The Fed stands down on globalist-inspired covid inflation; Dow 40,000 here we come!

The Fed pretends to care; Dow 40,000, here we come!

I know I put out some dire predictions a couple weeks ago indicating that a probable asset market collapse was in the works as I theorized that the global central banks were about to embark on a campaign of excessive monetary tightening in their quest to subdue the inflationary force that they themselves engineered. My line of reasoning was simple, the central banks would continue ratcheting up interest rates in their failed attempts to rein in price inflation. Of course, this price inflation is outside of their control to manage and is being centrally managed through the consolidated global supply chain.

Of course, we discussed in great detail how the social, fiscal, and monetary largesse was directed primarily towards the end user, with little thought about sterilizing the massive waves of dollars being printed and dispersed.

But based on the FED actions of the past week, I don’t think income generating asset holders have anything to worry about. Based on the equivocating logic and substance of the FOMC statements, as well as the information gleaned from Jerome Powell’s subsequent press conference, the Fed hasn’t publicly announced their game plan. But I’m here to announce it; the FED doesn’t have one and will only pretend to care about inflation as it rips apart the typical household.

It’s becoming more clear that this engineered price inflation will be used as a catalyst to help facilitate and accelerate the agenda for the Great Reset. Indeed, we won’t own anything and we’ll be happy (relieved to take the mark). Only those with enough income generating assets to offset the punishing rising costs of living will be able to keep their heads above water.

I can’t think of a more effective way for the powers to consolidate the global wealth and power than by creating massive waves of price inflation while simultaneously suppressing longer-term bond yields.

Successful quantitative easing was always predicated on the abilities of the government and Fed to effectively sterilize the excess money spent and generated from the deficit spending by keeping it either in the financial shell or being transferred overseas.

Now it seems that the powers have decided to terminate this current monetary system in the next two to three years and have allowed all of the price pressures to go parabolic. This provides them one last ditch opportunity to grab as much of the global wealth as possible for when they chain us back down with another crisis.

Let freedom ring?

We remarked nearly 2 years ago that this engineered largesse was going to result in asset prices of all sorts going to go into the stratosphere. At the time, I assumed that the powers were going to work to subdue any price inflation, and that we would get a continuation of more of the same over the longer term.

Clearly I was wrong in this regard, and inflation has been relentlessly destroying the wealth and lifestyles of the bottom 80-90% of the population. Anyone who has not been able to generate enough income and capital gains to overcome what they’ve lost in buying power from their diminished real income has been impacted. Thus, we estimated that 80 to 90% of the American population have fallen behind on a net basis.

After I submitted those posts from a couple weeks ago, the FED announced its FOMC statement and Jerome Powell engaged us with his Hocus pocus press conference. There was only one thing missing, a definitive statement regarding how the Fed would work to diminish the inflationary forces that have not only been building but have become institutionalized in the system.

You and I both know that the inflationary forces were caused by a one-two punch. On one hand we had tens of trillions of dollars worldwide in monetary and fiscal stimulus dispensed out to the unwashed plebs to piss away as quickly as they received it. On the other hand, the globalist controlled supply chain was curiously constricted. Thus, while demand was heightened, aggregate supply was restricted. Unless the globalists release the supply chain pressure this inflationary monster will continue to persist.

So, how does this lead to Dow 40,000? Simple. The FED doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about the bottom 80 to 90% of the population. They have no well-defined game plan to combat inflation, and if they truly were concerned about fighting inflation they would have already begun to tighten interest rates. The FED funds rate should already be 50 to 100 basis points and they should have announced some sort of tightening with last week’s FOMC statement.

Based on the behavior of the Fed, I assume that they are under orders to let this continue raging while suppressing interest rates, and thus also bond yields. Even if the supposed dire predictions of a 2% Fed funds rate becomes a reality, that won’t stop the well engineered inflationary steamroller.

As long as the official CPI remains in the 5 to 10% zone, and the longer-term treasuries are yielding a massive negative real yield, stock prices and asset prices of all sorts have only one way to go… up.

In terms of rental real estate, I don’t see any catalyst for a collapse. Personally, I am flabbergasted at how high rents have grown over the past 2 to 3 years. Specifically, over the past 18 months, I have seen 30% growth in detached single family housing rental rents. Rents that were formally $2,000 a month two years ago are now $3,000 a month on my single family houses.

The government and the FED couldn’t care less about the people and I assume that people will be shut out of housing because of high rates of price and rent rate growth. I estimate that less than 10% of the US population owns a rental property and the percent of families who own a home keeps dropping. We see the pattern established here, but in the instance of over inflated house prices, I think homeownership rates would rise if house prices collapsed. But that cannot be allowed to happen.  Homeownership rates will continue to fall as the costs become more and more excruciating. A simple furnace replacement three or four years ago would cost a couple thousand dollars. Today, it is $3,000 to $4,000.

Welcome to the Great Awakening announced by the alt-media, I’m also glad that the churches are speaking the truth about our adversary. Ha ha ha…

Unfortunately, the vast sea of Christian dummies are preaching a false gospel in which we are being trained like circus animals to worship our adversary.

Indeed, all those Zionist dummy pastors are telling us to keep quiet as we twist the Pauline Epistles to conflate the synagogue of Satan with God’s chosen. Even if the organized religions like the Catholic Church aren’t preaching the Zionist doctrine per se, they certainly aren’t out there warning us. Now that’s what I call the Laodicean church. I got a few emails from pissed off former readers for me daring to say the obvious.

All hail the S of S! They are God’s chosen and don’t say otherwise. Let freedom ring! We’ve been let out of our cattle pens to proclaim the truth, yet to be ripped apart by price inflation.

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47 thoughts on “The Fed stands down on globalist-inspired covid inflation; Dow 40,000 here we come!

  1. The US is an unsustainable make-work retail meme corporation. The BIS was warning us about a deflationary crisis and worsening repo markets back in early 2020. Zionist Right-wingers were quite but then when I recieved my 1,000 dollars of centeal bank money from the S of S, right-wing Zionists went mad about how giving shush money to the plebs, is bad but giving it to commercial banks and inflating stock market is good. It wasn’t enough to pay for my groceries for a family of 5 but it helped. Unfortunately, that’s all I got and I cannot afford much else. I rent, so I have no home and I’m afraid my children won’t ever own a home either, let alone own one under allodial title. I don’t know how longer I can go and my employer won’t give me a raise, let alone tied to inflation.

    1. Don’t worry; owning a home will eventually become a huge liability. Owning several will be a death sentence. Govs will be forced to seize ever more from homeowners to fund operations, and the cost of owning will only increase. Rents and home prices are, at the end of the day, subject to what people can afford to pay – which won’t be much going forward as inflation of essential goods goes parabolic and the general cost structure in society goes up up up.

      I think land-lords are on the menu; potentially hitting >100% losses.

      1. Unfortunately, you may be correct eventually. First will come the retirement plans and pensions. When we see that, real estate holders could be punished soon after.

        What better way to get Soviet system style housing than by showing us that capitalism can’t work and that we need free housing. The adversary creates the problem, lets it run wild and then provides the solution.

          1. is now predicting a 16.4% increase in US house prices this year. A few months ago, Zillow predicted only a 3% rise, and previously had predicted a 10% increase. Zillow sees what I see; there is absolutely no inventory nor any quality rentals available.

            I have to rely on Zillow for rent level analysis, and they’ve already increased my property values across the board in just the past week. While Zillow’s price analysis has many flaws, its rental analysis it’s much more accurate.

            I still think that many of the prices offer compelling value to potential long-term investors.


              I have used it before years ago forgot about it until i saw your post.

              On a side note Martin Armstrong mentioned 65,000 Dow. from what i understand with European bonds being neg the investors are looking to the US stock market to make money and use the USD they have.

              1. With US dollars Americans can go anywhere in the world, including Toronto and Sydney and purchase like a king. Of course, the US dollar is the global reserve for real estate purchases and that’s why a strong dollar destroys the purchasing power of foreigners. Buyers with US dollars are like bulls in the china shop.

    2. Hang in there mate. I’m in a similar boat. Christ is with us so try not to worry but I know it’s a struggle not to. God bless you and your family!

  2. Off topic.

    A few months ago, I mentioned the pandemic would result in more foreign nurses coming to the USA… It appears health care heroes are very replaceable.

    Also note that CMS is actively enforcing that ALL health care staff are compliant with COVID vaccination protocols. They expect 100% compliance across the board. No jab, no job. They are allowing medical and religious exemptions, however many of the huge corporate hospitals are denying most exemptions and scrutinizing any employee that requests such. Interesting that many smaller and/or rural hospitals are granting any exemption because they desperately need staff. Example: a well-known mega-corporate hospital chain with approximately 10,000 employees has only granted a handful of religious exemptions, however a smaller B-list Catholic hospital with about 600 employees has granted over 120 staff religious exemptions.

    Rules are being bent by health care adminstrators to keep the machine going while Big Gov’t keeps pushing impossible expectations. At what point consolidation? Collapse? Emergence of a single payer system?

    Remember that CMS is the Iron Bank of American healthcare. If health care providers want reimbursement for Medicare services rendered, they must adhere to CMS protocols. The contract between CMS and providers is voluntary, however if the provider doesn’t sign the contract, they get no Medicare reimbursment which basically means guaranteed bankruptcy.

    My advice? Start taking care of yourself. Unless it’s an emergency, stay far away from the medical-administrative state.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. I don’t keep up and comment too much on the healthcare system as it is beyond my pay grade.

      I do find it interesting that they are demanding healthcare workers to continue getting jabbed. The foreigners will come in and they will remain unvaccinated.

      I take a look at the healthcare system now and for all intents and purposes it is already collapsing. You are correct as well in this regard, do not go to the hospitals or doctors unless you are desperately ill. They aren’t there to help you and keep you healthy. They are there to make you get sick, keep you sick, and become annuitized business for the system. Most doctors are scumbags, because they refuse to question the dictates of their authorities, lest they get pressure and lose their license and status.

      Imagine being a doctor here in Northern Virginia and telling the patients the truths of the vaccine scam. The doctor’s patients would complain to the medical boards and the medical board would yank his license. The doctors patients are actually part of a tattletale squad and freely tell on him or her. This is just like 1984.

      For example, I hear the dumb livestock people talk about how they need their cardiologist. The cardiologist for decades was telling the patient to eat the worst diet and to do the worst things. This ultimately perpetuated the need to have the cardiologist. It’s like a twisted Stockholm syndrome where they’re all dependent on one another. The patient is dependent on the cardiologist, the guy who has kept him sick for so long. The cardiologist is dependent on the patient, so he can pay for his expensive 7-series BMW. The pharmaceutical industry is dependent on the cardiologist lying to the patient, so the drug firm can keep its profits growing. The hospital system soaks the patients and the federal government, so they can keep their bureaucracy growing with their gleaming, new hospitals.

      At the end of the day, the cardiologist patient is just a dumb stupid plebe who carelessly listens to the cardiologist in the first place. That’s where this whole scam originates. It originates from the stupidity of the patient. This may sound callous, but I have little to no compassion on most of the patients. They bring their woes on themselves. Their worst enemy is looking at them in the mirror.

      The whole medical system is there to generate and perpetuate itself while keeping the people sick. And the people love it. The livestock love it and drive up the costs for those who empower themselves to remain healthy.

      The more I think about it the less compassion I have on the sick. 90% of sickness is completely avoidable, and even the dumbed down Christians refuse to want to take care of their most important physical possession, their physical body. What a bunch of stupid hypocrites the Christian church has become.

      1. I’m a smart patient and my husband has Borreliosis. The Drs. at the IDSA are all criminals.

        1. I am very sorry about your husband having Lyme disease. I am sure you already know all about that. I grew up on Long Island and there was no such thing when I was young. I used to get bitten by ticks all the time playing in the woods. Then for decades the doctors ignored it.

          Here in Northern virginia, the ticks are present virtually year-round. Yet Fairfax County will tell you to be on the lookout from April to October. I just talked to a guy at the gym whose wife contracted Lyme from a tick during a January.

          I started learning about the scams of the medical establishment at a young age even before I was washed. I saw what they did to my mother for decades. And to be honest, most of her sicknesses were completely avoidable. The doctors always seem to enable her.

      2. I think you might actually be a shill… the more I read your immoral tirade about patients the more I believe my gut feeling… are you related to eugenicst Zionist Zeke Emanual by chance?

        1. I have at least a 140 IQ and I’m a self-made millionaire. If I was really that big of a scumbag do you think I would waste my time with a small blog like this? I’d be busy exploiting this monetary system for ungodly gain.

          90% of sickness is completely avoidable. People don’t work out anymore, they eat total crap, listen to the government and the doctors, and they are morbidly obese.

          Take a look at the American human population from 40 to 50 years ago. Just look at the films and YouTube videos and photos in the newspapers from the ’70s. Then look at the people today. They look like two different species of animals.

          When you have 60 to 70% of the population eagerly taking these mRNA jabs, and yet many of them in Northern Virginia are obsessed with eating healthily and organic, yet they line up and listen to what the TV tells them. I would rather eat pizza and drink Red bulls everyday then try to eat healthy and take any vaccine.

          I don’t see anybody taking supplements. If they do it’s just the vitamin. People are now lazy and slothful and have to look in the mirror for many of their health issues. Of course, your husband’s sickness is very unfortunate and not of his doing. But I do know people who have contracted Lyme disease and didn’t give a crap about searching for ticks. I am hyperparanoid since I live on the border of County watershed property. I know way too many people who have gotten Lyme disease.

          I submit that 90% of autoimmune disorders and nerve problems are related to a prior vaccination campaign. The people have to accept responsibility for their actions and what is sad is that most of these vaccinations came when the people were of minority status, meaning they were children.

  3. Meta is ‘death’ in hebrew. The deadverse, brought to you by zuck fuckerberg. No thanks.

    1. Metaverse…. the 4IR is metaverse… or your digital double. Read synagogue of Satan Attali’s futurist autosurviellance philosophy pushed by technocrats includinmg Ashkenazi Rockefeller and Zionist S of S Bloomberg among others like Schwab and the DoD. The goal is to capture your digital double via autosurveillance and then bet on it on wallstreet. Parasites making money off your double through tacit digital contracts. Read: for more!

  4. I got an email from someone asking me about what’s going to happen now that the FED will no longer be buying bonds in the marketplace.

    Here’s my answer.

    There’s a more complex dynamic that takes place. On one hand, we have the Federal Reserve and the other central banks adding debt securities to their balance sheets. That’s quantitative easing. But even when the central banks cut back or even unload some of their balance sheet on the margin, this won’t necessarily impact the debt markets to the degree that many worry.


    We have to now consider what the massively inflated asset values of stocks, real estate, and other securities like Bitcoin means to the system. Now that stocks, real estate, and other leverageable securities have risen in value, that now provides the system with a greater amount of collateral in which to borrow against. If real estate rises in value, people can go into greater debt and help support the debt markets. Higher stock market total capitalizations helps to facilitate higher debt levels.

    Thus, even if the Federal Reserve contemplates tightening and reducing the balance sheet, higher asset values ameliorate any adverse circumstances that this causes.

  5. Hi. Buying real estate in a Sydney Australia for a first home buyer is an absolute impossibility where the average median price is $1.5 million. I have pretty much given up on the idea as there really is no point. I am stuck renting forever or living one day in a tent. In Australia the SoS has won. All I can do is resist as best I can, refuse vaccinations, QR codes and eventually the mark of the beast. It’s really depressing this satanic world we live in.
    I dont think there is much you can advise me financially to do. However I appreciate all that you do on your website. God bless!

    1. Move to the states. Land and housing is still cheap, especially when compared to the former commonwealth nations.

      What a reversal! People hated living here, but the restrictions are a lot less, and stuff is still relatively affordable here in the US.

      After what I saw with the COVID crap, I would never again contemplate moving to New Mexico, Canada, nor any other Western nation. Give me the 2nd & 10th amendments any day.

    2. That’s just ridiculous. Why doesn’t the young generation just stop? I don’t get it. Just stop people. Stop working, stop paying taxes, just.fucking.stop.

      There is NOTHING in it for you (us).

  6. Given that the Fed has decided to be dovish, I think the USD will soon be worthless like the Zimbabwe Dollar. This will usher in the worldwide currency. However I think it will be a couple of years before the worldwide currency and WWIII must happen before that.

    1. I would not put everything into precious metals as that does not pay income and the price is heavily suppressed by the synagogue of satan to hide inflation. However, I would keep small amounts of my savings in precious metals to get money out of the beast system and for diversification.

  7. Parabolic blow off top here we come! Start looking for a top in 2024. I’ll take my cue from the spread between the 10 year and the 3 month Treasury rates and the 10 year and 2 year Treasury rates on FRED. When the spread goes negative and then positive again, then we will likely have a major top. In the meantime, load up on the fastest horse in the race! Good luck everyone!

  8. This is why it is a bad idea to cash out 100% of stocks or rental assets. Satan likes to play games with us by making things look real bad and then all of the sudden the narrative changes as if nothing happened. Satan wants to scare us out of assets so we will be poor and helpless. Heaven help those that totally liquidated. It may pay to put some back into stocks and real estate . It is good to have eggs in multiple baskets as you have something that will rise in value. Of course , shift some eggs from the losers to the winners basket. For those that are comfortable with rental real estate it is good to hold onto most properties and definitely good to hold on to stocks.

    1. Here’s the one thing that we can conclude; all of the financial markets are now centrally managed and our investment decisions are based solely on the dictates of the central banks and governing authorities. It’s all completely up to them.

      One of the concepts I wrote about a decade ago on Henry Makow was that economic analysis was thrown out the window and replaced with interpretation of official action. That’s all it’s come down to.

      Back then I warned the readers that things were in firm control in the centrally managed financial markets and monetary system. I also stated to the readers back then that these authorities wanted things to go north. But they did not want gold and silver heading in that same direction.

        1. If I were guessing, I would have to say it will climb slowly. This is only for one reason; I look to its past behavior. Gold is not going up because of asset inflation. Gold is rising because of uncertainty in the system. Of course gold rises over the long term, as monetary stock measures climb, since gold at least traditionally, was considered a monetary metal. But I’ve noticed the behavior since the mid aughts that gold rises when uncertainty in the system rises. It also falls back after the uncertainty is wound out. I thought we were going to break out a week ago, but it seems that the Fed is going to stand down and that means uncertainty has been wrung out to some extent.

          I own gold and always suggest others to all gold. But I don’t want to place too much into it as it generates absolutely no income. Thus, it’s price performance is less dependent on the yield curve than other traditional assets.

          1. I always thought that when they do their monetary Reset it would include, at least initially, some sort of gold backing and that would imply a substantial revaluation of gold upwards. How do you opine on this?

            1. It could. You may be right. I wouldn’t invest in gold based on that hope. I have heard of this theory for as long as I have been following the gold and silver markets. Nothing ever seems to come of it.

              The governments in China and Russia do not want high gold prices either. They both enjoy exploiting their people via the fiat system, too.

    1. They couldn’t do it anyway, they can’t even ask who is vaccinated or not, legally. However, they did manage to get an uptick in vaccinations, so I guess it was a win for the gov’t. Go truckers!! 🚙🚚🚛.

      1. you are right. At the end of the day much of what the governing authorities dictated didn’t stick. But the results were achieved; more people getting jabbed out of fear.

        You also said you had to leave your job as well. It’s a pyrrhic victory. The lifestyles have to change in order to circumvent rules.

        You will be better off in the long run anyway as it forces you to become self-sufficient. Ultimately that is the most important concept for us to embrace – self-sufficiency.

        1. Yes, you are absolutely right about self-sufficiency. I had no idea that I could do this and would have not even dared pre vax mandate. I’m bringing in more income, paying less tax and I have more time for myself doing what I do now.
          In 2019, I was just breaking out into some important music endeavours in Toronto after a long hiatus. I had been advised to stop wasting my time and get out of the classroom to focus more on this. I was so trapped in the debt, income security cycle and I really didn’t feel I could. In a way, was it an excuse to not push myself and do some heavy lifting in my life?
          As Glinda says to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz: ” You had the power all along, my dear”.

          1. Excellent! It takes a paradigm shift for someone to stop with the diversions and stick to the pragmatic approach to life.

            The next hard set of choices for you will be much easier. You survived to live another day. This is such great news.

            Most people are unable to make this shift. Most Christians are paralyzed right now and are hoping for their personal bailout; a pre-trib rapture.

  9. Chris,
    Metaverse real estate is like having a collectible much like a NFT or even owning a cryptocurrency. The appeal is the supposed amount of real estate that’s available, and owning some. It’s a speculative investment and may provide residual income if your “land” is tied into the metaverse and could possible be rent out or other unknown things.
    This virtual metaverse that is being created will allow the masses to be hooked into a virtual world where they can live all their desires and sins while with no accountability. It’s the adversary’s playground.
    Last week a wedding with 2000 guests attending in the metaverse was set to be hosted, if you wanna se an example.
    Anyway, this real estate is tied to the blockchain and only limited supply, but more can and will always be made. It’s honestly a joke, like cryptos and NFT’s, but look where this joke has blown up to in returns.
    Yes, it’s probably a good investment, it will be coming for sure, but is something we as Christians should condone?
    And if we do, it’s probably wise to choose the “land” being sold that is tied in with the major players.
    Short answer to the long definition; most can’t afford to invest into real land or real estate anymore with these prices, and this virtual meta land can be invested into with little $ and little fees, bo upkeep, and high possible gains.
    Also, No underwriters, agents and dirty escrow officers. Always hated that.

    1. It sounds kind of sad. I guess this is how financially disenfranchised people invest and speculate?

      Most people now live a virtual reality life. Why not own VR real estate?

  10. Is there anyone who can explain metaverse real estate? Why should someone own that over the real thing?

    1. For when they spend all their time in the meta verse. Would be ideal for tptb to maximize time spent in meta verse. Then it becomes more valuable to people than real life. Like the movie ready player one

      1. I guess we shouldn’t write off this metaverse real estate stuff so soon. Perhaps the real real estate will drop in value as everyone rushes to invest in the menaverse. It’s the same thought about gold and bitcoin. Everyone rushes to buy Bitcoin and they don’t bother with gold anymore.

        Revelation 17:7 KJV
        And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel?

        Imagine John being shown all this.

    2. Metaverse seems like an advanced multiplayer online role playing game. Like Everquest where you could buy plats or land. Some games you could purchase skins(clothes), weapons, special powers.

      Just like Bitcoin in the beginning not many people wanted it. What made people become interested and get a wallet and learn the process of buying and selling Bitcoin?

      In this role playing Metaverse the corporations will participate, so will Government entities. Walmart needs to get plots just like it’s competitors. I also think people will be able to purchase stamps, vacation tickets, get married, pay taxes, etc.

      If you ever felt bad about not getting away from your computer or smart phone, to me the Metaverse really seems like a death sentence.
      I know of a few people who became addicted to Everquest and lost their jobs and families. They said they were going to lose those things eventually anyways but they kept on playing. They couldn’t stop. It’s an addiction and there is an internal pull that is hard to break free from. Maybe people will not be able to take an extended break from the Metaverse and it will be a 24/7 activity. I’ll be living in the Contraverse!

      1. Greg,
        I think you raise a very good point about Metaverse. It will prove to be very addictive like online computer games in the past. Metaverse is designed to be addictive and controlling because satan uses peoples addiction to enter in and influence their lives. Metaverse will be used by the synagogue of satan to control and manipulate its users to their end just like music, movies, television, and mainstream news.

        Definitely take the contraverse. In this sinful world of ours it is much better to go against what the crowd thinks is “cool” and/or what the crowd will think will happen . My walk with Jesus Christ may not be “cool” however it keeps me out of trouble and takes me in a positive direction to a much better place. I also find from life experience that whatever direction the media whips the crowd into(such as financial collapse) TAKE THE CONTRA and DON’T get sucked in. I kept most of my money in stocks for this reason and I don’t regret it.

        Jesus Christ took the contra against the religious leaders of his day to bring God’s glory to the people.

      2. It all sounds so sad. Maybe we should take the contra and think that it’s all great. But like you say, I’ll take the real world Contraverse.

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