A response to a reader; The Western system is operating as planned, but it’s not designed for us

Have we underestimated the Western economic system and the insidiousness of the anti-West demoralization campaign?

Chris, I’ve analyzed Alex Jones for decades. He usually cuts off guests at “key” moments. I don’t underestimate Jones’s genius. He is a very intelligent operative (for example, in 2014 I examined Jones’ use of neuro-linguistic programming—a tactic which requires a sharp mind

It may be that Jones was censoring Skousen to a degree, but wouldn’t it make more sense not to interview Skousen at all if Jones felt threatened by his revelations? Jones isn’t forced to interview anyone. I think you are relying too much on Skousen, but that is your prerogative. Of late, I have tended towards what Eastern analysts are actually saying. For example, I am finding a lot of interesting writing from dissident Poles (not ones tied to the Soviet-controlled Polish gov’t, I might add). We have enough to go on with the revelations of Anatoliy Golitsyn, Yuri Bezmenov, and others. However, I don’t discount everything Skousen says. I just wouldn’t rely on him exclusively. It’s better to have multiple views from multiple sources with which to formulate a more accurate analysis. Skousen is of the old Council For National Policy crowd who most certainly are controlled opposition. While I am pleased that Skousen isn’t joining the Kremlin-philia parade that seems to have captured the Western Right, when is the last time Skousen named the Jew? I say take the good he says, leave the bad, and move on, gather more opinions from others. I and others have been writing about how Dugin, Putin, and the Kremlin have been setting up the Right long before Skousen came on the scene with that information (Golitsyn wrote about this in the 1980s-1990s). When you only pay attention to one analyst, you miss what the others are saying, Chris.


Here is my reply:

My initial contention was solely in regards to an Alex Jones interview with Joel Skousen from a couple weeks ago. If you listened to it carefully, it’s nearly impossible to refute what I’m saying. Jones cuts him off at precise points, and those points conform perfectly to Jones’s ultimate agenda. It is de rigueur that Jones interview Skousen as he is a popular and long-term guest.

But this is not how I was framing my discussion. I use Skousen as an example, because he makes more sense than anyone else I have analyzed regarding the timeframe to war. He also has been sticking to this line for decades and unfortunately he’s the only one who has been correct for the reasons he enumerates. I tried to be as pragmatic and objective as possible and when someone is as correct as he has been regarding this timeline, only someone willful would ignore it.

The Western economic system is very vibrant… Just not in the way most imagine it

Think about this. There is a reason why the Western monetary system has been so resilient, and anyone who has invested based on this premise has done well. Those who thought this system was going to collapse or were duped by the many demoralization tacticians lost out terribly. Indeed, these demoralization tactics seem to emanate largely from the East and former Soviet bloc. Unfortunately, I submit that the very people you mentioned also played a hand in this.

If the West was in such a perilous state economically speaking, this system would have collapsed decades ago. Another one of Skousen’s premises was that this monetary system was going to remain intact until war. He stated this long ago.  Where he erred was that he recommended the wrong investments and underestimated its strength and resilience.

I didn’t, because I was aware of the demoralization tactics of our adversary.

Skousen’s theory, in which the Western establishment is coaxing a Russia and China nuclear response also makes sense to me. The Western economy and monetary and financial system is actually very sound and robust. The Western globalists have burned all the bridges financially speaking on purpose, because they know war is coming. Skousen never mentioned this as the force majeure; that theory only came from me. I theorized that the markets would continue moving up until that time.

I don’t use the work of others in my economic analysis

I don’t need anyone to tell me how the economic system is progressing. I don’t rely on anyone else. I rely on my own analysis. I don’t mention others, because they do not understand the conspiracy the way I do. This system is very resilient; it’s just that you and our readers are mostly not benefiting. It is designed to do what it is doing and it is not collapsing in the sense that most readers contemplate. Those who believe otherwise have succumb to the anti-West demoralization campaigns that were engineered by the very propagandists that most of us rail against.

The Western monetary and financial systems were exclusively designed to consolidate the global wealth while the plebes fought amongst themselves and were diverted with red herrings. The next step is the force majeure.

What we are seeing in the West is being done with intent and not out of desperation. The Western establishment has specific plans for the population and the only way they could get away with it is by feigning incompetence and partisan rancor, and I don’t care how many Zero Hedge websites pop up to counter this cold and sobering reality.

So many people claim to have precise knowledge of this timeline, yet made the worst financial choices based on it. This is a clear indication that they were in over their heads. I take a pragmatic approach in understanding the adversary and opposition.

I don’t appeal to any particular person per se. I’m fully aware of Skousen’s personal background and past, but  view it as irrelevant. I am objective enough to comprehend his accuracy regarding this timeline to war, and if what he’s saying militarily speaking bears out, I go with it until he’s proven incorrect. I only analyze what he is writing and predicting, and whatever personal baggage he brings to the table is left on the back burner.

Based on your line of thinking, if you knew me from the 1990’s, you would never listen to another word I ever said.

I’m certainly not naive in this regard, and I’m not here to prove a particular philosophy. I understand your knowledge base and respect it. I think you and I have particular sets of skills and approach these matters from unique angles.

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13 thoughts on “A response to a reader; The Western system is operating as planned, but it’s not designed for us

  1. AJ is so rude I can’t stomach him. High viewership draws guests to his show. I guess they think the abuse is worth it. I quit watching him a few years ago. He interrupted Matt Bracken so many times I cut it off. I might sound harsh, but anyone who goes on the AJ show deserves what he gets. AJ is tribe, by the way.

    I note that the stock market roars on, no matter what happens. This suggests that all events are scripted. I mean material, kinetic events were made to happen. Or the reports of them are fiction.

    Thanks for another great post, Chris.

    1. A few guys I know goto the court house auctions and buy houses, if people don’t pay their property taxes, I think they get an extension, but if not paid then the property goes to auction. Lots of shady fine print in those type of deals. If property taxes continue to rise, i’m sure there will be more of these type of auctions.

      I think BBBY still has a very high short interest. If the borrow rate gets higher, could it sqeeze?

      1. As long as QE remains, house markets will remain strong. If mortgage rates rise, we could see house price drop. On the other hand, if interest rates are rising that is primarily because price inflation is rising or remaining elevated. That will generally mean higher rents. Institutional money will always have advantages over on their borrowing then you and I could.

        If property taxes continue to rise as you and I contemplate, rents are also going to continue their spiral upwards. Higher property taxes can be considered a supply shock and each progressive shift up and to the left with the supply curve means a higher equilibrium rent price in the marketplace.

        Higher property taxes and higher price inflation are one-two sucker punches to renters. Institutional landlords know what is coming and continually scoop up single-family properties.

        The only way that I would know for sure that residential real estate is about to embark on a meaningful downtrend in prices would be if rents top out and begin to fade.

        I am not a permabull parrot with housing. Because we can correctly understand why the residential real estate market has been rising, we know what will cause it to definitely fall. That one factor is the rent that these properties derive. If for any reason we see stepped up competition for landlords to acquire tenants and rent rates start to fall, the game will be mostly over for the cycle.

        In many areas of the country, based on rents, house prices still make sense.


        With regards to bbby, I suspect that there is still a larger than normal short interest that has been held prior to the institutional insider buying. We see how the spikes in price are met with selling, but the floor has been moving progressively upwards. I look at gme as a rough proxy with regards to short-term moves.

        I still think bbby has a good future ahead of it and we’ll see 30 before we see 16.

        1. Chris, you mention the potential for property taxes to rise. Add that to the long time campaign for CA folks to move out of CA to TX, AZ and other states with the promise of cheaper living seems like a set up to me. All these years I couldn’t put my finger on it, but after reading your comments above, I have to wonder if the entire “get out of CA movement” is another manufactured event that will leave former CA residents with no prop 13 protection while replacing those who left CA with a new tax base calculated on an inflated market. 1.25% multiplied by “you paid how much for that!?!” = Cha ching for the tax man.

          For those who don’t know, prop 13 limits property tax increases to 2% annually. The flip side to prop 13 is homes are assessed on the sales price. Your taxes are about 1.25% of the sale price with a 2% increase every year. If one stays in the same house for may years (like I have) this works out to be a really good deal considering CA real-estate increases and turns over much more than that. High property turnover can only help the tax collector in CA.

          To my knowledge this law doesn’t exist anywhere else. The big money institutions buying up all the property in CA will be under prop 13 protection. The long term gains of the ridiculously overpriced CA property will be realized long after the initial purchase.

          1. AL, I can’t avoid imagining that California is being cleared out for massive Chinese immigration. Chinese, who have ready cash. China as a too-many-peeps per square mile issue. I heard from Doug Casey that the Chinese government wants to relocate 300 million chinese to Africa. I imagine these are peeps of the lower econ spectrum. The middle class and wealthy are West coast USA bound.

            1. David, I have been seeing FOB Chinese coming here for a couple of decades. Even as far back as when Hong Kong’s lease was up, the paranoia was in overdrive. One case I know first hand was my Chinese friend’s uncle bought a house in a nice area but it sat vacant. He was set up with a car (Ferrari) that my friend had to exercise on a regular basis.

              After the 08 crash Chinese were buying up city blocks in not so great areas and choice houses in some very good areas too. Houses were priced with odd numbers such as $749,888.00. Chinese are very much into numerology and three 8s are good luck. Painting front doors red is likely another effort to pander to Chinese investors. To me it was obvious that the entire real estate market was geared for Chinese buyers. Not to leave the Indians out of the equation because plenty of them in my area too.

              I don’t have anything against anyone but at the same time find it sad that anyone who is born and raised in the SF bay area has to move far away to get an affordable place.

              1. Globalization crushes identity. Profits uber alles. Some Americans are fine with that. Global has plans to deal with Americans who aren’t.

                I note we have a new “avian virus” outbreak here in Virginia among commercial turkey farms. Last time this happened (2002) several million birds were destroyed to stop the virus. This at the same time that food prices are popping higher 2-5% a month.

                1. It’s nice to have another Virginian on the blog. George Washington considered himself a Virginian.


                  Indulge me as I go off on a tangent….

                  America has become such a garbage dump that I don’t consider myself an American anymore. I consider myself a Jesus man. I reside in America and if I am to take sides in a manufactured World War III, it will be on the American side.

                  I’m certainly not going to look to Putin or Xi for a bailout from the ongoing tyranny here in the states and the West. The double-mindedness in the alt-media is on a level that is much greater than anything that the so-called liberal side can offer. the downfall and crash of the alt-media has been profound and permanent.

                  The only answer to the tyranny in which we are under is through the name of Jesus Christ.

                  It’s only been through Arlington, DARPA, and McLean that our adversary has been connected with George Soros, and that George Soros has been responsible for all the regime changes.

                  Being a Jesus man, I see through all the clutter and take sides with the America that once was. This means I’m a self-sovereign man, and I don’t get caught up in all of this rancorous partisan bickering. It makes for peaceful life. I’m not subjectively affected by the anti-West propagandists that are placed in the toilet bowl we call much of the alt-media.

    2. PEREnews if it doesnt come up in your search.

      I don’t see this as being any different from what happened in the manufacturing business and so many others. Big player comes in with low cost capital, scoops up distressed assets, refurbished with volume deal purchases on materials and fills as many rental contracts as they can at market price. They win because their cost basis is lower, no different from any other capitalist enterprise.

      The psychology is strange, most people have a problem with private institutions owning your home for profit and providing value but the same people would likely be OK with government fulfilling the same role. Government run housing is the only true monopoly and an unmitigated disaster everywhere that it has been tried.

      1. Do a Google search for this;

        “perenews institutional investors buying single-family homes”

        I think I misspelled perenews and said perinews.

        It came up as the first item. It was a February 22nd article.

        By the way you make a very good point. If it’s the evil institution providing the property, the average person is up in arms. If the government, however is providing the property, the people love it.

        The sad part is that either way, the institution is making out. The government provides the subsidy and the institution will still own. Welcome to the Great Reset.

        This is something else that comes across my mind. When I look at most other government or public goods services, whether it be civil engineering, road construction and repair, garbage pickup, toll collections, or financial services to all of the diverse stakeholders in a tax jurisdiction, it is managed by private corporations. The tax jurisdictions give the private corporations money in which to manage the services that they provide. And they do this for a profit. Yet, somehow the socialists expect the benevolent government to provide housing. The most important service that somebody can provide somebody else, housing, should somehow be immune from the private sector.

  2. BBBY – A special situation stock in which you can throw out all the charts. Take some profits…. Hold the core.

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