A response to a reader; The worst financial markets collapse in human history has already begun

Chris, please correct me if I’m wrong. If the Fed really wanted to fight inflation they would have to raise interest rates to something like 15-17%, which would decimate pretty much all markets. Why do they bother even raising interest rates to 1-2%? It does nothing to fix the inflation problem and on top of that it crashes the markets. The only explanation I suppose would be is that this was all by design and done intentionally.

Given with what happened to the markets on Friday. Do you think Jerome Powell will have the guts to follow through and actually raise interest rates? The timing of it doesn’t quite make sense to me. If their goal is to move everything over to a centralized blockchain based monetary system, that technology by my estimation is still about 3-5 years away, in terms of being scaled up and ready for deployment for the masses. Why would they want to crash the system now?

There is another possibility that this is just a ploy by large institutional investors to pick up stocks and bitcoin for cheap before they pump up the price again. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Now you are starting to get it. You sound like you are making the connections. ALL of the alt-finance prognosticators are in complete denial, and are in way over their heads on this one. The only ones who talk of collapse have always talked of collapse and they don’t understand why the system will soon collapse. We know otherwise.

Take my word for it, the insiders with deep connections to the synagogue of Satan know exactly what is going on and are acting appropriately. I’m begging you now to act appropriately. I just handed you a gift on January 18th.

Now you get it. The tetris pieces do not fit. This is why I’ve been telling you that a collapse is coming. I suspect that the collapse will last at least a couple of years, perhaps out to the mid decade. Once everybody gets desperate and there’s riots in the streets, they’ll roll out their black horse monetary system when everyone is good and ready.

There is no way that the Fed can raise interest rates to the levels that are needed without collapsing the economy. Even If the Fed raised to 5% on the overnight, it wouldn’t be enough. Moreover the peripheral economies and the economies of Europe would go into a deep and dark depression.

I am warning the reader that there is no way out. This has been engineered on purpose through the cover of covid. I beg all of you to dump your cryptos and your stocks and everything that you can.

Keep your gold, and maybe some cheap rental properties. Everything else is in cash. I have a suspicion that bitcoin is going to drop to zero.  Did you see what Netflix and Bitcoin did on Friday?  That’s what’s coming for years to come.

All I can tell you is that I’ve been begging you since the S&P futures have been around the 50-day SMA to get out of all stocks. That is the easiest thing to sell. I wouldn’t be surprised if the S&P 500 drops to 1,000, or below by the time this is all done.

Our adversary drove up the markets to incredible heights through QE. Now they are crashing them all on purpose. This was done with military intent and precision. I put this in the past tense, as it cannot be turned back. It has to follow this course.

The great masses of humanity will get so desperate over the next two to three years as the whole economy collapses that they will rejoice when our adversary rolls out their black horse monetary system.

I am begging you all to please sell anything not nailed down. Cryptos, everything. If you sell your stocks right around now, you will look back in a couple of years and you will marvel at what great prices you got. Pensions, IRAs, and retirement plans will be all thrown out the window. Meanwhile, the pale horse that was manufactured from the vaccines will have the people puking and dying in the streets.

I got asked by hundreds of people over the past few years to make sure that I alerted them when I saw a change. I just handed my readers and listeners a marvelous and wonderful gift that only rivals a Godlike blessing. I just handed you the best gift on a silver platter. I actually was able to tell you about the top of the stock market. You will look back at this and count your blessings as you were able to dump your stocks.

Oh heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, please protect and save the remnant.

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18 thoughts on “A response to a reader; The worst financial markets collapse in human history has already begun

  1. I feel there may be a relief rally in stocks after the FOMC meeting. The stock market drop is their way of trying to strong arm the Fed not to raise rates. I have a feeling that the Fed may give in and the stock market will rally. The news on Wednesday will be that the Fed sounded more “dovish “than expected. That said, the dollar will crash and assets will go through the roof. Remember that in Venezuela and Zimbabwe their stock markets went through the roof but the currency became worthless as they were printing tons of money and kept interest rates low.

    On the other hand, if the Fed does raise rates and threatens more hikes then watch out below if your money is in assets.

    Either way the financial system will ultimately collapse either by hyperinflation or collapsing asset prices and stagflation.

    There will be some intermittent stock rallies and I would use those opportunities to cash out.

  2. Look at the nasdaq, rivian autos, netflix, peloton, tech stocks, etc.

    Full collapse mode and look out below…..

    1. The press, even the alt-press are in denial here. To all of them, this is just another dip to buy. MSM saying it will be fine.

      1. I got someone to float a 5% chance for what you are saying. To be fair, there have been a lot of people crying wolf up to this point. The common person has been made unable to think about anything, and especially not something like this. Even so, they will still face the consequences and fall right into the trap of the SoS.

        1. We made the call here on the morning of the 18th. We went from being very bullish to being very bearish. And just like that, it’s over.

          All it took for me was a horrible Empire State manufacturing index print. I also have a theory that that unusual print was also a symbol and sign to the Insiders to begin dumping. Just a theory, but look what markets have done since the morning of the 18th and the Empire State index print came out. I know where to focus my attention.

          We have made amazing profits on the way up in real estate, stocks, and in most other asset classes. I went far and wide on the morning of the 18th to expressly communicate to my reader and in no unambiguous terms to liquefy everything that’s not nailed down, and then some. Of course, we hold gold. We’re cashing in on gold’s personal catastrophe insurance component.

          But we know exactly how quantitative easy works and we know the conspiracy for the One World financial dictator. There are no mistakes here and our adversary, a synagogue of Satan, knows exactly what it is doing as each step is deliberate and well thought out.

          Never underestimate our adversary. The alt-financial media have continually underestimated it to its peril. And the Cassandras who kept calling for collapse do not understand why the system is now collapsing.

          You and I understand why it is collapsing and how it is collapsing. You and I know exactly what to focus in on and disregard the red herrings and the static.

          Of course, you can rely on Zero Hedge and Mike Shitlock for your guidance. They just never seem to understand that there’s a conspiracy.

          I could be out there managing billion dollar hedge funds, but I like my life the way it is. You all heavily discount what I have to say, because it’s free. I get thrown into the trash with every other armchair economist and wanna-be know-it-all. I come across people who doubt my skill sets, because I misspell a word or they don’t like the size of my head. Perhaps, they don’t like the cut of my jib. They don’t take me seriously because I cut my own hair in a mirror. They don’t take me seriously because I haven’t been to the barber in over 3 years or I prefer to drive in a 20-year-old truck.

          I have enough money. And Jesus is much more important to me. Come out of the church, all of them. Jesus saves! Oh heavenly Father, Jesus saved me.

    1. While it is interesting, they have pulled this whole Shemitah thing before. Also be careful because false prophets and fake Jews pretending to be Christian push it. Johnathan Cahn sold a bunch of books about this, but nothing happened on his date for the Shemitah.

      I also mentioned to my friend the other day how it is interesting they wipe any debt off your credit report every 7 years. Like God said in the Bible.

      1. When I lived in ABQ in 2013, I drove to Colorado Springs to attend one of those prophecy conferences with all those Zion prophets, etc. Tom Horn and Cris Putnam. Even Dr. Stan, the year before he died. I wanted to see Dr Stan. I even talked to him. Nice guy.

        Anyway, there were at least a couple of these guys that dressed in the shawls and Israel flag. Stan Johnson type garbage. I think Cahn was there as well; all peddling their wares.

    2. I got this from another blogger:

      This shmita is number seven in the (penultimate) cycle of “seven sevens”, since 1972. Leviticus 25:8 “And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years…” Suggest you keep reading that chapter, it matters. This is a shmita of shmita’s one might say. It ends in October – whatever debt releasing is coming will be before then.

      I do not know much about this either, but the timing seems about right to mark the birth and death of the petrodollar.

  3. Hi Chris –
    Your comment about retirement plans really resonates … Pensions, IRAs, and retirement plans will be all thrown out the window.… this is the ultimate trump card. The industry of the stock market (and the associated wealth) is the only thing worth saving in the United States, sadly. People will accept anything to save it. The lower the indexes go, the easier it will be to implement whatever they want.

    There are several opposing cross currents happening. We are seeing a rollback of covid restrictions in the UK while the Australians double down. All of a sudden the MSM is questioning the US political administration, which is a complete 180. The PTB are battling inflation while complicating trucking logistics. Feels like a changing of the guard.

    On the market, my opinion is that this last week was just a spillover of what’s been happening in the technology sector for months now. The selling is not new and honestly Im surprised how well the market has held up with this pressure on tech. It eventually spilled over to the rest of the market. Ultimately I stand by my premise that people will accept anything to save the market.

    1. I just published another post, based on email questions. It is in regards to asset confiscation.

      In a world where QE is dead, we can go back to pre-QE 2008 to see the shape of things to come; specifically, I recall the talk of bank bail-ins and pension plan confiscations.

      It’s most likely coming.

    2. You could be right about the market. Powell may dial back the hawkish timeline and the markets cous fly.

      But at what price? Inflation would go double digits within 6-9 mos.

      1. The calendar shows the BOC at 11:00am wednesday with its rate decision. FED decision is at 3:00 pm.

        I do not remember ever seeing them give a decision on the same day before, normally BOC is one or two weeks before and normally they have been in lock step. This should be interesting.

      2. Usually after certain amount doomy and gloomy downtrend red days the market upticks. I think next week will be greener, with a lot less fear mongering.

        1. A rally into FOMC announcement and Powell’s Wednesday afternoon press conference could be in the cards

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