Podcast update; Public housing in the Great Reset, The last great war in Bible prophecy

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-I breakdown the specifics in how the governments will enact affordable housing programs for most of the population under a Great Reset scenario.

-I analyze an industry article from Real Deal Los Angeles titled “public housing goes middle class.”

Public housing goes middle class

-I further analyze the specifics on my analysis as to why the upcoming war will take place the way I describe.

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16 thoughts on “Podcast update; Public housing in the Great Reset, The last great war in Bible prophecy

  1. ya’ll even read revelations? read the part describing 144 and heaven again. The god in that book is obviously gay. so many gods it that conglomeration of books, as if i can choose the god persona that best fits my life style, just ask david or the celebants in the catholic church. does anyone understand the jobs of the masculine (defender) or feminine (nurturer) any more?

    1. To Kevx — In-correct because sex between married couples is good in God’s eyes. You’re most likely referring to this part of the text, I assume:

      It is these who have not defiled themselves with women, for they are virgins. It is these who follow the Lamb (Jesus) wherever he goes.

      It is a spiritual purity for all men and women in Christ. These 144k remained faithful to Christ, and were not fornicators with other gods. They are virgins in terms of being faithful to Christ, and not following other pagan gods. These 144,000 are chosen from the 12 tribes of Israel; whom contrary to mainstream aren’t actually in the country of Israel, but in all parts of the earth. Israel from the Bible is Jacob. A person. His decedents are the Israelites whom eventually migrated all across the world. Europe. America. Africa.

      Also as stated in the Bible – expect widespread deception in the final days. Particularly from the churches. Hence most churches in Revelations receiving negative scores in Revelations from Christ.

  2. I’ve never been to China, but I’ve lived in Taiwan for over three decades. Taiwan, however, is almost completely Han people, and boy-oh-boy do they eat some crazy things–i.e. turkey testicles, snake and snake venom, whole (head and skeleton all) fried sparrows, dog, et cetera. Eating such things is quite rare and becoming even less common as time goes on. But the only live animal eaten I’ve seen is shrimp. Who knows what they eat in China….

  3. Isaiah 3:12 KJV
    As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

    Isaiah was prophesying the destruction of Judah.

    I noticed the prime ministers of Finland and Sweden are both women. The perfect setup in the West for its humiliating defeat. Where are the men? When men become effeminate and ineffectual, women replace them.

    1. I stopped going to church when it became lead by women. Women don’t make good pastors… it just seemed off to me.

      1. I wouldn’t say this out loud anywhere but on this blog. There has been a push to have women conductors of orchestras. I’ve played under both men and women and I prefer the the strong arm of a man at the baton. Women wave their arms too much like flowing trees. Men are metronomic and give clear direction. Being Catholic, I never saw a woman celebrant until I played at an Anglican service. She talked in familiar tones with the congregation, like this was a chat amongst friends. Sermon was directionless – feel good vibes with no clear message. If this is what it is to have women on the altar, then I’d opt out too. I’m playing there again at Easter – let’s see if what I saw was a one-off, or is this what it is.

    2. ” When men become effeminate and ineffectual, women replace them. ”

      The vegan diet and plant based “food” being pushed everywhere is no coincidence either.

      I don’t know about Chinese eating live animals (that might be a stretch) but they do eat many things that we Westerners consider vile. I do know that they eat a lot of tofu and it is typical to drink soybean milk for breakfast. Babies are mostly formula fed with soy protein. Great for producing effeminate men.

        1. I get it. The Chinese eat rats, dogs, frogs, and cats; but kill them first.

          I don’t eat lobster, crab, nor shellfish for this reason as well as for Levitical health purposes.

          1. Used to love shellfish, but The LORD has taken care of that hateful desire for me: He gave me gout.
            Thank you Jesus!

        2. Not incredulous, I just didn’t see it. Maybe I stopped seeing things that were shocking to me at first.

          I did see animals being slaughtered at a street barbecue because there was a question in the local media of what was being served and the freshness of it. I guess someone took it up a notch.

          I was also in Wuhan in the area of the wet market late 2005. I didn’t go in but I saw the dogs being delivered in cages on the back of a motorcycle. I just wanted to go home.

          1. Indeed. The stuff that Westerners would find repulsive is completely scrubbed and not able to be shown over the internet. What Westerners see about the Chinese is a completely sanitized version for propaganda purposes.

  4. I received an email a couple days ago regarding bbby. I had a standing order at 20 and dumped it all. I wasn’t enthused with the chart action. I had mentioned that I was looking to sell if it got to 20. That was some time last week.

    I looked at the earnings today and the management said they’re not ready to indicate any action to unlock shareholder value. I don’t think they have anything good to announce for a while. I don’t like the way the other meme stocks are trading and I don’t like the way the NASDAQ is trading. I haven’t really been holding anything overnight anymore, at least for the past 9 or 10 days.

  5. I was asked by a reader why we should bother even planning for the future, financially speaking. Here’s the bottom line. The globalists believe that the war will be contained. Prophecy tells me something else. Prophecy is telling me got this carefully planned war will get terribly out of hand.

    If there’s nothing you and I can do to change the outcome in the future, we need to continue just moving forward in the way that we have been, in case things don’t get out of hand and I’m wrong. If I’m wrong then we just continue moving forward and readjusting our lives according to the objectives of the Great reset. I hope I am wrong and I hope this war will not turn out the way that I’m afraid it may turn out.

    All I can tell you is that I’m out of the DC area and Eastern seaboard for good by the end of 2025.

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