A reader asks why I didn’t reveal my Bible research earlier

It is easier to read OT when you find out the Israelites are European white folks. I am not sure why you reserved this for so long until recently. I bet it would have opened the eyes of many of your readers back then….


Here is my response:

Once we cobble together the pieces and clues in the Bible regarding the lost Israelite remnants, as well as the last days promises, the entire book of scripture fits together like Tetris pieces all falling into place.

As far back as ten years ago, I mentioned on Henry Makow’s website that there was a deeply spiritual element underpinning the current USD-based monetary system, and it was not in the way that most in the alt-Christian realm think. I left it at that as I was trying to get his readers to recognize the ironic stability of QE and the USD as the global reserve.

I kept all my biblical research of the past couple decades close to the vest, but when I observed the concerted effort of our adversary to begin killing my fellow Israelites in the West, I had to begin revealing to the people what exactly I meant regarding the spiritual element underpinning the USD monetary system.

To wit, the two nations that have had the most direct influence over humanity in the last days were Britain and the US. No other nations come close. Two brothers; the younger Ephraim (Britain) was greater than the older Manasseh (the US), for without Britain, there would be no US. Some may say China and Russia, but these two Japheth remnants were made powerful by the synagogue of Satan, using their Fed and its USD based system.

The US was such a global force that its power was almost sufficient enough to be used by our adversary to build up Russia and China as future golem enemies for WWIII (Ezekiel’s great war).

Since the dumbed down YouTubers and preachers were still out there crying the COVID blues, and worshipping the Synagogue and political Israel as God’s chosen, I had to begin shouting from the rooftops to anyone who would listen.

Time is short, and I have to reaveal the spiritual element. America was founded by Manasseh’s remnant. Yes, Spanish Catholics, Dutch/German and French Huguenots (Israelite remnants) also had a play in settling North America by the evil white folk, but it was the English and UK that won out.

By the time the colonies were established, there were a few million people who left the British Isles in search of religious freedom from persecution. Scots/Irish Presbyterians, the Anglicans/Episcopalians, Congregationalists like the Puritans and such, and the Calvinists from Europe established the direction of this nation from the onset. The ones from the British Isles were Manasseh’s remnants who separated from his brother Ephraim in the last days to establish that last great nation.

There will never be another great nation until Jesus’s return. China is just a wanna-be propped up by the adversary, who uses the power of Manasseh’s birthright to take over the world. When Ephraim could no longer provide the power for the adversary, the S of S established the Fed in 1913.

The white Westerners were the only race of peoples who en masse dropped their pagan practices once they heard the Gospel. They then spread it around the world. Britain declared itself a Christian nation by around 150 AD.

This is why I always told the reader that the USD-based system had a hidden power. Jacob’s last days birthright blessing to Manasseh was exploited by the adversary to achieve its own satanic goals for the new world order.

If you are a conspiracy researcher, this is what the few people at the very top of the pyramid already know.

Yes, the Israelites are the white Westerners of Europe. They single-handedly conquered the entire Western hemisphere and made it their own. The white Westerners are the only ones who fit the last days descriptions, and anyone who continues to refuse any of this, yet preach the politically correct doctrine will have a price to pay at the judgement throne. These pastors took the expedient route of least resistance, yet helped to demoralize the last days Christians by spewing the Zionist dispensational fraud.

It’s way too late to affect change, but for the few hundred who read my blog, I hope to show you the pieces and how they fit. You need to rearrange your lives for what is soon to come. We are few.

Here’s why being self-sufficient is so important; I can say whatever I want and I couldn’t give a S#it what anyone thinks of me. To most people, I’m an evil white supremacist. To most people in the church, I’m the enemy. The church always hated the true prophets, and in this regard, there’s nothing new under the Sun.

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30 thoughts on “A reader asks why I didn’t reveal my Bible research earlier

  1. Chris, OT but I was wondering something. What do you think about the (quite few) pics of B-listers (Clinton, prince Andrew, etc) that have come out about Epstein Island/Lolita Express, where they are shown together with some young girl.

    I have a theory, my theory is that either these people did not have any sexual relations with those young girls, or they were forced to do it, in order to give the A-list / SoS the power to blackmail them, in order to be let into “the club”. This is the only feasible explanation. People are not generally pedophiles, and people who are pedophiles are not generally so competent with charisma and power (like the B-listers).

    Nothing happens without the permission of the SoS, so the Prince Andrew/Dufresne debacle is also orchestrated.

    Bill and Melinda Gates divorced mainly to divide assets since one of them is not going to survive what’s coming for sure (hint: it’s Bill).

    I think the rug pull is coming. We are being prepared. They are going to use their blackmail treasure trove to bring the whole thing down and implement NWO, along with all the other issues like the vax and the financial system not being of a sound state.

    Not sure if I am right, this really is just a conspiracy theory. But something is going on.

    What do you think?

  2. For those interested on this subject refer to any of the materials by authors like archeologist E. Raymond Capt. Pastor James Eli

    Additionally a couple of are archeologically well-researched titles to read on this subject,

    Colonel J. C. Gawler
    Dan – The Pioneer of Israel

    E. Raymond Capt
    Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets

    Robert Alan Balaicius
    Uncovering the mysteries of your hidden inheritance

    Frederick Haberman
    Tracing Our Ancestors – Includes color map. by Frederick Haberman (2002-05-03

    God’s People and the Coming New World by David Smith (Ha! If you can find it)

    Plus your KJV Bible. Avoid any deliberate full blown satanic translations like NIV, ESV, NKJV and every other combination of letters attach to the word Bible, be it not you are reading it and find out you are feeling funny in a sinister way because you were worshipping Molech instead of Jesus Christ in one of these bibles, or find out complete verses are omitted (looking at you – NIV).

  3. Yes, it would have been fantastic if you had shared the physical Israelites origin sooner. I still do not understand why you kept it best side. I know it would have benefitted tremendously. Nonetheless I am glad I wot now. I started to read your content from 2013. I even have a folder exclusively to your emails so I do not miss it. Now, I try to keep up with your comments as well not thoroughly successful.

    As I understood now – the house of Joseph and its kids original double blessing cannot help but to study the other tribes. It is also interesting to observe how other tribes of Israel founded western European countries still have some marks of behavior based on how the Bible describe their traits and personalities. Some of these tribes mixed between each other but if careful observation is given one can see which tribe’s characteristics may be the most dominant on a particular place.

    For instance, France, Galatia (Galatians was written to people in Gaul), was founded by Reuben. They went on to compete several times with Britain and even at some point dominated parts of the world but just like Jacob told Ruben. He would get close to dominion but never completely and would fail. Britain suparssed France in every way, took time but it was destiny. Sure, Napoleon as great as he was, eventually was defeated miserably (yes I know Canaanite-Edomite funding both sides but the point is even these satanic guys could not deviate from the prophetic God given commands Jacob gave to its sons destiny) His birthright was given to Joseph.

    The satanic modern revolutions in Europe started in France. The curse of Canaan and the unquenchable addicting thirst for Baal sacrificing through revolutions started mainly in France at full scale. They lost to Britain many times miserably, colonies in Africa, Asia, etc. Britain outperformed France in every way at the end. France, Paris, was (still is by many) considered the “city of love” (what a ruse), debauchery, which is exactly what Reuben did to his father’s maiden. Could not contain his carnal desires, Marques de Sade, anyone?

    Now, we look at Canada, part of the Commonwealth of Ephraim, yet, Quebec, the massively over represented French speaking province has the most covid restrictions compared to the rest of Canada. France was one of the ones who came with the most covid restrictions before Austria and few others.

    Looking at some of the heraldies and coat of arms (castles & swords) from several Spaniard’s cities, it is safe to say they are a combination of Simeon, Judah, and probably Dan but mainly Simeon. Simeon with Levy could not control their anger and vengefulness. They would be transient and scattered. Spain was a massive empire at some point but it ended up invaded by caliphates and its people constantly had to moved. Its architecture along with Portugal has Islamic traces something unique to the rest of western Europe. Naturally, many cities in Latin America have heraldies of castles and swords as traces of Spain/Portugal influence on them.

    My thinking on Issachar and Asher may be Germany or so. Some of those are not as cleared defined to me yet as France and Rueben.

    Anyhow, interesting stuff.

    1. Good to remember the incredibly story how Britain took permanent control of Gibraltar from Spain! It was God’s given!

      Or how France was not meant to take over Mexico in the “5 de Mayo” battle and was meant to remain in the sphere of influence by USA, etc.

    2. Excellent thinking. Notice how England always somehow remains detached from mainland Europe. Even Orwell noted this in 1984 as he included it as part of Oceania. England and the US are still joined at the hip, just like when they were the house of Joseph in ancient times.

  4. Amen Chris. Shout it from the Roof Tops Brother.
    You are correct in this Truth. The founding of this Nation has been a double sided coin. You had the God fearing along with The Luciferian Satanist Witches.
    The Problem for the last few Generations is that They sold out their Birthrite for the god of Convenience, Prosperity and Technological Luxury Communism.
    All this present Generation knows is to press a button on their Dumb phones and it’s done. No thinking or analyzing involved. All at a simples press of a button.

    The Majority have become a bunch of Esaus selling their Birthright and their Children’s for the above mentioned.
    Meanwhile The Luciferian Satanist Witches have been brewing for Centuries our demise. Actually my husband says we’ve financed thru Taxes our own demise.
    All thru US History one can see The SoS working their Wicked Magic while the Majority unwittingly complied. Every Institution is infiltrated especially The Church. Hook line and sinker.

    Present Day. We are Nothing….Zero of a Country. Gone to the Wolves. A few Remnant here and there. Folks Gods Judgement has been pronounced and His Wrath is coming, The stench is up to His nostrils.
    I don’t have to list the hundred reasons why. We are a 180 now. It’s only a matter of Time. We have not seen anything beyond a little sorrow.
    Thank you Chris for taking time to communicate to us and hope you continue to do so. Appreciate your candor and strength. I’ve mentally checked out of this wretched System long ago. We are called to obey The LORD God Almighty
    And His Word Jesus Christ. Resist Evil on all fronts and accounts. I’ve learned to Trust Him with everything. There’s no choice but to. I’ve had to forsake and pretty much go it alone while the World around me disintegrates deeper into their quick sand madness created by The SoS.
    Take special care and keep you.
    P.S. there will be continual strong delusions to sway and engulf the masses. Even if it were possible to deceive the very Elect. We have to be always aware and strong in the Word not to be caught up in the still coming Snares.

  5. the adversary IMO must be descendants of Esau also known as Edomites whom God hated. Esau gave up his birth right and has been attacking Jacob/Israel ever since. Is the tribe of Judah back in the land today or is Esau posing as chosenites and getting away with it for a time? The day will come when the masks come off.

    1. We have theorized this in the past. It’s double fulfillment in the end times. Esau breaks his yolk. Parts of Judah were occupied by Esau towards the end of their ancient formation. The Edomites still exist today. Jesus’s life didn’t end all this. It still is going on today.

  6. If Jesus came forth and allowed the Jews at the time to keep all their laws/commandments that were given to them by Moses through the Lord – truly I believe they would had accepted Jesus with open arms. But the Jews’ love for the flesh is one reason I think they rejected Jesus. For example, Jesus was saying it’s a sin to have more than one wife. Also, the woman could divorce the man if adultery is committed. And vice versa. Why was this different during Moses’ time? #1. It’s going back to how it was meant to be in the beginning before sin was brought into the world. #2. In Moses’ time men’s hearts were far too hardened, and I truly believe the Lord was working with the best he’s got. The other tribes were far worse – sacrificing their kids to Moloch for example.

    But you see… even in Jesus’ time the Jews were changing the laws to suit themselves. They brought forward to Jesus the woman that committed adultery to be stoned. But they didn’t bring the man as well. In order to commit adultery you need at least two people. The Lord commanded to Moses that both are to be stoned; therefore, not just the woman.

    Jesus came for anyone with the eyes to hear, and the eyes to see. And ofc the lost sheep of Israel. After Jesus rose from the dead where did he instruct his disciples to go? North. They went to countries like modern day Italy. Greece. And onward. That’s where the lost sheep of Israel were scattered. And from there they went to England. And from there they went to America.

    So how can modern day Israel (country) be Israel in the Bible if they don’t even accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God. And accept only through Jesus Christ you shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven. They do not accept this. They do not accept many of Jesus’ commandments. They stick with the old testament and all of its benefits such as multiple wives. Ability to divorce a woman freely. Any other benefits of the flesh. But Jesus Christ preached the flesh rots away. But the Spirit abides forever. In Jesus Christ’s name – Amen. Jesus Saves.

    1. They wanted a king that would have overturned the Roman hierarchy. That’s why they respected Barabbas more.

      All we need to do is analyze the OT etymology and onomatology to understand that Joseph and then Ephraim and Manasseh received the namesake Jacob and Israel. Thus, whenever certain names such as these are mentioned as identifiers, we can be more confident in the aspects of their meaning and purpose in the OT.

  7. The deceit and manipulation is through the roof. Just look at people like Elon Musk, and Joe Rogan. Yes, they speak the truth on many subjects. But the reason they’re given the platform is because they lure the people away from the truth; which is Jesus Christ. They’ll talk about new age, aliens, simulation, etc. If they start talking about Jesus Christ — off the air. Contract terminated. There’s a reason young people are more and more anti-religion. Because of propped up folks like Elon Musk. SpaceX and humans going to Mars is hogwash as well. But it fits the new age angle, so it’s going to be pushed hard with an unlimited budget.

    1. Joe Rogan will talk about every conspiracy theory except the USS Liberty or Dancing Israelis. Definitely a disinfo/distraction shill. He serves as the “Brave New World” counterpart to the Orwellian MSM.

  8. “Two brothers; the younger Ephraim (Britain) was greater than the older Manasseh (the US)”

    Would the older brother Manasseh be Britain since it is an older Country, and the younger one Ephraim the USA?

    Was stated that Ephraim will be greater, and the USA has become greater than England.

    And when we say those brother’s names are we talking about a group of people that are mainly all related to each other or possible servant helper groups mixed in.

    1. Britain was much greater in influence than the US. Britain came first. Britain had the English language, the first global reserve, the Commonwealth, common law, and the earthly king line going back to when it was transferred from Scotland, who received it from Ireland going back to the time of Jeremiah.

      Ephraim received the greater blessing than Manasseh, though both together received Joseph’s double portion.

      In ancient Israel, the tribes sort of stayed amongst themselves, but together overall. Until after Solomon when they split. Think of the pre-revelutionary US colonies. George Washington would have considered himself a Virginian, not an American.

      These two tribes were often joined together during those times. If Joseph’s line split into two, that would have meant that there were 13 tribes. The number 13 was used a lot in early American history.

      When I identify a tribe remnant with a nation, I base it on those who founded that nation.

      Both tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh together are referred to the House of Joseph in the OT.

  9. I’m someone who thinks the whole system we live under is corrupt, government, the medical profession, all the 5013c church’s, etc. I haven’t been to a doctor or taken as much as a aspirin in over 30 years, was on a 30 day water fast several years ago. I say that so you understand I’m someone who does not go along with the crowd.
    I’ve studied the scriptures for 30 years, In Tim 2:15 in says Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
    2:16 But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.
    You sir need to be ashamed of some of the things you spew. At best I think your deceived, at worst I think your an enemy of the cross. I don’t have to refute your arguments, one just has to righty divide the word of truth & understand the the Gospel of the grace of God that the great Apostle Paul wrote in all is books.
    Eph 3:2-11 3:2 If ye have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God which is given me to you-ward:
    3:3 How that by revelation he made known unto me the mystery; (as I wrote afore in few words,
    3:4 Whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ)
    3:5 Which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit;
    3:6 That the Gentiles should be fellow heirs, and of the same body, and partakers of his promise in Christ by the gospel:
    3:7 Whereof I was made a minister, according to the gift of the grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of his power.
    3:8 Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ;
    3:9 And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ:
    3:10 To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God,
    3:11 According to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord:
    Sorry, I’m not much of a writer.

    1. I can tell. Stick with the NT. You’re not meant to know. The NT is much easier to understand. The other stuff is above your pay grade. My analysis has nothing to do with your simplicity or salvation. Your stuff is correct, it’s just meant for something else.

      You’ll still make it to heaven.

      Godspeed, my friend. I suggest you start a blog and tell everyone how evil I am. Just don’t refer to the OT, you’ll make a fool of yourself.

    2. I ask you for a favor. Please present your analysis to the Zionists. Perhaps you could ask them why they use Genesis 12 to bless the people they think are the physical house of Israel. They use the very verses you speak of to verify their sad conclusions. You can also ask them why they think the OT was written for them, too.

  10. The whole Soviet Union was built with Western money shuffled off to the East by the banking elite. Same with CCP. All these wars started after the Fed was established in 1913. How can people not see this?

    1. The public brainwashing is too thick.

      Any true opposition is usually derided by the general public as a nutter, conspiracy theorist, etc. A lot of true opposition that reveals true secrets will be thrown in prison or killed in some cases. Even though Julian Assange is a limited hangout look at what has been done to him…..for revealing crimes of the US Deep State military and revealing the pedophiles in league with the Clinton Cabal.

      Imagine if you told people that the moon landings were faked…..most people think you are a nutter…..even if you have solid information and logical reasoning as to why it was fake. Same thing with 9/11, various school shootings like sandy hook, las vegas shooting, COVID, etc. Most people actually believe the news and the way it is presented even if the official stories don’t make any sense.

      To move towards your question, most people don’t even know what the Federal Reserve is…..only a small fraction of people even know it exists. Even less know about its creation and subsequent commercial banks involved with it. How can you expect the average person to understand that the supposed Cold War was largely contrived and that the bankers funded both sides?…..The same thing is going on today with the China scare and Russia scare as they both have Central Banks that fall under the BIS. There is a script that is being followed here…….no one wants to mention that China is a dystopia that created ghost cities to nowhere and they are falling apart. I have seen videos of massive skyscrapers built with shoddy materials. Russia is a demographic nightmare with the largest abortion rates of Europe. Most of their best men died during WW2. The whole scare and fear mongering is just nonsense and this is how the cabal maintains their control over everyone.

    2. “How can people not see this?”

      Because 99% of people aren’t psychopaths and cannot comprehend how psychopaths think and operate. Everything that the SoS does is textbook psychopathy.

      Only a small fraction of non-psychopaths have the intelligence to recognize psychopathic behavior. Perhaps this is what separates the Remanent from everyone else.

        1. You are one of the few with the insight. I think many who stop by this site have that gift of introspection.

          It’s easy to think that we are as dirty as the adversary, since we can understand their motives and psychological makeup, but we must see it as having a gift.

      1. I’ve been thinking about psychopathy a lot lately. My ex-husband is textbook psychopath, and I’m not just saying that. Investment banker – Chris would know the type. Wall St. and Bay St. are full of them – empty meat suits with no souls. BTW psychopaths are not ugly scary killers like they show in the movies. They are charming and full of false promises to hook you in. Their playbook is the SAME as SoS. It’s uncanny. I think that’s why the Bible can reveal so much about the future. Satan uses the same tricks and humans fall for them. Small scale, large scale. History just repeats itself over and over again. To extricate myself out of my situation, I had to realize the only way to release his power over me was to stop ‘playing’ with him – no contact, no financial dependence. Divide the assets and get out as soon as I could, and suffer the loss. So the same goes for the SoS, you have to stop playing their game. As soon as we stop using the banks, stop paying taxes, depending on govt and become self sufficient, there goes their power. As I said before, the population at large would have to suffer huge losses and hit rock bottom before even considering such a move. It’s coming though. Right now, they are still in Stockholm syndrome with their captor.

        1. Most Hedge fund managers and large investors we often hear about on TV are at least sociopathic, if not psychopathic.

          If I were psychopathic and had a high IQ, I wouldn’t break into people’s houses, steal TVs, and murder in cold blood. I would run for office, move up the pyramidal structure of a corporation, wear a judge robe, become a doctor in which I control other people’s lives, or become a large Church pastor. If I wanted to influence, manipulate, and con people I would seek positions of power and prestige. Psychopaths normally have a higher than average IQ, but the lower IQ psychopaths are the ones we usually see in the prisons. They do not know how to harness their satanic power properly.

          1. A very rich and powerful person once told me that 99% of the wealthy and powerful are sociopats. He said the same for politicians, top sportsmen and celebrities.

      2. Wrong Chris. As someone who’s experienced war first hand I can tell you that sociopats comprise a minimum 10% of the population and psychopats another 10%. It is only in extreme situations such as war that You become aware of this.

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