Updated global housing data in detail; US residential real estate is still a relative bargain

Outside of America, I don’t know how people do it anymore

Please note: further down in the article I show a table ranking house prices by city (492 global cities). You will see how cheap some of the real estate in many of the American cities are to their local residents in their local currency.

Take my word for it, the institutional money sees the same data I am showing you.

Housing prices by nation for 2022 (ranked by price to household income ratios) Click on the column headers to sort

The exosphere; house prices in the Socialist/Marxist/centrally managed nations
US housing prices are relatively cheap; some areas are actually in the troposphere

Despite all the residential real estate price increases in the West and rest of the world, housing in the United States is still relatively inexpensive. The people in the United States, whose dollar is the global reserve, benefit greatly from this privilege. This is why real estate is so cheap for its residents. US, Inc. has been able to effectively offshore its deficit spending and inflation far and wide, and since the US dollar is accepted virtually everywhere, it is always in demand.

Unfortunately for most of those around the rest of the world, the people are not so lucky.

Take a glance at all those socialist/Marxist Latin American nations; the prices of their housing is prohibitively expensive to the locals. Take a peek at those Marxist and centrally managed nation-states in Asia and the former Soviet Union. Ouch… their real estate is priced into the exosphere.

The thermosphere; Real estate prices in Eastern Europe, followed by Western Europe

As we move down the ladder, we come across the less expensive housing markets. As we can see from the table, most of the European nations are still prohibitively expensive, but the more advanced European economies seem to enjoy more affordable housing. Of course, I am painting with a broad brush, but housing in Germany, England, Sweden, and Belgium are less pricey to their residents than to those in Eastern Europe.

The mesosphere; Housing in the former commonwealth

This is of little solace to those who are trying to buy a house in Sydney or Toronto, but the overall house prices in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are less expensive than in most other advanced economies, save a few nations in Western Europe. Plus we see a scattering of cheaper nations located in the Middle East, as well as South Africa, because, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of demand to live in those countries anymore. Those with money have been choosing to leave.

The Stratosphere and Troposphere; The U.S. housing market

Yes, this is difficult to believe, but housing prices in the U.S. in the local currency of US dollars is a relative bargain to its residents. According to the data points, overall housing price to income multiples in America are by far the lowest in the world.

There is a two (three) tiered market in the states, and it is all about in which city and state the real estate is located. Take a look at the 2022 city table ranking housing prices by price/income multiples to the residents of 490 cities around the world, and in their local currencies.

Hint: Click on the Price to Income Ratio column header to find the lowest ratios. The institutional money is way ahead of you.

There is still very inexpensive housing in many cities in the United States; and take my word for it, the institutional landlords are scooping up as much as they can while the doubters keep calling a top.

But I ask you, how long will the price to income ratio of Memphis housing remain at 1.22? How long will housing in Dallas cost only 2.15x household income on average? What about Tulsa’s ratio of 1.82?

I left NYC and Long Island to move to Maryland and Virginia expressly to buy rental properties. Even after the huge run up, Fairfax, VA still has a ratio of only 3.74! Yes, the people here make tons of dough, but that doesn’t mean prices have to be like in CA or NY. There are still places in Maryland and south of me in Virginia that still offer opportunities.

I still see a value proposition for wealthier out-of-town investors to own directly in dozens of cities in the states. The capitalization rates are still decent.

For those just starting out, you only need to buy one house for now. The learning curve is steep, but easily manageable. Once you get the first one down, move on to the next one. It’s a business that anyone can run.

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24 thoughts on “Updated global housing data in detail; US residential real estate is still a relative bargain

  1. Regarding the Canadian convoy: https://youtu.be/3D3sYDMNiD4

    In it, one of the leaders says ‘The Chinese are watching us’. Why did they say China is watching?
    Maybe the want it to look like we are overthrowing the government and then they can put in some ‘force majeure’ or war measures act. I’m wondering how staged this convoy is now. I heard Gerald Celente talking about how he advised on the parameters of this kind of demonstration last year. How did he know?

    1. The longer and more widespread these protests continue, the more obvious it becomes a staged release valve. Also, like you say, there are other objectives in mind.

      I see YouTubers shooting live streams and they show skulls superimposed on the corner of the screen. Nice touch.

  2. BTW, the reason there’s a convoy in NZ is because about a quarter of the population is tired of the restrictions, they hate Jacinda, and the convoy seemed like a good idea. There is one coming from each end of the country and arriving in the middle where the capital is. I think it’s genuine people for the most part, but as usual you can’t fathom the leaders unless you go and talk to them.

    The convoy here was mostly cars. There weren’t many trucks that I saw. But it doesn’t matter. Every overpass was packed with supporters, people were providing tons of food, baked cakes, fruit and veges, drinks- everything you can think of. There was so much stuff the convoy had to turn lots of it away.

    The support was amazing. I’d say a majority here love the vax and think anti-vaxers are brainwashed morons (but the vax will fix them eventually, we just need to be patient).

    No one is publicly calling for Ardern et al’s arrest and decapitation yet – quite the opposite in fact. Sadly, MPAI – most people are idiots. In this regard the vax is our ally, slowly raising intelligence levels one vaxtard at a time. Many say they only got the vax because of their jobs, and vow never to take the booster. We’ll see. I bet most cave as before.

  3. For those of us who geo-arbitrage or are gradually cutting ties with our former homelands, and are looking to diversify into foreign real estate, the ratio of price to the local avg income is less telling. It gives us an idea of how tough things are for locals and how much rent we can collect but it does not tell us what we can afford if we want to buy something. I’ve tried looking around for a list that gives the avg house or apt price by country standardized for purchasing power parity so that one can compare apple and apples. Globalpropertyguide.com and numbeo.com were pretty good. Seems the Balkans are reasonable.

    1. Another case where a communist jew complains about mercantile jews. Goyim caught in the middle. Can’t win with these people. None of them are on our side.

      1. How do you know that? I only listen to his words. I heard his stuff from 20 years ago. I assume this Rense interview was from the aughts.

        1. I know it because it’s jews complaining. Their energy source is goyim. They wither and die without goyim. Makes no difference. They’re all bloodsuckers.

          1. You mean Mr. Jacobson? I believe him to be sincere. He seems to have given up a career in film.

  4. The anti-mandate convoy in New Zealand has mass public support. The convoy is receiving food and supplies at stops, in quantities far more than they can use. Huge amounts of supporters are cheering them on from all the motorway overpasses, even in pouring rain. There’s a good feeling out there, but unfortunately so many people are Pfizer fans.

      1. And they will be looking for Justice I think. I wonder which if any of the City of London/East India Company’s lackies will be hung out to dry.

        Starting to see cars with anti mandate messages on there windows in Alberta.

        I have acquaintances and know of others that are in the freedom convoy rallies. I wasn’t sure of the grassroots orgins of this phenomenon at first and still can’t speak to the leadership. But it’s certainly energizing a proportion of the folks around here.

        I feel like this is a bit of a curve ball for our local chapter of the SoS but I do find it interesting that the narrative started to switch in the UK and Denmark even before these rallies even started.

        Was it already mission accomplished before these grass roots ralleys got underway I wounder?

        1. I would have to say that it was mission accomplished for our adversary even before this convoy crap began. Boris Johnson’s about face came out of nowhere, yet it was followed up with rollbacks across the Western world.

          The globalists figured they had enough people jabbed and there was no sense on prolonging it. What adds credence to our theory is the fact that they began rolling this all back during the cold season in the northern hemisphere.

          1. Mission Accomplished Indeed. News headline today.
            “Alberta’s highly-controversial proof-of-vaccination system expires as the clock strikes midnight Wednesday, Premier Jason Kenney announced Tuesday”

            I wonder if the trucker will take the rap if we see food/staples inflation or supply shocks here. Manufactured shortages perhaps? We haven’t had any meaningful food inflation or shortages in Alberta thus far. With the exception of shit tickets at the kickoff of covid show. (Slight up tick in food cost barely noticeable from the unusual inflation/price static.)

            Also big political moves being made in Canada behind the scenes. Conservatives punted their old leader and the new options are likely more appealing to voters. May be enough to hold get a non confidence vote through the house of commons if some Liberal members turn coat and NDP abandons Trudeau. This would mean an new election must be called. Trudeau would likely loose his minority government I figure then.
            Feels like Wag the Dog, all the time.

    1. There’s one in NZ? Find it peculiar that these things appeared in NZ and CA some of the most infected countries.

      Always assume they have a hand in it until proven otherwise. The CA convoy logo has satanic features (666 and demonic colouring).

      1. Lol…unreal. The logo on their facebook page, right there in plain site. Thank you for spotting that.

        There’s at least one retired Canadian spook involved that I am aware of. Major Russ Cooper (Ret’d).

        How could the average guy have any hope without Christ and to decern these shenanigans.

        “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

        Franklin D. Roosevelt

        1. I think the truckers are a psy op. Canada has no gold and deagel predicted a 70% decline in pop by 2025.

          Covid narrative was ending anyways globally. Now let’s get all the nation states capitals to over throw their leaders. Markets gonna crash anyways. Food shortages gonna happen anyways. Might as well get ahead of it and blame it on the truckers.

          1. I have to agree. The publicity of the convoys is over the top on the MSM.

            Canada and Australia went overboard on the restrictions, so the adversary throws us a bone to let us think we have freedom. We do not. Look at the losses we racked up is the past two yeats.

            Look at the losses to our financial lives. Let the commoners think they have a say.

            I also agree that the worst is yet to come.

            1. There’s the old joke about why Fort Knox in the United States is so well guarded. It’s to keep people from finding out that there is no more gold.

              The gold held by the Federal Reserve is no longer the gold of the United States government. It’s been held as collateral. And we all know how this works.

          2. The Simpsons had an episode of the truckers. The creator of this show is in the know of these things. Hence why he pushes predictive programming, externalization of the hierarchy mechanisms way before things happen like Trump becoming President, 9/11, and the truckers, Castro Trudeau leaving Ottowa, etc. As soon as I saw that, it is safe to say this convoy is a controlled ops distraction.

      2. We had an Occupy movement as well back in the day. It was lots of fun camping in the middle of the city. The people were genuine, but of course it was infested with cops. The cops were so goofy everyone knew who they were.

        The occupy village was wrecked by feminists who would cycle down from the university every day to run meetings and make new rules. After three weeks they already had 400 “camp laws” on the books. So much for fighting the “system” – they just created a copy of it. I remember one meeting where they told the guards they were letting in too much riff raff, then the next meeting they told the guards they were being too exclusionary. Unfortunately men these days are unable to tell women to F off, so the whole thing collapsed shortly thereafter. The final nail was when they decided the daily meals should be “free” instead of costing $1. It lasted a few weeks after that, precisely as long as I predicted.

        A couple of interesting features were a tent that welcomed everyone but white men, and a hot girl on a bicycle who wore basically lingerie and then did speeches about men looking at her. The poor thing was completely insane. She was one of the ring leaders in the movement’s destruction, and she had radical looking university Jew types in her ear the whole time. So typical.

        1. NZ has just got 2 more doses of vax for everyone in the country. The first 3 were pfizer. These ones are the Novavax.

          The hell ministry has ordered 35 million doses, which is SEVEN per person.

          Officially people are just starting to get their third doses now, so there’s no way this is close to over.


          1. Nothing’s changed. Only the livestock feel more relaxed and less guarded. It’s only raining, the thunder has passed. ⛈️ ⚡

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