The people in the blue states love their prison life

Only on Long Island….

“Long Island woman arrested for giving teen COVID vaccine inside her home without permission”

The people in downstate New York, and especially in New York City and on Long Island, have created an intricate prison complex for themselves. This prison gulag system extends into all of the other blue, Democrat-voting states as well.  It is an imaginary prison system without bars that is built with a lot of tax dollars, especially with property and sales taxes. Quite often the income is taxed in three jurisdictions.

The dynamic between “inmate” and prison management is best illustrated by their conspicuous and sprawling network of red light cameras. The residents will tell you that it’s a good idea, as it shows government is looking out for their safety and that no exceptions can be allowed.

Gun ownership rights are curtailed in these jurisdictions and strongly discouraged by their prison masters. The people in these states have grown afraid of firearms anyway, and are more than anxious to rid all lawful private citizens of the right to own a gun to defend themselves. But don’t tell them that their crime rates are out of control when compared to the gun owning states.

The people up there love their prison. They worked hard and labored diligently with their governments to create a set of overbearing and complex network of laws, bureaucratic infrastructure, and an overbearing police state monitoring system. Their local governments have created a lucrative snitch program, so residents can get rewarded handsomely for turning in their fellow inmates. Your neighbor is always eager to give you a shiv in the chow line.

These New Yorkers are proud of the prison they’ve created for themselves, and they’re so anxious to show it off to the rest of the country. The friends and family and people I know who still live up there could never think of leaving, even though they complain about it all the time. They’ve developed a codependent relationship with their prison guards and warden, and often spend tens of thousands of dollars a year to maintain their prison cell just to rent it back to their local tax jurisdiction.

I guess you can say these residents have become institutionalized. Life for them on the outside is now impossible, but don’t try to wake them from their slumber; they get easily offended.

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105 thoughts on “The people in the blue states love their prison life

  1. “The people in the blue states love their prison life.”

    That’s a mighty broad brush that you’ve got there, Chris. “The people” would seem to imply all the people, wouldn’t it?

    I live in the northern part of the blue state of New Jersey. My people have lived in this area for over four hundred years. Considerably more than half of the people within ten miles of me are conservative Republicans politically, as am I. The vast majority are also ostensibly Christians of northern European stock, although few realize that they belong to the Remnant and have only to look into the nearest mirror to see an Israelite gazing back at them.

    Collectively, we do not approve nor condone the political condition of our state, nor do we enjoy suffering under it. The sad fact is that, once those of Italian, Hispanic and Black heritage became the dominate voting blocs here, the situation deteriorated rapidly. None of those groups are part of the Remnant; their allegiance is either to popery or degenerate versions of Protestantism, and collectively they have neither the perspicacity nor inclination to become anything other than a tool to be used by the dark forces that they themselves assist into power.

    Why do we stay? This question is often posed by pundits who are securely and smugly ensconced in red or deep purple areas, often with more than a whiff of condescension. Well, one reason is that we’re generally a tolerant bunch, and are, as Jefferson wrote in the Declaration, “more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” Another reason is that many of us would rather die than run. Having four centuries of ancestors to answer to after the Resurrection occurs does influences one’s actions, not to mention devotedly following Christ’s command to “occupy till I come”… Christian soldiers, indeed.

    I doubt that most red-staters would have the perseverance, fortitude and plain old guts to stick it out here for any length of time. It’s much easier for them to cast stones at their brethren from a safe distance, all the while tut-tutting at what poor, miserable slobs we must be, and warn us to never attempt fleeing to their state and “ruining it”.

    Well, they shouldn’t worry about us – we won’t come to them, but the mobs certainly will. Demographics ensures that what has happened to New Jersey will happen to their states in time; when it does, I hope that they enjoy a slice of the pie that they’ve served to us.

    1. I leave your politics and your worldview aside here. I was born and raised on Long Island, and lived in Manhattan for about 15 years. Like you, I didn’t know any better since I had lived there my whole life, but I was getting royally screwed with taxes. People there get taxed on three levels, and states like New York and New Jersey rape their citizens through their townships and incorporated villages.

      On Long Island, the amount of money I was paying in property taxes just for the local school district was more than I was paying for my entire property tax bill down here, and the property down here was worth $100,000 more than the property on Long Island at the time.

      I threw in the towel on the northeast once and for all in 2012 and sold off my one rental home on Long Island in early 2013. The garbage I had to deal with in Islip township and their Town Hall masters were just too much of a hassle, especially given the high level of property taxes. I’m basically paying my property taxes so I can be dictated by three levels of scumbags.

      The property taxes in New Jersey and Long Island are triple what they are down here at Northern Virginia, and the economy down here is booming. The worst part is that you guys get nothing extra. You get absolutely nothing in return for all of the extra property taxes you pay.

      The police forces up there are corrupt to the core. There’s nothing worse than getting pulled over by a Suffolk County police officer. It’s the same crap in Nassau county, New York City and Northern New jersey. It’s all a good old boy network. If you don’t know anyone, get ready to be treated like a piece of livestock. I was fortunate that I had three high School buddies who became Suffolk County police officers, so I was always let go. But the stories they told me indicated to me that they’re trained to treat people like animals.

      Even though Virginia is a blue state, the tax burden is much lower here. I left the Northeast expressly because real estate investing as a landlord is too burdensome in New York and New jersey. The taxes and regulations are outrageous. If you own a home in northern New Jersey you’re just renting it back from your jurisdiction.

      In order to get a handgun on Long Island I had to wait up to 6 months and kiss the police force’s ass. The same goes with your guys too. And on top of that, people were often turned down after extensive background checks with nothing wrong. I asked myself, who’s making the decisions up there? What a bunch of scumbags.

      Down here, I can still open carry and buying a handgun is a breeze. My last firearm that I purchased, a semi-automatic shotgun, took about 15 minutes.

      New Jersey pounds its residence with exorbitant highway tolls, because there was an implicit agreement that its gasoline taxes would remain in the basement as an offset. But even corrupt New Jersey couldn’t keep their hands off of that till and they raised their gasoline taxes, so they rape New Jersey resident drivers with highest tolls/gas combo in the nation. You’re right up there with Illinois and California, two other blue states that financially and regulation-wise rape their residents.

      Don’t underestimate the remnant. I don’t know how anyone can live up there and be a part of all that, let alone be a member of the spiritual remnant, not any physical one. The God of the Bible is especially absent in the tri-state area. I don’t know how anyone with a worldview similar to this blog could endure with the people and the government up there.

      Believe me on this one, I don’t want any more of you from the north coming down to Virginia. And when I cash in another few years and move to a more remote location, I am going to make sure that it’s a place where the people from the tri-state area do not go.

      I am sick of coming across people from the Northeast and settling down here and bringing their Big brother mentality with them.

      Even the Republicans on Long Island and New Jersey would be considered very liberal down here. Just because someone living in the tri-state area votes Republican doesn’t make them conservative. The whole lot of the people are contaminated with that culture.

      I am a pilgrim and a stranger, and I am certainly not wedded to this area, however it provides much more opportunities than either New York or New Jersey. In fact, Northern Virginia provides its residents with some of the best economic prospects in the country, and it’s just as “stupid blue” as Jersey.

      At least I don’t have to worry about speed traps and red light cameras being on every corner. That is becoming a big thing in Maryland and was brought there from New York. So far, Virginia has not followed suit.

      It is a prison up there, and it is that way because the residents like it.

      1. “Like you, I didn’t know any better…”

        That is an inaccurate assumption on your part. I’m well aware of the excessive taxes, corruption, restrictive laws and general low quality of life here compared to other regions, but I think you missed my point: this area is MINE, tamed by my ancestor’s sweat and blood – that a gang of usurpers has moved in over the years doesn’t change that one whit. If I find myself in the role of a Shammah standing in my lentil patch as they play the part of the Philistines, so be it. This is the land that was promised to my ancestors by God long before Christ walked the earth, and I will not abandon it.

        As for the rest of your comments… you didn’t like it here, I get it; we’re all the same here, I get that, too. Stay here, don’t come down there, understood.

        Same as it ever was. Carry on.

  2. Canada is now discussing mandatory vaccinations. Ie fines, prison time, forcible injections. I’m not dying in this shithole. No fucking chance. Does anyone know the quickest and easiest way to safety make the move to the USA re: visas, etc ?? Buy property? Start a business?

    I wonder if this is to compel riots so they can bring in foreign troops. And the Chinese scare the shit out of me.

    1. The chicomm troops will be brutal. It explains it in Ezekiel 38-39.

      Of course, this has nothing to do with a virus.

      I tell the unwashed the timeline and they roll their eyes and smirk.

      Line up and take the mark. The more livestock that get jabbed the worse it is for us.

    2. Dean – I have a relative at Health Canada – rather high up, works for Tam. She says the government has no idea who is vaccinated and who is not. As long as we stay under the radar, work for ourselves, who is going to know?
      I definitely think it’s to stir the Quebecers up – taking away hard liquor didn’t work. Nobody cared.
      Also – who is going to be unvaccinated? Do they need 2 shots or 3? This is too messy to implement.

      1. Quebec plans to impose a ‘health contribution’ tax on the unvaccinated

        The sad part is that the vaccinated are dying of strokes heart attacks, blood ailments and organ failure. The vaccinated are dying Young and getting debilitating long-term and permanent illnesses.

        The unvaccinated will continue to hold off any of these bio weapons with uncompromised immune systems. The vaccinated are having their immune systems permanently ravaged and have effectively acquired AIDS.

        But the so-called authorities will continue to castigate and malign the supposed unvaccinated.

        There will be tens of millions of Bob sagets over the next few years here in the United States. These people will bankrupt the medical system while the unvaccinated will skate by with hardly any sickness.

        1. We still have the charter of rights and freedoms for now. I still have my notarized exemption, and although the Catholic school board wouldn’t accept it, the government would have to for now. However, I don’t want to disclose my status. I think that’s what they really want to know. Legault was saying something like $100 tax. He doesn’t even know yet. 🤡 So it can’t be about the revenue. It would suit me just fine if you get taxed when you renew your health card. I would just throw mine in the garbage. Funny how they don’t have a smoker’s tax, or a drug addiction tax, or a sugar tax, or an obese tax or a couch potato tax.

    3. Dean
      If you move to the USA stay out of states like Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and the West Coast states. They have strict vaccine mandates almost comparable to Canada. These states also restrict your rights and have much higher taxes. I would move to places like Texas, Montana, Wyoming, or Florida where the taxes are low and hardly any vaccine mandates. Do your homework before moving to the USA to see which states have low or no taxes, no vaccine mandates, and the most individual liberties.

  3. I watched the movie “Marty” last night on Amazon Prime. That movie was released in 1955, and by the time the mid-late ’60s rolled around, the country and the world was an entirely different place. I think of the filthy actresses like Jane Fonda, who brag about how cutting edge they were.

    I often analyze the long-term societal degradation and demoralization, and that this sea change started in the 1960s, post JFK assassination. In the 10 years subsequent to the release of Marty, the morality of the average Westerner was almost completely unrecognizable to those from the prior decade.

    Our adversary’s conquest of the West is now complete. Take a look at Marty and compare it to today’s society, or even to the society of 10-15 years later after its release.

    The purpose of my blog is to demonstrate to the reader and listener just how comprehensive our conquest has been. We have been conquered, and we are conquered people; residing in a land that Godly people founded.

    America was still considered a Christian Nation as recently as the fifties. By the time the 60s rolled around, Americans began to indulge in drugs and false religions. They began to engage in every sort of degeneracy; all within a span of 10 to 15 years.

    The global culture is now just a cesspool of immorality and self-absorption, and it’s a talmudic toilet. Now the allies of the synagogue of Satan rejoice as they have demoralized and socially re-engineered the average Westerner, who is now the most filthiest person that has ever walked this planet.

    Don’t ever once think that it is just a coincidence between the offshoring of our jobs, the massive deficit spending, break up of the families, and the loss of our standards of living, with the degradation of our morality.

    Even I am contaminated by this degradation. We all are. We are conquered debt slaves living in a global talmudic debt plantation.

    If we all repented and went back to the way we once were, our adversary would be defeated. Now, the global population is being treated like livestock by their governments, and that’s because the global population acts like livestock. They deserve what is happening to them and what is to come.

    1. It reminds me of a tv series from those days the twilight zone. It was like America was sprayed by spores one night and when it woke up it was devoid of dignity morals and grace.

  4. I came across the video below:

    To read the newspaper article the video dictates:

    It’s from 1909. A doctor/biologist is critical of the small pox vaccinations, and suggests that they are the cause of disease, rather than the antidote to it. He provides data going back to the 1850’s. He is very critical of Pasteur and his Germ Theory, while he praises Bechamp. It looks as though Bechamp was maligned by the MSM of his day, while Pasteur is regarded as a hero both then as now.

    How long have they been using Pharmakeia as a weapon against us?

    1. Interesting, but would you get the rabies vaccine if you were bitten by a rabid dog? I reckon most people would.
      I probably would, but I’d be hoping Fauci hasn’t modified it somehow.

  5. On the surface, it looks like a big swing and a miss on the payroll numbers. But I assume they will be revised upward, and the ADP numbers were much larger at over 800,000.

    The FED will still need to continue with their tightening campaign.

    This is something I have observed with bitcoin. Ever since the verdict came down on that Craig Wright Court case, BTC has been struggling. Probably just a coincidence as the chart action was telling us that a break to the 100 and 200 day SMA was a near certainty.

    After forming a subsequent bear flag on the daily chart around the 100 & 200 day congestion, BTC dropped again.

  6. I recently found out an ex neighbor’s family all suffered adverse reactions from the clotshot. She had severe lung infection and was admitted to ICU just two or three days after the shot. Her husband had severe impaired vision on both his eyes. To date, he is still unable to see clearly. Their son suffered adverse reactions too accordingly to her, but she did not specify much. But she did mention one of her son’s colleague (he is a police officer) getting bells palsy after the first shot. One of her friend’s family, who stayed in our neighborhood in the past also suffered severe vax injuries.

    My uncle had a bad lung infection a few months after the shot, and is now on long term medication. Coincidentally or not, his son just got admitted to hospital because he had “something” growing on his leg after getting the booster poison. My aunt was discovered to have a lump on her breast shortly after getting “boosted”. Interestingly enough, my 86 year old grandmother did not suffer one single adverse reaction from the three shots. Maybe a little fever and slight headache and that’s about it.

    The government is now normalizing strokes and heart attacks. They have display ads and billboards that say strokes and heart attacks can strike at anytime. Government-run fertility centres are telling young couples they could be infertile without knowing it. And they have lift advertisements that say “you can be sick without knowing it”. The icing on the cake? They recently just mandated the booster to keep the vax passport. I am also of the idea that the clotshots in Asia are less poisonous than the ones in the West. But we are already starting to see signs of people’s health deteriorating and this is about to get really ugly by mid decade.

    1. Deagel also predicted 19% of my country’s population will be gone by 2025.

      1. Which country is that? I have observed people around me experiencing longer term adverse reactions, and this is based on their actual conditions, not on what they say regarding the jabs.

          1. New Zealand goes from 5 to 4 million according to Deagel.
            It will probably be a bigger drop than that but there’s so much “replacement migration” from China and India here it won’t look so bad.

  7. We need to call a spade, a spade, and rethink our longer investment strategy… The Great Resignation is actually the start of the “Great Die-off.”

    A 10% increase in the death rate is three sigma, or a one in every 200-year event.

    What does a 40% increase mean? These working age people are leaving the work force, because they are getting too sick to work are dying.

    What does this mean for RE prices and rent rolls?

    1. I’m still taking the contra on the mass die off. We are at a point in history when there are many people over 80 years of age that are passing away from….you guessed it, old age. I think the younger people passing from reported vaccine deaths are fake outs and they are fake names or actors. No one that I know who got the jab has passed away yet. I visit every health care facility in my area and see over a thousand people over a few month timeframe so I would notice if people were dropping from the vaccines. They only thing I can say is that the bad vax vials if there are any, may be geographical located. Anyone can go on blog and make a comment that people they know have died from the vax, or like me, say that nobody is passing away. There is no way to prove it, and even if you travel to the city where people are claimed to have died from the vax, and visit the Coroner’s office, you will not be given the information. I do think we are in the first round since it’s still an issue two years later, so it could become mandatory and they would be able to introduce more harmful vaccine jabs if that happens. Many of the present mandates are being withdrawn, and certain people are not required to be vaccinated, which is very odd. My place of employment sent out a vaccine requirement deadline, however nothing is being enforced yet and if people start to quit which they will, then management will see the error. I’ve also noticed some employees say they are vaccinated but they really are not, they are just in with management that looks the other way. Once we get over this winter and into summer we will have more answers. It’s still a game of wait and see.

      1. Here is a video of Br. Bugnolo’s thoughts. I don’t know how legit this is. I believe he previously predicted people would die this year. Now he is walking that back and saying that his timelines are not reliable. But he still thinks people will die in large amounts. And as you have said, I haven’t noticed it either. I have quite a large extended family – my mother was one of 14 kids and my father was one of 7, all spread out in Canada and Holland but still in touch. Only elderly relatives have died so far, and not really many at that.

          1. I completely agree with you. I visited his site and watched a couple of his videos/interviews, and I would not rely on his ideas.

            The only person I am taking seriously so far is that insurance CEO. That to me, seems worthy of further study.

            1. What about John O’Looney, what do you guys think about him?
              He seems legit to me, but it’s hard to tell. I suppose we could phone him up and ask him. His number’s on his company website.

              1. He seems legit, but I never met him. I don’t know who he is. He is someone who I would tend to consider legitimate, however. But from what he said on his interviews, the death rate would peak and trough based on jab uptake.

                I would consider O’Looney’s observations as anecdotal, but you are correct here, he does have an orchestra row seat to the play. Whether or not his extrapolations into the future are correct, only time will tell.

                1. I guess he gave up $100,000 to keep talking. First, the SofS bribes people with their printing press money, then if that doesn’t work they resort to other means.

                  All of the media personalities and people we see are all bought out and sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver.

                  $100,000 is a lot of money to a lot of people. Most people are bribed with a steady paycheck.

                2. Time flies. It’s crazy that the story hit 4 months ago. The older I get the faster time flies. The older I get the more certain I am with Jesus. I figure I won’t be alive much longer anyway. I’m going to ride it out with Jesus.

      2. The only guy that seems legitimate so far is the insurance man CEO from Indiana. Maybe it’s just a big bump and it will die down again.

        I don’t trust the tenants much anymore and I have begun to accept housing vouchers. With regards to my condos, the housing voucher program is very competitive with the open market.

        A landlord who owns a unit above one of mine has not been paid in 18 months. Of course, this is Maryland and he’s an out of town owner, but I have less faith in the average tenant’s ability to pay. Moreover, I am observing a higher than normal tenant turnover, as I think that more people are struggling to come up with the rent.

        I’m willing to accept a couple hundred dollars less than full Market to get a single person with a government voucher in one of my condominiums.

        1. Make no mistake- I do think people will die! But if you hear Br. Bugnolo – he thinks there are saline shots and clot shots, and that it’s a game of Russian roulette. Also that your immune system decreases over time until you can’t even fight a common cold. Interestingly, my relative that works for Health Canada got the shot (probably saline) but insisted strongly that her children do not. The eldest daughter is rebellious (17 years old) came home one day vaxxed without Mom’s permission. We met at Christmas and the girl had some kind of bad cold but not Omicron. She was the only one sick out of the 7 people gathered. I went home and expected to get the cold too, but ended up with a dry throat for a day and got over it as did my daughter. We do take vitamin D,K,C, zinc and NAC, so maybe it was that? or does the vaccine – the real one – compromise your immune system? Time will tell. Canada is pushing hard now for the 3rd shot. I hear you will not be considered vaccinated without it. This might be the nail in the coffin.

          1. What is happening is truly bizarre. Obviously, there are just 2 outcomes going forward – either people will start dying in large enough numbers to make the malice evident to everyone or they won’t. In the first case the existing government structures will then be dismantled. Yet these are the same structures which the Controllers have spent the last 60+ years packing with muppets of their choice. Are we to assume the Controllers will now replace all that huge network of people with something else? With what though? And where is that brand new org is hiding right now such that no one is apparently aware of it? …Yet in the second case we’re just transitioning mostly peacefully into some dystopian neo-feudal society where 80% of people are controlled via monthly injections of arbitrary substance which the Controllers deem necessary. What happens to the remaining 20% then remains to be seen.

        2. Chris
          If I was a landlord, I would have less faith in the vaccinated tenants paying rent as they get sicker and less able to work. If they can’t work as much due to ill health then they will be less able to pay the rent. It would probably be safer to take tenants who are subsidized as you will at least get some payment.

      3. I don’t see mass die offs yet, however, I see the vaccinated people getting sicker more often .
        I think there is a slightly higher death rate of the vaccinated people due to reduced immunity to other diseases that contribute to dying of other causes. Of course if you live in an area with low vaccination rates you will not see as much of an uptick of people with health problems.

        I think the mass die offs will occur when a much worse disease is on the way. The Covid 19 is a dry run as to what will come next.

        1. By accepting housing vouchers and getting used to the program, I am preparing now for what we know is coming.

          Indeed, I think many renters will increasingly find it harder to pay their housing costs, especially the jabbed. All part of 2030. Most will be grateful that the government will pay their rents.

          I had previously not accepted vouchers since 2005. Only a naive landlord would still not accept them. Over the next couple years, landlords will viciously compete for these voucher holders.

          Where I live there is a huge submitting to the so.called authorities.

      4. I can’t see why somebody would make fake videos of suffering from side effects of the Covid vaccines never mind fake dying from the vaccines. What would they gain from it?

        1. They discredit conspiracy theories and get people to take the vax.
          It’s called muddying the waters, controlled opposition, red herrings, setting up straw men, etc.

          It works. You try arguing with someone who’s seen a total BS video about something, and they think that was the state-of-the-art as far as alternative theories go, but are convinced it was total BS (which is by design of course). Then your job of convincing them that the premise of the video is actually true just got 10x harder.

          1. Our tasks of trying to prove things to the unwashed are now impossible. I beg you all, don’t even waste your time trying to show the truth to the sleeping masses. We should all be concentrating on that small remnant of people. I would say we need to look to the 80th percentile and higher. These 20% are the people that don’t believe anything they hear and are most likely the ones open to reason. These are the ones we should be seeking out. These people are the only ones left who can enlarge the size of the remnant. 80% of the population is now hopelessly lost forever.

            Jesus sought out those who needed a physician. They were the few, perhaps that 20% who knew life as presented to them was a scam.

  8. The synagogue of satan actively promotes marijuana and other narcotics because habitual marijuana smokers and drug users are more dumbed down and less likely to question the mainstream media narrative. As a result potheads and drug users are easier to control and manipulate.

    1. I am surprised that marijuana has not been legalized but I think there are more forces that want to keep it illegal.

      At this point, these drugs have been amazing for the prison industrial complex and the police state. You catch a guy with a small amount of marijuana or someone who has a grow operation and you can throw them in jail for the prison complex and the police can steal all of the guys money and grow operation and make some money for themselves.

      If you legalize marijuana you cut out profits for the prisons and the police state.

      Of course, the dope heads are very easy to control. I have worked with a couple and they are truly whacked out of their minds.

  9. Hi Chris,
    What do you recommend we do for us stuck in places like Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada as we have no State to run to as they’re all F’d.? I find it interesting that Max Igan has left Australia for Mexico recently.

    1. I have heard of others leaving for Mexico, too. Makow said it’s a good place and he was fine living there.

      Gosh, I don’t know. Two years ago, the Westerners were talking about flocking to down under. I don’t want to recommend other places as this is a global thing. I think the US and maybe Latin America. But the US is temporary. The US is good for those who have not been zombified and who can keep a low profile. It’s good for those who can tune out all the political garbage. But the entire West is cooked eventually.

      If a person decides to leave Australia or NZ, I would make serious plans soon as it may soon be impossible to leave without the death jabs.

      I worry about expropriation of assets eventually for the unjabbed. Less in the US, more in the other West nations.

      1. Chris – when you say the US is temporary, are you meaning there are states within that likely could provide a reprieve -from what the rest of the world is experiencing with totalitarians- for a few years? Also do you see places like Tx, AZ, maybe Fla as having pockets that come out ok all things considered. I agree that the US is what the powers want & so will be the epicentre of conflict. I’m just wondering if there are enough freedom minded people moving to some of the southern states that might create pockets where it’s not so bad. I’m one of those people considering iether the US or Central America. It seems clear now is the time to be building an ark… just not so clear on where that should be

        1. Yes. I mention the 10th amendment here, since these types of rules and mandates are generally regulated by the individual states themselves. It is extremely difficult to implement these rules on a nationwide basis in the U.S. The only practical way the Federal government can make broad and sweeping rules is by the purse; promise certain money transfers to the states in return for adopting uniform rules (thank you Federal Reserve).

          With such a lightening rod issue as these mandates and such, it will be extremely difficult to promise money in return for adopting Federal rules. This would be challenged in the courts, especially with the red states suing.

          Thus, for the time being, this manufactured partisan issue of the jabs will show a vast difference depending on the type of state.

          In the red states; less restrictive regulations and more personal freedoms, strong gun rights, etc., these states will at least temporarily provide the unjabbed with a better environment.

          In the blue states; more restrictive regulations and less personal liberties, weak gun rights, etc., the people here have very high jab rates. These states will more quickly view the unjabbed as the enemy.

          If I were going to move, I would pick the states you mention, especially TX and AZ. FL is fine with the manufactured covid scam, but there are a number of reasons why I would not recommend FL that have nothing to do with the jabs.

          The rest of the western nations are run through their national governments, and there are very little differences between states, provinces, or territories. The taxes in the red states are very low when compared to the blue states AND the rest of the west. RE in the red states is generally cheap, and I mean cheap, especially when compared to household incomes.

          It is important to get away from the blue states.

          Even though NoVA has become a liberal shithole, VA still has decent gun rights with fewer restrictions, and the taxes are fairly low. You want to live in a state that protects its gun rights.

          The residents in the blue states have been socially re-engineered by trauma-based mind control. I am sad to say that this reengineering is permanent, as I interact with many of the unwitting victims of this militarized campaign, and I know that 95-99% of these sad sacks will never recover. The best chance we have as freedom loving individuals is to avoid these people at all costs. Unfortunately, most of us have to deal with these zombies of this trauma-based mind control, so try to make a truce with these family members and friends any way you know how. i always take the high road, even when pestered with accusations and questions.

          Okay, I say temporarily, because if you have read my research over the years, you know my theories on what will happen to America. The elites know this and they are purposely leaving the US until last, because they cannot get all this in place the way they have in the rest of the Western nations. I view this type of tyranny as a creeping and heavy handed form, but fully 50% of those in the US see no problems since they are democrat/liberal. The dialectic argument has been engineered to be a partisan one.

          What will tip the US into total tyranny like in the rest of the West will be Jacob’s trouble. That will be WWIII.

          There are NOT enough freedom loving people left to make a difference anymore nor anywhere, but you will have a lot more breathing room if you move to these less restrictive areas.

          I currently don’t recommend NV as their mask mandates are surprisingly restrictive. Maybe it’s their close proximity to CA? But AZ is adjacent and they are more free.

          If you are a white, English speaking person, I would no longer recommend Latin America, unless you have family or friends already there. I don’t trust their governments and they way they can act arbitrarily.

  10. China is uninvestable,’ says Bond king Jeffrey Gundlach

    This is why the Chinese Yuan will never be a reserve currency. Gundlach is correct here when he says that the risk of asset confiscation or what I term “functional expropriation” is to high.

    “Functional expropriation” means that while the investor may still have the asset, the CCP has other plans for it; the CCP may attempt to manage it for another purpose other than as a private enterprise for profit.

  11. Given what we are beginning to witness with how many of those who have received the supposed vaccines are beginning to die, I would not be investing in any insurance companies at this point going forward. This is particularly true of health and life insurance firms. Property and casualty can still may make sense. But given what we are beginning to come across regarding accelerated deaths rates, it is clear that something terrible is happening.

    That life insurance CEO mentioned that the death rate that increased by 40% of working age populations, these people were not dying of covid. Of course, we ask ourselves, why are they dying? We know the answer. The worst part is this; for every person who dies there are probably 10 to 15 others who have suffered life-altering reactions from the jabs.

    The fearful will not make it into the kingdom of heaven. The fearful of course, will not live long either.

    1. Quebec is going to announce that the unvaccinated will not be allowed into the government run liquor stores (SAQ). This is so bizarre – as if I would trade my soul for hard liquor. The unvaccinated are about to get even healthier without access to booze.

      1. As we can easily see, this has nothing to do with a virus. It has to do with making the lives of the unhypnotizable 20% as miserable as possible.

        The tenth amendment in the States is saving us down here so far.

    2. Here is something that has happened in my workplace, all of the people who have received the vaccine have been continually sick.

      Three of my co-workers in succession have come down with bronchitis for a period of several weeks.

      Another one of my co-workers became sick and took a test and tested positive. He is unable to come into work now.

      This has all happened within the last 2 months.

      1. I too see a lot of Covid Vaxxed people getting sick at times when they never got sick before. My little cousin 27 yo female with no health issues before gets the clot shot back in May 2021 then gets pneumonia and just now is showing symptoms of Covid with chills, body aches, and vomiting(NOT GOOD). My boss 69 yo male got fully vaccinated in April 2021 and got sick with something in July. He usually did not get sick in the summer. My niece’s daughter 14 yo got fully vaccinated back in May of 2021 then got the flu mid June 2021. Now wait a minute , Flu in mid June is extremely rare even in Vermont.

        It is becoming more evident that the Covid 19 vaccines suppress the natural immune system and make people more susceptible to getting sick including the Covid 19. I have also heard of several people getting Covid 19 despite being fully vaccinated.

        The Covid 19 Vaccines DO NOT protect against Covid 19 and make the patient more susceptible to other diseases.

        1. I also forgot to mention that at my sisters workplace in Portland ME 4 of her FULLY COVID VACCINATED coworkers tested positive for Covid 19 and had to stay home.

          Once again these Covid Vaccines do not work. They are pushed for another sinister reason.

          1. That makes sense with what I am seeing also. Thank you for the report.

            These vaccines do indeed have a sinister purpose.

  12. The next US civil war is already here – we just refuse to see it

    Just like with everything else, synagogue of Satan manufactures all of our opinions and feelings. It is also manufacturing seeds for the next stage civil unrest.

    Here is something in which I disagree regarding this article’s promise. The citizens’ faith in the United States government is certainly not at an all-time low. The dumbed down livestock in the United States may tell you they have no faith nor trust in government, yet their actions belie this thought. Never in the history of the United States have so many people been so hopelessly dependent on government spending, whether through tax benefits and corporate subsidies, or through direct social spending. The people are hopelessly hooked on the government. They may tell you they have no faith in the government, but based on their behaviors and actions, including what has gone on with covid, the people are hopelessly hooked on their so-called adversary.

    I always hear about how the blacks don’t trust government, yet I go over to the black communities and they dutifully worship their socialist governments. I go to the white communities, and it’s the same thing. I don’t mistake not having trust in a particular elected official with not depending on the government.

    The people here in the states are hopelessly hooked on Big Daddy. America has fallen a long way since John Winthrop buttered his words nearly 400 years ago. The United States is a total s*** hole on both sides, since both sides have been carefully groomed to oppose one another over meaningless stuff.

    Like the protocols say, the goal is to have everyone lose their faith and trust in the government, yet at the same time, be hopelessly hooked on them. Think of the mental mind twisting all this causes.

    1. The USA is becoming a messy toilet bowl. However, other countries like Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and Europe are proving to be much worse than the USA with the vaccine mandates and lockdowns. I used to think those places were nicer. Forget Latin America with all its crime and corruption. Now I am very grateful to be living in the good ole USA even though it is not the same as it was 20 years ago.

    2. Chris, I’ve been following an interesting idea concerning the Rwandan genocide and the supposed CIA involvement. There, it was supposed to be that they did not have direct mind control, but had to build up the ideas in peoples’ heads before they could amplify their emotions. Once the Hutus were organized into mobs, a la Antifa, BLM, then it was possible to “boost” their feelings into a murderous rage.

      It’s hard to prove this “Operation Crimson Mist”, but it makes me think of the Covid vaccinations and the talk about 5G. There has been a lot of talk about mind control, but a more believable version might be some sort of receiver in the person used to amplify their brainwashed minds into a murderous rage. You might remember that movie Kingsman: The Secret Service (don’t recommend watching if you have not seen), where a free implantable chip that is advertised as “free Internet, free phone, forever” is used to receive a signal that causes everyone to kill one another for a depopulation agenda.

      I don’t know if it is real, but a bad sign may be this sort of predictive programming in media. We already have the Antifa/BLM people as the actors, but what might be the triggering event or person?

      1. There are myriad of ways to place someone under direct mind control. For a few people (e.g.20% of the general population), they can be placed under mind control very easily and almost instantaneously with very little effort.

        There’s the middle 60% that can be persuaded depending on circumstances. Half of that 60% (21-50% percentile) can rather easily be manipulated via the modern militarized mind control techniques. Thus we have fully half the population that effectively can be persuaded via covert means. The easiest way to hypnotize somebody is to make certain that they don’t know they’re being hypnotized.

        The other half of that 60% (51-80%) will have a more tough time being placed under mind control and hypnotized. The powers that be need to really pursue a concerted effort of repetition coupled with other covert means in order to place these people under mind control. The last 20%, regardless of circumstances, will never be placed under mind control and cannot be hypnotized. You, I, and the readers generally fall under this 20%.

        These numbers are iron clad and are consistent throughout the course of humanity. Plato even mentioned this phenomenon to the elites of his time. Modern psychologists who are employed by DARPA even know this. The globalists know that there will be 20% of the population that they will never be able to persuade, even if the people are dropping dead in the streets. However, their goal is to manipulate and place under mind control as large a percentage of that middle 60% as possible.

        With regards to the covid scam and the militarized operation of the Western euthanasia program from the jabs,the military and intelligence psychologists in Arlington and McLean Virginia realize that they could quickly place at least 50% of the population under complete mind control if they partisanized the issue.

        This is all easily verifiable. However, with regards to what you are saying, we are aware of the techniques that are available in order to hypnotize people. Whether 5G is expressly designed to accomplish this task is up for speculation. It could have that purpose. I suspect that all of the electronic media and appliances, and the radiation it generates has a synergistic effect to create effective zombies in at least 50 to 60% of population.

        With the advancements in modern psychology and mind control, I believe that our adversary has the ability to hypnotize as much as 70 to 80% of the population.

        Never in recorded history has this level of mind control ever been achievable. Fortunately for us, there is still 20% of the population that is not accessible to these elites.

        Unfortunately for us, our friends and family members are probably not part of that unattainable 20%. The elites figure that if they cannot hypnotize that 20%, they will try to at least make those people’s lives as miserable as possible.

        1. Here’s one more thought about the unattainable 20%. A fair percentage of these people are the alcoholics and drug addicts. They’re the ones with problems of addiction. The reason why is that life, as presented to them, never made much sense.

          This is another reason why the s of s floods the world with cheap illicit drugs and tries to get everybody smoking marijuana. The internet is a haven for porn and gambling addicts. But of course, the ACLU and the Supreme Court will tell you that it’s first amendment rights to engage insuch activities.

          The Masons who control the Supreme Court rarely side with the average citizen. But when it comes to our right to engage in vices, they’re all for supporting the common man.

          1. Indeed, Chris.

            As per Red Cocaine:

            “Why has Western civilisation been degraded since the 1960s, and who is behind this phenomenon? The answer, in brief, is that the West has been the unknowing victim, for the past several decades, of long-term Soviet-Chinese strategic intelligence operations using drugs as a means of procuring the progressive demoralisation of Western society and a concomitant degradation of the gene pool—with youth the prime target of this satanic offensive.” —Joseph D. Douglass


            1. Concomitantly, the West was flooded with all those false religious movements and global ecumenism ideas. The West has been beat with an ugly stick for so long, and the finishing touches seemed to accelerate right around the time the synagogue of Satan gave its approval for the assassination of JFK.

              The S of S built up the Soviets and China to be their golem.

              It’s so far gone now. We need to just care for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. God help us.

        2. This is so true Chris. I still marvel engaging with my colleagues at work (still via video conferencing since March 2020) that they are still afraid and fully bought into the c-scam and virtue signaling their allegiance to it. There is no way to wake them up, they are mind controlled and bought in completely. Here is a really fascinating video on mind control and how long they have been employing these techniques on the US population.

          Have we ever really been free? Many beliefs of mine about society and institutions have been shattered in the last two years, making room for my faith in God and Jesus to expand and grow. In that respect, I’m grateful to them.

          1. Thanks for the post. I will take a look. I continually recommend the Bible as our study guide and our life’s “instruction manual,” as a true adherent of scripture cannot be duped.

            “It is impossible to enslave, mentally or socially, a bible-reading people. The principles of the bible are the groundwork of human freedom.” – Horace Greeley.

            I am certainly not endorsing Greeley, and is some respects I think he was a tool for the adversary. But, he knew that true Christians could not be fooled.

          2. While watching that video you posted, I recalled the previous analysis done on that national anthem sign off, and I remember the gentleman’s name, Steven Jacobson. I remember watching his videos at least 15 years ago. I don’t know how I remember him, but on a Google search I came across his website.



            I think there is a video embedded on his front page from a long time ago that you can watch. I remember watching two or three of them a long time back.

            Indeed, the world in which we are presented is not the real one.

          3. I have lost faith in the US election process since November 2020 when a senile old bag who stayed in his basement won under very questionable circumstances via mail in ballots in certain counties. It was very interesting that republican poll watchers were not allowed to enter certain polling places during the vote count. Clearly that election was stolen.

            It is clear to me that there is no representative government in the US nor other parts of the world. This “Democracy “ is a complete lie.
            That explains why so called representatives do not respect the views of voters. The representatives know they can stuff a ballot box somewhere to get “miraculously “ re-elected.

            1. Remember the hanging chad garbage of the 2000 election. The elites had 911 planned and needed their dunce, baby Bush, to be in the White House. Al Gore was just not dependable enough for them.

            2. Andrei, when was the last time an American election wasn’t stolen?

              “The communist special services prepare their cadres decades in advance, installing their people in key positions. We can show examples of Soviet agents of influence active in the USA for decades.”

              —Petr Cibulka, 2004

    3. Wow that article was a crock of shit. Marxist-leninist propaganda. It reminds me of an ABC expose of far right extremists in Victoria australia. They made out a group of 8 white guys being this huge organisation. A bloody joke

      1. I remember how the FBI arrested a bunch of low level criminals and name them the “Miami 7.”

        It came out in court documents that the FBI kept giving these people money, up to $100,000, to procure ingredients for bombs. The FBI was trolling some message boards and was trying to entice these dummies to commit acts of terrorism. The FBI was getting so frustrated with them, because they were spending it on rent, tips at the topless bars, and car payments.

        After all the sound and fury on the mainstream press, I think the charges were mostly dropped.

        If it weren’t for the FBI, there’d be no terrorists, there’d be no KKK, there would be no white extremist groups. The FBI is great at trolling dummies and trying to get them to do something that would make the press.

        Everything is a lie.

  13. My ISP has really started to pose problems for me over the past 2 to 3 weeks. If anyone knows about a good internet service provider, please let me know.

    It costs me about $500 a year just to have a website and domain registry. The comments section posting is really getting annoying. Never used to be a problem, but maybe we’re saying stuff that our adversary doesn’t like.

  14. Someone asked about my thoughts of living in New Mexico.

    Previous to the covid scam, I thought New Mexico could have been an affordable place to live as real estate prices were relatively low and the population was smaller. However, the way New Mexico handled itself during the garbage, and the way they had locked down cities such as Gallup, soured me completely to ever wishing to reside in New mexico. It is the one southwestern State that refuses to grow, while all the other states surrounding it have prospered. It is a cursed state and they themselves are to blame for their woes. God is not shining down upon that state.

    1. New Mexico is run by the same type of politicians that run California, New York, and Massachusetts. It is a blue state like the others. That is why New Mexico economy sucks. Many of the towns look very drab. The landscape is very drab except the northern section of New Mexico. The only good thing I see with New Mexico is that it has a low population and not as many out of staters are moving there like Arizona, Florida, and Texas.

    2. If Sandia labs, Kirtland, Los Alamos and the other big spook money in NM is withdrawn, NM will sink even lower. A friend of mine who is a longtime ABQ resident said the city is “a big cow town.” Note that Microsoft was allegedly founded in ABQ by Bill Gates in 1974. That’s DARPA money.

      NM ranks with Mississippi, West Virginia and Maine poverty.

    3. Also, I hear ABQ’s aquifer is low and has been contaminated by fuel tanks at Kirtland AFB. ABQ might be facing water constraints to growth. Residential lawns have been outlawed in new construction.

      There is another aquifer west of ABQ in the Malpais country that has been under siege from global water grabbers. I don’t know what that situation is now.

    1. Based on Doctor Malone’s pedigree, his close long-term relationship with Dr Fauci, what he claims to be, and his sudden appearance, I claim he is nothing but limited Hangout.

      He’s calling this an experiment with the jabs, but nothing could be further from the truth. I view this covid jab campaign as a wild success. A wild success for our adversary.

      1. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. People say he was such a normie for so long it’s taking him a while to get redpilled. That seems consistent with how he appears.

        I think he’s pretty legit, or at least appears legit enough to ask normies to watch his interviews. His latest interview with the Australian lady is worth a watch. As time goes on he sounds more and more like a conspiracy theorist, which seems like a good thing. He said we was much more constrained when he was on Twitter, and is still careful what he says. He is under attack and is trying to keep his medical license. It’s not an easy position to be in.

        This is a good interview.

        This is apparently why he got banned from Twitter.

        I have spoken to real epidemiologists here and they can’t even explain 101 topics in their fields of study without being called incompetent. It’s totally crazy.

        1. I look at what he says. He says he believes in vaccines and that he took the jabs himself.

          His Joe Rogan interview was a good sign however. Perhaps The Establishment knows the outcome of this campaign anyway and will use Malone as a whistleblower.

          If we’re in any other instance I would have said he was a limited hangout whistleblower. I never believe any of these whistleblowers as they mix fact with fiction and help to formulate the dialectic opposition. Anyone who claims to be the inventor of such technologies cannot be trusted.

          What are the odds of someone taking a red pill who has a long and established career with our adversary? Unless he’s had a Jesus moment, he’s still either willingly or unwittingly working for the other side.

          Jeff Rense found this former tweet by Malone calling for “very active surveillance, tracing and testing” of covid patients.

          1. Yes, not a good tweet.

            Malone says he kind of regrets getting the vx now. He won’t get any more shots, knowing what it’s like.

            He helped invent the mRNA delivery platform, but had nothing to do with these Covid shots, so he says he didn’t know better but does now. He says it is “xrazy” giving it to everyone like that.

            I tell people “one of the main inventors of mRNA vaccines said it’s CRAZY giving the vax to everyone like this.” I think that’s worth saying. Nobody’s going to look into Malone that deeply, so I just pick something he said that’s worth repeating and use it. Most doctors have less knowledge than that – they have never heard of Malone and think the vx is fine, so from that standpoint watching a Malone interview makes you 100x more redpilled on this than most people. That’s worth something.

            We have a strange phenomenon where people try to dig up huge piles of dirt on Malone but leave Fauci, Birx, Walensky, Gallo, Redfield, et al alone. It’s more dangerous being a whistleblower than a criminal these days.

  15. Unfortunately, most people need to be told what to do. Frankly, there are entire populations that wouldn’t know how to dress themselves and what to eat if it wasn’t on TV. The cognitive dissonance of “two realities” is just too much to handle and so listening to the government feels safe. I choose not to judge these folks, just consider myself fortunate.

  16. Chris these people in NY and elsewhere have Stockholm Syndrome and they have grown to love…..their servitude.
    You are correct the wheat is being separated from the chaff and I’ll add the goats from the sheep. The chaff is bundled up and burned as the goats are sent to eternal punishment where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    Truth who is The Word aka Jesus Christ should be our Best Friend.
    We will not….survive without it/Him.

    Let God be True and every man a liar.

    We are in very…. dangerous Times when most are taking their refuge in Lies…..
    Seperate yourselves and touch not….the unclean thing.

    1. The markets all seem to be going one way for all investors. Obviously, this behavior has never before persisted for this length of time, and we are approaching 13 years since Bernanke declared his green shoots statement on 60 Minutes.

      The entire economy and financial system are now centrally managed and the events and volatility all are staged for some future purpose.

      Don’t get drunk on this wild speculation, but unless a meteor or nuke drops on DC, we stick to the plan… Income generating assets.

      I got asked about TCN. I thought it was in a great sector. House ownership has gotten so expensive, and the only sure way to make money from it is to own them as rental investments. TCN is earning good money, but like everything else, it has risen a ton since mid 2020.

      The large well funded people will own it all. The firms, the properties, the resources, the gold, and our debt.

      Fed fund rate increases aren’t a big deal. Let’s see what price inflation numbers do.

  17. John Winthrop, early governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and one of it’s founders, Dreams of a City on a Hill, 1630

    John Winthrop delivered this sermon before he and his fellow settlers reached New England. The sermon is famous largely for its use of the phrase “a city on a hill,” used to describe the expectation that the Massachusetts Bay colony would shine like an example to the world. But Winthrop’s sermon also reveals how he expected Massachusetts to differ from the rest of the world.

    The Lord will be our God, and delight to dwell among us, as His own people, and will command a blessing upon us in all our ways, so that we shall see much more of His wisdom, power, goodness and truth, than formerly we have been acquainted with. We shall find that the God of Israel is among us, when ten of us shall be able to resist a thousand of our enemies; when He shall make us a praise and glory that men shall say of succeeding plantations, “may the Lord make it like that of New England.” For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us. So that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken, and so cause Him to withdraw His present help from us, we shall be made a story and a by-word through the world. We shall open the mouths of enemies to speak evil of the ways of God, and all professors for God’s sake. We shall shame the faces of many of God’s worthy servants, and cause their prayers to be turned into curses upon us till we be consumed out of the good land whither we are

    1. For those unfamiliar with the true American history and its beginnings, I pass along the link to John Winthrop’s sermon regarding his vision of “a city on the hill.” They knew about the God of Israel and whom they served.

      There is no virtue left in the state of Massachusetts nor in most rest of the United States. Manasseh settled this land to conduct business and spread the message of the God of Israel.

      Notice how often Winthrop refers to the Old testament and its prophets. Winthrop clearly knew more than the most learned of today’s Christian scholars that populate YouTube and the universities. He wasn’t poisoned by the Zionist lie. Winthrop knew from where he came.

  18. Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. Chris and Adrei — I appreciate your kind words from last month. I didn’t have the time to reply back earlier, but now I have more time. So thank you very much for your blessings. I’m pleased to say everything went perfect. His name is Michael and he’s a perfectly healthy baby boy – thank God. He’s already almost a month old, so he’s growing up super fast.

    But I also thank God for opening up my eyes and ears last year. He showed me who the real adversary is. Brought me to your site, Chris. Who is the truth. Who are the liars. Because there is a roaring lion out there, and most people have no idea he’s there. Knowledge is power. Most churches are obviously not warning you. Jesus said the door to the Kingdom of Heaven is narrow. Why is that? It’s very simple. Our adversary was cast down from the Heavens along with his angels. Kicked out of Heaven. Our adversary is everywhere; for this Earth is truly his dominion. It’s obvious the adversary’s goal is to prevent as many people from entering the Kingdom of Heaven as possible; because he knows the Kingdom of Heaven is within all men. And he knows how that door can be closed, and he will do his best to send you in a million different directions so you don’t go looking for God. He will do his best so you fall in love with the lusts of this world. The material things. Lusts of the flesh/eyes. For it is written if anyone loves the world or the things in it; then the love of the Father is not in him. So you need to know how you can protect yourself. Read the Bible so you know how to put on your armor. Because when you wear it properly this happens:

    Psalms 23:4
    “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

    Question everything and everyone. I opened up the Bible and started reading it last year, and it still amazes me the amount of wisdom in that book. All of a sudden everything starts making sense in a senseless world. So learn to put those shields up for the Holy Trinity. Lord knows they could use as many shields as possible.

  19. Ha. That sounds like the whole of Australia. Were back to being a colonial gaol like 200 years ago except the NWO are our wardens this time. Also we have nowhere to run.

    1. At least in the United States the resistors will have somewhere to run until the time of Jacob’s trouble.

      Thank God for the 10th amendment. If someone asked George Washington or Thomas Jefferson who they were, they would have declared that they were Virginians. During the colonial period here in the United States the 13 original colonies were almost like 13 separate Nations. It truly was like ancient Israel during the time of the book of Judges.

      In this regard, I ironically think that Abraham Lincoln was one of the worst Presidents we could have ever had. He was the one single president that shot the 10th amendment full of holes and threw it into the memory hole.

      Regardless, that legacy still persists today and is the one saving grace during these treacherous times.

  20. What I’ve noticed too, is that these prisoners who live in fear don’t like the unfearful. They want you as scared as they are. They want you to lock yourself up in their prison and love it like they do. This is the weirdest thing about people. I’d almost say that my vaccinated city friends don’t want to see me do well outside of their prison.

    1. That sounds about right. You bring up a lot of great points. When I talk to those who are scared witness about this fraud, the more I tell them that I’m not concerned, the more animated they get. Our social engineering from DARPA, pentagon, and McLean Virginia has been so expertly crafted.

      The fearful hate those who are not living in fear, and are getting more and more angry by the day. In the next year or two, those who got and continue to get the poison jabs, and who are scared to leave their houses, will blame the unjabbed and fearless for everything. They’ll blame the the unjabbed for them getting sicker and they’ll blame the unjabbed for any economic collapses that comes about.

      1. One of our good friends in Denmark has this Omni strain right now. She said her, her mom, husband and kids all sick. “Lots of coughing and sore throat and the rest, but we’re hanging in there Thank God we got the booster, it could be worse.”

        This same friend i use to send enlightening articles about these vaccines to before they took the jab. It’s absolutely amazing how the eyes are scaled on these people. I don’t even mention anything anymore. So so sad.

        Also, I have about 50 employees out with this strain right now and all of them are vaccinated. Last I checked, not one of my employees who are not vaxxed has gotten sick since this new strain started.

        I don’t know why I get surprised and mad at these thing sometimes, I know where the world is headed soon, but it’s still painful to see these conformed puppets soak all this stuff up. Most of them I notice lack any real relationship with Him. Says it all.

        1. I know exactly what you’re thinking. We can articulate all this stuff, but when we have to experience it, that’s another matter. It can be very frustrating to see it all in a real time and up close.

          What I can’t figure out is how the regular people cannot determine this fraud. You say that the people get sick are jabbed and the unjabbed remain healthy, yet the average person can’t deductively figure it out.

          I guess it’s like we’ve been saying; this is a spiritual battle and the wheat has definitely been separating from the chaff. Those without eyes to see and ears to hear will not be able to figure this out. I doubt most will ever be able to escape.

  21. This accurately describes Massachusetts and California too. I recommend any sane person to leaves these blue states ASAP. The blue states are truly Gulags.

      1. Last week I took my wife for a trip to Idaho. It is a mere 300 mile from there we live in the deep blue county in WA, with masks and vax passports everywhere, to Coeur d’Alene, ID, where there’s no masks, no vax passports and, for all practical purposes, no covid whatsoever.
        “Honey, don’t you see that these 2 realities cannot possibly both be true? Either they are putting us in grave danger in ID, or they are plain mocking and humiliating us here in WA?”. But no, this had zero impact on my wife. She was ok not wearing a mask while in ID, yet she promptly put a mask on once we came back to WA.

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