A response to a reader; Why nuclear war is the ultimate outcome

What is the only trigger event that could force Americans into the NWO?

Read your latest. Agree West is pushing for nuclear war. What do they gain from this economically?

Here is my response:

As you read my observations below; I ask you, what event or set of events have the potential to eliminate these stumbling blocks to the new world order? What is the only outcome that has the potential to eliminate resistance to the new world order in the United States? I think the answer will become self-evident.


  • Despite the erosion of their living standards since 1971, Americans still enjoy a lifestyle that is without parallel. The poorest of the poor in the US still live better than the average Joe in a developing world nation.
  • Despite what the anti-American propagandist MSM and self-loathing alt-media say, life in America is still the cheapest for its citizens. The USD-based monetary system has afforded Americans with opportunities and an ease of life that is still the envy of the world.
  • The tenth amendment provides Americans with a safety release valve from centralized tyranny.
  • The USD-based monetary system affords its residents with the cheapest housing in the world when compared to household income. It also helps to keep the tax burden down to a fraction of what other residents in the West must endure.
  • The USD-based system is too deeply entrenched to be replaced by peaceful consensus.
  • For those who have the drive, energy, and initiative, there is no other nation that provides the opportunities that are available in the United States.
  • For law-abiding citizens, the US and state governments are of a minimal burden in most areas of America.
  • Indiana just joined the growing list of states (currently 24 states) that allows its citizens the right of constitutional carry; the ability to carry concealed firearms without a permit. Despite the actions of the synagogue of Satan’s powerful anti-gun lobby and its ongoing wave of staged shootings, there are still enough Americans who know that a well-armed citizenry is the key to victory and staying safe.
  • The Chicomms and Soviets are both well versed in America’s relationship with firearms and both recognize that they cannot engineer a land invasion of the U.S. unless there is some sort of prerequisite cataclysmic set of circumstances to help facilitate an invasion.
  • No other nation has a cherished document like the U.S. Constitution that automatically provides its citizens with so many God-given rights of protection. There is no other nation in the West that comes close.
  • Despite all the synagogue of Satan wrangling with the phony COVID pandemic, the Constitution eventually prevailed at the end of the day and that phony crisis died on the vine.

As an American, I already know the answer to this question. The only event or set of circumstances that has the potential to eliminate the above stumbling blocks is an offensive nuclear strike against Manasseh (America).

Foreigners may not be familiar with the easy life that Americans possess. In fact, I often hear from the profane that Americans have too much freedom. Just ask freedom-loving Canadians how they feel after the phony COVID scam.

We still have time to prepare, but time is running short

The reason the globalists need WWIII with its nuclear strike on US military forces is to drive Americans into giving up its sovereignty and constitutional rights and join a militarized global government. It also provides the world with the needed force majeure to undo the USD-based monetary system. Nothing else will do that—neither Covid nor global climate change tyranny will force the US into a global government. Only war will do that. That is why the Anglo-American elite have been building up Russia and China for years—this makes certain that this war is a fait accompli and that Russia and China strike first (given enough motivation).

I agree with Joel Skousen here, Ukraine isn’t the proper trigger event since we don’t have a legitimate excuse to intervene (as opposed to S. Korea where we have thousands of US troops). In fact, the US and NATO have been so obvious in their adamant statements that they will not intervene in Ukraine with armed forces, that it is viewed by Putin as a partial green light to invade.

Russia’s talk of using nuclear weapons is more saber rattling to help ensure the US and NATO won’t intervene. There would be no point in Putin launching a limited nuclear strike—it would only invite a massive retaliation.

In nuclear war, it’s either all-in or don’t shoot at all. You either take out all the enemy’s armed forces in a nuclear first strike or you don’t use them at all. Anything in between doesn’t stop the other side’s ability to retaliate.

Russia and China are not yet ready with this all-in strike of America, but are waiting until both are fully prepared to join forces in an all-out war against the West and its offensive nuclear strike of America. It’s the height of naiveté to think that Russia and China are our friends just because they also hate the Western globalist controllers.

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22 thoughts on “A response to a reader; Why nuclear war is the ultimate outcome

    1. It’s probably going to be biological and sneaky. Psychopaths don’t like to be exposed for who they are, they are cowards, nor do they like to clean up messes. They’ll let us bury our own dead and let us believe it was a ‘virus’. This guy has an interesting take on what is next, a more scary virus that will have people running to quarantine camps. Also interesting is his observations on insurance companies and funeral home stats. Because the vaccine is in clinical trial, if you took it and suffered adverse reaction, that is considered risky behaviour. No payout. If you died because of it, it can be considered suicide. So again insurance companies won’t pay. All this is happening and nobody pushed the button on a nuclear weapon. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Qpkekk3TF64s/

    2. I know it’s a common refrain from others who say that nuclear warfare is an impossibility by some unseen guiding hand.

      This may be the case in some regards. This is why I call this nuclear war, the final war, and the time of Jacob’s trouble. God will have to intervene and put an end to it.

      The world is getting prepped for it and it is the only way that United States can be taken out. It won’t be by a biological warfare agent. It will be by a secret agreement and an evil thought done by the Japheth remnant adversary.

      The Old testament prophecies will all be fulfilled in rapid fire succession like the ballistics of a machine gun. Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop….

      1. I was disappointed to hear Chuck Baldwin disregard these old testament prophecies of Magog and Gog as irrelevant today with Russia and specially China in one of his newsletters. I guess one cannot get everything right. Still he is better than your Joel Osteen for corporate chrurchianity folks.

    1. I originally thought the Afghan drawdown was in response to the need to patrol the streets domestically in a covid vaccine lockdown.

      Now, we know why… it was in anticipation with the new war against the Japheth remnants.

      There is always a reason… None of this stuff is done without a purpose; we just need to figure it out.

      Thanks for sharing.

      The quick abandonment of Afghan was to make the US look like it doesn’t protect its allies. Plus, the troops will go to Europe. A well-scripted plan in which we are left to figure out.

  1. Gold not holding up well here. We will probably see a break below 1900. Could happen this morning if negotiations have merit.

    1. Never mind. I said gold would break 1900 when it was 1910. It’s now 1896 as I speak. That was quick.

      The power seem to be holding it down.

  2. Dear Chris
    According to newspaper reports, the G7 nations are not ready to meet Russia’s demand that payment for natural gas supplies be accepted only in rubles.
    Now, of course, the idiots here in Europe are beating a path to the door of the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) producers, so that they don’t have to sit around with a cold ass for the coming winter.
    Wouldn’t it be worth investing in the LNG sector?
    Wouldn’t you have some tips on which stocks to invest in?

    1. The ruble thing can’t happen. Who has enough rubles on hand to pay for their LNG? Russia trying to stabilize the ruble. It needs foreign currency.

      I think of LNG shippers. Just started with a GASS position a few days ago. I will think of a few more.

  3. Hello BBBY 👋👋👋👍👍👍

    Pay me! Throw out the charts and write me a check!

      1. I wonder why it popped at 2:30 ct. any news? I’ve noticed that happening the last few weeks, many stocks uptick around the last hour of the day. Some call that power hour, but just odd at the last hour or so in the trading day with no news.

  4. How the radical left is pushing property owners to the brink
    Liel Leibovitz NY Post


    Do not own rental properties in New York or New Jersey. The blue state governments are going to make it nearly impossible for the average landlord to exist. If you are just starting out, move to a friendlier jurisdiction.

    I am moving my rental properties out of Prince George’s County by 2025. I will be figuring out where to relocate my rental portfolio out of the DC area.

  5. With all the problems plaguing the commercial office space sector, and with so much attention being diverted to the residential realm, institutions are increasingly looking at residential RE as an extension of the office space.

    This has the effect of perhaps repricing the SFR with this in mind. I can see how firms may help tenants pay for rent in lieu of showing up to the office.

    1. As covid was emptying out office high rises; I had a thought that one day those same office buildings can be converted into giant apartment complexes. Rezoning a commercial or industrial area is not a problem when the idea comes from the top.

          1. Yeah, I think it’s GMO and everything

            As of now, the majority of residential properties in the United States can achieve at least a five-year 15%-18% IRR.

            If the process can become standardized, and institutionutional money can generate this actual return on a predictable and consistent basis after all expenses, this money would eventually find an IRR as low as to 10% an acceptable return.

            What this means is that house prices could run up another 60 to 70% with no large increases in the rent and institutions would still be willing to dabble in the sector.

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