Financial market quick take and warning; catastrophe is looming for those who are unprepared

This morning, the Empire State manufacturing index collapsed to -0.7. It was supposed to print somewhere near +30.

So let’s understand the dynamic at play.

  • The FED is going to fight inflation by raising rates and contracting the balance sheet,
  • At the same time the economy is beginning to fade,
  • Global inflation is being caused by factors outside of America’s borders,
  • There is further risks to supply chain catastrophe with the upcoming CCP takeover of Taiwan,
  • The overall death rate of the working age population due to non-war causes has skyrocketed to levels that have never been seen in modern history,
  • The federal government has lost all credibility with spending and will no longer be able to finance any other catastrophes that are looming. All of the fiscal bridges have been burned.

There is absolutely no way that the FED is going to be able to engineer out of this and it is going to end in catastrophe for those who do not know what is coming.

I have gotten out of all of my stocks and I suggest you do the same. Catastrophe looms and it may be sooner than later.

We could soon witness a stock market crash that would make all previous ones look like child’s play. Could we soon witness a stock market crash to end all stock markets?

Do not buy any more real estate or any other capitalized assets. Sell what you can and bank the rest for now.

Based on how Bitcoin has been behaving, I wouldn’t trust it in a downdraft. Perhaps its recent poor performance is telegraphing us something. Ever since that Craig Wright court case, BTC has not been doing so well. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but we can never be too certain.


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109 thoughts on “Financial market quick take and warning; catastrophe is looming for those who are unprepared

  1. It seems like the stock market and economy are looking sick lately. It has been a long long time since I saw the stock market behave the way it is lately with it selling off every afternoon. Chris is right and I feel the same hunch that this time is different. There will be no buy the dippers. A bear market may very well be in the making and the days of easy money are gone.

    This is a major reason why we need to get our spiritual house in order with Jesus Christ. We are entering a time when money will be very hard to get for most of us and we will have to live on a lot less than we do today. We must put God first because we will soon find out that financial wealth is very fleeting. Money is here today and gone tomorrow. Spiritual wealth with Jesus Christ is that much easier to keep than financial wealth which gets stolen or wiped out in a stock market crash. The bible and Jesus Christ speak specifically about putting God first :

    Matthew 6:24
    “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

    Hebrews 13:5
    Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

    Matthew 6:19-21
    “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

    1 Timothy 6:10
    For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.

    If we keep a relationship with Jesus Christ then God will always provide us with what we need. Nothing more nor nothing less. Jesus said that the birds of the air do not store up food and yet they keep themselves fed. How much more important to God are us humans. People are only poor because they let themselves be poor.

    Tough times are a coming. We should take steps to prepare for lean times by stocking up on spiritual food. If the Lord guides you, then you should stock up on physical food, cash, and other necessary items as they may get hard to find with the supply crunch. Banks may fail.

  2. Remember my January 18th morning call to sell all stocks. We still were around the 50-day sma in the spoos….

    An engineered global solution for an engineered global problem. Burped up from hell. The black horse of Revelation.

    NFLX was still around 520, but forming a daily bear flag. Some traders were expecting bad news and the stock was in a holding pattern.

  3. Collapse of the old and in with the new. Too late to fix, and only a global monetary system will fix it…. Germany in a technical recession as inflation rages.

    Excerpt: Most economists expect Europe’s largest economy to shrink again in the first three months of 2022 after a fourth-quarter contraction, driving it into another technical recession, defined as two consecutive quarters of declining output.

  4. The common sarcastic refrain in the alt-finance media is that the Fed will cut the markets by 50% and that will take care of inflation.

    No it won’t. As the dollars leave the finance shell, they flood the real world. Moreover, the loss of confidence is what is driving up price inflation.

    The powers can drop stock prices by 50% and we’ll still have raging inflation. It’s a global phenomenon now. Too late to solve.

    I see a lot of biz MSM to trying to keep the calm. They want us to stay in all the way down.

    1. SoS has full control over the supply chain in every industry. Henry Ford noted this over a hundred years ago.

      I think the shortages and inflation are manufactured, beyond what even the manufactured Covid “pandemic” would cause. So I don’t think QE or the Fed’s policies are failing now because of an intrinsic reason. They are failing because the SoS doesn’t want QE anymore. Perhaps they see QE as antithetical to the “Great Reset.” Perhaps QE gives too much wealth to a non-SoS upper/upper-middle class, whereas the SoS wants all wealth to be determined by the government.

      In short, it seems the QE will fail not because QE doesn’t work anymore but because of a manufactured inflation/supply shock. The same people who implemented QE are the ones causing it to fail.

      1. Tightening while the global economy sinks is going to end in disaster.

        Inflation will still be raging regardless.

        You are correct. The supply chain shenanigans are engineered for the dialectic solution.

    2. Chris, please correct me if I’m wrong. If the Fed really wanted to fight inflation they would have to raise interest rates to something like 15-17%, which would decimate pretty much all markets. Why do they bother even raising interest rates to 1-2%? It does nothing to fix the inflation problem and on top of that it crashes the markets. The only explanation I suppose would be is that this was all by design and done intentionally. Given with what happened to the markets on Friday. Do you think Jerome Powell will have the guts to follow through and actually raise interest rates? The timing of it doesn’t quite make sense to me. If their goal is to move everything over to a centralized blockchain based monetary system, that technology by my estimation is still about 3-5 years away, in terms of being scaled up and ready for deployment for the masses. Why would they want to crash the system now? There is another possibility that this is just a ploy by large institutional investors to pick up stocks and bitcoin for cheap before they pump up the price again. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

      1. Now you get it. The tetris pieces do not fit. This is why I’ve been telling you that a collapse is coming. I suspect that the collapse will last at least a couple of years, perhaps out to the mid decade. Once everybody gets desperate and there’s riots in the streets, they’ll roll out their black horse monetary system when everyone is good and ready.

        There is no way that the Fed can raise interest rates to the levels that are needed without collapsing the economy. Even If the Fed raised 5% on the overnight, it wouldn’t be enough. Moreover the peripheral economies and the economies of Europe would go into a deep and dark depression.

        I am warning the reader that there is no way out. This has been engineered on purpose through the cover of covid. I beg of all of you to dump your cryptos and your stocks and everything that you can.

        All I can tell you is that I’ve been begging you since the spools have been around the 50-day SMA to get out of all stocks. That is the easiest thing to sell. I wouldn’t be surprised if the S&p 500 drops to 1,000 by the time this is all done

        Are adversary drove up the markets to incredible heights through quantitative easing. Now they are crashing them all on purpose. This is with military intent and precision.

        The great masses of humanity will get so desperate over the next two to three years as the whole economy collapses that they will rejoice when our adversary rolls out their black horse monetary system.

        I am begging you all to please sell anything not nailed down. Cryptos, everything. If you sell your stocks right around now, you will look back in a couple of years and you will marvel at what great prices you got. Pensions and IRAs and retirement plans all thrown out the window. Meanwhile The pale horse that was manufactured from the vaccines will have the people puking and dying in the streets.

        I got asked by hundreds of people over the past few years to make sure that I alerted them when I saw a change. I just handed my readers and listeners a gift that only rivals a Godlike blessing. I just handed you the best gift on a silver platter. I actually was able to tell you about the top of the stock market. You will look back at this and count your blessings as you were able to dump your stocks.

        1. Thanks Chris — by “selling anything not nailed down” — are you going to be unloading some of your rentals. You’ve talked about rents holding steady but Cap rates stretching out insinuating a drop in housing values… or do you think the raging inflation will keep the replacement build costs high enough to cause the housing market to comparatively strong outperform an S&P at 1000.

          1. I am holding my rentals. I can “afford” to, as my debt to equity is less than 10% and I live off the rent.

            I finished rehabbing a house and just approved three active air force enlisted people out of Andrews to live in it for longer than 12 months. Thy will still be in business, I guess.

            If RE goes down, I am going down with it.

            Cap rates will expand, but the rents will rise a lot. They will offset. Since I am in it for at least another 5 years, I will hold for cash flow.

            Closing costs to sell a house is 8-9% in total, including commissions. CG taxes can be steep, and I would have about 50k in cap gains taxes in that house. Then I would have to figure out how to replace that rent income.

            Lots of hassle, but my rentals generate tons of cash. My stocks do not, nor does crypto.

            I just looked at BTC prices,and the carnage has been relentless. Any rallies will be relief rallies.

            Gold has held up, but BTC hasn’t. Hmmm….

    1. Fed put an illusion now. Based on stock action and NFLX, next stop for NASDAQ futures is 100 week sma. Just below 13k.

      The Fed is paralyzed. First time since its formation.

    2. There is a tremendous amount of disbelief in the marketplace and every day starts relatively strong and then fades going into the end of the day. Every day that this goes on is one more nail in the coffin and will prove eventually that the FED is unable to respond properly.

      Stock market investors are just in complete denial.

    3. As of right now, the S&p futures are trading below their 200-day moving average. This is the absolute worst technical indicator I can see. The futures and only two or three trading days not only sliced through the 100, but now the 200-day SMA. If this closes current levels, I am warning you a collapse is in progress. It will be the worst collapse in human history.

      1. maybe to build back better everything needs to be destroyed 1st? see how covid got people to look for a savoir Gov/vaccine. just wait until or if things get real bad people will get really desperate and will accept anything that will promise relief from their sufferings .

        1. The COVID scam allowed the powers to set up the world for the financial market collapse. Under normal circumstances, the powers would have been called out in it. But under the threat of covid, I see how they establishef a stellar setup to totally wash out everything.

          It’s obvious to me, because I know the conspiracy and how our adversary works.

          It’s over now. The set up was two years in the making. It’s fully now gone live. No stopping now.

          I no longer have any confidence in the current system to solve the curry set of conditions. I did have a long standing confidence in QE, back to Bernanke and his green shoots garbage, but I no longer do. It will become more obvious, even to ZH zealots.

        2. There are national politicians who want to see this current system crash and burn. They are now getting their wish.

  5. S&P futures sliced through 100 day SMA a couple days ago, but bounced hard off of the 200 day SMA. Let’s see if it holds…

    A logical test of the 100 day SMA on the way back up most likely in the cards.

  6. Someone asked me about holding longer dated USTs. The yield curve is dropping this morning as traders are freaking out and running for cover, like cockroaches running from the light.

    Perhaps yields will fall as we progress. I stick with shorter-dated ones. If the Fed relaxed it’s tightening campaign, the entire yield curve could rally, but the short end would definitely respond appropriately.

    Crisis of Fed confidence; uncharted waters. No body home in the White House. Spendthrift senators and congressmen, and a Fed that struck out big time. No leadership, on purpose.

  7. The Fertilizer Crisis Is Getting Real for Europe Food Prices – Bloomberg

    A manufactured crisis, with sanctions, restrictions, supply shocks at play…. How can the Fed fix this?

    For growers of staples like corn and wheat, it’s the first time they’ve really been exposed to a fertilizer crisis fueled by an energy crunch, export curbs and trade sanctions.

  8. I think the Fed may be in a damned if you do , damned if you don’t situation. If they loosen then the dollar will collapse. If they tighten like they say they will then the economy will collapse. The economy will also suffer as more people get sick from the Covid kill shot. This may explain why the stock market is looking sick lately.

    I wouldn’t take everything off the table unless you need the money. My past experience was such that if you think the worst will happen then stocks and economy will miraculously turn around. However past experience is no indication of future performance as mutual funds will say.

    I would DEFINITELY take a portion off the table especially cash that you will need during the year and for future reinvestment at cheaper prices if the worst does actually occur. From what I am seeing the economy and stock market are not looking good. This could be the big one.
    Trump probably saw what was coming and that is why he bowed out after the fraudulent election. Trump did not want to face the music that is coming.

    1. Trump didn’t see anything except his name in lights.

      Imagine when Harris takes over. She has the personality of a piece of cardboard, and makes enemies just by opening her mouth. Perfect for the ongoing domestic collapse in tandem with the loss of confidence in the abilities of the Fed to use QE.

      The Fed made the fatal error with its horrific misjudgment of global price inflation. More and more traders and investors are waking up. A stupid misjudgment… or worse.

      This is no longer business as usual. Throw out the textbooks, cycles, and charts. Well, the charts are warning us of a catastrophic selloff that will make the insiders who are engineering this bust trillions as we lead up to the new system rollout.

      The sick, traumatized, and dying won’t be able to fight back. The vast sea of humanity still can’t figure this out and how they had years and decades shaved off their lives.

      1. I don’t get the right’s obsession with Trump. His job was only to further divide the left/right, and give people that follow Jesus a bad name. You can’t serve two masters. And Trump is a high level freemason. He was well rewarded for his service for sos, and I assume that comes with the territory of having to go on talk shows, republican rallys, etc preaching about how good the vaccines are; and taking credit for them. Even his supporter Alex Jones recently called him either pure evil, or the most ignorant man on earth regarding the vaccines he’s constantly supporting. Then you look at these republican states that Trump won in 2020 — the vaccination rate is usually around 60 to 75%. That’s insane. You think they would had been able to achieve that without Trump? If Clinton won? Ofc not. Covid was planned ahead. And you needed a republican to deliver the punch first. And if you don’t think covid was well planned in advance just check out the youtube clip below from a 2011 movie — Captain America that clearly shows the COVID outbreak:

    2. Chris the BIS’s “Project Jura” was successful last month. Experimental transfer of CBDC’s between Bank of France and Bank of Switzerland. The rollout worldwide isn’t far off. See BIS’s video:

      Crash the markets to prepare the ground?

  9. Chris’s points about the market collapse is timely and well taken. I sold all my holdings today.
    Martin Armstrong’s Socrates Artificial Intelligence computer is forecasting ” a 50 % stock market crash in one day, like 1987. Expect the crash in mid March.” Lets see if Armstrong’s computer is right.

  10. Is BTC taking a dump like stocks? Au looking nice so far.🥇👍🪙🏆

    Recall what BTC did in early 2020. Broke below 5k.

    1. Chris, you mentioned in an earlier post a few days ago that you still think that Bitcoin will still post a new all time high this year. Are you saying right now, given that you think economic collapse is imminent/happening that this is off the table so to speak? Should we sell all of our crypto holdings (BTC and ETH)?

      1. I take that back if what I think we are going to see actually comes to fruition. BTC performed very poorly in early 2020 with stocks. I think the downside since piercing the 50-day sma has been relentless.

        My apparent drastic change in macro sentiment comes on the heels of the sudden change in direction of the domestic economic data over the past week or two. There is no thesis I can formulate that continues QE. This is not auspicious for cryptos. Au held up nicely in early 2020. Ag didn’t.

    2. Interesting about BTC. It’s the one safe haven I felt I was too late to get into. I’ll be watching with 🍿, ready to jump in should it go down to 5K.
      I remember watching a video of an interview with Catherine Austen-Fitts on USAwatchdog. She suggested that TPTB might lure people to invest in crypto (she called it building a bitcoin prison) and then make it crash to 0. It would be an ingenious way to solve the money printing problem. Poof – all gone.

      1. If the markets crater and the FED tapers the taper, I grow concerned that CPI could move above 10%.

        The financial lives of the vast sea of the working stiffs will be wiped out. Cap rates would skyrocket and discounted cash flows would go into the crapper.

      2. No more trust in the FDA as the morbidity and mortality rates go parabolic. No more trust in the central banks. No more trust in government. No more trust in all institutions.

        Bye bye stock market… Forever.

  11. Would be interesting to see if countries like Austria, France, Italy and my country Singapore scale back on the mandates and tyranny. France recently just signed a law that excludes purebloods from public places. And the situation in Singapore hasn’t changed. The establishment is still milking the “54 day high!” bs as much as they can. They have also been priming the population for a new kill shot, made specifically for the Moronic-variant. Largely because they are too invested into vaccines.

    I think Satan is using convid to sow discord between sovereign governments and their respective populations. So he can come in as a (false) hero to save the day with his Beast and Antichrist system. Perhaps we are about to see the great rebellion in 2 Thessalonians.

  12. So the Fed wants to taper now? It should be accomodating a recovery not fighting 7% CPI.

    Bloomberg- Steelmaker CEO Warns North America Market a ‘Falling Knife’

    “It’s a falling knife,” Stelco Chief Executive Officer Alan Kestenbaum said Thursday in an interview. “The question is when does it go the other way and where are we in the economic cycle? I think it turns at some point, but I don’t know where it bottoms out.”

    The grim view for 2022 follows a stellar year for the industry, with the largest U.S. steelmakers expected to post record full-year earnings after domestic steel prices surged as much as 94% to an all-time high of nearly $2,000 a short ton. Kestenbaum was the first steel CEO to publicly sound the alarm two weeks ago when he warned investors that his company’s steel shipments are taking a hit as the rapid spread of omicron accelerates absenteeism internally and even more among customers’ work crews.

  13. How about folks who have money in a IRA should they move it to a short term treasury or money market fund?

    1. I sold my stocks. Started liquidations two weeks ago. I am out as of the 18th. I am taking a big risk here by potentially looking like a fool if I am wrong. I have a lot of unlevered exposure to this scam system with my RE holdings.

      I do not want to give recommendations in case I am wrong, but I am letting the readers know what I am seeing and predicting, and what I am doing and thinking in real time.

      Keep the money in the IRA though.

      For instance, I took out 50k out of stocks and such over the past couple months to pay for rehabs since the Summer. Replenished my liquidity. Only a mesmerized fool would be overloaded in stocks. Now the properties look better than my house (not that is so great anyway.) Hopefully the rent will hold up. Hopefully my RE holdings won’t be used as collateral for the upcoming USG bankruptcy. 😲😔😞🥺

  14. The Synagogue of Satan has a way of pulling the rug from under humanity once they get them whipped up into frenzy over a narrative that they pushed. Once the plebes are in a frenzy over an issue then they suddenly change the narrative as if the issue or event doesn’t exist. They like to cause cognitive dissonance by doing this. I think that is why they are backing away from the Covid issue. As one writer on this site mentioned, maybe they didn’t accomplish the results they hoped for or then again maybe they pushed this as far as they could.

  15. I just found out that a friend of one of my good friends has been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis for the past year. He’s actually a really nice guy.

    It all started right around the time he got jabbed. This guy was an incredible shape and always worked out. Now he’s debilitated.

    I personally know about 10 or 12 people who have been personally affected by the jabs.

    That guy on the Woodrow Wilson bridge this morning was almost passed out on his stomach lying down in a puddle of water while the state trooper tried to help him. The guy pulled over onto the shoulder, then got out of his car and fainted. Just like that tennis player in the Australian Open.

    Traders and investors are losing confidence in the entire monetary system. They are slowly realizing what I have been telling you here. They are dumping and it’s going to get a lot worse.

    Many people are realizing that they’ve been lied to regarding this whole vaccine b*******. Traders and investors alike. They see their friends and loved ones puking, clutching their hearts, fainting, and dying.

    1. This is why I took leave without pay instead of taking the shot. My father had RA and saw what that looked like. He was begging for a bullet during his final days.

      1. Your physical body is a lot more important than a job that requires you to put your health at risk.

  16. C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E C O L L A P S E

    1. LoL ya well maybe, look how far SPY corrected, yet I wouldn’t call it a collapse, unless those China hyper sonic rockets are in the air, or Russian tanks are rolling into the Ukraine. The market is always ugly until it’s not. During that free fall of Feb/March 2020, I do recall a lot of “buy the dips”, “stocks on discount” type of posts. Which actually turned out to be true for those that held on for the recovery.

      1. It’s a loss of confidence. This is different. The world is now realizing. The world is losing confidence in the Federal Reserve.

        By the time this is the consensus, it’s too late.

      2. The government shot all of its ammo. There’s nothing left.

        If inflation was even around 3-4%, I would be more sanguine. There are no options with the CPI at 5-7%.

        All avoidable, but too late now. Confidence dropping by the day worldwide.

      3. Chris is correct on this call.

        Have a look at the DOW weekly. It topped out the week of Nov 5.

        Just curious, is there any inflation in amazingville where you live?

  17. Beware of the MSM putting lipstick on a pig. They want to hold your head below water until you drown.

  18. Chris, why is Henry Makow writing this about you:

    „Chris Pirnak is the savviest market guy I know. He’s been writing for this site for a decade. However there are no guarantees when it comes to market behavior.“

    I thought you stopped posting articles on his website.

  19. I was just driving across the Woodrow Wilson bridge into Maryland and there was a disabled vehicle on the right shoulder with a Virginia trooper helping out. There was also a middle aged white man was on the ground and the trooper was trying to assist him. He looked like he was fainting and lying down on his stomach in the rain.

    Most likely one of my fellow white men who have fallen victim to the clot shot.

  20. During Black History Month, CNBC will recognize Americans investing in their communities for a bright financial future.

    The ones who make the most money investing in the black communities are the large white controlled funds. The last ones to the table are the ones who always get destroyed. These are the blacks and Hispanics.

    With my sizeable investments in the black areas, I do better, as the late cycle money bids up the prices.

  21. Djokovic and Wife Own 80 Percent Stake in Biotech Company Developing Non-Vaccine COVID-19 Treatment: Report

    This guy will lose his investment money, since the whole covid crisis was a scam in the first place.

    It was a nice touch the way the authorities have started dropping the vaccine mandates at the same time its media say that all these people are still catching and dying of covid. They somehow magically say that it will no longer be a pandemic.

    All dispensed out of the ministry of Truth. O’Brien would be proud.

    The globalist now have new fish to fry; manufactured wars, manufactured economic scarcity and impoverishment for the masses, new viruses being burped up out of the Gates of hell in a bio-weapons lab, more kayfabe political matches, etc….

    1. Chris this reduction in virus mandates is abrupt. This was a WW II scale propaganda investment. Is Satan backing off tactically or strategically? Possibly it is creating a window for introduction of new coercion campaign, necessarily the intro of diseases actual…

      Anyway I don’t trust this backoff.

      Thanks for your continuing and energetic commentary.

      1. IMHO something didn’t work out as planned. Either the virus was supposed to be a lot more deadly or the vax – a lot more harmful. Neither one happened. With casualty rates around 1/1000 – 1/2000 (give or take, both from the virus and from the vax), the average person will not see the consequences in real life, but only in the news. This is obviously not enough to make the psychological impact TPTB might have hoped for. It is entirely possible to announce on TV tomorrow that “the pandemic is now over”, and people will accept it without any backlash. There isn’t even any need to fire Fauci.
        It was a lot of effort for more or less nothing. Well, except for maybe converting about half of the population into a cult, and thus making it 200% impossible for people to vote their way out of the imposed tyranny. The tyranny will presumably remain, at least, in certain places, but it could as well have been imposed without any medical pretexts, but simply “because they can”, since they control all the governments.

      2. I wish I knew why. Perhaps enough people were jabbed. Perhaps the globalists need to lay off lest they cause a complete loss of confidence in the monetary system. They pushed it to the brink and are hoping to rein it in for now.

        If I am viewing the “flow chart” of the likely outcomes, there are many more concluding the same outcomes.

        I used to hold a high degree of confidence in the powers to keep these circumstances moving forward. In the past couple weeks I have been changing my mind, and now believe the economy will begin to roll over.

        Because I have concluded that the economy is losing it’s steam, the Fed is done, and QE is useless under the current set of circumstances.

        The Federal government is still trying to spend trillions in social spending. All willfully ignorant, but the top are following orders

  22. I would not be surprised that the Covid narrative in the states suddenly turns a lot more optimistic as 2022 progresses. 2022 is midterm elections and the democrats are desperate to turn things around. Suddenly the cases will drop and everything will be “hunky dory “ again by late spring and summer. By fall it probably will be all over. Noticed that now the democrats are in charge they were not eager to close schools and businesses during the latest case surge unlike in 2020 where they were quick to close schools and businesses when Trump was president. If the narrative suddenly changes by the spring as the Covid is “over” and “done” then it reveals to us that this whole Covid thing is really a scam to get people to take the Covid kill shots. It also a political manipulation scam as well . In the end those who took the Covid vaccines are real suckers.

    1. Indeed. I’m reading that Xi is warning the FED not to raise interest rates.

      More kayfabe.

  23. What’s everyone’s thoughts on moving retirement funds away from equities (S+P 500) into bonds, would they be safer?

    1. No. I think bonds could get soaked here. If bond yields rise a portfolio of fixed income securities would get hit worse.

      Philadelphia Fed came in better than expected. I don’t know why there was such a discrepancy with the Empire State index.

    1. And just like that, the narrative suddenly changes and the covid restrictions around the world are starting to be removed and expire.

      Here in Virginia, it’s loosened up. That’s a big news story coming out of England. The Prime Minister certainly didn’t act unilaterally on that one. No more vaccine mandates except for Frontline workers and the vaccine passports are going to expire, Johnson said businesses could continue it.

      I guess enough people got jammed with the poison.

      Now suddenly, all of the new covid case rates have plummeted around the world and the end to the pandemic is now here.

      And the centralized global power decided to use its mainstream media to push out the same narrative coming out of the Ministry of Truth.

      Maybe our adversary has decided they need a full court press against the problems in the financial system and inflation right now. If they follow through with their agenda that has suddenly been modified, we could see a loosening up of the supply chain. I would have to believe that this is being done to try to shore up support for the economy.

      I just got back from the local grocery store and all of the dairy and perishables are cleaned out. There’s some decent amount of meat available, but mauch of the shelf space is bare.

      Watch for the Ministry of Truth to continue pressing a modification to the narrative. It would dovetail with the emergence of Dr Malone into the spotlight.

      1. It seems like the Covid 19 distraction has played itself out and the Synagogue of Satan are moving on to other distractions to keep the herd of humanity on their toes. They must have gotten enough of the targeted population(mainly those in the west) vaccinated. I think the next possibilities for distractions are regional wars in Ukraine and/or Taiwan. Russia just removed their embassy staff from their embassy in Ukraine. That is a sign something is being planned. I also think the other possibility is a stock market crash and financial collapse. Certainly the stock market is not looking too healthy right now plus the fact that many corporate CEOs are unloading their company’s stock like there is no tomorrow. Those up top must see (or plan) something ugly in the future for the financial sector.

      2. This is big news, and especially out of the UK. It will take some time to re-program weak, but this is certainly the beginning of the end.

        Not sure they will be able to put the inflation genie back into the bottle right away, however. You are spot on the need to shore up the economy.

      3. Making a “get out” message and saying the crash is coming soon is one heck of a speculative statement!

        With Boris retreating back into his hole, there should be a celebration and new outlook. We knew things were going to wind down and the Covid hoax will end by this summer. Once the Governors in the USA start making their “it’s over” announcements, I think things will get better and the markets should uptick. Chris you can see things that many of us can’t see. I simply remain optimistic and taking the contra from the doom and gloom.

        My local media was pushing record cases, hospitalizations and deaths this week, so it will be interesting to see them explain how it all suddenly went away next week or month.

        I saw a post somewhere that the wall around the white house was there for a protest that happens this week or next, then they will remove it.

        1. Yeah after I put out my statement and proclamation, the globalist decide to pull the rug out from underneath me and change the covid narrative. Johnson subsequently comes out and says he’s dropping all vaccine passports and mandates. Despite the supposed records numbers of covid cases a couple weeks ago here in the states, the media proclaim that it’s now dropped by 2/3 in only a couple days. Evidently now the pandemic is just about over.

          Winston Smith did a terrific job in the ministry of Truth. They were working throughout the night and discarded all of the prior news stories down the memory hole.

          This dynamic reminds me of the time Winston had to lie about the decrease in the chocolate rations. He wrote a new story which big brother had actually increased the ration and the people rejoiced and thanked Big Brother.

          I still think living where I am living is a great place.

          The whole thing is a manufactured fraud and you should see the liberals Karens where I live. They’re going to take the longest to snap out of their trauma based mind control. I was at the gym the other day talking to another guy about the whole covid scam and a white woman overheard us, and it look as if she was chomping at the bit to chime in with her mask on. Those useless masks look like Chippendale thongs, which is probably a running joke with the globalists anyway.

        2. I’m not sure the media will need explain how it all suddenly went away. It’s well known that the crowd mind has the brains of a six year old and the memory of a goldfish.

          Chris, what about gold mining stocks? Should we sell all those too and rebuy on the crash?

          1. I just like gold. I guess miners are okay if you need to be invested. Same goes for oil.

  24. Thanks a million for this article, Chris! I would not have the courage to write this.
    But we older readers of your blog know your hit rate by now.

  25. Love your stuff, but have to disagree: the CCP takeover of Taiwan isn’t a done deal at all. Militarily, this ain’t no D-Day. In fact, invasion across the Straits would make D-Day look like a walk in the park. Economically, Taiwan sabotaging TSMC alone would take care of not the Asian but the entire world economy. And TSMC ain’t all Taiwan’s got, either.

    No, the only way the CCP could take the island would be for its leadership to sell us out. And we’d have to wait for 2024 at least for that.

    But with how everyone is just lining up for the jabs here, idk.

    1. I hope you’re correct. Any protracted conflict in that region would result in a dire outcome for the global supply chain. North Korea tests a missile and the commercial airlines want to go on lock down.

      Previously, I would have expected the United States to intervene in any potential conflict, but I doubt that will be the case in the future. I am afraid the United States would leave Taiwan twisting in the wind.

      The people are even taking the jabs in Taiwan. There really is no place to run at this point.

      If Taiwan suffers a bad outcome with the CCP that will be a huge problem to the rest of the world. Much more so than in the Middle East or Eastern Europe.

      I hope you’re right.

      1. Knowing the incompetence in Washington DC, I think the US could leave Taiwan hanging in the wind and probably Ukraine as well. There is too much for the US oligarchy to lose if they antagonize CCP.
        The US probably won’t want a confrontation in Ukraine even if Russia invades because our weakened military may not withstand the battle. I hear rumblings that Russia may invade Ukraine.

        1. Through the great vine, the internal teams at DOS, expect the russian invasion at some point.

    1. That’s what it’s all about; the more scared the plebes, the easier their financial raping. It’s all about constructing a global financial dictatorship. These elites love the control the CCP has over its people.

      Thanks for posting. Never heard of him before.

  26. Chris,

    So sell all stocks including stocks like Neflix, major banks like jp morgan, Goldman sachs; big pharma like pfizer, merck;? I only have satanic mega corps as stocks in 500 sp? You sold all your stocks?

    1. I Finished selling everything. I’m out, it’s been a wonderful run for the past decade.

      I want to see what the Philadelphia Fed index looks like tomorrow to see if we get a confirmation of the Empire State. I even wonder if the numbers are legitimate anymore. It’s getting to the point that I doubt everything I see.

      But it seems clear to me that the economy is beginning to roll over at the same time the FED is beginning to engage in a war over a huge inflation problem.

      I look at the monthly charts of these major indexes, and if it were any other speculative stock, I would be scaling out of it.

  27. With the way the stock market and Bitcoin have been trending down. Bond rates trending up and economic indicators trending down. The video showing cement walls being built around the Whitehouse that is empty of an empty pretendent.

    Something wicked is coming this way. I think cash and gold will be king.

    Most of all start reading the Bible and get to know Jesus Christ on a personal level.
    It is most important to get your spiritual house in order.

    1. Amen brother. Get that spiritual house in order, and keep trying to save and lead people to Jesus.

      For the walls around white house — maybe they know some bad news regarding inflation that will come out. Or they are expecting msm to flip the script on covid, and release data the vaccines aren’t working/could cause side affects. I don’t think they’ll play that card yet, but who knows.

  28. Hi Chris, just as an fyi, both Felix Zulaf and Larry Williams, both cycles analysts, think that while this year the market may have some downside, the big crash starts in 2024. Not sure what the basis of this conclusion is, but I find it interesting that both separately reached this conclusion.

    Felix Zulaf mentions it in this interview.

    Larry Williams’s forecast is in his annual forecast for 2022, which requires payment. Interestingly, he says that his models only indicated sell signals in 2000 and 2007 but not in 2020. Of course he caveats his forecast that “anything could change”. Interesting thing about 2022 is that it is the mid-term elections only, but 2024 is a presidential election year, and larger downturns seem to have accompanied presidential election years. Larry Williams seems to put a bit of emphasis on political cycles’ impact on stock markets and asset prices.

    Throwing it out there just for your reference. Also per my comment on a prior post, the yield spread and velocity of money data seems to suggest that notwithstanding immediate dangers, that perhaps we are not immediately the precipice. I reserve the right to be completely wrong though!

    1. Thanks. I will take a look. I normally don’t look at other’s work, but I probably should..

    1. Owner occupied housing is fine. Better than renting. Don’t buy anymore rental properties.

      Imagine if the economy falters and the Fed has to taper the taper. Price inflation could go double digits.

      Inflation is also a measure of confidence in the monetary system. I am concluding that the Fed is embarking on a inflation fighting campaign at the worst time. If they pull back on any taper, there could be a catastrophic loss of confidence.

      I have to conclude that some of the national politicians actually want to collapse this current system to introduce us to the next one. They see the current one as flawed and think differently than you and me.

      Under the usual circumstances, I was hoping price inflation would have been slipping back to the longer trend range by now. This would have allowed the Fed to be more accommodative, or less vigilant, for longer. But the authorities shot all their ammunition all at once and there is now a sudden loss of confidence brewing. I fear the end is in site.

      This was all of planned. No way this was a mistake.

  29. The US Military cannot even beat goat herders wearing dresses and sandals who use old Ak-47s and improvised explosives. I don’t think they are going to do much against 330 million people….many of who are well armed. In a real collapse scenario the US Military won’t function within days…..the US Military is filled with “diversity” and “inclusion”. The US is already a banana republic like Brazil….massive corruption and ineptitude everywhere.

    I am going to go to my bank and take my cash out. I believe many banks will attempt to “bail in” depositor funds in order to survive.

    I do agree wholeheartedly with financial sentiments… looks as though the FED is setting up a major deflationary event. The 10 yr treasury has been rising for several weeks which is in conjunction with major sell offs in the stock market. I remember watching the same thing back in 2018…..and there were major sells offs before the FED had to reverse course.

    1. I remember the 1987 stock market crash. Same old same old. We have the 10 year UST yielding at least 5% below CPI.

  30. Fairfax County employees were happy when they got a slightly more than 2% cost of living increase for this year. Many will relieve because the previous years they accrued no COLA. Unfortunately, the CPI just clocked in at 7.1%. If my math is correct, that means the loss of spending power is nearly 5%.

    Maybe that’s why the White House is building bunker fencing around the perimeter of its property.

    Maybe this is the shape of things to come.

  31. I received this link from a subscriber. I wanted to pass it along to for your review.

    I do not necessarily endorse anything the man says, but I do contemplate at what is being constructed around the White House grounds.

    It won’t be because the people will rebel from the clot shots.

    The White House has been told that a collapse is coming, and it is coming soon. Perhaps it already knows that it will begin to confiscate financial assets to offset the debt burdens. The White House is gearing up for the blood in the streets that will result, and the US military is training to fight American citizens after the citizens have their assets confiscated and are bankrupted.

    Now we see why the United States withdrew its military from Afghanistan. It’s being brought back home to fight its true enemy… us.

    1. Wow, I saw the very beginning of when that wall was going up. It was tiny then. They said it was for plumbing which I knew was a lie. They need to make a move because I think too many are about to rebel. They need to go full violent fascist or do something big soon.

    2. “Stranger Than Fiction News”! A very good source of a different perspective on news. His stuff on spiritual warfare is particularly interesting.

    3. Or maybe they are making the Whitehouse a target and want it destroyed?

      What if it’s just an empty building, as Biden is an empty suit?

      But it is a symbol of the US and its constitution. They could replace it with a nice big glass pyramid thing.

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