May 2nd podcast – A response to Henry Makow; “Interested in your comment on Jews”


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-A historical background regarding the timeline before and during the captivity of the kingdom of Israel, which were the northern tribes around 750-720 BC-
Prophet Ahijah
-A discussion of the three Assyrian kings and the deal they made with Judah to conquer Samaria (Israel/Ephraim)”

Ahaz sent messengers to say to Tiglath-pileser king of Assyria, ‘I am your servant and vassal. Come up and save me out of the hand of the king of Aram (i.e. Damascus) and of the king of Israel, who are attacking me’. And Ahaz took silver and gold… and sent it as a gift to the king of Assyria. The king of Assyria complied.” (2 Kings 16:7-9)

-Many modern scholars say that the Northern remnants resettled with Judah after they left Assyrian captivity, but this does not make sense. Why would a people return to the unstable land of Samaria, let alone be associated with a people (the Southern kingdom) who worked to destroy them?
-If the Israelites didn’t migrate back to their former lands, where did they go?
-The last days prophecies are unfolding perfectly (as long as you are not contaminated by Satan and his synagogue of Satan’s conspirators)
-A discussion on where most of today’s conspirators come from. This may be a “Jewish” conspiracy, but very few true Jews are in on it, since many of those who say they are Jews are not Jews.
-The pastors of the past 150-170 years who have been formally trained in the seminaries have learned many deceptions as truth.
-These pastors conflate modern Judaism with the Jews of the Bible, state that the OT was written for the Jews, and even refer to the Old Testament forefathers as Jewish. None of this is true, but was propagated by the Synagogue of Satan, who used their untold banking wealth to infiltrate all the secret societies.
-Why the best Biblical scholars come from diverse backgrounds and not from the universities and seminaries.
-I explain which Jews are part of the conspiracy to destroy Western, white, Christian civilization.
-Why most Christ rejectors live in the blue states.
-Given what I know about this history, I explain how the next 5-10 years will unfold and where the last day remnants are located.

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150 thoughts on “May 2nd podcast – A response to Henry Makow; “Interested in your comment on Jews”


    Another alt-media hero, Elon Musk, claims that the Chinese worker is a better worker than the American. That’s because they work for much less in his Tesla factory in Shanghai. The Chinese are used to being slaves in their own country. The wealthy billionaire and trillionaires prefer China as they don’t have to pay their workers anything.

    While the Talmudic media guilts and shames the white American regarding slavery, the talmudic Jews and their puppet lackeys conduct all of their business in slave-driving nations.

    Indeed, slavery is alive and well in the New World Order.

  2. I had a friend who I haven’t seen in a couple of years who was running scared from the covid scam. He was in his late 40s and in peak condition. Because of his fears of covid, he was crapping in his pants and changed his diaper several times a day, along with his friends and took the jabs. He is now a “crippled little rata” and walks around with a cane and had to retire from all of his work. Evidently he has life-altering rheumatoid arthritis that came on suddenly. He and his buddies never blame the jabs for their issues. According to them, I’m the bad guy for bringing it up.

    If I told him to take 15 g a day of MSM he would curse the day I was born.

    Although his problem started immediately after they say there’s no connection. His friend’s father is now an effective vegetable who can barely walk. Don’t worry, love government and take your jabs. They do a good service for you, and according to Romans 13 they must be obeyed.

    The wicked flee when none pursueth. Covid was a scam, yet the livestock were indoctrinated into the fiction and believed the lies, because they thought there was a boogie man lurking around every corner.

  3. I put cash back into my coinbase pro account and nibbled on some of the old alt coins earlier this morning. I had a bunch of cash in a Kraken account and bought some BCH.

    Wow. What a dousing crypto holders have taken.

    1. Huge Green candles today! I guess the Fed or invesntment firms propped up the market back in 2020, they had to cash out of a percentage eventually. AL nailed it on the the redevelopment zone. USA helps pay for it with our tax dollars. New condos, restaurants and the good life will be built in the coming years. BRIC with the high speed rails will spread industry all over that region just like building the national highway system did for USA back in grandpas day.
      They want us worried and focused on all the woke agendas gender, pedos, covid, masks, vaccines and a senile president, while they are building a very prosperous area making USA pay for most of it. You have potholes on your street, well tod bad since they are building entire streets with your money overseas. A war in kosher Ukraine people actually bought into that idea?? Hollywood production at it’s finest!!!
      We’ve been lied to and robbed. Not many politician, teacher, preacher, Sheriff, Mayor, Governer, has stopped it or even spoke out about it.

      1. Bought some REI after earnings beat and stock swoon this am in the 3.80s. bought some TK, GASS, and LITOF earlier. If they pop I am out.

    2. Who would ever think that the PPI is 11% yoy and the 10 year UST is 2.85%? Low yields and rising costs. RE is a great inflation hedge.

  4. Vladimir Putin ‘more dangerous than Hitler or Stalin’, says Poland’s prime minister

    Poland’s leader Mateusz Morawiecki called for “de-Putinisation” in an article in The Telegraph. He said Mr Putin’s dangeruous ideology is bolstered by “deadlier weapons” at his disposal and new media at his fingertips to spread his propaganda.

    I haven’t been listening to AJ lately, but what is he saying about this? Is he saying the Polish Prime Minister is under Soros and Schwab’s control for propagandizing against Putin?

    Perhaps the Prime Minister is correct. Perhaps he can recall history and remember the iron curtain days. Perhaps he can see that the ex-KGB Putin has stronger and longer control than any previous Soviet tyrant leader.

    All I know is that I am old enough to remember and I am here to tell you that Putin is more dangerous than any previous Soviet ruler. The sad part is that the Patriots and ALT media back him over their own nations.

    And just like that, it is done. The Soviet propaganda campaign has been extremely successful and has duped the dummy American patriots. What a sad sad day it is for the world as it quickly approaches World War III.

    When the bombs start dropping in America, make sure you are not sharing survival bunkers and gear with Alex Jones trained Patriots.

  5. It seems that through the guise of energy deals, the former iron curtain nations of Eastern Europe are realigning with the former Soviet Union.

    Was it that easy? While Alex Jones ranted about Hungary rebelling against the NWO, all Hungary is doing with their new leadership is to begin realigning with their former masters in Moscow with the remerging of the Soviet Union. This is necessary for WWIII.

    Are the AJs of this world that naive? Or are they pushing the Soviet concept in the West? Next AJ will hoot and hollar when Poland does the same thing. What about if the Czech Republic folds as well? Will AJ say Soros is losing his grip?

    Was it that easy?

    Will China see how successful Russia is and begin its military ambitions prior to WWIII?

  6. Hopefully not too far off topic, but since all eyes are on Russia / Ukraine this seems relevant.

    From the beginning I maintained my theory that Ukraine is a big redevelopment zone and it seems this article makes my point very clear:

    Quoted from the article by the mayor of Kharkiv:

    “After the hostilities, I believe that we will be able to recover the city within a period of two to three years so that the city of Kharkiv becomes even better than it used to be. …We will start to rebuild and recover the city as an ideal city of the future,” said Terekhov.

    More from the article:

    “English architect Lord Norman Foster is leading the development of the master plan. He calls this an opportunity to combine the revered heritage of the past with the new technologies needed to create a city of the future.

    “This is an opportunity to make the city in the future even greater than it was in the past. … It is an opportunity to make it even more vibrant and more pioneering in terms of its trends, its technology, its industry—all the things that make a city great,” said Lord Foster.”

    Who is Lord Foster and what has he worked on? See here:

    And in this article dated Oct 2021 (four months before Russia began demolition operations in Ukraine on 2/24/2022?), it announces that Forster and Partners was sold to a private Canadian investor.

    “Foster & Partners has been bought by a Canadian private investor for an undisclosed sum. Britain’s biggest architect, with 1,500 staff in 13 studios, announced that a “significant” stake had been acquired by Hennick Company.”

    Just days ago Biden demanded $40B aid for Ukraine? Military aid, which might mean all kinds of stuff to help rebuild the country. Marshall Plan again? Or when Clinton approved money for Eastern Europe after communism and Lauder (as in Estee Lauder) ended up owning local TV stations? Because locals can’t own local TV stations?

  7. Yikes. CPI data across the board going up more than expected. Rent components up 0.6 & 0.5% monthly.

    NG for wage slaves and fixed income people. 85% of the population.

    1. Rents and income streams go up, but will not come down. Only rate of growth could decline.

      Growth stocks still will get punished.

    1. Record High Diesel Prices Will Ripple Across The Economy

      •Diesel prices have hit record highs due to very tight domestic inventories and a global supply shortage.
      •A combination of spiking demand as the world recovers from Covid and falling supply due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has hit diesel markets hard.
      •Not only are diesel prices at record highs, but they are also at their largest differential to gasoline in history.

      The Biden regime has been the most openly hostile administration to the oil and gas industry. And yet the dummies will always vote for them, thinking the answer is green energy. Green energy is a fantasy, when we base it on the amount of cash the firms consume versus the benefits the customers receive. Green energy is only possible in an environment of zero interest rates.

      At some point I have to believe that there’s something else behind this agenda; specifically, destroying the United States energy capabilities.

      1. I keep hearing the inflation has peaked how can that be if diesel prices are increasing and those cost have not been passed on yet? Farmers this year will be planting less corn because of fertilizer costs being so high and corn is almost doubled and will probably be going higher. Just think of all the stuff corn is in. dont forget corn syrup is used instead of sugar in many products. I have not seen any farm equipment that runs wind power or batteries it is all diesel. Even off road diesel is high it is for farming.

        Also we have higher inflation than what the Gov is saying.

        So my question is how does this affect the markets i see they are going down more how low will they go i wonder.

        1. And just like that, the Soviet Union is remerging from the ashes.

          Based on covid stimulus, inflation has peaked and fallen.

          Unfortunately, there are two other main factors that have been injected into the current global circumstances, subsequent to the covid scam.

          1. The manufactured supply side shocks and constraints.

          2. The escalating or tensions and the quickly dissolving alliances and supply chain around the world as we sleepwalk into a protracted war.

          It looks as if the world will be realigning according to Orwell’s 1984. Oceania, which is British Commonwealth and America with the Western hemisphere. Eurasia with the the Soviet Union remerging after it’s phony fall, and Eastasia with the Orient and China and India.

          I do not see how the markets can withstand this short term, but energy has taken the baton from tech and growth. There will be plenty of money to be made as the world prepares for WWIII.

      2. Miles Mathis says the Left is being made to look insane and destructive, to drive the country “hard right.” I can see 1930’s Germany in this. Highly militarized and angry, to be deployed to crush the rest of the world. Bankers coming in behind with their clipboards, taking inventory, looting. All the while selling weapons and loans to all sides.

        1. I agree with the left lunacy. What gets me is how many people still vote for them. Biden Harris can be roasting babies on a BBQ spit on the WH lawn and people will still vote for them. That’s because the Republicans have Trump the purposely placed carnival barker as their man.

          A strongman in the US will emerge as a person who has the answers. Just like Hitler in the early 30s.

          1. Yes many dont know that so they call everyone a Nazi even the Russians invading Ukraine. The left love to call the right Nazi in the States even though Communist’s killed million upon million more. but they dont teach the destruction that communist did in college just that we need it for equality.

            1. The Soviets and Stalin dangled the dangers of the Nazis while it consumed the Eastern European nations, killed millions, and dragged off untold numbers to the gulags to suffer and die.

              It all remerged again under Putin. It happened that quickly while AJ rants and admires Putin. Was it that easy?

              Any treacherous group or person seems to employ the Nazi threat to quiet their opposition.

              1. I think communist jews are embedded in the Russian apparat. They have gone quiet. They have a long game. Lavrov (Lev), the foreign minister, is a jew. Who knows what their strategy is? Maybe to destroy Russia for good.

                1. The ultimate goal of the talmudic Jews is to destroy the West and bring about that Great War in Ezekiel 38 and 39. They also know their god, Lucifer, will appear right after that to bring about their glorious end times.

  8. Broncos sale price could smash NFL record with team potentially selling for more than $5 billion

    The Denver Broncos are expected to be sold before the start of the 2022 season, and when that happens, the person buying the team is going to have to fork over a record-setting amount of money to make the purchase happen.

    According to Pro Football Talk, the sale price for the Broncos is now expected to reach $5 billion, and if that happens, not only would it smash the NFL record, but it could potentially set the world record for most money ever spent to buy a sports franchise.

    1. Wow. I heat my home with oil. Project this summer is to get me a pellet or wood stove and stock up for next winter. Thanks for the heads up with this video.

    2. Hi Chris,
      Please also let us know on your thoughts on this youtube video.

      1. I don’t go on rumor, but we know it will eventually get to this point. As Russia gets more desperate in its flagging military actions, it will engage in more desperate and vindictive actions as well. I don’t need to have an inside tip to know the inevitable. I watched the first 3 minutes.

        As for economic collapse, the economy has been and will continue to transform, and the nations who do not have ready sources of energy will suffer (e.g. China, Europe, Japan). How do we know? Just look at their currencies against the USD. The dollar is holding up nicely as it is the world’s largest energy producer. The US economy is performing relatively well versus the rest of the world. The world makes, US takes.

        Since we know this is leading to WWIII, I don’t pay any tipster any heed. If WWIII is the case, inflation will rage and income streams will rise for those of us who can afford to hold assets.

        I would assume that we will move closer to a command economy in the West as war approaches.

        Personally, I avoid listening to people with “tips.” It’s a panic inducing tactic to get clicks. I look and see the trends and the probable outcomes to see the inevitable. England will survive better, since it’s attached to the hip of the US. The rest of Western Europe will fold, while the former communist states will realign with the former Soviet Union up to WWIII.

        Maybe I’ll make a podcast on this.

        1. Thanks Chris much appreciated.
          Also thank you for the MSM supplement advice. It’s working great.

          1. The MSM is a game changer. I take about 10 grams a day. No more sciatica pain.👋Yay!

  9. Lis — I know of Doug Vogt and his DieFoldFoundation. I even bought his books. I can tell you his theory is 100% false. All of his evidence is totally circumstantial. He does not even hold a Geography Degree, and his research skills are extremely questionable if he considers Trump amazing. One strong piece of evidence that he says that supports his theory is the ‘fact’ that we went to the moon. We have never gone to the moon. There are videos online of NASA scientists admitting, accidentally mind you, that we have to solve the challenges of the Van Allen Radiation field around the Earth, before sending humans to the Moon. Furthermore, the Bible says the Earth does not move. But the Sun and Moon move around the Earth. The Lord made the Sun stop moving for almost an entire day for the Israelites in the Old Testament. Furthermore, there are legends in many ancient cultures of an extremely long Earth Day – around the same time that event occurred. Logically, if the Earth stopped moving under what mainstream science says — there would had been massive tsunamis throughout the continents due to the speed the Earth is revolving around itself. Just like with a car moving 200 MPH — if you instantly break without a seat belt you’re going to fly off the windshield.

    1. Nice Otto, another guy I will avoid.

      Speaking of people who think Trump is amazing, this Reawaken America tour seems to be closely aligned with the Theosophists. My wife listens to bitchute videos as background and was triggered when she heard this prayer (short clip):

      Just to close a loop that I opened, Clare Prophet is the intellectual heir of Alice Bailey. Her wiki page was scrubbed of that reference, but Baileys’ was not. Bailey founded Lucifer trust publishing which became Lucis publishing. L(uc)is.

      h/t to Dixie for calling out the theosophist. We know their words: blah blah blah Ascending blah blah blah the light blah blah blah consciousness etc.

      1. It’s amazing that grown men think they are walking on a stationary pancake(?), but then that the sun and moon moves around it – reading the Bible with the brain of a toddler.

        1. For Lis, Jesus says – “Blessed are those who have not seen, and have believed.” New age is picking and choosing some parts of every religion/culture that suits the individual person the best. But the belief, faith, and being obedient to Jesus Christ is about putting yourself last, and others first. Whomever wants to be first is last, and whomever is last is first.

          The Bible says in multiple different verses that the Earth is stationary, and with a firmament above the Earth that divides the Earth and Heavens. I firmly believe that with all my heart. It’s 2022 and we still have zero authentic pictures or live feed of the full earth. All the pictures from NASA are confirmed to be CGI renderings by NASA themselves. That’s a pretty good feeling though — no matter how much money these wealthy elites accumulate they are stuck here on Earth. They can dig underground all they want to hide their shame/sins when the glory of Jesus Christ returns in the clouds from Heaven, but escaping this pancake we call home they can forget about it.

          1. If you read the Aramaic translation it is stated in Genesis 1:8 “and God called the firmament Sky”. So if you read the older texts, which are closer to source, then all you are saying is that there is a Sky that divides the Earth and the Heavens – which is self evident.

            Regarding Earth being stationary I presume you are pointing to Psalms; the world being “firmly established”? Yes the world(not the Earth) is firmly established; there’s only existence – energy cannot vanish, only transform. There’s no such thing as nonexistence, that idea is only a product of a limited minds comprehension.

            1. The Hebrew points to more than just “existence,” but also literal non-movement of the earth!

              1. Point me to where in the Bible it is stated literal “non-movement of the earth” then!

        2. Lis, looking to modern science when even modern science admits there’s no proof of the earth moving? Even most famous scientists like Hawking, Einstein, and others admit there’s no proof of the moving earth, and it’s their philosophical leanings (i.e., no God or at least one that doesn’t care for each one of us) that make them choose a moving Earth.

  10. Day Trader Army Loses All the Money It Made in Meme-Stock Era – Bloomberg

    (Bloomberg) — It’s ending as fast as it began for retail day traders, whose crowd-sourced daring was the pre-eminent story of pandemic equities.

    Nursing losses in 2022 that are worse than the rest of the market’s, amateur investors who jumped in when the lockdown began have now given back all of their once-prodigious gains, according to an estimate by Morgan Stanley. The calculation is based on trades placed by new entrants since the start of 2020 and uses exchange and public price-feed data to tally overall profits and losses.

    A craze born of the coronavirus outbreak and nurtured by Federal Reserve largesse is being laid low by a villain of identical lineage, inflation, which global central banks are racing to combat by raising the same interest rates they cut. The result has been a lumbering bear market in speculative companies that surged when the stimulus started flowing in March 2020.

    “A lot of these guys started trading right around Covid so their only investing experience was the wacked-out, Fed-fueled market,” said Matthew Tuttle, chief executive officer at Tuttle Capital Management LLC. “That all changed with the Fed pivot in November, but they didn’t realize that because they have never seen a market that wasn’t supported by the Fed,” he said. “The results have been horrific.”

    1. The amount of balance sheet rolloff is huge and more important than the increase in overnight rates. That’s what concerns me.

      Small firms like TELL that are tied to the capital and debt markets are getting hammered. And they are nat gas related.

  11. Zugzwang and no win situation – not only do we have this condition in which any action the authorities take will make the current circumstances worse, but I honestly do not see how, given the sets of tools available to the governments and central banks, that the monetary and fiscal authorities can get out of the current situation unless there is some sort of horrible manufactured crisis.

    The only wild card that can save the current monetary and economic system would be a devastating type of demand destruction. War? A pandemic? A die off?

    I have to believe that based on the policies and actions of the central banks and governments themselves, this was done all perfectly by design and was purely intentional. Through the guise of covid, they were able to set up the most perfect economic and societal collapse scenario in world history.

    I do not yet know the outcome, but it seems like it could be the worst of all worlds. An environment in which inflation continues to pound the people, asset prices get destroyed, rents continue moving higher, and house prices could fall.

    I don’t know the ultimate outcome, but I have one standing order. Get out of as much debt as possible. Cash is not the worst thing to have in certain situations. If asset prices are falling, that means they’re falling against cash.

    1. It is reassuring to hear your position on this. Seems to align with what I have been thinking as well. Last year I felt like any commodities or stocks or other assets of any kind would be ideal compared to fiat with my expectations on inflation but now I feel like the wind has shifted or something and I’m trying to raise some cash. Offloaded a little gold the other day and looking to sell our second car to Cvna on Tuesday and might look for other areas to raise some more cash. I think these outrageous used car prices are nearing the bottom falling out. Expecting we will have the “technical recession “ by end of Q2. And it’s going to be a “shock” to all the mainstream pundits.

      1. I’m just thinking about President Trump and his policies. The one thing I do have to tip my hat to him about was that he accelerated oil and gas development in the states. The US was producing about 14 million boe a day as recently as 2019.

        1. I was looking how to capitalize on the 3 2 1 crack spread based on some refiner stocks – noticed DINO but it looks like it already started running today before I got in. I do think that the target prices by analysts may have not considered the completion of the acquisition and ramp up of their “clean/renewable diesel” refineries. Time will tell.

          1. I like DINO on a pullback. I like HEP as a midstream partner to DINO. Nice dividends and management says it’s handing back cash to investors.

            1. Chris I’m still looking at your PFIE call. PED is being pumped so it may go up if oil continues to rise. RDBX is back in the spotlight, got bought by CSSE. The terms don’t look that great but it’s recovering anyways. Warrant looks good but not sure if they will call them in because of the terms. RBLX and U had low earnings but recovering. Those over reaction sell offs can make great scalps plays

              1. Unless I’m misunderstanding the terms if you buy 100 shares of rdbx right now you will get like only $63 worth of csse… sounds like rdbx has a long way to fall to me

                1. I recall discussing XOM after it was taken out of the Dow. It sported a 9% yield and was in the mid 30s. The yield has dropped to 4%, but holders from back then are doing well. The Dow Jones people are PC as well for kicking XOM out. Foolish….

    2. The modern Kulaks are people who have enough stocks, real estate, and other assets to live relatively comfortably on investment cash flows and appreciation alone. A large number of these people are white Christians, who are the least loyal to the SoS agenda.

      So if we see inflation due to supply shocks, coupled with asset price collapses, some of these Kulaks will no longer be able to get by. They will need to sell assets to buy food and gasoline. Once the SoS determines that the Kulaks have liquidated enough assets, they might restart the bubble by lowering interest rates and easing pressure on supply chain chokepoints. The Kulaks who didn’t make it will now have to start working again or start begging for government handouts.

      Since you have real estate income, you are in a better position. Your rental income will cushion you.

      1. I might have to get a job delivering for Doordash.😲

        I’m taking a step back here trying to be objective, I’m still trying to figure out the likely path. It’s a really impossible to determine one when we have so many manufactured wild cards. A 2-3 months ago it was difficult for us to contemplate the war scenario.

        The FED is going to have to figure out a way to destroy demand in the United States. Employment levels are just way too high and the demand for employees are at extreme levels.

        As long as the Biden regime remains openly recalcitrant with the oil and gas industry, the world is going to have major problems. The United States could easily add another 3 million barrels a day if the federal government wasn’t so openly hostile.

        Perhaps that won’t be the plan until after World War 3.

      2. This is just an anecdotal observation but I’ve been around chatting to some retired boomers lately and they are certainly in a dilemma. They’re finding it hard to hang onto their assets. One such person’s mother died and left her a vacation property. She had to return to work in order to maintain that and her own house. She’s now selling her perennials from the garden. Like that’s going to do much? There are others I’ve spoken to – just local folks, single women, but they don’t work, live on shoestring budgets. Obsessed with Covid but certainly not prepared for tomorrow. I don’t think they know how to – they thought they would have their fine china, coveted antiques, fine dining and trips around the world. I think they will have to start selling their assets as inflation rises. They’re already feeling the squeeze.

        1. They’ll be eating their seed corn to pay the bills. Institutions will buy up the good assets (houses, land, etc)

    3. U.S. dollar rides to two-decade highs as yields rise

      Two and half reasons reasons why the dollar remains resilient and could rise much higher.

      1. The dollar is the reserve currency and when people scramble to pay off debt, they scrambled for dollars.
      2. United States is the world’s energy powerhouse and could grow output if really needed. I suspect that this lull at about 10-11 million boe a day will prove temporary as prices remain elevated.
      2.5. The dollar will remain strong as long as the United States remains the energy powerhouse. As long as Japan and the European Union are dependent on outside sources for energy, their currencies will lag.

      1. The upshot with this capital destruction in the green energy space will be a shift by investors back to oil and gas, and sensibility.

        Look at PLUG. What a money loser, like the rest of these cash burning scams. Green energy can’t make money with triple figure oil and $8 gas.

        Green revenue may be rising, but they continue to burn through tons of cash.

  12. Nearly risk-free I bonds to deliver a record 9.62% interest for the next six months

    •I bonds, an inflation-protected and nearly risk-free investment, will pay 9.62% through October 2022, the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced Monday.
    •“It’s a milestone for I bonds,” said Ken Tumin, founder and editor of
    •However, there are purchase limits, you can’t tap the money for one year and there’s a penalty for selling within five years.

    1. Chris – what do you think about OEG? I can’t believe it’s at .95 right now. Last year it hit $10.

      1. Stay away. They issue shares to stay in business. Worse, they issue warrants with the shares. Too many shares issued at the levels to make it a worthwhile trade.

        I wouldn’t hold it more than a few days at the most. It pivoted from an oil and gas firm to a solar firm and has been unable to capitalize. Many of these solar and renewables firms are going down for the dirt knap and are facing an existential crisis.

        The boiling gas prices this high, that would have hope many of these firms would be performing better, but they consume so much capital along the way.

        The one thing about plug is that it issued a lot of shares when the price was high. If plug wasn’t as shrewd with capital management, it too, would be trading like oeg.

  13. Putin warning: Tactical nuke may be used on Ukraine TOMORROW: ‘Only way to change war’

    Just because this is on outlets like CNN doesn’t make it wrong. The Western side of the s of s know war is coming, so it no longer runs cover for Russia. It actually says the truth.

    Until the bombs drop, life in the land of unwalled villages will be just fine. Yes, America…

    1. I think Putin needs to show some successful results in Ukraine by May 9 , and they have been few and far between. There is a possibility he could use some tactical nukes in Ukraine on May 9 or soon after to get things moving. Putin is not a man to back down.

    2. No nuclear detonation as of yet. Whenever a website lists a certain day or time for something to happen it usually never does. I still say this event is a massive Hollywood style production. Keep in mind Russia, Germany, Poland, India and China all have their own very elaborate Hollywood studios too. If there is an explosion to set off a false flag scenario it will be in a deserted area.
      If there is one I think there would be just one explosion event and it will turn the page to the next chapter. There are large percentage of Russians, Chinese, and Indians that live in the USA now. They don’t need to destroy the assets, infranstructure or property that they have taken possesion of.

  14. Perhaps there was no mistake at all and this was all planned all along… It sure seems that way.

    El-Erian Says Fed Lost Credibility With Markets, American Public

    John McCorry and Jonathan Ferro
    (Bloomberg) — Mohamed El-Erian, a closely followed bond-market strategist, says the Federal Reserve has a trust problem with financial markets and the nation over inflation.

    “It has a credibility issue with the American people and that is why chair (Jerome) Powell chose to address the American people at the beginning of his press conference” on Wednesday, the chair of Gramercy Fund Management and former chief executive officer of Pimco, said on Bloomberg Television’s The Open on Friday. “It increasingly has a problem with the marketplace.”

    El-Erian, a Bloomberg Opinion columnist, added that “it is essential that the Fed regain credibility. It will not do so until it does what the ECB did last week, tell us why the inflation forecasts were so wrong for so long and how to improve the inflation methodology.”

    In July, El-Erian predicted that inflation, at the time running at a 5.4% annualized pace, wouldn’t be as transitory as the central bank was projecting. U.S. headline inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index is now at 8.5%.

    His critique on Friday touched as well on Powell, who said Wednesday that a 75-basis-point hike is not being “actively” considered. The Fed since 2020 kept rates as low as zero in response to shutdowns in the economy that happened as the pandemic surged.

    “You cannot come on TV and speak about all the uncertainties and then rule out a certain policy response — 75 basis points,” El-Erian said. “We don’t know enough about the path of inflation to rule out certain policy actions at this point.”

  15. ‘We are nowhere near the bottom,’ top economist says as global markets crater

    •“Now it’s time for a reappreciation of the economic fundamentals around the world in terms of growth,” Brunello Rosa, of Rosa & Roubini, told CNBC’s “Street Signs Europe” on Friday.
    •“It’s hard for markets to be totally optimistic when inflation is going up, growth is going down and interest rates are rising fast across the globe,” he added.

    Stock markets are set for more heavy selling this summer as central banks around the world ramp up interest rates to try to combat spiraling inflation, according to one economist.

    Brunello Rosa, who is CEO and head of research at Rosa & Roubini, a consultancy he co-founded alongside well-known market bear Nouriel Roubini, believes there is much more monetary tightening to come from central banks, and more bad news on economic activity.

  16. Out of all the shills on CNBC I prefer the words of Rick Santelli over anyone else….

    ‘We’re All Doomed’: CNBC Host Levels Stark Prediction For Economy

    CNBC’s Rick Santelli warned Friday on “Squawk Box” that the world economy is “doomed” if leaders keep bucking fossil fuels.

    Santelli warned about inflation and consumers feeling the effects throughout the near future.

    “If you’re looking at inflation, I think one of the guests said they think it’s probably going to remain sticky. I think it’s the rate of change, and the American public is not stupid, meaning, it’s going to certainly quit going up as fast as it is, but prices are not —and I underscore — are not going back to where they were,” he said. “You need months and months and months of minus signs on year-over-year, months over months on CPI and PPI. Don’t think you’re going to get months and months of those, and on the other data with regard to this jobs report, I would say that the rest of the world’s in much worse shape than us.”

    “I think it’s really funny when I see the Eurozone debating about what to do with oil and gas, and Putin’s somewhere watching it. It just seems really weird, he’s holding the switch. He can do it anytime he wants,” Santelli added. “And I still say, if there’s one word about what the future of the world’s economy looks like down the road, and people aren’t going to like this, it’s about the cost of energy. If people want to keep energy prices high and the governments want to have secret meetings about really not being all that enamored with fossil fuels at this point in history, then we’re all doomed to slower economies down the road, period.”

  17. I wonder what it’s like for a Cy Young award-winning pitcher to be told by a bunch of winter league players that he’s not good. Hmmm…..

    1. Excellent podcasts! These historical, eschatological topics suit you amazingly well! Keep them coming!

  18. Funeral stocks CSV, SCI, STON have not held up well overall. So much for the excess death investment thesis

  19. This is more relevant to your last post, but comments are closed.

    I found a really interesting video explaining why QE in 2020 caused inflation, while QE in 2008 did not. Apparently, all of the Fed printing went directly into commercial banks in 2020, while almost none of it did in 2008.

    Here’s the video:

    The explanation starts at 29:00, if don’t want to watch the whole thing.

    1. We talked about this at quite a length ever since the Federal Reserve and Federal Government announced the stimulus initiatives in March and April of 2020. We can recall how the money was injected and sent directly to the end user; directly to you and me to spend with no ramifications on the outcome. Trillions of it without any sterilization.

      Traditional spending via QE remains primarily at the federal and financial level and stays in that shell. QE allowed the federal government to spend as needed, and was not for the average person.

      Moreover, the vast majority of it ends up overseas where it only helps to enhance the status of the dollar being the reserve currency. I marvel at the traditional QE setup as this money stays at the commercial bank and higher level. But in this financial shell, even the holdings at the Fed, this ends up dispersing around the world. This mechanism was effective at keeping domestic inflation here at bay, while the offsetting debt that was generated worked to be a lead blanket on the economy and aggregate demand.

      I remember saying at the time; I don’t know why they’re doing it this way and I don’t quite get their objectives, but I was telling the listener that it won’t matter if the people are puking and dying in the streets. House prices will continue to go up and it won’t matter if people stop paying rent. Stock price go up. The prices of businesses and sports teams will go up, the prices of all assets will continue moving higher.

      I underestimated the impact on price inflation for four primary reasons.
      1. I underestimated the increase in spending by the people and how stupid they would be with their money. I continue to underestimate human beings and how quickly they piss money away.
      2. I overestimated the true effect of covid, and that it turned out to be a real scam,
      3. I did not factor in the long-lasting supply side constraints.
      4 I did not contemplate the effects of War in the analysis at the time.

      Now that the FED seems to be getting religion with regards to dismantling all this largesse, we are observing cracks the stock market. I am less sanguine on the downward pressure prospects with housing as long as inflation remains elevated, because housing is more dependent on rent levels than the prevailing interest rate regime at the time. If rent started tanking, I would say to look out below.

      But the United States and the West is now a cesspool of people’s, races, tongues, and religions, and it gets larger and fills up more and more daily. So, as the United States becomes a Talmudic toilet, I see no reason why rents won’t continue climbing. As long as I can increase my rents, I don’t have much concern about falling house prices.

      Here a few observations regarding behavioral economics.
      Rule number one; people are stupid and irrational with money. Since people have lost all since of biblical frugality, we have people who can no longer make ends meet. They are now easily swayed by the adversary.

      Rule number two; different people treat pools of dollars differently. This is especially true with regards to dollars that are given to them versus dollars they have to earn.

      Rule number 3; as long as house prices and other asset prices remain elevated this will work as competition for the labor market. The cure for the labor market wows will be a good old fashioned stock market and housing market correction.

      Rule number four; instead of saving any surplus dollars and building a net worth and balance sheet, people would rather spend all of the money they get until they are back at the previous level.

      Rule number five; we will always have poor people regardless of how much money you give them. There will always be rich people, because they know how to make money and save it and we will always have poor people, because poor people make terrible financial decisions. In the case of the poor person their worst enemy stares at them in the mirror. If a person is poor for his or her entire life, he or she can only blame him or herself.

      I can go on and on

  20. Our adversary wants us to believe that the number 13 with the United States has to do with evil and secret societies.

    The number 13 is very important with regards to the United States and its formation and who really founded it. Our founding fathers were deliberate.

    Jacob’s son, Joseph, received a double portion of the birthright, which was directly passed through to his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh. Thus, in effect, there were now 13 tribes, and not the original 12 from the 12 sons of Jacob.

    The 13th tribe was Manasseh. In the last days, Manasseh would become that great nation and would separate from his brother Ephraim. Thus, the colonies and the early form of what was to become the United States demonstrated its origins with the number 13.

    1. For anyone who has followed my blog and podcasts and videos for the past couple years you know that I have often referred to the early United States as being the only nation in history that was modeled after the ancient Kingdom of Israel during the time of the judges. It was a wonderful wonderful country here.

      The churches today and our adversary’s history books are as dead As Satan can make them. Do not believe the deceptions that our founding fathers were satanists and did not believe in Jesus nor the Bible.

      “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.” – George Washington, 1st US President

      “We recognize no sovereign but God, and no King but Jesus” – John Adams, 2nd US President

      “I am a real Christian – that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus Christ.” – Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President

      “Cursed be all that learning that is contrary to the Cross of Christ.” James Madison – 4th US President

      The country is no longer great, because it’s no longer good. It’s been overrun and all the different people’s, tongues, and religions have turned it into a cesspool. God has other plans for its redemption, however.

      1. The sad irony is that the US Constitution was easily subverted by the SoS after about 150 years, but the SoS’s reign is seemingly immune from subversion.

        The SoS practices fascism, which perhaps explains why they see white Christians embracing fascism as their greatest threat.

        1. Stockholm syndrome. This is why the war has to happen in the way it will happen. It will cause great cleansing.

      2. Amen to that, Chris. George Washington, with his much smaller army vs the British would pray and fast to Jesus Christ during the war. Just like in the Bible – King David and some of his descendant kings would fast and pray to the Lord for safety and victory from armies that were usually much larger than theirs. The Lord answers.

        They’ve also started brainwashing the founding fathers were ‘freemasons’ and in secret societies worshipping Satan. But freemasonry wasn’t infiltrated until sometime in the 1800’s. They want you to believe this country was founded on sin with slavery. It’s very clear our Bill of Rights and Constitution was built under a strong foundation from Deuteronomy and the preachings of Jesus Christ. That’s what made it so great.

        1. You got that right if America didn’t have that small remnant of Christians and descended from these people we would already look like Lagos Nigeria or Shanghai China. The country would look like Lima Peru or Mexico City.

          Prayer is very powerful, especially when it’s coming from the lost sheep and not a social justice warrior.

        2. I pity the non-Christians who live in the West, yet disparage the God of the Bible, who made the West great and different than any other area of the world.

          These non-Christians live in the West and benefit from all of what it gives its citizens and residents, yet they thumb their nose at the Creator who made it all possible.

          The new agers, syncretists, and worshipers of other religions who live in the West will have a higher price to pay at the judgment from than those who do not live in the West. The reason for this simple; these people made a conscious decision to turn their back on the obvious.

          As the Bible says, the rain falls on the just and the unjust. It will all be sorted out after we take our last breath, give up the ghost, and the silver cord is cut.

      3. Chris, I tend to agree with you that America was founded as a Godly nation, despite the masonic/occult associations with its founders/founding. And you may even be correct about Manasseh and Ephraim. However, the Constitution itself does share significant similarities with the Grand Orient Lodge’s Continental Constitution of the Freemasons. The most obvious association and masonic fingerprint in the U.S. Constitution is the separation of Church and state, which was a direct reaction to the Catholic monarchies of Europe. This has been disastrous for humanity and has stifled America’s great potential. Imagine the United States of America today had it not separated Church and state but had retained somewhat of a theocracy.

        Another example is that 13 masonic signers of the U.S. constitution deliberately waited to sign it when Venus rose (Sept. 17, 1787). I am not trying to be a buzz kill here, just reigning in with some checks and balances (pun intended ;)).

        One more to consider from Manly Palmer Hall. We see that the U.S. founders used Christian phraseology as a cover for their operation:

        “The rise of the Christian Church broke up the intellectual pattern of the classical pagan world. By persecution of this pattern’s ideologies it drove the secret societies into greater secrecy; the pagan intellectuals then reclothed their original ideas in a garment of Christian phraseology, but bestowed the keys of the symbolism only upon those duly initiated and bound to secrecy by their vows. (Chapter 7, The Democratic Tradition Preserved by Secret Societies)”

        Remarkably, Hall credits the establishment of the 13 US colonies (note that 13 is of occult significance) to 17th century kabbalist Francis Bacon:

        “The Alchemists, Cabalists, Mystics, and Rosicrucians were the incisive instruments of Bacon’s plan. Representatives of these groups migrated to the colonies at an early date and set up their organization in suitable places. (Ch. 13)”

        As you can see, America could have been much greater than it has been. There is still much good in it. But we are being flooded with Marxist migrants and the too many stupid people. It doesn’t look good.

        1. I would careful with Hall. My take on his readings, that I have come across, is that he may have been an tool of our adversary.

  21. Chris would you consider that:
    Esau didn’t need the birthright blessing, he ended up having it really good anyways because Jacob left. When Jacob decided to come back and leave Haran, he sent a message of his return. Esau gathered 400 men and met him. Jacob had sent large gifts and bowed down with his entire family before Esau.
    All was forgiven! Unless there is more to that story? If anyone would be held accountable within this context, it should be Rebekah since it was her idea for Jacob to lie in the first place. lol Yet Jacob brought back and gave a portion of the wealth he earned in Haran to Esau. So the blessing benefited both of them.

    I assume back then there was a ritual or ceremony for marriage in order to claim a wife?

    Jacob had children with his wife Leah:
    Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dinah and Zebulun(who later on had a son named Elon). I guess that’s where Musk got his first name from.
    Jacob had a children with Leah’s maid out of wedlock:
    Gad and Asher.

    Jacob had children with his wife Rachel:
    Joseph and Benjamin.
    Jacob’s had two kids with Rachel’s maid out of wedlock:
    Dan and Naphtali.

    Gad, Asher, Dan, and Naphtali would be considered half brothers within the bloodline lineage?

    All trouble was forgiven between Esau and Jacob. Maybe the actual rift is between the wive’s children and the maid’s children, or maybe that would not matter? Or perhaps Jacob and Laban’s sons? Jacob did become wealthier than they did while there and married their sisters.

    The royal peerage goes by the order born within the marriage. Out of wedlock babies even if born first would not be allowed to participate which would cause bitterness. Although I think they do get inherentances so if the payoff is large enough then there would not be resentment.

    1. They buried the hatchet, but not all was forgiven. Unfortunately, for Esau, history was completely rewritten on Isaac’s bed. The supplanter (Jacob) took lawful possession of the birthright and gave it to the first born of his true love, Rachel. From there, Jacob passed it directly through to Ephraim and Manasseh. Not just the birthright, but the namesake as well.

      They buried the hatchet and made peace for that was the thing to do, but ever since then Esau and his descendants have always had it in for his brother’s remnants.

      You can easily read the blessings that Isaac gave to Jacob and to Esau, and though peace was made on the surface, we are still having the problems today from the ramifications of that fateful scene. Esau was fighting with Jacob’s remnants in the Old Testament after the kingdom split in two, and he is still fighting with them today. Unfortunately for today’s Christian, they’ve been duped by their pastors into believing this no longer matters.

      Esau was always interested in other races and wants to get his brother to do the same. Remember what Isaac and Rebekah told Jacob about whom to marry. Isaac knew what happens when people go after lust in a marriage partner. It ruins them.

  22. Interesting how it all turned out for domestic energy…..

    U.S. Shale’s Cash Bonanza Will Wipe Out $300 Billion Loss – Bloomberg

    (Bloomberg) — It may have taken an investor rebellion, a pandemic and a war in Europe, but U.S. shale oil and gas producers are now on the cusp of making back their losses from the last decade.

    The industry is on course to make $172 billion of free cash flow this year, enough to wipe out 60% of its losses from 2010 through 2019, according to Deloitte LLP. With smaller gains already chipping away at the $292 billion deficit in 2020 and 2021, U.S. shale should be back in the black next year.
    The US will be a self-sufficient powerhouse after WWIII, just like prophecy always said.

    God gave this nation the birthright blessings and the delusional alt-media keep saying it’s done for the US. Ha! Get your Petrorubles.

  23. Goldman Sachs-Backed Rental Fund Buys Entire Community Of 87 Single-Family Homes In Central Florida

    A joint venture between two Fundrise-sponsored funds has acquired a community of 87 detached, single-family rental homes in Palm Bay, Florida.

    The rental community, known as Cypress Bay, was developed by D R Horton Inc and completed in February of this year. The community of homes was purchased by a joint venture between the Fundrise Interval Fund and the Growth eREIT VII for approximately $45.7 million.


    Who cares about rising mortgage rates. Joe six pack is going down in flames and the large institutions will own It all. They will rent it back out to the cry babies and economists in the alt-media who claim that housing is in a bubble.

    1. By 2030 — you will own nothing and be happy. Keep listening to Alt-Media as if they’ve been right on everything else. As long as rents are holding steady or increasing there’s no way home prices are going down. Maybe some high end homes that are much more expensive, and you can’t rent them out; those may drop a bit. But any home that is bringing in even decent cap rates is going to get gobbled up.

    1. Oil mentioned LXENF and LITOF. Some stocks were up yesterday, especially HDSN, the Zacks pump from yesterday.

  24. 55,000 manufacturing jobs in the jobs report. That is excellent! Wage growth below view.

    Very good numbers. These employment numbers look excellent 👍.

    The alt-media think the end is now. I say hogwash! Landlords raise rents.

    Hurry up and dump dollars and get your Petroruble. 🤣🤣🤣

    1. As we get closer to WWIII, the domestic economy is bring back manufacturing and energy jobs. The US is a joke in the eyes of the alt-media. It is still a powerhouse, an energy self-sufficient powerhouse!

      Several more years until the force majeure. Domestic China debt even worse than US. Alt-media get caught up with UST debt charts. Very one-dimensional, but we evidently have a lot of economics experts in the alt-media who dwell on that. The domestic economy relatively rocking. Bring on the income increases to those with the income generating assets.

      1. We are filling large orders this week for special events, food trucks etc. It looks to us like there is a lot of pent up demand for going out and having a good time. People know prices are up but they don’t seem to care yet.

        1. My family spent the day driving around and going shopping in the local area. We stopped off and got coffee and went to the local mall. The places were packed and the streets were jammed with traffic. This was mid-afternoon. The people are out spending money like drunken sailors.

          People don’t really seem to be concerned about inflation, at least not in my travels. People doing home improvements and rehabs are not really complaining. This stands in stark contrast to what I remember back in the ’70s and early 80s.

          If inflation persists more than another year or two, this certainly could change. But the thing I find interesting is that many people I engage in conversation about it are often quick to dismiss the inflation as problems caused by what is going on with Russia or covid. I note that they are more accepting of it this time around.

          In my line of work, I don’t hear any blowback from people paying higher rents. The tenants seem to be accepting it.

  25. Rents up another 1% last month in DFW, 17.5% yoy.

    I am well aware that property taxes in Texas could be quite exorbitant, but for residents who earn their income there already, the overall tax burden is not bad and the capitalized values of sfrs reflected that and until recently offered some very compelling value. Moreover the rents keep flying higher. Hurry up and buy before we get the petroruble. 🤣🤣🤣

  26. Let’s face it; there is no true replacement for the USD. Our adversary knows it and is milking the dollar for all it’s worth.

    Our adversary will try to conjure up something in the final end time, but it will fail, like everything else the non-Western people try. China is great at copying, but once it takes out the West and tries it alone, it will destroy itself and the rest of the world with its allies. These people know this and are scared to pull the trigger. They know the final days better than today’s Christian, and they know who they are. Like the demons who flee when Jesus enters, these adversaries know of the birthright promises and who gave them. That’s why they work in the dark.

    The West was always willing to share the wealth. The Russians and Chinese will always refuse to do the same and just take by any means. That’s why these nations are so obsessed with running trade surpluses. That’s all they can think of doing. Take take take. All the ingenuity and paradigm-shifting thought and tech comes from the West and flows out to its enemies in the East, who gobble it all up.

    Petroruble. Ha! Russia is too shortsighted to achieve that. It already is off in the wrong direction.

  27. The only energy firms who are really benefiting are right here in the United States. If you bought Exxon a long time ago for its yield I’m sure you’re doing fine now. So much for that Petroruble….

    Russia’s Oil Output Is Plummeting, And It May Never Recover

    By Irina Slav – May 04, 2022, 7:00 PM CDT

    Russia’s oil output is plummeting, and the decline is expected to worsen in May.

    OPEC recently warned that markets could see the loss of more than 7 million barrels per day of Russian oil and other liquids exports.

    With many global producers constrained in their capacity to boost production fast, oil prices are likely to remain elevated for the foreseeable future.

      1. For landlords it’s a great thing. We’re coming to raise the rent.

        Indeed, the dollar is collapsing and I need to get paid in ever more softer dollars. Inflation comes with two primary components; a maladjustment to the supply demand equation and a loss of confidence in the currency.

        All the fiat currencies are collapsing and it’s now a race to the bottom before World War 3.

  28. Since the United States is the world’s largest energy producer, the oil and gas drillers here are making an absolute killing. Take a look at the XOP. Investors can make a bundle playing off this stuff.

    In 2021, tech did well. In 2022, energy does well. That’s the sign of a normal investment arena. Next year it may be something else.

    Natural resources and metals are being bid up as the nation states build up and prepare for WWIII. The BRIC nations all know war is coming, yet the Americans do not. The BRIC nations need trade surpluses to build up their economies as fast as possible before war comes. China belt and road is to be phased in fully after America is defeated.

    1. What do you think of the Diesel fuel situation? I noticed 6.99 gal near me the other day although some are a bit cheaper; I feel like this does not bode well if it persists and continues to rise everything will be negatively affected.

      1. It’s going to be terrible going forward for everyone except domestic drilllers. Russian insistence on being paid in rubles, yet there are no rubles available, does not help anything. They accept yuan with China.

        The United States oil and gas firms are making gobs of money. Just like the OPEC countries. They like this and that’s why they are so slow to build up production. The Biden regime has been so hostile to the industry, so it just thumbs its nose when asked to produce more. I don’t blame them. I would not overextend my balance sheet this time. Another covid scam could wreck the market just like two years ago.

        Inflation will rage and rage.

  29. Glazyev and the Eurasian Reset

    “We are currently working on a draft international agreement on the introduction of a new world settlement currency, pegged to the national currencies of the participating countries and to exchange-traded goods that determine real values. We won’t need American and European banks. A new payment system based on modern digital technologies with a blockchain is developing in the world, where banks are losing their importance.”

    Eurasian conspiracy archive:

    1. Let’s break this down.

      The US produces more oil than Russia, 40% more natural gas than Russia. The US is the largest energy producer in the world. The largest oil producer and the largest gas producer. And this is even after the Biden regime has done its best to destroy the oil and gas industry.

      The Russian economy is not even in the top 10 by GDP. Perhaps it could work with China, but China won’t now, not as long as it’s building up for war.

      I have often said that Putin is “all hat and no cattle.” He has a boatload of nuclear bambs and not enough respect to establish any petroruble. He has looked foolish in Ukraine so far.

      There’s only one way the dollar will be taken out and it is not from a toilet paper Petroruble. It is something else.

      The ruble is being propped up via capital controls and high overnight rates. There’s a ban on short selling. These are orders coming from Putin himself. Why would any nation engage with the ruble in size, let alone hold it as a reserve? Imagine the gold shills and anti-West propagandists shout for joy if the US did that.

      Russia’s reaction to being removed from Swift and so forth makes sense. It is selling oil below market to its Asian partners and neighbors to fund it’s pathetic war machine. The bombs will drop after Russia has had enough frustration. So far, Russia has not impressed me.

      Stay away from Ellen Brown, please.

      1. This isn’t about Ellen Brown at all. It’s about the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), which involves both China and Russia. The BRICS is a subset of the EEU. I have been following this for awhile. It’s not going away. Be dismissive all you want, they are planning something big with Eurasia (the replacement to the USSR).

        1. Putin can hold a gun to his trading partner’s heads, but that’s not the way you convince others to trust him.

          The plan all along was for those BRIC nations to align with each other. This has been discussed for 20 years now and the Gold Anti-trust Action Committee as well as Bloomberg always keeps its subscribers up to date. The BRICS have still yet to put together a sensible plan.

          Here’s the problem. None of these nations are willing to run trade deficits. That is 95% of the problem.

          In order to make a currency a reserve or transaction currency, or a replacement to the dollar, one needs to supply the world with that currency. The problem is the alt media don’t understand this nor the dynamics behind what makes a reserve currency possible, nor that these countries are currently unwilling to do what it takes.

          China is the second largest economy in the world and yet its yuan is minuscule for global trade. It refuses to run trade deficits and has tight controls, just like Russia.

          Now am I being dismissive? Of course not. Why do you think I was begging you to buy every piece of real estate you could get your hands on? Why do you think I told you to enter the stock market a decade ago? Why do you think I’ve been begging you to hold income generating assets? Nothing you are telling me is news, but I don’t preach the Anti-West propaganda’s garbage. Whom did you listen to?

          These anti-West propagandists crack me up. They like to have their cake and eat it too. They want to see asset markets collapse and the dollar collapse as well. Take a look around, the dollar is already collapsing. All the currencies are collapsing.

          Take a look at the Russian economy and its prospects for the next couple years. Russia has a pyrrhic victory with a strong ruble.

          I’ve been planning for this for a long time. I rent out houses to livestock and my family owns stocks and other income generating assets. I get paid in ever softer dollars, year in and year out, waiting for the BRICs to finally get religion and do what it takes to finally replace the dollar. It’s been 20 years and it seems the bombs will drop before that happens

          Perhaps my family is right. I should hang up this internet nonsense and go out and build something instead sitting behind a computer.

          1. I didn’t put out any anti-West propaganda. My site is dedicated to defending the West against Eastern attacks. That link about the Eurasian reset was to a site about what THEY are saying. Doesn’t mean I endorse it, obviously. I am the one who filled you in on Zerohedge being run by Bulgarian intelligence, remember? Is your memory that short, Chris?

            Regardless, we shall see what happens. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen, not even you. Will the Eurasianists get their fake “multipolar” world order while the West disintegrates into a Third World wasteland? We shall see.

            1. I’m not sure anyone living in the world of Duality will endure. Taking positions, West vs East, is childish in my honest opinion – spiritually immature. Our only allegiance is to God whom is available to All!.

              The Earth, a living celestial body, is ascending(completing a 26k year cycle around the Galactic centre) – only humans able to hold this increased energy/consciousness will be “on the other side”. Probably take until mid-century. The fanatics need to destroy eachother first.

              The next Age is Golden, the Millennial reign of Christ Consciousness, Satya Yuga – no warmongering religious nuts with us vs them mentality are invited. A universal consciousness of Unity/One will replace the kindergarten teachings of the past.

              1. This Planet isn’t even controlled in the 3rd dimension btw. According to Burkhard Heims unified field theory there are at least 12 dimensions.

                Let me just tell you, if you are not in control of your higher levels (soul matrix) someone/something else is!

                The Fall described in the Bible is the human regression to the “reality” of Duality – it’s just an illusion operating on a nonlinear substrate. The Newtonian linear paradigm of cause and effect is actually a false reality of the ego’s perception.

                Everything is fine; let go of allegiances and this vs that, us vs them. Just watch the Dance in all its Glory!

                Glory to God, the most High!

                1. I can’t reply to your comments so I’ll reply to my own.

                  I don’t identify as anything really. I’m born Christian so my relationship is closest to Jesus Christ. I pray to him most days, other days just to the Lord, or God.

                  Buddha, Krishna etc are also avatars/teachers of immense importance – where Jesus taught Salvation, Buddha for example taught the path to Enlightenment.

                  I study all Holy scriptures because they are all relevant.

                  I’m also interested in the cosmos, cycles, physics – it’s well known by now through quantum mechanics that there are other dimensions – so that’s no radical thought at all. The Universe is created Top -> Down, that’s why the great Prophets could see the future because they had access to the higher dimensions where things originate first.

                  We live in the lower Realms.

              2. Lis, it’s not dualistic to honour your parents and your country. Although the West has been corrupted, we must defend it. It is right and just to do so. Anything less is treason. The Scriptures say so. There is no other alternative. Defend your house and your country.

                1. I think you are confusing Nationalism and Patriotism.
                  If your country is corrupted the Patriotic stance is to see the corruption burn to ashes and rebuild it with integrity. Nationalism is defending corruption which you seem to be advocating “must defend it”.
                  You can find enclaves within a nation to defend, enclaves aligning with God.
                  Yes, honour your parents, but Jesus says, “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple.” – meaning (to me at least) that you have to be willing to give up everything for the Light of Jesus Christ – yes, even your beloved (corrupted) Nation.

                2. It’s difficult to let go of attachments, it hurts. I know. You can read the Bhagavad Gita(up to you) – where Krishna guides Arjuna through his epic battle which has to be fought against his own family members. “It’s your duty Arjuna!”. We cannot forget that the Spirit is what must be defended, Earthly matters -the drama between egos- dwarf in comparison.

                  If your country hos lost God – burn it. Out of ashes it will rise again, if it is the Will of God. No fear.

                3. If I come across as defending some foreign nation, such as Russia, I’d like to say that I don’t. Putin is just playing his role in the Apocalypse, which means “removing the Veils”. He rightly coined the West as “an Empire of Lies” – which it is. All the Veils will be removed!

                  You are on a personal Journey, no nation or leader will save you – only Jesus Christ; he loves everyone – he saw Reality for what it was.

                  Humanity is a traumatized and needs healing – Love and Understanding, Forgiveness and Justice. Truth above All.

                  Now we are in very dire times and our Hearts cannot be too open(trade garments for swords), we need our intellect and discernment because the majority have fallen victim to the luciferic aspect and are soulless robots doing the dirty work of satan.

                  It’s your soul that is up for grabs, don’t lose it – stay in the Light – always.

                1. Lis – I believe is definitely a new ager. Burn it to the ground and arise from the ashes anew. Like a phoenix. That is straight from satanic teachings — order out of chaos. The problem with new age is that lot of it was started by those that worship Satan. They give you some truth, but it’s a rabbit hole away from the one true truth; and the only truth you need — Jesus Christ.

                  Regarding the verse from Jesus about hating thy family over Jesus — this was a callback to Abraham. Abraham’s wife was unable to conceive and was of older age. God made it possible so Abraham’s wife can conceive, and she gave Abraham a son. Then God tested Abraham and asked him to sacrifice his firstborn son. God was testing to see if Abraham loved his son more than God. Abraham proved his faith and love to God when he went forward with the sacrifice, but an Angel stopped him last second. Because of this God blessed Abraham and his future generations. From Abraham came Issac, Jacob, and Jospeh.

                  I do similar things to my dogs when I give them a juicy piece of leftover steak bone. I pretend to take it away from them. If they don’t growl or bite — I give them even more.

                2. re. Abimalech & Otto.
                  Let’s see what God does; I’m betting it will get pretty hot nonetheless. But you do you, side with corruption for all I care.

                  Christians do not have a monopoly on truth however – yes, Jesus is the closest to God ever to walk the face of the earth, as I’ve stated I follow him – follow him for salvation. But you might want to learn from others to be a bit more enlightened.

                  “He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.” – you have to give up your earthly attachments to reach Jesus. Or you can follow whatever program you’ve been instilled with from birth, “cuz it’s mah duty” – pathetic.

                3. There’s also nothing newage about understanding some cosmos. The Bible is highly encoded, and 12046 runs throughout – which is a direct hint towards the internal clock of the Universe – which Moses new about coming out of the cave.

         Doug Vogt at the diehold foundation talks about this for example. Yes he’s a Jew – but it doesn’t mean that he can’t decode the Old Testament. There’s also vast other information about the cataclysm cycles; which Noah prepared for btw.

                4. Lol

                  I just had my Mother-in-law visit for the weekend, she also crafted her belief system from the salad bar of spirituality – I feel like I am reading a transcript of my weekend.


                  ps. She was an acquaintance of Elizabeth Clare Prophet – gave her money and everything. Cukoo for cocoa puffs

                5. I guess you need the scribes to get by. Someone to think for you at least.

                  Never heard of that woman.

        2. Europe will eventually ally itself with the East. Murica is done, and in denial.

          1. Orwell was always right. Oceania, Eurasia, Eastasia.

            Britain, Western hemisphere nations of importance, and the Commonwealth will stick together as Oceania.

            The establishment running Murica has convinced you, too.convinved the alt-media. Feigning weakness so the survivors take the mark and throw away the Bible in the post war. I don’t think there is any denial. It’s been taught in the media and schools for 50 years to hate and kill the country and self.

            So, what do you see on the other side? Interested in knowing your thoughts.

  30. I am glad I listened to Alex Jones. He says the enemy is Obama, Soros, Gates, Fauci, Schwab and “their handlers.” I am glad I can release my anger on these people.

  31. Zack’s out pumping PFIE this morning 🌅. Picked up some like the others early on. TELL dropped here. Just bought back the trade that I sold before earnings on this dip post earnings. 4.75

    1. Huge pop across the board on the last 30m timeframe for the day. I’ve seen that at least once a week in the month April. Some say it’s just power hour but I disagree. The Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates by 0.50% and that news seem to hit around 1pm for the mainstream to digest as good news. I was thinking this Fed interest rate news would be taken as bad but looks as it already was priced in. Several companies seem to be having good ERs so maybe that is in the mix.

      PFIE had a good ER and share buy back. It’s at pre pandemic levels. Seems like it could spike to the $4 range.

      1. Powell took a 75 bps lhike off the table. As soon as he said that in his press conference, stocks, treasuries, cryptos, commods rocketed higher. The lift started to the very second of his comment.

        1. This was well played, one thing the adversary is brilliant at is management of expectations. As you have said before, a major drop from a policy decision would be squarely blamed on central banking.

          We could get some major event like a “Roe vs Wade reversal riot®” that could take out the market next week and the FEDs hands would be clean.

          1. If you want to get conspiratorial on this I can offer a thought here. There is no way that the Fed was ever going to engage in a 75 basis point rate hike in one meeting. I surmise that idea was purposely placed in the media as a sort of bait and switch so there would be a sort of release of relief when it was only 50 basis points.

    1. I was asked about my thoughts on postmillennialism. Let me ask, what work is left for the church? Society has not been improving and humanity keeps devolving. It’s very difficult for me to think that today’s Christians are anywhere up to the task to continue God’s work and ministry. The church is broken and cannot be fixed. The remnant must cleanse itself with a 2nd exodus. It won’t be 40 years this time.

      That ship of the ministry has sailed. There is no catalyst for a renaissance here. Only divine intervention can save humanity from the inevitable.

      1. I equate the mainline Christian church today to a stock that just came out with horrible earnings and the outlook was cut. The worst part about this company is that the balance sheet is depleted and that the only way they’re going to be able to remain in business is by issuing new shares. The stock is now heading down into penny stock land and will scrape along the bottom and eventually become an over-the-counter stock. The company like the mainline church is essentially worthless.

    2. Thanks for the link Dean. Chris, what do you think of that youtube channel? Worth studying?

      What to make of the state of Israel today? It seems to be run by the SoS but the common people are being forced to take the experimental jabs in record numbers. Jesus told the pharisees of his time that they were of their father the devil but picked most of his apostles from the common people. Jews have been blinded in the church age so hard to blame them for not seeing who Jesus really is now.

      End times prophesy focuses on Israel so it’s important to understand that area today.

      1. Just like I said in the podcast, the political nation state of Israel is an end times deception. People conflate the nation state of Israel with the Israel of the Bible, and nothing could be further from the truth. This is not just in spiritual terms, but in hermeneutical terms as well.

        Jesus says there are those who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. This implies there are Jews who really are who they say they are. Many of these live in the political state of Israel.

        The political state of Israel is not entitled to the name Israel, since the Jews are not entitled to the name Israel. It should probably be called Judea or Judah. The people whom I specifically outlined in the podcast are entitled to the name Israel.

        Rothschild and those Jewish banking families threw the average Jew under the bus during World War II to get Lucifer’s endtime deception established in the Middle East. Notice how the laws in Israel are crafted to make certain that nobody can hear the name Jesus except the dummy Christian tourists who waste a lot of money thinking that there’s some spiritual thing. Jesus told us that the city of Jerusalem in the last days is spiritually Sodom and Egypt.

        Here’s a piece of advice for those looking to get close to Jesus. Save your money and skip the man-made political construct of Israel.

        As to why the dummies in Israel are getting jabbed so much, the answer is straightforward when we understand Bible hermeneutics.

        At least in theory, the Jews comprise the southern Kingdom of Judah. The West primarily comprised the nations I outlined many times. (no longer because of the mixing). Both kingdoms together in their entirety are referred to as Israel. When separate, the north is referred to as Israel and the south is referred to as Judah.

        Thus, the people who live in the political state of Israel are Judah from the Bible. This is why the synagogue of Satan wants to kill these people. Some of them can actually trace their lineage back to Judah and Benjamin. Our adversary knows exactly where the physical remnants live today, have convinced us that none of that matters, and is working to kill all of them.

        Let the pastors sleep on and take your jabs. Obey your government for they do a good service. Ha!

        1. Thanks for the detailed response. I understand what your podcast says better now (prefer the audio format over written BTW).

          Could any lost tribes have headed to the far east (now China). There are some ancient temples there that had no idols and sacrificed animals and many other old testament traditions. Also the traditional Chinese characters (not simplified) contain many old testament stories in their design. At some point dragon worship (our adversary) took over.

          1. Though the book of Acts is vague on the actions of Thomas after Jesus’s death, there’s plenty of extrabiblical evidence that indicates Thomas was martyred by a Hindu mob with a Brahman sword in Madras India who wanted to hear no part of what he had to say.

            I have also read some stories that indicate he may have traveled further east into areas that are now typically Buddhist. I have read stories that indicate Thomas may have helped to reshape the philosophy of Buddhism when he was there. I doubt this very much, and have to believe that this was proffered by many in the new age. Maybe he did.

            I would have to believe that the teachings of Jesus did also travel east; the wise Kings from the East knew of Jesus when he was born and I am certain that many people who traveled that way brought the teachings of Jesus. It was clear, however, that before the British empire spread itself around the world, many of these nations had never really heard of Jesus previously.

            In my studies of ancient history and archeology I also have to conclude that the diaspora of Old Testament Israelites included their migration to lands in the east as well. I think of Jethro, Moses father-in-law, who worshiped the God of Noah, but didn’t know him as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

            The teachings of the God of the Bible we’re not contained in a vacuum, and nomads and travelers did indeed bring this word out to the rest of Asia. Unfortunately, it lost out to the prevailing religions of their times and nations and peoples. Only the Europeans dropped their pagan worshipping in earnest upon receiving the word.

  32. Rogoff Sees Fed Hiking Rates Up to 5% as Things Are ‘Out of Control’

    (Bloomberg) — The Federal Reserve will have to raise interest rates to as much as 5% to ease the hottest inflation in four decades just as the world faces a “perfect storm” of potential recessions in the U.S., European Union and China, former International Monetary Fund chief economist Kenneth Rogoff said.


    If he is correct, look out below. The Fed will create the mother of all stock crashes.

    As for real estate, real prices could get hit as inflation rises. Rents could continue moving higher as more and more people get priced out of home ownership.

  33. The JOLTS data continue to impress with growing job openings and higher quits.

    If and when house prices collapse, the people will return to the workforce. Many stay at home thinking higher house prices are helping their lives.

    But only investors with more than one home have really benefitted.

  34. When This Thing Happens, the Housing Bubble May Be About to Burst

    The Motley Fool actually gets this correct. It all comes down to the rental equivalent of properties, and when rents begin to level off or drop, look out below for house prices.

    So far I do not see this in my travels and rents are something we consider sticky. Meaning they tend not to fluctuate in price like other types of goods like gasoline prices. Time will tell.

    What if the supply chain continues to remain strained, I don’t see how rents will drop anytime soon.

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