I write this as of 10am. The S&P futures are fading once again. So is NASDAQ and Bitcoin. Gold found sudden strength and the negative correlation on the short term is definitely still intact.

I doubt the S&P e-mini’s will find support at 4250 if it touches it again. That will be the third time during this bear flag formation, and the third time is rarely a good one when it comes to maintaining support.

Our adversary is lining up Russia and China wars to coincide with the collapse in Fed confidence. Many people will blame all of the supply side shenanigans and hyperinflationary conditions on war, while the true genesis rests with monetary and fiscal policy.

Imagine a scenario where mortgage rates go to 8 to 10%, and that’s if you can obtain a mortgage, yet house prices continue rising as rents continue their punishing ascent.

If institutional investors control as much as 25 to 30% of the housing purchases, they effectively control the entire market, because they control everything on the margin. The prices of housing and rents are determined on the margin, and if these large institutional investors want to jack up rent rolls, and are willing to pay ever rising prices for their house purchases, they effectively own the entire market. I am certain these large institutions are carrying out specific instructions.

Is this the time of tribulation?

If we are entering the tribulation period, then the recent actions of the Fed and monetary authorities make excellent sense. The time of tribulation may force us to endure with horrible bouts of inflation. Most people on this planet are not properly equipped to handle hyperinflationary conditions.

If we are about to enter the time of tribulation, then the recent and growing recalcitrant behavior of Russia and Chicomm China make perfect sense.

If we are entering the time of tribulation, then it would make perfect sense for the dollar-based system to go away and collapse.

If we are entering the tribulation period, then the covid scam with the passports and track and trace system makes perfect sense.

If we are entering the tribulation, then it’s safe to assume that the covid jabs are going to perform as we fear and kill hundreds of millions, if not billions of people.

All of the ostensibly random nonsense we are seeing makes perfect sense if we are entering the time of tribulation.

I personally do not want to enter the time of tribulation as my life has been a wonderful one the past few years, and each and every day I give thanks to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob for what I have. When it comes to an end, I will look back and give thanks for what I had. I will also be dispensing the testimony of Jesus Christ gladly and freely to all who will listen.

Enduring the psychological warfare

“Overcoming the Great tribulation”

I just wanted to post this link to a Brighteon video, which sums up my observations. Much of the time of tribulation will be spent enduring the psychological warfare against our minds.


What this gentleman says is compelling, because he realizes that we’re going to have to live through much of the time of tribulation. I also agree with him in this regard; much of the time during the tribulation will be spent fighting the psychological warfare of our adversary. I think towards the end it will become a physical one, however.

I hope to help the remnant in some small way, to help them understand what is taking place. The further in the timeline we can survive, the more likely we will make it to the other side.

We need to overcome the mental anguish to endure.

God help us, and may he protect his remnant.


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83 thoughts on “Not looking good…

  1. Incoming earning reports next week. Holiday results that still included stimmy spending will be noted, so the ER’s should be good across the board. Seeing more than a few easy scalps, day and swing trades out there.

    Markets seemed to have labeled the Ukraine event, a staged event. It’s like one of the goals of this extra hyped up event was to get equities at 52 week lows, sure kinda seems like it. After reading many stories and looking at most all the photos and videos, this Ukraine charade comes across as a pre planned movie set. I’m anticipating that Jeff Spicoli’s “deep in the trenches, on the ground” documentry because that’s who ya send in when the event is real.

    Not worried about any blackouts or internet interuptions as they have to go into each city seperately to have an effect. Don’t have to be a Union skilled electrician to know that there isn’t one main switch to turn it all off at the same time, and guess what there are Plenty of cables under the water.

    I’m sure after ER profits are taken, the Fed and yields will come back into the spotlight and the alphabet agencies can once again do what they do best focus in on staged mall and school shootings. Searching for the truth, just the facts, but instead I am seeing mostly Fake outs, lies, and disinformation from many of the popular names in the Alt media.

  2. Perhaps the plan is to have “Russia” launch a cyberattack on the US, causing America to declare war. This would also cripple the economy and potentially eliminate everyone’s wealth if bank accounts get wiped.

    Israel controls 100% of the critical infrastructure in the US, so they can do this at anytime.

    If WW3 happens, Israel will serve as the peacemaker, and everyone will agree to build a new UN in Jerusalem, perhaps with the moshiach/antichrist as leader. They will say that WW3 proved to the world that nations can no longer exist. Everyone must become one under Israeli rule.

    1. I think it’s too early for World War III. Russia and China are not ready yet to take over the West and rebuild the New World Order in the Russia/Sino image. Like Skousen says, they are getting closer though.

    2. Russia (and/or China) may actually carry out the cyber attack with Western elite co-operation. As part of its long-range strategy, Russia is OK with being blamed for some of the stuff it is guilty of. For example, a Soviet defector in 2020 claimed that Russia deliberately leaked its ties to Donald Trump and election meddling so that a constitutional crisis would arise in the U.S. government (although that never materialized). If Biden and other Western leaders blame Russia and/or China for a cyber attack, it will be with full consent from Russia/China. Biden is a Soviet lackey, along with Macron, Trudeau, etc. We are dealing with communists here. They play long-range games.

  3. I just came across this site that was bashing me as racist, wingnut, conspiracy.

    Of course, we make money from our conspiracy knowledge while their commenters are enraged as if I am the genesis aof their problems.

    I appreciate the exposure. All exposure is good.


    Thanks fstdt.com!

  4. Bullish hammer candle on the.weekly to end the week.

    GDP estimates coming down. War clouding picture.

    Fed may soften stance. Inflation can be raging as the economy softens. Inflation will remain as the Fed decides to ease any tightening.

    Stocks responding well. So will all income generating assets.

  5. Excerpt from today’s Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief:

    Summary comments: I realize that many Americans do not view the Russian invasion of Ukraine as any of our business, and I both agree and disagree. In a direct sense, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not a direct threat to our sovereignty, but with a view toward the bigger picture of who will attempt to control the world, Russia is the number one most dangerous enemy to our nation and China is number two and gaining rapidly in military might.

    Both nations are preparing to act in concert to strike US military forces in a pre-emptive nuclear attack given sufficient provocation or excuse—which I think a war in Korea will provide. The US and NATO could intervene in the name of preserving a nation’s liberty, and Russia may well not be fully prepared to escalate things to WWIII—but it’s getting closer.

    So, in the end, there eventually will be a war that we will have engaged either Russia or China (because we have troops in harm’s way, as in S. Korea). So, I say, the sooner the better when Russia or China may not be as prepared as they will be in the latter part of this decade. Stopping Russia in Ukraine would certainly help rebuild the world’s confidence in the US as the defender of freedom rather than our current reputation as the bully and intervener around the world, as we have been in Iraq and Afghanistan furthering the phony war on terror (which we created).

    In my analysis WWIII with these two communist powers is inevitable, so don’t pussy-foot around while they get stronger. We can’t start this war, but we can certainly stop them from gobbling up weaker nations.

    1. Israel is selling weapons and loans to all sides. This antiquated flag-waving will get you killed.

      1. Russia == Israel
        Israel == Russia

        The Communists are working together. Actually read what he wrote.

          1. Vladimir Lenin made comments about this kind of thinking, and it is the kind that really will get you killed. These people don’t really care about the money, they are aiming to take the whole pie, and that pie is the West.

            1. Andrew, I’m not the argumentative type, and I dislike debating.

              Russia = Israel = USA

              What was Allen Dulles doing in Bern during WW II? He was making secret loans in gold to reps of the German, Italian and Japanese governments. Why? To keep the incredible profits going.

              Was Rockefeller’s Standard Oil tankers refueling U-boats in the Caribbean during the war? Yes.

              This is why I say this Ukraine-Russian war is the latest profit center.

              1. The central banks of all three nations are private and are owned by the same banking families. Of course, they are headed by the Rothschilds.

              2. I don’t dispute the facts posted, but only that money is the deciding factor. I don’t even doubt the equation you put up. Consider Mao and the Yenan Way. These people use money, but they have a higher wicked purpose. Yenan exploits the greed of capitalists and other opportunists.

              3. David, it seems that part of the strategy is to leave the United States with the bill for the Judeo-Masonic massacre of the world, exemplified in the Soviet Operation SIG (Zionist occupied government). Very briefly speaking, America and Britain are being blamed for Zionism and “globalism”, and therefore, all of the world’s problems, with anti-white, anti-colonialism thrown in the mix. But it’s a frame up. America and Britain did not create Israel or Zionism, and are not solely responsible for funding Israel. The Soviet Union founded Israel and has been its protector ever since, yet America has gotten the blame. The Western NWO is a decoy for the East, who plans to take over soon. It’s important not to fall for this decoy NWO, because it leaves you liable for accepting the East’s role, as they will pose as liberators from the “Evil West” and “globalism”.

                1. Yes, by making the West look badly in the eyes of the world, the New World Order has the expectation that the takeover and destruction of the West will be accomplished with minimal bloodshed.

                  This is why the United States has been engineered with buffoons on both sides of dialectic political aisle. If I were unwashed and didn’t know better, and lived outside of the United States I would think that the world would be better off without the US.

                  The worst part of this demoralization campaign is that many inside its borders, especially the younger folk, wouldn’t mind doing away with the United States and bringing in a global government. These dummies think that the US is nothing but a bunch of racist idiots and that the United States was nothing but evil from its beginning.

  6. Went to Whole Foods yesterday for sundries and noticed the almond butter I buy went from 10.99 last week to 12.49. Nobody on the street is complaining. Too much Netflix and other streaming, I guess. Puts them in an theta brain wave state.

  7. Look up Meshech and Tubal on Google and the only thing you’ll find with the search algorithm are defenses indicating that Russia, Siberia, Central Asia, and China, are not Gog and Magog, nor the Japheth remnants.

    The problem with today’s Christian is that they rely on our adversary’s internet search engines to be stupefied and worshiping the adversary.

    1. It amazes me to see all of the people tripping over themselves for Putin worship… even when presented with contrary facts, doubling and tripling down. Even ignorantly, I think a person looking at the facts should at minimum be skeptical, but here we are. I feel like I’m a lot closer to understanding your statement earlier: “By the time this is all over, the average Christian will be bowing down and worshiping Lucifer.”

      1. Putin and Xi are controlled like Biden, and they get the go ahead by the banking elite that keep them in business to do what they are doing. They get the nod from the owners of the central banks. The whisper comes from high. They understand each other as they are all doing the work of their father.

        It’s time for the next phase of the plan. The road map to WWIII is becoming clearer (and more obvious) all the time.

        I agree with Skousen, WWIII (Ezekiel 38-39) is not coming for a few more years. But it’s coming and we need to may hay while the sun shines.

        It looks like this Russia stuff, and soon to be CCP and Taiwan action, will set the stage for the dovish Fed to loosen even as inflation rages. This will mean excellent opportunities for those with the income generating assets.

        Nothing changes, and the US looks on passively while they run around crying racism and anti-semitism.

      2. Let me give you a couple of quotes so you are not surprised.

        “Ideological subversion… or psychological warfare… changes[s] the perception of reality to such an extend that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interests of defending themselves, their families, their community and their country” – Yuri Bezmenov. It is also called hyper-normalization where people are constantly under the state of confusion and panic and never able to see the big picture behind it all.

        But at the end, once we understand the deception, let us remember F. Scott’s phrase

        “The test of the first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the mind at the same and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise. This philosophy fitted on to my early adult life. When I saw the improbable, the implausible, often the impossible.”come true”

      3. Haha, I know what you mean. Stupid idiot corporate churchianity “christians.” Putin is not only a full blown zionist mason and probably a Doppelgänger, considering how different he looks now compared to when he was younger but a puppet to the core of the synagogue of satan’s branch – Chabad Lubavitch under Henry Kissinger and associates reporting to the RED shield edomite fam (Rothschild).

        For a while, the Synagogue of Satan’s western front dominated (Hagelian Dialectic), now is time to slowly move it to the legendary diabolical eastern front. If you thought the western branch was satanic wait until they bring the eastern front to domination and synthesis with the western front. No coincidence, the diabolical enemies of biblical Israel constantly moved or got kicked off to the East in several occasions throughout the Bible. The Eastern despotism much more relentless, as Eustace Mullins describes it, it will rise high soon! And at the end, is the same synagogue of Satan just that the Eastern side is spicier has a bigger kick to the connoisseurs of wicked taste!

      4. I just wonder what Russia’s motive is in duping Western conservatives. Is it merely to control the paleo-conservatives because they are authentic opposition to global communism or is it perhaps because they expect paleocons to survive the coming calamities while the useful idiot Leftists die off. With paleocon survival, the neo-Soviets must indoctrinate them early on, before they are fully primed to accept Eurasian rule.

        1. The left is already Marxist. It’s like Satan already figures they’re satanic already, so Satan figures why tell them. With Russia infiltrating the alt-right, they can demoralize this side and convince them that their country is better, while the US leaders and system are nothing but evil buffoons and bringing in a global government.

          I cannot believe how many videos are on Brighteon that illustrate Putin as a liberator. Talk about the demoralization. Just like someone else who posted a comment with a quote from Yuri Bezminov, saying how the Soviets hoped to demoralize the people from all angles, so they would never respond to the existential threats that were creeping up on them.

        2. It really is breathtaking to see how effective this propaganda has been on people on the right in general, not even just the alt-right. There are people who didn’t take a single vaccine who are hopelessly pro-Putin and anti-United States. This is talking from a boots on the ground perspective, not even considering the Internet. We are ready for the Eurasian World Order.

      5. It is weirder than I thought. Tho fantastic to watch all the Commies in the alt media expose themselves … as they wet themselves (sorry 😂). We should document who is saying what so later then can’t reverse, especially with censorship I expect to come down like a clamp. This is their last stand. Otherwise I really don’t know. Perhaps the macho thing is hitting guys deep down in reaction to the froofroo we’ve been bombarded with … and yes Tucker is FTM as is becoming more obvious as she ages, so maybe it all has weird unexpected effects

  8. One anecdotal observation that indicates to me that inflation will continue to run rampant.

    Wherever I go, whether it’s the grocery store, Home Depot, government offices, or in property Management, I hardly hear anyone complaining about the rising prices. Because of covid, they are all standing down and accepting it.

    I remember the people and the nation during the 70s and ’80s inflationary spiral. The people were complaining loudly and protesting in large numbers. Now, the country’s people have been so demoralized that they will accept anything.

    1. I remember growing up in the 70s, adults were constantly talking about the price of everything and where to get a good deal, trading coupons, places to get discounted entertainment etc. . I come from a large extended family, so we got hand-me-downs and when we got something new it was factory seconds/outlet shoes and boots a lot of the time. People always seemed to be skinned back then, and I would say we are still in the early innings of price inflation. I am observing that most people think its one and done for price increases.

      I have a pest control service and the owner was embarrassed to raise the price from $45 up to $47 per month, he gave me a long story first about how freight charges for his materials were going through the roof – I fully expect everyone to hit me for 15-20% so I am surprised when it is under 10% and mostly the increases have been under 10% or flat to date. We are mostly getting hit for fuel surcharges and higher freight rates – this is where I see +15%.

      By the way, I do not go to Home Depot etc. anymore for property supplies – We have commercial accounts for Electrical and Mechanical and the local lumberyard and get most items wholesale. Saves up to 30% on plumbing and electrical, not so much for building materials but those prices are very competitive anyway. I was shut out from HD when they imposed passports (since dropped) and never missed a beat while saving money.

      1. It’s hard not to go to HD as a property manager. I buy lots of small things to fix items. I do get where you are coming from. It burns me every time I go to HD and price it against what’s online (lighting especially). I saved about $800 with electrical lighting in two properties (about 50, 6″ canless recessed lights and a large set of under cabinet leds). The only thing I bought from them for the job was the wire fasteners and 250 feet of 14 gauge wire).

        I have to raise rent on three of my condos. They are renting for about 500 below market now, as I haven’t raised the rent in 5-6 years. In that time, the fixed costs of owning them (property taxes, common charges, insurance) have increased by $1,700-$1,800 a year. My tax assessments on these properties rose by 90% with last years three-year rolling period. That comes right out of my pocket and the vendors and hired HVAC and other help keep raising their prices.

        People think I am greedy. They have no idea how expensive things have gotten.

        1. We have no choice any more but to raise rates and prices.

          We used to be able to pocket the difference when we found a better deal, now its a matter of survival.

          You are definitely not being greedy, inflation takes the fun out of everything.

          1. It really has. No fun. There is this huge pressure to raise rents, not so much to make a lot of dough, but to build a bigger reserve to compensate for the added costs of running the biz.

  9. Biden to nominate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as first Black woman on Supreme Court


    I enjoy the way the politicians pick official candidates like they are running a casting call for a politically correct Netflix show. There’s no compelling talent in this woman, but she fulfills a role.

    I will tell you this much, the social spending and amount of money that is sent to the end user will be breathtaking in scope, and will continue the trends we have seen in the housing, healthcare, education sectors, etc.

    In other words, the more Marxist the nation becomes, the wealthier the wealthiest become, while the poorer the poor become. This is not an accident.

  10. An initial take — and I do not profess to have many more than this one, is that the West will not respond in any adequate way. Initial reports I’ve seen have described Biden as targeting Russia via financial institutions, etc. So, I think that the invasion will continue and the West will have its COVID-19 trauma programming replaced by Russia-Ukraine war programming. We have to consider that Agenda 2030 remains an underlying paradigm for elites. I’ve considered how Agenda 2030, so far, has been fulfilled through terrorism via biological warfare and geoengineering. Now the inevitable pivot to hot war takes place. That Europe will suffer from giving power unto the neo-Soviet Beast through shocks to its oil markets only advance Agenda 2030 further.

      1. Between the Zionist dispensationalism and Putin as a Christian leader, what’s left of the laodicean Christians is being beat from all angles.

        The psychological warfare and demoralization campaigns being waged against the dumbed-down churchgoer is in full swing.

        By the time this is all over, the average Christian will be bowing down and worshiping Lucifer.

      2. Western Paleo-conservatives are being targeted by Russian disinformation to make them sympathetic to Russia on anti-globalism, anti-“globohomo” grounds. So far, the Left has been fed a very shallow anti-Russianism narrative which is put out by Russia itself. If and when you start to see the propaganda targetting Western Leftists switch to pro-Russian, we are in some big trouble.

    1. I see the pendulum swinging. Trump provided the thesis and the Democrats, who were way over to the left provided the antithesis. The antithesis made it into the levers of power. They are so outlandish that they now are the thesis. They will be wiped away by the antithesis, the Republicans.

      The Republicans in power will make baby bush during 9/11 look like a bunch of pikers. Imagine a totalitarian grid-like state being pressed down on the citizenry all under the guise of fighting evil terror and foreign enemies. We will go from fighting covid to fighting fake adversaries. Instead of a vaccine passport you will have a passport that will prove you’re not seditious, and we will have to take our vaccines to prove we are not traitors. Alex Jones will be raving about how we need to do this, since the liberal left is not involved.

  11. https://youtu.be/OHFIAmO16qk – Video by Brendan O’Connell tying up the rapid technological/military development of Russia/China through Israel’s massive uninterrupted tech transfer from the USA, and the pan super-states of the belt road, certainly connecting to the theatrics of the Ukraine conflict.

    1. I suspect Russia will try to consolidate as much of the former lands that were lost when the Soviet Union supposedly collapsed. This includes most of the Japheth remnants nations in Central Asia. Maybe Central Asia will make Tobolsk, along the Tobol River, their Siberian capital again, and wipe off the tarnish of their Japheth remnant statues. The people will honor them as war heroes.

      People ask why will the Japheth remnants try to destroy the Shem remnants in the latter days, like it says in Ezekiel 38 and 39. I say it’s simple. Noah blessed Japheth through the God of Shem. I am certain Japheth was not happy about that.

      1. Most definitely, I like to watch O’Connell’s videos along with your blog. They match like butter and bread.

        As the video mentions this goes well with biblical prophecy of Ezekiel and the Mackinder’s heartland theory

        Additionally, funny you should mention Japheth because I was revisiting that yesterday’s evening. No such thing as coincidence.

        “And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. And he said, Blessed be the Lord of God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant. GOD SHALL ENLARGE JAPHETH, AND HE SHALL DWELL IN THE TENTS OF SHEM; AND CANAAN SHALL BE HIS SERVANT” – Genesis 9:25-27

        Things are aligning beautifully. I love it.

  12. Any thoughts on this article?


    A last, desperate attempt to keep Europe under their control. A purely cynical ploy, with the clear and present plan of throwing the Ukraine to the dogs. Enticing the Russians to invade, not with the idea of ‘defending’ them, but using the subsequent strong tensions with Moscow to maintain a ‘united’ US-European front.

    The main question has been, whether Kiev would actually be so suicidal, or so fully under their thumb, as to just trot along to their doom with their NeoCon handlers.

    However, they have not been looking too eager at all, and were at several points calling for calmness, saying the American claims of ‘imminent invasion’ were not true.

    But of course, it really is all about Germany. Almost 80 years after the war, it is still an occupied vassal.

    The American Empire has always been based on controlling Russia by occupying Germany, and controlling China by occupying Japan.



    The West is imploding, and is being broken up in three main parts: The US, Europe, and the UK and its Dominions. Of course, many people will be tired of NATO, the US Empire, and the American antics in the Ukraine and the Middle East.

    But this breaking up of the West is a very, very dire sign indeed.


    Even here in NZ they are already talking about shortages in building materials etc. I don’t think people realise how fast the shops can clear out if imports stop, or how high prices can go if they slow down. Covid was prep for destroying the west it seems.

    1. Bob, I think the neocon nightmare is a Russian-German alliance. The alliance is natural and inevitable.

      Also, rumors of the re-establishment of Khazaria.

      Also, evidence that the genetic homeland of whites is the lower Dneiper River. The sheenies might be targeting this area for cleansing. Of course, they are delighted to see white people slaughtering each other again.

    2. As a fellow member of the Commonwealth (here in Canada), I can tell you that this thesis aligns with my personal beliefs. Only that there does seem particular targeting of the breakaway states of CA, AUS, and NZ. I am lead to believe we will be among the first to be targeted, as a proceedings of the “winding down” of the British Empire for good.

      1. Your observations are well founded. The former commonwealth will be left twisting in the wind.

  13. Excerpt:
    According to the January 2022 Virginia Home Sales Report released by Virginia REALTORS, the supply in Virginia’s housing market continues to dwindle, setting new record lows.

    There were only 12,203 total active listings in the state at the end of January, which is 4,478 fewer listings than this time last year, a drop of nearly 27%. The inventory has been shrinking for years in the commonwealth, but the pace has accelerated since the spring of 2020. The total inventory in Virginia is now about a third of the level it was three years ago.

    “Virginia’s Inventory of Homes for Sale Plummets to All-Time Low”


    Anecdotal observations around here or for continued dwindling of real estate listings. The realtor data back it up for the entire state of Virginia.

      1. The prices of homes have gotten so expensive, and the costs of selling and rebuying are at least 10%. Prospective sellers are deciding to stay put. Plus, institutions are buying according to a set of algorithms.

        Unless the title process and costly insurance, realtor commissions, mortgage costs, local transfer and recordation taxes are lessened, eventually nobody will ever sell again.

        If houses can be sold like stocks, supply will surge.

        It pays to hold on to properties forever.

  14. Gold, cash, and paid off properties. You shouldn’t have too much cash in the bank account. They’ve been teasing a black out or cyber attack for years now. Slowly conditioning us. Now ‘Biden’ is threatening Russia with cyberattacks. Russia would retaliate ofc. Lights could go out. And when they come back online you may have less in your bank accounts. It’s all possible in the cloud. Not saying it will happen. But it’s odd how they’ve been conditioning us similar to how they conditioned us for a virus outbreak through movies, shows, and politicians talking. Gold, cash, and paid off properties. And most importantly – be good with the Lord and Jesus Christ. Without that strong rock foundation whatever you do have will eventually crumble anyways.

  15. The central banks are now finding more reasons not to have to tighten. Imagine if Chicomm China invades Taiwan. US Treasury yields could move lower. The dollar could gain some strength and QE can continue.

    Of course, inflation will be blamed on the global military incursions, which are auspiciously timed to coincide with Central Bank tightening.

    1. With all the Ukraine news the market did pretty well today. Some stocks that normally would tank with this global news, actually went up. lol.
      Is it just shorts covering? The Ukraine news was hyped up for a few months, so maybe it was all priced in. GLD was doing good until about 1-2pm, I wonder what news gave it a downturn?

      1. I was reading that commodities were not going to be embargoed. Pt and Pd both were hit on the news, as well as oil.

  16. I think WWIII is in the making. It depends on the west’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. If we sit idly by like Bush Jr. did with Georgia back in 2008, then Chris’s timeline of 2023 or 2024 will still stand. If action is taken sooner, then things will heat up sooner and we could have major war on our hands by the end of this year.

    Chris raised a very good point that the last time Russia invaded a country in August 2008(Georgia), the stock market tanked in September of 2008. The western elite are desperate to start a war as a major distraction because the economy is collapsing , the Covid Narrative is falling on its face, and the people are rebelling against their repressive governments. The western elite, and perhaps Putin, need a new distraction. What better distraction than war. They need a major distraction to cover up their crimes against humanity. They also need a serious distraction to cover up all the vaccinated people getting sick and dying.

    We should pray that the innocent people get spared from harm while the perpetrators get taken down.
    Jesus Christ is coming soon and God’s plans are in motion.

    1. A couple of nukes in strategic places and you can blame vx side effects on radiation.
      Even one nuke in the US would be enough.
      5000 would cover it too probably.

      1. Many people are just reacting to the mainstream media/reading the Alt-Right. However it happens they are ready to be deceived by Putin and Xi. Alt-Right mission accomplished.

  17. Germany has 90 days left remaining of oil supplies…..this was confirmed by the German minister today.

    Collapse is dead ahead.

  18. You were right. The charts told it all in advance. In a trendless market I have noticed that charts can be sometimes useless. Charting is great at picking the major turns in prices.

        1. USD looking good here and getting support as traders worry of scrounging for dollars to cover leverage. Still looked to as a safe haven, especially compared to the euro.

          Let’s see if bond yields fall and helps keep QE going.

  19. Bitcoin looks likes NASDAQ on steroids. Hello gold 🪙. Hello trade GLD.

    I recall Russia invaded Georgia in 2008, right around the last stock bust.

    Both busts, including the current one, were actually the Fed’s fault.

    1. You were correct. Oil, gold, silver, palladium respond well. I Should have traded the futures.

      1. The US led world order is coming to an end.

        I think we can expect the movements on Taiwan as a possibility in the future.

        Europe is completely dead as any kind of serious military force and so is the US.

        This current system might have a few years left before collapse. The US is headed towards its own Soviet Union collapse moment.

        1. I don’t think it will last a few years. If the US/NATO attempt to intervene there will be drastic consequences.

          I think Russia/China will initiate a gold payments system for energy and foreign trade transactions.

          This will cause a de-dollarization event.

          Lets see what happens.

        2. Not so fast my friend, hold your horses!!! The massive military industrial complex that is effectively privatized would not benefit from an immediate destruction of the west, certainly not the synagogue of Satan shareholders and their unquenchable addictive thirst for blood and human sacrifice. Theatrics are needed for it.

          (1) There needs to be a temporary “cold war” 2.0 to buildup technological, military robotics, drones, bioengineering armaments.

          (2) Have the political state of Israel intensify in transferring American tech to Russia/China/Iran. Have the military industrial complex cry in pain as they strike by giving their tech to Israel “stolen” and have the US infuse more funds to build even more tech to cope with the theatrical enemy.

          Shakespearean Script : USA/West saying – Oh no! China/Russia have some new toys. Let’s build up to outperform them, give another 150 billion to Lockheed Martin/Northrop Grumman to build us something better, where is the R&D team now? Why the heck are they in Israel and why is every major tech company of ours having a massive R&D headquarter there? Never mind I digress, just build the darn things.. (I suspect we will have regional conflicts throughout this step and some commonwealth nations like Australia will be invaded at this stage; in technicality this is the stage we are currently in just not in full force yet).

          (3)Then the cannibalistic world war 3 can begin in full splendor, a yes! why have a close dungeon sacrifice when you can use the whole world as a sacrificial chamber – exquisite War,! target the original Israel nations with vigor. Destroy them (not all remnants as we know but definitely their lands – critical infrastructure, etc). The USA has to be last I think. It holds the keys to the temporary Luciferian Basel 2.0 empire, but bullocks! its people still having massive amount of firearms and Joseph’s blood runs through of their vains beliefs. Many will resist. But remember that cold war 2.0 where phenomenal advancements in tech, cyber, transhumanism was made? Well, now it is time to drop humanistic robots and bring the real robotics/drones to get rid of the resistance capable of withstanding even a 50 bmg caliber. Then the usa can be splitted, etc with no problem and most importantly occupied.

          (4) the nommies/useful idiots/the wide population will have enough of these conflicts and will have an open arm to the antichrist. He will say we need something better. no more wars, bring the full net-zero carbon, GMO plant food based smart cities communitarianism system (new word for communism). He will come as the most reasonable person, well spoken, charistmatic just like that guy peterson in youtube, so reasonable but a wolf in sheep clothes. (For Satan himself comes as an angel of life – remember that part?) And since during that cold war 2.0, massive cybernetic, technological and transhumanistic advancement were made, Smart cities will be available for all with the 5g network, just make sure you give allegiance to Satan and you can live there no problem. as for the rest who still resist, they are deceived, continue with the robots and drones to reduce their population for good…..

          And bang – The God of Shem, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph comes to handle things now and show who is the real Boss and King of Kings!!!!

          Anyway you get the point, I may have ultra-summarized some items and slightly distort some timing to be either faster or shorter – Bottom line; resist/die or go to hell with Satan. I wonder if Kent Copperland/Joel Osteen may preach this at some point from their mega churches…..

  20. Spoos 4250 was sliced through the third time like a hot knife through butter. 4000 is next, followed by the 100 week sma.

    Still only own GLD. So far, I have saved myself (and hopefully you) some unwanted aggravation.

  21. Welcome to the NWO hub of the world, Singapore.

    We have new machines setup daily to prevent access into most of the places for any person whom refused to take the jabs.

    Little relaxations of measures ever since people put on their masks they never put them down anymore. Unlike most parts of the world where people could still catch a break. Down here, you either comply till you break literally or break them intelligently with the street rules.

    Try to shop here, it’s hell of a trip and people here loved to shop in the prison shopping malls under the name of safety.

    I feel so strongly that our people here will be receiving their marks first.

    These “measures” and the “imprisonment of everything” culture are getting worse
    here despite whatever positive lip services our local politicians make.

    Here’s a food for thought, I never scan in the qr code and neither do I got sick.

    The scanning of the qr code thing seems like a subconscious act to condition everyone to accept the mark when I think it through. You raise your arms up to forehead level and you aim at the qr to scan (and receive the mark) and qr=666 .

    This repeated daily conditioning plus the need for periodic boosters paves the way for the actual mark.

    1. Can you exit this satanic technocracy?

      I always found it suspicious how Singapore raised to preminence technologically, economically among the South Asian nations in less than a decade. Certainly had its Britsh influence but it was more than that..

      1. The British and Americans long ago were righteous. Not anymore. They are but a shadow of what they once were; in name only, but we can trace them to what they represent in prophecy. Never once did I ever say that Ephraim and Manasseh were God’s chosen. No remnant is God’s chosen anymore. That hogwash was hung on a tree.

        Ephraim and Manasseh have become wicked and evil to the core. It’s just that history and prophecy runs through them. Especially end time events.

        1. Absolutely, no question about that; I think these verses summarize that deterioration well; they certainly were God’s biological people originally but fell from grace.

          “And the heathen shall know that the house of Israel ent into captivity for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies so fell they all by the sword. According to their uncleanness and according to their transgression have I done unto them, and hid my face from them” Ezekiel 39: 23-24 (the next verses are promising for those that repent)

  22. WSJ published an article this morning about health insurer earnings. All down, blamed on an increase in non Covid deaths.

    These deaths will be blamed on any conjured up reason and people will actually believe it…

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