Gauging our timeline to invest and prepare in light of recent military developments

Russia’s missteps adds another year or two to our timeline

I put out this post to help us (me) try to predict how much time we have left. I have been encouraged with the recent problems Russia has faced in its attempt to subdue Ukraine, and this is not because I have any iron in the fire. Rather, Russia’s missteps have proven beneficial to us as this may mean we have more time to invest and prepare for what’s coming.

I also theorize that the CCP may wish to revisit its immediate commitment to advancing its military ambitions and commitment to Russia after it has observed Russia’s recent failures in Ukraine.

Sadly, while we may feel relief at observing Russia’s stumbling, this new assessment of Russian conventional military weakness only increases the potential of Putin choosing to use nuclear weapons (his big advantage over the West) in a large pre-emptive strike against US and NATO military bases and missiles to make up for his inability to beat the US and NATO conventionally.

Overall though, Russia’s problems with its conventional warfare tactics and planning have shown to many that Russia may not yet be properly equipped to take on the West in any meaningful way. From its underestimation of the impact in which Western sanctions are having on its economy to its blundering in Ukraine, I believe we can add another year or two with our timeline.

I also predict that this nascent wave of military spending by the three antagonists (Russia, China, U.S.) will help to inflate the global economy with a massive spending boom. Long live income-generating assets. If China and Russia wish to stimulate their economies, what better way than by increasing military spending? China continues to race to match the United States, and its only way is by spending hundreds of billions more.

I have to suspect that the central banks will rather let inflation rip than to subdue it and cause asset prices to deflate. At the end of the day, these central banks serve the asset owners and not the citizens. The citizens are only used to build the wealth and power of the already powerful.

Keeping perspective; Russia and China are only manufactured enemies

Ever wonder why the USD is still the global reserve. Look at the 2021 defense spending levels below for a clue. Watch as Russia and China spend more.

The United States ($778 billion)
China ($252 billion [estimated])
India ($72.9 billion)
Russia ($61.7 billion)
United Kingdom ($59.2 billion)
Saudi Arabia ($57.5 billion [estimated])
Germany ($52.8 billion)
France ($52.7 billion)
Japan ($49.1 billion)
South Korea ($45.7 billion)

The US spends more than 10x Russia, and the Anglo-American establishment is only feigning weakness when presenting China and Russia as our existential enemies. The Synagogue of Satan is our real existential enemy.

The secret weapons the US possesses will floor the world’s population; they are the stuff out of sci-fi novels. Unfortunately for us, they won’t be employed until many of us our dead after absorbing an initial offensive strike originating from China and Russia.

I have added a pdf file of Joel Skousen’s Russia/Ukraine analysis and commentary from yesterday’s World Affairs Brief for your reference, which conflates with my observations. You can download it here.



The only outlier in this timeline would be if Russia grows tired of its continual missteps in its conventional warfare route and literally decides to take the nuclear option out of frustration and expedience.

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45 thoughts on “Gauging our timeline to invest and prepare in light of recent military developments

    1. A few weeks ago I theorized that the Ukraine conflict is essentially cover for a massive redevelopment plan. Russia is simply providing the demolition using military funds. Possibly the Northern Central Asians will be hired to clean up the mess. The question is what development companies will bid to rebuild?

      Here is a slightly different, perhaps more realistic version, of what the actual reset is.

  1. If you are looking for a safe place to avoid getting triggered, then you are living on the wrong planet.

    This world is God hating, Christ denying, Spirit ignorant; full of evil and apathy and billions of heretics daily walking and relishing in whatever delights their flesh.

    If you attempt to stand for truth, you will face provocation. If you are on social media, the risk goes up 1,000x.

    You should avoid getting triggered, but how?

    The world’s solution is to create trigger-free environments (safe spaces), or to force silence on your opposition (i.e., isolation or destruction).

    God’s solution involves meekness and charity. These are not strengths of wit or physical force. They are spiritual strengths provided by God to those whose flesh is crucified with Christ (Gal 5:22-24).

    Meekness is not weakness; it is “forbearance under injuries and provocations”. Charity is not simply hugs and kisses; it is “not easily provoked” (1 Cor 13:5).

    Instead of removing you from this present evil world, God is interested in creating workmen who are not so trigger-able: in other words, to strengthen you to withstand provocation.

    With meekness and charity, you need not hide from provocation, nor must your knees jerk left and right with enflamed retaliation.

    Around you are flesh-driven people provoking your old man of flesh. In Christ, your old man is dead, which means your fuse is cut off. There should be nothing to trigger.

    This leaves the opportunity to minister to the button-pusher with patience, wisdom, truth, and love instead of flying off the handle. Through Christ you can avoid getting triggered (Phi 4:13). Beware, others may be triggered by this.

    In Christ,

    1. I agree. Conventionally speaking I don’t see any way out. Only through Jesus Christ do we have a chance. The holy Ghost will somehow allow us to make better decisions when the problems appear.

  2. I think Chris raises a very good point about making hay while you still can. Worrying about the future shows a lack of faith in God and our beloved savior Jesus Christ. In fact Jesus says not to worry about the future as mentioned in Matthew 6:25-34

    “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. ..

    The point is that as long as you can still make hay then do so. Yes, World War III will come and the tribulations will come, but only the Lord decides and knows when it will come. It is not fir us to know the time and place unless God tells us. The upshot is that we are seeing signs(such as Russia invading Ukraine) that WWWIII is on the way but we do not know when. As long as WWWIII and the tribulations are not here then please still make hay in the economy and in your life. Use this time to prepare for the tribulations by stocking up AND, most of all, establish a close relationship with Jesus Christ. Only Jesus can protect you from these upcoming hard times. Don’t let the worry distract you from earning your living.


    Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday March 4, 2022, and I will be talking about the war in Ukraine from a Russian perspective. This is possible, I believe, because one can see the other’s point of view in a conflict without agreeing with the other’s tactics. I Would not wish to be seen as supporting the Russian invasion in any way because I don’t, but I want to be free to examine evidence and draw my own conclusions without being told by opinion makers what to think.

    This is the 10th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, so a little history is in order. Thirty-one years ago, the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, and the Premier or leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, met to discuss a possible deal to allow the Soviet Union, which was financially broke and desperate, to end peacefully, and with dignity. The deal was that the 16 Soviet satellites or colonies would become separate independent countries. East Germany would remain divided, but the wall would come down and then the two countries would be completely integrated.

    Reagan agreed that NATO would not expand beyond its present boundaries at that time. In other words, the Soviet colonies, now freed, would not become part of NATO. No NATO or U.S. troops would be stationed in the Russian borderland countries, and both sides would keep those countries free of offensive missiles. That part of the agreement was later formalized in a treaty to ban intermediate range missiles from that part of Europe. American presidents have denied the authenticity or even existence of the agreement, but Secretary of State James Baker was there, and he took notes, so denial of the deal only adds to the hypocrisy.

    The deal was made to give the world a sigh of relief from the long, expensive, and very dangerous cold war in which mutually assured destruction was the order of the day. It came after a long series of dour, hardline Russian leaders and ended with the eloquent, Westernized Gorbachev, who was succeeded by the disastrous Boris Yeltsin. President Clinton reportedly took advantage of Yeltsin because of his greed and most of all his alcoholism. NATO began its continual march to the east and to Russia’s border. During that time the U.S. withdrew from the Intermediate Range Missile Ban Treaty and moved missiles to Poland and Romania.

    Yeltsin held power for about 10 years and then power was transferred to a former colonel in the KGB European Division, Vladimir Putin. Mr. Putin set out to rebuild Russia’s reputation and status as a great nation and his first tactic was to divert a large part of the Russian GDP to modernizing the Russian military. NATO had advanced to the border of Ukraine by that time and there were constant rumors of Ukraine’s joining the NATO treaty. The Nation of Georgia was also a target for NATO expansion and when it became an open objective Putin invaded and put a stop to it. The West seemed to learn nothing from that event, however.

    Fast forward to the year 2016 and the American presidential election in which Putin and Russia were accused of interfering in the election on behalf of Donald Trump. For the next four years that was the constant theme of the American media, but the Durham investigation has revealed that the Hillary Clinton campaign instigated the entire hoax. Other than that, it was a complete lie, but I’m sure that Putin was both amused and outraged to be Clinton’s scapegoat.

    The interesting part of all this and the complete hypocrisy of the American leadership came into view just two years before that. The President of Ukraine was Viktor Yanukovych, pro-Russian and corrupt in the Ukrainian tradition, but nevertheless freely elected. Putin was satisfied with a Russia leaning government, freely elected, but the United States was not satisfied. Protests occurred across the country especially in the capitol of Kiev due to the failing Ukrainian. Economy. The main square of Kiev was known as Maiden and that is where the protests got the name Maiden Revolution…..

    1. Great. Thanks.

      I only gauge the American and Russian propaganda to determine how much time we have left, and this person’s POV is fitting of a job well done on both sides of the propaganda machine.

      The Anglo American establishment and US elites have been playing the USSR as the straw man enemy since WWII and before. Every year it baits and lures the former Soviet Union and now China by feigning ineptitude and weakness while seemingly giving away the economy.

      Putin is as Christian as a Rabbi. Once you move up the KGB, you are always a member of Satan’s club and do his bidding. If you believe him to be his public persona you’ve been had. Biden isn’t really Catholic either. They are players in opposing teams and we are just paying spectators. I am interested in who owns the teams and the league. Aren’t you?

      The Anglo American establishment will have the last laugh at the upcoming debt force majeure as they will own all the hard assets, while leaving the world broke as the USTs you hold will be worthless. This is all part of the big conspiracy to drain the world of its wealth and then to blame the collapse on a Russia nuclear takeout. Then when it’s done, they know God will wipe Russia off the map. The whole time Russia was played like a dancing bear as the fake war killed perhaps billions.

      But to get this achieved, the globalists need gullible pre-tribber plebes on both sides to get the war machine humming.

      I am shocked at how subjective the alt-media have become. This is all part of a large conspiracy to get the Russia and China alliance to strike the West with an offensive nuclear strike. I am impressed at how effective and quick this all has been.

      Mark my words, the US military and land will ostensibly be taken out by the people whom you support. I have no allegiance to the West in its present form and I certainly do not support Russia’s government in any way.

      The brainwashing on both sides is nearly complete, and when I hear the insane people talk about nuclear conflict, I know it’s close.

      Take my word on this one. Russia will be destroyed after it nukes the US. Destroyed, and China will turn its back on the empty husk of what’s left of the Japheth remnants.

      This sad sack will be scribbling his notes on a pencil and birch bark when the Anglo American establishment finally has the high moral ground after a nuclear takeout of the West.

      Of course, this is a pyrrhic victory, as many of us will not be alive to see it.

      1. Absolutely, Chris. I’ve been in awe of just how effective this latest campaign has been, but it’s really been in high gear these last two years. Who knows what other tricks they will pull before WWIII starts. We may yet get to see something like Project Blue Beam and fake alien messiahs. The PTB have proven they can make people believe just about anything at this point.

  4. Is there hard evidence nuclear weapons exist ? And i don’t mean the phoney images we know from the fifties and the Dresden like bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    I think covid -19 and nuclear weapons are two sides of the same shekel.

    1. Not everything is fake. There are probable change agents who push that message, but it’s meant to send you down endless rabbit holes. Russia has developed its missile technology over its conventional forces for good reason.

      1. I agree… What happened here? The change was so quick. As the libs took to vaccines, the alt-media and conservatives took to Putin.

        1. It just shows how right you were and are… at my most pessimistic, I never imagined how bad it could be. Perhaps it will be even worse soon? Fake Pope Francis is planning to “consecrate” Russia on March 25 and may further delude many who escaped Covidism and Putinism. Just how bad could it become before, during and after WWIII?

          1. It’s so fast now. The whole consecration thing was picked up in TruNews. What happened? People like AJ were plants all along and now their objectives are out there for the discerning eyes to see.

      1. My father served in the Dutch military, I’m guessing around 1958-1960. They had told him then that that the next weapon of mass destruction was going to be biological.

  5. I had to laugh at your analysis that the US contains sci-fi weapons that will floor the worlds population. This is beyond amateurish and delusional. This is coming from the country that has a massive boondoggle with the F-35, Boeing Airplanes falling out of the sky, bridges collapsing, pilots crashing and killing themselves in Norway, recent Naval vessels crashing into each other, vaccine programs that are injuring and killing large amounts of people, etc. and you actually believe we have sci-fi weapons ? Please tell us what they are?….laser beams?…..alien weapons LOL?

    The analysis on the Russia special military operation is also completely amateurish and wrong. Where are you getting your information from and thinking?

    Russia isn’t seeking to completely dominate and level Ukraine, even though they could do so like they did to Grozny in the late 90s and early 00s. It appears this is a much more confined and limited operation while limiting human casualties. It appears Russia is encircling and cutting off select cities that contain the radical azov battalions that target and kill ethnic Russians who live in Ukraine. They are destroying key military sites and infrastructure in order to demilitarize the country just as they stated. If anything, the Russian side has given the Ukrainians the opportunity to withdraw and surrender if they come to terms but have been unwilling. It is obvious that Zelensky is a complete puppet of the State Department/CIA who are now flooding the country with weapons hoping to create an insurgency. Maybe you missed where one of the Ukrainian negotiators who wanted to make amends was shot in the head by the Ukrainians? Maybe you missed where the foreign legions who went to fight for Ukraine had their entire barracks destroyed and many of them were killed? This doesn’t sound like a stable regime in Ukraine. I would encourage you to read the history of this state with the coup orchestrated in 2014 by none other than the State Department/CIA and installed these stooges and gave support to the Nazi groups. In fact, Israel was at one time even providing the Nazi groups with weapons.

    Your last bit regarding Russia taking the nuclear option because the conventional route isn’t working… what way is the conventional route not working? They continue to take city after city and destroy key military sites. They came out and said they wanted to limit civilian casualties and have been pretty good about that considering that they are fighting against those who use civilians as shields. This isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan were you can just roll over goat herders. I think your judgement is seriously clouded regarding this event.

    The only way Russia takes the nuclear option is if the West continues to engage and start attacking Russian forces. Then again, if you looked at a map and realized Ukraine is right on Russia’s border they have more of a justification for use of a nuke as the West tries to suffocate Russia as it backs it into a corner by placing missile sites in Poland and Romania and inviting all of the Eastern European countries into NATO even though they gave assurances after 1991 that they wouldn’t do this. Of course, we see how this worked out.

    I do think it is likely that WW3 will happen as war has already been declared by other means and it is only a matter of time before it goes hot. Yes, Putin will strike first and he will use nukes as that much is obvious. For the first time, the USA will actually have a mass casualty event and mass death on its own soil due to its own actions in this case. I wouldn’t be surprised to also see cyber attacks that take down the banking system or the pipeline system. You should be expecting the USA to collapse in a very hard way within the next few years.

    1. You should start your own website and stop reading my amateur crap. You seem to be up on this stuff. I enjoy your ad hominems, too. Top notch stuff analysis on your part.

      Who are you to talk to me like that? How dare you talk to me like that. I am on your side. How do you treat your adversaries? You better straighten up and figure who’s on your side. Where do you think a lot of this black ops money is going? You still believe the anti-West garbage of them losing control.

      The Western elites are not losing control, but are trying to bait the East into attacking. After people like you who listen to the propagandists are no longer in the picture, these Anglo-American élite will pull out the weapons and put an end to it. You believe the fakery in the alt-media. you believe the financial system is dying and the Western elite are desperate. Nothing could be further from the truth. These weapons will end the initial strike almost as instantly as it came. you just won’t live long enough to see it.

      I understand you get poorer and less able to keep up, so you rant on message boards. The people following the alt-media and staring at their screens are losing it. I see it fragmenting more on a daily basis. they are so confused and punch drunk. Bleeding tons o red ink, calling each other reprobates

      You call me delusional. Joe calls me anti-Christ. The ad hominems are flying and nothing neither you say is of any use to us who are trying to invest and prepare for what is to come.

      1. You don’t have to be so arrogant and smug. Why do you think that you have a crystal ball for everything? Not a long time ago you were advising to sell all the equities because the doom and gloom is coming, then 2 weeks later you changed your advice – now everything is different?! I wonder if you suffer from bipolar disorder.

        1. As I explained earlier, I anticipated the Fed was going to jack up rates. I admitted I was wrong when they stood down and it still doesn’t seem like the Fed is going to take inflation seriously. The elites are going to run out the clock and let inflation rip.

          I may seem arrogant, but I admit when I am wrong. I have to interpret what these elites do.

          Look on the bright side. I warned to sell at 4400+ and advised to get back in at 4250.

          1. Changing your mind when the facts change is a sign that you are a good investor, especially when you are right.

    2. You’re spot on, let me know when you start your blog, I’ll be sure to subscribe.

      1. Why bother? Blade runner is only echoing what the Alt-Right is saying and just look at their track record. if you insist, find one of them and save yourself the anticipation.

        1. 100% agreed. Alt-right has been wrong almost every single time. Did Alt-Right tell you to invest in income producing Single-Family homes from 2010 to 2020? Nope – they told you it was going to crash and to invest in gold instead. Did they warn you about Trump being another puppet and QAnon a byproduct? Nope — all they did was trap people into believing in many falsehoods and getting some locked up in prison for it. Now you want to follow these same talking heads defending Putin? Think about that one for a moment. Don’t forget Trump encouraged his supporters to fight for their country by going into the white house and putting matters in their own hands. And what happened? They got themselves locked up for another puppet; whom didn’t even try put up a good fight against the election results himself — he hired a bunch of amateurs for his lawyer team. Ofc — he went out to rallies and made a big scene with big words that he’s fighting hard. Judge by his fruits – and you won’t be fooled. Kanye West can release a million albums calling Jesus is King, but if he’s hanging out with known satanics that made a name for themselves by stating they will take down Christianity — you won’t be fooled. I appreciate this blog, because Chris knows economics well and understands/follows scripture. Which is very rare.

        2. Also, regarding weapons – I believe the technology US has is many years ahead of what we see in the public. They have had black budgets with pretty much unlimited spending. Also I don’t think Congress isn’t informed regarding these projects.

          I don’t understand how people on the right get so manipulated. Did they not read scripture? Do not trust men. Stay vigilant. It is written that by their fruits you will know them. Let’s think for a second – how can governments from different continents, different languages, different religions all have the same exact covid and vaccine policies? From Putin’s Russia to Australia. From Singapore to Croatia. Klaus — the spokesperson for the World Economic Forum (their logo has a hidden 666), has had all leaders from Trump to Putin exalt him in speeches. Klaus himself has stated in an interview that Putin came from their organization, and so did the Canadian Prime Minister and most of his cabinet. Therefore, how can Putin be trusted to be nothing more than another puppet? Also talking heads like Alex Jones are severely mis-guided or purposely leading people astray by supporting Putin. I stand with the people that get hurt by their governments throughout the world. That includes the innocent in Russia + Ukraine. To most of their leaders we’re all just useless eaters, and their goal is massive de-population and a world with no borders. One religion. One government. Total control over who can buy/sell. Crypto is a major step towards that direction. Covid was another step. Ukraine/Russia is another step — one way or another. Don’t fall into their propaganda of hating the United States. Many of Israel’s tribes migrated to the United States, and their bloodlines are still here. We don’t need Trump. Or Qanon. Or whatever else they come up with. We have the LORD and Jesus Christ. That alone is all everyone truly needs, and should make their enemies tremble with fear if the LORD and Jesus Christ are with you. So people need to turn back to Jesus’ commandments. Contrary to what churches teach — it’s not enough to believe in Jesus. We need to also obey his commandments. And not just for one day. Or one week. Or whenever it’s convenient to you. No. It’s day in. Day out. That is called faith.

    3. Bravo blade runner! US army could not defeat the goat herders of Afghanistan and left that country in hurry and disgracefully. Once the US$ stops being a medium of exchange which will happen soon, US and its handlers are going down the drain fast. It is not producing anything anymore except for the woke idiots.

      1. The US establishment abruptly left Afghanistan to signal to the world the Americans were not going to defend their allies. That’s part of the reason why Russia was emboldened to invade Ukraine when it did. China also decided to go red on their ambitions. They both figured no one was going to stop them. They are partially right. The set up to the planned force majeure with the Anglo-Americans winning it after many people are dead and you all opt into the NWO.

        You will own nothing and be happy. After the first offensive strike, many doubters will be changing their diapers if they’re still alive.

        Daddy Bush did the same thing to Saddam in the first gulf war. He gave Saddam the green light to invade Kuwait, and when Saddam did, Bush used it as an excuse to beat up iraq and establish their NWO beachhead.


        You guys are being played. The Afghan troops will be used here domestically to suppress the dull-witted conservatives, who from what I can tell will pose no threat. they are too busy fighting amongst themselves.

    4. Well if the goal is “Build back better!” then maybe a nuke war is the goal. After that anyone left will probably take anything and any rules those left in power will dish out just to get any relief possible.

      As far a the war in Ukraine I think Putin believed his own lies that Ukraine is full of Nazi’s and that Russian soldiers would be welcomed with open arms. Just do a little searching on Reddit combat footage you will see the welcoming party the Russians received. Many Russian soldiers are being turned to hamburger. The amount of destroyed equipment of Russia is amazing! Also, you can see the Russian tanks flying the Soviet Union flags. I think Putin sees the incompetent leadership in the US and decided to make the move just like in 2014-15 When Obama was in leadership. Funny Putin made no moves when the guy he supposedly helped get elected Trump was in office. And it was Trump who gave Ukraine the 1st Javelins.

      I think NATO should of never let in former WARSAW pact countries there should of been a buffer between NATO and Russia. The US did not like Soviet nukes in Cuba why does the US think the Russians would like NATO on their doorstep.

    5. I like how you guys are quick to point out Jewish manipulation of Ukraine while ignoring the dominance of Jewish oligarchs/Chabad Lubavitch in Russia. Putin himself is Jewish, yet you guys only want to talk about Biden, CIA, Ukraine ad nauseum. This is a neo-Soviet dialectic with Chabad running both Russia and Ukraine simultaneously. Chabad is the pinnacle of the Synagogue of Satan. Zelensky is in Putin’s back pocket. These tribalists don’t actually oppose each other. That’s why Zelensky will survive this staged war. He is a Putin toady playing a role on behalf of the SoS.

      We see what’s going on. Perestroika Deception via Soviet Israel.

  6. Alex Jones in full partisanized anti-West propagandist ranting the past day or two. Full Putin shill.

    How can the Average Joe figure this out? Based on what “Joe” commented before, Joe is no longer capable.

    Skousen was on AJs show and Jones kept cutting him off and changing the subject.

    1. Note: my above comment, where I said “you guys”, was directed at blade runner.

      Chris, to be fair, Jones usually cuts off his guests. I don’t think it has anything to do with what Skousen says. Jones and the alt right have gone full Kremlin kucking. The alt right is completely hypnotized.

      1. This has nothing to do with fairness; that’s a subjective term in this instance. I listened to Skousen’s last interview with Jones and Jones would cut him off at specific key moments or go to break or whenever Skousen would mention anything anti-Russian. Jones is a genius at it and I’m surprised that most people don’t pick up on it. Jones knows Skousen very well.

        This is why Skousen repeatedly states how he’s dismayed and saddened by what he sees. He specifically mentions Jones in the brief.

        I think in this instance you underestimate Jones’s ability to redirect interviews and maintain his standing and talking points. In this regard the only downside to Skousen is that he continually refuses to want to believe that it’s intentional. As much as I dislike Jones, the guy is a genius on many levels.

        What Skousen writes in the Brief and what we hear on the interview circuit with AJ are two different things. This is why I mentioned the world affairs brief and often included copy. Jones never allows him to discuss anything anti-Russian, especially since Skousen continually maligns Putin and the Russian objectives.

        Skousen has made this clear; there will come a time in the future that anyone who is pro Russia and anti-vaxx will be considered enemies of the state and be treated as such. Unfortunately this now includes most of the alt media in the states. I mention it now because it seems the alt-media followers are as hypnotized as the vaccine promoters.

        He has been writing in the brief that many of the followers in the alt-right are being set up to fall into this category and are being led there on purpose.

        I totally agree with him. And it’s being done with military precision by the Judas goats themselves.

        The tendency to lump Joel Skousen in with the Judas goats is duly noted here. I’m always very careful not to criticize the man, but to listen to his argument. I’m certainly not here to paint with a broad brush. Because time is short and as a 20-year follower of these shills, I’ve noticed the nuances as well.

        1. It’s at least been useful in showing who’s who if there were any doubts before.

          “Skousen has made this clear; there will come a time in the future that anyone who is pro Russia and anti-vaxx will be considered enemies of the state and be treated as such.”

          This is something I’ve thought about and wonder how they could implement. I think we should consider two separate events: terrorist attacks in the United States and then later, the force majeure. Imagine a suitcase nuke, etc., that damages some major American city and the warhead is “traced” back to Russia. The US government then targets pro-Russian Americans for supporting the terrorists.

          They’ve already been softening up the country for attack, but this would give them further excuse to remove “pro-Russian” elements from the military who might have taken the injection and objected to other measures by the government. It would also enable them to pre-emptively remove people who might survive the force-majeure and act as anti-Chinese elements in future occupied America. In this likely martial law-type scenario, it would give them supposed legal cover to enact these and any other measure they might need to lead into the force majeure.

        2. I witnessed this weird ‘cancel all things Russian’ at a rehearsal. We’re going to play Shostakovich and someone piped up that everyone is cancelling Russian things and we shouldn’t play it. What the heck? So we have to cancel all things Russian now? From what I remember, Shostakovich did not love composing in the Soviet Union – he made ridiculous fanfares for the government because they paid him to, poking fun at the establishment in his works. 🤦🏻‍♀️ People love their virtue signalling.

        3. Chris, I’ve analyzed Alex Jones for decades. He usually cuts off guests at “key” moments. I don’t underestimate Jones’s genius. He is a very intelligent operative (for example, in 2014 I examined Jones’ use of neuro-linguistic programming—a tactic which requires a sharp mind: . It may be that Jones was censoring Skousen to a degree, but wouldn’t it make more sense not to interview Skousen at all if Jones felt threatened by his revelations? Jones isn’t forced to interview anyone. I think you are relying too much on Skousen, but that is your prerogative. Of late, I have tended towards what Eastern analysts are actually saying. For example, I am finding a lot of interesting writing from dissident Poles (not ones tied to the Soviet-controlled Polish gov’t, I might add). We have enough to go on with the revelations of Anatoliy Golitsyn, Yuri Bezmenov, and others. However, I don’t discount everything Skousen says. I just wouldn’t rely on him exclusively. It’s better to have multiple views from multiple sources with which to formulate a more accurate analysis. Skousen is of the old Council For National Policy crowd who most certainly are controlled opposition. While I am pleased that Skousen isn’t joining the Kremlin-philia parade that seems to have captured the Western Right, when is the last time Skousen named the Jew? I say take the good he says, leave the bad, and move on, gather more opinions from others. I and others have been writing about how Dugin, Putin, and the Kremlin have been setting up the Right long before Skousen came on the scene with that information (Golitsyn wrote about this in the 1980s-1990s). When you only pay attention to one analyst, you miss what the others are saying, Chris.

          Putin’s prophet Aleksandr Dugin said, “The new Right is only a project, and we are its architects. The future is truly ours.” (

  7. I was asked if I still own BBBY.

    I still own a runner here. I sold off half several days ago at around 23 after dollar cost averaging to mid 22. It dropped to 19 and bought some that low. It rose about 4+ off that low, I took advantage of it. I still own that other half. I am waiting for a plunge to accumulate more.

    It’s a special situation stock. I want to hold a core and trade around it. I suspect that we may get a tweet or statement from the activist investors here to try to goose the price.

    GME rose off the lows. We’ll see….

    1. Since the activist investors entered into their BBBY position, the stock is actually a very good one to trade. I have probably traded it a number of times since first buying it. The goal here is to trade for scalps and trade profit while lowering the cost basis.

      We know this has a short term floor at about 17-18. So I trade it on the down side, scaling in as the price falls and selling as prices rise. At the current price, I say it might be tilted a little to the downside in the short term. Use any action below 20 to begin accumulating again.

      Hold a core on the belief an announcement is coming. Add more as the price falls. Trade around it. Don’t just buy it and wish for an increase. It will spike sometime in the future. The street is bearish on the firm. That’s already priced in.

      Create opportunities.

    2. BBBY has a very high short percentage stated as of Feb27th, decent insider buys and the Ryan Cohen attention. Could there be some sort of squeeze? Is there a high borrow rate for BBBY? The GME/AMC squeeze happened not just because of retail apes pumping, but also because of a high short percentage and mostly the high borrow rate. Congrats on the buy below 20, I may take a position if it goes there again. My chart currently shows a 14ish support level. It’s still a meme stock so when the other memes uptick then so will BBBY which is good to know for scalps.

      Everything seems to be upticking back to pre Ukraine hoax levels and then some. So unless the SOS does a huge false flag, I don’t see the market doing another downtrend. I don’t see how they can’t keep the Ukraine hoax going on much longer. Of course sanction news with China would be bad, but probably not this year.

      They may try something with Covid like again, maybe just mask mandates and booster shots, as I do not see the masses going along with harsher restrictions like they did in 2020, there would be pushback. However the Vax verify tabs are still on my State and employer’s websites. They don’t need vaccine mandates to implement the digital identity or CBDC agendas. They do have a pill vaccine now so maybe they will just push that. I guess we’ll find out, thanks for letting me rant.

      1. No problem. I doubt an embarrassed Russia is going to back down.

        I suspect on some level that Putin got the okay to invade Ukraine. I suspect that he is being played on purpose for this outcome.

        1. Thanks to Putin’s invasion,

          “Ukraine just silently announced it’s the first country to implement the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ by setting up a Social Credit Application combining Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Digital Identity & a Vaccine Passport all within their Diia app.”

          Putin can eventually pull out once the UBI is securely in place. He might even “admit defeat”. Does that mean the invasion was a trojan horse? Admitting defeat perhaps would feign weakness, when in fact, Russia might be very strong (the Soviets follow Sun Tzu’s methodology) for eventual global conquest.

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