Investing based on disinfo: Blackrock and Edward Dowd, and how the alt-media give it traction

Those who invest based on disinfo always lose out

Perhaps the covid scam is just the latest crisis in a long line of crises that channeled the world into a predetermined outcome. Perhaps the covid scam was just the latest engineered scam to be used as an excuse for the powers to consolidate their power and wealth in the lead up to a planned force majeure.

I wanted to pass along this article titled, Dangerous Pfizer Vaccine Fraud Fully Exposed to illustrate to my few readers how disinfo in any form presents us with stumbling blocks that adversely affect our financial decision-making process.

Edward Dowd, a former fund manager at Blackrock, is the latest in a long line of Cassandras to claim that our current debt-based financial system is unsustainable and on the brink of collapse.

In this instance, Dowd claims that the restrictions on travel, vaccine passports, and rampant censorship enacted as measures to control the pandemic are all a global way to control the collapse and its aftermath.

But is this true? Have the monetary powers really lost control? Perhaps the covid scam is just the latest crisis in a long line of crises that channeled the world to a predetermined outcome. Perhaps the covid scam was just the latest engineered scam to be used as an excuse for the powers to consolidate their power and wealth in the lead up to a planned force majeure.



Those who believed in a collapsing system never invested properly

Dr. Mercola is misguided in this instance as he believes former BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd to be sincere, and even goes as far as to call Dowd a patriot. Just because Dowd uncovers some facts regarding the covid vaccine campaign and the jab’s toxicity doesn’t mean that anything else he claims is correct, including his claims of a collapsing monetary system.

Dowd may be sincere, but his reasoning behind the covid pandemic is deeply naive. What Dowd claims regarding the current state of the global monetary regime has been echoed for decades in the controlled alt-media. Anyone who cannot fully grasp the amount of control already existing in this global monetary order has been swept aside by those who either naively continue to invest as always, or are like me and invest based on the truth of this global conspiracy.

Alt-finance dummies see disorder, I see order and purpose

Thus, when I read articles such as this, I immediately discount it to the point of irrelevance.  While Dr. Mercola is on our side and is truly trying to help empower us to stay healthy, he does make a business of selling expensive items. I advise those who indulge in this type of hardwired bias to take a step back and ask if they are being played. This is one of the primary reasons why I no longer read the analysis of others. For if I did, I would be contaminated with their erroneous conclusions and biases. Where the alt-finance dummies see disorder, I see order and purpose.

Here is the bottom line: The elites are not presenting us with pandemics, war, and crises because they are afraid of a systemic collapse. The fact that they can generate our reality is testament to their power and control. I see order and strength, and this monetary system provides them with the means to methodically consolidate the global wealth while we scream collapse. Their ostensible ineptitude is only a cover. These monetary elites know exactly what they are doing, and have decided to accelerate the trend before their planned World War III.

Whether Dowd knows it or not, he is just providing cover for these money masters. Dowd may be sincere, but in this case it doesn’t matter.

My analysis is truly unique and difficult to accept. When it comes to the monetary world order and economics, I no longer read anyone else’s work and deeply discount the missives of others. Joel Skousen doesn’t even see it and he comprehends the intricacies behind the global conspiracy that will result in the planned WW III. Yet, he places faith in Martin Armstrong’s economic analysis, and recommended the wrong investments since 2009.

Ironically, people like Jones and Skousen have spent too much time reading the Russian disinfo of ZeroHedge. In an age of data overload, I normally reject anyone who points to a ZH article as proof of their conclusions.

If you truly believed that TPTB were losing control, you would have stuck the cart in front of the horse and stayed away from all income-generating assets, while sticking to monetary equivalents.

Based on my ongoing observations regarding how docile the plebes are behaving, we have two to three years left to make hay while the sun shines. The vaxxed livestock don’t seem to mind getting raped by price inflation, which is only the primary symptom of this ongoing wealth transfer. Indeed, this monetary system will come to an end and the dollar will be overthrown as the global reserve, but not in the way the alt-finance Cassandras have been claiming for decades.

This current system was only established by the monetary elites to consolidate their wealth and power over the globe before they formally roll out their new world order. WW III is only the cherry on the top to prove to the Godless masses that the concept of the nation-state needs to go away, lest humanity is extinguished.

I continue to see order from chaos. Do you?

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17 thoughts on “Investing based on disinfo: Blackrock and Edward Dowd, and how the alt-media give it traction

  1. I agree completely with what you are saying, only when you talk about ‘the powers’ and don’t mention, like most of todays independent journalists, who the powers are namely organised world jewry you are no better than the disinfo agents you’re write about.

    These fake hebrews believe they are god (satan) on earth and non jews a waist product of god’s creation and that they have the moral duty to literally erase us from history before the coming of their fake messiah.

  2. The markets and the media work hand in hand to support the narrative. Both are of course controlled by the same people.

    I noticed this last night when the oil futures were artificially pushed up to 130 for a few seconds. This allowed all the media outfits to publish articles about “Oil hits 130!”

  3. I do think you are right, Chris. The perspective you have actually helps in times of “panic”. While everyone understands Warren Buffett’s adage “be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful” and “buy when there is blood on the streets”, that understanding is limited if one believes that the market cycles are the product of unorchestrated events, and one must therefore fight against the natural instincts of “fight or flight” in a market crash. But if one understands that the market cycles are orchestrated by the elite, as you say, in a deliberate plan to increasingly consolidate and centralize wealth to achieve the NWO One World Government (which will likely be on some kind of fascist corporate-government collaboration model), then one can actually be mentally prepared that no matter how unexpected the event (e.g., I was not expecting Russia to invade Ukraine at all), that the resulting market crash is a time to be on the same side of the trade as the Controllers and to buy, and at times of market euphoria to again be on the side of the Controllers to sell (in order to replenish cash in the rinse and repeat). It is like riding a roller coaster on a known course, where one does not panic on the dip b/c one is fearful for one’s life.

    Thanks Chris, I really needed your thoughts right now.

    What do you think about the concerns about the dollar losing its reserve currency status?

    A couple of interesting videos commentary to consider:

    Speculating, I wonder if they will do a major fake out here and one more big pump up until they crash it all in 2024? I don’t know why other cycle analysts are saying 2024 is the year. 2024 doesn’t line up with the 7 year Shemitah Cycle or anything else that I’m aware of.

    Shemitah year is allegedly 2021 – 2022, so there is still the risk this year is the big crash year if one believes in that timing (whether by cosmic design or human design).

    Would appreciate your thoughts, Chris!

  4. What exactly are the author’s recommendations? He seems to be stating that the global elites are consolidating power, and that there is no risk of system collapse. In either case, I see getting off the financial grid, to the greatest extent possible, as the solution. That would mean holding green cash, precious metals, and (possibly) crypto as the solution.
    On the other hand, if the author does have specific recommendations, I hope he will mention them. Thank you.

    1. I have been pumping residential real estate for the correct reasons. Each property can be valued based on math. The math still makes sense in many areas of the US. I refer to cap rates, IRR, and price to income multiples.

      I have been pumping gold for the past couple months. More than usual. I am not a personal fan of cryptos as I do not understand them. I don’t they are as anonymous as many think. Many holders don’t even care. They only want cap gains.

      I predict the spoos will move over 5,000 sometime before 2022 is over. Perhaps 5,200 or higher.

      What else can I say? I have been saying these things all along, I can’t force people. If you are a newcomer, read my prior posts.

      I would never own cash in a hyperinflationary environment. At least nothing more than to provide liquidity.

      Of course, don’t over-leverage real estate and other business endeavors.

  5. If oil continues to move higher the spoos could fall out of its daily bear flag formation channel with a drop to 4000 fast. Sell on rallies. Could we see something akin to 2008 on oil and commods? The commodities indexes are moving out of control here and could really wallop GDP potential.

    Gold just broke through 2,000.

    1. Why would we panic and sell on rallies when you said we shouldn’t panic and the S&P will break 5200 this year? We should rather wait for new highs and sell then, right?

      1. All I can say is that the firm dollar is really helping us here. I think a lot of this potential conflict has already been priced in. I think the move up in the commodities is also a result of potential CCP action with Taiwan.

        It could get it ugly in the short term. Think about what happened in early 2020. The stock market cratered, but then recovered later in the year and began a massive rise above prior highs.

        I suspect we’ll take out 5,000 this year up to perhaps 5,200 or more, but it certainly won’t be a straight shot up. I look at the daily bear flag forming on the S&P futures and wonder how long it will take before we get another crack. What’s going to happen to the equity markets if oil hits $200 a barrel? This is even possible with a strong dollar.

        The CCP begins military operations against Taiwan this summer we still have 4 to 6 months to digest that outcome and the world can then be redirected into massive waves military deficit spending. All of the reasons for inflation will then be blamed on this outcome and the profit of many firms can be enormous.

        As long as the central banks can maintain low real yields, this scheme can continue.

  6. great rant Chris, short and to the point.

    the City of London Corporation (babylonian-Judian) playing power chess politics for hundreds of years know. they created the United States of America through joint stock companies (London Company – Virginia Company – Plymouth Company) as well as creating the Levant Company, Moscovy Company and there great adventure … The British east India Company with it’s own private army.

    The Empire of the City is where the Caesars of power sit looking down at the unwashed masses while they consolidate their power and wealth and The City has the highest concentration of Masonic lodges in the world and also has the British Order of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem (KSJOJ).

    read The Obedience of Australia by Peter Jones (if you can ever find a copy) to read about power, wealth and The City (City of London Corporation, Livery Guilds, Freemasonry, KSJOJ, Satanists.

    blade … thanks for the comments.

  7. Other than the United States, there was one other nation that proclaimed all races, colors, creeds and languages could happily coexist together in one nation and be powerful.

    That nation was the Soviet Union. The US will endure the same fate… And it’s by design.

    1. Makes sense the Vatican and China should unite, for the head of each is Lucifer as America’s Black and White “whig” Founders knew.

      Mr. Trump’s Wall kills “the real Anti-Christ” “engine for enslaving mankind” we founded God’s prophesied “Promised Land” to escape.

      Those who built Rome on mass terror of tens of thousands of impalements of the Christs who twice denied Caesar was God true Americans know is our only King have no future in Our Land.

      Rome and their Synagogue of Satan are Luciferian sodomists as are the Chinese. They belong together in Satan with the Rockefeller-Bush clan who have made a piece of every dime spent on Made in China by Americans.

      To Hell with Rome and China, and Rome’s JFK&MLK-assassinating, 9/11-committing, illegal and Muslim immigration-promoting, psyop and MKUltra false flag mass shooting, child-sodomizing Beast of Gog&Babylon Roman Catholic Church/Synagogue of Satan Fifth Column long attacking us per Ezekiel 38:11.

      There is only one God, our named Sovereign, Lord, King, Shield, and Savior.

      America is credal civil religion whose three tenets are openly enshrined on The Great Seal of the Covenant.

      But to the satanically possessed we are one People under the one perfect Creator, God Almighty, ruled only by Truth and Justice as prophesied of “Zion,” “Israel Restored.” Praise God.

      Death for Treason – Justice for John and Martin, Malcolm, and Pat Tillman; and for our Korea, Vietnam, and 9/11 dead.

      1. That is entirely correct. The true NWO established a long time ago via Babylon and the Christkillers worshipped moloch and child sacrifices. These same entities have been kicked out of 109 countries in their history and their last empire in Khazaria was destroyed by the slavs which is why they receive so much hate from the current crop of “jews” broadcasting themselves in this way when they are really Khazarians who were really Babylonians and Canaanites. These entities are literally the disciples of Satan himself in life form.

        These people are literally rat faced pock marked demons from hell who are the reincarnation of human vampires. Why do you think they hate silver? What kills vampires?….ding ding ding. Why did all of the old European fables portray joos as vampires?…..They knew they were parasites from the very start and they were dead accurate.

        Yes, lets all live together and bring all the cultures together and dilute our own. Perfect. Truly perfect that only the architects of the NWO could create such a disaster. It is like Mr. Ed the horse is in command of this stuff except the high command are just Satanic demons from hell who want you dead and everyone to turn into some kind of weird mocha caramel deracinated albino looking freak show mulatto retard. Oh, yes everyone needs to convert to atheism because nothing really matters here on earth.

        Yep keep eating those GMO smoothies with the bugs in them and have your daughters convert to mudsharking with tyrone and the brothas and you end up with a sub 80 IQ offspring that is a lifelong career criminal in and out of prison until he ends up dead in the sewer because the white man was racist against him. If you don’t think this system is sick as hell then I don’t know what to say to you. Yes, the voices in the mind are there to tell you what is going on.

        1. Now the (((MSM))) is saying that Ukrainian women are bringing down Russian Helicopters with cucumbers. That makes a whole lot of sense.

          Trust no one especially those of the hooked nose tribe.

          Death for Treason. All traitors hang in the gallows at Ft. McNair.

          Justice for our 9/11 dead. Justice for the Iraq dead. Justice for the Afghanistan dead.

  8. “WW III is only the cherry on the top to prove to the Godless masses that the concept of the nation-state needs to go away, lest humanity is extinguished.

    I continue to see order from chaos. Do you?”

    Spot on Chris!

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