The punishing buildup to World War III (we still have some time)

Lots of theories

I think these increased sanctions against Russia are part of the plan to crash the economy. The sanctions cut off supply therefore raising prices. Higher prices slow the economy as peoples disposable income disappears due to the higher prices. Just look at the price of oil as an example. The sanctions also cut off business therefore reducing manufacturing activity. I think we could be headed to the next depression except there will also be inflation. The the Central Banks will have to put off tightening or even start easing from here.

Precious metals and residential real estate may be good investments in this scenario.


Here is what we can see

Here is my response:

The coordinated sanctions against Russia are providing one outcome for sure: they are collapsing the Russian economy and asset markets. Russian citizens are getting crushed.

A bloodbath in Russian stocks: VanEck Russia ETF (RSX) seeks to replicate the performance of the MVIS Russia Index, and includes publicly traded companies that are incorporated in Russia or that are incorporated outside of Russia but has at least 50% of their revenues/related assets in Russia

I can say this much, the resulting worldwide inflation that will continue until mid decade is going to decimate a large percentage of the population. I would say up to 80% of the population will be ground down to a nub on some level, because of this hyperinflation that will persist.

The hyperinflation and die-off of the 2020’s will prepare the PC livestock of the earth for WWIII like the Great Depression of the 1930’s did for the relatively moral people in the leadup to WWII. The wealthy will clean up as they will be able to stay ahead of the rising tide of higher prices.

I would have to assume that even if the people are dropping dead in the streets, hyperinflation will ameliorate any adverse shocks and support house and rent prices. Hyperinflation will punish those in the bottom 80-90% of balance sheet wealth. Those who don’t own the income generating assets are going to be beaten down. Those who cannot get enough income from these income generating assets will be adversely affected.

I normally do not include owner occupied housing as an asset, because all it does is cost us money to run. We have to take profits and income from other sources to manage an owner occupied house. In instances with hyperinflationary conditions, owner occupied housing can be extremely costly to own and operate. Wage income quite often cannot keep up with the punishing costs of maintenance, rehabbing, and updating.

Clearly this is the goal of the globalists, as they have decided to suppress tight monetary policy while simultaneously handing out money in an unsterilized manner and purposely dismantling the consolidated global supply chain. The world’s shift away from hydrocarbon fuels couldn’t come at worse time (or better time if you are an insider globalist).

Because the governments have recently been cutting back on their massive deficit spending of the past couple years, I see QE in its current forms existing for at least another two to three years. I would estimate until 2025, and this will provide enough time for the existential enemies of the West, Russia and China, to consolidate their power and geographic control, while the world hurdles headlong toward World War III (Ezekiel 38-39).

Of course, bitcoin and gold could rise tremendously, but I would rather place my bets on income-generating assets.

Remember my predictions for 2022; S&P 500 will cross 5,000 and perhaps 5,200, and residential housing could rise by at least 10%. If you are generating income, the world will be a more manageable place for you.

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43 thoughts on “The punishing buildup to World War III (we still have some time)

      1. Not surprising; I think most news can be misleading definitely difficult to sift through all the noise but if you always find out who benefits from the desired outcome from a specific narrative it seems to make things more obvious. Think about all the news headlines about random people- how many are real?

        Maybe the goal is to get a reaction from the consumers of these news articles about tragedies happening to supposedly average people who in fact likely are made up just to get people to rally behind these agendas.

        1. That’s a great point. I wonder how many of these people actually exist.

          The writers of many of the mainstream articles are under orders to write certain types of stories and they look for certain instances in which they can twist the circumstances to conflate with the storiy’s agenda. If you asked the people who were actually the subject of the story they would say that the article’s premise was distorted or taken out of context.

          That’s even if there is any truth to it at all. Most of the mainstream articles come right out of the ministry of Truth and could have been written by Winston Smith himself.

  1. The following answer to a question about current events, along with the explanation, appeared on an Orthodox site that I follow and thought it’s worth sharing.

    O. ALEXANDER TORIK, ORTHODOX PRIEST (known to many for his book “Flavian”):
    Dear Christian brothers and sisters!
    It is Christians that I appeal to, because the rest just won’t understand me (like, by the way, some who consider themselves Christians), and talking to them in their language and their concept of life values just doesn’t make sense.
    I have long been besieged by questions about my opinion of the events in Ukraine and around it, and now that these events have taken the “hottest” form, I considered it necessary to answer immediately all those who asked me earlier, asking now, and powerful questions well in the end.
    So what I’m about to say no one is going to like me but I’m not looking to please anyone but God and maybe some of my closest people.
    I am first a priest then an old sick man preparing to meet God and my religious conscience is my only motivation and the Bible the Holy Gospel and the Commandments are my only guide law and arm by the absence.
    Therefore, all expecting me to speak “for someone against someone” will be deceived in their expectations.
    When Dimitri, Patriarch of Constantinople, died, and the current Bartholomew became one of the candidates in his place, the abbot of the Athos monastery Pantocrat abbot Dionysius came to the abbot of Pantocrator abbot Dionyssius (some were “for” Bartholomev her, others are “for” another candidate) and asked: “And you, abbot, for whom? ”
    Neither of the abbot liked the answer, the abbot said: “And I am for the Lord Jesus Christ! And whom He by His unfailing craft will appoint as patriarchs, whom I will honor as my archpastor.”
    I can only repeat the words of this wise abbot, who has set the heavens and the eternal above the earth, the temporary – I am for the Lord Jesus Christ! And I try to look at the “root” of the problem, and not focus on the passions boiling around short-term, albeit “hot” events.
    A Christian must understand that the war is not between “Russians and Ukrainians” – Orthodox Christians who came out of one Kiev cup of baptism of Russia.
    The war is waged by satan and his fallen angels demons against God and everything created in God’s image of humanity and in this war as F said. M. Dostoevsky: “… the battlefield is the hearts of men.”
    The Holy Scripture teaches us that without the will of God, no hair will fall from a man’s head, nor a leaf from a tree, demons cannot enter even pigs at their own will, and the devil – to cause even the slightest harm to a man, as in the biblical example with Job the Suffering .
    Consequently, throughout the history of nations and states, nothing happens without the will of God directed, according to His divine Craft (plan, intent), for the salvation of all people.
    In reading the Bible, we see nations rise, others fall, nations fall, others increase, wars arise and cease, entire civilizations arise and disappear.
    It is revealed to us by God Himself that the existence and well-being of nations, cities and states is directly linked to their spiritual well-being, their relationship to religious life with God.
    This is perfectly seen from the example of the Great Flood, the Tower of Babylon, the history of Sodom and Gomorrah, Egypt and the Persian Kingdoms, Babylon, and the entire history of God’s chosen people of Israel.
    This can be seen on the example of the history of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and the states that emerged after the collapse of the USSR.
    True, this is visible only through the passionate view of a sincerely believing and religiously competent Christian who knows the Scriptures and understands that this “battle of the devil against God in the field of human hearts” is still going on now, in particular in the hearts x all who are related to Slavs – Russians and Ukrainians, and in non-Slavic hearts and minds as well.
    Satan has always found and does find his servants among people who are far from God. In fact, if a person does not believe in the One True God and the Son of God Jesus Christ, it is simply impossible for him not to fall under the power of Satan and not become his “agent of influence” on the world around him.
    Even among the faithful Christians, there are many who succumb to temptations and fall enslaved by passions so much that they become Satan’s tools despite their desire.
    Pride, greed, gluttony effectively turn a God-like creation – a human – into an animal-like, or even devilish-like. What is well evident from the examples of atrocities committed by people during military conflicts throughout the history of mankind, and in particular in the current war in the territory of the former Holy Russia.
    Satan’s servants seek to turn all humanity away from worshipping the True God, and to force them to bow down and accept as “god” their master, the devil.
    This work of Satan, led by the hands of his earthly servants, men under his authority, has continued throughout human history, from Adam to the present day, and has reached a decisive stage, which is evident to any religiously competent Christian nina.
    Having subdued many nations, deceiving them with the idea of “heaven on earth,” Satan purposefully seeks to destroy states that still respect Christian principles of human relations, and Christianity is essential in life citizens.
    The results of such diabolical destructive work are visible in many once Christian countries – Greece, Bulgaria, Balkan and Western European states, they are visible in both Russia and Ukraine.
    Nevertheless, God, directing his healing craft to the healing and salvation of human souls, both individually and on a whole nation-wide scale, like a genius surgeon, conducts his “operations” to remove the “cancerous tumor” sin ah, seeking to save those whose souls are still able to be alive for the Eternal Heavenly Kingdom.
    He sometimes uses very painful and harsh methods, allowing the devil to demonstrate to people who fall into temptation the fruits and results of their sinful choices.
    Like surgical instruments, God also uses people against one another, especially the people He has allowed to lead nations and nations, such as David and Solomon, Alexander of Macedonian and Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Lincoln, Alexander the Third, Nicholas the Second, Lenin, Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, or the current Putin, Biden, Macron, Merkel, Zelensky.
    Each of these historically significant people performs their respective roles in history, the work that God has assigned to them, whether they realize it or not—work that is ultimately aimed at preparing mankind for the Second Coming of G the Lord of our Jesus Christ and the Terrible Judgement of God.
    Therefore, it must be clear for a Christian why Christ teaches us not to condemn, to have no evil in our heart, to not take revenge on our enemies, even if we have to face a mortal battle with them on the battlefield.

  2. I was asked to play organ at an Anglican Church service today – I’m not Anglican but I will take the gig, as funeral requests may come forth from this. The minister was a woman, which is strange for me, being Catholic myself. She had her hair shaved on one side and long on the other. Immediately I thought, ‘Lesbian’. I don’t know why these people are attracted to religion and churches. It’s like an oxymoron to me. However, I do like the bible readings and today was Luke 4:1-13. Verse 5 particularly caught my attention.

    Satan Tempts Jesus

    5 [d]Then the devil, taking Him up on a high mountain, showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. 6 And the devil said to Him, “All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. 7 Therefore, if You will worship before me, all will be Yours.”

    8 And Jesus answered and said to him, [e]“Get behind Me, Satan! [f]For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’ ”

    Immediately I made the connection to the vax. Of course that’s why people take it, not for health – it’s Satan’s promise of the good life. I thought the minister’s sermon would at least be warning the people about Satan’s promises – money? lifestyle? Nope. Watered down. She only talked about ‘temptations’ in a vague way. She could have said so much more to warn people that this is exactly how the devil works – shows you what he thinks you are yearning for, promises. Stalks you when you are weak and hungry. There’s more of this to come in the future! No – Just a sort of ‘Don’t be tempted’ message.

    Anyway Chris, I’m grateful for what reading to your posts because it helps me discern the truth. I could sit there and observe, and I can’t unsee what you have revealed about the churches. Please keep doing what you do.

  3. It’s very obvious Putin is just another puppet. He’s the same type of Christian that Trump is. Likewise, just like Trump – Putin never called out this ‘pandemic’ for what it really is, nor banned the use of the ‘solution.’ Aka vaccines.

    Governor DeSantis made the claim recently that Fauci is in a witness protection program. Will they proceed with offering the vaccines to kids aged 5 and below? People honestly can’t think for their own, and if people in the states didn’t lose their first love (Christ), they would easily have the discernment to see what all this really is. A trampling of your rights. A consolidation of wealth to the top while the people in the middle suffer. And most importantly a un-tested and potentially life altering concoction being injected into you and your loved ones through your approval. But hey, at least you’ll get the approval of your co-worker, friends, family, and the talking heads on your tv that you idolize. Jesus talked about something similar regarding the hypocrites that preach and pray, but only so they can gain approval and favor among the people;
    and not for the Lord.

  4. BTW please do not send me Martin Armstrong posts anymore. He is seriously misguided and keeps it to some proprietary cycles crap. Pay top dollar to be lied to.

    He rejects conspiracy out of hand, unless it’s against Trump and for Soros and Clinton. He told me personally at his 2015 conference that conspiracy was a joke. It’s all greedy politicians. He laughed in my face, smirked, and told the attendees that gold was going to 3500 by 2017 and to stay out of real estate. I went home and did the total opposite. It wasn’t a waste of 3,000 and a weekend of my time. I took the contra.

    He knows less than I do, and still cannot believe he has a loyal following. He is a charlatan and scammer. He pumps anti-West propagandists scams out of convenience.

    His dumbass 2015 Big Bang was a Big Bust, yet he still holds dear to it. Said back then the governments would no longer be able to hold borrowing costs down and a rush into private assets would result. What a bunch of non-sequitur bullshit. Doesn’t make sense as I knew it all hinged on bond yields. He still says it came about but we don’t see it. He still does and has thousands of dollars of useless shit for you to purchase.

    1. I can say these things as my foot traffic has dropped a ton since Google shut me out and I have nothing to sell you. Call me whatever you want. I don’t give a shit.

    2. Chris,

      Didn’t Armstrong do some time in prison? I am pretty sure he did for scamming people out of their money and had bought a ton of relics and weird stuff with the money. The guy seems like pure scum and never have understood his “computer” generated analysis. Sounds like the perfect bullshit to scam people.

  5. I will put out a podcast this weekend explaining the timeline to World War 3.

    It’s clear now that the Western central banks intend to run inflation in hyperdrive until mid decade while concomitantly suppressing real longer dated bond yields. This has the effect of consolidating the global wealth and power in the shortest period of time. By using this most expedient route it is becoming clearer by the day that these Western elites know that a system blow up is coming, but have planned and timed it perfectly to coincide with the global force majeure.

    As the Godless and reprobate livestock in the Western nations allow this financial tyranny to proceed (anecdotally speaking, I see no complaints from the vaxxed livestock in my daily routine), these elites figure they can run this current configuration for the next two to three years.

    In the meantime, they intend to goad and bait Russia and China into offensively nuking the West. This will be the global force majeure that’ll finally do away with the dollar. In the meantime, those who do not own the income generating assets will be wiped out. The people in the alt-media will be begging for a new system and will blame their Western leaders when the nuclear war does transpire. They will embrace the digital currencies as they throw gold in the streets.

    Perhaps the Republicans will be back in control and will proceed with tyrannical martial law type measures. The alt media will be amenable to such tyranny. It has adopted a partisan attitude and if Trump approves of it, people like Alex Jones will be for it.

    They will welcome the Russian and Chinese nukes as a liberating Force.

    I have people who tell me that I’m an arrogant a**hole. I get people telling me I’m racist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, and a downright mean spirited person. Of course, many Christians say that I’m going to hell.

    I have family members telling me that I’m so angry. This means I know I’m heading in the right direction, for if they agreed with me, I knew that I would have to change my mindset.

    1. Ah. Forget the podcast. I would have only gotten about ten downloads anyway. Not worth my time anymore. I agree with you, I hate listening to my voice as much as you do.

      1. Could you still do it? It might drown out some of the Savior Putin propaganda for us fortunate few.

      2. Come on Chris, press record and just start talking. We haven’t heard a podcast from you in months. Thank you advance.

    2. “They will welcome the Russian and Chinese nukes as a liberating Force.”

      You can read the fake-Jew rabbinic sources and they say something to this effect. I didn’t believe the current pro-Putin hysteria was possible to this extent, but clearly we are seeing something take shape. People I know who didn’t take a single vaccine have swallowed Putinism whole. The enemy spent a long time preparing the minds of these people and it was a huge success.

    3. Chris,

      Why are you so confident that nukes exist? Much of the US tech since WW2 is fake. Everything NASA does is fake. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were clearly firebombed. The nuke test footage looks like really cheap propaganda when you watch it today.

      I think nukes exist as the ultimate fear psyop. There is no evidence of their existence. Nukes are also perfect for justifying endless trillions in government spending.

      1. Good point Carlos – it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if nukes are fake as well. They give too much power to the people – these weapons of mass destruction. And honestly, I think the adversary prefers other means of destruction – one where the land isnt wiped out for x amount of years – in that case how can they infiltrate and possess the new generations if the land is unusable? This earth is all they have until judgement.

    4. Brother Chris, you are a true Christian–one of the Remnant.

      For encouragement:
      Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.
      James 4:4

      Do not love the world or the things of the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world–the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life–is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.
      1 John 2:15-17

      It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household?
      Matthew 10:25

      You, Chris, are one of the Remnant. Endure to the end, my Brother!

  6. The infiltrated Western alt-media say;

    -Zelensky is a Soros puppet, so Putin is our friend.

    -The Western globalists worship Lucifer, so Putin must be Christian.

    -The United States going back to its colonial days was founded by the Illuminati and Freemasons, thus it’s evil. Russia is overthrowing the Western Illuminati and Putin is here to save us from tyranny.

    -The United States founders owned slaves and were evil.

    -The United States and Britain are end-time Babylon. The United States and Britain mean nothing in end time prophecy, and the United States is nowhere mentioned in eschatology. Let’s bow down and worship the nation state of Israel as endtime prophecy will pass through a false Rothschild construct instead.

    -Russia and China are going to collapse the dollar-based system and have been since 2008. The dollar will collapse as the Western elites will no longer be able to support all of the debt.

    -The Western elites are a bunch of idiots and can no longer manage the monetary system.

    1. Hi Chris, I find your blog really interesting so thanks for writing your insights. I’m wondering what your advice would be…I live in “prosperous” northern Italy and due to forces outside of our control have only now the chance to build on an inherited property so that we have somewhere to permanently live. This seems the worst possible time in human history to do any construction/take on a mortgage but then we would be forever renters which is also precarious. What would you do? Try to lock in a fixed rate mortgage? (We aim to have as low a mortgage as possible) Keep renting? And where do you see Europe heading prophetically? Are they the future Beast power? Thanks again for your insights.

  7. I still am flabbergasted at the poor anti-West propagandist analysis in the alt-right media. Russia is more corrupt than the West and Putin is as Christian as a Rabbi. He was a trained KGB operative, who is as evil as they come. He wants Ukraine completely demilitarized for his purposes.

    The alt-finance idiots bought the Western collapse crap since 2008 and sat on the sidelines waiting for a dollar collapse while the biggest bull markets in human history passed them by. These so-called analysts pointed to cycles and price charts, but just ended up serving reheated Communist propaganda.

  8. When gold’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’!

    Adversity separating the men from the boys. Even with a dollar bull run, gold is rising.

    1. Many Oil stocks upticked across the board around 1pm central time today.
      Not sure why it all happened at 1pm. They are saying 6 dollars a gallon at the pump coming soon, ouch!

      Interesting to note how in 2020 I think around April, the Saudi Oil event happened, sending their loaded ships to the east coast, and tanked oil to all time lows within a week time frame.

      Not sure what happened to all that oil. Did the ships unload to America’s reserves or did the ships just turn around…Nothing stopping the Saudis from doing that again and it would actually help out this time.

      1. The ZMan Energy Brain recommended SND a couple weeks ago at 2.50. Never bought. Big mistake. XOP up nicely. He is someone to look at. He publishes on Seeking Alpha under Steve Zachritz

        Probably buy algorithms kicked in on a Friday afternoon. Who knows what the weekend brings? Higher oil and oil stock prices.

        1. I think SND is still a buy and will continue an uptrend to the 5-6range before fizzling out. Many oil companies are hedged at lower prices, so they will not be getting the $100 plus on their end. But ya a nice example of how a rising tide raises all boats.

          What would reduce the pain at the pump or reverse the course of oil prices? It would have to be another Saudi tanker event, or opening pipelines that the Biden admin didn’t approve. Or some kind of OPEC production increase. What else? It looks like none of that will happen and higher prices for consumers are here to stay for awhile.

          1. There would have to be an increase in oil production domestically. Infrastructure buildout has been greatly hampered by the Democrats as they have undermined pipeline construction and the whole concept of fracking.

            The liberals and Democrats will view the rising energy prices as proof that we need to go to renewable sources. Don’t convince them otherwise as the confirmation biases in the political realm are too extreme to overcome.

            Before the Democrats were voted in, the United States was actually a net exporter of energy.

            Whether deliberate or not, the massive swoon in oil prices during the covid scam was proof enough to keep these oil producers from expanding production. Thus, at the worst time, the domestic oil explorers and producers are holding back.

            This was done with military precision and intent for maximum collateral damage.

            All the Saudi oil in the world will not ameliorate the global problem. Domestic oil production needs to ramp up quickly and move to the levels in which the United States becomes at least net neutral again. Domestic oil production was a blunting force to the cartel-like properties of the global oil market. Domestic oil production was as free a market as we could hope for, and rendered OPEC+ decisions almost moot. Only a couple years ago, the US was the largest energy producer in the world. That is right… the world.

            United States has the resources in which to be once again, but whether it will be allowed to is another story. After WWIII, it will ramp it up again. Until then… hyperinflation.

            1. Alt-finance logic; Chris, nobody else says this. Ipso facto, you are a clueless stupid as***le.

  9. Careful here.

    Hyperinflation almost always results in seizures of rental properties.



    1. Not until after WWIII. That’s the dollar force majeure I have been theorizing about all along. It seems to be the most obvious outcome now. In 2012, when I proclaimed it, it wasn’t. But as the years go by and the anti-West and gold shill propaganda of a dollar collapse becomes more remote, only a nuclear war that takes out the US is the only reason now.

      How is the Russian overthrow of the dollar looking? Not good.

      What I said in 2012 still applies today. Now it seems more true than ever. The West is baiting Russia and China to strike the West.

      This will be the force majeure to throw the constitution and the concept of property ownership into the trash heap until Jesus’s return.

      Manasseh will get beat down hard and destroyed.

  10. What do you think about the strong employment numbers? You think that’ll change what the FED is going to do? I see the US dollar is going bonkers this morning. You mentioned in the past that the dollar would collapse from strength not by weakness.

    1. I find it peculiar that the dollar is rising in the wake of Russia’s recalcitrance and the employment numbers, yet gold is spiking in the morning as well. We would normally figure an either/or scenario.

      Gold is rising for its own set of reasons in which we’ve laid out in the recent past. The strong employment numbers are coming at the worst time vis-a-vis spiking inflation. This supports my thesis that rents will continue to rise as most of this recent disposable income advances will go to cost of living items. Hardly any of the deficit spending was sterilized.

      I don’t think it’s going to change what the FED is doing. It’s only leads me to one conclusion; inflation is going to rage while the FED twiddles its thumbs. Unless the nukes start dropping, asset prices will be supported here. Bond yields have struggled to rise and the wake of inflationary numbers and the military actions come at an auspicious time for asset owners.

      The Federal government has cut back tremendously on discretionary deficit spending, yet the Federal Reserve only withdraws support in line with that reduction. In essence, they have been as dovish as in any time in the past.

      Since the dollar is the global reserve currency, and a huge swath of debt is denominated in dollars, any run to cover leverage will cause the dollar to rise.

  11. I watched a couple Infowars videos on Brighteon yesterday. I noticed immediately how pro-Putin they were. It made me recall the logic fallacy, the enemy of our enemy is our friend — the fallacy of false friends; especially during times of adversity.

    The Enemy of Our Enemy is NOT Our Friend.

  12. I use my home for my business and I can write off some of my cost of living on my taxes, which I couldn’t do when I was working for someone else. I have other hedges too but does this count as income generating?

    1. The great aspect of owning and running your own business is that you can write off a lot of stuff. All legitimate, too.

  13. What do consider an income generating asset? Will the stock market stay up?

    1. Kim honey, he says the S&P will rise. He means rental property as income generating.

      What interests me is why there are so few people in the USA who build / convert rental units on their properties. Where I live all homes on 1/4 acre or less in tight suburban areas have cottages on their properties rented out. These are desirable areas made affordable (or at least till a few years ago when rents went through the roof). The cottages were often built originally for Grandma or grown son, converted garages or art studios. They increase the property value. It’s just not part of US culture it seems but it sure covers the cost of running your own property. When I’ve rented, I’ve always been a garden cottage dweller because roses and a pool beats the hell of a cramped condo with neighbors bearing down on your and awful rental agents etc.

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