Racism and political correctness; The economic reasons why our adversary promotes it

Profits, demoralization, and control; Why our adversary pushes the PC agenda

I often refer to racism and political correctness in my commentaries, so I wish to clarify my analysis here. There are no particular subjective reasons why I refer to it, as it is not borne out of intolerance, per se. I remain objective here and above the rancor, as my analysis is based purely on my deep understanding of how our adversary operates as well as my background in American history.

I recall during the the first Reagan regime; the elites operating the United States initiated a campaign to dollarize the Western hemisphere. Of course, this meant that these engineers needed to encourage people from the Central and South American nations to hold dollars. These economic architects also needed to allow for the relatively free movement of foreigners from country to country, especially the United States.

The dollarization of the Western hemisphere also encouraged dollar-based industries to flourish outside of US’s borders, including illegal endeavors, such as drug manufacturing and distribution. Any industry that accepted dollars for payment was at least tacitly approved by these NWO engineers.

This meant that there would be a lot of Hispanic people migrating into the US in search of better opportunities. The result; the wage base needed to be driven down as manufacturing was exported while immigrants began to flood the domestic labor pool. This clearly benefited the large multinational corporations. It also required that Spanish was to be spoken domestically and accepted like the English-speaking Canadians accept French.

This was 40 years ago. At the time there were protests that today would be considered xenophobic and racist, yet at the time it was an upwelling of righteous indignation as the citizens knew what the government was trying to accomplish.

As the the United States government encouraged the free trade between Western hemisphere nations, which resulted in porous borders, it required the schools to socially re-engineer the population into accepting political correctness to accommodate all these new peoples. It forced everyone into accepting Spanish as a second language here in the United States. There was a lot of societal friction for the first 10 or 15 years as the citizens of the time realized that they were being played and were first-hand observers of the change.

Fast forward another 25 to 30 years, and if you mention anything at all about all the Hispanics, you are labeled a racist.

A nation of PC simpletons; Bankrupting a country with the approval of its citizens

Our adversary’s media have now convinced most of the population that we can have dozens of languages here in the United States all spoken and it makes us more powerful. It does not and it only weakens the national fabric. The only people who will manage us are our adversary, because society is now too fractured to be managed on its own.

This is exactly what happened to the Soviet Union. A nation that large becomes too vast and broad with so many different peoples that it eventually collapses in under its own weight. In the case of the Soviet Union, we can chalk it up as a failed experiment, yet this proved valuable to the establishment when trying to destroy other large nations. In the case of the United States, we can consider the results of this “multiculturalism” a job well done. The one huge stumbling block to the New World Order was taken down from within.

In regards to the United States, first comes the free trade agreements. Second, we observe the dollarization of the Western hemisphere. Thirdly, we are confronted with the wave of immigrants and all that they bring. This has nothing to do with helping anyone who already lives in the United States but it only enhances the profits and the consolidation of the large multinational corporations who can now arbitrage labor and production costs to other places in the Western hemisphere..

Next comes the political correctness to shut up the people and keep them from seeing the obvious, especially with regards to workers who now have less bargaining power. This template is expanded upon and globalized, which results in many other peoples with all their languages. That’s because the whole world is now one free trade zone and the only ones who really benefit are those from the poorest countries as well as the largest multinational corporations.

The people who already live in the United States, including whites, blacks, Hispanics, etc. get the shaft, but are unable or incapable of articulating it; they are now too reengineered.

The ramifications of the PC agenda

Thanks to political correctness, the value of my real estate continues to climb and the rent roll only goes in one direction. Imagine how well the large institutional landlords and retailers make out. They are big promoters of racial equality and political correctness.

It gets to the point that the country and its citizens begin to view their founding fathers with contempt and have a strong desire to tear down the statues. Society becomes so fractured and polarized from many different angles that the only way it can be properly governed is by a centralized governmental force.

In order to ameliorate the nation’s fracturing; fiscal deficit spending begins to balloon. We can see how the federal budget deficits have skyrocketed since the early 80s. There’s no coincidence here. I don’t care what your skin color is, we’re all getting the shaft, that is unless you have income generating assets and generate passive income.

In the West, all this political correctness is being generated to keep the people quiet as their ways of life and economies continue to grind lower and their existence is transformed into a world of perpetual poverty and despair. Ever wonder why the Eastern philosophies have slowly supplanted Christianity? It’s all part of the agenda to demoralize and rebuild society into a nation of poverty-accepting plebs that pose no threat to the engineers of the New World Order.

I don’t care what race you are, it doesn’t matter, but I can tell you this much, our adversary is forcing us all together and telling us if you don’t like it you’re racist. Never before in humanity’s existence, except during the time of the Soviet Union and Tower of Babel, did this ever take place. This experiment will fail and it is being done on purpose. And if you don’t like the obvious, you’re a racist.

As a citizen of the United States, and one who was born here, I personally don’t like it, because I see exactly what I am telling you . But I would be a fool to fail to recognize it and not take advantage of it. This is why we always own income generating assets.

As for me, I view multiculturalism with disdain for the very reasons I describe, but by owning rental properties at least I can be the landlord, make outsized profits, and dictates the terms of my surrender.

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51 thoughts on “Racism and political correctness; The economic reasons why our adversary promotes it

  1. Speaking about the Covid 19 Vaccine scam. Here is an article stating that the FDA declined authorization for a Non mRNA Covid Vaccine for children. This one uses an inactivated virus. I guess this vaccine is not lethal enough. They seem to want to push the mRNA type vaccines on us. In fact when I went to my doctor a couple of weeks ago he said that mRNA vaccines are the “wave of the future”. Nowadays I will not take any vaccine upon hearing that from my doctor. mRNA technology has proven to be a lethal failure in the past. Here is the article:


  2. Pastor Baldwin says Darby Schofield interpretation of Ezekiel 38-39 is incorrect as Russia is not Gog and Magog and it won’t strike Israel. He is technically correct.

    Russia, Siberia, China, and the central Asia nations are the Japheth remnants and the Israel of the Bible is not the satanic sandbox in the Middle East. Rather it is the West, especially the US.

    American history has been distorted since I was a child in grammar and high schools.

    Although WWIII will be Ezekiel 38-39, the Israel described is not the false Rothschild construct, but the US, British Commonwealth, and West. The US will be nuked instead.

    All it takes is an understanding of the proper nouns in the OT and a mind uncontaminated from political correctness.

    This means the US will be destroyed. It’s hard to imagine, but that’s why scripture describes how the people at the time of the invasion will be shocked when it happens. The Ezekiel confederacy is being lured into striking the West, and there are a very few who are planning it out. It will go much worse than even they are anticipating.

    This war has never yet taken place, as a war with this combination of players has never occurred. But there are a few of us who know where the players are located. We are focused on the right things.

    We must focus on the origins of the nations and what they represented; not what they are today. This also has nothing to do with the Pauline Epistles and the spiritual house of Israel. Stop being a dummy and confusing the two.

    Russia will not stop with Ukraine, but will reincorporate the Central Asian nations as well. China and Russia will consolidate Asia in its runup to WWIII.

    The dollar force majeure is unfolding. Putin carrying out orders like a robot.

    Don’t try to makes sense of Vladimir Putin’s motivation under normal circumstances. Most of what he and the CCP will do over the next few years will not make sense if you do not have a deep understanding of the proper nouns in the Bible.

    It’s coming.

    1. Greetings Chris! I once commented that the commies on Mainland China didn’t have the capability to take Taiwan in a war. They still don’t. However, the Quislings in the government and society here are methodically laying the groundwork for a peaceful communist takeover, and thus the Taiwanese sheeple are getting more pro-commie by the minute. There will be no invasion. All it will take will be an opposition victory in the 2024 election, and it’s a done deal.

      The wheels are set in motion. Anyone who hasn’t already, better get right with Our LORD and Savior.


    2. That being said, who is Mystery Babylon? Did you see the Amazon tower in Virgina? Looks like biblical one

      1. Looks like Babel.

        We only have ourselves to blame. We all shop at Amazon and the large corporations, and our tax dollars and spending dollars are helping AWS make billions in profits every month. Amazon single handedly destroyed retail, and we all cheered it on like we did with Walmart. We sold our birthright for a bowl of soup. We handed out dollars to the rest of the world and impoverished our own citizens.

        We live in end-time Babylon, so it makes sense that we embrace it.

  3. It’s starting to look more obvious every day that Trump’s new social app is nothing but a mirage. He’s great at hoodwinking investors. He’s also great at hoodwinking the Patriot movement.

    Everything that Donald Trump touches turns to s*** and is driven into bankruptcy.

  4. The military script is unfolding as we theorized. The MSM is now warning that China is taking a pro-Russia stance. Gog and Magog and those Japheth remnants will be sticking together all through World War 3 in a few years, which will just be the Great War in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

    I’d caution those who own Chinese equities.

    I was talking with someone at the gym yesterday and he marveled at how stupid the people quickly forgot all about covid and began their obsessions with Russia and Ukraine. He is a computer programmer with the Federal Reserve and he commented how misguided their covid policies were. During the covid scam his bosses told him to stay home because he refused to get the jabs. But he told me yesterday that he had to drive down to the Richmond Fed office and his bosses didn’t care about his vaccination status. The new crisis is financial and all the problems that a militarized globe bring. Nobody ever brings up covid anymore. The people have forgotten about it and they are on to the next scripted crisis.

    The New World Order engineers hope to manufacture a new type of Cold War in which the West will be pitted against Russia and China. Unfortunately, China is not Christian in any way and is run by Satan. At the first opportunity the CCP will aspire to destroy the West and its influence over the world. China CCP is no Soviet Union. They will both work together from now on.

    1. I see two camps of people and maybe this is by design, to keep us divided. Mandates are dropping here. So one band got together – the current rules were presented – re: masking and distancing and we polite Canadians listened but no one moved to follow them. We sat next to each other, talking and laughing at ease in a room which is likely not well-ventilated. In fact people came out of the woodwork to attend, which means to me that they are not vaccinated or chose not to participate before with the silly restrictions. This group will forget covid by next week. Another group is scared out their minds – insisting on proof of 2 shots and a booster, masking, even masking instruments, distancing, opening windows (brr -still winter here). No coffee break and cookies for safety’s sake. This group will hang onto fear for dear life. They are defined by it.

    2. I don’t think the Covid mandates are over with, it’s like they are just giving everyone a short term break. They still have the Vax Verify tabs on my State’s and employment websites after you log in. Why not remove those tabs if they were not to be used in the future? There are also bills being presented in my State legislature that list vaccine mandates and requirements still having the Covid narratives. Why are those bills still being introduced? You can check your State government website to see what kind of bills are being introduced and passed, plus see which of your elected officials are doing the voting.

      I’m wondering what is next after this Ukraine charade fizzles out…

      1. That makes sense. When the conditions warrant we will be forced to take more vaccines somewhere down the line and the infrastructure will be more able to handle the tracking and tracing.

  5. I think I fixed the website’s caching. There was something set on the website to cache the web pages and blog comments section. I now believe that comments will be posted in real time.

  6. Thanks for all the thought and content you put forward in your blog — I find it to be a fantastic resource and appreciate your making it available.

    I was wondering if you could expand on what you think life in the US will look like both during & post WW3.

    You’ve mentioned sentiments to the effect that the US will be pulverized. Does that mean economically due to high prices/shortages or infrastructure or loss of life? You’ve also theorized that the US will become a dominant leader in world oil production post war and recently that you would be likely hanging onto some rental properties implying that you see US housing as a good place to park equity in a war scenario (by default equal to or better than gold).

    You had also forecasted that private property ownership in the US would be a thing of the past… Are you thinking outright confiscation or more along the lines of people priced out of the market & shut out of the banking/financial system?

    It seems like for the last 200 years the US and most commonwealth countries haven’t hosted much for war on their soil. I’m suspecting you see the WW3 theater being different; which I’m guessing will require strong ties to other like-minded people and at a minimum access to a rural support base? If you are interested in adding your thoughts to that it would all be gratefully appreciated. Thanks again

  7. I wonder if BBBY is a dud here. It doesn’t seem to be getting the retail interest that I hoped it would. Low volume so far. Lots of bearish calls on it this morning from the sell side. May sell some this morning and hold a runner.

    1. If it weren’t for the strong USD, the stock markets would not have been able to withstand the unrelenting rise in commods. Gold and the commodities are spiking into dollar strength. Imagine if we had a weak dollar….

      1. Solar companies gapped up this morning. Traders making the connections here.

  8. Exactly, and the truth is that power in the hands of the American people, dollars used for good, SHOULD have kept stability except the zios used that power for evil. Only clever immigrants should make it to America. It must be hard. My family got in after my uncle assisted Chris Barnard on the world’s first heart transplant and my bothers went to military academies and started businesses and I also run my own small business and my cousins are all extremely successful. We’re not Hispanic and there are wonderful Hispanic immigrants just as successful in their fields just as from all other countries. Immigrants should be the best continually lifting up those growing to soft. Satan distorts everything and our minds have the tendency to rush to the opposite view instead of understanding the tire nuances of American greatness and American failure.

    1. The only way that us could have avoided the inevitable outcome was to have immigrants learn American history, the basics of the Constitution, and the English language. That was purposely rejected out of political correctness and having sympathy on the downtrodden sadsack immigrants.

      If these immigrants were educated properly when entering the country, the population would more likely be able to think with one mind. There is a reason why such topics are avoided.

      1. That was the first thing I did when I came to America. Multiculturalism is satanism. No sugar coating. The preservation of one culture (Biblical values) and own people are the foundation of an stable society. Esau who was to be a transient from place to place does not fit this ever. Since they have gotten away from Jacob’s yoke. They surely push the democratic, socialist, communist, homogeneous societies, and a new term taking over *dramatic effects* – communitarianism!

        I would not call the Soviet union a failed experiment. On the contrary, it was a success! It simply was repackaged and transform to be used for the destructiom of the west. Similarly, to how human sacrifice used to be done in pure open public settings in Shinar under Nimrod and later were repackaged, into Plato’s philosohies, then renaissance, then humanities, transhumanism – scientism. Anything can be accomplished by rationalization and data. The same evil stuff just repackaged to fit the time and the characteristics of the victim. It is beautiful

    1. South Korea will be nuked by North Korea. That will be the Archduke Ferdinand moment for WWIII.

      It takes time to get to that point. Berlin has been trying this stuff for years. Despair will rule for a while. The dialectic process needs to work itself out, and we can now gauge it as the thesis has been introduced in the MSM.

      I am guessing we are safe until 2025.

      I just rented out a 2/2 condo with a housing voucher. It worked out very well. I will use the experience as a template for other properties.

      WWIII will change everything.

  9. The way that the mainstream is covering the Russia Ukraine conflict indicates to me that a lot of this is being configured from the top. I cannot believe how much the Russian ruble has plunged against the dollar. I think it’s about 140 rubles to the greenback.

    We could see a big drawback in the stock market if and when China decides to go against Taiwan.

    Imagine what things are going to look like over the next two to three years as the build up to World War 3 continues. Hardly anyone ever talks about the vaccines anymore and covid. Hardly a mention in the mainstream. Moving from one crisis to the next in successive fashion.

    The march to World War 3 is going to take a few years most likely. Half of me wants to shut off all the media and go into a mountain refuge.

    Based on my analysis of the timeline, I am going to begin selling off real estate in the area in the later half of 2024. I will begin to contemplate alternatives to deploy capital to another area of the country.

    1. Mainstream talking about China invasion of Taiwan like it was a scripted plan.

    2. Hi Chris,
      Only been following a short time but I agree with most of what you say. However, outliers will always exist in a standard deviation that could alter the enemy’s plans. I.e. pray.
      Have you ever looked into who the adversary’s lieutenants are? Do you ever see the connection between the bloodlines of all the private central banking head honchos, top members of political spots pushing for this globalization, mega corporate owners and CEO’s, top “philanthropists”, media and Hollywood elites, etc etc… we can list some names off the top of my head maybe, Jeff Besos, Mark Zuckerburg, Klaus Schwab, the Rothschilds and Rockefeller’s, Micheal Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Ben Bernanke, Larry Ellison, George Soros, Steven Spielberg, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, George Soros, Carl Icahnand and Michael Dell, Charles Schumer, Ken Jautz and Bob Iger. I’m sure there’s just a few more I forgot.

      So do all these people share anything in common? Is there something I’m missing that ties the globalist agenda into these people and others I didn’t mention that we may not even know the names of? What is their plan and why are these people so self entitled and focused on self preservation while controlling and making us “gentiles” their slaves?
      Any ideas, I would love to know your thoughts on this. Thanks

      1. All of their beliefs are in the Talmud and Zohar. There is nothing mysterious about what they are doing if you are familiar with their beliefs. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is good explanation of how they have achieved their goals.

        As for what ties them together — it’s pretty clear they belong to a certain tribe. Psychopathy is very common among members of this tribe, due to inbreeding. Psychopathy is what allows them to charm leaders and take over the banking of a country. It’s also why they have no empathy for anyone outside their group.

      2. I rarely ever mention any specific names. This is a large conspiracy and I don’t get caught up in mentioning specific people. Every once in a while I mention Rothschild for that is the obvious one. I say that because the Rothschilds were instrumental in the formulation of the Balfour Declaration.

        I leave that up to the individual reader to figure all this out. Besides, if I dwelt on the specific names, we would be susceptible to redirecting the arguments into another aspect of this conspiracy. And to be honest, that would be above my pay grade.

        I can say this much, the names you do mention all embrace this large conspiracy. They have been paid handsomely and actually believe in its tenets. If you ever watch the Amazon Prime program called Utopia or the British version that is still available on that streaming service, you will see that the premise is regarding a virus and a vaccine campaign that kills humanity. The people who actually undertake what is necessary to achieve the objectives actually believe in its aims. I talked to a number of people throughout the years and if the topics of discussion regard overpopulation, there are some people who say we should just kill off a lot of humanity. Not only do the people you mention embrace such a concept, but based on their charitable contributions and words, it’s clear that they seek to engineer it. It’s all in the open.

        Of course, strawmen like Gates and Schwab are always mentioned in the same breath, but there are hundreds of others who hope to achieve the same aims. They are all household names.

        This is why I don’t mention particular people. It doesn’t matter and we have plenty of evidence to see that the programs are alive and well today.

        As humanity gets more and more dumbed down and re-engineered, the eugenics programs are easier to introduce and manage. Humanity is now as predictable as a herd of livestock and have been inculcated with these nihilistic concepts via its movies and media to accept the inevitable. Without the conditioning of the zombie, virus, and apocalyptic movies, humanity would not have been ready for covid.

        Even the Christian church has been conditioned properly to accept the end times. This conditioning goes back many decades. The introduction of these concepts in the media started to ramp up in the 1950s and have been honed with military precision all the way to the present day.

        From the comforts of their own chairs and laptops, much of humanity freely accepts the eugenics concepts these globalists are currently employing.

        1. I think about this often, I took a closer look at a few things because my business is across the street from a funeral home – the only one in town. The death rate is the same this year vs. the previous five with a typical uptick in January and February. The global population growth graphs betray the notion that we are being depopulated. Since 1850 when global population was estimated to be 2 billions, each supposed depop event or policy resulted in a change to population growth – to the upside. First, second ,and third wave Feminism, two world wars, wars in the east, abortion policy and even adoption of birth control – population still rising. The only place there was a reduction in the rate was Asia, most likely a result of one child policy in China. From wiki it looks like Georgia guidestones were conceived of nearly three generations ago with the founders likely all dead by now. All of this an abject failure at this point and time.

          I have no doubt that the eugenicists and others want us dead, but their programs and even the latest one with the vax don’t seem to be working at all from an overall depop viewpoint. I have a large extended family that is mostly jabbed with boosters and there is really only one death to date that we suspect from the jab – my wifes’ 57 year old cousin who may not even be a blood relative.

          I am not throwing shade at your comment, but just pointing out what a dismal failure these eugenicists plans and actions have been. If I had hired them to do this, I would have had to fire them a long time ago.

          1. I don’t disagree. I don’t see a lot of death, but what I do see is a lot of sickness. I see people who have so many illnesses that 40 to 50 years ago were completely unheard of. Metabolic syndrome type of illnesses and conditions, avoidable diseases, neurological disorders, autoimmune problems, etc.

            These things didn’t exist when I was a child. All these conditions do is make people’s lives miserable.

            Yeah, I’m beginning to think that the alt media may have been played. Unless we start seeing an earnest uptick in the actual death rates above and beyond what we are already seeing, I doubt we will see a huge short-term change.

            There is one problem that has cropped up in the past 40 to 50 years and that is the infertility problem. I suspect that many people who got the jabs and who were young will either no longer be able to have children or will have to resort to alternative means.

    3. The area in which you currently operate is going to be nuked. Relocation seems like a good idea.

      1. Your stupid and poorly thought trolls nuke my mood. You are nothing Christ-like and should be ashamed to falsely preach your adversarial nonsense.

      2. Indeed. The DC area is marked. I hope to have mapped out stuff by 2025, including liquidation of some local real estate into a better area. A transfer out fully may take time, but as long as I have something else out of the area i have contingency plans.

    4. Where the world is heading makes me want to move to the remotest woods up north and hide in a cabin or cave for that matter. After the Covid Vaccine thing I have just about had it with most of humanity.

      While a cave in a high mountain or a cabin deep in the North woods sounds great, the ultimate refuge is to put one’s heart in Jesus Christ. Jesus and the Holy Bible are the ultimate refuge from a deteriorating world.

      If you do care about physical safety the get the hell out of the big cities.

      1. I hear you. I just have been lied to and betrayed by vaxxed ‘friends’. Lying is the norm now it seems. If you end up in the woods around here, come by for dinner.

      2. Amen Andrei – Especially with what is likely on the horizon – war, famine, murders/lawlessness, and an earthquake to top it off (one of the last seals before trumpets).

        For a lot of people they’ve lost either belief in God, respect of God, or fear of God. And some all of the above. So
        I think for many people it’s going to take the events mentioned in the six seals, and trumpets to get them to repent. The scripture talks about 144,000 chosen from the tribes of Israel – whom are all over the world (and not Israel the country). They will have the name of the Father written on their foreheads and will experience zero harm during the 7 trumpets. They will be servants of Christ and I think they will also be tasked with getting people to repent, and turn to the Father and Jesus Christ.

      3. The adversary is presenting us with one crisis after another. We need to keep sane during these ostensibly insane times. This is all being presented in a well coordinated fashion. If covid was a real crisis, it wouldn’t have fizzled out like it did. It scared the livestock into taking the poison jabs. Moreover, the covid campaign was important to inculcate the concept of the vaccine in future pandemics. And Netflix streaming of nihilistic and apocalyptic movies also helps disregard. It has properly conditioned all of us to accept in one way or another.

        I walk around and interact with the people in my community and the thought of covid is a remote concept to them now. The same people who were out chasing ghosts and going absolutely insane have dropped all their masks and don’t even bring it up.

        Now the livestock have been presented with the Russia and Ukraine conflagration. Russia’s being brainwashed and the people in the United States are being brainwashed. Everybody’s being whipped up into a frenzy and giving all of the inflationary numbers a pass. The livestock or chalking it up to covid fallout and war.

        Half the re-engineered plebes believe that we need to devote more money and research to sustainable energy and that’s the reason why oil prices are spiking. Half the population would still vote for Biden, Fairfax County still would vote Democrat across the board.

        But truly, the current crisis we are all suffering under is the inflationary crisis. This represents the terminal phase of this current monetary system and by the time it’s all done, the people will be begging for a new one. Even if it includes a subdermal chip.

        Given the auspicious conditions that have led to my balance sheet growth, I may vote Democrat in the midterms and for president. It would be a good thing for me if Kamala Harris became president.

        I will march proudly while the American Soviets rename all of the streets that have anything to do with the founding fathers. That’s because house prices and rents will continue to escalate, and I’m sure we will have redevoted a big chunk of our economy and military buildup.

    1. Millionares were made today. Some of these stock went up a little too much. Nuts! I was thinking HUSA last week but in the past every pop always came back down. not today. I don’t see a catalyst for a downtrend except for profit taking. Interesting take on solar, as the reasoning is when oil goes up the green energy becomes more attractive, so those stocks could keep rising too.

      As for the race issue, it’s been stated for a long time the SOS wants a multicultural population. They are easier to control. They feel the Black and Hispanic populations are easier to control than White people. Hence all the black man, white woman advertising everywhere. There isn’t much push for White men to black women, but there is a push for homosexuality towards White men. They want White men out of the picture.

      The best way for a White woman to piss off the SOS and the ruling elite would be to marry a White man and have as many White children as she can. But sadly White women are very easy to manipulate, especially through popular culture at teenage child bearing years.

      1. It doesn’t matter anymore. We’ve all been played. It’s over. I just wanted to illustrate how the elites broke the back of the US. By having us understand how the financial aspects worked we have a clearer picture and more conviction in how to move forward.

        I just read a CNN article which claims house prices may rise 20% this year. Holy moly. I was anticipating 10% .

        I live in a modest townhome in a working class subdivision. Great location for employment, but modest. Anyway, the high water mark for any unit in the development was 530k. A few weeks ago, a listing for a beautifully rehabbed unit was posted at 575k. An interior unit, too. I thought it was nonsense. It closed in three weeks for 600k flat.

        1. The townhomes aren’t appreciating, the money is becoming worthless.

          1. The problem for most workers is that they aren’t getting the bumps in pay to keep up. Price to income multiples are expanding. Rents rising much higher than incomes.

            People are paying cash for these properties. 80% of all dollar bills are held outside the United States. They are coming back now and bidding up everything in a bid for holders to get rid of them. The dollarization of the world comes at a price when the world says cash is trash.

            The price to income multiples here in the states will expand to reach the levels in other areas of the world. US is 4x. Europe as a whole is close to 8.5. The former commonwealth states are around 7.5. The former Soviet states are around 9-15x. US is lowest in the world.

  10. China and Russia are the largest producers of gold. Over 80% Europe’s gold comes from Russia, but the LBMA just suspended all Russian refineries from its accredited list and can no longer trade. I don’t understand(maybe I do). Every sanction the west has put in place seems like they are trying to implode each facet of the global market. There is no way we make it through March without multiple breaks in the system.

    1. I suspect these powers want inflation so out of control that by the time war is done, we’ll be begging for a new system. Something in stocks may crack if China invaded Taiwan.

      However, I think some of this inevitably is beginning to be priced in to prices. I was behind the curve on commodity investing and that was a mistake. I sat on the sidelines with GLD and gold. I own a little silver, but prefer gold.

      TPTB are desperately trying to hold down gold below 2,000. I think it will fail soon. Then the next level of resistance will be the ATH.

  11. This article ties together what I have been seeing all these years in a nice package that makes sense. I arrive at similar conclusions but lack the financial component to finish the puzzle.

    My concerns about being a landlord is a tenant often knows the law better than the owner. I have seen the fallout first hand as several people I know have to roll over to the demands of the tenant, especially in the covid world. Taking a real life situation and theorizing a bit, the goal might even be to frustrate the small time landlord into selling their rental.

    Maybe 8 years ago a friend was renting an inherited property and things were going well for a while until the tenant began to act as if he owned the place. He was giving orders to the gardener and when he refused to follow the direction citing he worked for the landlord, the tenant began to set booby traps. Banana peels under news papers and such. The guy was really odd and the neighbors weren’t happy with him walking around outside in his underwear.

    In retaliation, and the fact that the landlord wasn’t happy with how the house was being kept, she raised the rent. Any increase was done with advice form the agent that was managing the property along with his lawyer. All rent increases were fair and still below market until they got to market value. I’m a little fuzzy on the details but at some point the tenant stopped paying and decided to represent himself in court. The property owner’s lawyer said “we’ll have him out in no time.” The promise of a swift no cost eviction cost the landlord $25K, collected no rent for maybe 6 months and the tenant left the day before the sheriff came to evict him.

    The tenant was likely a professional scammer who knew exactly what he could get away with? He simply paid his rent and factored in that the few months he would stay for free averaged out to be really cheap rent in a great neighborhood. Out of frustration the landlord sold the house.

    My theory is the promise of easy money going with an agent to manage the property for a small fee turned into a promise to the tax assessor that this property will change hands soon and be reassessed at current rates. Would it be too far fetched to consider the collaborating power of property managers and the county assessor? Just look at the out-in-the-open criminal operation known as the real estate business. They work off of commission. They talk the owner into putting a lot of money (and those crappy white cabinets) into a house before it goes on the market so they can get top dollar (for the agents and the tax assessor). Why would it stop for the small time landlord? Keep rolling over those low tax base properties into the current rates? We are in CA where the property tax increase is a really good deal IF you don’t have any debt.

    The polar opposite to the story above is when one of my buddies who manages a lot of property in the bay area asked one of his HA buddies to serve a three day notice – and to come back with the front door. This was pre smart phone but he wishes he had a photo of (name withheld) coming down the stairs with the front door.

    1. It can be treacherous for many investors and landlords who are not consistent in their screening processes. I’ve been blessed in that I have been able to skate around these issues. I’ve had some tenants in the past that beat their places up, but I never had deadbeats.

      For the first time in at least 15 years, I have just rented out a property to a section 8 voucher holder and the rent that I am getting is fairly consistent with full market. Perhaps maybe 50 to 75 dollars below. I get a direct deposit every month and a tenant who actually takes care of the place. Voucher holders may not be the brightest people (hey, they’re a voucher holder), but they tend to take care of the places. If they beat the place up, we could contact their caseworker. But I have never gotten to that point and the experiences I’ve had with voucher holder tenants in the past have been quite favorable. I intend to expand this and begin filling more of my condos with section 8 tenants. The landlord above me in that condo supposedly hasn’t been paid in at least 18 months. I would never let it go like that. He must be out 35k. An out of town owner gets beat up.

      I now screen all my applicants through Zillow’s tenant screening. It is amazing how little Zillow charges. It used to be free but then they started charging $15 for 3 months. I would be willing to pay $500 to list a property on Zillow. Don’t tell Zillow that. I’ll recall times when I had to place an ad in the Washington Post or military paper. What a pain in the butt. Zillow is a real game changer for property managers.

      I list the property and state that voucher holders are welcome to apply.

  12. A small nibbler of BBBY at 25.50. Buy as it falls.

    Sorry I had to delete some posts. I don’t read each one. I guess I may need to.

    Get over on the NWO engineers. Own the assets they own. Don’t complain.

        1. Buy and hold for now. I only own a few hundred shares. Will buy anywhere near 20 and below. I view it as a developing story.

          When I sell I will let readers know. Less than 100mm shares outstanding and 26% of float shorted.

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