Podcast update; Taking action as global war approaches and the propaganda on both sides accelerates


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-The timeline in focus.
-The USD in focus and why it’s climbing higher.
-Why is the United States sleepwalking into oblivion? What is the ultimate objective?
-My observations of V. Putin and how the alt-media admire him. How and why the reemergence of the former Soviet Union has quickly unfolded. The Soviet Union fell in name only.

-I often get asked why the Soviet Union would stage its own demise over 30 years ago, if only to “resurrect” in the future. The answer is simple.

First, let’s look as to why the former Soviet structure (up to 1990) could not be maintained;

  • the Soviet economy was hemorrhaging red ink and sported a massive balance of payments deficit.
  • Although it was a closed economy, it was still dependent on outside sources of financing and funding to remain in business. Yet, it was nearly impossible for foreigners to engage in its commerce and hold any of its investments.
  • Its government spending deficits to GDP were too large to maintain.
  • Its sprawling structure meant it had to govern many different races of peoples and nationalities.
  • Its technology was not keeping up with the West.
  • Its socialist and Marxist structure provided little incentive for worker effort nor motivation to excel. Its industries were the most inefficient in the world.

Second, by feigning its demise, the Soviet Union would be rebranded as Russia (since 1991), and this would help to facilitate the cooperation of Western businesses and governments to fund and build its industries. With respect to it energy and resource industries, Russia was able to open up its trading and export businesses to obtain needed foreign capital to expand its capabilities. Western technologies could also more easily be transferred in the name of conducting business under peaceful means.

Third, when Russia was ready to begin planning its ultimate goal of taking out the West, it would reemerge (2021) prior to engaging in WWIII. It has always been Soviet since 1917 and will continue to be so after the war. Putin is ex-KGB, and was placed in his leadership role by orders that went above Boris Yeltsin.

Operation Teapot is so 67 years ago. But that’s what is in store for the U.S.
-A brief discussion of the Gatestone Institute’s analysis regarding the buildup to war. Although I may have a tendency to take some with a grain of salt, since its president is a CFR member, it largely conforms with my economic and political analysis regarding the upcoming force majeure.
-The MSM can no longer run cover for the obvious.
-How much time do we have left?
-What I am now beginning to do to prepare.

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26 thoughts on “Podcast update; Taking action as global war approaches and the propaganda on both sides accelerates

  1. Chris, is the amount and type of fear in the market different from what you’ve observed over the years? Or does this seem like just another attempt at scaring the Patriot/conservative finance crowd into selling at a bottom and being afraid to reinvest later because “it could collapse any minute”?

    1. Every time the markets are faced with a set of dilemmas the scare mongering comes out. Each time it gets more animated than before.

      Many of the market bears who are bearish on everything except Bitcoin are downplaying the Terra Luna deal.

      The YouTube housing market bears look like they rent.

      The gold shills blame market manipulation and laugh at stock values.

      A stopped clock is right once or twice a day, so maybe they’ll be right,l. But ever since 2008, the Alt-crowd, which hopes to see things collapse again, so they can point and say they told us so, are amping up each instance as the moment of doom.

      Of course, propaganda outlets like Zero Hedge indulge in that stuff, and these Cassandras point to ZH or try to emulate it.

      The goal is to keep the potential resistance from investing properly and to remain broke, so these people who predict this stuff and scare the Patriots do a good service for the adversary.

      If I believed this stuff why would I ever buy any real estate or stocks? Why invest for the future? I would be indulging in ZH and waiting for wormwood to hit the planet.

      Okay, the circumstances are different this time around. We see high inflation, but real bond yields are in the gutter. The Federal government has drastically cut back on spending (the politicians even recognize student loan forgiveness as inflationary), so this worm is turning.

      While I don’t like real estate to continue rising like it has, inflation has a way of supporting prices, and mortgage rates below 8% are below the 50-year average. I do not recommend selling any real estate, since the income has been rising.

      Scare tactics that hurt the average person. So, what if tech and growth get beat? Oil and gas are rocking.

      I am not selling. Besides, we saw what the FED did with COVID. It slashed rates and ramped up QE.

      My biggest concern with Fed policy is the size of its announced monthly unwinding. However, I suspect it is doing this to gain ammo for the next crisis waiting in the wings.

      Perhaps the die offs are not as aggressive as the elites planned and inflation is still higher than anticipated.

      I have been at this since the 1987 crash, and each time it comes back. Each time we are presented with buying opportunities, and with QE, I don’t see much changing for another 2-3 years.

      I would suggest we hold cash and remain very underleveraged, especially with RE, so we can take advantage of the next market dump. The wealthiest always have cash on hand. Buffet was maligned by the Alt-crowd for having too much cash and being too conservative, but he is now outpacing the crowd.

      A friend of mine who is a successful investor keeps about 1mm in cash on hand for any opportunities that could come across his screen.

      Gold has disappointed and so has Bitcoin; two assets the alt-media pump.

    2. I have one more thought to add on this. I cannot overemphasize how lethal Zero Hedge has been to the alt-media and Patriot communities. ZH has turned it’s followers and readers into the suckers at the poker table. I have noted how many more Cassandras have entered the Patriot community since Zero Hedge was established in 2009. These shells and propagandists have predicted 30 of the last two crises.

      They all sound the same, too. All they do is read off of each other’s talking points and regurgitate them to the unwitting patriot.

      1. It really shows the brilliance of the world revolutionaries. Could it be possible that another age had more pervasive and all-encompassing propaganda than we do? Modern technology has brought us a control system ancient despots could only dream of exploiting.

        1. Good observation. Modern technology has allowed our adversary to propagandize to us as we stare at our phones and computer screens. The propagandist experts come in many forms and shapes, and may even come from a government backed propaganda source, but they all appear as our ally.

          This can now be done all within the confines of our own home. Of course, for those who don’t own their home, nor can afford to rent, they can be propagandized from the comfort of their own van.

  2. What if V. Putin dies? Maybe someone worse takes power. He looks like he’s already dead.

    Putin ‘very ill with blood cancer’ claims Russian oligarch in recording ‘Hope he dies’


    But in a recording obtained by New Lines Magazine, a high-profile Russian oligarch claimed Putin is “very ill with blood cancer”.

    The outlet reported that it chose to keep the identity of the oligarch anonymous for his safety, and that he was unaware he was being recorded.

    The conversation was taped in March, and the magazine said the identity and voice of the oligarch had been verified.

    In the recording, the businessman, who has ties to the Kremlin regime, denounced Putin as having “absolutely ruined Russia’s economy, Ukraine’s economy and many other economies”.

    1. I think the recording by the oligarch is correct. Putin looks different today than in pictures a few years ago. He looks a lot more pudgier and has a lot more gray hair than a few years back. It could be that his days are numbered and he doesn’t care about the world any more.

      Even if he dies, WWIII could still happen if it is part of God’s judgment on the world. There are other Russian leaders who are equally if not more belligerent. No matter who lives or dies God’s plan will move forward because God is always in control.

  3. Wanting the United States to be like a multicultural kingdom and example to the world is like wishing with the “monkey’s paw.”

    “Oh, monkey’s paw, I wish for a multicultural paradise where all the races, tongues, peoples, and religions can all live together in harmony.”

    The wish is granted.

    “Oh, thank you, monkeys paw. I will immediately begin to tear down all of the statues of our founding fathers. They were all white and racist. They no longer belong in a multicultural Paradise that we have today.”

    Okay, but in order to make it happen, the government needs to spend recklessly on massive social largesse, so that a rising tide raises all ships. But, the weakness and lack of cohesion that it causes motivates the enemy to strike and destroy this multicultural paradise. The adversary spots weaknesses based on nonsense.

    Be careful for what you wish….

  4. Chris,
    I wish you the best of luck moving to a remote location. The best bet is to move to a rural location in a state that does not have any big cities as those tend to be red states. STAY AWAY from blue states such as the northeast and pacific even their rural areas because you pretty much won’t be allowed to own a gun in these states and they will be the first states to mandate vaccines. The blue states also have much worse tax rates. Rural people (except a lot of city transplants) tend to be friendly, practical, and down to earth. I would stay away from any rural places with a lot of transplants from blue states because then you will encounter the same issues as living in a liberal city or suburb.

    The cities are dangerous and getting worse with rising crime rates and strict gun controls. The police do not protect the innocent in the cities as proven in 2020 riots. In addition, the taxes are much higher in states with a lot of big cities.

  5. Thank goodness Alex Jones is fighting against those evil George Soros lawyers. He has our back.

  6. U Mich consumer sentiment comes in lower than expected across the board. Peak inflation?

    Homebuyer sentiment crashing, but housing is still cheap for institutions, so forget about great deals. It’s not the same as buying a depreciating durable good or consuming.

  7. Peak inflation? Import prices unchanged for the month vs. a 0.6% estimate.

    May 13, 2022 0.0% 0.6%. 2.9%
    Apr. 14, 2022 2.6% 2.3% 1.6%
    Mar. 16, 2022 1.4% 1.5% 1.9%
    Feb. 16, 2022 2.0% 1.3% -0.4%
    Jan. 14, 2022 -0.2% 0.3% 0.7%
    Dec. 15, 2021 0.7% 0.7% 1.5%
    Nov. 16, 2021 1.2% 1.0% 0.4%
    Oct. 15, 2021 0.4% 0.6% -0.3%
    Sep. 15, 2021 -0.3% 0.3% 0.4%
    Aug. 13, 2021 0.3% 0.6% 1.1%
    Jul. 15, 2021 1.0% 1.2% 1.4%
    Jun. 16, 2021 1.1% 0.8% 0.8%

    Export price inflation up 0.6%, est. 0.7%, prior 4.6%

    1. Most of our ingredients are imported, the only cost that has changed appreciably is transport.

      Just brought in a tonne of organic cane sugar, landed cost is $43 a bag. Our standard cost for the past few years is around $45.

      One thing we don’t need to import is millet because we can grow it in Canada. Problem is that last years crop was sold into the US market when exchange rate was favourable – the US market was cleaned out of many alternative grains last year by the Chinese. Canada now imports millet from Ukraine (which means there is none to be had)- millet is now unobtainium until fall. ADM sold all their sorghum to the Chinese last summer. No warning, no price increases, just *poof* it was gone.

  8. Once you make your move to a more remote place, you’ll feel a lot better about that burden being lifted. We know hard times are coming and we have to be well-positioned. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you are in as good as a place as you can be. Build your community – my neighbour across the street is a gem – he works at a local feed mill but man, is he handy. He knows how to do everything and where to get stuff around here, who is good at what. Next door is a ramshackle place with junk all over the. yard but the guy living there hunts. My neighbour next door wants me to join her at the Town Hall to complain about his yard. Not me. WTSHTF, I’ll know where to get venison. In the meantime, stay healthy and keep praying, Chris.

  9. I pity those people who think Putin is a savior. Putin is not a man of God as he crushes those with opposing views by killing them or sending them off to labor camps in Siberia . I have a hunch that Putin assasinates anyone who knows Putin’s skeletons.
    I feel that Putin has a lot more dirt on Western leaders than they have on Putin for that reason. Putin may have intel that can bring down Western governments. He is a known KGB operative and anyone who worked in the KGB has to have a gangster mentality. Chris is so correct that the enemy (Putin) of your enemy(Liberal leftists)is not your friend. Putin is an enemy of freedom loving Libertarians.

    On the other hand Zelensky is no angel either. A man who cross dresses in high heels and tights for a gay dance routine as well as playing a piano with his pecker is no God loving moral person. In addition, he suppresses opposition in Ukraine and forces all men up to 60 years old to fight in a meat grinder war. I pray for the Ukrainian people.

    This is the beginning of the end times where your closest friends and relatives will become your worst enemies and leaders who claim to be saviors will then chew you up and spit you out.

    This is why those who want to save themselves must seek Jesus Christ who is your only reliable friend. Get your spiritual house in order by following the ways of Jesus Christ and studying the Bible. The current world events are promulgated by Satan and allowed by God to send those humans who refuse to know and /or rebel against God down the rat hole.

    God did not appreciate the ancient Israelis when they wanted a human King when God should be their king because humans are sinful and abuse their power and it was a sign of turning away from God. It is a huge mistake to look up to imperfect people like Putin and Trump as saviors when Jesus Christ who is full of love and kindness should be your savior.

  10. Chris, I am glad to hear you are making your move. I wish you continued good health.

    God Bless.

    1. Powell says he can’t guarantee a ‘soft landing’ as the Fed looks to control inflation


      •Fed Chairman Jerome Powell cautioned Thursday that getting inflation under control won’t be easy.
      •“Nonetheless, we think there are pathways … for us to get there,” he said in an interview with Marketplace published Thursday.

      1. If anyone lives near an industrial district in your County area, I would urge you to drive around look at the signs out front and check out the directors on the companies websites. Most are not American born White caucasians.

        Chris you are correct our government is not here to help but to harm us and the Soviet Union never went away, just a narrative change. Putin is corrupt just like all the other policticians and reads a script. I work with Russian, Chinese and Indians. They out rank me in the corporate structure, but I do make small talk with many of them, coffee area or work desk if they come around. Some have military service in their home Country. They are well educated, the supervisors and the IT craftsmen. They learned our college level science classes in grade school. They are the ones buying and having those big rural houses built with the high property taxes twenty miles out of the city. They are bringing in and supporting THEIR relatives(not the already existing locals who have resided here forever) and help them open businesses, restaurants, liquor stores, hobby shops, etc. Because they are Foreigners they qualify for special discounts on business loans. Even though they have attained citizenship or have the HB visas, they give charity and money to their own kind. I’m given the impression that there will not be any big battlefield war with the USA and not a real nuclear attack. The force majure war has been already happening.

        If you would consider that “Replacement” is the force majure agenda, not a war with bombs. They are already here and replacing us. And it is working better than they could have imagined. Anyone can see it with their own eyes now.

        Even at the lower levels, many Latinos and Africans are migrating here which is one reason the rents will stay stable. They get government handouts, SNAP and HUD housing benefits. They don’t have to use a paycheck to pay their rents.

        Joel Skousen has some interesting reads that are accurate. But he stays with the mainstream narratives on some topics, without diggin into the fine print and exposing the fakeness and media hype.

        I guess yesterday was the buy day COIN is going back up. BTC is holding strong, even though the LUNA seems to be halted atm. Somehow the dip this week got bought up and the FED news has been digested. I think the market may be bullish for awhile until the next round of news reports or catalyst makes for another two-three day downtrend.

        They are putting Covid back in the media and having celebrities making statements they have Covid. Even Bill Gates made his Covid statement last week. They really want to implement those digital ID’s. They can do it withough vaccines. People will volunteer just like they do with the smartphone apps. In order to buy or get discounts people need the apps.

        1. The replacement of people are actually an addition to the population and would actually help enhance the value of the USD in the global markets. Savvy people around the world come to the US, not because they love the country and what it represents, but rather to conduct business and make money. In this regard, this influx you mention helps to strengthen the dollar as the global reserve. The higher the population, the better positioned the USD.

          The people who lose out are the ones who lived here. They have to compete with these savvy foreigners who know how to make money in the new world order. And that is the important point to remember; we are in the new world order and those who are the most well adjusted to operating within the confines and rules of the new world order will come out the best.

          The force majeure is something else. Unfortunately, for many Americans who have lived here for generations, their ways of life have effectively been subject to a personal force majeure. These include white and black wage slaves who never speculated for gain.

        2. Greg,

          I agree with you. Nukes are likely fake, but mass immigration is very real and more powerful. Many European countries will be a majority non-European within a few decades. That fact is astonishing. Cities like Paris and London are unrecognizable.

          The SoS wants a brown population, as stated in the Kalergi plan. This is happening faster than anyone could have imagined. All the wars and social issues are a distraction from the fact that hordes of foreigners are entering Europe and America every year, with no politician saying a word.

          And there is a sad irony about the fact that white Europeans built the technology that is now being managed by non-whites (mostly Indians). I believe the SoS has chosen Indians as the new “WASP” class. They’ll do an inferior job overall, but they won’t question their SoS superiors. Moreover, the removal of white Christians from high-paying jobs will make them poor and despondent. This will help complete the SoS revenge fantasy against Rome and Germany.

          And Chris, you are correct that this mass immigration is bullish for the consumer-based economy. As a landlord, you are in good shape, theoretically. I believe the supply of homes in the US is artificially low and will remain low due to “climate change” and “shortages.” You’ll have many more people who need shelter and not many more new homes for them to live in. But I also wonder if the SoS will find a way to screw over small landlords. They did that during Covid, which was perhaps a beta test of how to liquid smaller, independent landlords (many of whom are white Christians).

          (The reason for the nuke psyop is that nukes are the only way America could conceivably be defeated militarily. Without the idea of nukes, any narrative about WW3 is impossible because America is so overwhelmingly powerful in terms of land, sea, and air forces. Nukes create the idea that America could be crippled in one fell swoop, thereby taking away its Superman status.)

          1. America is the mightiest nation in the world and I’m not saying that because I live here. The United States is without peer and is also the safest in regards to military incursions against it. There’s only one way that it can be brought down and that is the way I’ve been telling. When it does happen the people will be shocked but we have a few more years in which to engage in commerce. We are in the New World Order.

            Maybe I’ll be wrong (and I hope I am) but if we keep doing what we’re doing on a personal basis we won’t pay the consequences of inaction. We won’t be the victims of Zero Hedge and RT type propaganda.

            If we keep buying the income generating assets and engaging in commerce and investing for the future the way we have been discussing, we won’t need a job. You don’t have to be ordered around like livestock and forced to take vaccines. If you become self-sovereign financially you can thumb your nose at the government.

            It’s much easier to sit back in your chair glued to your computer and phone screens and declare the economy and world is collapsing. It has been collapsing for at least 50 years for the average wage slave. I show you how not to be a wage slave.

            If the bombs start dropping in America, nothing’s going to really matter much anyway. Most of it will still be standing, so I’m speculating like I’ve always been speculating. If real estate, stocks, and cryptos collapse, I’ll be buying more.

            For you die hard Bitcoin bulls, I’d be adding to my positions at these levels.

            If you are a gold shill, I’d be interested in adding more gold at these levels.

            Where I live, foreigners have been buying up all of the nice residential real estate. Much of them speak other languages and couldn’t give a rats ass about what the United States represented. To them it’s all about commerce, but I look at the value of the townhome in which I live and it’s gone from 250,000 to 600,000 and wonder how the average wage slave can afford that. The answers they can’t, but if you’re a wage slave you don’t matter anyway. Only the people who own the assets matter.

            Welcome to the New World Order; the more wretched America becomes, the stronger the dollar becomes. Accept it and move on, and if you refuse, there’s always Infowars and Zero Hedge for your indulgence.

          2. What state are you looking into?

            How do we prepare for literal nuclear attack though?

            What about that part where the Bible says spend 7 months burying people? Could there be some invasion after the nuclear attack?

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