An investor asks; What do we do until the force majeure?

Good Day,

I have been following you for quite some time and I’ve found you analysis to be spot on.

I live in the Southeastern Florida megalopolis. I know that this area will become increasingly less tenable for living through and to the end of the decade.

My instinct tells me to stay in Southeastern Florida and continue to make hay. My question is: when will the sun stop shining? My best guess is mid-century or the death of Elizabeth II – whichever of the two comes first.

What are your thoughts? What advice would you give to a Christian living in a major urban area re: timetable for leaving the urban area permanently?


It seems to me that the owners of the Federal Reserve are going to allow this to continue to burn out of control. If the Fed officials were really concerned about price inflation, the FOMC would have already been embarking on hawkish policy, but that is not what it wants to do. The tapering of the Federal Reserve Bond buying up to this point has only mirrored the drop in discretionary Federal deficit spending.

The best environment for those who own and control the income-generating assets is one in which inflation is high and real bond yields are suppressed. This is the exact environment in which we find ourselves right now. This creates this massive waves of pull inflation, and as long as borrowing costs are substantially less or even just slightly less than inflation, this distortion to the supply demand curve will persist. Historically, borrowing costs have been greater than official inflation data, with last decade no exception.

real estate

For those in residential real estate, rents will continue to move higher and these increases will ameliorate the spikes in mortgage rates. We pointed out a couple months ago the scenario of the late 70s and early 80s, and how mortgage rates, which had spiked to double digits, were not enough to bring down the price rises of residential real estate. The spikes in rates did slow down the growth for a couple years, but prices still continued to climb. Meanwhile, rents and construction costs rose throughout the 1975-1985 decade. The only way that residential real estate will drop is if rent rates begin to top out and landlords have more competition to procure tenants.

On this website I have always been recommending residential properties, and regardless of the ongoing circumstances for real estate, this sector will always benefit. The reasons why real estate has jumped so profoundly over the past couple years are manifold.

  • Working class properties have been bid up as investors have stretched,
  • the open borders have flooded the working class neighborhoods with illegals,
  • the massive wave of fiscal and monetary stimulus have bid up demand,
  • rent moratoriums and regulations have created supply shocks, and
  • real bond yields have been consistently low throughout this QE experiment.

In addition, the institutional and public sector competition will accelerate going out to the end of the decade and this is going to adversely impact prospective homebuyers.

Although institutional money say they only own two or three percent of the housing stock, their effect is much more profound since real estate is priced at the margin. I don’t look at the total portfolio they hold, I look at the effect they’re having at the margin. Their effect is most profound at the locus of the supply and demand curve.


I listen to and read the earnings reports of the large corporations and their message is consistent; management officers say that inflation has been beneficial to their bottom line. This is even true when they complain about supply chain issues and higher input costs. Inflation works for those with the assets. As the corporate control over each economic sector is consolidated further, the ability of the firms to pass along costs becomes easier. GEICO just raised my household auto insurance policies about 25% since my last bill six months ago. It had nothing to do with my actuarial risks, but all to do with GEICO’s ability to raise its premiums. I priced out two other firms and GEICO was still the best. GEICO management knows this environment provides them with ample opportunity to hike its premium revenue. GEICO knows we expect it and would be surprised if GEICO didn’t. I tip my hat to Berkshire Hathaway, which owns GEICO.

The wealth and power consolidation must continue

This is a unique time in history for assets, and while all of these particular circumstances can’t persist forever we know that at least a couple of them will always be present in the marketplace. Until the bombs start dropping, I don’t see any scenario in which this will change. As an investor I had been paying 6, 7, 8% borrowing costs for my rental properties and am used to paying up for money.

There is nothing you and I can do to change this, but my advice to anyone who continues to pursue this course is to remain under leveraged and to have a certain amount of liquidity in the bank accounts in case unforeseen circumstances necessitate us having liquidity. I own some gold and silver, but I did ditch my Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be great and I’m not dissing it, but as long as the current monetary system circumstances warrant I would be foolish not to remain invested as before. I would keep going out and try to make money. The music will stop one day, but these opportunities can go on for another five years. If they cease sooner, nobody will be able to do anything about it anyway.

With this big bump up in real estate values I now find myself with so much untapped equity that I have begun contemplating buying another detached single family house. I wouldn’t need any money out of my pocket, but could do a cash out in which I could throw some into my checking accounts as well. A 50% down payment on a house would still be considered conservative, while providing me with a whole new set of interest expense write offs as well as a refreshed depreciation schedule.

Keep reading, learning, and strategizing. As we approach the time of Jacob’s trouble, keep one eye on the sky.

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66 thoughts on “An investor asks; What do we do until the force majeure?

  1. A 6% Fed Funds Rate? That May Be the Mother of All Shocks – Bloomberg

    And perhaps nowhere in recent memory has the consensus been so wrong: few expected the global economy to rebound as strongly as it did after the pandemic. And for a long time, even the Federal Reserve’s own forecasters were parroting the transitory refrain before it turned too shrill to be proven otherwise. Around March 2021, the European Central Bank’s forecast of inflation one year ahead was a measly 1.3%. Pinch yourself if you must, the actual number turned out to be 7.4%. So much for gazing into the crystal ball and divining a number.

    Similarly, what happens if our estimates of the end-of-cycle Fed funds’ rate are horribly wrong? Deutsche Bank, for one, certainly seems to think that may be the case. By the time Chair Jerome Powell and Co. are done raising rates to bring inflation down, the rate will be somewhere between 5% and 6%, its economists reckon (sorry if your coffee spilled as you read that).

  2. The Great War. The chaos. The death and famine. The emergence of a world leader who will flatter and promise. Your allegiance is needed. The mark. The beheadings. The end.

    1. This all could have been avoided if the Israelite remnants knew who they were. But they weren’t meant to know, the end time churches were clueless, and prophecy must come to pass exactly as the Old Testament prophets declared.

      1. For the first time in many hundreds of years, the true Israelite remnants will fall down on their knees in fear and begin praying to the God of their fathers and to the Lord Jesus Christ.

        They will drop their false gods of Hinduism, pantheism, Buddhism, the mystic religions of the East and of the native Americans. They will drop their animism.

        As Jeremiah prophesied, God will intervene and put an end to it and not for their own doing. The end.

        1. You can’t say our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ haven’t been patient. We’ve had it good for the most part because we were a Bible reading populace. It’s much harder to subdue, and brainwash a Bible reading populace. Plus of course a Bible believing populace that does good in God’s eyes was always blessed. But it’s all been infiltrated. From the patriot movement to many of the churches. We’ve forgotten who our true leader is. And it doesn’t help the chosen leaders do a great job exalting themselves, and never our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. Russia Warns of Nuclear War Risk as Ukraine Talks Go On

    The time to the force majeure and Jacob’s trouble is quickly approaching. Catastrophe and calamity loom and it could actually happen sooner than we think. I doubt it will happen in the next couple of years but I could be wrong.

    Be on the lookout for when the land of unwalled villages is shocked.

    The Western synagogue of Satan wants this to happen and knows it’s the only way that they can get you to take the mark. Take your vaccines and take the mark and prove your loyalty. Everybody’s the same in the New World Order, so don’t be racist.


      Could be like houses on the American coastlines or near strategic military targets. OT prophecy unfolding like firing of machine gun fire.

      The synagogue of Satan wanted Biden in office to soften up the Americans. It is all so well planned out.

      I talked about this war for years. Once the COVID scam hit and learned of Deagel 2025, I also called it Jacob’s trouble.

      1. I believe Jacob’s trouble happens early next election cycle; when a Republican most likely takes back the ‘power.’ So most likely Trump, but it could be someone else too. I think the Synagogue of Satan prefers a Republican in the house when we start wars. So the right takes the massive fall and backlash. Look at George Bush’s wars and Vietnam as well was a Republican in charge.

  4. Holy moly! Check out the size of monthly goods trade deficit announced this morning. It blew away expectations.

    There’s an old saying on a bridge in Trenton New Jersey, which says Trenton makes, the world takes.

    We could say the same thing about the United States, but in reverse. The world makes, America takes. We can post that on the Mexican side of the wall down on the Mexican border.


      The dollar share of global trade and reserves is approximately 60% and the move by the Bank of Israel mirrors this. The cut of their holdings in euros mirrors its prevalence in global trade as to the rest of the reweightings. However, the Bank of Israel increased its holdings of the Canadian and Australian dollars and British pound.

      The 2% holding of Chinese yuan by the Bank of Israel roughly mirrors the yuan’s prevalence in global trade and global reserve holdings.

      I’m surprised that after all of these years, the yuan still comprises such a small amount. That’s because the CCP refuses to want to flood the world with yuan. That would mean it would have to run systemic trade deficits like the Triffin paradox explains. The CCP would also have to reorganize its financial and monetary systems and expose them to the open marketplace. It would also have to be willing to run large deficits in the balance of payments and allow for direct foreign ownership of productive assets such as real estate and other sectors that have not yet been opened. Under current scenarios, the yuan will never be a true global reserve currency.

  5. If the Fed continues with its promises, the USDX will break out of its resistance level going back to the mid aughts. Take a look at the chart going back to 1990.

    The dollar will die from strength.

    If the markets collapse, the stock market will hurt many people. The real estate market rose so fast that there haven’t been enough people who have been swept into it. Is this all just another act? Which side will the Fed take? Fight inflation, which it caused, or save the economy and let inflation rage? I suspect it will over do it, let things fall apart and then reverse.

    There is no sceraaio that works out well. They all lead to a loss. It is a lose lose proposition; a Zugzwang, if you will. The best choice is to not act, prolong the dilemma, and hope for something unforseen to change the game’s parameters.

  6. The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the first quarter of 2022 is 0.4 percent on April 26, down from 1.3 percent on April 19. After yesterday’s annual revision to retail sales by the US Census Bureau, the nowcast for first-quarter real personal consumption expenditures growth declined from 3.8 percent to 2.4 percent.

  7. I am concerned with the US dollar index rising so quickly in the face of stimulus injections by the other countries, that we could see some catalyst for a reversal. The Federal Reserve is famous for such announcements and if the markets begin to run away from themselves, watch for something like a Federal Reserve announcement with emergency measures for liquidity and such. Always be ready for the unexpected.

    1. I’m intrigued with how Zero Hedge and Alex Jones are now backers of Elon Musk. I’m trying to figure out why the Delphi technique narrative is working out this way. It seems like the Patriot movement is being led down another dead-end path like with Donald Trump.

      CNN, MSNBC, and pro-Ukraine lovers will despise Musk. The anti-West propagandists, like Zero Hedge and Alex Jones, and the Patriot shills hacks will love Musk. It looks like another DARPA-engineered conflict.

      If anyone has any thoughts please post.

      1. In the twitter press release, he claimed he wanted to “authenticate all humans”. Hardly a patriot thought. I know liberals who like Musk. People think he’s saving the world. He became the “richest” man in the world after trump lost.

        It appears to me that Musk is being built up to appeal to everyone. Precursor to the man of perdition?

      2. I do not know what the big deal is about Musk buying Twitter. Granted that Elon Musk is very inventive and creative, he really has not done anything spectacular for the good of mankind. Musk did not get rich in this world saving the world like they want us to believe. He got rich by serving a role for the synagogue of satan like many other CEOs. It is really strange that the right wing guys think he will be a savior by buying up Twitter. Don’t expect any changes. I never saw Elon Musk doing anything genuinely kind for the good of people.

      3. Somehow the world’s richest man (other than the satanist Jews who own the central banks) will offer free speech to all. His companies magically don’t have any of the supply chain problems everyone else has.

        Ford can’t get enough materials to build the EV F-150, which is in great demand, yet TSLA can build anywhere and in any number yet materials don’t seem to be a problem for it.

      4. Elon Musk has his role to play. First of all – the right absolutely adores him. He is their hero. Maybe as much or even more so then Trump. But the technology Musk pushes for is chip implants:

        Getting the leftists of the world to adopt this technology is a piece of cake. Many on the left don’t want anything to do with the Bible. But the right is a little trickier. So how are you going to get the right to go along with a future adoption of chip implants? Easy – use the same playbook as with Trump. Find false opposition and build him up. Musk buying Twitter, and giving free speech back to those blocked accounts is a massive step towards trust with the right. Once he has their trust then it’s easier to sell them on the chip implant idea. Just like Trump sold the right on lockdowns and vaccines.

        1. DeSantis is also being sold to the Right. He is controlled opposition, of course. No politico says anything unless the media allows it through the gate. He will replace Trump, who is too hot and probably too old by election time.

          1. I agree. His narrative is too perfect. I also believe he would stand up well against Trump. Trump is wizened whose true colors show. Too many followers don’t take him seriously anymore after his support of the covid lockdowns and jabs. DeSantis was at the front of the opposition. Perhaps it helped too much as it seems so many people want to move to FL since covid.

      5. There is not one big thing in the mainstream media that isn’t controlled. I believe Elon is a lifetime actor and is paid a salary, he isn’t getting billions. That includes Bezos, Zuckerberg and Gates and many others. They are either from military intelligence or banking type families. There are think tanks behind these characters that write their scripts and put them in the limelight. The story how Elon was installed into Tesla, which had other creators speaks volumes and shows how they can put people in positions.

        Military conflict with China 2025-2030 so they need the Republicans in charge to boost the Patriot movement, get home oil production going, get all the remaining religious white people on board. Hence all the wokey wussy stuff coming from the Dems. The stolen election, pedo panic, gender identity hype just plays right into the storyline. Yet it does have real effects.

        I’m still in RDBX, I say it gets to the five range eventually as long as there aren’t any offerings. I’m at a loss now but may average down and also play the daily upticks. MSFT had fantastic beat and already going up so I think the market will uptick this week and even BBBY could have a pop. Of course the old saying “anything can happen” applies. Chris one of your picks, SELF is still holding strong.

        1. I suspect that you are right on the actor thing. I recall the Netscape and Internet Explorer fight 25 years ago. The coin has been flipped 50x for Gates and it always came up heads for him. Same goes for Bezos. Trump let him corner retail. No anti-trust actions. These bastards can’t escape low earth orbit, yet spin their plans for Mars. I don’t think we even made it to the moon 53 years ago. All sci-fi hogwash. The whole world is on a mental lockdown by the S of S. Satan decieved the whole world, including us. Everything is a lie.

          What you say about the Republicans taking power makes perfect sense, too. Perfect timing for war and martial law. The Patriots have been partisanized by the like of Jones, so they will be amenable to anything the so-called right says.

  8. How can there be civil unrest when consumer confidence numbers remain so high?

    Alex Jones only serves his interests according to his handlers. The people aren’t waking up. The people are taking inflation like cattle in a thunderstorm. Streaming services putting the livestock patriots into a theta brainwave state. Patriots stare at their screens, social media, and YouTube videos even more so than the “liberals” and “left” they rail against, because they have to work harder to indulge in their confirmation biases.

    Two sides of the same coin.

  9. Oh no. FHFA and Case Shiller both show +2% monthly increases. This even considered part of the mortgage rates increase.

    Imagine Americans looking at rising real estate prices with mortgage rates at 6,7,8%….

    Dumb Americans had it so good. The young want global government with promises to stop climate change and bring social justice. This package also comes with the cost of living that the rest of the world endures…

    Housing costs in the US will soon converge with those of the second and third world nations.

    Long term underleveraged holders of housing stock stand to shine above all others.

    1. Prices will rise as long as rents and construction costs keep climbing.

      Time magazine published an article, Double digit rent hikes here to stay….

      Welcome to the new world order. We won’t own anything and yet we’ll be happy…. Happy in our new public housing digs… Just take your vaccines and a mark to prove loyalty to the homeland.

  10. AJ pumping Trump and saying he represents America. AJ says the left is planning a civil war, too. He claims he received 1.5 mm in money bomb donations. Sounds like the perfect foil for the synagogue.

    AJ says we’re winning and the country is waking up. He said the same thing 20 years ago, but back then he was more on target. Somehow AJ became a huge partisan shill.

    Who got to AJ? His bankruptcy means nothing as he gets paid through the backdoor. I think you know who got to AJ.

    1. Think twice before you support Donald Trump. Beware of falling in to the false dichotomy. Remember that the cartel of central bank owners, the synagogue of Satan, promoted Donald Trump as the antithesis.

      Outwardly and in inwardly, Trump is as contemptible as they come. He was placed in the limelight on purpose as Donald Trump always seeks the limelight. Never make the mistake and think that Donald Trump meant well and was open to reason. Don’t make excuses for him by blaming his poorly chosen advisors. Donald Trump doesn’t care about his supporters and he was only out there as a carnival barker to diffuse their anger. He threw his supporters under the bus with the vaccines and all the COVID scams.

      Trump was so over the top, and so many people found him so revolting and polarizing that his tribal bosses were able to get Biden elected. Any other moderate Republican would have cleaned up in that election, but because Trump was placed as the Republican candidate, Biden took the presidency and the rest is history. Now Trump is at it again, dividing the Republican ticket, so a scumbag Alzheimer patient like Biden gets back in. Or even worse, the cackling Harris.

      Meanwhile the dumbed down and hypocritical Patriot movement stays asleep while supporting their men, AJ and Trump.

      1. This was pretty much my thoughts on Trump maybe half way through his presidency. And it’s refreshing to know other people see things beyond the typical media BS.

        After Jan 6th happened it became crystal clear what the Trump years were all about. Trump was the selected puppet (because none of them are elected) for the top spot. To me it was about consolidating the Q cult right wing into a Titanic like vessel, send it out to sea, then crash it into an iceberg. Ever since, the right wing has looked foolish at best or regarded as complete morons or dangers to society. I have written those words in the political section on one of my classic car forums only to get shot down in flames by the most loyal of the Trump supporters. Then there was the big surprise that Trump was going to take back the presidency and begin making mass arrests. I did everything I could to convince those Q cultists that this was not going to happen and that they have been duped by the “orange man.” Most people don’t know how to react when one does not take a side in the great sports like theater of R vs. D politics. If I take any side it’s that of my family who was loyal to Czar Nicholas II. The last true Christian Monarchy murdered by godless communists.

        And I totally agree that Biden would be in a mental hospital had it not been for the polarizing character of Trump. Likewise, Trump would not have got in if it weren’t for the theatrics of Obama breaking new ground on how to be a leftist.

  11. I like to put this thought out there for the declining stock market of late and the Fed threatening to raise interest rates. I am thinking that the Fed is threatening to raise interest rates as a cover to distract from other reasons the stock market has been declining.

    I remember Chris argued back in mid March that the stock market rose because the Ukrainians have beaten back the Russians from Kiev and Northern Ukraine and therefore is a victory for the Western powers. However, lately, the battles in eastern Ukraine (Phase 2 of the Russian invasion) have not been going as well for the Ukrainian forces. Sad to say that the Russians seem to have the upper hand in this phase 2 due to overwhelming air superiority and more highly skilled ground troops. Unfortunately, the Russians and their allies seem to be gaining ground in Eastern Ukraine.
    Check out this site which gives a different spin on what is happening in Ukraine:

    That said, things are not going as well for the western powers and that is being reflected in the stock market prices.

    However, I still would not cash out of stocks because I think this decline is temporary and it will go back up for other reasons.

    1. Stocks are getting hit here in the United states, because the US dollar is continuing to climb. Firms with international sales exposure are really getting hit here as the dollar continues to firm. As long as the FED continues to be out of step with the rest of the central banks, stocks are going to continue being under pressure. I suspect that if the dollar continues its ascent going out to the summer and further, a manufactured crisis will happen and the FED will have to do what it did in the second half of 2018.

      I suspect that the FED will realize this publicly and admit that there’s nothing they can do with the inflation in the global dynamic. But it really can’t do anything to the contrary as long as employment levels here in the states remain as high as they are. Unemployment claims are near historic lows and until they start rising, there’s not much that the FED can do other than to shrink the balance sheet raise rates.

      We need a good old-fashioned engineered crisis keep asset prices moving higher and higher.

    2. The grand long-term picture is the slaughter of white people and the destruction of Europe. Jews have been planning this for centuries and their goal is to flush out whites on the grounds of the old Khazaria. Slavic women will be kept for breeding and pornography. Slavic men will be inducted into Jew military organizations just as early Israelis kidnapped German orphans after WW II and brought them to Israel.

      “Western” arms sent to UKR forces are going to criminal organizations and these arms are being smuggled into western Europe. The recent importation of masses of non-whites to Europe was the construction of a kill force. These non-whites will be armed with these criminalized weapons and whites will be slaughtered. Jews have been advocating the destruction of whites and whiteness for many years.

    1. The oil bigwigs are probably just taking profits from the year long uptrend. RDBX has terrible analyst ratings, no profit and high debt. However they have large tute ownership, a small float with a high short interest. Price is still low and warrants seem like a buy too. Attained contracts with decent PRs over the last year. Seems like it could fill that Jan gap and eventually retest IPO price level if no offering or dilution happens.

  12. Given the rising dollar and weakening global economy, don’t be shocked to see the Federal Reserve eat crow. I don’t see how the global banking cartel will allow the dollar to stay over 100 on the USDX for any extended length of time.

    The inflationary components that are pounding the global economy are outside the control of the central bankers at this point. Of course, central banks and their policy caused all this over the long run, but there’s nothing they can do now to put the genie back in the bottle unless talk of war diminishes.

    Even Federal discretionary spending has really fallen back and many of the politicians in the Democratic party already realize that they can’t continue spending like this as it has a direct positive correlation to inflation.

    Imagine a scenario where the Federal Reserve backtracks. The Federal Reserve is the outlier in the global Central banking regime.

    Imagine a scenario just like 2018. The Federal Reserve was forced to begin slashing the FED funds right and went from cutting assets to growing them again. The reasoning was flimsy yet the result was clear.

    When the trends of this obvious, I often wonder.

    I would not be shocked to see something happen once again.

    1. I have read other stories about this and think these are maintenance issues – not necessarily coordinated sabotage. In a downturn, the first thing to get cut in a manufacturing plant is the maintenance budget. The good tradesmen leave for greener pastures out of frustration because they have their overtime cut and have no proper repair parts to work with. The less skilled tradesmen who stay are good at “McGyvering” machinery and keep it running short term but often ignore engineering specs and end up overloading circuits etc ( hence the mention of electrical issues). Management is under intense pressure to deliver results to corporate office and shareholders, they create the downward spiral but usually get through a couple of quarters first.

      Expect more of this, skilled Boomers retired, skilled Gen-x have gone independent, millenials do not have the experience ( or desire to work long hours like us freaks) to handle what is being thrown at them.

    2. There’s been a lot of attacks on the food supply recently. Seal 3 deals directly with extreme inflation of food prices. It might take many months (perhaps over a year) for those attacks to hit our pockets. But the warning signs are there. Seal 2 deals directly with rumors of wars and wars. Seal 4 deals with massive death – through war/famine/disease. Therefore the force majeure that Chris talks about would be in the 4th seal imo. The 5th seal deals with persecution. Mark of the beast and forced vaccinations are likely. And unlike how it’s now (a slap on the wrist) – there will probably be imprisonment or worse for those that refuse it. A force majure event in seal 4 would make this feasible even in the USA imo. If these things must happen and prayer can not change — then I pray it would be a painless with little to no suffering for the innocence.

  13. How much higher can the USDX rise before the Fed begins to worry about the escalating value of the greenback?

    The USD is dying from strength. I find it revealing that gold is staying higher here in the face of rising bond yields and interest rates, as well as a very strong dollar.

  14. Putin = Shalmaneser V
    Xi = Sargon II

    Xi is Sargon II, because he comes in after and takes away the crown from Shalmaneser.

    Both are being used by Gad and Satan to create the force majeure and Jacob’s trouble. Both will be used to kick off the tribulation period.

    After the war, the survivors will be subject to forced vaccines as well as taking the mark to prove loyalty. The survivors will have to renounce all the anti-West tenets of the alt-media. The survivors will have to prove they are not seditious. This also means renouncing religion and the Bible.

    I am not here to preach good things to you.

  15. Even gen xers with graduate degrees can be the biggest retards in the world. And they look to Joe six pack taxpayer for a personal bailout.

    ‘I feel deceived’: After 20 years of paying my student loan, I discovered I don’t qualify for forgiveness. My loans total $167,000. What can I do?

    1. I came across this information in one of my music groups regarding the yearly question: Should I go to university for music? He teaches the financial aspect of this decision and the hard cruel reality of student debt. I think his answer can apply to any of the arts degrees. This guy insinuates that it is quite possibly a big scam. I think it is. They know they are selling dreams that will quite likely not come true. I yearn for to go to this utopia myself, it’s just such a fairytale world. Instead, I am taking lessons and doing the exams outside of the university and this will likely get me the same result. It’s not as fun and utopic but realistic. I have friend who didn’t study, can’t read music and formed a blues band with others – they cut records and were nominated for a Juno award. No student debt there.

  16. Down the road from where I live is a gas station, and its prices are about 40 to 45 cents less than the other ones nearby. I don’t go there often, since I generally don’t drive in that direction nor drive much. As you could guess, there are often long lines waiting to fill up gas tanks.

    I was in the area this morning and decided to stop in. I immediately noticed how everybody was lining up on one side of the pump islands yet on the other side of the pumps the hoses were not being used. I asked the people who were filling up why that was the case and why they decided to stay on the line, while I drove in the other direction, and they didn’t have a true answer.

    It got me thinking about all of the research I did in the past and all the studies that are available on the internet with regards to the psychology behind the formation of lines. It’s a lot of behavioral economics and psychology stuff, and the main thrust of it is the social proof tendency of humanity. I often thought of this social proof tendency that I observe in today’s churches in which the congregations and pastors line up to dispense the wrong doctrines. In terms of behavioral psychology and econom, it’s all the same psychology over and over again yet the livestock are always broke.

    Now I know why Edward Bernays was so disgusted with humanity. They sleepwalk right into the buzzsaw, even if it means dying.

    Line up and take your jabs, and go to your Laodicean church.

    1. Very interesting observation Chris. This just proves that an overwhelming majority of people do not think beyond the box never mind thinking for themselves. This is why most people view mainstream media and government figures dispensations as gospel. Those who truly have their hearts with Jesus Christ think beyond the box and think for themselves as Jesus looks after their best interests.

      This is why the Book of Revelations will play out exactly as stated because most of humanity just do not get it and are walking right into the buzz saw like zombies.

      1. Matthew 24 – Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. 6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. 7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains.

        9 “Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me. 10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, 11 and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

        — The Book of Revelations was the last book written in the Bible, and it was written after Jesus was crucified. But in the gospel of Matthew we have Jesus clearly outlining the first 5 seals from Revelations. False messiahs (seal 1). Rumors of war and actual war (seal 2). Inflation of food prices (seal 3). Famines (seal 4). Prosecution of Christians (seal 5) — ( – watch the 4:35:30 mark). What they’re doing in Shanghai could be a testing ground on controlling the people. If it gets to the point where there is a prosecution of Christians — even putting Christians to the death for following Jesus; then per my understanding of scripture — Jesus’ return must be close. It would also be the time for preaching the Gospel and saving people, because how can anyone not want to open the Bible and read the Gospels if they learn a book 2000+ years old predicted step by step the chain of events leading up to seal 5.

        Articles on Trump being messiah to the fox news conservative folks:

  17. Never understood how today’s pastors say the Jews are God’s chosen, use the OT and a disingenuous Darby interpretation of the Pauline Epistles as proof, yet say the OT was hanged on a tree.

    Never understood how today’s pastors say Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses were Jews yet today’s rabbis laugh at the notion. Never understood how it came about that the OT was written for the Jews.

    Just the ramblings coming from an independent thinker.

  18. U.S. Apartment Rents Hit New High in March as DC Rents Increase 12%

    This is only analyzing apartment rents. This does not consider single-family units. I’m going to find it difficult to envision a scenario where rents will be dropping anytime soon.

    Investors might be able to snap up properties with higher capitalization rates, although the cost of capital will be higher as well. But there’s an old saying in real estate; we make money when we buy, not when we sell.

  19. Are you looking at this Global Econ banker summit? I’m viewing it on the YouTube stream of Yahoo FInance right now. It’s a rainbow coalition of porch poodles and wilfully ignorant puppets, and all they’re talking about is climate control and social justice. As long as these are the primary objectives of the central bankers, deficits and massive bond yield suppression are necessary. I find it mind blowing that there is trillion dollar financing for the most stupid and inane concepts in which one can never place a price tag on them.

    Of course, the owners of the central banks, the synagogue of Satan promote this. The more ridiculous the concepts, the more they’re promoted by the upper echelons.

    1. Clown shows and puppet shows are an integral part of any childrens party. The clown show provides the necessary distraction to clean up the snack table and get the cake ready, then the lights go out and out comes the cake and singing.

      Then it’s cake and ice cream.

      After that it’s loot bags and out the door, the kids go through the loot bag and are half way home before they realize the party is over and they are back in reality.

      1. Think about it. How does one calculate the costs of climate change and then effectively finance it as a corporate project? From where does the cash flow come to finance it and to put it into action? What’s the cost of capital of climate change or social justice?

        The modern bankers under quantitative easing, managed by the synagogue of Satan, think that we can finance this like the building of a factory to produce widgets and gadgets. They talk as if they can finance these silly concepts like private firms contemplating a capital project in which it can calculate an internal rate of return.

        They somehow conjure up the concept of positive externalities and believe that these theoretical benefits can work to ascertain an imputed cash flow in which to finance these boondoggles. Of course, these stupid concepts can only be financed with cheap money that future generations will be burdened with.

        1. I was making light of the situation because I see it for what it is and think it’s ridiculous. I am pretty sure they will print the money anyway and certain there will be nothing to show for it. I have thought about this a lot and know the good times, surpluses, and easy life supplied with cheap energy is over. They can’t print energy. The question we will get the answer to is “Who will go without?”.

          1. I know you already know. I was just making an observation while listening to the panel which included Powell, Lagarde, and IMFs Georgieva. They take all this stuff so seriously and discuss how policy has to include these considerations. only cheap money can accomplish this.

        2. Well, it’s ridiculous to promote climate change initiatives while also pushing consumerism. As long as salad and vegetables still come packaged in clamshell plastic, I won’t believe that climate change is really a thing.

          1. Of course climate change isn’t real. Many things being pushed out in mainstream are simply false. For example — where exactly are we in the universe? Why is the United Nations logo using the official Earth map accepted in countries like Germany back in the 1800’s? Why did United Nations pass a law in the 1950’s forbidding citizens from going to Antartica? Why has no early explorer been able to circumvent Antartica? As stated in the Bible — the earth is stationary. It does not move. The sun and moon move around the earth. All of this is in the Bible, and it is true; contrary to what mainstream says.

            1. Can you truthfully say you know where you are and what you are participating in? Most have get their knowledge from school text books, television, stories from their relatives, and the internet. Large numbers of people are nearsighted so when they look at the sky they cannot see stars, or even birds flying in the day time. Go ahead Look up grab a telescope. Any answers yet?

              1. Greg — I truly believe it. #1 — It’s in the Bible that the Earth does not move, and the sun/moon move around. Also isn’t it suspicious to you the fact we still don’t have a real picture of the full earth in 2022? You’d expect in 2022 we’d have a Instagram live stream 24/7. But no, when there was massive interest in Antartica in the 1950’s (the last frontier), they shifted the topic from Antartica to the Moon + Motion Pictures Universal came out with a new logo showing the globe earth (along with astronaut pictures from the moon showing earth was a globe). After that it was sealed. It’s a globe. But we never went to the moon, therefore, those pictures from the Moon showing the earth is round are fake. There’s great evidence that we did not go to the moon. Recent Nasa scientists have accidentally confirmed on video that we have to solve the challenges of the Van Allen radiation field above the earth before we can send humans on the moon. I had to look it up, but here’s the video:

                Furthermore NASA has imposed a law forbidding space travel for humans up to 50 miles; which affected customer reviews for Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. Those big paying customers complained they didn’t go high enough, and the reasoning is due to Nasa’s law. 50 miles is the limit above earth. It wasn’t a technological limitation of Blue Origin:


                1. Otto, I agree. Two years ago I would’ve thought the concept of flat earth (or at least any other reality besides the earth globe spinning around the sun 🌞 in a vast cosmos) to be preposterous. However, the last two years I have gone deep down the rabbit hole w many lies and illusions of mainstream destroyed. Understand this – government, media and our hallowed institutions LIE. If you know they lied about the ridiculous moon landing hoax, and that there are no legitimate pictures of the earth from space, you must question the globe earth narrative. There is a firmament that separates the waters above from those below. Do I know what our existence is exactly, nope, but I know what Otto points out is completely within reality. It does shake your foundation to realize this, but so did governments across the world shutting down everything over a hoax in 2020.

                2. Hi Otto,

                  I agree the earth is flat. We’re lied to about most everything. They put a cancer causing neurotoxin (fluoride) in our water that likely is contributing towards Alzheimers and Parkinson’s, under the guise of reduced cavities. Yet, peer reviewed research shows no difference in cavities between fluoridated vs non-fluoridated and fluoride has been outlawed by most European nations. That’s just one example.

                  Then there’s chemtrails or geo-engineering. There’s GMO’s, even vaccines before “Covid” have been toxic. The illegal Federal Reserve and IRS. False Flag (9/11) and hoax events (Sandy Hook, Boston and all mass shootings).

                  And the government itself is a corporation controlled by the City of London (Rothschilds).

                  All these rabbit holes lead me to Jesus Christ, the ultimate Truth. I’ve read the NT twice and have started the OT. Chris’ perspective has been very helpful.

                  There’s a lot of good research on the flat earth: Eric Dubay, Ed Hendrie and David Weiss (Deep in the Rabbit Hole- DIRTH).

                3. The book of Genesis describes Earth being formed differently than what mainstream science is telling us. One thing I definitely DO NOT believe is the theory of human evolution over millions of years. Darwinism is a load of crap. Here is the thing, Darwin became an agnostic and left the church. His ideas were picked up and promoted by the Synagogue of Satan in order to discredit and belittle the Bible. Darwinism’s theory of survival of the fittest(i.e. the weak shall die) is in line with Satanism which also believes in the same theory. The theory of evolution discredits divine intervention and that nature is godless. I used to subscribe to evolution but over the last several years I began to see through this fallacy. The problem with archeology and science is that it is biased and data massaged to fit the agenda of evolution. The Holy Bible rules.

                  I recommend Jonathan Gray’s website:

                  Jonathan Gray was an archeologist who shows evidence that Darwin’s evolution is a big lie and also proves that our so called” modern society is really a devolution instead of evolution. He writes of archeological evidence of much more technologically advanced human civilizations in the past that got destroyed because of exuberance. Satan does not want us to learn true human history because it really reveals Satan’s past misdeeds and how God intervened.

            2. Yes and if co2 goes from 0.06% to 0.062% guess what? Vegetation grows more fecund. Trees get taller and prize cabbages abound. Attack on energy / climate change is an attack on creation. The more CO2 the happier the creation

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