Market insight; the upcoming planned failure of QE – domestic policy cannot address global problems

Domestic policy can’t fight a global problem

The Fed’s conundrum here is simple.

The problems caused by inflation are global in scope. Regardless of what the Fed does, high inflation will persist.

All of the monetary and economic problems caused by the COVID response, as well as the current supply chain situation were manufactured. We discussed how the monetary and fiscal stimulus injections were seriously misguided as none of the money was sterilized as in the past. Thus, demand was heightened at the same time the supply chain was restricted.

The ongoing supply chain issues are all conjured as the globalists now control vast percentages of all supply chain inputs. This was only made possible via the wealth and power consolidation afforded to them by the quantitative easing mechanism itself.

Now they engineer heavy-handed supply side restrictions, blame them on covid, lack of testing, and the unjabbed, with the result that it drives prices higher.

Moreover, we have observed the ostensibly willful ignorance of the central banks and the governments regarding the nascent inflationary pressures of the past 12 to 18 months. I submit this was not incidental or foolish, but deliberate and intentional. The inflationary problems needed to get out of control first. Pandora’s box is now opened.

Now, the Fed wants to seal up this Pandora’s box, but it’s fighting a global problem now. To wit, Federal Reserve policy won’t have as potent an impact as it has in the past, and elevated inflation will persist, even if the Fed funds goes to 5%.

Potential Taiwan and Ukraine conflicts will throw the supply-side into further disarray

The Fed will not be able to address global problems with domestic policy. My concern is that the FED will begin to overshoot as it realizes it cannot control price inflation. The worst part of all this is that it was all avoidable in the first place. The problems of the covid scam continue to pay dividends for the globalists.

Now we are being confronted with a few potential militarized campaigns around the globe. I’m paying particular attention to the inevitable CCP showdown with Taiwan as this upcoming conflict has the potential to really throw the global supply chain into chaos.

While the Middle East problems will always simmer on the back burner, and the Russian conflagration in the Ukraine may result in many casualties, these two hot zones probably have less of an impact on the global supply chain than Taiwan’s takeover by the CCP.

I note the peculiar timing of all of these circumstances and events. I submit they are not coincidental, but rather there to show the world that a global financial regime is necessary to tackle global problems.

Complacency will prove fatal

I pity the small investor.

Barring something unforeseen, I see the next crisis as being financial in nature. I’m warning the reader to plan accordingly.

QE could have lasted a long time, but evidently that’s not what the powers have in mind. It seems the goal was to get everybody complacent and thinking that QE would last forever. Even the sarcastic alt-media jokes about the next bust and Fed response. Unfortunately, regardless of what the FED does, the problem will be deemed outside of its scope of abilities to fix.

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40 thoughts on “Market insight; the upcoming planned failure of QE – domestic policy cannot address global problems

  1. The empire State manufacturing index collapses to -0.7. it was supposed to be somewhere near +30.

    The FED is going to fight inflation by raising rates and contracting the balance sheet, meanwhile the economy is beginning to fade, global inflation is being caused by factors outside of America’s borders, and now there is further risks to supply chain catastrophe with the upcoming CCP takeover of Taiwan.

    There is absolutely no way that the FED is going to be able to engineer out of this and it is going to end in catastrophe for those who do not know what is coming.

  2. I have been in a tizzy about housing and seeing them fly off the market right before we look. I am just worried about everything. I don’t even care about myself, just my family. I need to trust Jesus!!!

    I wonder why they seem to be exposing the vaxx with people like Joe Rogan and Dr Malone. It’s like they are trying to make people purposely question the vaxx now. My mind is boggled on where they are going with this all. The Russia situation does seem important.

    God bless, Chris!

    1. You make some excellent observations regarding these ostensible anti-vaxxers. I also suspect you are correct.

      Dr Malone is a change agent and a Judas goat. Whenever I listen to him, I conclude that he’s there to create a double-mindedness in the listener, especially for those of us who have taken a definite stance against the jabs.

      He is worse than Fauci, as he is controlled opposition, and I would avoid listening to him for any confirmation of a pre-existenting bias. There’s no way that he can have all of these deep connections and be our ally. He’s been purposely planted to begin redirecting the narrative away, and into the desired outcome of the globalists which is some sort of dialectic compromise.

      The MSM have also connected Mr loose cannon, Joe Rogan, as an antivaxxer and a reflection of our philosophy and worldview. This is the same technique that the globalists use to identify the remnant with Trump.

      The dumbed-down plebes have been so cognitively compromised that whenever you say you’re against the MRNA gene therapy jabs, the human livestock will immediately identify you with Trump and Rogan.

      1. Joe Rogan also pushes new age really hard, so maybe they can get some people into his new age religion by getting him more viewers.

        1. Ofc Joe Rogan does. He strongly advocates drugs like DMT that potentially open you up to demons. This is why he’s strongly pushed forward by the adversary; even though he criticizes the vaccines. As long as he doesn’t advocate about Jesus Christ, then he will be pushed forward. New Age movement is an invention of the adversary. Meditating….aliens… for all sexualities… for all religions…….all hogwash to get you away from Jesus.

  3. Do you guys think the 1st seal has already been broken:

    The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down on the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.

    — How many trees have been burned past 1-3 years? From Australia to USA.

    1. It is hard to determine if the 1st, 2nd ,3rd, etc seals have been broken. This is a question I would take in prayer to the Lord as only the Lord knows. My personal opinion is that the end time events have started in 2020. However, I think we are currently in a reprieve that is fast ending.

    2. The pale horse has been introduced. I think we are on the precipice of the black horse coming into view.

      I am predicting that the financial markets may soon top out here.

      I am trying to make the Tetris pieces fit, and I don’t see how. The Fed will slow down the economy, while inflation will persist, and its growth will still outpace wage gains.

      The Fed will keep raising to fight inflation, something not done for about 30 years. The inflation is coming from international sources. The US had been efficient at exporting inflation and importing deflation. What will happen with this flow in reverse? The Fed has never been in this position, and I proclaim it will be helpless as global circumstances overwhelm their monetary policy actions.

      1. They’ve started pushing ufo and alien life full steam on all fronts. MSM (fox news as well), movies, shows, etc. High level government officials. New office in Pentagon dealing with ufo phenomena. Coldplay music video with 150+ million views shows interactions with aliens (demons), and unity with all nations (one world government). Bring the borders down they say, haha. Why? How else is the adversary going to explain rapture to the masses besides something to do with aliens? They talk about multiple aliens species. They state most are benevolent. Some are nefarious. It’s all hogwash to program the masses for an upcoming event. The fact it’s being pushed much more strongly tells me it may be this decade. Get to know Lord Jesus Christ, folks. It’s not about what religion you belong in (catholic, protestant, etc). Do you want to follow the word of men, or the word of our Lord? It’s very easy to get deceived if you don’t know scripture. I thank Lord Jesus Christ for opening up my eyes. Because the deception out there is real, and Jesus is the truth. If he says the gates are narrow. They are narrow.

        Matthew 7:22. NIV Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

        1. If I understand Chris correctly, he rejects the Rapture in favor of a “mid-trib”, and it’s possible this misapplication of the “Parousia” as the “Rapture” will be used in the coming deceptions. One theory goes that people will start to disappear and that will lead the masses to assume it’s the Rapture. It might also be used to unveil a false Christ who will reign on Earth before the end of the world (1000 years). There are a lot of candidates for a false Christ/anti-Christ character, and the Rapture/Millenarianism fits perfectly into that deception.

          1. All I know is that the pre-trib rapture will be used to demoralize the Christians who believed in it. As circumstances and events spin further and further out of control, the gullible pre-tribbers will throw in the towel when they realize they will have to endure. These people have not been spiritually and mentally prepared properly. Those who believe that they will have to endure until at least Jesus’s return to exact revenge (true mid-trib) will be properly seasoned and will have more likely been prepared mentally, spiritually, and physically to endure the hardships to come.

            1. Great info, indeed, the rapture is a satanic deception from hell. I can see how this can easily tie up with the alien invasion deception.

              I cannot help but feel some sense of excitement for these times. It is a strange and ironic feeling. I have began to thank Jesus Christ for these times. Even though, they are diabolical to the core. I will probably be murdered the Canaanite way; though, I will not give up that easily I am excited. And I am not even part of the synagogue of Satan.

              Thanks Chris for the information.

              1. No one but the Father in Heaven knows when it happens. So don’t get fooled by MSM/Youtube preachers/etc telling you when it should occur. It could be tomorrow. It could be 100 years. It makes perfect sense for the adversary to plant this idea in the elect, so when it doesn’t happen the seed of doubt gets sown in many people. It will cause at least some people to lose their faith, and turn away from God. Which is exactly what the adversary wants.

        2. Giving all of what we are seeing; I mean the table is being set for fake alien invasions, fake bio-weapons and the jabs which accelerate the deaths of hundreds of millions, engineered economic scarcity and skyrocketing inflation, why would anyone want to be invested anymore in stocks?

          The Dow could go up to 40,000, but that would only represent another 10% or so. Look at all the profit we’ve made over the past decade, since I started writing and commenting on Henry Makow. The profits have been stellar and breathtaking, and only a fool would continue to stay that course.

          Given what we are currently seeing I would begin to liquify.

          1. I liquidated all stocks over a week ago. Un-easy feeling. imo you’re pure gambling if you’re still riding this wave. Even Musk replied to someone on twitter back in December, and he stated he sees a widespread crash in 2022. Not a coincidence in early 2022 he’s liquidated billions of his tesla stock.

            1. As did the Microsoft CEO, he sold over half his holdings.

              Today, Microsoft announced their biggest purchase yet. They are buying Activision/Blizzard. The stock price barely whimpered at the news. This is after weeks of msft trading lower and lower.

              I was at church this past weekend. After the sermon it was announced that 5 members of the church had passed away. Normally its maybe 1.

              Now this is starting to look like a pandemic…

  4. The Fed will have to do everything they can to prevent interest rates from rising back to normal levels because the US government cannot afford to service the massive national debt without the Fed’s ongoing monetization schemes. The stock market is a sideshow, the bond market is what really matters. Politicians are extremely unlikely to cut spending and balance budgets as this would be highly unpopular with powerful constituencies that have grown accustomed to feeding at the gov’t trough; it would basically be political suicide. Raising taxes won’t help because they are already too high so increasing rates won’t generate additional revenue it will only stifle economic activity. Ultimately we face a demographic crisis as the 200+ trillion $ unfunded liabilities for the ponzi scheme social security and medicare programs are far too large for the smaller younger population to sustain as the much larger older generation retires. The Fed will have no choice but to keep monetizing the debt in ever greater amounts to maintain a semblance of solvency and the currency will continue to be devalued as a result. This is not a sustainable solution of course so eventually the US government and the US dollar will inevitably completely collapse and at that point the global government and one world currency will be ushered in.

    1. While you point out some likely prospects, these are more longer term in nature. All the currencies are being devalued in concert, so as to keep a sense of normalyin the currency markets. And eventually, the debt scheme will morph into a centralized credit system.

      My immediate concern is what will most likely happen sooner. These concerns are enumerated in my post here. All real but manufactured.

      1. Indeed this is absolutely a long term global issue, the debt and demographic problem isn’t limited to the United States, as an extreme example in Japan their debt to GDP is now over 266% and they have become the largest market for adult diapers in the world, surpassing their demand for baby diapers. Central Banks around the world are clearly coordinating their devaluation on concert with one another and all of them are monetizing their countries debts to maintain a semblance of solvency; they have been doing it for over a decade and the Covid scam is just the latest excuse for increasingly massive QE programs that were necessary anyway to keep kicking the can down the road. War is absolutely a likely outcome at some point to justify some kind of jubilee/debt reset. Taiwan and Ukraine are certainly possible flash points that could set off the powder keg. We know that depopulation is a major goal of the NWO, just look at the Georgia Guidestones, what better way to accomplish that aim than to set off WWIII?

        My main point in response to your post is that the Fed is quite limited in how much they can actually do to fight inflation in the near term in the first place without upsetting the apple cart because if they reduce their bloated balance sheet full of US treasuries and raise rates then the bond market implodes and the USG goes bust, but maybe that was the plan all along anyway. Suffice to say that Fed funds at 5% cannot happen unless they were to simultaneously ramp up treasury purchases which would defeat the purpose of raising rates to fight inflation. There is simply no way out of this mess and that is probably by design since the United States has been targeted for destruction. The NWO would certainly love to do away with what little remains of our unique American values like free speech, gun rights, jury trials, etc.

        1. Agreed. Everyone knows it is ultimately a Ponzi scheme. We just figured there were always more ways to invent for prolonging it. Now they’re killing the older people through the clock shots and even the younger people. too. And now inflation has risen to levels not seen in a long time. I would have to say the CPI numbers are even more than what they were 40 years ago, because the measuring methodologies have changed over the decades to underestimate the actual numbers.

          If the S of S wanted to pull the plug, I couldn’t think of a more auspicious opportunity for them to inflict maximum damage.

          Imagine someone who’s been wiped out and who owns a ton of money; the puppets in the government will offer a solution. They’ll pay off a person’s debt as long as they take a subdermal implant, get jacked up with a lot of vaccines, and turn in his firearms.

          1. Hi Chris,

            Do you recommend selling large porfolios of blue chip/sp500 stocks or keep them based on these developments?

            1. I’ve been unloading stocks. I just tell people what I’m doing as I no longer have faith in the abilities of the FED to fix this. I also suspect that the situation was engineered to box in the Fed.

              I’ve been trying to figure out over the past couple of weeks how all of these pieces are going to fit, and I just don’t see how it’s going to.

              For the past decade I came across as being dismissive regarding the Cassandra calls of Market turmoil. But I just do not see any way in how the Fed can correct the problems that the financial world is currently facing. The current global situation has been engineered, so that only a global solution will solve it.

              I see a sense of willful ignorance at the Fed that mirrors its willful ignorance during the mid-aughts, when Greenspan handed off his power to Bernanke. I have always submitted to you that the 2008 bust was deliberately engineered to bring about a tighter control via the QE mechanism. QE allowed the powers to prolong the timeline to achieve certain desired milestones in their New World Order agenda.

              In fact, the willful ignorance at the current Fed is much greater than even then. And I don’t think we’re going to have to wait 2 to 3 years to find out the results.

              Given all of the other threads weaving themselves toward 2030, I see the natural outcome of current Fed policy as blowing up in our faces.

    1. I have had Series I savings bonds. They are a good spot to park a little bit of your money(BUT NOT ALL) for five years or more. If you hold them five years or less they penalize you three months worth of interest. Your money will be totally locked for 1 year (you can’t cash it within one year). They recalculate the interest every six months based on a formula of a base rate and the CPI inflation rate. The base rate stays the same throughout the life of the bond but the CPI rate changes every 6 months.
      This link will explain the calculation in detail:

      Here is why I would NOT put all of my money in these series I bonds:
      1) The base rate is currently 0% for the life of these bonds.
      2) The CPI rate used for these bonds currently understates the real inflation rate by a large margin.
      In effect, at 7% rate this could be still a negative real rate of return but much less negative than a savings account.
      3) The rate only changes every six months. That means if the inflation rate jumps to 15% annual rate during those six months then the real rate of return is more negative. The real rate could be more positive if the inflation rate drops below 7% in that time period.

      4) There is also the distant risk which today seems less remote that the US Treasury could default.

      5) During times of low or no inflation these bonds pay a very poor rate if any. However, you will NEVER lose principal on the series I bonds unlike the US treasury TIPS which do lose principal during deflation.

      On a positive note the Series I savings bonds pay the best rate of all the savings bonds. Stay away from the Series EE savings bonds which pay only 0.10% (Very Lousy in todays environment). All US savings bonds are one of the safest places for return of NOMINAL principal. However real principal could get eaten away in inflationary environment.

      Check out the Treasury Direct Website for further information:

      1. Thanks for the info. It is definitely something worth looking into. I also think there is a 10k cap per year per SS# plus the ability to sweep tax return money into it.

    2. These are like the savings bonds of old. I would definitely take advantage of these instruments.

      The economy might eventually go into the tank from Fed policy, but price inflation could still continue to remain elevated regardless, and higher than what many professionals believe. Imagine a Taiwan takeover and it’s effect on semiconductors. What about the China shipping, etc.

  5. Since a big goal is to inject everyone on the planet with whatever is in the ‘vaccine’, they do not want undocumented (unvaxd) people running around. So one of their priorities is to get rid of anyone who refuses to be branded with the Vax nanotech ID (or toxic substance if they have been selected for depopulation).
    One way they will do that is to engineer shortages thru supply chain crises. They will blame these shortages on the unvaxd by saying “we wouldn’t have to do this [e.g. trucker mandates] if those stubborn non-vaxxers would just accept science and get vaxxed.”
    After enough people experience the deprivation of shortages and the popn grows desperate, the gov will ramp up the narrative that maybe locking up the unvaxd is the only way out…the popn will agree and will look the other way…the unvaxd will be taken away and if they refuse to get vaxd while in the gov “isolation facilities”, they will never be heard from again. That way everyone who remains will have been tagged with the Vax ID system (the Certification Of Vaccine IDentification).

    1. This could be the case in many Western nations, but not in the US, until after Jacob’s trouble. Too many people in the states have woken up to the scam, and the 10th amendment keeps a lid on the centralized actions. Just stay out of the blue states. Even the blue counties in VA want to rebel against the new republican governor. It has nothing to do with a virus. It’s a product of partisanized and trauma-based mind control.

  6. Great article Chris. You have to think like the criminals that run this world and put yourself in their shoes. The invasion of Taiwan and possibly Japan will have a greater supply shock of items. I feel a war in the middle east could still be possible for an energy supply shock and therefore lend the argument for inefficient green energy. Over the years, I noticed that once they get everybody complacent into thinking a certain economic direction such as rising stock prices then they pull the rug. There is huge complacency among the masses and I think a giant rug is about to be pulled from under everybody.

    1. We are not far from any top. It’s not worth gambling for the last few percent of return.

      There will come a time when traders figure out that whatever the Fed does won’t matter much. It could take a year or it may be a few months.

      1. Where then would you park your money? Real estate is hugely inflated. A rate rise will put many underwater and eventually insolvent as in 2008. Gold? Crypto (I have a hard time wrapping me head around electrons. At the very least gold is shiny.

        1. For now I have been selling all of my most liquid assets. I’ve been having a tough time making any money trading and I’ve been selling all of my stocks. I have maybe one or two stocks left and it’s all cash now. This includes my retirement money. I have enough exposure to the markets via my real estate holdings.

          Real estate could really get hit hard, especially for those who have taken on leverage. The only offset for a landlord is that I suspect rents will continue to move higher.

          If an investor owns real estate I wouldn’t necessarily recommend selling it. I would only recommend unloading some if you could get your mortgage debt down to 50% of current market value.

          I have one mortgage left on my rental properties, and wouldn’t go bankrupt if real estate dropped by 50%. The mortgage represents less than 10% of my portfolio’s total market value. I took it out in late 2019 to buy another property, which I did acquire at the time of the covid scam in February 2020, for cash. It’s subsequently gone up about 30%.

          I know I got a lot of real estate investors here. I’m also not saying the FED will raise to 5%. But I paint a hypothetical scenario which indicates that even if they did I don’t think it would have much of a difference on the global problems and the results on the American consumer. I suspect the FED will shut Pandora’s box and leave “hope” trapped inside.

          Personally speaking I wouldn’t be dumping a ton of money at the Bitcoin as we have never experienced what it would do under such a scenario. It’s okay to have some, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. I suspect gold would hold up well. And held up pretty well during the 2008 bust. While it took it on the chin initially, it recovered more quickly than any other asset class and the trough was much shallower. Silver got smacked, but it had a once in a generation parabolic move.

          I’m banking on the liquidity and deleveraging here. I always recommend taking the contra and I’m placing a bet that quantitative easing is going the way up the buggy whip. I also suspect the Democrats want to continue these multi trillion dollar spending packages to bankrupt the country and bring in their new world order. Those at the top of the democratic hierarchy are carrying out specific instructions and have been deliberate in their actions. What better way to relinquish gun rights than to bankrupt the desperate populace.

          1. Thanks for the reply Chris. So if you are mostly liquidating, into what? If the US greenback loses its’ reserve currency status like the UK pound did after Bretton Woods, and the Dutch guilder before that (can’t recall when the ‘torch’ was handed over), then what is next? Is it universal unit of currency (other than the ‘basket of currencies’ SDR’s), and how will that work? I look at the Euro and how the PIIGS were a net burden mostly shouldered by the Germans as an example of how universal currencies, at least the fiat type, fail over time.
            IIRC you posted a link to “The Creature from Jeykll Island” which is a very different sort of horror story than say Alfred Hitchcock. I have had the last 20 months off (laid off) and had much time to read about how we behave as a society beginning with the basics of cooperation and morphing into more and more complex societies where people can make a ‘living’ based on being rentiers (FIRE) rather than actual producers of wealth. As this current time reaches a nexus that I cannot see past, all I see is a societal failure along the lines of the fall of Rome to the Visigoths but on a planet wide scale. Another writer, Putrid Shittgenstein, aka Cathal Haughian has written extensively as well on the coming “Great Reset”. What other concrete plans have you made for the what I see as coming food and fuel (energy) shortages leading to civil unrest which may be the pretext for some sort of attempt at “world government”. It sounds a bit off the charts crazy, but how else to explain the wilful idiocy of federal governments here in fortress North America and around the world? Who will attempt to form this world government? The dysfunctional UN which is anything but united? Great site BTW. I enjoy intellectual analyses rather than the mental pablum pumped out by the television and the big media conglomerates. It is truly astounding to me that so many are so wilfully blind but I think more and more are waking up to the grim proletarian new world order so presciently forecast by Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell).
            Land is wealth. Buildings are wealth but try and defend those by yourself from angry mobs or rapacious socialist government as described by the evil Klaus Schwab of the WEF. “You’ll own NOTHING and you’ll be happy”.
            Back to the first question then: Which liquid instruments would you recommend for the coming trying times? Us dollar? Gold? or ?? And, which area or country would you head for? Friends are actively looking at Panama, Ecuador, Portugal (despite it being one of the PIIGS), Paraguay or Idaho or Montana, but winters there are far colder than the aforementioned places.

              1. I would keep out of the Latin American countries as they have a corruption problem and a lot of them are also lawless.

            1. I’m mostly liquidating into cash. I still have my gold and a little Bitcoin, but I prefer gold over the other two.

              I’ve been working on a couple properties and fixing them up and dumping a decent amount of cash into them. So I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you what I was doing.

              Based on some of the recent economic data coming out of the United States, I am concerned that the economy is beginning to roll over. Moreover, the Federal government is now unable to engage in any meaningful social spending to make up for the loss in the organic economy. I’m coming to the conclusion that the trader and investor is beginning to lose confidence.

              If things continue as is, regardless of the current circumstances, then this economy and financial system is truly centrally managed, like the old Soviet system.

              As for where we go, that is a good question. I live in Northern Virginia and I actually don’t think it’s all that bad considering the circumstances. I think Americans around the world will increasingly be in the cross hairs of many people, and I’m not going to want to stick out in an area in which I’m not familiar.

              You have to ultimately go where you think you’re going to feel the most comfortable, or where you have friends and family. This is a global phenomenon, and I actually think the United States is the best Western nation for now.

              I’m concerned about areas in Central and South America, but if you can speak the native tongue and are already familiar with it, I’d say give it a try. I would still try to own your own home and not rent. Get situated someplace and live a life. Find some sort of professional endeavor to make you want to get out of bed in the morning.

              For me, I could keep a low profile here where I am and I’m not too far away from Washington DC. I just could never live in Maryland. The trauma-based mind control techniques have been extremely effective against the blue states.

              Sometimes living in crowds is not necessarily a bad thing either. If I lived in the four corner region of the United States, for instance, I would be more noticeable. Sometimes it’s just better to blend, while possessing a vast store of knowledge, than to try to run away from everyone. In many regards, I already feel like an outsider where I live and have detached accordingly.

              One of the things I’ve discovered over the years is how people like me stick out and I try my best to keep quiet with few friends and fancy things. Maybe it’s the way I walk down the street or talk to people, but either way, people remember me more than I remember them. When it comes to survival I don’t think that’s a good thing and I would rather be lost in the crowds than to live in an isolated area where there are only a few people.

              Everybody’s different and ultimately you’re going to have to figure that out for yourself and be led by your conscience. I find the typical worldview of most of the people whom live around here as detestable, but I am able to deal with it. Some people can’t.

              Ultimately, this is all spiritual, but perhaps I’m selling all my stocks because I just want out as well. Don’t think I’m running for the hills as I am still overloaded with real estate. Six years ago, I had spent all my money on buying properties, and was much more leveraged. Today, my portfolio is owned almost free and clear. So I’m still exposed to the vagaries of our adversary.

              You may decide to escape to Paraguay or Peru, and think that life down there will be better. Six months from now, the government may impose some unilateral actions and make your lives a living hell. Many of these governments are unstable by nature and they are not exactly hospitable to Americans. Americans go down there and outbid the locals on everything, especially real estate, with their dollars. If you’re already familiar with the area then I think that’s fine. If you move to Mexico and have already have friends and family there, then try it out.

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