A response to a reader; How Europeans should prepare for the full elimination of cash and the end

A cybercurrency is to be introduced by the Europeans in 2023. The EU plans on making cash obsolete/worthless in 18 -24 months. The rest of the West is sure to follow. The Dutch and the Belgians have said that when the European cybercurrency is introduced that only those with their updated QR code, proving they are vaccinated, will be able to scan and access ATM’s, POS terminals in stores, etc. NO CASH, NO GOLD/SILVER transactions.

So, how do we, as remnant believers prepare for this?


Here is my response:

I believe that for many countries in Europe the prospects look grim for the remnant. Many of these countries have a centralized power base and government policy can affect the entire nation. This is why I’ve always mentioned how the 10th amendment here in the States is a release valve for centralized tyranny. The synagogue of Satan has always been trying to undo the 10th amendment going back to the Civil War.

With that said, there’s really not much a person can do in a few of these European nations if they go to a track and trace currency in the next 24 months. I’m just gauging the timeline here, but I doubt they will have the technology ready in that time. They certainly will not have the technology and infrastructure in place here in the states. There’s just too many opinionated people in the states to make it a go before World War III.

If I lived in a state or country in which I had to swipe a QR code or some sort of verification to show that I was vaccinated in order to buy and sell, I would either move or would start dumping 10 lb. buckets of drywall screws on to the local interstate from the overhead passes. I prefer the course threaded.

If I were guessing however, I doubt many areas in Europe will be able to implement this prior to World War III. This war that will take out America is still a few years away. We are not close to entering World War III yet, despite what many in the alt-media are claiming.

The reason why I actually prefer America as a place to live if you choose to live in the West, is that the US will be the last one affected by such changes. Each state has its own policy and as long as the second amendment is going strong here, the elitists and synagogue of Satan will tread lightly.

It’s funny how the self-loathing and anti-West alt-media despise America, and hope for a Russian victory to save them, but America has turned out to be the best place in the West leading up until the bombs drop in WWIII.

Despite what many in the cybercurrency sphere are saying, I doubt the Western nations will be able to create a digital currency before War. I do suspect, however, that the technology and infrastructure is currently being engineered and built right now, and waiting for the right reason to be rolled out. Europe will definitely go before the other Western nations. That reason will be a global nuclear war.

As for my immediate advice to those who live in some of the more susceptible European nations that are ripe for this type of tyranny you mention, I have some standing orders;

  • Try to figure out a way to make your own money without an employer and develop a self-sufficient type of mindset. Having the ability to make our own money is more important than growing a garden.
  • For those with chronic medical conditions, develop techniques to make sure they are not dependent on establishment doctors.
  • I doubt they’re going to confiscate people’s assets in the next few years based on a jabbed status, and I still recommend the holdings of income generating assets. As of now, the restrictions seem to apply to buying and selling, and does not yet include the confiscation of assets. Any jurisdiction that will confiscate assets risks the chance of causing an outright economic collapse.
  • Shut off anyone who shows any allegiance or bias to the East/Russia/China. I do not listen to those who rely on Eastern thought. I understand that the West is ruled by the Synagogue of Satan, but so are the Japheth remnants of the East. Don’t be naive. I am  sick and tired of the “jump the shark” anti-West bloggers.
  • I am governed by a much higher power. I am governed by the U.S. Constitution in its purest form, the Declaration of Independence, and the testimony of Jesus Christ.
  • Of course, we need to pray at least once or twice a day and ask God how to show us how to direct our energies in the most efficient way as this tyrannical grid is placed upon our shoulders. I already prayed a couple times today. I had some strange dreams overnight and prayed at my bed for help. I also prayed this morning while I walked the dog asking God for help.

My one disconcerting observation; there’s no genuine pushback nor civil unrest in the worst affected areas of this tyranny. This means you and I are going to have to go it alone. Peaceful protests only delay it slightly and are release valves.

We are mostly talking in an echo chamber. The vast majority of people will go along with whatever is presented to them, and this includes mandatory vaccinations. As much as 80% of the population will go along with this, which means that you and I are going to be left out in the cold. Many of the 20% unvaxxed Europeans are not even Christian, which makes our status that much more rare. I find it nearly impossible to communicate these issues with others. Some people may understand a few items, but I have not yet come across one individual in my daily affairs who is at our level of understanding.

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65 thoughts on “A response to a reader; How Europeans should prepare for the full elimination of cash and the end

    1. I know you’ve done this before but can you give list of your top suggested supplements

  1. MSM – methylsulfonylmethane and glucosamine chondroitin

    A total game changer. MSM is the most important supplement I have ever taken


    This has completely changed my life! Systemic body pain is gone! Wow! My urine flow is better. Less tired. No need for coffee to stay awake. Eye sight better. Mind numbness is gone.

    I take 5-6 grams a day.

    Nobody talks about this stuff. God helps those who wish to seek change. Thank you, God!

    The stuff is also dirt cheap! I am so happy for my new lease on life!

  2. A Crisis Could be Brewing in the Gulf of Mexico

    by Andreas Exarheas|Rigzone Staff|Wednesday, March 30, 2022

    Jeopardized American energy security and a cost of thousands of U.S. jobs and billions in government revenue.

    That’s what we could see if there is a lapse in the U.S. Department of the Interior’s (DOI) five-year program for leasing in the Gulf of Mexico, according to a new analysis by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA), which was prepared by Energy and Industrial Advisory Partners (EIAP).

    The next five-year offshore leasing program must be in place by July 1, 2022, but is well behind schedule, and no offshore lease sales can be held unless DOI implements a new program, API noted in a statement posted on its website.


    Biden regime not making mistakes. Done with intent.

  3. I have read some data indicating that month over month rent increases in a number of cities in the United States have diminished and have even declined on the margin. While they’re up about 20% year over year, last month’s was maybe down about 1% in some isolated jurisdictions. Maybe rents will stabilize for the time being as demographics catch up.

    So we will see Zero Hedge publishing articles about rent cuts and how it’s all coming to an end. They will be the same type of articles they published in 2018-2020, talking about the end of the bull market in real estate. ZH will point to Zumper data like it did in 2018-20. The rest of the alt media will fall in line and develop the same tag lines. They’ve all developed the same tag lines with regards to the Russia/Ukraine conflagration as well.

    I especially enjoyed watching the Health Ranger Brighteon videos. Mike Adams is an economic expert. Take his advice. He has many things to sell you at tremendous markups. But if you’re buying from him you’re helping the cause. Maybe his cause is misinformation and conformity for the discontented alt masses.

    I can buy these supplements at Swanson Vitamins on sale for a small fraction.

    Many who read this will say, “oh Chris, the old media is trying to help.”

    I just look at the Health Ranger videos and they range from dollar collapse, Putin victory, and end times natural disasters. That was just this week alone. He’s laid off the vaccine deaths that he’s promised would be in the hundreds of millions by now.

    Buy those freeze dry supplies. Buy that nascent iodine.

  4. Putin in embarrassing U-turn as he drops both threat to cut Europe’s gas and ruble demand


    Who didn’t see this one coming? Putin is grasping at straws and is not the master chessman. He overplayed his hand and the alt media continue to worship him.

    It’s total hogwash about what Rick Wiles says about Russia developing its own replacement currency.

    Russia will be increasingly stymied and frustrated as time goes on. China is laying low as it assesses the situation

    1. Mike shedlock at it again. As of now, gazprombank will settle internally and the payment will be made in euros.

      I hate the Western establishment as much as he does, but at least I don’t partake in dispensing the anti-West propaganda. I don’t view the Soviet Union as my ally either.

  5. Chris, just recently I saw this article about housing prices and it seems to convey my hunch that prices are way out of control. Now the MSM is saying the same thing.


    My immediate thought is to not jump in that pool with all the other over bidders. But last time around when prices were ramping I had the same thoughts and missed out on some great opportunities. Hindsight is all I can say.

    It’s said there is never a good time or a bad time to buy. Consider that if I’m over paying for a replacement property someone is overpaying for my condo. Effectively I’m using someone else’s money to upgrade my living quarters. The best news is I own my condo outright and bought in 1996.

    My main concerns are:

    1) If I sell my condo now hoping to cash in on a high price, and the prices don’t fall within two years (timeline to keep my property tax base), getting back into the housing market may become costly.

    2) Or I’ll end up in a very low cost undesirable area. Right now I’m in a great area but in a condo.

    3) Buy a major fixer in a decent area and go through the process of renovation. The good news is I’m handy but lack a lot of experience when it comes to residential construction, codes and all the bureaucracy that goes with it. Relying on a builder will be costly.

    If the right deal comes along I’ll likely take it but around the SF Bay Area that’s a needle in a haystack.

    1. Don’t try to time the market when it comes to owner occupied housing. Most people who have done it over the years regretted it in the future.

      Only time the market when it comes to second home liquidation or buying and selling investment properties. If you decide to sell and buy somewhere else, do it for lifestyle reasons.

      When it comes to owner occupied housing, high prices are actually a stumbling block for homeowners. There’s a reason why existing home sales have been drying up on an ongoing basis. The higher prices move, the more costly it becomes sell and buy another one. For someone who sells and then rebuys a $500,000 property, the minimum costs or 50,000 or 10%. This doesn’t even include cost too fix up the property to sell. It’s very expensive and people are just opting to stay put.

      I speak too many homeowners who are giddy about how high the price of their house has become, but I don’t see it that way. All I see are higher property taxes, higher maintenance costs, and higher transaction costs when buying and selling.

      In your instance, you may feel that you’re doing well because your condo has appreciated so much value. But get ready to pay a lot of money in transaction costs when selling and rebuying. It actually is more advantageous for you to sell and buy another property when prices are depressed. When it comes to transacting owner-occupied housing, the transaction process is generally a wash (i.e. if you sell at a high price you must rebuy at a high price).

      Don’t gamble with owner occupied housing. Your property is a place to live not an asset of speculation. Transact for lifestyle purposes only.

      BTW I find it amusing that the Dallas Fed is also searching for housing bubbles, too. The causes rest within the confines of its own walls.

      1. Chris, good point about the seller costs during peak prices. Nothing better for those working on commission and taking tax revenue! When the real estate agent says it’s a great time to buy and sell that does not mean for the seller. If there is one thing that I get out of all this real estate frenzy is that the entire real estate operation is a criminal enterprise. And ask how can this be legal? I’m not advocating for state controlled housing, but the very fact someone can sell property on commission only begs for corruption.

        I’ll likely stay put for a while, if for no other reason I can’t stomach paying these insane prices for junk or resale remodel jobs. For me, as a classic car enthusiast, it’s like hacks painting over rust and flipping on fleabay or auction. Hopefully things cool down a bit opening up new opportunities.

        Thanks as always for your experience based insight.

      2. I agree – this is your home – wasn’t the advantage that outbuilding for your car a plus? You don’t get that in a condo. I too fretted about the right time to sell, right time to buy. So my home that I sold might be worth more now, but so is the one I bought. If the housing market crashes, then everything crashes. It doesn’t matter. Live where you will be happiest. These are the end of times – enjoy of it what you can.

        1. Absolutely correct and thanks for the comment. If I find a place that makes sense and doesn’t put me in too much debt then I’ll make the move. Otherwise I’ll just keep things as they are. I have remote places for my cars but not ideal. My machine tools will have a new home in my small industrial building once I make room and move them from the rented building.

  6. Putin and Russia are dumping their oil at 30 to $35 discounts to market. Is Putin a genius or is he a big idiot?

    Perhaps the Biden regime actually is playing him. Who’s the dummy now?

    I can tell you one thing, if Russia continues to dump its oil at this huge discount, they will have a huge ax to grind with the West.

    The US government knows it cannot enforce a total embargo ban on Russian oil. Just by taking this stance it forces Russia into selling at a steep discount.

    Who gives a rat’s ass whether or not Russia turns off its tanker transponders. Let them feel like they’re getting over on the West. They’re actually getting taken to the cleaners.

  7. U.S. Crude Oil Production Rises For First Time In 10 Weeks


    Up to 11.7mm bpd. Another 100k.

    I suspect that the E&P firms will eventually increase production once again. Perhaps another 1-1.5 mm bpd in total by year end. Especially if republicans take more seats in senate and house.

    Biden will have to make peace with the oil producers lest dems get cleaned out in elections.

  8. Hi Chris,
    Could a major natural disaster hitting the USA like a mother of an earthquake be a force major event? CCP could then invade. It also makes sense being it could be a act from God for turning away from the Lord.

    1. That would make the CCP invasion the force majeure. As long as the Fed buys debt, there shouldn’t be a force majeure, regardless of disasters. In fact, a disaster would be the perfect excuse to unveil more QE and stimulus.

      Pre- QE, a disaster like California sinking into the ocean would bankrupt the US. Post QE, this would be great as it would allow the Fed to add trillions to their balance sheet. The economy would crater, too.

      In terms of eschatology, God chastised and punished the Israelites by sending invaders through the land. He generally did not use natural disasters. What the Assyrians did the first time around, the Japheth remnants will do this time around.

      Both times mean an end.

  9. ZeroHedge out now with a 30-year mortgage chart saying housing cracked here.

    ZeroHedge claiming oil to skyrocket.


    Russian oil supplying Asia right now. Oil price action is reflecting this. Russia selling oil at 20-30 dollar discount. ZeroHedge laughing at Biden and his decision to keep draining SPR.

    Big whoops. If it ever got that bad, the government would incentivize producers to ramp up production. How? One way is to have the Fed backstop E&P debt. Offer guarantees for pricing

  10. Demoralization propaganda appears in many ways.

    ZeroHedge and Alex Jones and his doppelgangers;

    Putin a genius, Trump will fix things. Biden and US military stupid. Trump even got a hole in one. American liberals and left and democrats are evil, Russia smart and shrewd. Russia has the high moral ground. Russia is destroying the dollar with China.

    They always claim the dollar is collapsing, but always recommend the wrong assets and dispense the worst advice. Hmmm….

  11. I listened to Lorraine Day on the Jeff Rense show.

    She knows a lot of stuff…

    But, she claims that because Chernobyl didn’t detonate into a chain reaction, there are no such things as nuclear bombs and that nuclear warfare is just a scare tactic.

    Watch “Trinity and Beyond” and let me know what causes those explosions.

    I would appreciate any thoughts

      1. I get it; people like Lorraine Day cannot admit that this is a possible outcome, let alone the only one that truly makes sense. The time of Jacob’s trouble will truly be unprecedented in human history. The Laodicean pastors cannot admit they will have to endure this when their concept of end-time Babylon, Manasseh, is taken out.

        It’s coming.

        People like Lorraine Day think it will be biological. Jacob’s trouble will be so quick and horrible.

      2. Thanks, I didn’t see this one. Older documentaries are more interesting to me, I like to see how narratives change with the passage of time.

        These men were dedicated and didn’t consider how long the days and weeks were. The focus to get the job done is something that appears to be lacking in todays work ethic. I encounter several delivery drivers weekly, all about our age or older and they lament the fact that younger drivers and warehouse staff aren’t interested at all in working overtime and most not even full time. This is why I think any attempt at economic revival in the current system will fail, no participation from the younger crowd.

        Noteworthy early in the film was 14 tons of silver to make a bus bar!

    1. Observation of the day; perhaps interest rates and bond yields are now permanently disconnected from price inflation. If that’s the case, continue looking up for where asset prices will move.

      Zero hedges out pounding the table on yield curve inversion and impending catastrophe. This is excellent news for asset holders as the market realizes, regardless of the level of price inflation, the overnight rate may not move higher than perhaps 2.5%

      Want to see a world with terrible austerity? Live in a world where bond yields and interest rates create the cheapest money and distort the demand equation at the same time there are engineered supply shocks in the marketplace for everything.

      It’s simple. Artificially low interest rates, which can easily be maintained up until a force majeure will allow the demand side to continually underestimate the true cost of their consumption. At the same time, engineered supply chain issues will act as a supply shock and shift the supply curve up to the left. It truly is the worst of both worlds and could possibly mean empty store shelves, escalating rents, and punishing price inflation for the plebs who don’t have a means to insulate themselves.

  12. Also, the United States is by far the largest producer of natural gas in the world.


    If Russia forces its enemies to purchase natural gas with rubles, guess who will be the beneficiary of such a policy?

    The gloom and doomers of the US dollar forget how large of an energy produce in the United States has become.

    Chicomm China would certainly love to have America’s energy resources.

    The Western globalists already know that the US dollar will no longer be a reserve currency post World War III and have established the United States to be energy independent.

    1. The reason why the United States is such a large producer of energy is primarily because of geography and climate. In Russia, much of their reserves are in remote and unforgiving areas. Even the physical circumstances of Canada can pose issues.

      In the lower-48 States the biggest obstacles are from the environmentalists. Only the geography and climate in Alaska pose production problems.

  13. I got asked what would happen if the USD lost it’s reserve status.

    We are seeing it now; higher inflation, less organized global trade, higher asset prices, especially for those denominated in USD.

    Don’t look for housing to drop vs household income.

  14. WSJ – The LNG Export Boom Is Draining U.S. Natural-Gas Supplies and Lifting Prices

    Overseas shipments of shale gas are replacing Russian supplies in Europe and boosting prices at home


    The United States is still the world’s largest oil producer at a current 11,600,000 bpd.

    In 2019, domestic production was a mind blowing 14,800,000 bpd.

    Thanks to the COVID energy crash and Biden regime policies, oil production in the states has plummeted.

    If you and I believe that there is planning at the top, the reduction of over 3mm bpd couldn’t come at a worse time. I certainly don’t blame the domestic drillers from holding back.

  15. More anti-West propaganda; Rick Wiles is out today claiming that Russia and China want a gold backed currency.

    These two nations that would collapse faster than the US if they went to a gold backed regime.

    China is stimulating like mad and may have to soften the renminbi with the yen tanking.

    Just like AJ.

  16. I started adding to my core of BBBY below 25 here. Since there are no commissions I add a few shares at a time. Scaling in though I am pissed I didn’t sell everything yesterday. Oh well….

    1. Yessir — I added some below 23. Crazy how far it fell today. Hopefully it regains soon.

      1. I bought some more at close. On a day like this, it pays to be patient. Didn’t like that volume picked up near close, but it drifted higher in the after market.

    2. It’s a meme stock for sure. When AMC/GME, goes up so does BBBY, with no news or decent PR needed. But if one of those others start to tank then it could drag BBBY with it. Other than their large cash positions, there is not a reason AMC/GME share prices should be that high. BBBY still has alot of debt, so not sure if an offering is in the near future or not and it still has a very high short % of the float.

      1. I still have a position. Sold some after it broke 23. GME blew up in after market after stock split announcement.

        BBBY looked stronger in aftermarket, too.

        These meme stocks are just that. BBBY will definitely do an offering as the price rises. GME does it.

        Imagine fading GME at 3:55pm today. Ouch.

        There are plenty more announcements coming for all these stinker stocks.

  17. I have another interesting observation. I notice when China and Russia discuss of their global ambitions they refer to their ancient history. Yet, when America discusses such ideas, it is racist and anathema to discuss the origins of the United States and its reasons for its beginning.

    Don’t talk about the Christian origins of the United states. Don’t talk about the reasons for the American revolution. Don’t talk about the manifest destiny that existed going back to the early colonial days. Don’t talk about the church fathers discussing the fact that they thought the colonies were endtime israel.

    Because if you do, you condone slavery and white supremacy.

    The synagogue of Satan needs to push all of that down and replace it with guilt and shame, so when the bombs start dropping in America you take it like a dog.

  18. BBBY- I would use any pull back here as an opportunity to reload any holdings you sold into the strength of the past couple days. I’d look at any price below 25 as fair game to begin accumulating.

  19. Alex Jones was at it again yesterday. He seems to be the so-called economic expert and claimed that the dollar is dying because the Western establishment never worked with Russia. His answer was that if we only worked with Russia we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in. And he pointed to the sharp appreciation of the ruble as proof to his statements.

    Whatever happened to the alt-media? I barely recognized him and he looks nothing like he did when he was younger.

    Of course, a lot of what he says is true and perhaps maybe he’s stopping by the website. But his advice is completely incorrect and his reasoning with Russia is absolutely ludicrous. He’s a pro-Russian dollar collapser.

    All of the currencies are being debased in a methodical and accelerated fashion on purpose and it is being timed for the upcoming war. Yes Mr Jones, especially the Russian ruble.

    1. Another night with strange and weird dreams. Nothing terrible per se, just strange with a lot of juxtapositioning of ideas and circumstances from the past.

      1. Your subconscious is working on making sense of your reality and you are likely faced with cognitive dissonance during the day. Your brain sorts this out at night. I had terrible dreams and nightmares, to the point of sleepwalking at night a few years back. Once the psychopath in my life was cut out, they stopped. I’m not a psychotherapist, but I would suggest that whatever ‘truth’ you are presented with and are grappling with, your mind knows deep down that it is not so and you’re working it out in your dream.

        1. Interesting thoughts. Since I don’t work for a living and and have long stretches of downtime, I often think of the world and its condition. To be honest with you, I’m trying to figure out why I continue working or learn the ways of our adversary.it can be downright demoralizing. In my line of work, I’m tired of dealing with the charlatans, thieves, as well as the incapable.

          I have a subscription database of about 500 email addresses, which means that whatever I talk about is in my little echo chamber. So for anyone who hates what I have to say, take comfort in the fact that hardly anyone hears it.

          With respect to what you’re saying, I do see bigger changes coming in my life and it is a time of uncertainty. Over the next couple years I’ll be liquidating my portfolio and moving elsewhere. I see what’s coming and while I don’t like it, I’d be a fool to not do anything about it.

  20. > I have not yet come across one individual in my daily affairs who is at our level of understanding.

    I can confirm this from my own experience where out of approx. 30 people in our family friends circle, with pretty much all of them claiming to be “conservative”, I am the only one who is not vaxed. I am also the only one not rooting for either Ukraine or Russia. ..It is a lonely life.

    The absolute majority of people are hopelessly lost. They are living in manufactured reality and unfortunately they like it this way.

    1. The vast majority will keep on being deceived until the final deception. I still lob soft balls at everyone in my life as occasion permits to see if there are any hitters out there. Hope springs eternal.

      “See to it that no one misleads you.”

      I feel like this is one of the more under emphasized teachings of Christ Jesus.

    1. At some point it becomes personal, where the SoS runs out of those people who are willingly signing up to become the new slave class and gets to deal with those few who are not interested. Dumping screws from an overpass is a pretty mild push back. One can come up with a few other ideas. Which is why I hope the SoS will never get to this level of confrontation, though they certainly could.

      As Mr. H.G. Wells put it: “…Countless people … will hate the new world order … and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful-looking people.”

    2. Regarding the loss freedom and the tracking of tracing of buying and selling with covid jabs, It’s just a figure of expression.

      However, I may actually do other stuff. I may even sabotage electric transformers. That’s easy. Keep in mind Timothy, stuff never really got bad here, because the government knows we have guns. I emailed my senators, congressman, and Governor several times a month regarding the second amendment. I tell them they work for us.

      I’m very deliberate when I speak of Jonathan Mayhew and Romans 13. I speak very deliberately regarding the Declaration of Independence. It wasn’t just regarding freedom from Great Britain. You can fill in the blanks.

      It’s sad that most conservatives today wouldn’t dare think of Romans 13 in any way at adversely against the existing regime, but they’re sucking a system dry that was built upon the founding fathers who used Romans 13 to create the greatest country the world had ever seen.

      The SofS knows the chatter, and you may think that none of this matters, but the last time I looked you guys up north didn’t do too well.

      What you think is a mere annoyance is probably the only thing keeping this thing from spinning around down the toilet bowl. Besides, the only States that did cause problems to those who remained unvaxxed were those with extremely tight gun control.

      I know we talk a lot about the end times, and this could indeed be the end times. But how do you and I know? What if there’s a long way to go until Jesus’s return? You wouldn’t have been martyred, you would have gone down like a docile victim. We would look just like Winston Smith. Our deaths would have been in vain and nobody would have cared. At least I go down swinging in the name of Jesus Christ. It would be my response to seeing such wholesale death and destruction while the S of s would be doing it with flattery and advanced mind control techniques. Maybe I’d wake up a few lost souls in the process, rather than tapping away on a keyboard in my basement.

      1. Chris, guns are legal in Canada; although, they are classified as restricted and unrestricted. Long arms (like shotguns and rifles) are considered unrestricted while guns like handguns are consider restricted (meaning their use is permitted but with restrictions for acquisition and transportation). Automatic firearms are prohibited entirely.

        1. It’s a lot different down here. There is also more freedom on their use. Handguns are very easy to obtain, use, and carry. The types of weapons are also more numerous.

          But in states like NY NJ MA it’s like in other countries.

          1. I think everyone knows how easy it is to have guns in the U.S. It’s a world reputation. Point is, America is not entirely unique in this respect. I think we need something a little more constructive than dropping construction supplies from overpasses. Although I understand the frustration you are feeling, we need to be constructive at the same time. We will all eventually lose our wealth in this world communist takeover. How we react is key. Prudence and following God’s will.

            1. Like I said many times in the past; We could go down like dogs or we can go down swinging. There are many things we can do to slow the steamroller. Besides, how do we know we’re near the end?

              How today’s Christian views Romans 13 seems to be much different than how the colonists viewed Romans 13 during the time of Jonathan Mayhew and Sam Adams. The United States separated on its own while the other nations did not. One is not better than the other, it’s just different. For many people here, it’s in the DNA and I cannot explain it any other way.

              We have to accept our differences in philosophy and religion. It’s part of my DNA in how I respond the way I do. When it comes time, I will probably do much more drastic things and will be martyred. Most Christians will just take it. I will be viewed as the villain and you will think I was foolish or worse. There’s no right or wrong on this and if the holy Ghost tells you to stand down, then stand down.

              I left an industry I hated and I tell others what I know the best way possible. It’s in the DNA for me. And if I stayed with it I probably would have been a lot wealthier. I see things other people don’t see and how I respond, not react, is most likely very unique as well.

              Gun laws in the United States are different and it underpins its whole philosophy. The second amendment is the shortest worded amendment in the Constitution. All the other countries are different and I can tell by their populations, including Canadians in how they treat guns differently and don’t see the differences.

              While you and I are very similar in many regards, we also have to understand that there are vast differences as well. One is not better than the other, just different.

              I certainly no longer belong to any organized religion and when someone asks me, I just tell them to be a self sovereign Bible reader. I’m different, it’s in the DNA.

              We are just going to have to accept it and move on. This is the one stumbling block that I’ve been pointing out to others in regards to finding like-minded people. It will be nearly impossible and we’re both going to have to do it alone. Ultimately, we’re going to have to stand in front of the righteous judge alone, so we might as well start getting used to it now.

            2. Take a look at what I wrote yesterday regarding the energy markets. I see strawmen where they should not exist. I got sick and tired of all the garbage being spewed by the MSM and alt-media and wanted to lay out a number of my thoughts.

              My research and analysis is all independent and unique. There is not one person out there who thinks the way I do. I don’t agree that oil prices should go to the stratosphere and beyond. I think that’s just a strawman that our adversary has created for us. And if the price of oil goes into orbit, it’s not because of a conflict. In fact, given the circumstances surrounding the deep discounts that Russia is unloading its oil, I don’t see how prices can continue rising.

              In fact, I suspect that the Biden regime wants this. The USG wants Russia to dump its oil at the discounts to its Asian partners.

              I think you need to understand something here. The reason why I have my website is the reason why I’m going down swinging. They’re not mutually exclusive or independent of one another. They are mutually inclusive.

        2. I live in an area in Canada where I think most own a gun. They avidly hunt here and wear their camouflage gear, and definitely not as a fashion statement, men and women both. Butcher shops specializing in game. Think I might take up hunting, myself.

          1. You should. It’s a good thing. The more gun owners the less able the government will terrorize it’s people. The less likely it will repeal gun rights.

          1. Where else in the world can someone carry a concealed weapon without a permit? Thanks for the link. It is an informative read.

            As soon as I sell my RE portfolio in the DC area by 2025 and move elsewhere, I will only relocate to a constitutional carry state. I am assured the government there won’t hassle me. Any government that provides these rights to its citizens is okay in my book.

            In DC, MD and PG County, the only people who carried concealed are the criminals and law enforcement. Get me out of here.

            1. I’ve heard that Comrade Ardern is working on legislation to remove ALL guns from New Zealand citizens. Two years ago I could walk into a shop with my gun license (the people are licensed here, but not the guns unless they have military-style features) and walk out with as many AR15s as I could carry. After the guy did the thing, all military style guns were banned, and all semi-automatics. It’s the standard government trick: when they wanted to reduce the alcohol driving limit the media ran story after story of people caught 5x over the limit. Funny, they limit is lower now and those stories disappeared. Why the average sheeple thinks catching someone over the limit is a reason to drop the limit is only something anti-vaxers understand.

              If it happens, I think leaving for Latin America would be a good option. The locals there hate gringos way less than our governments do. I have basic but usable Spanish and can easily learn more.

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