The synagogue of Satan and its multi-decade demoralization campaign against the West

Ever wonder why most people are broke, depressed, and sick?
1955: American actor Betsy Blair stands with her back to American actor Ernest Borgnine in a still from the film, ‘Marty.’

I watched the 1955 movie “Marty” last night on Amazon Prime. While the actors put in a fine performance, and the movie received a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.7 on IMDB; while watching, I couldn’t help but contemplate how far the moral decay of humanity had progressed since that movie was released.

Indeed, its plot and story describe a world that no longer exists today, nor even 10-15 years subsequent to the movie’s release. By the time the mid-late 1960s rolled around, the country and the world was an entirely different place. I think of the filthy actresses like Jane Fonda, who often brag about how cutting edge they were. In an interview with Norm Macdonald a few years ago, Fonda specifically denied the existence of any God. You and I know there’s a special prison cube reserved in hell for her.

I often analyze the long-term societal degradation and demoralization, and how this sea change started in the early 1960s, post JFK assassination. In the 10 years subsequent to the release of Marty, the morality of the average Westerner was almost completely unrecognizable to those from the prior decade.

Fast forward another 57 years from 1965, and it’s clear to me that our adversary’s conquest of the West is now complete. Just take a look at Marty to see what I mean.

One of the purposes of my blog is to demonstrate to the reader and listener just how comprehensive our multi-generational destruction has progressed and been finalized. We have been conquered, and we are a conquered people; residing in a land that Godly people founded.

It is impossible to enslave, mentally or socially, a bible-reading people. The principles of the bible are the groundwork of human freedom.

Horace Greeley

America was still considered a Christian nation as recently as the fifties. By the time the 1960s rolled around, Americans began to indulge in drugs and false religions. They began to engage in every sort of degeneracy; all within a span of 10 to 15 years.

The global culture is now just a cesspool of immorality and self-absorption, and it’s a talmudic toilet. Now the allies of the synagogue of Satan rejoice as they have demoralized and socially re-engineered the average Westerner, who is now the most filthy person to have walked the planet since the time of Sodom.

Don’t ever once think that it is just a coincidence between the offshoring of our jobs, the massive deficit spending, the breakup of the families, and the losses of our standards of living, with the degradation of our morality.

Don’t ever think that explosion in the rates of sickness, disease, cancer, depression, and hopelessness is also a coincidence.

Even I am contaminated by this degradation. We all are. We are conquered debt slaves living on a global talmudic debt plantation.

If we all repented and went back to the way we once were, our adversary would be defeated. Now, the global population is being treated like livestock by their governments, and that’s because the global population acts like livestock. They deserve what is happening to them and what is to come.

Behold the pale horse… An amoral people are easily duped and susceptible to trauma-based mind control. Watch the livestock line up and take their death jabs. Obey government.

Amoral people are also easily parted with their money.

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46 thoughts on “The synagogue of Satan and its multi-decade demoralization campaign against the West

  1. U.S. Inflation Hits Nearly 40-Year High of 7%, Sets Stage for Fed Hike

    The way the department of Labor measures inflation has changed drastically since 1982, and still the numbers of this high.

    Under the 1982 algorithms and methodologies, CPI would be at least 10% right now.

    The FED has to act very quickly and any of you who are overextended with many mortgages as a real estate investor should seriously contemplate pairing down the number of loans outstanding and lowering your debt to equity ratio.

    It’s so easy to get complacent. I am bombarded with at least three or four various investor lenders with cheap money. In 2015 the best I could do for a 30-year fixed investor loan was 7.5%. Two and a half years ago that was down to 6%. Today that is less than 5% and in some instances, as low as 4%. These investor loans are very easy to obtain and are based on the cash flow of the property in question.

    I am concerned that a greater percentage of the population will begin to have harder times coming up with the rent as a greater percentage of the people get sicker. I believe over the next year or two this percentage of the population will grow much faster than the mainstream expects. They will blame it on anything but the jabs.

    Don’t be caught flat-footed in this time of the assrt cycle. The inflation numbers are much higher than expected and the Federal Reserve controls such a large portion of the US Treasury Market, that the United States government can now survive a high interest rate regime. If bond yields rise, the Fed can always work behind the scenes very easily with its vast stores of US treasuries to manipulate the market and keep the government business, while it bankrupts the average person.

    I’m not saying that we sell our assets, but we would be foolish to remain highly leveraged going into what could be a nasty rate hike campaign. The amount of over leverage and complacency in the wake of the covid scam is unprecedented in human history. The media are manipulating the investor to sleep walk into a buzz saw.

    1. If global investors have been trained like seals to believe that a higher vaccine uptake is better for the world and the economy, then they can be trained to be overextended at the very worst moment.

      Never before have I seen the global investing pool in such a sleep walking state.

  2. Kenites. Never ever forget who these people are. They are the literal flesh and blood children/ offspring of the devil himself. Cain was fathered by the serpent- one of satans names. Yes, that is correct, Eve was wholly seduced by the devil in the garden. Satan tried to pollute the blood line thru which our Lord JESUS CHRIST would eventually be born. Cain murdered Abel so he had no prodigy. It would be thru Seth that our beloved Savior would be born. The kenites hide themselves in the true tribe of Judah and took over the duties of the scribes and priests from the Levites after the Babylonian captivity. They have wormed themselves into every seat of power and authority on this planet, mixed with all races of people and have infiltrated every government on the face of the earth. “They” hold on to their control through their iron grip of the 4 “hidden” dynasties of power which are primarily – Politics, Money/finance, Religion and Education. These four are wholly controlled by kenites. Its no accident that our world is in the condition it’s in. The main goal for these evil, degenerate, satanist, murdering gag of maggots is to make the world so miserable that eventually world “leaders” and MOST people wil be crying out for a “savior”, only thing is- it will NOT be the True JESUS CHRIST coming it WILL be the antichrist who will show up at the 6th seal, 6th trump and 6th vial. Hence= 666. JESUS does not return AGAIN until =777, the last trump out. These kenites are not aliens, reptilians, ghosts or any of that other nonsense, they are literally the children of the devil. However, GOD will use these reprobates to complete HIS work. YHVH our Father IS and will always be in control. Educate yourselves- learn the parable of the wheat and tares, Parable of the fig tree. Learn what really happened in the Garden of Eden and everything will make total sense of the chaos we find ourselves living in, in these end days. Always, always remember that satan is cast to the earth as antichrist before JESUS comes back at the second advent. Stay on the wall, watch- for our redemption draweth nigh. GOD Bless everyone, read your BIBLES =all answers are there.

    1. For an in-depth Bible study of what has brought mankind to its depravity, read the 23 letters from 1862.
      Sign2.pdf The Sign of the Cross – 23 Letters to Frederic from Msgr. Jean-Joseph Gaume – 1862 A.D. If anyone has a problem with this well-footnoted series of letters, it will demonstrate exactly WHY we are so depraved. The rot is in man well before JFK and the 60’s, which was the fruit of the lack of this practice. Human respect is to blame.

    2. Okay I thought it was the Edomites. Maybe it’s the termites!
      Anyways the market is reacting very optimistically and recovered in the middle of Tuesday. Chris your stock pick SELF is holding up really good, especially after they had an offering. OEG is still holding up in the 2 range. Does Bitcoin rise back to all new highs this year? Do metals and miners uptick for a few months? Does Oil prices reach a new high? Seems like there may be a bullish sentiment for a few months.

    3. I think you are spot on. The kenites went to mix with the Canaanites, the curse of canaan, then you had Edom which merged with Canaan, the sorrow of Rebekah and Jacob, and strengthen the satanic lineage to go between Edom vs Jacob. If it was not so satanic. I would say it is beautiful how it ties up.

      Hence you got the synagogue of Satan by different names


      Real descendants of the tribe of Judah are Judahites or Jews. Certainly the word jew gets thrown on to confuse folks on purpose. That word is cursed.

  3. Rental loans for as low as 3.75%

    in 2019, these loans were around 5.5-6%. The investors are getting aggressive and complacent. With cheaper money, investors are stretching the cap rates and IRRs. Could be a redux of the late aughts. If that were the case, today would be equivalent to 2004, when the Fed began raising rates, until the RE market collapsed in 2008-09.

  4. Why Did US Deaths Shoot Up 40% Above Normal Last Year? Mercola January 11th


    OneAmerica, a national life insurance company based in Indianapolis, reports working age people (18 to 64) are dying at a rate that is 40% higher than prepandemic rates

    There’s also been an uptick in disability claims. Initially, there was a rise in short-term disability claims, but now most claims are for long-term disabilities

    Hospitalizations in Indiana are also higher than before the COVID shots were rolled out in in 2021, and the highest they’ve been in five years

    The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India also reports a 41% rise in death claims in 2021

    COVID-19 deaths were significantly lower in 2021 than 2020, so COVID-19 can be ruled out as the cause for this historical rise in excess deaths and disabilities.

    Right now, the most probable cause is the experimental COVID jabs.

  5. Comedian Bob Saget died on his bed with his left hand on his heart. Seems the typical way to go for someone who recently bragged about taking his third clot shot in his behind.

    The man had no prior health issues and looked like he was in great health for his age. I guess his family will file a life insurance claim.

    Satan is having a field day;:all of these unrepentant sinners dying before their time. I wonder what they are all experiencing now, given that they gave into the fear and most likely never repented before their last breath.

    1. Thanks. I listened last night. They certainly do not like Dr. Malone. At the end of the interview, Rense played a clip where Malone proclaims he is a deep insider with many intelligence contacts. Malone also claims to be close colleague of Fauci.

      I say run away from Dr Malone. This deep insider seems to appear out of nowhere.

  6. This is a copy of an email I sent my two senators tonight. It’s regarding ordering down the Senate filibuster rules. This matter is especially important with regards to second amendment rights.

    What goes around, comes around.

    In the early 2010’s, Harry Reid abolished the nominations filibuster in order to pack the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.  He claimed that his precedent “did not apply to Supreme Court nominations.”

    He learned two agonizing lessons.

    The first was that the cheat scheme he used was soon used to fill the Supreme Court with conservatives – probably locking the court in for a generation.  In order to snatch a small victory, Reid’s “nuclear option” came at a huge cost.

    The second lesson is that you can’t just limit your “cheat scheme” to the cheating you want to do.  Reid tried to limit his scheme to the lower courts. But, once you’ve crossed that Rubicon, there are no distinctions that are sustainable.

    Once you create a small substantive exception to the legislative filibuster rule, all bets are off.  And there’s no guarantee that Democrats will control the Senate after the election.

    So please do not create a “voting rights” carveout to the filibuster rule. And please do not think you can use the nuclear option to eliminate the filibuster on the motion to proceed without suffering future consequences.

  7. For myself, at 83 years of age, the rapid decline in moral absolutes seems to have occurred more quickly during the 1950’s and 60’s simply because I was there.
    Whatever age we live in seems, to us, to be the most definitive.
    As an avid history reader, I would say our rapid decline in moral values was exacerbated by creation of public schools in the early 1800s. (see “N E A, Trojan Horse in American Education.”) Invasion of education by Robert Owen, considered the father of Socialism, Horace Mann, Dewey, and many others including communist schoolteachers, as shown in “School of Darkness,” in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. enhanced our moral decline. The willful sacrificing of babies, both born and unborn, to the gods of gain, pretty much seals this countries fate and displays quite clearly what happens when a nation kicks God out.

  8. I would say that you are half right. The other half was a destruction of Christianity itself from within. As a youngster in the 70’s I was lucky enough to hear the words of a pastor at my Harmony Road church. Sunday school was boring but the pastor was a great speaker and wasn’t speaking to a crowd of retards.

    Since then I attended church services but they were mostly people just being faithful, Christ said the Greeks were too superstitious and so are modern Christians. I became an agnostic.

    Then I studied the works of Immanuel Kant and that made me a Christian again. I now understand Christianity. Its no wonder that they do not teach Kant anymore.

  9. What do y’all make of the supposedly high rates of forced multiple injections of ordinary Israeli citizens?

    1. The Jews represent Judah and Benjamin. Many Jews go back to these two tribes, while many do not. The synagogue of Satan has had no hesitation in killing them over the years to achieve their goals and turn both the Jews and the S of S into martyrs. Rothschild was able to establish the modern nation state of Israel after the Holocaust. All part of the Balfour declaration.

    1. This confirms my feeling that there will be a lot of sick and dying people among the highly vaccinated countries real soon if not already.

  10. Israel and Singapore currently under the full pharmakia of NWO

    We have the strictest lockdowns and no signs of letting up.

    One of the elderly I knew is forced with 4th jab currently.

    I’m greatly depressed and figured out on getting my mental house in order…this is the first thing to do in such a crazy world.

    1. Try not to let it demoralize you. That’s exactly what our masters want. I know it’s easy for me to say, since my world is kind of simple. I knew that if I had to deal with an employer, my life would be a hell right now.

      That was one of the main premises of my blog and my preaching; get a job not relying on the government nor Antichrist firm. I still don’t think it’s too late but it gets more difficult as the asset prices continue to escalate.

      If I had a ton of coin in a 401K plan, I would take some out and buy a rental property. I liquidated my personal retirement plan in 2004 and 2005 to load up house flippers. I ended up quadrupling the amount of money I had versus what I had in my 401k in just 18 months.

      I loathe being dependent on others. Especially the government, employers, and medical systems. They can all go straight to hell, which virtually all of them will anyway. They’re all going to be shocked and disappointed right after they all take their last breath.

      I don’t mind praying those imprecatory prayers anymore. Our adversary comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and they specifically are hoping to wipe out humanity and the remnant, or turn us into a race of plebes like in the movie Elysium.

      Someone asked what the Masters had in mind for the 20% that won’t go along. The answer is simple; they hope to kill them off and then they’re left with the remaining 80% that are obedient forever.

      1. > they hope to kill them (the 20%) off and then they’re left with the remaining 80% that are obedient forever

        Chris, the problem with this reasoning is the same as was with Eugenics 1.0 (aka “let’s euthanize all the cripples, and then there shall be no more cripples”). The Nature does not work like this. Both the cripples and the freedom-loving critical thinking capable people will continue to be born. The smart rulers would have to allow for that instead of committing to the never-ending genocide. One thing which I have to give the current clique of Controllers is that they are definitely not stupid. Hence I doubt that the plan is to kill the 20%. It has to be something else.

        …In the deep blue county I am in, the double-vax rate among the Whites is currently at exactly 80.0%! Funny how that rule works out!

      2. Some 501(c)(3) jerks and false teachers tell their followers Satan prefers the 20%. Because they have proven to be rebellious (like him) and strong-willed, making them better soldiers against God and God’s people. They also have an obsession with Romans 13 and for people to do nothing against government tyranny. There is a reason why they are allowed on Youtube.

        1. The churches are all dead. Anyone who tells us that a 501c3 designation doesn’t mean anything is deluding himself.

          Any Church pastor that is willing to receive a 501c3 designation is already open to compromise. We know what the Bible says about compromising.

    2. Jason, I wouldn’t consider myself a brave person – I was a teacher – typical government employee dependent on the pension, lived in Toronto and had a great lifestyle. I gave it ALL up. It was a process in the making and I was bewildered – not knowing where to live, how I was going support myself and help my 3 young adult children. There were very dark days. Canada is also in strict lockdowns, looking at ‘mandates’ now. But I made the move – retired early from teaching, left the city to a small neglected ‘dead’ town. Now I am tutoring online and my income is now where it was last year. I am NOT a slave to the system anymore. Living in the country and loving the fresh air and clean eating. Working for myself. I don’t have to report my vax status to anyone. I’m happier now than when I was living that so-called great other life prescribed by others. If I can do it, you can. Have faith.

  11. I listen to old music and watch old movies over the decades. The one thing I noticed was that there was a substantial cultural change right after the assassination of JFK in November 1963. The early sixties up to the end of 1963 were like an extension of the fifties with a few changes. Then JFK got assassinated and severely shook the psyche of the nation.

    Soon after the JFK murder there was the British Invasion of music. The style of movies changed. Also the US monetary system changed as silver coinage was discontinued. A lot of pundits argued that the 60s started after the JFK assassination.

    I really believe somebody up top at the synagogue of satan wanted JFK dead because he was going to spill the beans about who really runs the US and the world.

    1. The 60’s is when the infiltrations into large parts of politics, news, Hollywood, etc started. Around that time they also added the logo of lucifer on the back of the $1 dollar bill. The United Nations passed the Antarctica treaty; meaning no citizen can go to Antarctica (no early explorer has been able to circumvent Antarctica), the takeover of schools indoctrinating the youth; and pushing women into the workforce so they can more easily indoctrinate the youth, standard of living lower, pharma infiltrating congress and making sure toxic ingredients like high fructose corn syrup remain added in our drinks, etc etc. They are now close to nwo. All they really need is order out of chaos to install it.

      1. I think you are right on the ball Otto. I live in the UK and I was a young teenager in The ’60s and looking at the world now, it is so different. There was innocence and decency then, Men really respected women even if they were still thinking about sex.
        Today and the last 40-50 years has been a complete change. Sex movies are normal now and porn is so common.
        I am glad I lived at the right time.

  12. The French revolution, Russian revolution were well known in the history books but one of the most evil revolutions has been the counter-culture revolution of the 1960 created, financed by the same Bolsheviks from the Russian Revolution. With new names (same players), The Tavistock institute, The Frankfurt School in a short span changed the clean cut ‘Leave it to Beaver’ teen who loved America, god, his parents to the long haired drugged up “hippie” who hated America, his parents and worshipped strange gods (gods from India being one of them).
    Organized Marxism has done an A+ job in destroying the once proud Christian west through psychological warfare.
    When the third and final temple is build in Jerusalem by the Synagogue of Satan,( probably soon in our lifetime) then I know the time in near where the messianic (Talmudic) plan of 2,000 + years will come into being.
    One of my favorite quote by one of the smartest Americans ever to live, Thomas Sowell:

    “The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals’ expansion of the welfare state.”

    This applies to all races.

    1. Indeed. Break up the family and everything else falls apart. Social reengineering paints a picture that the children are now in control of the family, and the parents serve them. They no longer respect authority or elders. In the media, the family members are supposed to be just friends. All role reversal; good as bad, bad is good. Heterosexuality is frowned upon.

      I just listen to the music to gauge The descent of humanity. Listen to the music from the ’50s, then listen to the music from 65 onward. Elvis made a Faustian bargain and became the king. Of course, he was propped up and made great by the synagogue of Satan.

      Outwardly, Elvis was a Christian, but in private tape conversations you would often hear him malign the God of the Bible and mock people. It was just an act as the people weren’t quite ready to give up the true God. Today, it’s de regueur.

      1. Elvis made over 60 recordings of religious songs, including a Catholic one, Miracle of the Rosary, in 1971. He was the only singer to sing these kinds of songs on stage.
        For what is happening, listen to the anti Christ Masonic anthem, Imagine – an ‘ideal’ world without Christ.

        Also see the site After the Warning.

        1. That’s the sad thing. We just never know about a person and what’s in his or her heart. I don’t know what was in Elvis’s heart, but he was very popular with his fans. They loved him singing those songs. That’s why he’s the king.

          Elvis has been dead for about 45 years and I wonder what he would have been like had he been born later on. I’ve been to Graceland, and it looked so out of touch with today’s world and even the world of the ’60s and ’70s of which I recall. I suspect he could have afforded something much nicer and bigger, but I guess he was tied to his roots. I also know that Memphis real estate has not been as profitable over the decades as have other areas. Comparatively speaking, maybe Graceland was worth a lot more back then. While touring the place, I was taken back with how compact it really was. Moreover, he surrounded himself with people who drained him of his finances. But only he was responsible for doing that.

          He definitely was struggling with some unreconciled demons in his later years and eventually succumbed to them. It seems that these demons were passed on to his daughter, Lisa Marie.

          Sadly, her son Benjamin committed suicide in 2020 at the age of 27.

          Demons are multi-generational in nature. Demons prey on the weak spots, and these are passed on from generation to generation, and will last within a lineage until an insightful individual repents and rejects the ways of Satan and is protected by the Holy Ghost.

          In order to overcome these demons, we have to seek guidance on each specific vice, and we have to be willing to change. Unless a person truly repents and wishes to put down the bottle or needle, he or she will continue to indulge in that demon. This demon attracts other demons until the person ends up dead as an unrepented sinner.

          Based on his reckless and heavy spending lifestyle, as well as his untimely demise, it’s safe to say Elvis was struggling with something.

  13. Following up on the emails I sent you Chris a few random thoughts. I also grew up in a simple rural place with a person I played with for 5 years who is a very famous movie. He still knows me and when I see him interviewed I still see he deep in his soul cannot shake those 1954-1966 years no matter what malarkey he has done. I’ll hear him say you have to return to the person you were as. a child. Of course the seeds of the decay were beginning. U had Marrilyn Monroe James Bond etc but u are right the speed with what they did to morals and dignity I could never figure it out.

    1. All of this demoralization took decades to achieve. Now that the population is livestock, they are being treated as such. I guess the Supreme Court will come out at rubber stamp the Biden regime’s vaccine mandate. They’ll say it’s just common sense law and that it’s just normal, and the livestock will go along with it and say it’s all constitutional. There are no more absolute truths. Now The descent is going hyperbolic and the second derivative is speeding up.

      1. So far, I have not heard anything regarding expropriation of assets for the unjabbed. Nobody in the federal government or on the county level is asking me for any type of vaccination regarding being a landlord or tenant in the housing voucher program.

        Of course, if they did I would have to rent out surreptitiously or keep my places vacant. I wouldn’t sell.

          1. It’s the government’s own fiscal policies that are causing this. So, the government formulates responses to help solve the problems it causes.

            Every time the government intervenes it distorts market equilibrium, raising costs for everyone.

            Only a morally compromised people believe that government policies help the average person. The people who truly benefit are the largest investors and even the smaller ones with the income generating assets.

            The shift from higher priced homes to affordable ones drives up demand for the mid range, lifting up their prices. Own affordable rental dwellings.

      2. I have a hunch that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of the OSHA Vaccine mandate with justice Roberts being the swing vote in favor as well as one other “conservative “ judge. After all they allowed the 2020 election fraud to stand.
        These people do not get nominated to the Supreme Court unless they sold their soul to the synagogue of satan. They take orders from the s of s .
        If they rule against the mandate it will most likely be a technicality issue and the the vaccine pushers will find alternative ways to impose the mandate such as through state laws or even through congress.

        1. You get the picture. AJ in the past has even intimated that Roberts is a closeted homosexual. It wouldn’t surprise me, and if he was, he would be easily blackmailable.

          Nothing surprises me anymore. In fact, I now expect elected politicians in high office to be morally bankrupt. Is Obama married to a woman named Michelle? Or is it Michael? To whom is Macron married?

    2. Your friend seems to be mixed up in all that new age philosophy that was conjured up in the 60s and onward.

      I hear that stuff all the time about getting in touch with our inner child. As you say, what malarkey. I say not to engage in that tomfoolery.😲😀

      Once the Bible is removed from a person’s consciousness, the change can be dramatic and quick. Their lives move about like a rudderless sailboat in the middle of the night.

  14. God sends them a powerful delusion
    2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

    The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to embrace the truth to be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so all will be condemned who have not believed the truth and delighted in wickedness.

  15. The world wars are responsible for this big change. Alan Watt emphasized this, quoting Huxley or someone like him that more change can be achieved in five years of war than in one hundred of peace.

    My big inquiry is into what the oligarchy plans next. Our current window is quiet. A quiet window means that the oligarchs are examining their data from the last hard push and deciding their next moves. The FED will raise the price of money soon, and buy less debt. This will wash “deadwood” from equities markets, and zombie consumers and businesses.

    I pity those who are way in debt.

    1. Indeed. The rule of thumb is to deleverage as the asset markets rise. I see real estate investors becoming more overextended, not on a wholesale level, but gradually as they become less vigilant to the vagaries of the marketplace.

      We must try to fight the urge to want to accumulate a lot of properties now as the prices have run up for so long. The time to buy everything we could get our hands on was at least 2 years ago, and when there was blood in the streets a decade ago.

      I haven’t sold anything, whether it be bitcoin, stocks, or real estate, but only a fool would be extending himself in the current stage of this cycle.

      Like we’ve been saying, all the markets are now centrally managed via the QE mechanism, and if these global managers decide to undermine it, we could see a lot of lost fortunes. Those with little leverage will be able to take advantage of the next bust.

      I listen to people like Macron and Trudeau ramble on about the unvaccinated, and I wonder how long it will be until our global masters decide to pull the plug and blame it on the unvaccinated.

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