A response to a reader; What’s up with Chuck Baldwin?

I was disappointed to hear Chuck Baldwin disregard these old testament prophecies of Magog and Gog as irrelevant today with Russia and specially China in one of his newsletters. I guess one cannot get everything right. Still he is better than your Joel Osteen for corporate churchianity folks.


Here was my response:

There’s something up with Chuck Baldwin.

I am sensing that Baldwin is falling under that spell of the false dichotomy promoted in the mainstream and alt-media; Ukraine is bad and corrupt because of Western influence, but Russia is good. He’s under the conservative and  alt-media assumption that claims the Western elites have been controlling Ukraine and it needs to end.

I’m looking for a man who can see that there is no way that an autocrat and KGB-trained operative like Putin can freely kill tens of thousands of civilians yet claim to be Christian and have any high moral ground. Only a reprobate would think otherwise. The alt-media claim that Putin is Christian doesn’t conform to his actions and aspirations. Russian citizens have no real rights as he claims he’s killing many people all in the name of freeing them from Western influence.

I have become very despondent in regards to the direction that Baldwin has taken; not just in his interpretation of scripture, but in his take of the current global military timetable and trajectory. In his hasty rejection of the Western elites, he has fallen into many of the alt-media traps. We need to understand Russia’s true intentions. What Putin is submitting for public consumption, and for the misled alt-media to believe, is radically different than Russia’s ultimate objectives. Putin may be acting like a champion chess player, but he’s deceiving the likes of Stockman and Baldwin. The very people who claim that Putin is a master technician are the ones sitting across the chess table getting their clocks cleaned.

Russia’s goal is to consolidate the wealth and power of the former Soviet States in a run-up to World War 3, which will culminate in an offensive nuclear strike against the West, with its particular attention geared toward American soil and military.

A nuclear confrontation is an all-or-none proposition, and when their partnership with China finally materializes Putin wants to have all his ducks in a row. Ukraine provides him manifold benefits, from resources to a buffer zone and logistical flexibility.

Follow the alphabet (Latin vs. the Cyrillic)
The nations that use the Cyrillic alphabet. This region is where the Japheth remnants primarily settled

If Baldwin was willing to do the extra work, and he had a sense of independent thought, he would have been able to deduce that the Ezekiel Confederacy is almost exclusively comprised of Japheth’s remnants. He would have been able to also figure out through a study of history that Japheth’s descendants primarily settled in the Asian nations, specifically Russia, Siberia, Central Asia, Mongolia, and parts of China.

The nations that use the Germanic languages and Latin alphabet; more Israelite influence

They would not have settled in the areas in which the northern Israelite remnants migrated; their DNA is different and they do not like one another. There are also different signs that we can use to determine different peoples. I often think of the Romance and Germanic languages with their use of the Latin alphabet versus the languages that use the Cyrillic. While this is not an exclusive and ultimate determining factor, it helps us to paint with a broad brush.

Very few people see what we see. Pastor Baldwin is not one of them and I no longer recommend spending much time reading up on his stuff. He may be a very Christian man, but he is very misguided and is in complete denial of the inevitable. But do you blame him? He would much rather think of fighting the US government in the woods than helplessly watching his nation destroyed by an adversary he denies exists.

The nations that use the Latin or Romance languages; more Israelite influence

Imagine also if Baldwin began to see what we saw. He would be mocked and maligned and would lose everything. He has quite a big following because he sticks to that traditional constitutional mindset. He moved to Montana because he thinks there’s going to be some sort of second American revolution between us and the US government. He is going to die in Montana waiting for the US government to fight him. He’s not going to die at the hands of the US government. Most of his followers are going to fall victim to the Japheth remnant invaders instead.

Confirmation biases die hard and deceptions can prove deadly.

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17 thoughts on “A response to a reader; What’s up with Chuck Baldwin?

  1. Hi Chris.

    The game the big boys are playing is evident to anyone who knows the history of Israel’s foundation. Most all of the filthy Russian thugs that ruthlessly sent the Palestinians packing before Israel’s establishing their technological stranglehold on the world were/are murderous SOS dwellers that are anti-Christ ‘murderers from the beginning‘.

    I agree with Sully when he states that the line is being delineated between those that serve Christ vs those that serve anti-Christ. Nearly everyone that presents themselves before the media camera belongs to anti-Christ and every successful ‘alternative’ media outlet has been bought and paid for to lead us down the path of destruction. The msm endeavors to paint a false reality to psychologically manipulate every last soul who is willing to give them an ear.
    All we have left (which is everything, by the way) is to watch and PRAY that we not be deceived or succumb to temptation. The harsh reality is that many of us will die in the near future and we that survive will be busy burying the bodies of our loved ones and neighbors.

    To live is Christ, to die is gain. Are we ready? Pray without ceasing.

    Thank you for your insightful thoughts. Always appreciated.

    1. Well said. I have nothing to add. Thanks for sharing.

      I don’t like writing about this stuff. I often marvel at people with families and children who are well adjusted and obliviously content with many friends and I wonder why I can’t be that way.

      I recall a phrase I heard before; It’s no sign of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

      I guess I am different. I always have been. At my age, why bother changing?

      God help us. May God bless you all.

  2. It makes you wonder what is really going on behind the scenes. Ukraine is a member of the One Belt One Road Initiative that Russia is in with China. All the planning and money spent to move that forward seems to make this whole invasion thing suspicious. And the fact that Russia and China released a joint statement on Feb 4th, 2022 that supported sustainable development goals, I am leaning more towards all of this being a push to bring in the reset. When the world is having to restructure supply chains and all the disruptions to the food and gas supply, it seems the same old bird producing the similar disruptions that the pandemic has done.

    I also wonder if it has anything to do with the Committee of 300 map that shows the world arranged into 10 areas.

    1. Good observations. One thing that the supply chain is bringing us immediately is manufactured scarcity.

      I think we will look back ten years from now if we are still alive and the answers to these types of questions will appear obvious. As of now, we are only left guessing and theorizing.

  3. My subscriber list declines by the day. Like O’Brien said to Winston Smith, the Newspeak dictionary won’t be complete until it’s down to one page.

    My job will be complete and I can go back to doing what everyone else is doing in the alt-right and alt-Christian when my subscriber list is one page long. It’s getting there.

    1. Where can we sign up for your subscriber list? I visit your website regularly but I seem to have missed out on the subscriber list.

      1. Hi. You can enter your first name and email address on the right side of the page under the widget “subscribe to the blog”


    2. Hi Chris, I really hope you never stop creating podcasts and articles. I suspect there are several people like myself that read/listen to everything you put out, but don’t say much. I’ve been coming to your website since about 2017 because you understand economics better than anyone else I’ve come across, and your biblical analysis has shed light on topics that have been insidiously obscured by mainstream churchianity. Thank you for so freely dispensing truth to everyone visiting your site Chris; we are truly blessed to have you as an advocate in this fight against our adversary. God bless!

    3. No way that is possible! I shared your content with every liked minded individuals I know. Also you are banned in some countries like Iran! I shared your content with some folks over there learning about Jesus Christ and old testament prophecies. They could not access it! I had to convert it to pdf.

      Keep the blogs and specially the podcasts coming, please! Nothing like listening to your podcast while hiking through Yellowstone!

    1. That’s the NPC theory.
      It states that most people are like Non-player Characters, which are characters in role-playing games that are played by the Dungeon Master to make up numbers, or they are AI constructs appearing in video games to enrich the world. They follow simple instructions – giving the appearance of a personality – but it’s not hard to see they are fake.

      They do things like following you around, walking towards noise, responding in basic and scripted speech, lining up for vaccines, etc.

  4. Zalensky is a literal cross-dressing clown, installed by Soros. So whatever he is, I know he’s no hero.
    If any of you take this statement as a defense of Putin, congratulations: your brain has been conditioned into a primordial, binary state, like an earthworm in a skinner box.

    Chris, your making a giant assumption here- that the info coming to us re Ukraine is all accurate and factual. I am skeptical of much of it, at best. This is the most propaganda and absurd disinformation I’ve seen in my lifetime. The ghost ace anyone?

    Anyone with any sense knows Putin is no Christian. He has been surprisingly freedom and religion friendly, as long as you don’t mess with his political power or money streams. Most likely most of that positioning is false assurance, the infamous ‘get the west to let their guard down’ strategy of many decades. I don’t presume to really know what’s going on. Of course he’s KGB and dictatorial. Then again, Biden and Hillary despise him, so he can’t be all bad LOL.

    Martin Armstrong has posted a lot of interesting analysis on the whole Ukraine thing.
    More interestingly, the decision has been made to take Biden out by the US deep state- I expected them to wait until after the midterm elections. NY Times, CNN, Washing Post all (finally) publishing on Hunter’s laptop contents. Biden can’t survive this. This is what happened to Nixon, exactly. So these things can take a while to play out. But everything moves at a much faster pace these days…

    I appreciate your studies and info re the tribes from a historic and cultural standpoint. But the new testament is clear- there are only two tribes now: The children of God in Christ, and the lost. That is God’s perspective, after the cross and resurrection. Yes, the factors you describe still exist and have effects, maybe even impact. But it is secondary at best. Put another way: His Kingdom (and mine) are not of this world. They are of the next, eternal world while we live through this one self destructing…

    1. We need to understand Russia’s true intentions. What they’re submitting for public consumption is different than what their true intentions really are. Their goal is to consolidate the wealth and power of the former Soviet States in a run-up to World War 3 and an offensive nuclear strike against the West, with particular attention geared toward American military.

      It doesn’t matter about any crossdressers or some apologist misinformation by David Stockman. Stockman is seriously misguided in explaining that Ukraine was essentially just a part of Russia. The common tactic of the Soviets were to blend native Russians into the satellite States and submerge the existing native population into the Soviet style. Western Ukraine is much different than eastern Ukraine and they do not want to become part of Russia. They are desperately seeking to have lifestyles of the other former Soviet satellite nations that are now members of the EU. Putin doesn’t want this, because he knows he needs Ukraine’s resources and buffer zone in a pre and post third world war environment. The alt-media personalities are debating just red herrings. Russia’s true intentions are much different. David Stockman is claiming that Russia is actually much smaller than they really are. Don’t be fooled by any of this.

      This is why I don’t listen to things that are being entertained in the current alt media. They’ve been bog down in a false dichotomy and miss the true reason for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

      All I’m doing here is illustrating the table that has been set in the runup to World War 3. I don’t want to make this into something in which I am not discussing. Certainly our kingdom is not of this world, but unfortunately we are stuck in it for now. I would much rather know my adversary. Our adversary comes to steal, kill, and destroy, the most effective way to get it done is by fooling us.

      I honestly believe on some level that the stuff I’m talking about is so disturbing that much of the alt-media will reject it without ever contemplating it. People like Pastor Baldwin should know better, but he will reject anything I say on an a priori level; out of hand with no discussion. They could never actually accept the possibility that the controllers of their own government wants this war to take out the West.

      This is why many are looking to Putin as some sort of answer. They’re actually suspending their disbelief and pretending he’s a Christian. Putin is even more wicked and evil than any Western puppet you mentioned.

      1. You seem to be doing exactly what I mentioned in my post- taking my comments as a defense of Putin. I have no illusions and am certainly not in the camp that thinks he’s an answer.

        A lot (most? all??) of this political/international stuff is murky and psych warfare and false fronts and hidden agendas. I hope we can focus on our spiritual walks and preparations along with some practical preps and strategies.

        Yes, we should know our adversary and his ways. I am open minded. I read and appreciate your work and efforts. I agree with most of your points. The others I find interesting- I’m just not sure they should be our focus. Thanks for what you do, and your uncompromising approach.

        1. They’re my focus if they’re leading the remnant into the wood chipper.

          It doesn’t matter if the alt media are enamored with Putin or not. They fail to recognize him as the immediate existential enemy. He poses a much greater risk to our lives than any puppet in the West, including a bunch of liberal crossdressers.

          I appreciate your posts and comments. They lend to a lively discussion. Your comments force me to clarify my thoughts. I do need to be more precise. Godspeed and God bless. God save the remnant.

          1. So what’s your thoughts on the “Great Reset” initiative? In the alt-media there is debate whether all the nations are actually part of this, that Russia is not truly the enemy but just playing the part pushing the world towards increased technocracy and the 4th industrial revolution (AI).

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