April 18th podcast; An explanation of my circumstances and of what’s to come

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-The synagogue of Satan goes back to Jeremiah’s time with the conspiracy. Matthew 4 illustrates Satan’s proposition to rule the world. Jesus rejected it, but Satan still needed someone to engineer his kingdom. Satan eventually found some knowledgeable and eager parties close to home in Jerusalem and Babylon. The descendants of these Talmudic Jews are steering the world towards a predetermined outcome.

-A further explanation as to why it can only be a force majeure.

-A discussion on how we can take all these loose threads to weave a fine tapestry.

-Infowars gets it right; An accurate analysis by Infowars regarding the Shanghai and CCP lockdowns. What it means to us and when it’s coming.




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23 thoughts on “April 18th podcast; An explanation of my circumstances and of what’s to come

  1. Chris,
    I am grateful that you returned and God bless. I am sorry that you are having personal problems with your family and they are castigating you for your beliefs.
    You are doing God’s work with this site and I mean the work of the Heavenly Father. Not that God that Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs talked about years ago.
    Just remember it is so much more important to answer the calling of Jesus Christ than imperfect family members who just don’t get it.

    I am sad that they do not respect your point of view. It is one thing to not agree with the other person’s point of view but respect their differences but is really unholy to impose ones point of view on other people who don’t agree and bully them.
    Here is the difference, you are lifting yourself and other people to the heavenly kingdom and those people around you are condemning themselves to the pit of eternal fire.

    God bless you for keeping your site. You might want to consider asking for donations to defray some costs.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I sometimes think it’s just easier to go along with what the typical pastor says. It’s much easier to just preach dispensationalism and the NT Israel, I guess.

      The financial costs of running this website are very minimal and I don’t even think about it. It’s the mental costs that are more considerable as I get no friends from running it.

    2. Looking back, I should have used a pseudonym like Chris Evans or Robinson. Like using my mom’s maiden name. People like Henry Makow believe that many people do this.

      I think about posting some stuff on Brighteon and just sending emails out without posting on the site.

  2. Welcome back Chris if you only took a break. After reading many articles it would be hard to not to have this website available, so thank you for keeping it going. Some of us alt media crankshaft junkies need to have as many knowledgable venues to gather information as possible.

    I’m still of the opinion that it’s all on the internet and television. The main event of the force majure when it goes down, may or may not be real itself, but the reaction to it will be real. Hollywood is there and I don’t believe there is a real war happening in the Ukraine, yet the reaction to the headlines and hype are real.

    China has their version of Hollywood and their military has alphabet like intelligence departments. We can’t always believe what we see, especially if it’s on zewtube. The video above showing the people jumping off buildings looks fake and could be props that look like a humans. Just like Covid, in itself was not real deadly virus, but the reaction to it was real. I think that is the game they are playing. Fake it to make it. The word Deception comes to mind.

    It would be nice if guys like Skousen would not follow the mainstream narratives on this event and expose the fine print, although I don’t think he went along with the Covid hoax and was anti mask/vax from the start. Chris you are showing us Jacob’s trouble, and there is a spiritual storyline that needs to be concluded. For some reason it needs to be speeded up and forced to happen as it was not going to just happen soon enough naturally. The saying the end justify the means applies. The means is artificial, yet the end will be real.

    I took Chris’s recomendation and bought some MSM. I was reading that foods high in Vitamin A are a source of many problems, so I’ve been altering my diet.

    1. I have been taking a ton of MSM and it’s great. It gives my joints flexibility and mobility and I walk like I did 10 years ago. I still don’t dare run, but I feel I have greater joint mobility and less pain. I also read up on vitamin A and now take it every other day as opposed to daily.

      I made the mistake of eating a bunch of Easter candy for a couple days last week and early this week, and felt the joint pain return. Though it wasn’t as bad as before.

      Someone on the board mentioned about cutting out sugar and at my age I have to cut it out permanently. I noticed I didn’t get the same reaction when I ate fruit.

  3. Good Day,

    I have been following you for quite some time and I’ve found you analysis to be spot on.

    I live in the Southeastern Florida megalopolous. I know that this area will become increasingly less tenable for living through and to the end of the decade.

    My instinct tells me to stay in Southeastern Florida and continue to make hay. My question is: when will the sun stop shining? My best guess is mid-century or the death of Elizabeth II – whichever of the two comes first.

    What are your thoughts? What advice would you give to a Christian living in a major urban area re: timetable for leaving the urban area permanently?

  4. Check out this October 2019 International Finance Corporation development plan that specifically mentions Mariupol in the first sentence.


    I maintain my original theory that this targeted attack on Ukrainian cities is essentially a demo project that is wiping the slate clean for redevelopment.

    One year ago a large portion of the population could care less about Ukraine and how many even knew what the flag looked like? I bet the younger population probably couldn’t point it out on map. Now we see Facebook profile pics with Ukrainian flags. Freeway over passes with Ukrainian colors. Many homes posting Ukrainian flags reminding me when Black Lives Matter posters became popular.

    People are conditioned to support whatever the media says we must support. And with the overwhelming and sudden support of Ukraine, the investment money for redevelopment will flow unabated. Sadly many people have to suffer from this plan to take place.

      1. That’s good! But even though the posers don’t actually do anything it’s the thought (or sentiment) that counts. Russia bad! Ukraine good! Just like sports team A vs. team B. I’m pretty sure there are already hats and shirts?

    1. AL I skimmed the article you linked. A financial organization targeting a city in ancient Khazaria for redevelopment. Ezra El is overpopulated and besieged and has water problems. Naturally it is looking for a new home.

    2. Interesting. I had not heard of this outfit before, but its premise sounded very similar to World Bank propaganda. Then I searched the website and saw that it was indeed an agency of the World Bank. It’s kind of reminds me of the thrust behind Perkins book, The Economic Hitman.

      All these programs do is to drive the jurisdiction in question deeper into debt and more beholden to the synagogue of Satan.

  5. Glad you are back. Prayer is an essential part of these types of decisions as God knows all the effects on everyone while we obviously cannot.

      1. Yessir — glad you’re back Chris. There’s so few websites/places to visit that see’s the things how we see them. It’s indeed sad to see that many on the right believe Putin is a Christian fighting good guy against the ‘swamp.’ But totally ignoring or not believing the many innocent civilians that are being murdered. If this really was about Putin’s quarrel with the Ukraine leader it would had been dealt with in other means; not an invasion that speeds up the shortage/inflation issues worldwide. Putin is indeed not your friend. He is certainly not Christian. Many on the right are totally infested by Trump’s “fake news” that they’ll believe in almost anything they read. But some things happening in the world are actually happening. This isn’t to cover up of covid/vax or anything similar; they already have total control of the media so that theory falls apart like dominoes. This imo is the beginning of the opening of seals.

  6. Mariupol looks like it’s destroyed. This Patrick Lancaster seems to be embedded in the Russian military and unwittingly seems to be doing their work. Meanwhile, it’s the Russians pulverizing the area.


  7. A falling yen is a sure sign that tells me QE is dying.

    Yen Extends Its Longest Losing Streak in at Least 50 Years – Bloomberg


    (Bloomberg) — The yen extended its longest losing streak in at least half a century as traders ignored government warnings about the speed of the currency’s decline, focusing instead on the widening gap between Japanese and U.S. interest rates.


    Inflation rises as people lose confidence. Not the other way around. Inflation is a sign that this loss of confidence is accelerating, and the BOJ, who fathered the monetary science behind QE, stands to be taken down first when inflation hits.

    1. Everything that exists in China and its form of government. Also, mandatory vaccines, quarantines, digital currency, renouncing religion and racism etc, complete political correctness, public housing and jobs handed out by government, mark to buy and sell. No firearm ownership. The constitution will be suspended forever. Massive militarized war machine like Oceania in 1984 used to create scarcity. Anyone who objects will be killed.

  8. Government intervention of any sort, for any reason, creates a supply shock.

    Portland is losing rentals. Realtors say rent control may be to blame

    A new study found Portland lost 14 percent of its single-family rental stock in recent years following adoption of tenant protection laws


    Portland lost thousands of units in the years following passage of a package of tenant protection rules, and groups representing homeowners and landlords say the matrix of rules is to blame.

    In the years after the creation of rent control and applicant screening rules, Oregon’s largest city lost an estimated 14 percent of its single-family rental units, according to a new study commissioned by the groups.

  9. Blackstone Adds to Bet on Student Housing With $13 Billion Deal


    BREIT is investing in American Campus Communities Inc. alongside other Blackstone perpetual capital vehicles. These funds have no deadline for which to exit bets, in a sign of how the firm is expanding from its previous strategy of buying properties with the goal of flipping them to a deep-pocketed buyer.

  10. This is what it’s going to sound and look like on Manasseh’s shoreline and strategic military targets.


    These are just the small kiloton fission bombs that will most likely be used by the Japheths to try to force America into surrendering.

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