A response to an email; With QE dead, asset confiscation will be very likely

Wrapping our financial minds around a very grim future
An everyday scene in 2024 America after the citizens’ assets are confiscated to finance the deficit

Hello Chris,

The government knows what’s coming; asset confiscation

This is Otto – I post occasionally on your website. I appreciate everything you do, and God bless you for the insight you provide on numerous subjects. One thing I wanted to ask you about is potentially exposing yourself by keeping too much cash in your bank account(s):

Apparently, with the Dodd-Frank legislation should a financial crash occur and render a number of too big to fail banks solvent they can confiscate the money in your savings/checking accounts. Just wanted to see if you think it’s a possibility in the near future?

Also, have you looked at buying property under a corporation, instead of personal? I’m in the market to purchase land or a new construction property in Utah; and probably use it primarily for airbnb. Better than keeping that cash in a bank account, I reckon.

Thank You,

I will keep this short, but Otto raises some important concerns; with QE dying a manufactured death, what will happen to our assets? I submit that the most likely outcome will be some sort of asset confiscation. For those of us who have saved and forgone the instant gratifications that preoccupy the non-remnant heathen to build nest eggs, our assets will now be in the crosshairs of the governing authorities to assist in financing deficit social spending and sovereign debt interest payments.

Ever wonder why Communism has been pushed so hard in the schools? It is conditioning us to a world in which we own nothing, and are happy.

Bye bye, bank accounts and retirement plans; hello, gold

How do we know asset confiscation is the most likely outcome? It’s simple; recall the environment before the implementation of QE in early 2009, People like Hank Paulson and Neel Kashkari held a collective gun to the heads of the DC politicians, threatening that national bankruptcy loomed and asset confiscation would be the result.

Specifically, in 2008-09, there were serious conversations in the political realm regarding the effective confiscation of defined benefit money, as well as having the banks bailed-out by having their depositors “bailing-in” in exchange for worthless equity.

None of this ever came to fruition, because QE was promulgated, which made all of those conversations a moot point. In essence, there was no need to confiscate retirement money or bank deposits in exchange for sovereign debt securities or bank equity. QE solved all of that.

Fast forward to today, and it seems that QE is now set for a planned failure. So, I ask you; how will the sovereign states continue to stay in business now that QE is being thrown into the trash heap of history? I recall all of those ideas that were entertained way back in 2008, and now believe that there will be plans for asset confiscation to help fund the national deficits.

The asset confiscations will begin with the most liquid, marketable, or easily attachable assets (e.g. demand and savings deposits as well as defined benefit plans) and work its way down to IRAs, 401ks, and brokerage accounts. Next down the line will be less liquid assets like real estate and such.

To entice many of those whose pension and retirement plans are in peril of confiscation, the USG may offer to exchange a person’s or plan’s retirement assets in exchange for USTs at a stepped up value, perhaps based on a prior asset value before any collapse. The US Treasury can then stuff a plan’s assets full of USTs in exchange for funds to finance that debt.

Some advice on real estate

I already own 80% of my RE holdings in LLCs, but it isn’t that difficult for the governing authorities to figure out who owns what. These jurisdictions could force each property to divulge its true ownership, lest it becomes an asset of the government. These hidden owners could be viewed as seditious and money launderers.

I do not want to tell you what to do, but if I were you, I would not engage in any speculative investment, especially airbnb endeavors. I suspect that many airbnb properties will be coming to the market over the next couple years. A lot of stupid people have entered the airbnb realm after watching HGTV for 12 hours a day.

I stick to residential properties that are close to military and government centers. These are the bread and butter sectors that are boring.

We need to wrap our minds around the grim new reality of what the world was like back in 2008. Boring is profitable. I still like gold; boring old gold. If our assets are in the crosshairs, why not cash in on gold as catastrophe insurance? I will and you should, too.


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128 thoughts on “A response to an email; With QE dead, asset confiscation will be very likely

  1. I am actually praying for the return of Jesus Christ. I would like to see the psychos that rule this planet be brought to their knees and see their beast system smashed to pieces.

    However that does not mean I am praying for the nasty events of the tribulations. The tribulations will be like mankind has never seen before in its history. Everyone including the Christian remnant will suffer in the tribulations. I sincerely doubt anyone will be raptured out.

    There are those who want the tribulation events to happen to usher in Jesus Christ. They think that the apocalyptic events must happen in order for Jesus to come.
    That is not necessarily true and we should not ask for these events.

    What we should all pray for and work on is to get the lost humanity to turn to Jesus Christ as their savior and practice his ways. That is the best way as Jesus Christ returns through our hearts and ultimately comes in the flesh. The more people that do this will lessen the tribulations before the return of Jesus Christ in the flesh. The more people that turn to Jesus will make the world a much nicer place and will reduce the power of the Synagogue of Satan to commit their evil deeds. We could get the best of all worlds of little or no tribulation and the return of Jesus Christ to usher his heavenly kingdom of peace and goodwill to all people.

    We should also pray that the Synagogue of Satan gets ousted from power over us and banished. We should pray for the breakup of the beast system and be replaced by a just economic system that benefits all mankind.

    Instead of praying for the tribulation signs we should pray for positive outcomes such as the return of Jesus Christ in our hearts and ultimately in the flesh.
    We should pray for a nicer, more just world with peace and goodwill to all people. Ultimately we should pray for the accomplishment of God’s plan.

    I am sad to say that as long as most of humanity continues to be lost then the tribulations with apocalyptic events will happen. People’s reaction to Covid 19 just shows that most of humanity is fearful and greedy. It is payback for the sin of humanity. Evil will rule as long as most of humanity have evil in their hearts. Evil always self destructs and that is why the tribulations will happen.

    1. As long as life is comfortable, I don’t think people will turn to Jesus, sadly. Most would have to reach rock bottom – lose everything. That’s how humans are. You can see how, in the face of disasters, tornadoes, floods and such, that people gather together and help each other. They thank God for being spared and see they have higher purpose. That’s what has to happen – tribulation, loss, and survival of that comes the gratitude for our creator. Nobody wishes for tribulation but I see it as a stage of development to the next level of spiritual growth.

      1. I agree. The tribulations are a necessary stage the way most of humanity is today. That’s what it will take to bring people to God. The Bible did mention that God must purify his people through the flames to separate the gold from the dross. The tribulations will be a great purifier.

      2. It would be great for Jesus to come back to put an end to the sin. I pray for an end to the sin

        1. If most of humanity turned to Jesus there would be no tribulation. But here’s the problem — the adversary has made life for the masses comfortable. He’s constantly scheming how to win a person’s soul. That’s his motivation. He’s given them all these material things, so they never go out looking for the truth (Jesus). So they have their clubs, demonic (lyrics) music/concerts, sport obsessions, porn, sexual immortality acceptance, material obsessions, constant cussing (through social acceptance in movies, shows, social media), etc. The whole COVID vaccine vs keeping your job is another way the adversary tries to win your soul. When someone is living comfortable with their creature comforts, and then you try and get them to follow Jesus while they’re at the top — how does that affect me? They don’t want to lose those comforts. So the words go from one ear to another, unfortunately.

    1. Looks like crypto is heading back up so maybe the market will be heading up also this week.

      1. It seems that the FED has sided with supporting the markets. I have a suspicion that they’re going to let inflation rage. Rather than raising rates, I suspect that the FED will remain dovish and will hope that inflation fades on its own.

        Not much for game plan, but under a regime of suppressed bond yields, higher inflation means higher asset prices.

        1. I think the Fed is talking a big game of fighting inflation but in the end they are going to let it rip. The Fed would have raised rates last Wednesday if they were serious. Why wait until March? It seems like the Fed is kicking the inflation can down the road. The stock markets seem to react like the Fed is being dovish. The Fed does not want to be blamed for crashing the markets and they are going to squeeze this QE to the last drop. When it starts to fail ,and it will , we will have hyper inflation similar to Zimbabwe. In addition we will have a depressed economy.

            1. Indeed. It is hard to stay with the mindset that an asset price collapse is coming. It has to be a collapse in the opposite manor. I would not be shocked to see the recent sell off as power to rocket the Dow to 40,000 soon!

              The Fed has absolutely no intention of drawing back beyond a token measure. Let inflation pour down and destroy the living standards of the many.

              In my area, the rents keep going up… relentlessly.

              1. And let the dow rip to 40K and beyond. Gold, silver, and platinum will rip to kingdom come as well. This is why I do not like to totally cash out of stocks and keep a greater portion of my wealth in stocks. Every time when it looks like the financial world will end thing miraculously turn around. I see that now with the dow and nasdaq heading back up.

                You are right Chris. Our adversary, Satan, likes to have us believe that the system comes crashing down and then suddenly the next moment all is well and it is like nothing is out of place. Without Jesus Christ in my life, this would drive me insane.
                The end times are coming when things do actually collapse, but it ain’t over until its over.

    1. Chris – would love to hear your take on the Russian military build up in Eastern Europe. The timing is very opportune for Russia. Maybe this is the reason our troops were removed from Afghanistan.

      1. I note the auspicious timing of the Russian buildup in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, as well as the Chinese Chicomm build up in the South China Sea. It all coincides with the failure of quantitative easing. The FED has not put anything down on paper with regards to its projected path of monetary policy. The reason is simple; it doesn’t have one.

        There are also YouTubers that I watch, like Bald and Bankrupt as well as others, and these people have noted how Russia has recently begun to exert more influence in the former Soviet Central Asian states.

        I suspect that all of these circumstances will be ongoing and are being manufactured to eventually erupt all at once. Chicomm China should decide to invade Taiwan this year. Russia may decide to take parts or the whole of Ukraine. Perhaps the Baltic states might be in the crosshairs eventually. I suspect that many of the regions and Central Asia will feel the heat of Russia as World War 3 approaches. It all seems to be coinciding with the failure of the monetary and government borrowing systems.

        Other than that, I don’t keep up on the day today with the Russian threat to Eastern Europe and Ukraine. I suspect that Russia and China are engaging in these activities, because they know that the United States, with Biden and Harris, no longer poses a bonafide threat.

        1. Russian can take Ukraine but to hold it is another thing. It would be worse than Chechnya/Afghanistan for them. If you look at the videos in Syria many of the rebels groups, and there are many, have US and other western support. Just check out Reddit combat Footage and you will see all the equipment they are getting.

          1. Turn off the Kremlin state-media. Syria has been a Soviet satellite for decades. it’s not some anti-Rothschild holdout like many Western Russophiles believe. Western foreign policy has been aiding the Russo-Israeli agenda for decades as well. Get the full horror straight in your mind.

            1. So videos of the SDF, FSA using ATGM and destroying SAA tanks and equipment are Kremlin state-media? that is a new twist on propaganda.

        2. Nations shattered by warfare will be easier to bring into the BIS’s CBDC. Look at Bretton Woods, 1946. Plus trillions $ in profits from the war.

  2. Confidence in the Fed’s abilities continues to fade. Let’s hope this is just a hiccup….


    The Fed has not relayed a guide path, since it knows it cannot develop one. Unprecedented circumstances. When I have my HVAC guy begging me to invest with him, I know the investment novices are entering. Where was he two years ago?

    I keep expecting the markets to take off from here, as there just seems to be so much pressure for the upside. At least that’s what the MSN say. But whenever I have that inkling for a stock, I usually take the contra.

    Maybe today the markets will retake the 200 day SMA. I don’t know, as we go into the weekend we will what happens towards market close.

  3. GDP for the 4th quarter looked great, but that’s the rear view mirror. Durable goods came in with a poor print. That’s more indicative of the future, and would jive with some of the recent Fed index numbers and ISM data.

    What blows me away is how the FED can sit on its hands while the GDP can register a number of 6.9%. Itreally is only paying lip service to inflation.

    I suspect inflation is going to get so bad that the people will beg for the new system.

    1. Given the massive outperformance of the US economy compared to the rest of the developed nations, it’s not surprising to see the US dollar index rocking this morning. This is why gold is getting crushed.

      The prospect of higher short-term rates here in the states, coupled with a stronger economy is a recipe for a rising USDX.

    2. I just read a synopsis of the Hunt brothers and the silver market in the early ’80s. They were buying at $8 and selling for $50. Stored in Switzerland. Inflation was nasty and people panicked into Ag. USG shut them down because Hunts were offering in effect PM based dollars.

      I remember the Slime Press calling them every name, like they were the Antichrist.

      1. Blame the Hunt brothers, don’t blame Volcker. It’s never the Fed’s fault.

        Gosh, the circumstances back then when compared to now are two different animals.

        1. The markets are now concluding that the Fed is going to continue being dovish rather than hawkish on inflation. Fed policy can’t do anything anymore to change the inflationary trajectory anyway.

          I have a two bed condo that I will probably be renting out to a voucher holder. The rent is nearly $2,100 a month. That is up about $500 in the past five years. My prorated taxes, insurance and common charges are up about $120 a month over that time.

          Thank you open borders and government Marxists.

  4. I am looking at the daily spoos, and there is nothing bullish in this chart. Nothing. The longer the spoos stay at this level, the more likely we will see another leg down. It could be vicious, too. I am concerned we are forming a bear flag on the daily chart and we remain below the 200-day sma. We need to retake the 200 & 100 day SMA soon.

    This is unbelievable, but the Fed doesn’t seem to give a rats ass about inflation. More people are waking up to it.

    Here is the reason why; the FED leadership knows it no longer controls the course of American circumstances. We are seeing a worldwide effort to tighten monetary policy, and at the same time the global economy is rolling back over. Inflationary gauges show no sign of relenting either.

    1. South African model of huge inflation for 20 years. The markets love it and retailers price it in preemptively. Very high rates proven perfectly sustainable. The rand depreciated massively against the dollar but hey. Maybe the dollar will start depreciating against the IMF SDR on a white horse

      1. The people with the assets love inflation. Landlords who manage properties effectively love inflation. Stock investors love inflation. This is only as long as the central banks can suppress yields.

        Someone mentioned Venezuela’s experience with their stock market. I haven’t looked at it lately, but I recall their stock market indexes not keeping up with their price inflation inside the country, though it mirrored it.

        I observe the manufactured price inflation worldwide, and now realize that this will be the cause of global discontent. The bottom 85 to 90% are going to be laid waste because of this. This type of inflation is not going to help someone who owns a million dollar home. I know firsthand how expensive maintaining properties have to come and unless there’s offsetting income that rises, owning a home is going to become a tougher and tougher endeavor and proposition.

        How long will bond investors continue sitting, holding a bond portfolio that effectively loses 5% a year in real spending power, since bond yields are being actively suppressed? The Federal Reserve and Central Banks still do not own enough of the bond market.

        How long can the Fed maintain this huge disparity? If the Fed really cared about inflation, it would have already raised the FED funds rate yesterday by 25 basis points. I thought the Fed announcement was very dovish and accommodating to investors and the rest of the world, while they continue to throw 80 to 90% of Americans under the bus.

        This is not a foolish mistake on their part this is why the White House is building war bunkers.

        This is why the Pentagon and McLean Virginia are publishing propaganda articles to front run the upcoming civil unrest. They already know they’re going to blame it on Bible reading, white people.

    2. Why are governments all over the world shutting down their economies for a flu variant with a 99.98 % survival rate? Same reason the FED is always doing exactly the opposite of looking out for the people.

      They want this crash, they need this crash, to usher in their CBDC. What they dont want is any blaim, cause that could get ugly fast. So any crash needs to be put on Covid, or inflation, or war, or whatever false flag they are cooking up.

      Meanwhile they make a killing buying up forclosed homes and businesses with their trillions of funny money. Blackrock, Vanguard, own it all…they have 50-70% stakes in any big company thats out there. And guess who owns Blackrock and co…..

      It makes my head spin why we allowed ourselved to let Powell/FED determine our and our kids future, glued to every word these liars and mass murderers utter.

      1. Believe me on this one. I want to see the stock market continue going up and I want to see everything in the asset markets continue to gain. I have absolutely nothing to lose by watching things collapse. I stand to lose a lot of money, even if I’m not invested in stocks. I’m already mentally preparing for a real estate wipeout like in 2008.

        I doubt we’ll ever see that, unless of course the people start dying. I certainly hope deagle.com is not correct. I certainly hope people aren’t getting sick and dying by the millions, though preliminary numbers tend to look that way.

        I certainly hope the spools retake the 200 and 100 day moving average and then this is all just in the rear view mirror. I hope it’s just some volatility caused by an impending adjustment in Federal Reserve policy. Whether it’s called quantitative easing or quantitative tightening is irrelevant. The whole mechanism of excess government spending is hoisted onto the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve and they adjust up and down, with most of it being up. Remember the last time Federal Reserve engaged in tapering the balance sheet. We had the repo Market madness 2018 and the FED quickly reversed course, and began dropping the FED funds rate and ceased shrinking their balance sheet.

        These Powers caused this inflation and it didn’t have to be this way. I submit that this engineered economic crisis in the making was done purposely to introduce us to a new system. There are no mistakes here.

        1. I’m wondering if China can impose trade restrictions on the USA and any Country that trades with the USA?
          Would be hard to get electronics, medicine, and clothes if that happens. Seems like that play could be in the cards.

          1. This could be in the cards if China builds upon its military ambitions in the South Pacific or with Taiwan. Embargos and supply side disruptions only work to drive up prices.

            Procuring items in a globalized, just-in-time world are made more difficult and costly when war breaks out.

            I don’t see China imposing trade sanctions on the US. They need the US to buy as much of their exports as possible, if only to keep their economy afloat.

      2. I don’t get it; you should be praying for destruction(Jesus didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword(=truth)). You are living in a beast system! It’s all God’s Will anyway – so why hope for anything else BUT the complete annihilation of this dehumanizing system?

        You are too concerned about the flesh/earthly – “everyone who tries to save their lives will lose it, those who lose their life for my sake shall find it”!

        This is wonderful, finally we’re seeing the end of it all – don’t you think the FED is in control, even if it were it is God’s doing – find peace and accept it 🙂

        1. This crash will lead the way into the beast system where you can only buy and sell with a mark……… it will be a one world government. One currency (prob a new crypto and all others eliminated), and ofc one leader. That’s what it is leading to. They just need a worldwide crisis. A financial crash, while bad, isn’t it. They are planning something else more sinister imo. So this system we have now – it’s free market. You can buy and sell what you want. You’re using your God given freedoms. After anti-Christ you can say goodbye to those freedoms unless you choose to sell your soul by accepting the mark.

          1. If I were a true member of the remnant, I would not be looking forward to this.

            While one person is praying for Jesus’s return, I’m praying that these events and circumstances will be delayed. Anybody who is happy looking forward to this does not understand eschatology. Who knows when the tribulation period will start. We may be in this holding pattern for another 5 years before the three and a half year period starts. This crap may go on for another 25 years and you and I will be pushing daisies by then.

            Anyone who is happy that these times are here doesn’t understand how terrible they’re going to be. I am almost certain on it that they haven’t prepared properly either. I suspect that many of these people who are so excited, also believe in the pre-trib rapture.

            The politically correct and brainwashed plebes of the demoralized church pose no threat anymore to the New World Order, and this is why our adversary is going for broke. Unfortunately for our adversary, they do underestimate the level of devine intervention that will knock their socks off. God will intervene as Jeremiah says, and it won’t be because of anything the church at the end times has done. Most of the people who consider themselves members of this church are sitting around waiting for the rapture and will be decimated.

            1. I’ve never prayed for Jesus’ return either, because he isn’t coming back until the adversary is fully out in the open; which would be an extremely grim time and most likely massive in suffering and casualties. I think the Parable of the Weeds story from Jesus explains it a little bit as well. So truly the longer it’s delayed the better. Even 1000 years. And you shouldn’t change as a person because you think the time is near. You should continue to do what is right and walking the faith ‘regardless of the time.’ Which is why when I’m trying to save people by exposing the adversary and trying to bring them to Jesus I never mention any of this part. They need to come to Jesus for other reasons than personal reward. Jesus came to serve, not be served. So let them open and read the Bible themselves, and come to their own conclusions. There’s many parables about it.

    1. Considering who their father is, I am skeptical.They like to brag and he tends to make himeslelf bigger than he is.

        1. Agreed. They like to brag on the number of jabs they’ve given out. Even if the actual number is half of that, that’s a lot of degradation to humanity.

  5. I guess everything is now fine in the markets, and it’s peaches and cream. I suspect the Fed’s going to allow inflation to rage and they’re going to work to save the markets.

    1. I thought I read somewhere that Venezuela had allowed raging inflation and let the stock market there run up. Do you think this is a scenario that could play out here ? I know that we are the reserve currency and that has to play into the decision making.

      1. Absolutely. I view the recently released FOMC minutes as very dovish. I have a suspicion the Fed is just going to forget about inflation altogether and just pretend care about it. Probably everything is going to go bonkers for the next couple years.

        1. A false flag asteroid incoming on earth courtesy of James Webb would do all the damage necessary to the stocks and dollar. I wouldn’t keep anything in stocks the week of feb 13.

    2. Good analysis from CTH on our situation – https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/01/26/working-class-americans-expect-higher-inflation-fed-announces-march-rate-hike-economy-in-quagmire/

      Underlying economy, government and societal mood/values/etc are sick from poisoning. Any more highs in the markets from here will be manipulated and fleeting.

      Chris, your perspective is unique and insights invaluable. Don’t let naysayers and critics distract you, you’re doing a great service to the awake and listening remnant.

  6. Domestic extremists have plotted to disrupt U.S. power grid: DHS- CBS News


    Top story on my news aggregator app. If the feds keep pushing the vaccines death jabs, the Federal Reserve allows CPI to remain elevated going up to 10%, if rents continue to move up at 10 to 20% a year, I would assume that many people are going to begin to throw in the towel and start sabotaging things.

    DHS must be listening and reading my stuff as well, because they know what they have planned for the masses. If they do what these elites promise they are going to do to us, you can count me in.

    They have quickly done a 180 degree here in the states regarding the covid crap.

    When the stuff starts falling apart, they will blame the white Christian fundamentalist, who reads the King James Bible. He will be the blame of everything that goes wrong. A Bible reading Christian white guy who doesn’t go to churches anymore and talks about stuff like 501c3s, he’s the bad guy and is causing the economy to collapse.

  7. I’m seeing some predictive programming for super bowl 2022 to be start of ‘panic.’ I’ll say this. There’s no reason for NASA’s James Webb telescope launch PR flash unless they’re preparing the masses for something. The earth is stationary. It does not move. We can’t pass low earth orbit due to the radiation and firmament. Therefore, if nasa announces an asteroid this will be a false flag event. HOWEVER, that does not rule out a possible made made strike; for example in the middle of the ocean to trigger a tsunami. There has been pretty strong predictive programming for a man made tsunami event. The Bible states the earth is stationary. It states there is a firmament. Now if you’re not a Bible believer, or choose to believe in the indoctrinated science they brainwash the youth with; check out this video regarding space and earth (I have better videos with strong evidence of flat earth, but they’re longer and most people’s attention spans are short):


    Jesus saves.

    1. I love the fact that NASA calls its big telescope the James Webb telescope. Not one news article that I have read even discusses who James Webb was. For decades they separated themselves from James Webb. James Webb knew of the whole scam and knew we couldn’t get out of low earth orbit, because of the vacuum and radiation of space. They still can’t figure out a way to get into outer space beyond the Van Allen belts. The best bezos and musk can do send rocket shots into low earth orbit. It’s not just the Van Allen belts that have massive radiation, space between the belts and the Moon. The area around the van Allen belts gets up to several hundred degrees and it would fry any occupant in a space vehicle. Yes, it’s a vacuum, but when something enters into that space it begins to register a temperature and the radiation from the Sun would be relentless on any living being.

      I agree with you here; only a telescope named after a scam artist is justified for uncovering another scam to scare the masses.

      1. https://www.the-sun.com/news/3327994/wally-funk-jeff-bezos-spaceflight-two-star-review/

        Reviewers complained they didn’t go high enough. Bezos’ team response — they have to adhere to NASA regulations on how high they can go. Can’t make this stuff up. And ofc we can’t legally even go to Antartica. United Nations agreement back in 1950’s prohibits citizens from getting close to Antartica. There are some flights that take flyers there but just a certain part and designated flight route. But on those flights you can clearly see the huge ice walls.

        1. I’m certainly not a flat earther, but not only have we never been to space, but it is physically impossible for humans to endure, and we will never go to outer space.

          I submit that all that purity stuff about bases being on the dark side of the Moon is all about providing this info to keep us believing in the Apollo missions.

    1. I note that the regime is not worried about communists attacking the grid. The regime keeps these mobs in reserve to neutralize righteous people. Remember the summer of ’20 when these mobs came out of nowhere. More of that is coming.

      It is prudent to know your area—who lives around you.

      1. Of course, we see the inheritance contradiction. It’s all about double mindedness contradictions in the New World Order.

  8. Just an observation here, temporal bud refers to a lotus bud – this is eastern BS spirituality at play and attempting to troll you. There is also a lot of Alinsky packed into the shit-ass comment dropped by Suze. A hit and run attempt to get into your kitchen.

    According to transcendental meditation : The unopened bud is symbolic of a folded soul that has the ability to unfold and open itself up to the divine truth or become awakened to the spiritual reality. All symbolism associated with the lotus seems to be positive and in the vein of being a good person and finding spiritual meaning in life.

    I had to study this subject a few years ago, not because I wanted to but because I have a crazy mother-in-law. She was a follower of Yogi Maharishi and an acquaintance of Doug Henning (yogic flying dude). So there you have it.

    I don’t see posts appear for hours, I know you know this and nobody should be deterred by it. There are a lot of good posts and commentary on this site and I appreciate all of it.

    Thank you Chris.

    1. I have always been fascinated with the human mind and its need for religion. I’ve always been interested in studying other religions, not so much to seek truth, but to help me to understand Christianity better, since these religions all seem to have commonalities. Even the Islam religion has origins inpagan worship. That’s how it was able to expand so quickly and so broadly, for instance. I also observe how only certain peoples are attracted to the Islam religion.

      By studying these other religions, I can see how the adversary has engineered Western culture as it has taken certain aspects of different philosophies and injected it into everyday life as well as Laodicean Christianity itself.

      Most Christians today are unaware of this, since they are not aware of these other philosophies. There’s a lot of new age mysticism inside the Christian church today.

      This is why many Christians have blurred the lines between Buddhism and Christianity, specifically the teachings of Jesus. They are unaware at how their minds have been polluted.

      1. I keep seeing Quantum awareness things that people are following. I’m not sure what it is, like a new age religion? or just a way of life? It encourages you to be aware of what is going on in the world and to buy crypto currency. However there is some weird aspects like ‘remote viewing’ and being able to transport into different dimensions, and that we all have psychic abilities that are untapped. So I wonder if this is a new religion that people will be drawn to.

        1. It sounds like most of the livestock humanity will find this stuff appealing. Most people are already living a life of virtual reality.

        2. That’s new age doctrine. The adversary came up with the new age movement, and it’s now sinking itself in churches as well. It sounds sunshine and rainbows. They’ll tell you Jesus is real. And Buddha. And many others. But you’re simply opening yourself up to demons who are telling you things you want to hear. Stay away from that nonsense.

          1. Otto, I know you told me to stay away from that stuff but it’s like passing a car crash for me. I know it’s horrible but I can’t help but looking. So this guy from Quantum Feedback says that XRP is the THE cryptocurrency that TPTB are going to use for reset. Has anyone heard anything about this? I never heard of this one before. Is this guy a charlatan?

      2. Can you elaborate more on this statement – I also observe how only certain peoples are attracted to the Islam religion

        What are those characteristics on those people?

        1. They’re Ishmaelites. Just like certain people are attracted to Hinduism, Buddhism, or Sikhism. There seems to be a genetic element to it. Of course, I paint with broad brush, but this transcends an environmental culture based on upbringing.

          Why were the Europeans attracted to Christianity? Why did Britain become a Christian nation by 150 ad? Why did it begin to drop its pagan practices when it heard Paul preach in Glastonbury? Why did the Indians kill Thomas when he preached the same thing? This is why Jesus instructed his disciples to go North and west and not to waste their time going south and east.

          Jesus was sent to preach only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel, and he knew where they were located. He’s God In the flesh. Christians today can no longer think deductively and can stand back and objectively observe a set of circumstances. They have all lost their focus and cannot objectively analyze. They lost their focus, not only because the seminaries were all infiltrated with polluted dispensational doctrine, but also because of political correctness. Today’s Christian is afraid to rock the apple cart less that comes across as being someone dispensing hate, whatever that means.

  9. Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index missed expectations for 14 with an 8 print.

    PMI missed yesterday and this missed today. The Richmond Fed Manufacturing Indexd is not as important as the other Fed indexes, but I do note it.

  10. Rents keep on rising and I read the stories about competition from renters. Do you still recommend owning rentals? What about somebody trying to buy one?

    1. Under normal circumstances I always recommend owning rental properties. I still say that it’s not too late to buy the first one. You have to want to do it.It’s never too late, regardless of circumstances. There’s a tremendous learning curve up front and it may take a couple years to figure things out with regards to tenants and tax benefits and such. It is like running a business and I like it because it is the easiest way to own a business.

      Just please do not over leverage. The time to over leverage was 2 to 10 years ago. All the asset markets are going insane as investors continue to lose confidence the abilities of the Federal Reserve to properly address the current economic crises.

  11. I personally think Evergrande is much bigger than we are let to believe. They defaulted on their loans, by saying they will only be held to account in China but not abroad. China giving the middle finger to globalism. My theory is that the sell off we see today is large financial institutions outside China selling their most liquid and in-profit assets to stopgap their Evergrande losses. Hence the large dumping of crypto’s and FANNG stocks.

    I agree with your view on BTC, it’s already in a bear market. I expect one more retrace to the high 40-ish k, and then a long long downtrend.

    What is different this cycle is that we did not have an altcoin rally yet that goes along with BTC going bear. I still expect that rally to happen. If that happens, better be first to sell, cause liquidity pools will dry up fast on all exchanges.

    As far as gold is concerned. I am much more bullish on silver than gold. There is a reason however why banks buy gold, they expect to keep control because they own it all.
    Silver is scarce, and if you want to guess how tight it is i recommend this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46rTmIY17lc

    Regarding war and inflation etc etc: They want their global central bank currency, with total control attached, and if they could implement it today and get away with it they would. They really need an excuse to introduce it, so whatever it will be, it will be painful and costly for us serfs. Is this the right time for them? We will have to wait and see.

    Finally, thanks for all your help, info and insights Chris. I was late to your party and never profitted from your real estate advice, but picked up a lot of other gems along the way. I noticed that your patience with people criticizing you is wearing thin, and i can relate. You did a lot more to help the world than those that sat on their chairs doing nothing.

    1. I still think there are some large “hanging chads” waiting to be discovered in the financial markets. I find it troubling how there are articles coming out of the mainstreams and being picked up in the alt media regarding how the small investor has thrown in the towel and the large institutions picked up at the bottom. I have to suspect on some level that this is disingenuous and meant to get the small investor back in.

      If the Federal Reserve decides to support the asset markets at the cost of fighting inflation, we could see assets take off again. Unfortunately, that would mean inflation would move as high as 10% on CPI, or higher. I have to believe that the global investor will at that point lose its confidence in thebFederal Reserve to maintain its objectives, but they figure they will bid everything up, as that race to the bottom intensifies.

      If the Federal Reserve throws in the towel on fighting inflation, maybe a collapse will be hyperinflationary. This means that at least 80-90% of the population will be wiped out. I think only about 10% or less of the American population own a rental property directly.

      I paint with a broad brush regarding rental real estate investing, but there is a lot to learn and while it isn’t complicated, most of the learning experience is up front when figuring stuff out for the first time. In principle I still recommend rental property investing if done correctly and the numbers make sense. I would just be careful where I invest.

      I wish people bought real estate two years ago when the market was really quiet and nothing was going on. Now everything’s going gangbusters and a lot of dummies are now getting involved. I don’t want to get people and push them too hard to invest in rental real estate, in case they can’t cut it personally, the whole thing falls apart, or the government begins to place restrictions on landlords, but if you are really motivated to get involved I still think there are great opportunities in the United States. We’re just late in the cycle.

      I’m not taking any undue risks anymore and have basically gotten out of all my cryptos. Understand something from my personal perspective. I tell people what I am doing personally, since the markets of all sorts have gotten wildly out of control on a long-term historic basis. Just because I sell my stocks and my cryptos doesn’t mean I’m not exposed to the vageries of Federal Reserve policy. 85% of my net worth is tied up in rental properties, and this doesn’t include our personal residence. If I didn’t own all of this real estate, I would probably be invested in stocks and cryptos, but I would rather have my rental properties with their superior and growing cash flow, and cash and gold.

      This is why I tell you what I am doing, while I may not recommend the same for you. If you don’t have exposure to rental properties, I would be more likely to stay in stocks, but perhaps increase my liquidity or find alternative investments.

      I suspect that if the world economy blows up in some fashion, it is more likely that residential real estate will hold up better than other asset classes. Even back in the 2008 collapses, real estate actually held up better than any other asset class. Sure, gold took off to the races as well as silver, but then they crashed hard afterwards while real estate continued an upward trend.

      If you are really determined to get involved in rental investing and are independent minded about it, I always suggest buying at least one rental and learning from it. When such a small percentage of American investors own rental properties, owning one or more puts you in rare company.

      Coming from my perspective, I don’t want to sit and continually tell someone to invest and then it blows up and his or her face. I don’t want to be blamed for the mistakes. This is why I tell you what I do and what I recommend, but the choice is ultimately up to you.

      I just think as we go forward in time the likelihood of a major blow up somewhere in the system keeps increasing. Things are starting to go nuts and I do worry about my overexposure to real estate and how I could be profoundly impacted by some government executive decisions. These would be considered exogenous factors, but given the shift to the left we have seen, nothing would surprise me anymore.

      My one observation which gives me a sense of equanimity is the fact that large real estate investors have been taking over the rental markets. If the government is going to place restrictions on me, it will certainly place restrictions on the institutional investors before anyone else.

      Indeed, I have grown sick and tired of the typical Christian today. It’s clear that the Christians who come by my website think on an entirely different level than the average Christian plebe. I come across these Christian plebs often and I actively avoid them. Every once in awhile when I engage with a Susie type person, I find it demoralizing, since I’m confronted with reality.

      The people that read my blogs and post comments are on a much higher level of awareness.

      The people-at-large do deserve this system, because this is the system they choose. That may sound harsh, but keep in mind that when people begin to depend on government and look to government they seek the government to redress certain injustices that the citizens believe are present. They usually look to the government to institute a certain program or social benefit. But since we’re technically in a manufactured democracy, what’s good for one person is not good for the other. So we have a disparate population seeking all sorts of government programs and the result is the government we have today. Ultimately, this is the government they want. This government is the result of a democracy. Eventually, all democracies end in some sort of centralized. The people vote themselves into tyranny.

      Unless a person is truly part of the remnant, I no longer have sympathy for them. Once again, this may sound harsh but it’s the non remnant livestock that ultimately cause all of the problems for the remnant. If people decided to take responsibility for their actions and become independent-minded, most of society’s problems would go away. Even today’s Christian depends on a pastor or preacher, or government. The percentage of Christians today who got jabbed is roughly the same as the population at Large. Every person that gets jabbed makes the unjabbed lives more restrictive. If the people took the time to stop living in fear and realize that the jabs were at least useless, the lives of the unjabbed with brighten considerably.

      If today’s dummy Christian stopped voting Republican and supporting people like Trump, the whole fake partisan system would collapse in on itself.

      This is why I don’t have patience for the unwashed, and this includes most Christians. They’re trying to drive their car stuck in second gear. They don’t get far.

      1. By the way, I do like silver. I prefer gold as it is less volatile and provides a more liquid means to getting money out of the system and having exposure to an alternative currency. The gold/silver ratio may continue to narrow here, but I’ve learned my lesson with silver.

      2. I get what you’re advising the noob who hasn’t purchased any properties yet to not get in over their head. However for people like yourself who have very strong cashflows on paid off properties, why wouldn’t you look to leverage up your portfolio. Servicing that mortgage won’t make any difference to your lifestyle & ironically it would de-risk likely the largest uncertainty… that being government edicts or actions in any number of ways; various tax schemes, wars, capital restrictions, vxd banking requirements etc ect. If it got to the place where you had to essentially walk away, its not as big of deal if half that value is parked elsewhere in gold

        1. Actually, you make good points.

          I just found a tenant today for a house listing in four days. He met me a couple hours after I approved them to pay the security deposit. You would have thought he won the lottery.

          The annual net cash flow is as much as a full-timer making $14/hour for a year. Just from one house. I should do a cash out. Buy a condo and pocket the rest.

  12. Do you think these nutters are going to try to start a war with Russia/China/Iran??

    I am skeptical but with how insane things are who knows…..?

    Maybe the transgender and homosexual mystery meat brigades will get incinerated by a couple of zircon missiles fired by the Russians…….boy wouldn’t that be a sight.

    Perhaps the financial system will collapse and war will kick off or war kicks off and the financial system collapses and it gets blamed on the Russians or Chinese?

    1. I observe it is all coming together at once. The complete failure of QE was timed to coincide with these upcoming wars.

      I suspect that inflation will be brutal on the average person, especially if the Fed decides to save the markets. There will be enough time to extend the QE mechanism for a couple more years, at most.

      These powers want QE to fail and have timed it with these recent regional wars.

      I suspect that the next financial and monetary system is already completed and under wraps. I also have to believe that the path to WWIII is now underway and well defined by the elites in their circle.

      Joel Skousen thinks the war will be in the second half of the decade, but he has recently theorized that there’s a 20% chance WWIII could be in the next year or two, depending how China and Taiwan unfold. He says the Ukraine will remain regional, and that Russia hopes to reclaim much of the central Asia region leading up to WWIII. Central Asia and the former Soviet states are Japheth remnants.

      China has gone on record saying that the Fed better not raise rates and tighten policy. China is loosening right now

  13. Yes. The Dow Jones ended positive. The Fed may taper their taper. Asset prices could rise here while the CPI moves up to 10%, or higher.

    The heathen and Laodiceans spent their days chasing ghosts, counting down to the rapture, getting jabbed, voting for Trump, worshipping Israel, reading ZH, and wearing masks, too.

  14. The Dow could probably end up green today. Let’s have it rise!

    I need my rents to move higher, in spite of what Suzi Q is saying.

    I’m all set for CPI to move up to 10%!

  15. So the market is rejoicing that the FED might be tapering the taper. I see a CPI hitting 10%.

    If the Fed tapers its tapering, the world will continue losing its respect of the Federal Reserve and its abilities.

    It won’t even bother fighting inflation as it figures it can’t overcome it. The FED will admit that it’s unable to counter the inflationary pressures blanketing the globe.

    Good luck to those without the ability to offset inflation growth. That’s the bottom 90%.

  16. Holy moly! The latest PMI flash just came in barely above expansion. Thank God I took my own advice and dumped everything I could.

    The manufactured supply chain conundrum is destroying the economy, raising inflationary expectations in the short and long-term, and single-handedly destroying quantitative easing.

    Life as we know it is quickly ceasing to exist. I have a new tenant who will be working in infectious diseases for the Feds. These are the types of tenants you’re going to want to attract.

    1. Interesting – my relative at Health Canada said they had put in ‘hot desks’. Got moved from offices to cubicles – no personal items allowed at work. Same idea – bring in people to do the dirty work in infectious diseases.

    2. Well I never heard a follower of Jesus talk this way. Crowing about fleecing tennants and upping the rent for all it’s worth. Zero integrity on who one fleeces. But what
      Can you expect from someone going round calling himself “remnant”. Enjoy your life temporal bud.

      1. They choose to be this way. Our economy and everything is falling apart because of this, and your lack of vigilance is causing it as well. I have no sympathy for people like you and for the other lot that sat around and watched from the sidelines as I gave up riches to warn people for a decade.

        Go worship your false Jesus. The world has fallen apart because of Christians like you. Actually, I doubt you’re a Christian. If you are, you are a church going Laodicean.

        The Christian church is full of dummies like you. Be gone, heathen. The people that desire to know the truth to not have time for people like you.

      2. And don’t call me bud. I demand respect from you. I have at least 50 IQ points on you and never call me bud again. Take it somewhere else.

        I’ve been too busy helping countless hundreds of people navigate these treacherous Waters over the past decade and I have a dummy come to my website preaching the beatitudes to me. Get out of here.

      3. Suze
        You should worry about all of the churches that took the government PPE money and has now put us all in the cross hairs of the likes of Sam Harris. He would be salivating to make the point that if the churches take government bailouts then they can dance to our tune. You need to now marry gay couples. Allow them to be members in good standing – oh you don’t like that well your tax exempt status is gone and your property taxes are so crippling you have to sell all of your church buildings at depressed prices so the big institutional investors come in and scoop up and put up section 8 housing.

  17. While the grocery stores are crowded and many stuff looks to be returning to normal, many places are still empty and the restaurants are still struggling. The psychological changes to humanity are going to be everlasting and profound, and regardless of any of the mainstream media’s reconditioning, they will not be enough change in time to guard against the upcoming economic and inflationary collapse and loss of faith in quantitative easing.

    1. Yep “The psychological changes to humanity are going to be everlasting and profound,”
      i remember as a very small child in the early 70’s looking at great grandma mason jars full of buttons and other stuff and looking at grandmas stock pile of canned goods in her pantry. they lived through a time when most Americans now would probably just give up and die.

  18. BTW I dumped the last bit of my cryptos at BTC 36k. Cleaned out my Coinbase and Krapen accounts. Used it to reliquify my checking accounts.

    Look at the rapid loss of wealth! Remember my call in the 18th @ 10:30 am. I went official and wide on my catastrophe call.

    Long and strong on gold.💰🪙🎖️🏅🥇🔑🌟

    Hello gold. 👋🙋👋🙋‍♂️

    1. I called the top of the market with the S&P at 4600. I warned that a fire was raging and was going to consume your wealth if you didn’t unload your stocks.

      Once again, cheap rental housing on the lower affordable end seems to be doing okay has rents are skyrocketing.

      Here’s a lovely article from Business insider. I hope you all love your social and racial Justice deficit spending. I know I do, and I’m as white as they come!

      “Owning a home is no longer the American dream — beating out millions of other renters for an affordable lease is”


      These are the articles now coming out of the Pentagon. At least until the asset confiscations begin, I can make some tasty rental cash flow. I just raised the rent on another property $1,400 from the prior tenant after some rehabbing. We’re talking almost 18,000 a year.

      I laugh at all the feet MSM articles regarding how the blacks and Hispanics should be proud to invest in their communities. These articles all came out in the last few months, and were written by the Pentagon and McLean VA to make certain that the blacks and Hispanics, who are always the last of the party, will be the most punished during a collapse.

      Then after their fleecing, the synagogue of Satan publishes of articles concerning how the system is rigged against minorities, and how we need more social spending and banking backstops to ensure the integrity of minority investing.

      At least, if we know the propaganda, we can laugh at it as we profit.

  19. Thank you for the response and insight Chris. Yea, it’s definitely important to stay diversified. Have paid off physical assets, some physical gold, and cash ofc. Also, much more important, build up your relationship with Jesus Christ. That is the most important imo. Because no1 knows when our last day will be on this ‘temporary’ place we call home. Do you want your last day to happen before you turned to Jesus, truly repented, and walked the faith with him? It’s easy to say prayers, and say you believe in Jesus. But you’ve gotta walk the faith. Those lukewarm (not hot or cold) will be spit out, Jesus said. Jesus is the door to eternal life. Only through him.

    Also, when times got rough Jesus also said to sell what you have to buy a sword. And things are getting much tougher out there in terms of crime/violence. And I reckon with the financial in-stability and potential food shortages it will just get tougher. If you’ve got a gun and haven’t used it in a while – might be a good time to get some target practice. I’m guilty of that myself hehe. Ofc pray we never have to ever use these things, but no point in having them if you don’t practice. God bless and Jesus saves. Jesus saves.

    1. I have been so wrapped up with financial markets and getting tenants, I have not been praying as much. I must never forget what is more important. Without Jesus and the holy ghost, I have nothing, and none of the other stuff matters.

  20. I thought the USA was the highest gun ownership per capita. I can’t imagine anyone that engages in stealing people’s stuff will be long-lived for this world. Soldiers and their families also own stuff too.

    Also, isn’t the USD printed out of thin air with keystrokes?

    1. The USD is printed out of thin air, but there’s an offsetting debit somewhere that needs to be serviced.

    2. I think they will just have the USA destroy itself. We have been doing a pretty good job at it so far. Maybe just shoot each other with the guns. A type of civil war but more local rather than north vs south. But I am not sure.

      1. I think that’s the plan. We do the dirty work for them. Fight over the most inane stuff while the real enemy flies on in under the radar.

        It’s been working so far.

  21. Chris,

    How would war with Russia affect the stock market? I think war with Russia would allow the Fed to delay interest rate hikes AND allow for the manufactured “supply chain crisis” to get even worse. I could see a similar scenario to the Covid crash — the market crashes due to “shock” but then recovers quickly when it “realizes” that interest rates will be low for a long time.

    1. War gives the Fed cover to blame inflation on exogenous circumstances. Interesting timing with the war scenarios.

      Imagine how high inflation will be if the Fed decides to turn dovish. Asset prices will fly and the wage slave will be destroyed. CPI up to 10% and the Fed will find it increasingly difficult to suppress bond yields.

  22. TPTB have no other choice but to try massive asset confiscation…..what else would they do?

    Even if they do it……this system is still massively bankrupt.

    I can only imagine the reaction of all the lemmings losing everything……can you imagine the amount of people who are going to be jumping off of bridges?……everything they worked for is just gone.

    A lot of illusions will be broken that is for sure.

    1. QE could have lasted forever, but that is not what the powers have in mind.

      I am reading stories of GDP forecast decreases around the world. No increases. Inflationary expectations keep getting pushed out. Engineered supply chain garbage, and hundreds of ships parked in the Pacific, but I ask why?

      Prices rising still.

      Believe me, I know I am going out on a limb here, as I have been only one of a few that have turned bearish, but the Fed is done. They can’t raise as much as needed lest the world economy goes into the crapper.

      1. exactly….how can they raise with the current debt burden? It would cause an implosion.

        Add in, the decreased tax receipts due to the covid mandates and lots of business failures and firings of unvaxxed.

        this is a controlled demolition of the system…..just like the 9/11 controlled demolition.

        1. And just to make sure that it all definitely ends in the crapper, the globalists will engineer a bunch of regional skirmishes all around the world leading up the world war 3. They’ll show us who’s the boss.

  23. So they will confiscate (or tax very heavily, which is the same thing) bank deposits, IRAs, real estate, but not gold? Yeah, right.

    The ugly truth is that they can choose like 9 different options out of, say, 10 possible options to confiscate your assets, while keeping the 10th option as a way out for themselves, and statistically it is not very likely that we can correctly guess what that way out is going to be. It could be gold, or it could be cash, or it could be USTs, it is all a wild guess.

    1. The protocols specifically mentions gold and how the s of s will own it all. The FED holdings of gold is not the USs holdings.

      How can they get your gold if you own it directly? I am certainly not a gold shill, but I do see a future effort to force declaration of gold holdings lest it be outlawed and outside the system.

      Silver is of little significance. I also prefer uncut gemstones. Hard to confiscate that.

      Don’t tell anyone.

      1. They will definitely not bother confiscating any physically held assets, including precious metals or even real estate. They will just make it very expensive if not outright illegal to transact in those. Good luck attempting to liquidate one’s holdings of a few hundred thousand $$ worth of gold on the black market.
        Another angle to the confiscation idea is that asset confiscation per se does not solve any existing financial problems. It can only buy us a few more years of status quo. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but my guess is that even if one were to take 100% of assets from, say, the top 5% of US population, it would not have helped with anything. The confiscation can really only help with one thing – making everyone “more equal” aka equally poor. As stupid as this is, it could actually be rather important for the “new normality” they’re trying to engineer. And if this is their true goal, then it probably won’t matter what assets one is trying to use to preserve one’s existing wealth, as “wealth” will possibly not even be allowed in the new normal, that is except for the top Party members.
        Another caveat is that asset confiscation immediately ruins trust in government institutions so it better happen overnight and we better not have any alternatives to CB digital currencies when it happens. Yet we do already have alternatives, such as BTC, even if these alternatives are not that great.
        Ultimately the real solution to the problems we’re facing is achieved not by asset confiscation but by drastically downsizing the lifestyles (and expectations) of the vast majority of people. It will be interesting to see if TPTB are “rational” in a sense that they will still allow for some differences in “wealth” among the peasants based on some objective factor like productivity, etc., or if they are truly “ideological” and will therefore attempt to build some real dystopia to satisfy their psychopathy.

        1. I have some Goldback notes myself. They are beautiful and may come in handy for smaller transactions.
          However, the purchase price carries a large premium of almost double the value over the gold price. They are great collectors items and will have good value for that as well.

        2. Except it’s almost double the current price. Pretty steep markup just to have some gold paper. I do like the idea, but not at that mark up.

      2. How do you buy food with gold holdings? Or physical gold? I don’t understand the process of transferring ‘value’ into currency.

        1. I don’t view this as transferring gold into currency. It’s like any other asset. We can’t buy food with real estate or stocks. Gold is a liquid asset and can be liquidated for cash within 24 hours for a standardized price. I put it up there with savings and money market funds. Above CDs and other financial instruments. Much less volatile than Ag.

          1. I understand that, but unless you physically hold gold (or cash), why couldn’t your ownership of it be erased by deleting the record of that ownership? In NSW, they have totally replaced paper land titles with digital certificates, and *will not* recognise paper ones at all. How convenient if a cyber attack were to wipe out all records of who owns what…

            1. Isn’t the title recorded at the tax jurisdiction? I’m not too familiar with how title is recorded in Australia or elsewhere outside the United States, but isn’t the title recorded with the tax jurisdiction after the deed has been delivered to the buyer/mortgagee and then sent to the county for recording?

              Are the deeds only made in digital format?

              I would never buy any gold certificate, especially when there are large marks ups over spot. I only recommend taking physical possession. I don’t trust anybody anymore. It’s okay trading the futures and such, but for holdings, I only recommend physical.

  24. Very good article Chris. Otto raises very good questions. Asset confiscation did have precedence in 1933 when Franklin Roosevelt ordered Americans to turn in their gold coins and outlawed the ownership of gold bullion. The one out from that mandate was that People were still allowed to own gold coins as a numismatic collection and own gold jewelry. I am worried that if the government gets desperate they may also go after gold and silver. Anyway I am getting the urge that cash, gold, and silver will be king. I feel bank accounts will not be safe never mind stocks.

    1. They won’t bother with gold and silver, per se. We can keep it

      I am concerned that eventually anything of value will have to be registered into the new system.

      I have to believe that the new financial system is already developed and waiting to go live.

      The mRNA covid jabs we’re developed years ago, maybe when Morgellons disease started 20 years ago, and was waiting go live.

      All of the financial infrastructure and such have been in the works for a long time.

  25. FOMC meeting this week with Powell press conference on Wednesday afternoon. Could be stock market bullish.

    1. I think the stock market must bounce somewhere here. However I still believe the overall trend is down. I would use rallys to get some cash out.

  26. If such a scenario plays out, there would be ways to shelter cash. I can’t imagine they would go after corporate deposit / operating accounts as that cash would be viewed as working capital. I can see other ways around confiscation as well.

    Ultimately, I don’t disagree with you. Piggybacking off my prior comment in you last blog, if the equity markets are taken down significantly, people will agree to anything to “save” their retirement accounts.

    1. I haven’t, but it may eventually come to that.

      I think this is a couple years away.

      1. Don’t retirement plans like these move with the stock market? So why wouldn’t we cash in these yet? I have a 401k with a previous employer that I still have invested and then also an account with a wealth management firm with majority of money in core s&p and esg aware that I was about to pull out following your warning. Any advice appreciated.

        1. I am out of stocks. Sold them all above and at the spoos 50 day SMA. The final straw was the empire state index number and last week’s round of global GDP cuts. But I have sole discretion on investments. If you have professional management, they will keep you diversified with stocks. Good luck trying to convince them to sell.

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