May 19th podcast – Answers to subscriber emails and comments; The world is not insane, it only appears that way


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-I provide an in depth answer regarding residential real estate investment. Do I still recommend residential RE? How about investing in multiplex properties?
-Thoughts about where to relocate given the new circumstances of the possible future outcomes.
-Investing according to the suggestive movies and media of the past 50 years.
-The year is 2022 and the future is here. Did you miss it?
-Game theory in focus; the world and players are not irrational and not insane. They are very sane, but have other objectives.
-Comments on a recent Jerome Powell interview. Is he trying to cause a depression?
-My analysis on a recent Henry Kissinger interview. Was he that stupid in underestimating the CCP 50 years ago?
-Don’t argue from incredulity. The players and puppets who are carrying out orders seem to want a war with the new and improved Soviet Union. Are these people that stupid?
-How could have the diplomats, politicians, and corporations been so wrong in misreading the phony fall of the Soviet Union?

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33 thoughts on “May 19th podcast – Answers to subscriber emails and comments; The world is not insane, it only appears that way

  1. Hyundai to invest $5.5 billion to build EVs and batteries in Georgia

    •Hyundai Motor on Friday confirmed plans to spend $5.54 billion to build its first dedicated electric vehicle and battery manufacturing facilities in the U.S.

    •The operations are expected to open during the first half of 2025, with an annual production capacity of 300,000 vehicles.

    1. Chris, is GOEV still connected and working with Hyundai??

      If so it seems like at the current share price could be a winner long term compared to the other EVs. I think the EV’s startups that are connected to the big autos will do well.

      1. Interesting. I forgot all about this firm. GOEV is trading like Hyundai wants nothing to do with it. B of A just lowered the price target to 3 from 4.

        Investors got suckered in these EV spacs. Wow. Down to 3.

        Maybe we could load up on GOEV and then put out a fake press release and watch it spike to 10. 😲🤣

        I think the car companies realize it’s much easier to design their own products from the ground up and keep everything in house. That seems to be the trend and the reason why I resisted the space.

  2. Always keep in mind their objectives – by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy. Luna has proven that overnight your hundreds, thousands, millions you have invested in non-physical assets can be gone overnight. The alt media has never been right about investing. They constantly lead you down the wrong path, and they do this with great precision. Just look how Trump and even Putin are supported among the patriots. It’s honestly revolting. These are all anti-Christs. People that claim to be conservatives and follow Christ; but you can tell by their fruits they are nothing like Christ. Parable of the talent – head down and keep working. Don’t get involved in this right vs left; Ukraine vs Russia. Love your neighbor. Pray for your enemy that their hearts become less hardened, and they repent. Just like our adversary is doing their own father’s work by getting good patriots to fall into their own snare traps.

    1. Amen Otto. The right- left paradigm, Russia-Ukraine war, And Putin versus West are distractions set up by satan and his minions to keep humanity from focusing on God. These distractions also keep humanity from realizing who are the real perpetrators which are the likes of the synagogue of satan.

      1. Indeed. Even worse, the so-called right is focusing on a man who is responsible for killing thousands so far and is our true immediate existential enemy.

        Try figuring out that logic. Thanks AJ and Carlson. Confuse the heck out of the unwashed red masses.

    2. The LUNA collapse was just one event, all the other cryptos have held up okay. I think millions were made off the small bounce from .oooooo1…lol

      Today’s last 30 min of trading shows how they can prop everything right back up especially on the daily. I don’t think BTC is going to collapse back to 2011 levels, justway too much infranstructure and investment has been created for the industry since then, to flush it down the toilet. They will probably give it another pump eventually. But they don’t have to, it’s obviously overvalued since they over pumped it up since day one.

      Anton LaVey’s manifesto of a new religion within the so called Satanic Bible published in 1969, is Hollywood promoted style fiction aimed at what they call dabblers. The real SOS bloodlines would have other policies they go by.

  3. The U.S. Housing Market Has Peaked

    Instead, McBride said that the next few years will likely resemble the period around 1980. To combat high inflation from the 1970s, the Fed Chair Paul Volcker hiked up interest rates, jolting the economy into a deep recession. The housing market basically stalled until 1982. That sort of stall-out, rather than some crazy plunge into the abyss, is probably our worst-case scenario.

    …We can already see these technical statistics—rates, percents, inventory—playing out in the real world. Google searches for homes for sale are falling in major cities, including Boston and Los Angeles. Redfin agents in California say that showings and offers are down double digits since last year. In Minneapolis, showings have fallen rapidly in just the past month.

    May and June are historically the most popular months to buy a home. That means that the housing slowdown might be delayed for a few weeks, as the spring surge works its way through the system. But by this summer, sellers expecting dozens of offers in a matter of days could be in for a rude awakening. Before long, flush wannabe homeowners—those lucky enough to be somewhat insulated from rising mortgage rates—will be able to buy without sacrificing the naming rights of their firstborn. Things won’t feel great for everyone. But historically speaking, they just might feel normal.

    1. A new batch of smallpox vaccine is being ordered again by several countries, just months after they published the commentaries from bill gates about the fear of new smallpox outbreaks.

      The same week the ASEAN discussed about the continual enforcement of regional vaxx pass.

      I see how the satanic forces have became extremely bold and undoing humanity, arrogantly and directly in the open with their deceptive acts.

      1. I been reading about monkey pox. It’s always something. The vaccine passports have not gone away. Just on the back burner for now.

        Why would any nation order batches of smallpox? Doesn’t make sense to the normal game platet, but….

  4. Years ago I have read a satanic Bible(i.e. Satanist’s equivalent to the Christian Holy Bible).
    After I became committed to Jesus Christ, I have read it with the purpose of understanding my adversary’s motive. There is an old saying “know thy enemy” and I read it with that in mind. After reading it, I not only learned a lot about the satanists and their self destructive viewpoints, but I also learned a lot about our current world and our leaders. I realized that our government and business leaders up top follow the ways of the satanic bible and this world is in fact controlled by satan.

    The devil and his followers are destroyers of humanity and all of God’s creation and this fits in with Chris’s arguments that the leaders up top are perfectly rational in choosing destructive path’s for our economy and society. It is destructive for us and the leaders know it because it is part of their plan directed from satan himself even though they act like they are dumb. The business and government leaders want to destroy us. That said, I see a lot of economic and social destruction in the future. However there are still many investment opportunities that will benefit from that destruction. So one can still make hay despite the destruction.

    I would NOT recommend reading the Satanic Bible to those who are still searching for a spiritual path and I would NOT recommend reading the satanic bible to those who are NOT 100% committed to Jesus Christ. Satanic literature has a way of sucking feeble minded people into its destructive path and it emits ALOT of negative energy. I only read it once and that is enough.

    God is a builder of beautiful things as he created this earth and the garden of Eden. God created humans. A loving relationship with God is constructive for yourself and the people around you. It is much better to have a relationship with a builder than a destroyer. God builds
    you in a symbiotic relationship while satan uses you and destroys you.

    1. That would be Anton Lavey? From what I know he wrote the satanic bible. Interesting fact: His famous black house was 4 blocks away from the Orthodox church my great grandfather built and served in. Today the black house is gone and replaced with another structure but the church remains. Glory be to God! Christ has Risen!

      1. Actually I read the book titled “The Bible of the Adversary” by Michael Ford who is a more serious satanist than Anton Lavey. Anton Lavey was a Hollywood clown who claimed to be a Satanist for effect.

        1. Somebody should have beat his ass. That would have ended his intimidation act.

  5. Conflating mainstream Christian conservatives with the East and Russia. This is definitely not being done randomly. Carlson, Trump, and the alt-media backing Orban is not coincidence.
    Conference of U.S. conservatives opens in Orban’s Hungary

    Dozens of prominent conservatives from Europe, the United States and elsewhere gathered Thursday in Hungary as the American Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, was held in Europe for the first time.

    The two-day conference reflects a deepening of ties between the American right wing and the autocratic government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The burgeoning alliance with Orban has led some U.S. commentators to warn of American conservatives allegedly embracing anti-democratic tactics.

    During his 12 years in power, Orban, has generated controversy in the European Union for rolling back of democratic institutions under what he calls an “illiberal democracy,” but garnered the admiration of some segments of the American right for his tough stance on immigration and LGBTQ issues and his rejection of liberal pluralism.

    Delivering the opening address of the two-day conference on Thursday, Orban called Hungary “the bastion of conservative Christian values in Europe,” and urged U.S. conservatives to defeat “the dominance of progressive liberals in public life” as he said he had done in Hungary.

    The conference is the American political right’s latest embrace of Orban, whom Trump has lavished with praise. Trump — described by aides as being particularly enamored with dictators and authoritarian leaders during his time in office — endorsed Orban’s bid for reelection and urged Hungarian voters to give him another term.

    Orban’s party won Hungary’s general election in April, and the prime minister retained his office.

    The European Union and human rights organizations have expressed concern over recent Hungarian policies seen as limiting the rights of LGBTQ people, something Orban described Thursday as “gender madness.”

    1. Orban has been to the wailing wall and worn the beanie. He’s a kahnservative.

  6. Putin’s allies: Why Hungary is demanding a staggering €18bn to cut ties with Russian oil

    Diplomats in Brussels have spent the past two weeks trying to get support from all members of the European Union (EU) to cease Russian oil imports by the end of 2022. The measure is part of a sixth raft of sanctions the bloc wishes to get signed off against Moscow. Doing so would help to cut funding for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. But the proposals have yet to win over Hungary and its Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

    1. I commented on Australia RE recently and elsewhere and I am not nearly as bullish on the Commonwealth countries or Europe as I am with the US. The Commonwealth is traditionally more dependent on foreign money, and that may be drying up in less friendly countries like Canada, but the most important factor I look at is price to household income multiples as well as implied cap rates. Only in the US have I ever seen any ongoing compelling value. I see it especially when I compare the numbers in the US to other nations.

      This doesn’t mean RE values in other nations can’t go up or will go down, but with the relatively low numbers in the US it’s hard to turn my nose up at it. The price to income multiples in America are still by far the lowest in the world, outside of places like South Africa and Saudi Arabia. It’s easy for me to make a sound investment thesis on American residential real estate. Somewhere in the US there are strong markets and the institutions know this.

      Thus, when it comes to tightening cycles of global monetary policies, the US markets will be the most immune.

      I was bullish on Canada, NZ, and Australia some time ago, but not anymore. At least as long as we see growing friction caused by foreign money in places like Canada coupled with tighter worldwide monetary policies. The price to income multiples in these nations are much higher and almost double the states.

      I ran some numbers for a few Canadians and a couple Australia investors over the past few years and the cap rates are so much lower than what American investors expect.

      Since the dollar rules in global real estate, once the Fed stops tightening I will change my stance.

      With this said, I am not looking for a collapse, but an unwind of some of the gains accrued under the COVID largesse.

    1. In REITs or direct ownership?

      For REITS I like MPW the best with a 6.4% yield.

      In general, I have not been a big fan of commercial real estate in general as the economy transitions into other outcomes. They are performing more poorly than the S&P here as their dividends look less appealing.

      I wonder about warehouse and fulfillment space REITs and holdings given AMZNs fulfilment model may be broken. Their last earnings was dismal and unless it gets its transportation costs under control, it faces an existential crisis. I recall Seats in 1970. I used to shop there for clothes every school season.

      1. Direct ownership. This is a group of doctors and health care professionals who want out of the umbrella of big corporate medicine which prevented them from practicing medicine. I am conflicted as I believe in the cause but worried about commercial real estate as an investment. Looking at buildings below 2 mil that would need some rehab.

        1. Hi. Send me an email with more specifics and I can take a look at it. Include city and other background info. Thanks. Also, if you know their backgrounds and stuff.

          1. I will – thanks. I am talking to them next Friday and will get more details and reach out to you. I appreciate it.

  7. Hi
    To explain the “irrational” actions of the SoS, the life of St Cyprian is important. It shows that those that worship satan being the ones in power now have direct communications with satan and take orders directly from him. This is also confirmed on numerous times in both the Old and New Testaments. It explains all the insanity taking place now.
    “It is later than you think! Hasten, therefore, to do the work of God.”+ Fr. Seraphim Rose

  8. As inflation slows and the ruble rallies, Russia is hoping to avoid a financial crisis

    •Further rises in the coming months are expected to be modest, and the market backs the Central Bank of Russia to continue to unwind its emergency interest rate hike.
    •While the headline inflation rate notched its highest since 2002, month-on-month consumer price growth slowed sharply from 7.6% in March to 1.6% in April.
    •As of Tuesday morning in Europe, the ruble was trading at just over 62 to the dollar, having plunged to an all-time low of 150 to the dollar on March 7.

    And Russia has also undertaken another measure to shore up its currency. The CBR resumed gold purchases on the domestic metals market after a two-year absence, in the hope of storing value to protect Russian wealth against inflation in the event of a further shock to foreign exchange liquidity.

    “Another strong move went relatively unnoticed in the Western media: the Bank of Russia resumed gold purchases at a fixed price of 5,000 rubles per gram between March 28 and June 30,” Syz Bank’s Monchau said.

    As gold is traded in U.S. dollars, Monchau noted that this enables the CBR to link the ruble to gold and set the floor price for the ruble in dollar terms. Further ruble rises could therefore increase the price of gold, and Russia has been accumulating the precious metal rapidly since its annexation of Crimea in 2014, now boasting the fifth-largest stockpile in the world.


    This is gold bullish and I was reading stories about how a couple large sovereigns were accumulating as much as possible at $1,800 and higher. We saw gold find support again at that level.

  9. Whenever I see Kissinger, I wonder how it was that he (and Schultz, Mattis et al) got roped into a board position at Theranos. Were they told to, or was Holmes that convincing?

  10. Someone asked about vacation homes.

    Vacation areas could be one of the areas to see a downturn. I base my assumptions in what long-term renters pay.

    Thus, based on cap rates, etc., the traditional metropolitan areas and markets should hold up well. Rental rates are holding up and as long as nominal wages are rising at more than 5% yoy, this should support rent rolls.

    I often think of what some housing markets in beach towns in FL have done the past few years. That could get hit. The markets that got destroyed in the late aughts, would be the same ones again.

    1. I am seeing the first wave of asking price cuts, granted- off of extreme/all time highs- in very desirable Florida locations like Sarasota and St Pete. 5 to 15% drops. Maybe on 5-10% of listings, but still an increasing trend. Basically never saw these over the last few years.

      1. I recall Ocean City MD properties getting cut by 40-50%, while the owner-occupied and primary properties of the people who owned those vacation homes and who lived in the Washington DC area saw perhaps 5 to 10% cut at most on their houses near the beltway.

        It was a bloodbath along the Atlantic coast vacation spots.

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