A response to an email; A simple Bible study reveals the hogwash of the Zionist propaganda

A simple Biblical study reveals the lies of Zionism

Excellent reference on the 10 lost tribes becoming Anglo Saxons. “Revealing the Truth” site has a very literal interpretation of the bible. In my limited reading of it, I found no deceit on this site.

What did the Biblical Israelites look like? Is it possible to know? Does it matter?

We the Anglo Saxon Celtic people, not only appeared in history at the same time and place the Israelites disappeared, but we also fulfill in our history every mark the prophets of the bible wrote Israel would be identified by in the future.


Here’s my response;

You got it.

While I don’t necessarily endorse the content of the website in question, and in fact, I just visited it for the first time, I know one thing for certain; whenever possible, we need to take the Bible literally. In this instance, the author of the site and I both agree.

In terms, of saving our souls, peeling back the Zionist lie technically doesn’t matter. But knowing the truth is very liberating and helps us navigate this last-days confusion. If we know the truth, we can move through life with complete confidence. By properly identifying the peoples and locations of the Israelite remnants referred to in the OT, we can easily see how the last days time of tribulation will unfold.

Chris Pirnak

When we look at the Bible, study it, and refer to it literally, we can wipe away the political correctness, which has been manufactured by our adversary to keep us in our Zionist pig pen. We can then easily verify who the northern Israelite remnants were in the last days.

He may be a great guy, but he’ll lose everything if he deviates from the script.

Anyone with a few extra IQ points, the courage to be unique, and some objectivity will see that it only takes an intermediate understanding of scripture and ancient history (before Jesus) to shoot holes all through the Zionist folly. The problem with the typical pastor today is that he (or she) lacks the intellectual capacity and courage to be bold enough to separate him or herself from the pack.

Today’s pastors claim to be preaching the truth, but preach many lies, including the fatal Big Lie. I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks of me; I invest and collect rent for a living, don’t have a 501c3 designation, and my mind wasn’t polluted in a seminary.

Go north and west, my disciples. The last days promises declared on Jacob’s deathbed need to be fulfilled literally.

The problem in the Laodicean church is simple; in order to make their ideas stick, these so-called Zionist-loving experts have to take some parts of the Bible literally and some parts of the Bible as an allegory and metaphor.

I note the twisting to try make the Zionist lie make sense. One one hand, the pastors and YouTubers will say one passage refers to a physical house, yet on the other hand, another passage will refer to a spiritual house. But when I read and study the Bible, and try to interpret what they are saying, I see no such nonsense. I take the Bible literally.

For instance when I read Ezekiel 17, there is no way that this can refer to the Jews that were taken into Babylonian captivity. This refers to a transfer of the Judah king lineage to somewhere else. That somewhere else is located in an Ephraim stronghold, because the Jews of that time were not entitled to these specific identifiers. I take it literally. Unfortunately, do a Google search on Ezekiel 17 and the only ideas that will pop up on the first couple pages are those that conform to the Zionist spin and its desired outcome.

Of course, Jacob declared that his deathbed promises were to be fulfilled in the last days, which are subsequent to the birth and life of Jesus. These promises had nothing to do with the ancient Israelite Kingdom; and the fact that the Pharez king lineage ended with Zedekiah would tell me that based on the Zionist spin, Jacob lied to his son Judah. Of course God didn’t lie to Jacob, and Jacob didn’t lie to Judah, so somewhere on this planet there were Kings, earthly Kings. The Jewish kingly line ended over 500 years before the birth of Jesus.

The prophet Hosea declared that while these promises were unconditional and would be fulfilled regardless, as part of the punishment of the House of Israel (the ten northern tribes), their remnants would not know who they were.

This is why the world finds itself in its current state of disrepair. If the real Israelites knew who they were, the shackles of our adversary would be lifted within a generation and freedom would ring. This is why we need to stop listening to 99% of today’s pastors and YouTubers. Take my word for it, the so-called remnant has been deceived from stem to stern.

The last day birthright promises are exactly that; birthright promises to be satisfied in the last days after Jesus was born. Read and study these promises, and understand who were the Jews in the Old Testament. You will be able to quickly discover who fits the descriptions. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were certainly not Jews. I have spoken to a number of biblically-savvy Jews over the years, and they agree with me. They then usually chuckle when I ask them about the Christian Zionists.

The willful ignorance of the Laodicean church, in which they worship the nation state of Israel, and refer to Genesis 12 as proof is complete hogwash, and this is why the end time planet is spinning down the toilet bowl.

In terms, of saving our souls, peeling back the Zionist lie technically doesn’t matter. But knowing the truth is very liberating and helps us navigate this last-days confusion. If we know the truth, we can move through life with complete confidence. By properly identifying the peoples and locations of the Israelite remnants referred to in the OT, we can easily see how the last days time of tribulation will unfold.

God bless, and JESUS SAVES!

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24 thoughts on “A response to an email; A simple Bible study reveals the hogwash of the Zionist propaganda

  1. You know it’s hogwash because every politician in Congress worships the country Israel. And who owns them? The adversary of course. From Trump to Pelosi -they all agree we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do for Israel (country). God’s chosen people. As Chris says – take the contra.

    But if you’ve read the Bible – it clearly states Jacob is Israel. The Lord changed his name to Israel. So it’s not a country. It’s a lineage. And thanks to God’s blessing and Joseph’s righteousness (one of Jacob’s sons) – he was given power and authority in Egypt; which gave him the opportunity to forgive his brothers, reconnect with his dad (Jacob), and ofc saved his family and lineage from the famine that wrecked the area. From that lineage Moses came forth, and they took Joseph’s tomb out of Egypt, and into present day Israel. Mark Twain visited that tomb, and wrote about it. Unfortunately I read it was destroyed early 2000’s. But this is just further proof the Bible is real folks – for the one’s sitting on the sidelines. I’m not that far along in Old Testament to see what happened next but I’m getting there.

    Also do some digging how WW2 came to be, and you’ll see the adversary’s breadcrumbs all over it. And after the war what happened – installation of United Nations (one step closer to nwo) and ofc the installation of the country Israel to fool the true Israelites. Both were almost impossible without a world war. So that’s how you know you’ve gotta take the contra sometimes, and do your own research guided by the Holy Spirit. In Jesus Christ’s name – Amen. Jesus saves.

  2. Why was the Latin term Gentile used in the translation of the Bible? The word “gentile” is a latin word that is not in the original Hebrew or Greek manuscripts. The words (mis) translated into gentile(s) was goy/goyim in Hebrew and ethno/s in Greek. There is no word in either language which means everyone but the Jews.

    “The Biblical Hebrew word goy has been commonly translated into English as nation, meaning a group of persons of the same ethnic family who speak the same language (rather than the modern meaning of a political unit).[7][8][9][10] Nation has been used as the principal translation for goy in the Hebrew Bible

    The tribe or nation, in an anthropologic aspect.
    people of the same race or nationality who share a distinctive culture”

    The words should have been translated into the English word nation. not the Latin word gentile. The nation being spoken of is dependent on the context it is being used. It was never intended to mean everyone but the Jews. It also has the racial context of being a nation of the same race/ethnicity. Many times when the word gentiles is being used it is being used in regards to the lost sheep of Israel. You have been deceived.

    The word Israel in the Bible can mean the man whose name was changed to Israel (Jacob), the physical nation of Israel and to the Israelites as a people. The Bible plainly says if you bless Israel he will bless you and if you curse Israel he will curse you. America has blessed the modern anti-Christ nation of Israel full of “Jews” more than any nation has blessed another. Where are the blessings God promised? There are none because you are blessing the wrong Israel. You are blessing Satan’s counterfeit Israel. You have been deceived.

    Jesus very plainly stated he came only unto the lost sheep of Israel. Matthew 15:24 But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

    He also plainly stated where the disciples were to go. Matthew 1: 5These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: “Do not go onto the road of the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. 6Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel.

    Where did the twelve go? Asia, Africa, South America? No they went where the lost sheep of Israel were to be found which was in Europe. Who was residing in Europe Blacks, Asians, Hispanics? Caucasians were living in Europe. The Caucasians are the lost sheep of Israel. You have been deceived.

    I could continue on with the multitude of ways Satan has deceived the world however God has sent a strong delusion to those who do not have a love of the truth. Perhaps those of you who are busy attacking others should humble yourselves and admit the possibility you may be the ones who are deceived.

    1. “America has blessed the modern anti-Christ nation of Israel full of “Jews” more than any nation has blessed another.”

      Eb, that’s not entirely accurate. Modern day Israel was founded, armed, and maintained by the Soviet Union. America came into the picture as a secondary player, at the bidding of the Soviet Israel plan. While the United States may provide annual vast sums of money to Israel, Israel seems to take its orders from Moscow, which is satellited in Tel Aviv. Israel is a Marxist state, even today (see Jack Bernstein). Russia even holds land in Jerusalem, via the Russian Orthodox Church. Can America make such a claim? People always bring up the Balfour Declaration as proof that America and the Brits founded Israel, but the declaration was just a piece of paper, and the Brits eventually voted against the United Nations Partition Plan which established Israel in 1948. That vote was a lot more significant than Balfour’s declaration. You are correct, however, that America’s misfortunes are related to its support of Soviet Israel.

  3. Here’s the title of yesterday’s infowars show with a link.

    The Truth Is Finally Coming Out Worldwide – Tune in As We Witness An Awakening! FULL SHOW 1-31-22


    Oh this is so excellent. The truth is coming out worldwide and there is a great awakening. Now we can retake this world and reform it in the non-zionist way. We now have our freedom as the truth is ringing. We have made a great impact and have the power to change the world. Maybe we can change the world from its existing talmudic toilet.

    I love it. There is no turning this around. The people don’t even know how to turn it around. They don’t even know what’s wrong.

    Talk about Stockholm syndrome. People love their talmudic toilet. Especially the Christian church with their talmudic and Masonic inspired interpretation of the Bible.

    1. Globalists have jabbed billions of people with their clot shots which will only accelerate their death. The goal was achieved and enough people were shot up so that the people will die off. Now that these globalists have achieved their goal, they can then toss us a bone and have us pretend that there is a Great Awakening. Next there will be a supposed grassroots movement in the states that will lead to a constitutional convention and bring the power back to the States from the Federal government. All grassroots.

      Right. Everything is following a well-planned script and there is very little deviation from it. Almost 2 years ago, the health ranger and Infowars themselves even talked about how after everyone was jabbed the powers would slowly leak out how the people were poisoned.

  4. Biden nominee to Federal Reserve board has backed reparations: report


    Go out and buy as much real estate in black areas as you can. Watch those prices move higher as this social largesse will directly benefit the wealthiest and those with the income assets. Toyota, Amazon, WalMart, Target, McDonald’s, T-Mobile, etc. would be great proponents of this legislation. Watch the recipients piss it away as quickly as they received it. All the money will trickle up to those with the income generating assets. Watch the liberal media push these reparations as the media owners benefit the most.

    1. Chris you have mentioned confiscation in the name of racial justice. You might consider DOJ’s new Access To Justice program. Gupta’s remarks at a law school forum the other day. Eventually all white landlords will be blocked from collecting back rents or conducting evictions. I think your days of good profits are limited. Sorry to tell you that….


      1. We knew the days would be coming that this would happen.

        Here’s the problem with this type of stuff. I see so many bi and tri and quad racial people, I don’t even know from what race they originated.

        If and when it does, I have a perfect opportunity to partner up with black people to soak the blacks with exorbitant rents. I’ll reformulate my llc’s.

        This is why I’ve always recommended owning real estate in multiple jurisdictions.

        I definitely see that as being probable in Maryland.

  5. You are wrong and delusional. Make your money, because you are not going to a good place after your gone from this world.

    1. Suze, you can’t speak to Chris the same way to speak to your husband. Show some respect for a better man than yours. I need to have a talk with your husband. Internet access must be limited. This is getting out of control.

      1. That was funny and I bet it is true. The husband may be an effeminate docile estrogenized man. A moment for a silence.

  6. Perhaps you’re the evil one, doing the work of the evil one. I think you are getting it all wrong.

  7. An email I received;

    So Chris, Im curious? I really enjoy your articles until you bash us fundemental Christians. So are you a 7th day adventist? A mormon? Just curious..
    I bash the massive deception in the last days. I belong to no church, but study the bible. I am a Jesus man, and listen to no Laodicean pastor.

    Please verify what I am saying. Ask yourself, was Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob Jewish? The Jew says no, but the Christian says yes.

    No ad hominems here. Only pointing out the willful ignorance in these last days that has caused this mess. If the Laodicean church woke up and discovered where the physical remnants resided, all our misery would vanish. The Israelites are no where to be found in Israel. Well, maybe a few, since they are Judah and Benjamin; supposedly.

    The church is doomed, because it no longer attracts bright intellectuals. The intelligent people are off making money and laughing at the Christians of today.

  8. Interesting observations, yet it might be helpful to post the actual “Revealing the Truth” site for you and the readers to study and evaluate. If there is utility and help in understanding, good. If there is confusion or misinterpretation, let’s find and reveal it…

  9. I change my mind on asset prices! Dow 40k soon….

    The Fed has absolutely no intention of drawing back beyond a token measure. Let inflation pour down and destroy the living standards of the many.

    With suppressed bond yields (i.e. substantially below CPI data on an intermediate to long-term), there is no where for prices to go but up. The inflation was injected to accelerate the wealth and power consolidation until war.

    It is virtually impossible to stay with the mindset that an asset price collapse is coming. It has to be a collapse in the opposite manor. I would not be shocked to see the recent sell off as power to rocket the Dow to 40,000 soon!

    In my area, the rents keep going up… relentlessly.

    1. Interesting Mike Maloney said years ago the asset prices would melt up because of the push of fiat into the system. His answers are gold and silver but i would say he has not been right because if you were invested in the markets since 2010 you did better than gold and silver. He sells gold and silver. His videos on hidden secrets of money are interesting.

      For those who just want to call Chris names there is no reason for you to be here unless you want to truly and honestly discuss things.

    2. Look at that recovery! Did ya sell, did ya buy the dip last week…A little too much doom talk last week obviously. Oh they are saying now a bull trap? Well besides the overhyped Ukraine issue there isn’t too much doom going forward from here, at least for this month. As always Anything can happen, however last week was a perfect example of how everyone latches on to fearmongering statements. IEA and SELF still holding up. Pot stocks may make a comeback.

    3. With all this talk lately about Neil Young pulling his music from Spotify and others following suit, I believe something much more important is going on behind the scenes. And it’s not about the same covid distraction that has been going on for a couple of years.

      In my simple opinion, with no real understanding how this financial stuff works (pretty much all of what you say is over my head), I think Apple is set to take over Spotify? This has been the covid model all along. A wealth consolidation scheme. Is the idea to pull music from Spotify a way to reduce the value of the company so another company can buy it cheap? I know the game is rigged but this seems borderline illegal or at the very least like the other team is being paid to loose? Or something like that.

      I’m a Neil Young fan but of his music. He and others need to stop being a mouth piece for the commies and do what they do best. Write and record music. But when commies have a lot of money they become very outspoken and selective in what they perceive is correct. Freedom of speech only goes one way it seems?

  10. RE: Literally vs metaphorically.

    A different comparison is spiritual vs physical. Do you agree that the New Testament is spiritual and the old testament is physical? i.e
    OT Israel is Jacob, his physical land and tribe. Foreigners are gentiles (pagan nations.)
    NT Israel is Jesus Christ and ALL who believe in Him. Nonbelievers are pagans/gentiles including pharisees (synagogue of Satan)

    This may conflict with the belief that modern Israel = AngloSaxons or “Khazars in Palestine”, since spiritually, everyone who believes in JC is Israel. Even Khazars and Ashkenazim.

    Paul Romans 9:6-8
    6 Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:
    7 Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but, In Isaac shall thy seed be called.
    8 That is, They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed.

    “Now to Abraham and his SEED were the promises made. He saith NOT,
    “And to SEEDS, as of many; but as of ONE, And to thy SEED, which is
    Christ.” Gal 3:16

    “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according
    to the promise.” Gal 3:29

    Robin Brace: ukapologetics.net
    True Jews(Worshippers of true God) are now Spiritual Jews (Christians!)
    Christ, the New Covenant has now replaced the Old, or Mosaic, Covenant.
    The very plain teaching of the New Testament is that, rather than being a temporary inserted period
    until God gets back to His chief interest in physical Israel, the Church is now Spiritual Israel!

    1. I don’t necessarily disagree with what you say, but this is not what I am talking about. The Israel of the OT and NT are meant differently, but never take the OT Israel and twist it in the context of the NT, as the Zionists do. Why doesn’t more people see this? I don’t get it.

      Texe Marrs used to refute the Jews as physical Israel via the Pauline epistles, but this is exactly how our adversary wants us to view this dilemma. By falling into this trap, we reaffirm the S of S’s logic that shows that they are physical Israel. They are not. It is simple to read the NT, and it is very difficult to read the OT.

      Is there a mass psychosis here? we are most certainly doomed.

      Never forget that the last days promises are still in effect.

      1. It is easier to read OT when you find out the Israelites are European white folks. I am not sure why you reserved this for so long until recently. I bet it would have opened the eyes of many of your readers back then.

        I was missing this and wondered why the the fake jews were always attacking the white folks compared to other races. I suspected there was something unusual here until finally confirmed. These white european folks have a genetically different brain too. While many can still and will go to hell for departing from the truth, I cannot help but notice in their genetics they generally are more civilized compared to other races like blacks who at times can behave like animals. This may be something God put on these Jacob’s descendants genetically, would not necessarily saved them, though, if they departed from their Father, Jesus. They have a lot of patience, serenity except when they finally had it. You have masonry infiltrated all European white organizations and it becomes a mess. That’s why it is better to avoid any fraternal or any type of brotherhood now. And most definitely any lukewarm church.

        With exceptions, I know a black pastor who preaches the anglo Saxons history tracing to the tribes of Israel. I tried a few times to tell a couple of white European descendants about their roots and they call me racist. What a bunch of idiots, their ignorance will destroy them. Point is great stuff, Chris!

        1. Once we cobble together the pieces and clues in the Bible regarding the lost Israelite remnants, the entire book of scripture fits together like Tetris pieces.

          As far back as ten years ago, I mentioned on Henry Makow’s website that there was a deeply spiritual element underpinning the current USD-based monetary system, and it was not in the way that most in the alt-Christian realm think. I left it at that as I was trying to get his readers to wake up to the ironic stability of QE and the USD as the global reserve.

          I kept all my biblical research of the past couple decades close to the vest, but when I observed the concerted effort of our adversary to begin killing my fellow Israelites in the West, I had to begin revealing to the people what exactly I meant regarding the spiritual element underpinning the USD monetary system.

          To wit, the two nations that have had the most direct influence over humanity in the last days were Britain and the US. No other nations come close. Two brothers; the younger Ephraim (Britain) was greater than the older Manasseh (the US), for without Britain, there would be no US. Some may say China and Russia, but these two Japheth remnants were made powerful by the synagogue of Satan, using their Fed and its USD based system.

          The US was so powerful that it was able to almost single-handedly be used by our adversary to make America’s enemies a powerful adversary for WWIII (Ezekiel’s great war).

          Since the dumbed down YouTubers and preachers were still out there crying the COVID blues, and worshipping the Synagogue and political Israel as God’s chosen, I had to begin shouting from the rooftops to anyone who would listen.

          Time is short, and I have to reaveal the spiritual element. America was founded by Manasseh’s remnant. Yes, Spain, Dutch/German and France (Israelite remnants) also had a play in settling in North America, but it was the English and UK that won out. By the time the colonies were established, we had a few million people who left the British isles in search of religious freedom from persecution. Scots/Irish Presbyterians, the Anglicans/Episcopalians, Congregationalists like the Puritans and such, and the Calvinists from Europe who established the direction of this nation. The ones from the British Isles were Manasseh’s remnants who separated from his brother Ephraim in the last days to establish that last great nation.

          There will never be another great nation until Jesus’s return. China is just a wanna-be propped up by the adversary, who uses the power of Manasseh’s birthright to take over the world. When Ephraim could no longer provide the power for the adversary, the S of S established the Fed in 1913. The white Westerners were the only race of peoples who en masse dropped their pagan practices once they heard the Gospel. They then spread it around the world. Britain declared itself a Christian nation by around 150 AD.

          This is why I always told the reader that the USD-based system had a hidden power. Jacob’s last days birthright blessing to Manasseh was exploited by the adversary to achieve its own satanic goals for the new world order.

          If you are a conspiracy researcher, this is what the few people at the very top of the pyramid already know.

          Yes, the Israelites are the white Westerners of Europe. They single-handedly conquered the entire Western hemisphere and made it their own. The white Westerners are the only ones who fit the last days descriptions, and anyone who continues to refuse any of this, yet preach the politically correct Zionist doctrine will have a price to pay at the judgement throne.

          It’s way too late to affect change, but for the few hundred who read my blog, I hope to show you the pieces and how they fit. You need to rearrange your lives for what is soon to come. We are few.

          Here’s why being self-sufficient is so important; I can say whatever I want and I don’t give a S#it what people think of me.

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