Deagel 2025; a large population fall in the Israelite nations, little change to Japheth’s remnants

While studying ancient history and contemplating the world’s conditions yesterday, It occurred to me why I originally took the initiative to wander away from providing my usual economic and monetary analysis and begin discussing the specific spiritual elements underpinning the USD-based monetary system as well as the lost tribes of Israel.

Back in April of last year, a reader emailed me asking me to do some research on’s predictions for 2025. He wanted to know what I thought. At the time, had publicly posted its predictions for 2025. I previously was unaware of deagel’s analysis, but decided to take a look. Whether or not is legitimate, I do not know and that’s not the topic for discussion.

My conclusions were grim. I immediately noticed that all of the nations that were predicted to suffer mass depopulation events and/or loss of life were the Israelite remnant nations, while the Japheth remant countries were expected to show little to no population loss.

This is why I have been coming out in greater frequency discussing these topics. It has a lot to do with economics and the spiritual aspects behind this monetary system, and it also goes a long way in explaining why the elites are now going for broke. I observe that they don’t seem to be particularly interested in salvaging QE. By ramping up price inflation, while simultaneously suppressing bond yields, they are maximizing the wealth and power consolidation in the least amount of time.

I look at the nations listed on’s 2025 analysis, which has since been removed, and I have to conclude that there is either some sort of great war that is coming this decade that is specifically along the lines of Ezekiel 38-39, or it has something to do with these covid jabs and the latent mortality effects that they probably possess. By the way, our adversary wants us dead. The West and poltical Israel seemed to be the most adversely impacted by globalist covid policy.

This is why I have been analyzing the errors of the Zionist doctine in much greater detail. You notice that my eschatological and hermeneutic analysis run counter to just about everything else most wannabe prophets proclaim. The deceptions run deep, my friend. If you are courageous enough to embrace what I say, you are one of the few.

This has nothing to do with salvation and saving souls, but if you can understand how events are unfolding you can move through life with confidence. You will possess a sense of fearlessness and confidence that others will notice. Of course, it may come off as arrogance, but when you know the truth, it’s easy to get very impatient with the willfully ignorant.

So, please excuse and forgive me if I come across as angry, vindictive, evil, impatient, intolerant, arrogant, or racist. Please understand that I’m on a completely different level here, and have little patience for the Laodicean mindset; time is running short. Don’t take it personally.

Don’t get offended. Only simpletons get offended. Remember that there are no victims in heaven and if you are offended that means you feel like you’ve been a victim. Let it go. Based on our analysis, what’s coming is going to be life altering. The things that used to matter to me now seem so trivial. I have noted how the Israelite nations, along with the political state of Israel (should be called Judah or Judea) are in the cross hairs for destruction as well. The adversary wants us as sick and as dead as possible.

I’m surrounded by people who make mountains out of mole hills, and I try not to get frustrated. I marvel how people make great commotions over such trivial affairs. I can’t even deal with talking to most family members anymore.

For now, we might as well continue taking the same actions for our personal and financial lives as before. What else can we do, except warn the very few who will listen to this sensible analysis? If none of this comes to pass, at least we could still make some money. Don’t hide in a cave for the next several years. Don’t sit behind your computer screen parsing every data point that comes into your view. It’ll just make you frustrated and will leave you poorer.

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22 thoughts on “Deagel 2025; a large population fall in the Israelite nations, little change to Japheth’s remnants

  1. I looked up the names of the nations mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39 that will move against Israel and they all descend from Japheth.

    It’s hard to see all these nations moving against the Jews in the country of Israel. Israel is not a land of unwalled villages. Iran’s air force alone could cover the country of Israel like a storm.

    It has to be something much bigger.

  2. Read the following text from Ezekiel 39 and pay particular attention to the names Israel and Jacob. In this reference, God is clearly telling Ezekiel about the northern kingdom, because he describes the circumstances that led into their captivity. Moreover this scripture was written about 150 years after the northern Israelites were taken into captivity. God is telling Ezekiel that they still exist and in the last days, or the latter days, he will have mercy upon them again and reveal himself to them. Notice he calls them Jacob and Israel.
    Ezekiel 39:22-29 KJV
    [22] So the house of Israel shall know that I am the Lord their God from that day and forward. [23] And the heathen shall know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies: so fell they all by the sword. [24] According to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions have I done unto them, and hid my face from them. [25] Therefore thus saith the Lord God ; Now will I bring again the captivity of Jacob, and have mercy upon the whole house of Israel, and will be jealous for my holy name; [26] After that they have borne their shame, and all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against me, when they dwelt safely in their land, and none made them afraid. [27] When I have brought them again from the people, and gathered them out of their enemies’ lands, and am sanctified in them in the sight of many nations; [28] Then shall they know that I am the Lord their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen: but I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any more there. [29] Neither will I hide my face any more from them: for I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord GOD

  3. Hi Chris – long time lurker here, thank you for your insights.

    One idea that I’ve had since the beginning of the vaccine campaign is that in some ways it’s irrelevant whether the mRNA shots actually harm people or not. If the ultimate object of the campaign is to sow chaos, the desired outcome would be the same if the shots were simply water. All that needs to happen is for the news to say that the shots are hurting people. Once that happens (I expect it in the next couple of months), the situation will probably really start to change.

    Whether the situation starts to fall apart due to masses of people getting sick or because of an enraged populace, that sets the stage for UN peacekeepers, which you’ve spoken about on several occasions.

    Think about what the United States means to the world… 50k soldiers each in Germany and Japan, 30k in South Korea, massive control over Central and South America, the Near East. Add in the Anglo countries and you’re talking about 3/4 of the “planet”. Once that grip starts to fall away, the world will be ripe for massive change.

    Think about a streetcar in Basel. If the continental United States were wiped of people, it’d just keep moving on it’s track, unaffected.

    1. Jeroboam. I knew it! The northern Israelites are still alive. I have their first king trolling my message boards. 😂

      Imagine the world without the United States. All I can tell is that the globalists are feigning massive weakness for the US around the world and sowing the seeds of disrespect for the once mighty nation. The last great nation in the last days. Indeed, America is mentioned a lot in Bible prophecy.

      The world will never be the same after the US is gone. And don’t look for America’s adversaries to be well behaved once that happens. China CCP only pretends to be diplomatic like a western nation. For a glimpse of what Basel will look like, take a look at a few of those recently locked down cities in China. Once the West is beaten down do you think the Ishmaelite nations, working with CCP and Russia, will be kind to white Westerners? They will cover America like a storm and the European nations will fall like dominoes shortly thereafter.

      I also doubt the CCP Chinese will be as merciful to its own citizens once the “evil” West is finally out of the way. Jesus even prophesied that Judea would be decimated in those last days. There’ll be nobody left to protect the political Nation of Israel. Jesus correctly calls it Judea.

      1. I am not quite sure I understand what you mean when you say “There’ll be nobody left to protect the political Nation of Israel. Jesus correctly calls it Judea.”

        Do you mean to say the Political state of Israel 1948 with its 666 star of Satan flag founded by Rothschild through the Balfour declaration is the tribe of Judah? How is that possible? To the exception of the Palestinians, whom many can trace their DNA to this region, many, yes are Muslims and some are Christian, most jews living there trace their DNA roots to semi-central Russia? Maybe I am missing something here or misunderstanding. Please help me to understand.

        Jews according to the Jewish Encyclopedia 1940 are Edomites. They are Edomites. They usurped Judah. If anything we should make the distinction that people from Judah are Judahites not Jews. The term Jews is used on purpose to confuse the impostors. That term is a recent term. But certainly the elite of that group controls them and does not mean your average Edomite is part of the synagogue of Satan. Some most definitely mixed with Judah and Edom, etc. When Udomians took slowly the entire political structure of Judah and replacing the judahite dynasty for the Herod dynasty, etc.


        1. I am merely presenting my analysis as if they were. The main angle of my argument is simple; even if the political state of Israel were whom they claimed they were, they still are not entitled to the names, etc. They are not the rightful heirs. The bible says so. They can’t say they are to be blessed via Genesis 12. That’s hogwash.

          I think we are discussing two different concepts. I don’t disagree with anything you say; I am saying I don’t even need to bring any of this up in my argument to shoot holes all through their Zionist concept.

          This has been a fatal flaw of those critical of the Zionist doctrine. They spend their time arguing that the inhabitants and Jews in Israel are not whom they say they are, because they came from the Russian and Eastern European areas from 700-800 AD, or claimed to be Edom in the past. What I am saying is that we can refute their lies by just using the scripture they use to support their fallacies. My logic is superior in this regard, because it destroys their own arguments, which attempts to use the Bible to validate their erroneous position as the physical house.

          Of course, they are to be avoided and are Christ-haters. I say leave them alone and don’t evangelize to them.

          We have been talking about Esau/Edom since last April, and that their remnants are most likely the synagogue of Satan. They probably have control the central banks. They fit the description. I am well aware of the Jewish Encyclopedia and what it said about them as Esau/Edom.

          Although Rothschild formed the political Israel, and there are many fake Jews living there, we must accept that there are a number of legitimate Jews who can trace back to Judah/Benjamin. The Bible says so. In this regard, I include them as Judea of Judah. Jesus talks about the last days time of tribulation to flee Judea. I accept this. Not the nation state, but to the many there who are probably rightfully identified as Israelites and Jews, and not the synagogue of Satan. Jesus said he hates those who say they are Jews, but are not. This implies that there are some who say they are Jews and are actually Jews.

          1. “we must accept that there are a number of legitimate Jews who can trace back to Judah/Benjamin. ”

            This makes a lot of sense (sign of relieve). The enemy loves to impersonate through names as well. I still think the word Jews is satanic in origin. I am willing to bet that term was placed on purpose throughout the Bible to confuse who was whom if the person was unaware of the impersonation. It is just not congruent – Jews short for Judah tribe, should be Judahites/Judean/some Benjamins vs Jews (Edomites).

            Anyhow, thank you for that response. For a few minutes I thought you turned into a full blown Baal worshipping Zionist; I thought how did that happen?! Somebody who does not know about this deception can easily confuse this as Western Europe is part of the physical remnants of Israel, yes, and the deceptive “police state of Israel is all Judah” so I had to get clarification.

            I see what you are saying now. You are demostrating scripturally the political state of Israel does not fit any way, shape, and form the birthright given to Joseph’s kids instead of the classical truthful argument that crypto Edomites/jews usurped judahite/Benjamin territory, from central Russia, etc. I admit this is a superior angle to blow these churchinity beta-wave Zionists. Although some of them may fully reject verses even if showing in the Bible. I had that happened a few times.

  4. Interesting that you think modern Israel is targeted for termination. Have not hear that before. Where does this come from since Israelis are not descendants of Israelites?

    A world C19 vaxx map projects Mexico and South America to be > 70% vaxxed but USA under that. Unless Mexicans get placebo, the vaxx fails to implement Daegel projection. Maybe war does?

    1. It seems to be coming out that certain geographic areas received certain batches with higher morbidity and mortality rates. I have read some research indicating that the red states have had much worse adverse reaction levels to the jabs than the blue states.

      In terms of the political state of Israel, I’m just stating this strictly based on the etymology and onomatology, and take the assumption that the people who live there are whom they say they are. This allows me to try to persuade the Zionist plebs with reason.

      In this regard they are not yet entitled to the identifier “Israel.”they did not receive this namesake as Ephraim and Manasseh received it through their father, Joseph.

      Whenever “Israel” is mentioned in the Old testament it means either all of the tribes or just the northern kingdom. It is not generally used to describe the southern Kingdom in isolation. The southern kingdom was referred to as Judah or Jerusalem.

      1. I’m in the center of the Beast System (NYC) and by observation, the shot does appear to be starting to have its slow kill effect, even if this location has the lower toxicity batches. By no means are placebos universal here. I am already seeing ADE-like reactions among my colleagues, and reactions that seem to be consistent with blood clotting reactions and vague discussions of “precautionary doctor visits” (hinting of cancer, I imagine) and the like. Lots of people who got vaxxed came down with “omnicron” in December and January. Heard the similar from others in Wall Street banks. So I would guess slow kill does appear to be in the cards. Useful idiots won’t escape what’s coming for the proles.

        1. I didn’t know you lived in NYC.

          I am seeing the same thing here in NoVA. Anecdotal evidence to me indicates something similar. People getting sicker around here. Not from COVID. Rapid onset cancers, and many other problems. People getting their socks knocked off by colds.

          Of course, the life insurers have been announcing earnings and have indicated sizeable upticks in claims that are not related to covid.

          I think there will be higher upticks still. We won’t hear about it on the livestock news.

          1. My Wife has had to wait for 6 months to see a dermatologist because they are so busy. My wife inquired and the told her there has been a pronounced uptick in skin cancers. There is a long established, though rarely stated link, between virus and cancer. I’ve been sick with the bioweapons two maybe three times I figure. We may all have elevated risks for cancers because of this event. I think the jab is orders of magnitude worse than the illness. For some entertaining and conspiratorial prespective tangentially related check out, Doctor Marys Monkey. It’s a heck of a story. If even half of it’s true….

    2. One claim is that the state of Israel is targeted for purification for the future “Greater Israel” to come. They supposedly want only the Jews with the best genes: tall, blonde hair, fit body, no genetic defects, etc. I don’t know for certain if there are groups also selecting for genetics, but I have read about some of the more Satanic offspring opting for that level of control.

      Don’t forget that it was deemed acceptable to sacrifice some thousands of Jews by Jews during WWII in order to create the state of Israel (with the help of Hitler, Stalin, et al), and encourage Jews to move to it. That hasn’t been as successful as it seems to have been hoped for either. Most wealthy and genetically superior Jews would rather stay in Jew York, London or any other white Anglo country than lose a fortune in the state of Israel.

      Perhaps one purpose of WWIII will be to finish moving Jews to the state of Israel? But all theory at this point.

    3. Much of the drop in the USA will be immigrants returning home. Deagel said this. I have been reading deagel on and off for 10 years or more I think, so could see how his reasoning changed over time. The pop projections never changed much. Usa’s loss will be mexico’s gain. Or part of it, at least.

      1. Doesn’t make any sense. The population was predicted to drop 70%. Deagel must be running cover for the real reasons or Deagel is just another hogwash outfit.

        I recall Deagel saying another reason was that the Westerm monetary system was dying and all the government powers are desperately trying to keep it from sinking. That was always the anti-West propagandists message.

        The Western elites promulgated and used this system to consolidate the wealth and power then transfer it into another system, post WWIII.

        1. I’m using the wayback machine and the population stats keeps changing. Seems not reliable.

          I thought about immigration being an issue as India and Mexico population increases. But that doesn’t correlate to the mass migrants from those countries in the last few years. Many rental houses with four/five bedrooms in my area have two or three Latino families staying in them at the same time. It’s crowded but usually during the warmer months as they work in the agricultural industry, detassling corn, farm hands. Some stay and open restaurants, auto shops. Decent food, low prices so nobody from the area complains. Most of them get Section 8 and SNAP benefits so they do not have any out of pocket expenses. They save most of their money and take it back to their home Country.

          Some towns in my area that used to be predominantly white people are now completely Latino. African Blacks are coming into the area and displacing American Blacks. They all get free tuition and grants.

          Maybe instead of Deagel showing populatioin reduction for just the USA, it should say White Caucasian USA. Then the number reduction actually makes sense. It irks me to go into a racial type of thinking however, when you look at the facts, it is the main focal point. There are many weepy woes me stories about Blacks, Jews, minorities in general, but it is White Caucasian people that are being screwed over.

          Amazing that nothing is being done about that and seems like White people are basically committing racial and cultural suicide or feel they have nobody to help them. There are no Leaders or any National Organizations like Blacks and Jewish groups have for lobbing and representation. So once again Deagal forecasts for population reduction in the USA and in the European countries, represent White Caucasians.

        2. I possibly wasn’t clear. He said part of the pop drop would be returning immigrants. The rest would be war, famine, collapse, etc.
          Some of the increases in third world countries would be returning immigrants.

          I guess the main point is that Covid made Deagel suddenly relevant. His predictions might have changed, but he never claimed to have a crystal ball.

          I don’t know. All I can say is the Covid thing has suddenly made Deagel more plausible that it ever was.

          I was recalling from memory. Yes you are right his predicted population collapses have changed over time.

    1. for most….it takes a piano falling on their heads….literally…..or taking a poison death shot and succumbing to death

    2. People have been trained to believe you are knuckle-dragging ape if you believe in any sort of “conspiracy theory.” SoS understands that peer pressure is one of the best ways to control public thought. People simply won’t entertain the holding a viewpoint that will make others think less of them.

      A bit off topic, but how much longer do you think people will be able to pay ever-rising rents? I worry that small landlords might get squeezed out if the government turns empty office buildings into “free” pods. This seems like it could be the plan with the increasingly permanent (and absurd) move to work-from-home for all white collar jobs.

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