3/11 Podcast update; A response to a reader – the United States before and after WWIII

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-A response to a reader’s comment: I answer all his questions and concerns.

I was wondering if you could expand on what you think life in the US will look like both during & post WW3.

You’ve mentioned sentiments to the effect that the US will be pulverized. Does that mean economically due to high prices/shortages or infrastructure or loss of life? You’ve also theorized that the US will become a dominant leader in world oil production post war and recently that you would be likely hanging onto some rental properties implying that you see US housing as a good place to park equity in a war scenario (by default equal to or better than gold).

You had also forecasted that private property ownership in the US would be a thing of the past… Are you thinking outright confiscation or more along the lines of people priced out of the market & shut out of the banking/financial system?

It seems like for the last 200 years the US and most commonwealth countries haven’t hosted much for war on their soil. I’m suspecting you see the WW3 theater being different; which I’m guessing will require strong ties to other like-minded people and at a minimum access to a rural support base?


-My thoughts on which assets would be confiscated first during a force majeure.
-I analyze why there is only one way for the USD-based system to be subject to a force majeure. That way is only through a humiliating military defeat.

Under international law, [a force majeure] it refers to an irresistible force or unforeseen event beyond the control of a state, making it materially impossible to fulfill an international obligation. Accordingly, it is related to the concept of a state of emergency

Force Majeure – Wikipedia

-What investments to hold during a USD force majeure. Do residential rentals still make sense? My thoughts on land and other assets as well.
America Is the World’s Largest Oil Producer. So Why Is Losing Russia’s Oil Such a Big Deal? The U.S. might be “energy independent,” but it still can’t control production.
-Even though the US is still the world’s largest oil and energy producer, why are energy prices now skyrocketing?
-I answer how I think the US will be pulverized. Those who either own income generating assets or can earn their own income will still have an advantage over others.
-Why the West, and especially British Commonwealth and the US, will be affected the most from WWIII. Prophecy has already unfolded the way the NT has indicated.
-Why WWIII will be the time of Jacob’s trouble and the great war in Ezekiel
-My thoughts on trying to locate like-minded people. The answer may surprise you.

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90 thoughts on “3/11 Podcast update; A response to a reader – the United States before and after WWIII

  1. I got asked by a reader what would happen to asset prices if the dollar loses its Reserve status.

    The answer is very simple. If you think real estate prices in the United States are expensive now, or if you think stock prices are high, just wait when all these dollars flow back into the United States. If the global supply chain begins to shift out of dollars for payment, these dollars need to find a place. They’ve already begun and that’s why we’re seeing real estate and stocks begin to skyrocket here for no other reason.

    In fact, the writing is already on the wall with respect to the dollar and the inside powers already know and that’s why real estate and stocks continue to escalate here in the states. If and when the dollar formerly loses its reserved status, the price multiples here for residential real estate will match at least the Commonwealth areas and perhaps Europe. United States price to income multiple will go from about four to at least seven to eight.

    The dollar will not formally lose its reserved status until World War 3, but the process has already begun, so if you wonder why real estate prices keep rising look no further than the dollar on the world stage.

    The dollar has already begun its collapse. Those who don’t own the income generating assets are going to be taking a horrible bath here.

    1. I cannot believe how pro Russian Alex Jones’s show has become. There is no way that he is coming up with these talking points on his own.

      He always claim that his family had deep Masonic roots, and once you’re in it there’s no going back. And those young dummies that he hires for his newscasts are even worse.

    2. When I sold my house in Toronto, most of the offers came in from people who could barely speak a word of English. Now that being said, my parents were immigrants but they were European and were looking to build a life here, raise a family and farm, not park money or flip properties. I even had some weird offer from India, looking to outbid everyone and buy the house sight unseen. I didn’t even entertain that one because it was so strange but certainly looks like an attempt to park money. My real estate agent said there were more and more incidents of this in recent years.

      1. These foreigners own a lot of dollars and need to get rid of them before the USD wanes in global influence. Listen to my podcast that just came out today to understand why housing P/I multiples will increase, perhaps greatly here in the states.

  2. Markets not looking good. Nasdaq futures below 100 week sma. Spoos could drop to its 100 week sma.

  3. Rhe crises may be manufactured, but they are real. I watched the second plane hit the WTC. I knew 7-8 people who died that day. I stood on Houston Street and watched WTC 7 fall like a huge waterfall.

    The effects as are very real. Just ask the Iraqis who lost everything over a lie. Unless Powell repented on his deathbed and was truly genuine, he’s burning in hell. He publicly lied all the way to the end.

    1. The 1&9 lines were severed and I had to walk to my po box at Bowling Green station. The salvage crews were spraying perfume to cover up the smell of rotting flesh. it stunk.

  4. “The historical mission of our world
    revolution is to rearrange a new culture
    of humanity to replace the previous social
    system.This conversion and re-organization
    of global society requires two essential steps:
    firstly, the destruction of the old established
    order, secondly, design and imposition of the
    new order.The first stage requires elimination
    of all frontier borders, nationhood and culture,
    public policy ethical barriers and social definitions,
    only then can the destroyed old system elñements
    be replaced by the imposed system elements of our
    new order.The firs task of our world revolution
    is “Destruction”…”
    -Nahun Goldman, founder of World Jewish Congress,
    “The Spirit of Militarism”(1915)

    1. The whole premise of Orwell’s 1984 was based on the direct results of a nuclear war that destroyed the pre-existing society and rearranged it into three major global zones of influence and power.

      1. The podcast was a good listen. I could tell Chris you have fun with those. Just like Covid i’m of the opinion this Ukraine event is another hoax and a Hollywood style production. However as we have seen and experienced, oddly these staged events create real problems and they really do come in the order of Problems, Reactions, Solutions which are all preplanned.

        From the predictive programming that has been pointed out, many events have been on the books, centuries or longer before they happen. The problems are put on the internet, all media and televisions for people to react to. The Covid solutions were obviously terrible. I feel we are entering the solution phase with this hoaxy Ukraine event, not sure if they will carry it out until midterms or if they have a China event planned for this year but I’m not expecting any big surprises. Sure hope no one here mailed in a check to support the I stand with Ukraine drivel.

        Every public official in America has sworn an oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Just like the Covid charade look at all the preachers, teachers, medical professionals, law enforcement, military, corporate executives, Federal and local government officials that are going along with it. They should be labeled domestic enemies. This is more frustrating, upsetting, and heartbreaking than an real bio weapon being released or an actual war.

  5. A nuclear war would be a far better way to do “the great reset” than whatever Klaus, Soros, and the rest of that tribe has planned.
    One that wipes out the “New World Order”. One that sends tsar bomba to antarctica three weeks after everything is “calm”. If the people who perpetrated the Covid/vax scam are permitted to exist in any way whatsoever, they’ll only repeat catastrophe. Now, I’ll be the first to say Russia is CRAP compared to what America was in the past and that China is even worse. But the good people of the West sat complacent for so long that they allowed an infection to grow that has consumed every last refuge of decency their nations once represented and now there’s only one way forward. Evil prevails where good men do nothing to stop it, and now the entire West is a prime example. Nothing can be touched without getting covered in filth. I’d like to say that elections that are not rigged could fix this, but even small things like fixing vote fraud are beyond wish.
    Just checked Infowars, Alex is talking world war 3 also.
    Jim Stone

  6. You think they’ll incorporate Albert Pike’s playbook for WW3, which would involve pitting religion against religion? Specifically Christianity vs Islam.

    1. Indeed. This war will achieve many goals all at once. Three world wars. I personally think it’s speeding up.

      All the conditioning in the movies and TV about a third world war going back to the 50s was not by accident.

      I really enjoyed the first Planet Of The Apes movie from 1968 even though it was suggestive propaganda to get the world to accept the “inevitable.” These movies showed that the American man was going to lose.

  7. Excerpt of this week’s World Affairs Brief from Joel Skousen:

    I have long complained about the globalists and their media friends downplaying the Russian threat in past decades, making deals with Russia and China. Part of it was not wanting to alert Americans to this future existential threat that the globalists were helping to arm and create, but the other main purpose was to build up future enemies because they needed another world war to achieve their globalist objectives and merge all Western nations into a militarized NWO.

    But I warned years ago that when they start attacking Russia, you will know that war is getting close and that Russia and China can no longer be deterred. Just prior to WWIII, the globalists don’t want to be caught being on the “soft on Russia” side that they promoted for decades—hence the current anti-Russia switch. It began a bit earlier than they wanted after Trump was elected when they decided to falsify links between Trump and the Russians to claim Russian interference in our elections.

    My prediction is coming true: Even Foreign Affairs, the globalist CFR publication warned this week that, “Washington Must Prepare for War With Both Russia and China” by Matthew Kroenig, deputy director of the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security. Gen. Brent Scowcroft was Henry Kissinger’s primary staff assistant.

    Remember clear back in 2008 during Mitt Romney’s run for the Presidency, how so many in the media complained loudly when Romney said Russia was our biggest geopolitical foe? At that time, they were still in the “cover for Russia” mode. Now they are lauding Romney for his “foresight.” Well, I’m no fan of Romney, and when pressured by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, he backpedaled and called Iran the “biggest threat.” So it wasn’t because he understood foreign policy or the Russian threat, he was just fed these lines of thought from his advisors to take a unique position.

    In any case, it’s true today, and now that the globalists and media have, since 2016, switched to the “attack Russia” mode, conservatives are thinking, “if the media and the globalists are attacking Russia, it must be disinformation” like everything else put out by the media about the exaggerated pandemic and the vaccines.

    But what pro-Russian conservatives don’t realize is they are unwittingly falling into a trap. When the Russians join with the Chinese in attacking the US military bases with nuclear weapons in the future, anyone who is seen as pro-Russia in the past will be open to being attacked as a “subversive,” and “aiding and abetting an enemy.” Not only will it give them the excuse to censor conservatives further, it could be an excuse to put them away like the Japanese-American internment camps. Being anti-globalist to boot will make them a double target.

    So be careful about being reactionary to anti-globalist ideas. We all have to think carefully through the complexity of the grand deceptions we are dealing with in these last days from both the globalists, the Russians and the Chinese perspective. As I tried to tell readers last week, all three of these predators are evil and deceptive, so don’t ever get on the side defending any of these enemies.

    Already there are signs of this smear campaign on conservatives. Stooges like former-VP Mike Pence came out saying there’s no room in the GOP for ‘apologists for Putin’. Someday they will spring this trap on Trump supporters who are defending Putin just like the Deep State lured Trump supporters into the capitol on Jan 6, and then prosecuted hundreds of them, sending them into prison or indefinite confinement in the DC Jail.

    Sadly, I feel like my voice is getting drowned out by other conservatives with whom I can usually reason with. Many conservatives are doubling down on their opinions and taking refuge in all the other conservatives parroting the same pro-Russian claims. So many including Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Greg Reese, Paul Craig Roberts and many more are repeating these pro-Putin sentiments. I stand almost alone among conservatives teaching how to see through the fog of deception. Some are calling me a shill for the establishment, which shows deep ignorance of my long history of fighting against the globalist deep state.

    Putin’s increasingly heavy-handed tactics in Ukraine is already proving me right. But the stubborn won’t be convinced until Russia and China start WWIII and it becomes only too-obvious how false their hope was in the “benevolent and helpful” Vladimir Putin in the fight against globalism! Putin himself wants to run his own version of the NWO after the West is defeated.

    Of course there will still be plenty of blame owned by the globalists for WWIII, and they certainly will have played a role in provoking it, but Russia and China are not innocent dupes, but predators with their own secret agenda to rule the world. People keep watching the public statements by Putin and Xi as proof of their lack of evil future intent, but their public speeches are never going to reveal their real ambitions, just as none of the “former” communists in Russia have admitted that they faked the phony “fall” of the Soviet Union.

    And, just because Putin is feigning being a Christian or China feigning semi-capitalism with the West, for economic advantage, doesn’t mean they have changed. All who engage in secret conspiracies of power are masters of deception. Don’t ever take them at face value.

    There are stark historical similarities to what Putin is doing now in taking back the old Soviet Satellite countries, which are comparable to Hitler’s first moves in WWII by first absorbing Czechoslovakia and Austria. Putin also said that he “will never give up on [the] conviction that Russians and Ukrainians are one people.” This mirrors what Hitler said with “Ein Volk und ein Reich” (one people and one country). Russia appears to be assembling the new Reich with Mr. Putin is the new Führer over all the former Soviet peoples, even though most were never Russian. Western Ukraine will never accept that even if conquered.

    President Zelensky is increasingly shocked and discouraged that the West is not going to step in to stop the eventual fall of Ukraine.

    1. He lost all credibility when he referred to Zelensky as president Zelensky. The man is a pathetic clown and a con artist. Wish he said that in the beginning of the article so I wouldn’t have water my time reading the whole thing

      1. So that is all it takes for you to diss analysis. Really? Are you no different than the plebes I complain about? At least Zelensky achieved the office after a fair election.

        1. A fair election? You should know by now that all elections are rigged and don’t really matter, especially in highly corrupt nations like Ukraine. Zelensky is the biggest clown from all world leaders. He’s probably not even in Ukraine. There will be no WW3 because we already are under a one world government and the uniform response to the Covid hoax by all world governments confirmed what some of us have been suspecting for some time.

          1. Sounds like some rock solid analysis.

            You think we are in a one world government already? Just wait several more years when it’s fully revealed.

            So, what if we are in a one world government already? As of now, the Western Anglo Americans are in control of it. Unfortunately, for the West and the Americans, Russia and China do not like the terms of this arrangement and will seek to abrogate it. And the Anglo Americans want them to abrogate it. They want them to abrogate it with a war to end all wars.

            Be careful about your opinions. I certainly hope there are no people listening to them.

            1. WW3 started on march 13, 2020. It’s literally a world war because the same mass depopulation agenda was implemented world wide simultaneously. More people will die with the experimental shots than bullets so that’s a war on my book

              1. Scriptures mentions war, massive inflation, famine, lawlessness, murdering, plagues, and Christian prosecution. Then followed by a massive earthquake before things kick off with the trumpets. I don’t think vaccines will cause the massive death tolls. I don’t see it in scripture. I see war,
                famine, and lawlessness being the much stronger cause of deaths before the trumpets kick in.

                Not sure if you guys saw i pet goat 2. It came out in 2012. But mid way it shows – ‘markets plunge and war’ followed by 3 jets shooting down a mosque, and people just figured out that same exact mosque is in Kiev. After that scene it shows suffering and famine. This war in Ukraine may be the start of the seals.

                Regarding vax – some are getting sick. Some are dying. The rich got richer. Our rights got trampled on. But I do not see the vax causing massive casualties. Perhaps it was their intention, but God stepped in. Prepare for the events in scripture – not stories on zerohedge.

                1. The pale horse is mentioned and seems vague enough for anything to fall under that category. Could be that people are just dropping dead in the streets.

                  The next few years are going to be so ‘insane.”

        2. Your analysis is spot on, Chris. I have to agree with MSM on Putin – and it may indeed be a trap for all conservatives to compliment/root for the guy. People too easily are deceived by nice Christian words, but actions are weighed more than words. And Putin’s actions shows he’a another puppet for the satanic elite.

          1. CCP has long promised the Chinese men that they could invade and take over the West, especially in the United States, and settle in the houses and farm the lands that the Americans formally farmed. The CCP could easily round up 200 million men to execute a land invasion, especially when they promise them the riches of America.

            Are you coming to take a spoil?

            Have you come to take a prey?

            1. There is no other nation, but America, that fits this description. If you still do not believe that America is not an end time prophecy you are an ignorant and willful fool.

              Ezekiel 38:8 KJV
              After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them.

              1. I will pour down torrents of rain, hailstones and burning sulfur on him and on his troops and on the many nations with him. 23 And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord.’

                They’ve got another thing coming. Praise the Lord. Amen.

        1. Soros is a fall guy.

          Putin is Jewish. Zelensky is Jewish. It’s a scripted dialectic with the lives of innocent Ukrainians at stake. More white genocide and Soviet encroachment on the West in preparation for WW3.

          1. These guys are just workers and marketing reps in the factory. Who owns the factory? Who’s telling Putin, Xi, and the Western establishment to take these next steps now? I leave that up to the reader to contemplate. There is always someone or something higher up on the pyramid.

            1. I call BS on you Claudio. I’ve been in the patriot long enough to know that the “everything is fake” crowd are disinfo artists put out to keep people of the real trails of conspiracy.

              People are being massacred in Ukraine. Your disinfo artistry is irrelevant and outdated.

            2. Covid wasn’t faked either, Claudio. It was real. But it was worse than the typical flu. A bad flu season. World War 2 wasn’t faked. It was orchestrated like all other crises by the ruling elite. These events are very real. But the fake part comes who’s really behind it and true goals.

              1. If you think Covid wasn’t fake you are doomed to be deceived in the future. I live and work in Manhattan. Hospitals were empty. The only people that died were the ones who panicked and ran to a few hospitals mainly in Brooklyn and queens, designated kill hospitals, and were murdered with ventilators. You went to a hospital you were placed in a ventilator and dead within days. We live in a Truman Show type of reality. Everything is staged and all countries are in it. 9/11 was completely staged, there were no planes on that day, just controlled demolition. There are no Russian troops in Ukraine just like there is no Islamic extremism or a deadly virus. Everything is fictional

                1. These are red herrings. The crises were very real as the people believed them to be and the financial markets believed them to be. The wealth and consolidation of these global powers was breathtaking and whether or not covid was real in a large case is irrelevant.

                  The 2008 crisis was a scam and was all engineered yet many people lost their houses as a result of the scam. Many people lost their jobs because of a covid scam. Many people are being overwhelmed with massive waves of inflation because of a covid scam. People have essentially been forced to take experimental jabs have been reengineered into effective zombies. It may be a scam but many of these people will end up taking a subdermal chip because of a scam.

                  How many people over the next few years will be financially wiped out because of a Russia and Ukraine scam.

                  These crises may all be scams, but the effects on the average person are all very real.

      2. Yep. I love the so called biblical talk and history lessons but he fails to ever touch on what it really means to be a Christian. Chris’ love of his gold and self preservation is exactly what Jesus spoke against. Buy more rental properties and own more objects. He says he’s given up on those who aren’t already Christians, but has God ever given up on them? Aren’t we to be Jesus followers and preach His gospel? Or should we preach the gospel of prosperity? Is this about gaining the world and losing your soul?
        I am most definitely not against making a good living, but I don’t believe your preaching the gospel of JC. Love one another as I have loved you. Not buy more rental properties and be self empowered and stay alive. From your basement you make no real difference to anyone and I haven’t heard anything that you say that brings anyone to Jesus or strengthens our bond with God as believers.

        1. Go elsewhere. He has helped me out more than you could imagine. Perhaps you just don’t get it.

        2. Thanks Joe. I run a financial, economics and conspiratorial website. Drink you milk elsewhere with a Laodicean pastor. I offer my vast background freely for anyone who seeks it. What do you offer?

          I get it. Life is spinning out of control for you and you lash out from the comfort of your house to an anonymous stranger, as if I am the cause of your woes. You sound like Blade. Both in over their heads. Both full of opinions, but couldn’t even tell me the time. You offer nothing constructive. I offer 37 years of economics and financial markets background, while you offer really nothing useful. I know you like the 501(c)3 line, so I advise you stick to that.

    2. This guy you referenced is spot on. I will have to subscribe myself. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Chicomm China using covid as a means to control the population in its build up to future military actions. These actions will not be popular with the average person, especially if it impacts their financial markets and economy the way signs are pointing.

    3. Zelensky did a dance video in leather and heels.

      We don’t know what’s happening in the U., because we can’t trust media reports.

      Skousen is LDS, an insular organization subtly hostile to outsiders. BYU is the top recruiting ground for cohen in action. LDS is a Judaism branch. Can’t trust his judgement either and he works for the apex power. His audience is the John Wayne crowd.

          1. Yes, saying everything is fake is a coping method. People don’t want to admit that the SoS views their lives as meaningless. But if you listen to Talmudic scholars, you will find that this is the case. Some even argue that it’s a good thing to have high death tolls of Christians (akum/Amalek).

      1. What we think means nothing. The vast waves of plebes vote for him. why rig elections when the people prefer this? Trudeau was elected, too.

        Zelensky in over his head. That suits the globalists just fine. The whole of central Asia will fold as well. Ukraine first step.

        According to Bloomberg, 75% of DC residents approved of Mayor Bowser’s covid restrictionsand polices. The other 25% probably felt she didn’t go far enough.

        What we think is of no significance. Go out and build a life without an employer.

        I may go out and buy another property. Have enough to do it and suggest we invest for another 24-36 mos. in mind.

        We are alone in our echo chamber. We know the truth, but need to go out and get moving and shaking.

        1. Chris, thank you brother as we need to hear more of this than all the negative shite atm and endless arguments over this is fake or that is fake. I’m going to go out and buy me some real estate. I no longer care for covid, war in Ukraine or any other distraction the SoS gives me. Like you said I need to make hay while i still can

  8. A few thoughts:

    – You must understand the ‘third way’ as announced by Gates, Clinton, Brits and others a couple of decades ago. This is a major reason for confusion about their plans and methods. It’s not the old west model of limited gov and freedom; it’s not the old east model of full gov marxist totalitarianism. (The classic dialectic.) It’s essentially the China model: brutal marxist totalitarian political state working hand and hand with corporate power as the main executing agents. US is turning rapidly into this model, CVID controls as the latest example. This is the model our traitorous ‘leaders’ have already bought into. This is why they keep the focus and accusations on Russia, and are blank on China. The third way means thesis (west) meets anti-thesis (east) and blends into the new synthesis (NWO/reset). When you use this for your filter, many things that make no sense snap into clarity. People are stuck in the old models, but not the elites.

    – When the Man of Perdition appears, he will bring in a blending of politics, religion and business. It will be the first complete full-spectrum global governance. I don’t think that necessarily means 100%, everywhere on the planet. Effective control, or 80% plus domination is essentially all that is needed. His reign will only last 3 1/2 years. The death decree will go out toward the end of that, total chaos will be dominant, and that is when the Lord will stop it all, ‘lest no man survive’. That’s how crazy it will get. Some of that will be due to God withdrawing his spirit and angels who hold much evil in abeyance. (See opening the abyss in Revelation. Satan will be given free reign for a short while, to demonstrate forever his true character. Then- no more.) I happen to see some communications from a high-level Luciferian who has been pretty accurate on his predictions for the last few years. He claims they have their man ready now, and just waiting in the wings to appear. I assume it be done when the great crisis happens. As we know, that’s when the masses will accept the worst leadership. (Sidenote, not an endorsement: He says stockpile silver, even over gold…) He explained years ago that they have essential control of Australia, NZ and Canada via the CCP. Those govs Cvid actions make me think this is accurate.

    – Comparing gold to real estate is illogical. Gold (and precious metals other tangibles) are stores of value and effective in that role. They are not cash flow producing assets, like real estate, equities or businesses. So your particular strategic goal is vital in your choices. I agree w Chris on this- try very hard to have some cashflow generating assets, hopefully with pricing power to offset inflation. That said, we should all have 10-50% (depending on personal situation) in value storage, preservation hard assets.

    – The Protocols spell out their overall strategy clearly. “We will build it all up, shatter it into a thousand pieces, and then scoop it all up in our consolidation of all wealth and power. And the people will thank us…” (Paraphrasing here). Perfect description of the ‘Great Reset.’ Schwab of the WEF is a Rothschild, a luciferian and the point man for much of this at present. Close to Gates, brags of training and installing Trudeau (son of Castro) et al.

    – I see a lot of black/white thinking in the posts here. Try to build a more flexible, open and resilient model. IE, have plan A and B and C to the extent possible. It’s very hard to know how things will play out specifically at any given phase, or in any given locality. IE, it’s not should I do this or that but how can I have an adaptable model with redundant resources and methods in place to be able to adjust to what’s happening.

    – I agree that the physical invasion will likely be from China. Revelation describes and army of 200 million- that is feasible within the next 10-15 years.

    – A study of actual collapses and war situations like Bosnia, Argentina, Russian or Cuban revolutions, current Ukraine, etc will yield valuable lessons. (See SELCO’s blog for a good start.) Things most preppers and believers over-value: Guns, metals, food storage. I am not saying don’t have these; I’m saying keep them in perspective and proper allocation percentages. Things usually undervalued: Skills, community, health and medical resources. Not to get into prepping here, but three brief points: 1 The Mormon’s have good resources on this. 2 At very minimum, at least have the three B’s in place: Boots, bicycle, backpack. (Think Ukraine right now- people walking in street shoes to Poland with shopping bags and pillow cases to carry their stuff…) 3 Start training and strengthening your internal resources: Faith, fitness and emotional stability/stoicism. Most Americans and westerners are deeply deficient in these areas.

    Probably the best approach is to imagine what life was like in 1840- no power, running water, ICE transport, etc. There are homestead approach resources and blogs out there.

    What is coming is beyond most of our comprehension and it will come more swiftly than we can imagine. But it appears we still have few years to prepare, plan and detach more from all the world’s distractions and foolishness.

    1. When man makes plans God laughs. This is a spiritual war and spiritual wars are faught with spiritual decserment. Most of the population cannot comprehend the evil that rules the world. This ain’t about money because they have all the money in the world and control the printing presses. This is about owning your soul. China and Russia are just pawns in the game. This is about the fullfillemt of the Jewish prophecy of Metatron, or the moshiach. For that to happen most of the goyams must disappear from the face of the earth. Wars today are faught most with information than weapons. 90% of the footage your see coming out from ukraine is fake. Since 9/11, which in my opinion that’s when the beast was released from the bottomless pit (the 9/11 memorial), most of the things we see on tv are staged. The 9/11 event was a movie script, no planes hit the towers, we were shown cgi images and 3000 did not die that day, the number of deaths is exaggerated just like they manipulated the number of deaths from the Covid hoax or the holocaust hoax. Now they are using the same script in ukraine. Most of the footage shown to the masses is green screen or from video games. The beast rules by deception. Everything we are taught in school or shown in the media is false. Modern science is a fraud, the medical system is a fraud, our political system is a fraud, our education system is a fraud, our economic system is afraud, modern cosmology is a fraud, world religions are frauds. I mean it’s a world build on deception. That’s why the Bible constantly reminds us about seeking the truth because the truth would set humanity free. But no one is interested in the truth. Their egos and cognitive dissonance keeps people blind from the truth. Even so called Christian pastors who teach the Bible are deceived, and the Bible warns us about that too. We are definitely living in the end times and God will not intervene until humans suffer and disappear an mass. Saw a post the other day: 1% Control the world (the Lucifereans); 4% are their puppets; 5% know and try to wake up the 90%; the 1% uses the 4% to prevent the 5% from waking up the 90%

    2. There are certainly some things we can do to prepare for survival, however, my husband recently stated “If the Lord doesn’t keep us, we won’t be kept.”

  9. Chris, I generally agree with your main ideas, but I think property confiscation is the easiest thing in the world. ‘Communist’ governments simply ‘nationalize’ it. They don’t ‘sell’ it to anyone, they collect the rents. The pseudo-Communistic Great Reset will use economic collapse (stock markets, banks and currencies collapsing together) to create a debt/insolvency crisis so great ‘clearing house’ mechanisms will be set up, supposedly run by government, but actually by Blackrock and their buddies, to buy up everything they can get their hands on. The result will be the same as ‘Communism’, a nation of renters. Except it won’t be the government who are the landlords, but trillionaire private investors puppeting the system from behind the curtain. This perfectly describes the ‘Going Direct’ model of the Federal Reserve system in the last two years. All they have to do now is stage their ‘collapse’ and the old social order of private ownership will be extinguished for the majority. They might do this all at once or in stages (like the fake Covid Crisis) over twenty years.

    1. With regards to confiscation of real estate, land, and housing, you and I are talking about two different things.

      In regards to my premise, I’m sticking strictly to assets that can fund government operations. I think eventually we will see a confiscation of all assets per the Great Reset objectives. Moreover it would be misguided to think that we would have to confiscate and cough up our real estate property while Black Rock managed it. How would the countries government get away with this?

      The powers that be are doing an effective enough job through massive waves of inflationary pressures to get people to cough up their real estate. If real property is going to be managed by the corporations, I don’t know how the government will be able to get away with that. And personally, I’m telling you they won’t be able to. I think as the years go by and the costs and restrictions of owning real estate continue to skyrocket, the percent of people who will rent will increase. In another generation the number of people owning real property will probably be about a third of the population versus almost 2/3 today at the height.

      However, I would be very careful on misinterpreting what people like Schwab say. A lot of this stuff is specifically mentioned to create a sense of doom and inevitability in the victim. Puppets like Gates and Schwab are there to demoralize resistance. I personally do not listen to that, at least I don’t make investment decisions based on their claims. Investing is difficult enough, I go out boldly and operate in the light of day.

      The victims of such Tokyo Rose rhetoric are the people who latch on to every word of what these WEF lackeys say.

      If the world goes communist and all of the property is confiscated, well that’s another issue altogether and has nothing to do with funding government operations. Don’t confuse the two.

      You may be right, but this was not the topic of my discussion.

      1. Chris, I agree with your thoughts about the WEF and their Doomer/Zerohedgian nonsense. However, ‘Disaster Capitalism’, or using various crises to consolidate hyper-wealth, is the neoliberal game, and everything we are seeing is part of that doctrine, at least superficially.

        1. The whole concept of the boom and bust cycle was created to shake the assets loose from the masses. Just look at the consolidation of global wealth and power since the advent of the internet in the mid-90s. Supposedly, the information super highway was to be the great equalizer. Instead it has been engineered by our adversary to be an information overload of deception and disingenuity.

          For a select few percent of the population, the internet has been an invaluable source of information. I count people like us in this regard. For the vast sea of humanity (90%), the internet has been used to destroy their freedom and wealth.

          We may disagree on that one, but all I have to do is look at the destruction of wealth in the middle tiers since 1995.

      2. Thanks for the podcast and covering off all that ground. It seems like the idea of 1/3 vs the current 2/3 of the population being homeowners in a generation is a continuation of the current trajectory we have been familiar with; and at odds of the idea of a full scale war beginning soon causing desolation that will require God to step in to save the remnant. Wondering if you could reconcile what appear to be mutually exclusive perspectives. Thanks

        1. I wear two hats in this instance. The first one is based on the current trajectory and the objectives of what we would consider the Great Reset. These are the publicly announced objectives of the adversary and how I reconcile with my understanding of economics and the new world order.

          Based on the current trajectory, I can easily see within 10 to 15 years how only one third of the population will actually be able to own properties. This does stand in contrast to the 2/3 at the height.

          How higher prices shake the opportunities in home ownership is sort of simple. As price is rise, the cost of owning rise. More and more people are tempted to sell and wait for a drop. Moreover, many of the poor millennial and gen z slaves will inherit a lot of these properties. They won’t inherit a ton of it, because the baby boomers have been spendthrift and don’t really have a lot left to give to their descendants. Regardless, these younger debt slaves will sell the properties they do inherit rather than keep them. For they need to pay off their own debts. Over time as prics rise the power and wealth on certain sectors tends to concentrate. I am predicting that this will be the case for housing. If the powers that be collapsed house prices, this would only encourage home ownership rates to rise longer term.

          I have a second hat and that is with prophecy and eschatology. Based on my understanding of the New World Order, their objectives, the proper nouns and names of the geopolitical chess pieces, I have an independent timeline. In many regards it does seem to conflate with what the objectives of a third world war would indicate.

          How do I reconcile the two? It actually is very simple. I assume we have at least two to three solid years left. You and I can need to continue to go out and work the fields as if nothing is going to happen adversely. Keep working and planning for a number of outcomes. One outcome is that nothing changes and that we continue to grind lower year in and year out. In which case, everything I’m telling you to do with respect to investing will work for those who are willing to take the risk for the next 5 to 10 years.

          There are other scenarios, including a massive die off from the vaccines, which actually seems more remote every day, and a global war that would be a force majeure. We also have to contend with what we’re seeing with regards to a One World financial dictatorship emerging and subjugating the masses.

          Under any scenario, we are to continue doing what we’re doing and if our assets are taken away, there’s nothing we can do about it under any scenario. We just continue moving forward and investing and planning as if we’re going to live a normal life.

          Why is this? It’s simple. Even if we’re planning for a long life and the United States is taken out, it won’t matter what type of planning you do. Whether you build a bunker and buy land and become self-sufficient in a number of ways, or whether we continue as is. Many of us will be dead anyway.

          1. The massive die off from vaccines is indeed becoming more unlikely each day. Completely agree with you Chris – we’ve gotta continue to do what we’re doing. I’m purchasing one additional single family home as a rental. I’m paying cash (no inspection or appraisal) plus dual agency for further savings. This way I get a 2.5% commission savings at closing + I can knock off a few thousand from the asking price by offering a super quick close. My investing strategy has always been to use the little extra cash in real estate than a fiat currency. Whatever happens either in two or fifty years – it’s all getting left behind anyways. So live somewhere you and your family enjoy imo.

            1. Keep plowing ahead. I intend to jettison the DC area by 2025 and be elsewhere. Perhaps northern AZ. Maybe Flagstaff area. Have a home near Scottsdale, too. East coast weather is hard on me. Latest ideas, but could change. No more NM. Too liberal and retarded residents who commit lots of crime. Stupid crimes, too.

              I want to relocate somewhere with the force majeure in mind, but will keep investing.

              1. Just a caveat about places to live – Ontario where I came from didn’t have as draconian government mandates as Quebec. Quebec came down with curfews and rules and all sorts that Ontario didn’t. But I find the citizens attitudes different. The Ontarians were more likely to wear the mask outside and patrol each other. Now that the government is lifting restrictions, the Ontarian people are choosing to keep them. They want their shackles! Quebeckers seem more likely to let the ‘rules’ go in one ear and out the other and look for loopholes to not follow them. Unvaccinated, I was ‘allowed’ to do more things in Quebec than Ontario. Just anecdotally, it’s the cohort of Boomers that are the worst. Isn’t Scottsdale a Mecca for retired people? I would stay away from that age group. But hey, I’m a jaded Gen-X myself, tired of them throwing a few crumbs my way after they’ve already feasted at the buffet.

    2. I lived In communism and no one rented. You owned your appartment and you did not pay for it. One has to participate in the process of building a structure and you were given an apartment to live in. The Great reset will be much worse than communism. We’ll be total slaves

  10. Chris,

    In the Bible, as I understand “Jacob’s trouble” will be a WWIII but after those verses it states God steps in to remove the yoke on Jacob from the Edom-Esau through Gog-Magog. At what point between this timeline will the Eastern Depositism World Order take place? It makes sense to happen after the WWIII, for some period of time and then God intervenes to remove the invaders of the land for 7 months to the Hamolog valley, which I think possibly be grand canyon or somewhere around that area. Thoughts?

    1. I haven’t thought about this definitively in this regard. I think God will take a pragmatic approach and that the devastation will be so comprehensive and shocking that he will have to begin intervening. I suspect that most of the invasion on the land will be through Chinese forces as there’s just not enough Russians available. Moreover the countries that Russia reincorporates are not going to have the heart to really execute a land invasion.

      This is especially true since the Americans own firearms. Our adversary has been unable to get rid of American firearms. This is hardwired in our DNA and I would walk away from all my rental properties before I would give up my firearms. That’s because I’m descended from Manasseh.

      I suspect the vast majority of those who attempt to invade the western territories will be Asian, since they will probably have a couple hundred million Chinese who are willing to do it. There’s just not enough Russians available and they are definitely unwilling. I suspect that many Russians do not really care for Putin anymore and see him for what he really is. This is especially true given what’s happened to their economy in the wake of the Ukraine invasion. Many Russians feel like they’re twisting in the wind. I get the impression that Russia will be reverting back to a Soviet style way of governing without the safety net that it brought its citizens. That’s the worst of both worlds.

      I think as soon as the bombs drop and the people are killed here in the West, God will begin to intervene. God will not allow the world to be run longer than a few years with the Chinese and Japheth remnants in control. God has never allowed the world to be ruled that long by the devil.

      Evidently there will be enough people alive in places like America, so that they will be busy burying the enemy dead for seven months.

      This was the gist of Washington’s dream regarding the second American revolution. The revisionist historians in the alt-media and dummies who watch the History channel will tell you that he was a worship of Lucifer and was a Freemason. But I disagree in one regard. He believed in the Almighty and he was an Episcopalian. I’ve attended Christmas service in the church in Old Town Alexandria on the very spot where he attended. He had a dream of a terrible invasion on American soil in the final days, and despite overwhelming odds, the Americans prevailed and God then showed himself.

      While there’s nothing biblical about this, I suspect that Washington was sincere.

      1. There will be no WW3 with China or Russia. We’ve been in WW3 for the past two years with the Covid jabs. They are being forced worldwide and are deadly. What more do you want??

  11. Chris, I think you are wrong about China planning to double cross Russia; although, there could be somewhat of an internal power struggle once the West is out of the way. Joel Skousen seems to be spreading this idea yet he never seems to address the greater scissors strategy that was used in the fake Sino-Soviet split of the 1950s. Does Skousen even acknowledge the perestroika deception as revealed by the best Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn? If China and Russia faked a fall out before, there is reason to believe they will do it again. The key is not to fall for it.

    1. I’m just going with what I have read regarding speech transcripts and from interviews over the years from CCP hierarchy; from defense ministers all the way to the chairmen of the party. We have a solid 30 years of their rhetoric on public display. The last Soviet who spoke like this was Nikita Khrushchev.

      They actually do not respect the Soviet Union and believe it didn’t go far enough. If you want a xenophobic race, look no further than the Chinese. They have axes to grind from mistreatment going back centuries. They hate the British for what they did. They hate the Japanese for what they did. They don’t care for Russia and are using them as expedient allies. They’re tired of using the US dollar for commerce and want to make certain that it goes away. When they get the opportunity they will go absolutely insane. When they smell blood in World War 3 they are going to pounce. I also think that Russia will try to restrain China in some regards and it will be all for naught.

      They are not Christian and it doesn’t matter what anyone says on this one. This is my conclusion. If you live in Canada you better watch out for the Chicomm Chinese; they will be relentless and brutal brutal and will kill with a smile on their faces. They will be the instrumental ones in striking the West. Russia doesn’t even have the temerity to do so.

      The United States is the largest energy producer and the Chicomm Chinese is salivating at the thought of all of the natural resources in the United States.

      Never underestimate how wicked the Chicomm Chinese are.

      1. Where are the Jews in all this?? The fake Jews of synagogue of satan continue to be in charge since the time of Christ. Nothing new under the sun. The money chargers will destroy the world just like they tried to destroy Jesus but they will fail again.

        1. The fake jews/Edomites built China entirely from the transfer of tech and military might from the west, particularly the United States. Names like Sidney Wittenberg, Henry Kessinger, and few other bankers come to mind. Let us remember Mao was the dean of Yale in China. Jews are the only people that can work in the Chinese government. They are venerated considerably in China. Books titles from How to act like the Jews, Be like a Jew, are common in China. There is a group of Chinese looking people who disproportionally represent all levels of influence in China, from politics, finance, entertainment, to industry. You would think they are the largest majority of Chinese ethnic group, the Hans, but no! They are a mix of some Hans and specially kaifeng (Jewish Chinese).

          China in Chinese is literally the Middle Kingdom, the center of the “universe”. Interestingly enough, these guys long time ago at some did not worship Satan – the dragon. They worshiped a being from heaven who made the earth. This stopped after a sudden invasion that established the first dynasties of China. Chinese people have extensive characteristics like the fake jews. The morality and standard is rigid and souless. Perfect environment to be the enemies of Israel. Russia is still westernized in many ways. Some Russians are Israelite descendants coming from Scandinavia but China is different.

          Speaking of Ezekiel, it does say these Chinese invaders will know once again who the true Lord is and face his wrath after he intervenes. The other interesting point is that Israel will be invaded by so many like “locusts” expressed in the Bible. Well, Hong Kong western influenced China calls the mainland Chinese “locusts” in Chinese. This means when they come to visit Hong Kong. They overtake everything rapaciously . There is more to meet the eye.

          No doubt China has been governed by the dragon spiritually for a long time! But speaking with some mainland Chinese, some still have a concept of God from heaven remains from pre-dynasty. Nonetheless the dragon has a strong hold on them all and anything other than that is suppressed to the core.

      2. Russians are largely Asiatic (as you yourself have pointed out, Russia is the largest multi-ethnic state in the world, even in world history). Even white Russians often have Asiatic physical features. So, I think Chinese roots run deeper in Russia than one might think.

      3. Chris again you are spot on. The chinese will never forgive or forget. Remember the Boxer Rebellion where thousands of Christians were murdered by the chinese. Russia was a big part of crushing it and taking chinese land as reparations which Russia still have but not for much longer. They want it back. Russia will be double crossed by the chinese soon as it will suit them to do so. I’m sure they will negotiate a great deal with the West to get their old lands back and then some. It’s also been prophecied by various Orthodox Christian Saints.

      4. Chris, it’s no secret that China is to take over North America. As part of the communist imperial war plan, Russia would get Europe and the Middle East while China would get U.S. and Canada. They have to do it in tandem. The world is just too big for only one of the two powers to rule. Skousen is out to lunch.

        1. (edited)

          I somewhat agree with your view here and I don’t think Skousen is in disagreement per se. You and I may see this future invasion as obvious, but the vast majority of the multicultural plebes have no concept of what is to come. Skousen only claims what the globalists are gunning for.

          I suspect that China will take the vast areas far from home like NA. The CCP doesn’t care about losing 100 million devil worshiping souls to wipe away the multicultural shithole of NA. I don’t think this is really an open conspiracy at all. It is rather obvious to us, as Russia doesn’t have the population to risk on a large scale invasion.

          I understand that you and I are in an echo chamber here. When you have Biden and Harris talking about advancing democracies and that it’s racially insensitive to invade the Ukraine, you know it’s over and the people are ready to be killed here in the states.

          Skousen had long theorized like I do that this war will be the prelude to the end. Yes, he’s LDS, but if is research makes sense, I go with it.

          I don’t think he’s out to lunch. There’s much I may not agree with, but whenever I hear him on the alt-shows, he’s always correcting the pro-Putin and/or pro-Zionist shill hosts like Rense and Jones.

          Unfortunately, the multicultural s*** hole of the United States is in such a decrepit state and the people here are so easily offended over every little subtlety that I suspect they will pose actually no threat to the invaders. You should see some of the emails I get about being racist and insensitive. Unfortunately, I will be proven right, but it will be a pyrrhic victory.

          Most of these multicultural offended people will be killed anyway. They prefer their liberal cities and their liberal states. They will be the first ones to be taken out. Good riddance as they burn in hell for being so easily lied to about Marxism.

          Skousen and I both say that it will be nuclear. That’s the only way it’s going to fulfill the end time prophecies that even he says will be the result. He knows that the world will not be able to continue in its post world war form and I agree with him. I certainly don’t think he’s out to lunch.

    1. They are easier than writing, but a lot gets lost when things aren’t written down. I just had someone email me asking me what I thought about Pastor Baldwin and his view on Ezekiel’s Great War. Many things get lost in a podcast that wouldn’t when I put it into words.

      Thanks for the kind words. I will strive to put out more of them.

      1. I guess you will just have to make more podcast to cover lost ground. 😉

        Have not seen his position on that. Will have to look. Speaking of Dr. Baldwin, I was watching his sermon the other day, cannot remember which Sunday. And it disappointed me when he said there were no longer any physical Israelites today, they are all spiritual. Either he is misguided on this or deceived on the massive amount of archeological evidence. He is one himself. Although he did mentioned some Israelites moved to Britain. Generally, he is better than listening to Kent Coppeland and others by the simple fact he is not a 501c3.

      1. The going Rate to keep your estate in 1865 was 300 ounces of gold according to the flick. Probably needed all of that to make it that far. To thrive after the fact it seems you needed to be a ruthless profiteer. I don’t know how accurate the movie is but it doesn’t seem to far off.

        1. The vast overwhelming majority of people still owned their land and property that they had after the civil war. Even in the south. It wasn’t like it was all taken away from them. Gone with the Wind will tell you that the whole South was devastated but this clearly wasn’t the case. Keep in mind that the goal of the Northern Union was to reunite the country. Not everything was Sherman’s March to the Sea.

          The people who lost big were those who held on to the Confederate currency. It doesn’t even fetch that much in the auction market as a collectible.

  12. Confiscating real estate would be tough. The government couldn’t take it and sell it. It would have to sell it to someone. Not the same as taking money, retirement plans, and liquid assets and giving treasuries in return.

  13. Thanks Chris! It really is too bad that people who make it this far are too independent to really work together. Perhaps the force majeure will help towards more of a cooperative environment for those that are seeking Christ. We will need one another if we survive and live in the United States.

    1. In these end times; we can only rely on Jesus Christ and that is it. Even our own families will sell us out in the future NWO. It is also very hard to find like minded people as everyone has their own interests at heart.

      1. Exactly. That’s what most people miss, including the so called truthers. They think humans can save this world. No one can save humanity except Jesus. The Bible warns us not to put our trust in men.

        1. Claudio – Imo you’re cherry picking things from the Bible to suit your own personal narrative — sit back and have God take care of everything. “I’m not going to put any effort. Everything is fake.” Didn’t Joseph (first son from Jacob) prepare for the famine in Egypt by actually working and stockpiling on food? Didn’t Jesus say — sell something that you have, and buy a sword to protect yourselves in times of trouble? We humans certainly aren’t capable of saving this world. There will be divine intervention from the Lord and Jesus Christ – as stated in the scriptures. But we’re still servants and we’re expected to play our part. Some people’s job will be getting people to repent during tribulation, others to help provide food or shelter to their family/neighbors, others physically help. Some all of the above. Gotta earn your keep — don’t be like the preacher that Jesus said in a parable that saw the beaten/robbed man and rode past him.

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