, democracy or any of that.

    The SOS are here and they own just about everything. I think one purpose of gun control ploys such as all these staged shootings is that they want increased nationwide documentation and fees to own guns. They will leave the regular person the option to own a peeshooter handgun and one shell shotguns, you can still buy at Bass Pro type stores, but there will be a higher costs and annual fees makig it very expensive to own them. So I do not think the pro 2nd amendment people will have much to worry about. Now that the Ukraine war hoax is winding down and yes it was a Hollywood style production, there will be more fake shooting events like all the others including the recent Buffalo and Uvalde events.

    Also keep in mind most people that own guns pose no threat to the SOS. Somebody can kill all the cops and elected officials they want which they never do, it’s always malls and schools or a waffle houses. Any authority figures that are actually killed would be replaced by the next in line and won’t change anything. A group would have to get to the top of the pyramid structures and cut the head off the snake, not regular innocent joes at the bottom.

    Conceal and carry types will still have to prove self defense and even then must go thru the court system, risk high fines and even jailtime plus a criminal record for simply defending themselves with a loaded weapon. Better jailtime than dead they say, however there will be penalties.

    Most people have their guns locked up, and in any event would not have time to unlock, load and prepare them. If the police or bad guys are going to come for you they aren’t going to come thru the front door. If they do decide on a local round up, they have rocket launchers and flame thrower vehicles that can shoot streams of fire into your house from long distances away and burn it down within minutes. Have fun hiding behind a barricade or in the basement locked and loaded ready for that kind of attack.

    Most guns in the USA are nothing more than expensive dust collectors and paper weights. The SOS have nothing to fear from patriot white people. It’s laughable that they still use white supremacy descriptions for these events. Another reason for these fake staged shooting events is the SOS really does have a morbid sense of humor and they need a chuckle and a snickering.

    1. You thinking everything is a stage makes zero sense. The war in Ukraine is real. There was a Balkan war in that region 30 years ago – I can assure you they are very much real. Not everything msm reports is fake. The Bible itself says there will be rumors of wars, and wars:

      And I looked, and behold, a pale horse.
      And the name of him who sat on it was Death,
      and Hades followed with him.
      And power was given to them
      over a fourth of the earth,
      to kill with sword, with hunger, with death
      and by the beasts of the earth”

      1. Rabbi Schneerson said they would “clear Ukraine like we did with Palestine”. He said the Ukrainians would be “pushed up to the cold North”. I guess he was serious. Zelensky could be doing that, he’s from the same tribe.

        Putin could be helping him, or opposing. Is there a way to tell?

    2. Lots of people collected guns for years here in NZ, then one day they just handed them all over to the tooth fairy after she helped fake the thing in the news.

    3. “laughable that they still use white supremacy ”

      – Most of US shootings are done by blacks.
      – They usually shoot other blacks.
      – The US is only 60th out of 90 countries in the shooting stats.
      – US actually has low gun violence rates except in black gang cities.
      – Biden listed shootings done by blacks and Asians and called them White supremacists.
      – The thing in NZ was faked. The guy wasn’t supposed to film it. If it’s legal where you live, study the video. Its full of evidence. He even had supervisors standing around the place and someone doing traffic control. (Look for the road cone in the driveway, who put that there?) Tooth fairy is lying.

    4. Greg, I think SoS wants civil war and massive bloodshed. It will have killoff by several means. Yes, .gov is making lots of money from atf electronic checks at purchase, and from sales taxes. Suppressor fees are hefty and they are the rage now. SoS laughs as the agitation among the cattle increases. Media have channelled the cattle into identifying into this group or that, and these groups have been induced to hate each other. Rural is the place to be and keep your mouth shut if you ain’t traditional, because the traditionalists out here are prepared to burn you out. If you have a = sticker on your vehicle that’s a bullseye on you. I expect the local Dem Party HQ’s to be incinerated. I remember CCR singing, “200 million guns are loaded… Satan cries take aim!”

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