The pale horse emerges: Are the vaccines linked to accelerated AIDS-type infections?

The real reason the central banks don’t seem to care?

Do the authorities know what’s coming and have stopped caring about salvaging the monetary system? Another 40-year high in the CPI is met with a yawn.

HIV spike protein in your COVID vax?

These Are the Latest COVID Treatments

Pfizer says its Covid pill with HIV drug cuts the risk of hospitalization or death by 89%

Prince Harry: get tested for HIV to protect others in same way as for Covid


New highly virulent and damaging HIV variant discovered in the Netherlands

I ask these questions;

  • Why are HIV drugs effective against COVID infections?
  • Why are HIV testing procedures becoming prevalent? Why is the MSM making a concerted push for universal HIV testing?
  • Why are so many people testing positive for HIV?
  • Evidently the recently discovered forms of HIV are said to be much more aggressive than HIV strains from decades past.
  • Why are so many people beginning to die?
  • Are the HIV spike proteins themselves, rather than the supposed HIV, that are causing massive drops in immune system integrity?
  • Is this why the MSM is pushing the new HIV strain story?

Even if you believe there is no HIV in existence, there are certainly HIV spike proteins available. Perhaps it’s just this spike protein that destroys immune cells. Thus, it seems that it has to be injected.

I ask, even if we have not received the poison jabs, could we eventually acquire this bioweapon from those around us? The globalists have even been vaccinating livestock like chickens, too.

Canada and Australia will both provide the CCP with an abundance of natural resources, it’s just that their populations would resist handing them over to ChiComm China. If this is the mode of sickening the populations, their populations will probably pose little threat in a few years. The United States and Europe will be effectively gone, and the West will be no more.

If this is true, this is why the US “government” exerted so much effort to get all the military forces “vaccinated.” The military could be defenseless going out to 2025 and beyond. Most will die or be unable to exert any resistance.

The vaccine campaign was wildly successful and billions bought the lie. The authorities can now roll back the restrictions, because the people could begin to die by the hundreds of millions over the next several years. This also explains why Arlington and McLean proffered this vaccine dilemma as a political one. By presenting the stupid people with a partisan argument, especially during an election year with Judas Goat Trump, the jab rate was much higher and more quickly received.

If this is true, this also explains perfectly why the elites are acting the way they are acting. I noticed how the US CPI this morning hit another 40-year high. The powers don’t care, because they know a collapse is coming soon. It also explains Deagel 2025. If this is all true, then this is explains everything we have been observing over the past few years.

Please pray for the remnant. This will soon be the time of Jacob’s trouble. I cannot believe that these vaccines have an engineered and aggressive form of AIDS. But it makes sense now.

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72 thoughts on “The pale horse emerges: Are the vaccines linked to accelerated AIDS-type infections?

  1. HIV is indeed a real virus, spawned off of recombinatory practices that kick-started the drive to infiltrate the genome in the 1970s. Joshua Lederberg pioneered a technique of “reverse transcription”, in which simple RNA-structures (viruses) could serve to attach and replicate within human-cells and thus influence our human DNA. Dr. Leonard Horrowitz documents extensively in his book “Emerging Viruses” the way in which HIV was sequestered through the hepatitis B vaccine given to gays in NYC concomitantly to Africans in the Zaire/Angola region. There is a prescient point made in that book that the “HIV isn’t real”-thesis was posed in typical H. Dialectic fashion. What is the fruit? Confused, destabilized-perception. Sowing doubt over basics of virology has served the power structure to wield virology to their ends. Klaus and the gang wanted nothing more than the conspiracy crowd to suspect 5G as causing the coronavirus in 2020, and to follow down the garden path of “Viruses aren’t real.” The last thing they would have wanted is for the spotlight to have been dead-set on the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Wuhan Military Games, and a spike protein borne out of Ebola vaccine research done at Winnepeg’s National Microbiology Laboratory.

    1. 👍. I grew up in the New York City area and lived in Manhattan all through the 90s and recall how AIDS was running rampant through the homosexual population. Many of the people who caught AIDS did not receive vaccines and were able to pinpoint it directly to a sexual encounter. I knew a couple of them through friends and one worked in the broken/dealer industry. Whether an HIV test is a false positive or not, it is one grim and life-altering prognosis.

      Many of those testing positive back then didn’t take the drugs and yet still got sick and died.

  2. As best I can tell, the killshot has a double whammy- two primary negatives effects: disabling the natural immune system while also carrying some portion of the HIV genome.

    So of course, they will have ‘remedy’ ready… to sell to everyone who will be needing it.

    1. I have little doubt the biological window repair firms will have a solution to market after they have broken all the windows. Marcus Licinius Crassus would even marvel.

  3. Chris,

    How long could the wealth effect from the stock market sustain the economy?

    Let’s say stocks go up another 20% this year from previous all time highs. A lot of people will sell some stocks and use that money for going out and vacations. Those outings and vacations will create jobs for people. Some people will buy houses. Those houses will create demand for builders, materials, real estate agents, lawyers, etc. People will use their profits to buy products, cars, start businesses, etc. — all spurring the economy.

    Next year, let’s say the same thing happens. You could also add crypto and real estate as drivers of the wealth effect.

    How long could this system last? Perhaps the wealth effect is the main driver of economies in highly developed countries.

    1. As long as bond yields remain low. This whole mechanism that was established around quantitative easing can remain forever as long as bond yields remained low.

      1. I should add one thing; as long as real yields remain low. The snapshot of the financial world in which we find ourselves is a magnificent one. I have only one concern; I wonder how long the spread between nominal yields and inflation data can persist. In other words, I wonder how long real bond yields can remain this far negative.

  4. Some food for thought. I found this post on another site and thought it’s worth sharing. A pseudonym was assigned to it.

    “As I said before, I’m an employment and labor law attorney in CA. I’m not on here to push my business but rather to save as many lives as possible. Your best chance to either keep your job (if you still want to work there) or to either win in court or get a wrongful termination settlement is to:
    1. get your doctor to write a medical exemption for you (find a holistic / homeopathic doctor if you have to) and email it to HR.
    2. Get your religious exemption paperwork ready — send an EMAIL (you want proof that they received it) to your boss and HR stating that you believe that:
    a. “maintaining a healthy body and a clean bloodstream are some of the core tenets of sincerely held Christian religious personal beliefs and Biblical principles;
    b. your body is a Temple of The Holy Spirit and is sacred.
    c. as a child of God, He wants you to protect yourself and that you owe a duty to God to do so.
    d. the vaccine is a religion of sorcery and necromancy
    e. that taking the vaccine is blasphemous to the Holy Spirit and offends your religious practice.
    3. Email HR your complaint that your employer is engaged in the unauthorized, illegal practice of medicine (CA Labor Code Sec. 1102.5 states that an employer cannot retaliate against an employee for complaining of illegal conduct. It’s basically a “whistle-blower” statute. Your state may have a similar code section). Obviously, the practice of medicine by someone who is not licensed is illegal, and obviously your employer is not a licensed doctor. Therefore, your employer is arguably illegally practicing medicine by instructing you to take a potentially deadly injection.
    Anyway, this advice won’t stop a much needed civil war, but it will cause several employers to pause and think a bit when it hits their wallets.”

  5. These guys:

    “The coronacircus psyop is more sophisticated than meets the eye. The Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Fauci, CNN narrative is the thesis. The Fox News, Sky News Australia, “China did it” narrative is the anti-thesis. The synthesis has yet to become fully apparent.”

    Mirroring my analysis:

    China’s covid misdirection via Epoch Times and other alt media

    1. The Quebec Premier already tipped their hand on the sacrifice:

      From CBC posted Jan 11,2022,

      As of Jan. 18, customers will have to show their vaccine passports before entering SAQ and SQDC establishments, Quebec’s provincially run alcohol and cannabis stores.

      “It’s a question of fairness for 90 per cent of the population, which has made some sacrifices,” Legault said, referring to those who have at least one vaccine dose. “I think we owe them this kind of measure.”

    2. I often recall Alan Watt’s analysis of the entertainment industry and its release of movies about bio weapons and viruses.

      Nothing is entertainment, it’s all there to condition us. I think of the movie “12 Monkeys” in this regard. There are countless others.

      If Hollywood never concentrated on zombie and virus movies, the covid pandemic would have been impossible to engineer. The livestock were prepped and primed.

    3. Agreed. It’s a dialectical tregectory. Chris has talked about this all coming out of the psychological war fare division of the Pentagon. Wagthedog all the time.

      They tell us what the end trajectory is, books like the singularity is near, and UN agendas etc. And we have the Bible for guidance. The tower of Bable, Sodom snd Gomora, Noah. History doesn’t reapeat itself, but it often rythms, said Mark Twain.

    4. The coronacircus article is a long read but very informative. Having battled, and still dealing with, a psychopath in my life, I have to agree with the author. The masterminds are clever but not creative. Their biggest mistake is underestimating us. The best way to play this game is to feign compliance while quietly gathering resources and strategizing. Don’t roll around with the pig in the mud, you’ll only get dirty and what’s more, the pig likes it. Our creativity will get us through if we tap into it and have the courage to use it. It won’t be easy but knowledge is power. This article gives us a lot of helpful clues as to how this might unfold in the coming months.

  6. I do find a peculiar all about the trucker protests. If the establishment wants to place the blame on supply chain, they have an easy excuse….

    Supply Chain Issues Could Worsen If Truckers’ Protests Continue – Forbes

    This is another reason why I think the trucker convoy and protests have been co-opted and promoted so heavily in the mainstream. I can think of many other ways to protest backseat mandates, and the easiest would be for people to dump boxes of drywall screws off the bridges on the interstates.

  7. The Church is Not the Remnant
    In the Old Testament there is a teaching about a remnant of God’s people.

    “Except the LORD of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, and we should have been like unto Gomorrah.” – Isaiah 1:9
    It is common for non-dispensationalists to associate the church today with this biblical remnant.

    This is wrong. The church today is not the prophesied remnant.

    A remnant is defined as something left after a separation. It is that which remains after the rest is taken away.

    The biblical remnant was the remnant of Israel: those few faithful that remained after the nation was judged, purged, or had the wicked removed.

    There is no remnant today because there is no Israel today.

    The Body of Christ, the church today, is not something that is left after a separation. It is a new creature that was made from scratch. A unified body of both Jew and Gentile in Christ according to the fellowship of the mystery (1 Cor 12:13; Eph 3:9).

    Why would people think that the church today is the remnant?

    The thinking goes that since Israel failed to follow the Messiah, except for a few disciples, those few are the remnant of believers that began the church at Pentecost.

    Truly, the twelve apostles (of the twelve tribes of Israel) were the prophetic remnant of Israel. They were what remained after Jesus came to divide the nation along the lines of belief.

    “Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:” – Luke 12:51
    Where the idea goes off the rails is to think that those apostles were the beginning of the church today. Wrong.

    While the twelve apostles did represent what remained of the nation of Israel, a remnant, they did not represent the creation of a new creature.

    That task was given to the apostle Paul, who was not part of the believing remnant, but the discarded part of Israel. He was not only an unbeliever he was anti-believer in Jesus as the Messiah.

    With the dispensation Christ gave to Paul (which made him a pattern of salvation during Israel’s blindness) a new creature was made (2 Cor 5:17).

    The church of today began when the Lord dispensed the mystery fellowship to the apostle Paul who became the pattern for every other member (1 Tim 1:16).

    The church did not begin by the Lord dividing a people that already existed, but by the Lord creating something new: a new creature, with a new apostle.

    It is impossible for the church to be a remnant.

    A remnant is made by shrinking something that already exists. A remnant is always smaller than the original. Due to the gospel of grace, the church never shrinks, and it always grows! Once in, no one gets cut out. There is no such thing as the remnant of the church.

    There is nothing missing from the church the Body of Christ (Col 2:10; Eph 1:3). The body is whole, lacking nothing, and continues to grow up into Christ (Eph 4:15-16).

    The church is not Israel minus some people (a remnant). The church is not humanity minus some people (a remnant). The church is an entirely new people!

    When members are added, it is not that they were cut off from his body at one time before and are now returning. No one ever had this fellowship with God in Christ.

    Believers today were never part of God’s people, they were without God, but now they can be a part of this new man (Eph 2:12-15). Even the circumcision had to be counted in unbelief before they could qualify to be part of the Body fellowship (Rom 11:32).

    One day Israel will return, a remnant will exist, and they will receive the completion of their covenant promises. We are not them (Rom 11:26-27).

    Can you see now why the church cannot be the biblical Remnant?

    To do so requires aligning the beginning of the church with the remnant apostles. It makes us incomplete. It hides our glorious identity in Christ.

    The church today is not the remnant. We are something new in Christ.

    1. I take the Bible literally.

      Romans 9:27 KJV
      Esaias also crieth concerning Israel, Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, a remnant shall be saved:

      Romans 11:5 KJV
      Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.

      Revelation 11:13 KJV
      And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

      Revelation 12:17 KJV
      And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

      1. The problem with the people in the so-called remnant today is that their houses are burning down, meanwhile they’re sitting on their couches in the living room watching TV.

        The people that stop by this blog are left with the dirty work, and are banging on the doors trying to get the slumbering sleepers to figure out they’re going to burn along with their houses. The people inside their houses think that nothing’s wrong.

    2. TJ – I think you’re over complicating things. The remnant is not an organization. It’s a people – a people that have not forgotten their true love. Or new people in Christ that have joined. They follow Jesus’ commandments, because they love him. They don’t follow Jesus for the money, or the praise from friends/family, etc. We live in a time where everything is flipped backwards. And unfortunately this infection has gotten ahold of many once strong families in Christ.

  8. On a trading basis, I am not a fan of the major indexes, and would hope to see the NASDAQ futures retake the 200-day moving average. Until that happens, I’m not a fan. I would be selling rallies.

  9. I like the weekly gold futures chart. Gold has been putting in a huge pennant formation with a slight upside tilt since that covid top from 18 mos. ago.

    I posted a Reuters article a couple weeks ago that said a whale (most likely a large country) was taking everything available at 1800 and below.

    I plan to buy a few more ounces today. As the gold shills always say, keep stacking.😲

    1. Gold breakout! the world smells blood. The Japheth nation state governments are adding to their 1,800 floor.

    2. Thanks to higher rents, I bought four more 1 oz US eagles. at 1,830 spot this morning. I smell big breakout in the making. Keep stacking

  10. What I find interesting is the efficacy of ivermectin and hydroxyclorquine. Two antiparasitical drugs that seem to treat the biological agent/agents involved. I personally have had success with them. It’s lead me to wonder weather we are dealing with a weaponized parasite. There seems precedent for that. My experience is that I have fallen ill when exposed to people receiving the jab or when a new jab has become available. But we haven’t spread it to others in our house hold like a true virolent pathogen. I’ve been meditating on this for sometime and it seems to fit. With any weapons system you need to be weary of killing yourself with said weapon. A weaponized injectable parasite would seem to mitigate that risk. Fits some of the facts. I didn’t know of or see anyone get sick till the injections started. The hospitals here were empty in 2020/2021 from my observation and some folks I talked too.

    1. Malaria parasite and other parasites flood cells with calcium. These drugs are calcium channel blockers. EMF also floods cells with calcium, poisoning them.

        1. Any Geneticist or biomolecular engineers on here Chris?

          I’ve been reticent to explore the Hydra Vulgaris paracite hypothesis and quite frankly forgot about it until TSE’s post above.

          A) Because it’s terrifying
          B) It’s outside my wheel house.

          I revisit tonight though.
          Link below.
          As a skeptic the problem I have with articles like this, is although they sound convincing, I have no easy way to evaluate the truth value of the statements contained within. So I am at a loss what to do with information like this. Considering what I meantioned above I think it’s something worth more attention. If anyone is oriented more in that direction I would appreciate their insight.

          (“I know if it makes my heart beat fast it’s going be fun!”) Quote from my four year old son.

    2. Exactly! That’s what I’ve been telling everyone that I talked to around here. There’s no way that it can be a virus, since these antimalarial and antiparasitic drugs are so efficacious against covid.

      This is why I’ve been taking quinine in a glycerin tincture and quercetin as well. The upside of taking these two is that my nasal passages have been completely unblocked all winter season. The stuff helps against the flu as well, I guess.

      I would have to guess that 80% of the Fairfax County and Maryland residents have been jabbed. By taking these precautions we can definitely help fight any shedding, while staying healthy.

      So far, this entire winter season for me has been an easy one, and I’ve always been susceptible to getting colds.

      Just in case I start to get sick, I also will use my nebulizer with a peroxide solution. It worked well last year. What is funny is that I figured nebulizer solutions wouldn’t work with viruses, but it seemed effective against covid.

      1. Yes, I did the research right off and these drugs are calcium channel blockers. Cells have different channels by which they uptake different nutrients, and Arthur Firstenberg’s The Invisible Rainbow explains the effects of electromagnetic poisoning and the prime effect is that it affects the calcium intake and the cell is flooded with it. The book is at And there are many scientific papers explaining how the antimalarials work. For me, when those first covid waves came out, I felt tired walking to the shops and basically felt like I was being fried. I said I feel ““Covidy”, like clockwork when “cases” were rising here in mid December 2020, April 21 and again with omicron. In April I was at a mall and I almost fainted walking out to my car. Large black dots formed in my vision and turned around to see a massive installation not 300m from me on the roof of the mall. Once I left the area I was fine. My neighbor had said just the week before, oh black spots are a symptom of covid and all her friends in the city said so. That nailed it for me. With omicron (which they said was “mild”) I just rubbed a couple of mils of ivermectin on my skin right away and I was fine. This is frequency warfare and tests are run no doubt on different populations, and it’s known there a specific frequency that prevents oxygen uptake by cells altogether (I forget what it is). They don’t care about making people sick with “viruses”. They care about controlling biology including behavior and graphene buildouts with frequency. We should all have gauges in our homes that measure exactly what frequencies we are being hit with. This is where the blackout:blind spot is in the controlled opposition media. And yes the spike protein from the vac is like little antennas. Firstenberg offers info on how to handle EMF poisoning / how to best protect your precious nervous / neurological system. There’s also that place somewhere in the Carolinas somewhere that’s an EMF free zone for astronomy and idk if any research has been done but lots of people moved there years back, claiming to be EMF sensitive. Speaking of astronomy, have a look at mainstream sites and you see the profession is being thrown to the dogs over starlinks satellite “constellations”. It’s unbelievable. I surmise that covid waves were large-scale tests and now they’ve scaled back the intensity of their desired frequencies but that we’re being hit constantly with a low dose which is why everyone is experiencing more brain fog and other symptoms, especially the vaxxed, which it is killing. Unvaxxed in 5G cities report feeling like they’re on another planet surrounded by a different kind of space altogether.

        1. Hi Suze,
          Did you apply ivermectin cream – the type used for rosacea? If so, should we have some on hand if we can get it?

          1. Hi, no just the usual stuff. Someone said to do it that way (unless advanced illness/higher dose) and it worked like a charm. If “covid” got ramped up and used often, skin application less toxic to the liver, I think is the idea.

        2. Great information. I was on a street with many 5g antennas and I had a bad throat inflammation (and fever) the next day. I think it wouldn’t hurt to have EMF protection in the house. I got mine from Aulterra. Probably wouldn’t hurt to have 5g / radiation protection pendants wherever we go either. Of course, the “fact checkers” are quick to debunk the benefits of these products. So we can all safely conclude they work.

      2. I haven’t had any cold or flu symptoms for a couple of years either and didn’t do anything special. The reduction in air travel may have something to do with it?

        They used to say annual cold and flu viruses were generated in China due to their selenium deficiencies etc. With less air travel, global spread of new viruses must reduce.

        Also, staying at home a lot must have an impact, assuming you catch colds off other people.

        BTW, my nose did block up and felt restricted after being around vaxed people. It blocked about 50%, and if I breathed in deeply, it would collapse and block completely. There was no mucus. It was most unpleasant, but came right after getting away from vaxed people at work.

        1. Now that you mention it, I’ve been in great health these past two years. Except I have a shoulder problem probably from moving furniture and such so I went to a massage therapist. While I was there, my nose blocked up as if I were coming down with a cold. I remember this because I had to breathe with my mouth open, which I hate. Same thing, no mucus and cleared up when I went home. The massage therapist must be vaxxed.

          1. Yep, when some people get their second shot they stink, like a kind of sweet mixture of ozone and garlic, it’s hard to breathe around them, and in one case a woman I worked with also started earing incredible amounts of perfume. It was hard to breathe around her. I guess she was either wearing extra perfume because here sense of smell was gone, or she was trying to cover something.

            Most people’s odor didn’t change, I noticed – but for the ones that did the effect was astonishing. They really really stink. It’s unnatural. The mind boggles wondering how someone can smell that bad and not even notice.

            I’m 100% sure the effect is real, but it isn’t universal apparently. As Dr Yeadon says, there are many different versions of the vx as they are calibrating their death weapon.

      3. Dr Zelenko says that the antimalarial and antiparastic drugs are effective because of their ability to move zinc effectively past the cellular barrier

    1. Interesting how they have to malign him even after his death. It’s like twisting the knife after the corpse is room temperature.

      Here’s an excerpt from an article from the Independent

      “Most recently, the noted scientist attracted criticism for spreading false claims about the coronavirus and autism.

      In an interview with French news broadcaster CNews in 2020, he claimed that Covid was laboratory-made and that vaccines were responsible for the appearance of variants.”

      This means he was correct. 😔😲😞

  11. I see Chris’s point. Even if it’s not HIV and there is no virus to be found, there is a mechanism that produces antibodies that proves to test positive for an HIV test. Whether it’s HIV or disease X is not the issue here. The HIV drugs that are being touted could be called disease X drugs.

    There’s a mechanism somewhere, and just because no HIV can be isolated, doesn’t mean that the mechanism doesn’t exist. There’s something that exists.

    Just because we can’t go to the Moon doesn’t mean the Earth is flat.

    1. Kary Mullis asked Luc Montaigner and every top AIDS scientist he could find if they had any evidence that HIV caused AIDS and none of them could provide any. We said it was one of those things everyone just accepted and couldn’t explain.

      He suspected there was no proof. No one knew of any proof, even the top experts.
      I do not doubt that Mullis was murdered. We would have been anti-vaxer #1.

    1. Wow. That is insane. You can see at the end she starts seizing up and then collapses.

    2. Can’t get more real than that. Instant retribution. Praise the Lord!

      On your article, 100% agreed. It’s called VAIDS.

      HIV causation of AIDS is a manufactured fable. All the B.S. about their clever manufacturing of the spike protein in the vax by binding it to HIV is likely all a lie to further demoralize and confuse, but VAIDS is a reality that will spreading across the vaxxed soon. The vax is a multiple attack vector bioweapons of both stealth and mass destruction. It’s multiple attack vectors include spike protein toxicity and damage, graphene oxide toxicity and damage, 5G activation of graphene oxide, immune system dysregulation resulting in ADE, immune system destruction resulting in VAIDS. It was also rolled out with multiple formulas in a deliberate dosing experiment to determine levels of lethality. Even if the batch is not in the top 5% of lethality, the vax will, except in the rare placebo cases, cause blood clotting, deterioration of blood viscosity, myocarditis, pericarditis, stroke, cancer, mad cow disease, Alzheimer’s, and yes VAIDS. No one vaxxed gets out alive.

      Unvaxxed can be exposed to “shedding” of spike protein (a toxin) and graphene oxide (a toxin). Vaxxed bodies become spike protein factories, so spike protein shedding is presumably over a prolonged period of time, maybe permanent if genetic alteration occurs. Graphene oxide (hopefully) is not self-replicating, but there is a risk that chemtrail spraying was intended to widely distribute the substances in the environment to allow for the AI robot or GMO hydra organization to self replicate in the body and create a human “borg” connected to 5G, for those who can survive the clot shot.

      We could well be entering the initial phase of the “zombie apocalypse” that was popularized in movies a few years back, with the “AI borg” uprising to follow.

      Pure bloods have short time to prepare. The life is in the blood. Trust the blood of Jesus Christ.

      1. Could be. We are! Try reasoning with someone who watches MSM. Zombies from the movies have more freewill and independent thought! Lol.

  12. An outfit has also offered a cash award for any scientist to isolate the Covid 19 virus and prove that it exists. So far no Scientist has come to take up on the cash offer. If they could prove that it really exists I would think that it would bolster the case for Vaccine mandates.

    This indicates that the Covid 19 is a political scam to oust certain politicians and to justify these Clot shot vaccines.

  13. I work as a tax preparer in the Northeast USA. In my area 80% are vaccinated. I am in the 20% unvaccinated. Several things I notice:

    1) Clients ARE getting brain fog. I had one couple give us all the documents EXCEPT the W-2 wages.
    It is tax prep 101 for clients to bring in the W-2 wage documents first. The wages are the last item clients would miss. Clients just seem more out of it and don’t give us the tax documents like before.

    2) The IRS is a mess like never before. These days they take forever to process tax returns and response to notices. Some people still have not gotten their 2019 refunds never mind 2020 refunds even though they filed their tax returns on time. The IRS still mails out nasty notices threatening to seize assets because they don’t process the responses to previous notices. To me this is an indication that the Federal Government of the USA is collapsing. The people at the IRS must suspect that this is the end game so they just don’t care about doing their job. Also a lot of employees probably quit due to the vaccine mandate.

    3) My triple vaccinated boss seems to get more stressed out about small things than before and has become more nasty as a result. Thank heavens I work at home. If I have to work in the office with that I would walk off the job.

    My advice is keep your walk with Jesus Christ. He is coming soon, however we will have to face trial by fire before he does.

  14. I am with Timothy on this one. I have also read that HIV is a harmless “passenger” virus.

    The jabs are no doubt bioweapons that will destroy a person’s immune system, causing “AIDS” like symptoms. So deagel’s 2025 predictions could still be true, although i think the percentage of casualties might have been deliberately exaggerated to cause panic.

    What is despicable would be for TPTB to mandate HIV tests, and more experimental quackccines to treat the “virus”. Moderna has already created one. The fake news media in my country is already discussing HIV test vending machines like the Covid ART ones.

    This is definitely going to be a miserable and brutal decade.

    1. There may not be a virus, but there is the spike protein. Could probably be the spike proteins that mimic what the MSM refers to as HIV.

        1. That is disturbing. I find the timing of his death quite peculiar. Makes sense given what you say. Also his Wikipedia page mentions his theories about HIV and malaria parts involved. Makes sense again as quinine, HCQ, ivermectin seem to help covid.

  15. AIDS = Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

    HIV = Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

    “Immunodeficiency” is the key part of these descriptors.

    Does the clot shot cause a deficiency of the immune system? Absolutely. No need for theories about engineered AIDS viruses (that’s Soviet propaganda—called Operation INFEKTION; remember the theory floating around decades ago that AIDS was invented by the CIA?)

    There is no virus.

    There are only poison jabs.

    1. I think you are missing the point with what Chris is saying. There’s a mechanism that exists and just because it may not be a literal HIV doesn’t cancel it.

      The mechanism that causes AIDS was invented in Fort Detrick. Just like the organism that causes Lyme disease was engineered on Plum Island.

      It’s not the CIA. Maybe the CIA helps to spread it and provide the disinfo, so many people on this blog get confused.

      1. The mechanism, Steve, seems to be the spike protein, possibly among other things. It’s that simple. All this talk of engineered viruses is unnecessary and what complicates things. How can nefarious governments/agencies create weaponized viruses if the world’s best scientists can’t even isolate just one of the allegedly existing common viruses? Why is China promoting theories that it was behind COVID (that it was engineered in Wuhan)? Something is wrong with this narrative. Yet, it’s all over the controlled-opposition news, from The Epoch Times to Fox News and started very early on in this global psyop. Don’t you see that the “Wuhan virus” theory (or AIDS theory) legitimizes that fraud Louis Pasteur and his germ theory, which consequently validates the current global mask mandates and clot shot campaign? It’s a limited hangout and red herring. There’s an old saying, “keep it simple, stupid”. We have a toxic jab that is based on fundamentally flawed science and logic (germ theory). Both the mainstream narrative and counter narrative (Wuhan virus, AIDS, etc.) validate this germ theory lie. We’ve had enough of it entirely. It’s time to move past these bunk narratives.

        1. Tim,
          I like reading your explanations on the HIV/AIDS hoax. They are very important for us to live without fear (of viruses being spread from other people). Root to the virus not being contagious is in DNA structure and chemistry based human biology. In order for a molecule to impact a person’s biology, its chemical structure needs to (exactly) match that person’s DNA construct. Because no two people have the exact same DNA, a molecule that functions on person A has no effect at all on person B. For example, spike proteins are going to have different molecular structures on different people.

          Shedding is a myth. Group illness/Seasonal flu etc. is a very interesting phenomenon. Western medicine is not yet able to fully explain. On the other hand, one reason can be bodily imbalance due to living environment like diet, weather and atmosphere. This fits well into the Ying-Yang system.

          The injection has a lot of unknown to the public. One mechanism is to disable, via chemical reaction, certain cell functionalities by methylation of the relevant DNA molecule. Hence, autoimmune disorder problems will surface with various manifestations. A sad reality to many unfortunate people down the road.

          1. Hi Lucy, it’s good to see you post a comment. Thanks for the update. Based on our rapport, I know you are aware of what is happening.

        2. Exactly! It’s this simple: Toxicity, poisoning and lack of a healthy diet and essential minerals and vitamins is what causes 98% of illness, disease and death, not imaginary, invisible “contagious” viruses and bacteria. While some genetics can come into play in making you more or less susceptible to sickness, lifestyle and toxic exposure is the vector.

          The germ theory was the perfect psyop, as belief in it removes personal responsibility (ie, it’s not your bad choices and unhealthy/ immoral lifestyle causing your ills, it’s some invisible virus you contracted through no fault of your own). See how an unfaithful person or society would like to believe that theory more? It’s why Satanists and the SoS promote it. Germ theory is the evil twin of Darwinism in this regard.

          1. It has to be something else going on. I can’t just chalk it up to dirty habits and lifestyles. Of course, the modern lifestyle makes us all predisposed to whatever is in the vaxx, but some specific agent has to be present.

            I remember when Lyme disease first hit. The doctors were dismissing it for decades and eventually they were able to isolate something. I’m certain there must be something going on.

            1. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think much if not most of sickness and disease today is due to active measures on peoples’ part (eg, smoking, drinking, eating fast food every day, etc). Toxicity and malnutrition on the masses is largely passive or through somewhat reasonable ignorance. Nearly everyone living in a modern society is victim through such things as: increasing emf exposure/electrification through devices; pharmaceuticals; chemicals such as fluoride in our water; non nutritious foods that appear healthy due to soil depletion; sedentary work vs physical; air contaminants; and many others.
              Also, don’t overlook induced massive and sustained fear (and it’s physical manifestations via cortisol production/psychosomatic mechanism). Also, some of the early senior home deaths kicking this COVID psyop off could’ve just been purposeful medication overdoses and of course the ventilators.
              Of course, I don’t know what causes any one person to be sick with certainty, however, my studies in the last two years have disabused me of the viral contagion concept, if for no other reason, it use by the SOS points the accusatory finger in another direction away from the perpetrators or those that want to exploit its effect on the people.

    2. A quote of PCR test Inventor –

      “In 1988, I was working as a consultant at the Specialty Labs in Santa Monica, analyzing the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). I knew quite well about analyzing anything with nucleic acid because I invented Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). This is why I am contacted.
      On another note, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was something I didn’t know much about.
      Thus, when I found myself writing a report on our progress and goals sponsored by the National Institute of Health, I realized I didn’t know the scientific reference to back up the statement i just wrote “HIV is probably the cause” of AIDS”.
      So I was talking to the virologist next door, a serious and competent gentleman, and asked him for this reference. He told me I didn’t need any of these I disagree. Although it is true that for some scientific discoveries or techniques it is well established that their source is no longer mentioned in contemporary literature, this is not likely the case with regard to the HIV/AIDS connection.

      It was blatantly obvious to me that the individual who discovered the cause of a new deadly and hitherto incurable disease was not continually mentioned in scientific publications until the disease was cured and forgotten about. But, as I would soon learn, the name of that individual, who would surely be worthy of the Nobel Prize, was in no one’s mouth. Surely, that simple reference had to be somewhere out of here. Otherwise, tens of thousands of public servants and renowned scientists of various backgrounds, trying to shed light on the tragic deaths of a considerable number of homosexuals and/or IV drug users between the ages of 25 and 40, would not have allowed their research to follow a course of study Tight. Not everybody will fish in the same pond unless it is well established that the other tides are empty. There had to be one information published, or even several, that together indicate that HIV is the possible cause of AIDS, it had to exist!

      I searched the computer but couldn’t find anything! Of course, you can lose important information with computer searches, just by not putting in specific keywords. To be sure of a scientific conclusion, it is best to ask other scientists directly. This is what these scientific conferences in remote places on beautiful beaches are for, among other things. Part of my job consisted of going to a lot of meetings and conferences. I used to approach whoever was giving a talk on AIDS and ask them what reference I should cite for this increasingly controversial statement: “HIV is the probable cause of AIDS.”

      After 10 or 15 dates in two years, I was starting to worry when I lived that no one could give me that reference. I didn’t like the nasty conclusion forming in my mind: the entire campaign against a disease considered to be the growing black plague of the twentieth century, was based on a hypothesis that no one could remember gold Idiot. That defied scientific sense as common sense.

      Finally had the opportunity to interview one of the HIV and AIDS research giants, Dr. Luc Montagnier of the Pastor Institute, when he was giving a talk in San Diego. That was the last time I was able to ask my little question without getting mad. I figured Montagnier knew the answer. So i asked her With a condescending perplexed look, Montagnier said, “Why don’t you cite the CDC’s information?” (Centre for Disease Control)
      I answered, “She’s not really referring to whether or not HIV is the probable cause of AIDS, or is she?” “No,” he admitted, probably wondering how long I was going to leave. He looked for help from the small circle of people around him, but all of them, like me, expected a more conclusive response. “Why don’t you quote work on VIS?” “(Simic Immuno-deficiency virus) offered the doctor. “I also read this, Mr. Montagnier, and what happened to these monkeys reminds me nothing of AIDS.” Also this info was only published 2 months ago. I’m looking for the original information in which someone has demonstrated that HIV causes AIDS”. This time, in response, Dr. Montagnier headed to the other side of the room to greet an acquaintance.

      Me jumping to another stage a few years later in my car. Driving from Mendocino to San Diego Like a lot of people back then, I knew a lot more about AIDS than I ever would have wanted to. But I still didn’t know what caused HIV. As I was about to fall asleep, walking through the mountains of San Bernardino, I turned on the radio and stumbled upon a guy talking about AIDS. His name was Peter Duesberg and he was a prominent Berkley virologist. I had heard of him but never read his writings or listened to him. I was watching, now wide awake, as he explained exactly why he was having so much trouble finding references linking HIV to AIDS. When I got home, I invited Duesberg to San Diego to present his ideas at a conference at the American Chemistry Association. Very skeptical at first, the audience stayed reading, then question time and then, stayed discussing until we were put out to clean the room. They all left with more questions than they arrived.

      I love and respect Peter Duesberg. I don’t think he necessarily knows what causes AIDS, we have differences but we both know what doesn’t. We have not found a single good reason to explain why the majority of people on Earth believe AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV. There is simply no scientific evidence to say this is true!

      Neither were we able to figure out why doctors were prescribing a toxic drug called AZT (Zidovudine-Retrovir) to people with no harm other than the presence of HIV antibodies in their bodies. Actually, we cannot understand why any human being would take this drug for whatever reason. We can’t fathom how this craziness happened, and having both lived in Berkeley, we’ve seen some very strange things.
      We know to error is human but the HIV/AIDS assumption is a diabolical error. I’m saying this out loud as a warning. ”

      Preface for Karry Mullis, Nobel Prize winner in 1996…

  16. Oops. Accidentally duplicated the first quote. Here are the other two I intended to post:

    “In spite of forty years of research, no one has isolated an HIV virus from any bodily fluid of a person suffering from AIDS. Not once. This is shocking for most people to hear, but cash awards are available for anyone who can show with an electron microscope purified HIV virus isolated from anyone with AIDS. Up to this point, no one has collected these cash awards.
    No one has ever documented transmission of any purified HIV virus from one person or one animal to another with any resultant sickness. Not once. In fact, the biggest study on AIDS ever carried out5 clearly showed that HIV is not transmissible through sexual contact.”

    Excerpt From: Thomas S. Cowan. “The Contagion Myth.” pages 131-132

    1. This is spot on. The other clue is Fauci was heavily involved on HIV as well. In fact viruses do not exist. They are simply a protein to help in detoxication.

  17. Oops. Accidentally duplicated the first quote. Here are the other two I intended to post:

    “In spite of forty years of research, no one has isolated an HIV virus from any bodily fluid of a person suffering from AIDS. Not once. This is shocking for most people to hear, but cash awards are available for anyone who can show with an electron microscope purified HIV virus isolated from anyone with AIDS. Up to this point, no one has collected these cash awards.
    No one has ever documented transmission of any purified HIV virus from one person or one animal to another with any resultant sickness. Not once. In fact, the biggest study on AIDS ever carried out5 clearly showed that HIV is not transmissible through sexual contact.”

    Excerpt From: Thomas S. Cowan. “The Contagion Myth.” Apple Books.

  18. According to The Contagion Myth author Dr. Thomas S. Cowan, both Covid and AIDS are fictitious:

    “AIDS is not a specific disease at all. It simply means a collapse of the cell-mediated immune system, known, even in the 1970s, to have many diverse causes. With the collapse of the immune system, you see conditions like frequent infections, TB, mononucleosis, peripheral neuropathy, and Guillain-Barré syndrome—all of which often come under the rubric of AIDS

    “AIDS is not a specific disease at all. It simply means a collapse of the cell-mediated immune system, known, even in the 1970s, to have many diverse causes. With the collapse of the immune system, you see conditions like frequent infections, TB, mononucleosis, peripheral neuropathy, and Guillain-Barré syndrome—all of which often come under the rubric of AIDS.”

    I don’t believe the guy in the video. However, the clot shot seems to be causing AIDS-like symptoms due to its destruction of the immune system and who knows what else.

    My two cents, Chris.

    1. Unfortunately, the results are the same either way. I observe the emerging HIV discussion in the media and how HIV medications help fight covid. I don’t know much about this guy, but he does raise some valid points about this HIV scenario. Whether or not HIV is a virus or something else, all I know is I do not want to test positive for HIV.

      Whatever is causing the destruction of the immune system is coming from something intentionally put into those jabs.

    2. I really appreciate that Timothy Fitzpatrick is a regular commenter on Chris’ blog. As a tradition-minded Roman Catholic myself, I enjoy the balance that Timothy’s critique brings – typically building on Chris’ often very powerful eschatological-economic-financial world view.

      Great article on the importance of the filioque Tim. Your highlighting of the significance of its absence in Orthodoxy and influence on Russian political practice is highly persuasive.

      1. Indeed. I appreciate Timothy’s analysis and recommend his site.

        I am not Catholic, but we brothers and sisters in Christ need to stick together in these last days. I know I can be coarse, but I was never known for being an influencer. Heck, I had few friends growing up and have even fewer now. If I had to leave the planet, I wouldn’t miss it much anymore.

        I am grateful for the people who come by. It’s more than I ever expected.

    3. AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

      The name does not imply a cause. People can acquire and immune deficiency from the vx without it having HIV in it.

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