A response to a reader; How a global war facilitates the new world order’s objectives for the Great Reset

So what’s your thoughts on the “Great Reset” initiative? In the alt-media there is debate whether all the nations are actually part of this, that Russia is not truly the enemy but just playing the part pushing the world towards increased technocracy and the 4th industrial revolution (AI).


The Great Reset script has already been finalized
  • I have been emphasizing to my readers for the past decade that there is only one possible way in which the new world order globalists will be able to achieve their objectives for their one-world financial dictatorship.
  • Currently, all roads run through the United States, since its dollar underpins the global monetary system, and this system must end in order to have a global financial regime.
  • Despite what others have been claiming, there is no way that this can be achieved through global consensus, nor by 2030 – the theorized deadline for the Great Reset – under the current set of global circumstances.
  • There is only one possible route to achieve it, and that is through a force majeure in which the United States military and government suffers a humiliating decapitation.
  • The successful implementation and acceptance of quantitative easing (QE) solidifies this theory, since any crisis has been met with more QE and higher asset prices. California could fall into the sea and a billion people could die from a bioweapon, but QE would help to keep the USG in business.
  • The manufactured 2008 collapses and the phony covid scam didn’t topple the dollar.
  • QE is actually a very stable system as long as inflation remains low. If price inflation rises, that is a sign to me that the globalists have chosen to eventually terminate the system. High inflation coupled with low real bond yields work to accelerate the wealth and power consolidation in the shortest amount of time.
  • Under this current set of circumstances, I estimate there is another 2-3 years left for QE.
  • I observe the remarkable and auspicious timing of this rise in price inflation due to the repercussions of the global covid response with the “sudden” acceleration in the timeline to war. This is not a coincidence.

The globalists (I often call them the synagogue of Satan, since this was the name given to them by Jesus) know what I am telling you and are timing all of this to coincide with their planned Great Reset. As part of this Great Reset, I have no doubt that they  plan to subjugate humanity under a brutal one-world financial regime. But time is running short, and the only way to achieve these objectives by 2030 is through the manufacture of a horrific war. Sometime this decade, there needs to be a war to allow the Great Reset to emerge. And this war must decapitate the United States.

Russia, China, and the West want their own version of the new world order

The people at the very top of the pyramid know all about this war. I observe that they seem to be operating with haste as time may be running short. These globalists could have achieved their goals on a willing population if this timeline was allowed to persist another 30-40 years, but they have something else in mind. I believe they are behind in their plans and need to wrap up things, because of something you and I don’t yet know about (e.g. Apophis 2029, the second coming, etc).

The elites in Russia and China wish to see their own versions of the new world order’s Great Reset come to fruition and that is why they are getting anxious now. I suspect there will be a number of Ukraine diversions as the former Soviet Union reforms. I suspect that China also will work to consolidate its power in a lead up to WWIII.

The Western elites have been poking and prodding Russia and China for decades, while simultaneously working with them all long to build them up into formidable enemies for a future nuclear conflagration.

There is no way that the U.S. can lose a conventional war, especially if they are directly attacked. Russia doesn’t have the manpower to even subdue Ukraine, let alone plan an invasion of America. ChiComm China knows that it will never win an armed land invasion of America as long as there are 300 million guns on the streets. In a hand-to-hand combat scenario, rifles are not very useful. Handguns and powerful shotguns will be the weapons of choice.

Thus, in one final all-or-none scenario, Russia and China will make a secret agreement to strategically strike America with a nuclear takeout of its government and military before commencing any land invasion. The Western establishment is actually planning for this strike as it will destroy their USD-based system while scaring the pants off the survivors into doing whatever the government says.

The USD-based monetary system was exclusively designed to allow the elites to extract the global wealth and power while leaving its unwitting victims fighting amongst themselves. There is no longer any need to keep this USD system intact and the Western establishment is more than willing to jettison it in a future nuclear blow. That will be the force majeure.

Whether Russia and China are actually in on the Western elites’ plans is somewhat moot. I doubt the leaders of the three centers of power are sitting in a room making these plans. However, I suspect the Western faction is more powerful, since they were responsible for building up Russia and China, and will eventually prevail.

Take your pick. Die quickly with Russia and China or die slowly with the West. The timeline is accelerating now and too many bridges have been burned to turn back to the way things were.

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60 thoughts on “A response to a reader; How a global war facilitates the new world order’s objectives for the Great Reset

  1. This war is coming whether we like it or not. There’s a reason why Russia is now killing thousands of Ukrainians. There’s a reason why the number of dead soldiers is so high already. A great and dreadful war is coming and the powers of this world know it and it will be the worst war the world has ever seen. It’s coming. It’s coming soon. It will make all of the previous wars pale in comparison.

    If this great war is not in the Bible, then you might as well throw the Bible into the trash heap. There is a reason why World Wars I and II weren’t mentioned in the bible. That’s because the players and the nations and their remnants did not correctly turn the tumblers to open the lock. This great war that is coming will correctly turn all of the tumblers. The lock will open. It will be obvious to those who can correctly identify the peoples in these last days.

    I don’t need to listen to any contaminated Pastor in these last days. They have all been socially re-engineered and they self-censor. Church fathers going back 18 1900 years do not understand what is taking place right now, and even if they could, they cannot articulate it the way we can. They’re seeing through a dark glass and we see it crystal clear. Do not rely on other people to interpret the scriptures for you when you can still read this book yourself in these final days.

    Cut out the middleman and go directly to the source. Pray to God and Jesus himself and both will give you the wisdom and discernment that only the holy Ghost can provide you. All I can say is that the deceptions in this last days Church are outrageous.

    At one time there were plenty of pastors who spoke the truth and if they erred it wasn’t out of self-censoring or political correctness. The last days church is nothing but one huge error.

    Understand how this war will play out and see how it fits with respect to the bible. The answers will become clear. Just cut and paste the nations, regions, and peoples, and how they fit into this final War with the last day descriptions described in OT and NT Scripture. Of course, you will be held in contempt by your peers and other Church members. Not only will they dismiss you, but they will get angry at you for saying such things. The last day pastors are under a spell like the rest of the people. Understand that the last day pastors have to be put under this spell in order to keep the people asleep.

    1. Bourne out of necessity. This ultimately will have to result anyway as the Dravidians and Indo-Aryans will commerce with the rest of the Japheths. Russia will supply them with cheap oil and will all quickly become good friends with one common goal. The goal is to be a separate block that will eventually take out the West and the Israelites.

      Their goal will be met with success for a time.

    1. I don’t doubt that this UKR-RUS war is intended to spread across white countries and immolate the residual white population. Jewry has been talking about exterminating whites for centuries—long before Germany’s National Socialists came along.

      Well, let the stupid goyim be culled.

    2. This would make sense. The engineers of the New World Order have been shifting all of the economic capacity to China in anticipation of a victorious China. They prefer its type of government over the masses, rather than the one of the United States in which the citizens must be responsible for upholding their end of the government’s contract with the people. In the New World Order there is no contract with the people. People are livestock just like they are Chicomm China.

      The livestock in the United States have been prepped accordingly and have been socially reengineered to fight amongst themselves and to possess no national identity. The livestock in America have been convinced that their government is terrible and the multicultural livestock prefer to be governed like the wicked livestock in China. They like to be given things and to be told what to do. Now the American livestock can turn inward and give in to all their deviant indulgences. The American livestock pretend that they are victims even though their lives have been amazing.

      America is going down flames by design while the multicultural livestock fight about the most meaningless stuff.

    1. I bought some here. 19.50 & 19.00 this am. I sold the last of my previous trade at about 23 as the sharp pullback was too disconcerting for me. I feel like I am getting familiar with it. It didn’t quite make it to 30, and fell back. It looks to me as large institutional action cost averaging in and out between here and there 28. Still only a runner for me and will unload for 20 or more.

      I would not own any meme stocks otherwise. Energy stocks, including GASS sold out yesterday and this AM.

      With Russia dumping oil at a discount, it is just like a boat rowing upstream.

  2. Hi Chris, I started taking MSM the day you first mentioned it. I went down to Vitamin Shoppe and picked up the powder. I noticed a difference in about three days. I am up to about a teaspoon a day, about 5-6 grams..

    I find it easier to get out of bed in the morning. I am a little older than you. You are right nobody has any incentive on selling this. It is so inexpensive. I’ve been doing more research and long-term users say it works better with vitamin c.

    1. MSM 👍🏆👏

      A game changer for me. I take 6-8 grams a day and if it maintains its effectiveness I am dumping a bunch of other supplements. I will up it. The inflammation and pain have virtually disappeared.

      I bought a bunch of the capsules and will shift to the powder when I run out. I talked to a guy who takes 15 grams a day and he raves about it. There are people on YouTube who buy the Animed 10lb bucket for 60. It is meant for horses, but it is the same as what is sold to humans for a third of the price. One guy in YouTube takes two tablespoons a day of the animed and that is about 30 grams. He’s a body builder. In Amazon, a number of the Animed reviews stated they took it themselves.

  3. Question for you Americans: Is it the same for you that ammunition here in Switzerland is extremely scarce right now? I’ve really never experienced that before! I’m talking about regular 9mm Luger or .223 Remington (5.56 x 45 NATO). If you do find some in larger quantities, you’ll be paying completely exorbitant prices.
    For me, this is also a sign that nothing good can be expected. Our friends from the SofS obviously do not want us to increase our ammunition stocks!

    1. Oh yeah. It’s a lot tougher to get many types of ammunition. Even at gun shows it’s gotten tougher. And it’s much more expensive. Much more.

    2. Yes. I agree. It is tougher to get firearms and ammo and they are more expensive, but everything is more expensive. Even a nail gun at Home Depot is more expensive.

      Nail guns make for good weapons of protection. Even ones with lithium ion batteries.

  4. US Faces a Recession That Cannot Be Imagined


    More Wall Street economists are waking up to what we already know; under a persistent hyperinflationary scenario, QE is doomed.

    The monetary policy that’s sustained the economy since 2008 is done if inflation cannot fade. We only have another two to three years left at the most if price inflation cannot drop. It may even be quicker.

  5. Someone asked me about a planned community outside of Phoenix that is being developed by the Howard Hughes Corp and could house up to 300,000 people. He wondered if it would hurt house prices.

    I speculated that this would only provide enough housing for the Ukraine refugees. Plus, the talk of Haitian refugees, and we are now at a deficit.

    Keep building the homes and the open borders of “compassion” will keep filling them. Unfortunately, American citizens are shut out, but American citizens can go f$&? themselves. They should be ashamed of themselves for wanting a reasonably priced home.

    Double plus good I tell ya.

    1. I think the corporate housing developments actually increase prices. Their profit margins per unit are so high that they can afford to keep a building half empty. They make more money by renting to a smaller number of tenants at a higher price. This is very different from a small landlord who cannot let a single unit go vacant for more than a few months. The small landlord will lower his price to meet demand. The big corporation keeps its price at the point where marginal revenue equals marginal demand.

      Big developments also raise the cachet of a neighborhood. They attract classier retailers. So as a small landlord, you just need to slightly undercut the rent of the corporate landlords. You will also need to have less strict tenant standards. Overall, you will likely be able to charge a higher rent. Moreover, you can assume that a big developer isn’t going to start a project in an area that is not expected to see strong economic growth.

  6. The kiss of death; when anti-Pope Francis kisses the Ukrainian flag and calls for peace, you know things are going to get much worse.

  7. BTW I have been slowly adding to my GASS position here below 2.50.

    Unless there’s something wrong with the stock that I don’t know about it seems to be a no-brainer.

    If anyone out there wishes to do any research on GASS, please do and post it.

    1. Greek shippers usually equal offerings and dilution. A chance to get stuck if offering rumors hit in the am. Shippers seem to be holding up well and none of them have been hit with a huge offering news yet. The last ER wasn’t a good one, however it has a high institution ownership. Looks like IMPP is their petroleum shipping unit so may trade in sympathy with each other. Oil seems to be going on a another uptrend as sanctions on Russia are still in play.

      1. A dump at the open yet a nice slow reversal starting at 1pm for BBBY and other meme stocks. Chris was correct that every dip is getting bought up. Still has a very high short position.

        Taking another look at GASS as it seems the stock should be valued higher than the $2 range. Maybe the bad ER put it there, so it should eventually slowly uptick on the daily. The main short term worry is the possiblity of an offering. Their other unit IMPP is low on cash, so if an offering shows up for IMPP then it could drag down GASS too.

        In a speech on March 23, 2022 Putin announced that Russia’s natural gas would be sold to unfriendly countries “only in Russian rubles” rather than euros or dollars. Germany hasn’t stated if they will pay in rubles? If not their supply will have to be tankered in, but by which shipping companies?

        On April 2, 2022, which was last week, Russian gas giant Gazprom officially halted all natural gas deliveries to Europe. If we can find out who the customers of GASS are or any shipper for that matter, it would provide more clarity. They list rates but I did not see supply destinations. Skimming into their filings, they have a backlog.

        The upswing for most energy and oil plays isn’t over just yet. I also think food related stocks could also be good for your short term watchlist.

  8. Student loans pushed back until August.

    I can see how student loan forgiveness would be great for landlords. The borrowers suddenly have more money to spend on rent or home purchases, and the bailout will increase the money supply. Conversely, the loan forgiveness would be bad for anyone who doesn’t own significant amounts of assets.

    Perhaps the plan is for Republicans to take over in the 2022 election and end student loan forgiveness, cementing the Republicans as the “bad guys” in the eyes of college-educated liberals who have most of the student loan debt.

    Do you think widespread student loan forgiveness will actually go through, Chris?

    1. You get the picture.

      Each and every social benefit ultimately helps those with the income generating assets. We have all witnessed a laboratory test case of socialism over the past two years. The version of socialism in Europe that is a 60-year experiment was conducted in only two years here in the United States. Essentially, all of the social largesse in the wake of the covid scam was a socialism experiment in real time. It was like speeding up the clock by 30x.

      Any student loan forgiveness is a boon to those with the income generating assets, specifically to those who own assets that benefit from younger people spending. I have to conclude that any student loan forgiveness is a direct benefit to landlords, real estate investors, and retailers, as well as any other firm that benefits from the young folk pissing away their money, as these are the sectors of the economy that benefit from the young demographic.

      I doubt they will ever be any student loan forgiveness under the current set of circumstances. There may be in the future under some sort of Faustian dilemma, but the Democrats had two solid years of super majority to craft their legislation and nothing ever got promulgated. If they couldn’t do it then it won’t be done anytime in the indefinite future.

      There is a specific reason why student loan did is not dischargeable in a bankruptcy. The elites want to subjugate the young folk, so they can never form families or obtain a reasonable lifestyle.

      As an investor, I’m for all sorts of socialism. Anyone who owns these income generating assets should strongly support social programs as well as any type of spending that promotes social justice and environmental causes. These are the types of programs that spend money in a very inefficient manner and quickly end up on the balance sheets of those who own the assets.

      1. African immigrant advocates point to ‘double standard’ as Ukrainians receive U.S. relief

        Congress members Ayanna Pressley and Mondaire Jones also urged the Biden administration to “extend that same level of compassion” to Haitians in the U.S.


        The people who already live in the United States continue to get wiped out. Those who own the income generating assets and the residential real estate make out like bandits. As an owner of residential real estate investments I love the compassion that is bestowed on all of these immigrants coming across the border. The country falls apart, but the owners of the income generating assets clean up.

        Don’t say anything. If you do, you’re a racist and a xenophobe. 🤣🤣🤣

  9. The wilfully ignorant pastors like Baldwin and Lawson will tell their dullwitted congregations that the old testament prophets and all they said were hung on a tree.

    I get it; the old testament is so much more complicated than the NT, so it’s easier for the Laodicean and dulled pastors to say it no longer applies. The true Bible scholars are all gone and buried. Only now can the last days events finally unfold.

  10. Nearly 70% of Americans are worried about a nuclear attack, according to APA survey. Here’s what could happen.


    About time the plebes are waking up, but it’s too late to do anything.

    Let’s fight about racial and environmental justice. Let’s fight about queer rights. Let’s fight amongst ourselves over meaningless and banal trivialities. Meanwhile the country is taken out from underneath the livestock.

    The livestock will say good riddance as the NWO will proclaim all evils have ended after the war and force majeure.

  11. Russia’s economy is beginning to crack as economists forecast sharp contractions


    Russia is getting sick and tired of the dollar-based system. Unfortunately for Russia, the United States is the largest energy powerhouse in the world.

    If the US did not produce the amount of energy it does, the US dollar would be suffering the same fate as the euro.

    1. And on top, the U.S. Kahngress recently approved sale and grant of anti-armor drones to Ukr. This is the same ilk as secreting arms and ammo on the Lusitania. This is cassus beli for Russia against the yoo ess oy ve.

  12. Thanks Chris for answering my question in so much detail! 🙂
    Thanks too to the other commenters and for their recommendations to other links.

  13. The question is, then, what are the nuclear targets in America to achieve all of this (New York, DC, etc?)? Surgical nuclear strikes or larger, spectacular ones?

    1. I would have to say they would be the army and military bases of importance, missile silos, and parts of the coastline. Missile silos in the United States have not been updated in decades, nor has its nuclear arsenal, which stands in stark contrast to Russia and China, who continually advance their technologies of weaponry. With this said, I have to suspect that the United States has been upgrading their technology, but at the same time are feigning ineptitude. Currently, it seems that the United States is completely vulnerable to an offensive nuclear strike in which its prime targets are taken out. I suspect that the Western establishment is coaxing the inevitable on purpose. However, United States military has directed its technological advancements and will not show their hand until this attack comes. There is only one reason why the United States nuclear arsenal and system of missile silos have not been effectively upgraded since the 50s or 60s. This is not done out of stupidity, I suspect it’s being done on purpose so the United States looks especially vulnerable to an all-or-none attack. These are long range plans.

      There are reasons why dumb puppets like Trump and Biden populate the White House. There are reasons the United States military executed a hasty retreat out of Afghanistan. These are all done to make the United States look stupid and vulnerable, so the ultimate achievements of the New World Order converge in a post nuclear strike.

      Look at that documentary Trinity and Beyond, and it observes the effects of the largest ever atmospheric hydrogen bomb test by The Americans. It created an EMP that shut down communications from Las Vegas to Hawaii. I have to expect that the Russian China tag team will employ this type of tactic before any land invasion.

      I would not want to be in any of the cities even if they are not hit. I am observing the threads being woven and I plan on being outside of the DC area by the end of 2025.

      There’s no other way to undo the US dollar based monetary system as the Americans will not give up on it. If they don’t give up on it, eventually the American government as well as the former Commonwealth in European governments will have to resort to asset confiscations, of which the most likely targets will be the liquid ones like retirement plans, pensions, stock accounts, checking and savings accounts, 401K plans, etc. These will be of monetized value in which treasuries can replace them. Treasuries cannot replace real estate, since someone else has to buy the real estate.

      Okay. Now putting on my prophetic and eschatological hat, I suspect that the evil thought will be one in which this Confederacy of nations, led by a reluctant Russia and an eager CCP, decides to nuke cities. Any nuclear strike has to be done with the express intent on decapitating its target, so that it cannot properly respond in a like manner. If the target is allowed to respond everybody loses.

      1. Someone doesn’t have to buy the real estate. It could be collectivized, like in the USSR. That’s the ultimate plan, it seems, in the post-nuclear Eurasian-controlled united states.

        1. Agreed, but in terms of raising money to finance deficit spending in a post QE environment, assets such as real estate, which are not easily monetized don’t make for good confiscatible assets.

          Someone has to buy it to pay the government, thus someone still has to own it.

          For instance, it’s much easier for the government to expropriate pension assets and stuff the plan account full of interest bearing treasuries. This was seriously entertained right after 2008, before QE emerged as the answer. Same goes with other types of more liquid assets like savings accounts. The govt and banks can take the money in return for IOUs. These were the bail-ins.

          I have a suspicion that eventually the landlords will be large corporations who will be paid by the governments, rather than the govt actually owning like in the Soviet Union.

        2. One more point here; the goal of the globalists is to establish the United States in a post-war environment as part of a larger block of nations, similar to Oceania in 1984. The plan is to scare the people into submission and into doing whatever is necessary to achieve Great Reset objectives. It won’t be controlled by Eurasia, rather it will be controlled by something we would consider to be INGSOC, and the region around London would be considered Airstrip 1. In this instance, England would be separate from Europe and would be associated with the Western hemisphere nations. The globalists have different plans for Britain than the rest of Europe.

          This INGSOC would be a form of Marxism, but it would be controlled by the corporations who would then craft the laws to suit their needs.The proles would deal with the government who would be controlled by the corporations.

          Putting on my prophetic hat; the land invasion by the Japheth remnants would be subsequent to any nuclear takeout. Unfortunately for them it will not go well and it will unravel quickly. Both scenarios will result in mass casualties.

          In terms of the first scenario, the death rate will be much less initially, but any resistance will still die. Under the second scenario, the initial wave of casualties will be much higher.

          Like I said before, die quickly with Russia and China or die slowly with the West.

          The globalists have different plans for Britain, because it’s Ephraim and they know prophecy must unfold in a certain manner. This is why Britain will be attached to the United States in a post war environment. Britain will not be attached to Europe. Ephraim must stick with Manasseh.

          1. God says he will intervene to save the last remnants on that locust invasion. This raises questions.

            Do you suspect that will happen after the war with China post nuclear?

            Hamolog valley, where God says the Israelites will need to put the invadors in for 7 months I think it is. Do you think that will be the grand canyon or somewhere along those lines?

            You mentioned you would leave DC area by 2025. Where do you recommend to go instead? Can we really be sure one area is safer than other area in a nuclear attack? There are many DoD facilities in the rural areas in Central, north mid west, etc.

            1. Yes, war comes first with its destruction. This is Jacob’s trouble. Jeremiah 30 explains that God will finally show himself to his people after a long hiatus and not of their own doing or behaviour (i.e. after denying his protection to the northern tribes after Hosea declared it in Hosea 1, Hosea declared that he would show himself again to his people in the future.) The Jacob promises were for the last days, and so were the Ezekiel’s war declarations, which were for the latter days (all days after Jesus’s birth/first Pentecost). Thus, these were meant for the final days leading up to Jesus’s return.

              These remnants in the OT still exist and were definitely not hung on a tree. Only a Laodicean would think that. These last days events must unfold the way they were prophesied.

              As for where the dead will be buried for seven months, I do not yet know, but it will definitely be a huge place and thus not the political state of Israel (Judea).

              My personal circumstances are lining up for a 2nd half 2025 exit of the DC area for good. I want to leave and go to a place that is remote with few people. I no longer want to be around people. I am having a tougher time dealing with people, and I find the PC and the unwashed very aggravating. I find the unwashed FOX news watchers almost as pathetic as the libtards. I just want to be alone and hopefully I can meet some Jesus people with whom I can connect. I want to be around my kind.

              With this said, I think about Northern AZ, WY, SoCO. The Rocky Mountain states and away from the blue areas. You are correct, there are a lot of dated missile silos in the Rocky Mountain states. For instance, If I were to move to WY, it would be west of Warren AFB in Cheyenne. The sad part is I like the Cheyenne area, but would never want to deal with a preemptive nuclear attack on its facilities.

              I am still thinking about the area, but I have crossed off New Mexico. The deep blue retards control that state and actually had covid lockdowns in towns like Gallup. The people in NM took it like slaves. The Indians, especially, and that’s why Gallup was locked down like Shanghai.

              1. Please don’t discount the Saints given to us by God who help make sense of the decaying world around us.

                Just reading the scripture is not enough because it might allow us to interpret in our own way (as St Gabriel (Urgebadze) states – Woe to those who will try to interpret the Holy Testament in their own way.).

                How to deal with the end times is well documented by St John of Kronstadt, St. John of Shanghai and SF, Father Seraphim Rose (of Platina) and others dating back to the very early times of the church.

                As I’m seeing recent articles about the reemergence of Christianity in Russia, I recall this from St. Ignatius Brianchaninov:

                “Apostasy is permitted by God – do not attempt to stop it with your powerless hand. Flee from it yourself, protect yourself from it; that is enough for you to do. Learn to know the spirit of the age, study it, so whenever possible you will be able to avoid its influence…Only God’s special mercy is able to stop this all-destroying moral epidemic, to stop it for a while, because it is necessary that everything foretold by the Scriptures happen.

                Judging by the spirit of the times and the intellectual ferment, one must suppose that the structure of the Church, which has been shaking for some time, will fall quickly and horribly. There is no one to stop and oppose it. The measures undertaken to support it are borrowed and hasten its fall, rather than stopping it. There is no one who can be expected to restore Christianity!

                The vessels of the Holy Spirit have finally dried up everywhere, even in the monasteries, those treasures of piety and grace…The salt has lost its savor.

                In the chief pastors of the Church there remains only a weak, dim, inconsistent and incorrect understanding according to the “letter” which kills the spiritual life in Christian society and destroys Christianity, which is an action, not a letter. It is distressing to see to whom the sheep of Christ have been entrusted, to whom their direction and salvation have been committed. But this has been permitted by God…

                God’s merciful patience delays and postpones the decisive disintegration for the small remnant of those being saved, while those who are decaying or have decayed attain the fullness of their corruption.

                Those who are being saved must understand this and make use of the time given them for salvation. May the merciful Lord shield the remnant of those who believe in Him! But, this remnant is meager and is becoming more and more so…Let him who is being saved save his soul

                By St Ignatius Brianchaninov, (Vol. IV and the Patericon)”

                The Orthodox Divine Liturgy comes to us from St. John Chrysostom. There is a fantastic book written by a famous Russian author Nikolai Gogol that explains the Divine Liturgy. It’s a must have.


                Finally, I urge everyone to study the lives of Saints or at least pray they intercede to help us during these times.

  14. More MSM garbage:

    The psychologist who foresaw the ‘Great Resignation’ thinks quit rates will remain high for another 2 to 3 years


    I’ll tell you why people are quitting in droves. Wages are no longer keeping up with inflation, employers are too politically correct for people to deal with, and many of these workers have achieved a much greater gain in wealth from owning real estate and a portfolio of stocks.

    Let’s face it, for many jobs it no longer pays to even get out of bed in the morning.

    1. Hi. I just read it. It is a very interesting read.

      I do notice his analysis of what he and the WEF call “stakeholder capitalism.” It really is the result of the consolidated wealth and power of the corporate sectors. Although it sounds noble and is ostensibly designed to help everyone, It ultimately means higher profits for the surviving corporations as the barriers to entry become so onerous that only a few corporations can withstand the Great Reset regulations.

      The pricing of real estate will become so outrageous that only a few will be able to be the landlords. Only a few restaurant chains will be able to exist. Only a few retailers will be allowed to operate. Only a few technology companies will be allowed to prosper and any dynamic influence in the sector will be quickly gobbled up by the large firms.

      There’s a lot of things regarding the Great Reset on which I don’t dwell. Many of the aspects of the Great Reset are outside my wheelhouse and I would just be offering another opinion. I try to stick to the economic and financial ramifications of the Great Reset objectives.

      I don’t see a communist style form of life per se, rather I see a world ruled by the largest corporations who will use the governments as their customer service window. The governments will legislate all sorts of laws and regulations that will be exclusively designed to enhance corporate power, profit, and control of the mind. Everyone will be the same, political correctness will be the only form of groupthink that is allowed. For those who deviate, they will be labeled racist and xenophobic. Eventually they’ll be killed.

    1. I think China has something like 100 year loans. Correct me if I am wrong. Isn’t it nice when you see how much we are doing that China does!

      1. I think Japan also has them.

        I also predict the government will provide subsidized mortgages with lower rates than market. Just take the mark and all will be well and we can put roofing over our heads.

  15. Redfin – rents rise 15.5% Nationwide, while mortgage payments rise twice as fast.


    Hopefully we’ll see a top in the rate of price growth. For anyone invested in residential real estate, it’s been a great ride. The single family area was the place to be. Even if prices don’t show any meaningful growth over the next couple years we still have an excellent yield.

    I am coming across many more articles reporting on rent control proposals. The problem is is that they don’t work and the jurisdictions don’t even know how to formulate them.

    I guess we landlords need to raise our rents and gouge the existing tenants quickly before any rent controls become effective.

    1. Here (Montreal
      area) we have strict rules regarding increases, it is already pretty tightly controlled. It doesn’t prevent us from “Renovicting”, upgrading the place and resetting the rent though.

      Large PE multiplex owners are doing this all over and roughly doubling rents in some cases, tenants don’t have a leg to stand on. They are giving the proper legal notice and offering cash incentives for tenants to leave early and almost all of them take the cash. New tenants are happy to pay the new rates because the places are totally refreshed.

      It works. We did it.

  16. The lady’s initial question was about The Great Reset. A recent series of online presentations by Regent University provides good background on what tools are being used against us and how. Their series, “Globalism Rising,” through the Lens of the Bible is here:


    The first presentation by Jim and Joe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit reveals many of the inconsistencies and disconnects people were assaulted with during the past two years of the Covid debacle. It is interesting, even if you have some knowledge of these things.

    The second, by Leo Holman and Michael Rechtenwald is useful for what they reveal has been happening.

    Third, Rand Paul’s short address excoriates the medical establishment, but not nearly as severely as it should.

    The fourth Q&A segment with Leo Holman and Michael Rechtenwald was marginally useful and may be of interest.

    The fifth address on Biblical prophesy by Ed Hindson offers food for thought.

    I consider the sixth segment (both parts) by historian William Federer the best and most relevant presentation about how The Synagogue of Satan is deceiving and manipulating us.


  17. I had a couple people ask me about the supplements I take. I will do a short podcast on that listing all of them. My two favorite ones as of now are MSM and glucosamine chondroitin.

    Over the past couple of years I started to develop some increasingly worse systemic pain in the joints. It had gradually gotten to the point that I thought it was demoralizing, because at 56, I thought the slide downward would be progressively worse until my death.

    I recently started taking 6-8 grams of MSM, 2 grams of glucosamine sulfate, and 1 gram of chondroitin per day, and they have been a complete game changer as the body pain virtually vanished within a few days. i did not expect the improvement and almost forgot to put the two together.

    You can go on to YouTube and look at all the videos of testimonies of MSM and they are almost all uniformly extremely positive. I overlooked them as I never really hear about them, especially in alt-health area. Alex Jones and the Health Ranger don’t promote them, because they are so inexpensive. Their customers would stop buying everything else.

    MSM can have a bitter taste in the powder form, so I often elect to take the capsules instead. I take them in capsule form as that is so convenient. I take them throughout the day in at least 2-3 increments.

    Most people who take these supplements take too little of a dose, and the therapeutic value is dose dependent.

    1. If you don’t mind my asking, are you aware of an autoimmune condition causing your systemic joint pain? Chondroitin works well, my wife was taking it for joint pain and kept increasing the dose until it didn’t work anymore. Turns out she has celiac disease and managed to fix her issues – joint pain was only one of the related problems.

      As an experiment we have been supplementing with only fermented cod liver oil for the past 8 months. So far, pleased with how we feel.

      1. To be honest I don’t really know. I think it’s really the MSM that has been helping me. I am taking the glucosamine and chondroitin but not in as large and dose as MSM. All I know is it has been a sort of chronic inflammation. I think I have been eating more carbs and I need to cut down on them. Even if bread and tortilla chips are organic, they’re still simple carbs and corn.

        I’m probably misguided for this, but I have not been to the doctor other than for a checkup in about 15 years. If there is anything wrong with me I really don’t know.

        I did not have any of these problems until about 5 years ago. It had been progressively getting worse. A knee injury I suffered from high school football in which I got operated on 35 years ago has started to bother me after all these years. Doesn’t hurt, but the cartilage is wearing down. Since I’ve been taking the larger dose of, MSM the pain and stiffness symptoms have largely disappeared, other than the knee joint remaining shallow. It seems that MSM works on body inflammation.

        I hope the MSM continues working. There are certified back specialists in which you can watch their YouTube videos and they recommend all three of the supplements. But they seem to have a particular emphasis on MSM.

        If the pain returns I will probably have to break down and go to the doctor. I will certainly not take any pharmaceuticals as you and I both know of the inevitable outcome.

        1. We also do not go to the doctor.

          I think you will have to self diagnose and get hold of the root cause, doctors in our experience are not able to hone in on autoimmune problems and we think that now because of the jabs many more people are going to overwhelm the medical establishment with immune disorders. Doctors dispense cortizone shots and pain killers, thats about it.

          Its not necessarily the inclusion of carbs in your diet, its the type of carbs. Gluten, nightshades (tomato, potato, peppers, eggplant etc) and certain dairy are well known to exacerbate the types of problems you seem to be experiencing.

          Its a deep subject, so much disinformation and it takes a lot of time to get to the source. The simplest one stop recommendation we give to anyone is found at gapsdiet.com. Most people do not have the discipline to carry it through but I don’t think you would have a problem with it.

  18. Elon musk takes a 9% stake in Twitter. It’s up $8 in premarket. Maybe we see it pull a DWAC today.

    1. At least Twitter has a business plan. Anything attached to Trump is a pump and dump. 😃

    2. Imagine if Twitter allows Trump back on its platform. D-wack will plummet to the basement.

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