Market update; my thoughts on stocks, PMs, bitcoin, and the future of QE

Okay I thought it was the Edomites. Maybe it’s the termites!

Anyway, the market is reacting very optimistically and recovered in the middle of Tuesday. Chris your stock pick SELF is holding up really good, especially after they had an offering. OEG is still holding up in the 2 range. Does Bitcoin rise back to all new highs this year? Do metals and miners uptick for a few months? Does Oil prices reach a new high? Seems like there may be a bullish sentiment for a few months.


The only stock I’m actually holding that I’ve recommended in the past is SELF.

I have not been recommending any small cap growth stocks since at least the summer of last year. With rising inflation and the likelihood of higher interest rates, I had been recommending from staying away from all the growth stocks, especially the smaller ones. I do not like OEG, and had been trashing that one as their management doesn’t seem to mind diluting current shareholders. With the government paring back the rate of their spending, I didn’t want to be involved in any of those alternative energy and green stocks.

Most of my thoughts and sentiments are posted inside the comments sections, and while I may be bullish on a particular stock in a blog post, I will subsequently turn bearish and announce it in the comments section of another post.

As you can tell, I haven’t really been talking too much about the markets as I think everything that we have discussed over the past decade is now pretty clear and the consensus for everyone to see. My concern is that everybody believes that QE will just solve the markets and any difficulties.

Controlled opposition and market Cassandra, Zero Hedge is out with its sarcasm regarding how the FED will raise interest rates and tighten to the point of market collapse and then loosen again. This seems to be the consensus of a large percentage of investors and traders, too. This guiding philosophy makes certain that the markets never actually collapse as each dip is feverishly bought up.

I think the problems around the world are much more pressing to us and I’ve been concentrating on those. Circumstances are coalescing and I believe that they are all pointing towards some sort of end scenario. If this were the case, I would believe that the Federal Reserve has been handed the perfect opportunity to prove investors wrong and blow up the financial markets in the future.

While I am not saying the Fed will blow it up, it could if the powers wanted. What makes me believe this is by gauging our adversary’s prior actions and behaviors.

To wit, I observe how the monetary and fiscal authorities developed social programs designed to directly affect inflation on the price level. It was clear to us as far back as April of 2020 that the prices of all income generating assets were going to go through the stratosphere.

Back then we contemplated why the powers were doing that. I thought it was very foolish to engage in such direct transfer policies, and believed that they had another purpose in mind. Now we see the results of these policies, and to make matters worse, the central banks and governments around the world remained willfully ignorant to the inflationary fallout from their programs for over a year. They let it grow out of control to its current level.

Now, they want to rein it all in. The Federal Reserve has a Herculean task in front of it, and if they engage in such policy magic like the late ’70s, most investors will not survive it this time around.

I submit the current monetary and financial system circumstances were purposely engineered for some desired future outcome. There was nothing left to chance here, and the synagogue of Satan knew exactly what they were doing. They still know exactly what they are doing. These powers are not stupid and if they want to devise a collapse, what better way to do it than by employing horrible policies under the guise of fighting a fake pandemic, letting the fall out from those policies get way out of control for too long, and then respond in a way that destroys the average small person.

In this regard, the Federal Reserve and the federal government will get the blame. QE can only survive long-term in a low inflationary environment. Perhaps these powers are juicing the monetary system as much as possible, so they can drain as much wealth as they can before some future event or set of events take place.

The PPI numbers this morning were mixed bag, but these numbers are still outrageous.

I would have to assume that Bitcoin will follow the vagaries of the general marketplace, and if the Federal Reserve is as hawkish as I think it could get, all bets are off. I still own the Bitcoin and don’t intend to sell as I think it has a good future, and it will probably put in all time highs again this year. From a chart perspective I had been bearish on bitcoin since around its 50 day SMA and theorized it would touch the 100 and 200 day SMA, as a matter of course. But it exhibited a similar behavior around the longer term moving averages as it did around the shorter term, and that’s why it fell further. It’s recovered nicely off that drop below $40,000 though. That could have been the wash out.

I’m not a big fan of the mining stocks and never have been, so when it comes to precious metals I will always recommend owning the metal directly. That is one tough business.

As for energy stocks and energy, I’m certainly not as bullish as I was when oil was trading for nothing a couple years ago. If I were a long-term energy investor I would be contemplating selling off some of my holdings here as the prices have risen tremendously in sympathy with the price rise in oil.

With regard to my trading and investing recommendations over the next year or two, I wouldn’t bail out of the markets yet. A fully loaded freight train can take at least two miles to come to a stop. I think of how the financial markets responded during the tightening campaign of the mid-aughts, and marveled at the delay of the onset of the engineered Great Recession and the collapse of real estate. From the beginning of the tightening campaign in 2004, to the top and down slope, was a full three years. Investors do not give up so easily and will speculate all the way to the bitter end.

There are always delays in the outcome, and I suspect we will see the same with this instance. But the money has become very easy to obtain once again. I pointed out in a previous comment how investor money has gotten almost as easy and cheap to obtain as back during the height of the real estate bubble. These private lenders are tripping over themselves and I get a couple emails a day from them.

In my study of our adversary regarding the financial markets, one thing is clear; they plan each cycle years in advance, and we are being set up for a doozy of a bust. If the powers cannot get price inflation under control in a practical manner, I pity the over leveraged investor.

Don’t think that the dollar will go the way of the Turkish lira or Russian ruble. Nothing could be further from the truth. If we get a run by over-leveraged investors, the dollar could really make a nice run.

When I see hundreds of new YouTube videos by dummy real estate investors telling us that owning rental properties is a one-way ticket to riches, I take the contra. I come across people in my daily routine telling me how they finally bought their first rental property within the past few months. I marvel at how predictable people really are and nothing ever changes. It was the same garbage in the mid aughts.

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43 thoughts on “Market update; my thoughts on stocks, PMs, bitcoin, and the future of QE

  1. I am seeing signs that WWIII may be on the way soon maybe even sooner than 2024. The unrest in Khazakhstan last week was strange and another temporal marker that we are on our way to WWIII.
    This prophetic video really clarified for me the behind the scenes situation going on between the West and Russia. She starts with a prayer but the talk about Kazakhstan starts at 1:56.

    The idea to keep in mind is that Putin is also working for Satan, however, he is a lot smarter and sharper than the leaders in the West. Things in Ukraine and the world may heat up real fast.
    The other idea to keep in mind is to prepare by stocking up on food and other necessary items.
    Most of all get your spiritual house in tune with Jesus Christ. He is the only way.

    1. This war might be a ways off, but it looks like Putin and Xi will be at the helm when it takes place. The second half of the decade.

  2. The pro-Zionist dispensational crowd is just as contaminated and under brainwashed mind control as the pro-vaxxer crowd. Psychologically speaking, there is no difference.

    Better to be with the crowd than stand alone. His guests are all Zionists, so he must be also.

  3. Great news keeps rolling in regarding covid rules in the US AND in my state VIRGINIA!

    Come to VA, the economy is flying and the laws are easy. I sent in another email to my senators a couple days ago; two this past week. I keep hounding them. They respond.


    VA Governor Youngkin ends mandates for masks in schools and COVID vaccinations for state workers

    Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed 11 executive orders following his swearing in ceremony on Saturday, including those that overturn Virginia’s mask mandate for public schools and a COVID vaccination requirement for state workers.

    Youngkin also signed an order that bans the teaching of critical race theory, a major focus of the 2021 campaign.

    1. Youngkin may be CFR, but I take the wins when we get them. Let’s party 🎉🙂🎈🥳🎊💃

      1. All fun and games until the false flag shows up to reverse this massively. Agreed. Enjoy it while you can!

        1. Glad to see Mr NAFTA still trolling the message boards. 😀

          It’s interesting regarding the Mexican-American War and how Mexico never truly forgave America for invading and occupying Mexico City. It allowed America to achieve a better outcome during the truce and peace negotiations. Indeed, America cleaned up. There was even talk in Washington at the time of whether they wanted to annex the entire nation of Mexico. But it was decided early on that the cultural differences were just too vast.

          So now Mexico can achieve a lot of its objectives to overrun the United States with its porous border, cheap peso, as well as its willingness to accept dollars as payment.

    2. I give links of my website to my elected officials when I correspond.

      Leave Canada and the Northeast and come to VA. The taxes are much lower, the laws are much easier, and sensability is returning to government. Real estate investors can still find good deals here and in MD.

      People ask me where I am going to run to, and I say I may as well stay here for now.

  4. It’s interesting that the US military has forces deployed domestically and training in places like rural North Carolina to fight and shoot to kill Christian patriots.

    It’s interesting to think who the true enemy is to the New World Order.

    This is one of the reasons why the US military pulled out of Afghanistan. They need to begin training for their real enemy.

    The gene therapy jab campaign is not going too well in the United States for our adversary. The Supreme Court ruled mostly against the Biden mandate for the gene therapy jabs. Though it went mostly according to partisan lines, I suspect that the Supreme Court needed to vote this way lest our adversary would invite blood in the streets eventually over this matter.

    The reason why people aren’t in the streets rioting here in America is that the restrictions are very mild. The places that have the most restrictions are the blue states and the people love their servitude in those areas, so they accept it. There are a little to no restrictions in the red states, because the governments there know their people wouldn’t tolerate it.

    There Will be blood in the streets and the US military is planning for it in the rural woods and forests of North Carolina.

    There eventually will be truckloads of real blood that will be spilled, and that will come during the time of Jacob’s trouble. This will be equivalent to the Battle of Midway for the remnant, as the tide will immediately begin to turn against our adversary.

  5. Here is an email I received from a reader:

    You said : Jesus did say the elect would be deceived. The bible says: mark 13:22: For false christs and false prophets will be raised, and they will give signs and wonders in order to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. I believe the author, Mark, is saying that the elect are the target. But that it is not possible, indeed, if one is truly of the elect. The devil is after God’s children, and no one else. And because His children are protected by Him, it is quite frankly not possible that this handful of faithful people would somehow be attacked and deceived. It is because they implicitly trust in their Master that they will not be. Given wholly into His care like trusting children.


    I guess, technically you are correct, as it says if it were possible, the elect would be deceived.

    For my purposes I would rather err on the side of vigilance, because most of the elect are going to end up dead anyway. They’re going to end up dead because they were ensnared in the system or somehow made a move that cost their lives. Many will be martyred in the faith, but many will be killed because of their personal circumstances. Some will make it to the other side all the way until Jesus’s return. The Bible is clear on this.

    I submit that there are many people who think they are part of the elect, but have been hopelessly deceived by the Schofield doctrine. They believe that the Jews own the Old testament and that the Old testament characters were jewish. They somehow believe that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses were Jews. I have talked to a few of today’s Jews, and even they say these people were not Jews. Now these deceived Christians may be God-fearing Jesus lovers and actually believe I’m the bad guy.

    Moreover, I would have to say that a majority of those who think they are the elect actually believe in a pre-trib rapture. As we can plainly see, most of God’s elect is hopelessly deceived. Perhaps they will snap out of it. Unfortunately, I doubt that will happen and they will end up one of the slain under the altar.

    I would rather be totally vigilant, so I can make it as far in to the tribulation as possible. I believe I have a certain skill set and understanding that could prove worthwhile for those struggling during these next several years. I want to make sure I am as prepared as possible.

    Based on my study on the bible, and my understanding of history, it’s becoming abundantly clear that the time of Jacob’s trouble will coincide and be that war in Ezekiel 38-39. This is when America will be destroyed. Many of the elect are here in the United States today, and I doubt many of them will make it. Many of them weren’t vigilant enough or had people holding them back.

    I don’t see how Jacob’s trouble can be anything else. The Bible has been banned over the centuries in many areas of the world, and the Catholic Church hierarchy at one time banned the Bible as well. God’s going to intervene after this horrific set of events and put an end to it.

    Indeed, you are correct again; the devil is totally obsessed with this small remnant. I read Revelation 12 for verification of this. Satan already knows he has the rest of the population. Just look at how easily they submitted themselves to these jabs, and this was not even law in most of the jurisdictions. It’s all the color of law and it’s all about getting along and being part of the crowd. They will all submit and take the mark, and damn their souls. Only a fool will continue to take these jabs and submit themselves to whatever our adversary has in mind. And I use the word “fool” deliberately as Jesus used it and referred to the unsaved as fools.

    Thank you for sharing and pointing it out.

    1. “ the Catholic Church hierarchy at one time banned the Bible as well”….I believe you mean that the Church banned Luther’s doctrine of “sola scriptura”. Correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks Chris.

      1. Censorship of the Bible – Wikipedia

        There are many instances from the middle ages onward that point to a concerted effort to try to conceal the written word to the laity and non church member.

        As I have stated before, the invention of the printing press blew the cover wide open and finally made the written word easily available to anyone seeking it.

        The invention of the printing press coincided with the height of power of both the Catholic Church and the Islamic religion. The truth was finally there for Joe Six-pack to read.

        1. Doesn’t explain why Protestants prefer the Masoretic forgeries and anti-Christian/pro-Judeo-Masonic interpretations of the Greek. Protestants couldn’t even agree on what books were canonical. The Judeo-Masonic translations were a necessary step towards a universal dogma-less religion that will find its fullness in the Antichrist.

          This is your blog, but it detracts from your message to try to salvage the early Masons because they attacked the Catholic Church. The Masons were always evil and foot soldiers of the demon.

          1. Everything you’re saying here is outside the scope of my discussion. Someone asked me if the Catholic Church banned the Bible and I answered this question. The practice banning the Bible, outside of communist and Muslim countries, thus became academic once the printing press was invented.

            The printing press was the single most important invention and it lifted humanity out of the shackles of the despotism of the Middle ages. Whether or not Masons or malthusians or Jesuits or whatever did whatever is irrelevant.

            I get that you are probably the most pro Catholic person I have ever come across, but I have no idea why I get so many Catholics coming to my website when I am clearly not an ally of Catholicism. I am not an ally of any church. I am not Protestant, I am not Catholic, I am not orthodox. I am not a Zionist Laodicean either. You must get your facts straight and become a Jesus man. Stop wasting your time with silly diversions when all that matters is getting your heart right with Jesus.

            There’s nothing in the Bible about a pope. There’s nothing in the Bible about priests being celibate. There’s nothing in the Bible about nuns. There’s nothing in the Bible about lent. There’s nothing in the Bible about Christmas. There’s nothing in the Bible about Easter. There’s nothing in the Bible about purgatory. There’s nothing in the Bible about the Catholic baptism. We are ordered not to pray to anyone else other than the father and Jesus. I don’t confess to a man or priest. These people can go stuff it. I confess in my closet to Jesus and the Father. I just stick to the Bible.

            I understand why the Catholic church was so determined to ban the Bible and restrict its usage. Once I opened the Bible I couldn’t stay in the Catholic church. The Catholic Church even changed the ten commandments. I suggest all my readers do the same and leave all of the churches. It makes it so much easier to cut out the middleman who wants your money when you can go directly to the source and it’s free.

            Catholic apologists come from the position of authority; appealing to authority. Then they denigrate any other form of Christianity as pagan. They say the KJV is corrupted, etc. They try to prove themselves correct by stating the negative of other types of Christianity.

            1. The Bible didn’t fall from the sky translated into English. The homosexual King James had his own agenda. That Americans no longer recognize it doesn’t completely dampen its effect. You are reading someone else’s Bible with your own ideas and it leads you in a particular direction.

              I saw your original post and didn’t reply, but only replied after yours to Ted. I can’t force you to reconsider your historical position, but the fatal conceit here is still that you refuse to recognize deficiencies in the KJV. The KJV is designed to be anti-Catholic. We are speaking a different language while you use his corrupted text.

              I bring up all of those elements you quoted because it forms a big picture. The Catholic Church has always banned materials that went against the truth, because the Church holds there is one Christian Truth that comes from God, and not many. The many interpretations against dogma lead to perdition.

              As far as your not being an ally of Catholicism, you do still speak truly on subjects. We are at the end of a long history of propaganda. Your warnings may still give many a chance to reconsider their time in this world.

              1. King James didn’t translate the Bible himself. He only authorized it. Furthermore, the differences between different Bible versions are extremely minute and they do not change God’s meaning. Just pick one that you feel is easiest to read for yourself.

                God would not allow the Bible to be infiltrated. That’s obviously off grounds. lucifer meanwhile has full dominion over the churches themselves. And if you’re on the judgement seat complaining your church or priest/pastor/preacher lead you astray – God will simply ask you why did you ‘choose’ to follow the word of men vs the word of the Lord? Be vigilant. Don’t be deceived by the adversary.

                1. I appreciate your good intentions, but I have to disagree. Chris has asked me to refrain from Catholic apologetics, so I will. If you would like to understand what I am talking about anyway, then research the Septuagint, Vulgate, Masoretic texts, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Jews were the original perverters of Scripture and I believe an honest examination will reveal that Scripture is not off-limits to the demon.

                2. So what are the differences or additions on those texts you mentioned vs what’s in the Bible? Chris showed numerous differences that are in the Bible, which the Catholic church either doesn’t follow or have their own ideas. For example, divorce after marriage (Jesus allows it under certain circumstances). Or baby baptism (nowhere in the Bible). Nor any mention of priests or purgatory.

                3. I tremble to mention that the protestant KJV and other versions have 66 books and the Catholic Septuagint 72. Might I suggest that someone take the time to read I & II Maccabees in the Catholic OT and let me know if you think it is the inspired Word of God? If it is not, please instruct me as to WHY not? Looking forward to your thoughts. Thank you

              2. PCSsays — Just the simple fact every single movie, show, etc uses the Catholic Church when representing Christians should tell you something is off. It means it has the adversary’s stamp of approval….. The Bible is very clear (1 Timothy 2):

                5 For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus.

                Praying to Mary. Calling her Holy. It’s wrong, I think. She wasn’t Holy, because it’s clearly written in the Bible none of us are free of sin. Furthermore, it’s implied in the Bible Mary had other children after Jesus. I’m not protestant. Catholic. etc. I just follow the Bible and scripture. When Jesus forgave — he said and “sin no more.” Not try not sinning again. Or at least go a month, year, 5 years, 10 years, etc without sinning. No. “And sin no more.” lucifer planted ideas of an everlasting forgiveness. And purgatory for the big sinners who can’t stop. It’s a trap rooted in deceit.

                1. Your comment is full of error, but Chris asked for no Catholic apologetics and so I won’t go into detail. I still think you have good intentions, and that can be appreciated. It’s for reasons of your anti-intellectual stance that descends from Protestantism (even if you don’t like the label) that we are unable to communicate effectively. I don’t want to antagonize our host, but to put it simply, if you want to understand Catholics then read more Church history and learn how Protestant apologists argue versus what you think personally is a good argument.

  6. IRS Targets Your Side Hustle in Crackdown on Transactions Over $600

    The feds tried for years to phase in this low threshold of $600 for tax reporting purposes, but was always rebuffed. Now that the Democrats are in full control, they stick it to the poor person.

    I send out at least a couple dozen Zelle payments a years to people who help me, because these hired HVAC technicians, plumbers, etc like to keep under the radar. They don’t make much money and certainly don’t want to report it. That will become virtually mpossibke to avoid now.

    The very people the Democrats claim they are trying to help are the very ones who always end up getting the shaft. These small timer workers have little expense offset, thus are almost always exposed to paying a larger percentage of income in taxes.

    Same old same old. Democrat deficit spending helps the wealthiest as asset prices rise for the wealthiest and the wealthiest can easily offset inflation.

    1. Imagine if the Republicans passed the $600 threshold. The so-called left and the controlled racial justice groups would be crying that the Republican action is racist and a terrible social injustice to keep the average worker down.

      But this type of tracking and tracing needs to be enforced worldwide, so globalists pass it off for the Democrats to enforce. And because the Democrats pass this legislation that destroys the privacy of the poor man, nobody complains.

      This is all part of the trauma based mind control that has been engineered on the West. Because the Democrats pass it, nobody complains.

  7. For what it is worth I think we may want to be prepared, as far as that is possible, for the potential of an imminent engineered financial collapse. Just last month, some of the same forces that simulated a coronavirus pandemic with Event 201 just a few months before the plandemic was rolled out globally, have conducted a war game exercise modeling a scenario wherein cyberattacks on the financial system result in an economic collapse.
    Personally I am currently stocking up on physical silver as it is one of the only assets that is still relatively cheap which I can hold in my hands with no counterparty risk. In addition I am on day 5 of a 21 day water fast, denying my flesh and humbling myself in prayer to God asking that he would help to guide me and my family through this coming year, whatever it may bring. Unfortunately as a direct result of Biden’s tyrannical mandate I was fired a couple of months ago from a 6 figure job for refusing to submit to weekly covid testing as a condition of employment but I am taking a bold leap of faith and trusting that God will provide a way for me to support my family financially another way.

  8. Here’s the good news. This is the last full decade of this age for humanity. Jesus will come soon within the next 8 to 10 years. We have been in the last days since Jesus’s birth. Recall Jacobs blessings to his sons on his deathbed; they were all to take place in the last days. This meant during the time after Jesus was born and crucified.

    Here’s the bad news. The remnant Christians are going to have to endure for a long part of this. They will have to endure until Jesus returns. Then when we’re gone out of this he’s going to seek vengeance on those who killed and maimed his remnant.

    There will be no rapture before his return. The churches are dead, 99% of them, and any 501c3 church needs to be avoided like a leper.

    Stuff is going to happen fast now and 2022 will be worse than 2021. 2023 will be worse than 2022. 2024 will be worse than 2023. Each year will get worse for us until his return. Friends and family members will hate your guts. It doesn’t matter how right you are. They have all submitted and will eventually take the mark. What little desire they have to seek out a god, a creator, will be extinguished.

    We need to keep our noses to the grindstone. The upcoming collapses in the financial and economic markets will be deflationary in nature. This is just how the fiat currency system works. Keep in mind that Venezuela and Zimbabwe just print the money and hand it out. In our system, there is an offsetting debt that has to be serviced, and when it’s called watch out below.

    The loss of confidence in the quantitative easing mechanism could take two to three years or it could take two to three months. It’s going to happen as the next set of manufactured crises in the financial markets and economy will be deemed global and outside the scope of any one particular Central Bank. In order to solve it all the major central banks will make a pact to tackle it head-on and the solution will be burped up out of the gates of hell. It will be comprised of a digital track and Trace system with a UBI.

    For now we keep doing what we’re doing and wait until we are called by the holy Ghost. Make your life as simple as possible so when it’s time you’re not ensnared. I applaud though who have walked away from their jobs and have decided to put their financial matters into their own hands. These people are on the next step to self sovereignty.

    1. Chris,

      You mentioned some time ago about doing a blog post or pod cast about your departure from working for the man and how hard it was in those first few years, the self doubt etc…… It would be great to get your initial experience on this for those looking to leave the man or in many cases forced out due to mandatory vaccine requirements as upheld today by SCOTUS for those in the medical field. Thanks.

    2. Chris I opened a new account with local E*J* brokerage. Now the broker wants me to come back in so he can scan my state DL and my SS card. He needs the card, a silly cardboard trinket. He says central office made it mandatory.

      I can’t trade my account until I do.

      What do you make of this?

      1. I have heard of DL, but not the social security card. Perhaps they want a second piece of ID? Would another piece do? Whenever I open a checking account I always get asked for my DL, but not a SS card. I think that is arbitrary on your brokerage firm’s account. It’s easy to verify someone’s SS number.

        Tell him you don’t have a ln SS card, and request another form of proof of identity. What about a passport?

        Maybe you are on the DHS watchlist 😲😁

  9. If you just came into a bit of money and all your debts were paid off but you didn’t have your retirement completely set yet, what would you invest in? I already have some silver and some stocks and I’ll be receiving an inheritance in a bit. What is your advice for someone wanting to
    setup retirement portfolio with about ten years left of working? Do you know any professionals that you recommend?

    1. Hi Marta, thanks for the comments and question. I need to know a little bit more before I give a trite response. Why don’t you email me at the email address I provide on the website;

      Trying to figure out how much money we’re talking about. You don’t have to tell me exactly, but if it’s a large or small amount that would be kind of helpful. Some people get 10,000 in inheritance, others get a million.

      I’d also be willing to see how much work you’re willing to do if it’s a large amount. I also like gold over silver. I notice the two are starting to diverge again.

  10. This is how I think QE will fail for the Federal Reserve.

    I suspect that a manufactured global “unsolvable” financial system problem will arise in which the Federal Reserve will not be able to properly address. As a result of this manufactured crisis, the QE mechanism will start to falter regardless of what the Federal Reserve does.

    The synagogue of Satan will offer a solution and it will be global in nature. Unfortunately, in that process, most small investors will be wiped out.

    When we have all of these government loving advocates and politicians professing their love for how QE can solve all of the world’s problems, you know QE’s days are numbered.

    QE only works when we have low inflation and when enough people doubt its integrity. This skepticism keeps a lid on its reckless use.

    1. If the manufactured supply chain issues and the resulting price inflation persist, these will be the unsolvable problems for the Federal Reserve.

      If this goes on for another year or two, it’s lights out on QE.

  11. Hi Chris,

    If a tightening cycle did bring down markets do you think real estate prices would slump as they did in 2008-2013 or hold steady at a plateau or even continue higher?

    1. Yes, they could get hit.

      If there is a race for investors and borrowers to cover indebtedness, we could see something similar to 2008. Although QE might go the way of the buggy whip, if there’s a mad dash to accumulate dollars to leverage, the dollar will still be held dearly. Thus, assets of all sorts will go down in price.

      I don’t look at this being like Venezuela or Zimbabwe, I look at it as more of a deflationary collapse. And when I mean deflationary, I refer to asset prices.

      I doubt the dollar will ever go away, and even in a global monetary regime the dollar can still exist in some form.

        1. Sure, other than inflation losses, it is okay. Not too much though. I like gold better.

  12. The dumbed down masses follow the Zero Hedge propaganda Twitter feed as it sarcastically derides the liberals for being so paranoid regarding covid.

    Zero Hedge engages in anything that will raise its readership while simultaneously spreading the propaganda of our adversary.

    I remember how this same Zero Hedge was spreading the Chicomm covid disinformation YouTube videos that “leaked out” of China and appeared on YouTube showing people convulsing in the streets. They showed the ambulances piled high with body bags and the crematoriums booked solid.

    All in a day’s work for the millionaire and Putin-allied owners of Zero Hedge as they continue to work with our adversary to engineer their trauma based mind control campaign to their Western alt-followers. I can’t help those who are attached to the Zero Hedge feeds. They are under as much trauma-based mind control as the MSNBC watchers.

    Zero Hedge is your worst enemy. Their Twitter feed is the absolute worst and most disgusting disingenuous propaganda designed to keep you broke.

  13. I just received an email from LendingOne, they are telling me they have 30-year amortized rental portfolio loans for as low as 3.25%. I took out a 30-year rental loan with a 5-year arm for 6%, 2.5 years ago. The drop in mortgage rates for the investor has been amazing.

    With money this cheap, a novice investor can bid up the prices of anything.

    By the way, in a new survey, New Jersey roads were ranked the worst in the country. All the toll money and gas tax are not going to their highways.

    Of the bottom 10 states, eight of them were blue. Virginia was ranked the second best behind North Dakota. I personally think Virginia’s roads have got to crowded, especially i-95 and i-81. VDOT has been desperately trying to expand i-64 between Richmond and Norfolk for a decade now.

    1. Chris – you know how the elites like to tell you what they’re doing ahead of time, correct? Take a look at this brother: (new $100 bill update) (May 2012) (oct 21 installed shhh sign overlooking nyc)

      I’m not saying this will happen, but I think there are enough little bread crumbs to at least give it a respectful look. This may be the reason they’ve gone easy on us in the USA in terms of covid lockdowns compared to Australia, for example. They don’t want us around. And if something like this does happen I can see them introducing a ‘new world leader’ shortly afterwards – as the solution to all of our problems. Order out of chaos.

    2. I am receiving letters and emails from my mortgage company for my rental property regarding refinancing. I was considering doing this to lower my monthly payment and increase monthly cash flow. Is this the sort of thing you’re talking about or is this a good idea? I need the cash flow to prepare for these end times

      1. If you have the opportunity to lower your interest rate on outstanding debt I would definitely avail yourself of this chance.

        I would not take on more leverage to buy properties. The loans I’m talking about are cash outs. With interest rates this low for cash outs, I don’t remember ever seeing them this low for investors. I actually think they’re lower than in the mid-aughts.

        While we still have the chance, I recommend availing yourself of the opportunity to leverage these low rates. But don’t do it for cash out financing to buy more properties.

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