A reader is concerned about her future

Note to reader: I recently received an email from a reader, and pass it along to you for contemplation.

I include this jpeg file I received from a reader

While we may never know the precise timeline of events outlined for humanity, we do have a lot of solid ideas and evidence, which we can just base on the previous revelations of our adversary. While the unwashed plebes will remark that the topic of conspiracy theory is nonsense, we have plenty to go on, and I state that it is a well-developed science for those who are objective and fearless enough to see the truth.

To wit, we can learn a lot by just listening to the elites and their mouthpieces themselves; they are often so prideful, and cannot keep quiet. Many of them have bragged for decades about what their ultimate goals are for humanity. Given our superior long-term economic track record, as well as all of the useful information that has been shared in the comments sections on this blog, I believe we all have a good handle on what is transpiring, and what is to come.


While reading this [one of your recent comments], “They will view the other 50% (unvaxxed, unchipped) with complete disdain. If your spouse gets chipped and you don’t he or she will hate your guts. If you think family members are at odds with one another now”, I got a chill on my back. Recently, my jabbed husband started to use words like “if any consequences, people like you are going to be responsible.” etc. The frequency for him to suddenly speak like a robot is becoming so noticeable, and gave me startles every time he acted like that.

I knew mind-control tech has advanced a lot these past years. But I thought it is not there yet to control via the shots. Am I wrong with this information? Maybe they can be controlled via the nanobots injected with the first 2 shots? So far, I have been able to stop him from getting booster, by giving him some evidences. Now, I start to worry about my own safety. What if the things I said to him is being used by the controllers to turn my husband against me? via violence?

Have you heard about anything in this aspect?

– L

While we may never be able to prove the full scope of all the mind control techniques that have been employed to reengineer humanity, we can take a quick look at how society and humanity have devolved over the decades, and deduce some sobering conclusions.

Any reasonable person who embraces the science of conspiracy regarding the objectives of the new world order and the elites’ aspirations for a one-world financial dictatorship will not find any of this woman’s concerns unwarranted. Indeed,  the idea for the usage of injections via “vaccines” for mind control purposes goes back to Bertrand Russell’s time on this planet, and before.

Diet, injections, and injunctions [e.g. schooling, media] will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.

Bertrand Russell; globalist, eugenicist, philosopher (1872-1970)

Is this reader’s concerns completely overblown? Is she crazy? Unfortunately, I don’t think so.

I would rather err on the side of paranoia than go with the herd. I ask, why is the dialectic outcome to every illness that is proffered by our adversary a vaccine-based solution; even when they prove utterly useless at achieving their goal of preventing diseases?

Bertrand Russell is correct; the central banking cartel has powered a conspiracy too monstrous to conceive for the vast sea of humanity. It has labored to take control of all aspects of our lives. It owns the educational and banking systems, MSM and alt-media, corporate hierarchy, medical-industrial complex, food industry, and governing authorities. These satanic appendages have all worked in concert to produce a population that is amenable to virtually anything, regardless of how adverse it may be to their existential outcomes.

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74 thoughts on “A reader is concerned about her future

  1. Bob, why are you so recalcitrant? You actually didn’t prove anything. Okay, make the grain of sand size of a softball and let it travel at 40,000 miles an hour as it goes in direct opposition of a spaceship. But I know NASA claimed that the spaceships were traveling at as fast as 25,000 miles an hour, according to NASA. If that all makes you feel better, then so be it.

    NASA is also trying to redesign the Artemis space capsule to withstand reentry into the atmosphere at that speed with a human in it and they still cannot keep the temperature low enough. Yet, they let us believe that an aluminum capsule that had virtually no heat insulation was able to withstand the incredible temperatures caused by the heat of atmosphere reentry.

    Just let it rest as we are now introducing a bunch of red herrings.

    1. “Virtually no heat insulation”: The Apollo command module forward heat shield weighed 3000 pounds. How many thousand pounds of insulation would qualify as more than “virtually none” in your mind?

      1. Bob, I see in your last few meaningless posts, you’ve moved on from your cheap skepticism to cheap sarcasm. At least be funny, if you can. Sarcasm isn’t an effective rhetorical device when you overuse it, you know? You went so overboard with it, it shows weakness in your character. Tell me, Bob. Do you believe in vaccines, too? How many other children’s fairytales do you believe other than NASA’s moon landing narrative?

        1. I didn’t take the vax.

          As for being sarcastic…. when someone says the command module has “virtually no” heat shielding, while it actually has 3000 pounds of it – what do you expect me to say?

          Can I get an admission that there is actually more than “virtually no” shielding from you guys or is even that impossible?

          Can we even agree on the color of the rocket? I suggest it was white with some black blocks painted on it. Do you agree?

          1. Even if they’re worth 3,000 lb added in heat shielding, why is the Artemis program still having difficulties figuring it out when NASA supposedly succeeded over 50 years prior? As for the 3,000 pounds that is definitely not valid. I take a look at the pictures of the capsules as they landed in the ocean and two of these capsules that are on display in museums, and they are just aluminum shells.

  2. How to Break Free of Fear Addiction, Mercola.com, January 2, 2022


    I downloaded the PDF version, since Mercola, under threat for his safety, now deletes all his editorial content after 48 hours.

    In his book “United States of Fear,” psychiatrist Mark McDonald diagnoses the U.S. as suffering from mass delusional psychosis, driven by an irrational fear of what is now a rather innocuous virus

    The fearful overreaction didn’t have its origin in what happened in 2020. Government, corporations and powerful individuals have engaged in a systematic “grooming” effort toward irrational fear addiction for decades

    Without fear, they cannot rob us of our freedoms

    The underlying motivation of this psychological campaign has been an attack on the core structures, foundations and institutions of society in order to nurture a sense of dependency on government

    To overcome their addiction to fear, a person must still have a sense of curiosity and be willing to look at new information. If they’re not, they’re not treatable and cannot be stopped from trading their (and our) freedom for a false sense of security. So, the key is finding those who are still open and receptive to new information, so that we can reach a tipping point where there are more fearless people than fear addicted ones

  3. Happy New Year Chris and to every blogger on this site. This site is a great social outlet for all who believe in Jesus Christ, Antivax, and/or interested in an honest ,as it is , economic insight. I am grateful to those on this site who understand are views as everybody around us do not and are led of the cliff due to their own stupidity.

    New Year’s Day is the holiday I hate most as it signals back to work and ,in the past, back to school both of which I do not look forward to. For those in the Northern hemisphere it means three or more long months of cold snowy weather and no festivities until Easter. New Year’s Day would be great in New Zealand or Australia being the beginning of summer.

    On the bright side of the New Year, it means another year closer to the return of Jesus Christ. It also means that things will get more eventful before that second coming. There is hope for a very good show this year for those that are prepared.
    If you have not prepared spiritually with Jesus Christ nor stocked up on items then this could be an uglier year. I think the reprieve is just about over.

  4. This is for L.
    I too had to leave a marriage before 2020 where there was a power imbalance. There was fear of my spouse’s fits of rage, he didn’t strike me because I avoided making him angry but I knew he would if I pushed back too often. You may have been suffering this for awhile and didn’t notice or acknowledge it. Now there is this issue that is important enough for you not to comply. Trust your gut. If it says he will do something, then protect yourself. Have an escape plan. Buy some metals or crypto to hide some assets. At the very least some cash to get away last minute. Separating may just give wake your spouse up to stop his behaviour. Or not. At least you will know.

  5. Chris,

    What evidence do you have that the Bible is true? I hope it is true, but I haven’t seen any objective evidence.

    What puzzles me is that Christianity seems to be a blessing for psychopaths, since Christianity encourages forgiveness and universal love. Psychopaths should not be forgiven or even tolerated, as they have no morals or empathy. I think other religions are much better at dealing with psychopaths, the only earthly treatment for whom is eradication.

    So Christianity is a boon for psychopaths, and psychopaths have completely taken over the world, despite being less than 1% of the population. I can’t help but see a connection here. Christianity preaches trust and forgiveness, which is exactly what psychopaths capitalize on.

    Take this line from Matthew: “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.”

    If your enemies are psychopaths, showing love to them and blessing them aren’t going to help. It’s going to backfire, and allow your enemies to defeat you. Then the psychopaths will have power and ruin other people’s lives, which is what we are seeing now. Failing to fight evil is evil. Christianity seems woefully ineffective against psychopathic evil on an earthly level.

    1. You are thinking of the 501c3 form of Judeo-Christianity. Not the true form.

      Separate yourself from these irredeemable psychopaths. It is our responsibility to expose and kill, if necessary, these servants of Satan. They are killing us softly, and decieving and killing our friends, family, and neighbors. They are going to hell and if we speed up the process, all the better.

      Psychopaths do not use Christianity as a shield. They are so demonically possessed, that whenever you mention the name of Jesus, they want to kill you.

      Jesus wasn’t talking about these globalists, Jesus was talking about people who tried to sue you or tried to make your life miserable. Jesus told his disciples to defend themselves to the death, if necessary (Like 22), and while we may forgive those who try to harm us, that doesn’t mean we sit around and take it like a dog. We have people like pastor Lawson who will tell you to do that.

      So if you have a firearm or firearms, you are instructed to use them if you see the so-called authorities killing people and forcibly rounding them up against their wills.

      When Jesus tells you to turn the other cheek, that doesn’t mean you sit around and take it like a piece of livestock while someone rapes your wife. You can kill people, and are instructed to defend the lives of others.

      When Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek, he’s referring to things like standing down instead of escalating a fight, not engaging in road rage, not suing the other people out of spite, not trying to drain your spouse in an acrimonious divorce. When we turn the other cheek in everyday life, our lives become easier and more manageable, and we don’t grind our teeth at night.

      I will tell you this much, if they force us to get these jabs, or forcibly round up people, I will shoot them with my dragons breath shotgun shells and incinerate each and every one. They will remember me, and I have already told my federally elected officials, so they have already been warned to stand down on this crap.

      What type of Christianity you are thinking about? It certainly not the type of Christianity that I read every day in the Bible. Please, I beg of you, read the Bible and stop listening to each and every pastor on YouTube and social media. The so-called authorities are of the devil and intend to kill us. Their intentions are now obvious to each and every one with eyes to see and ears to hear.

      It is impossible to morally and spiritually enslave a Bible reading people. The Bible is the groundwork for human freedom. The Bible tells me everything I need to do during every waking moment of my day. It instructs me with great precision each and every action I take. It instructs on how to think, on how to believe, how to act, and how to conduct business. 99% of the churches out there are complete b*******.

      1. Thanks for that comment, Chris.

        Would you care to share the template of that letter to your “elected officials”, perhaps as a PDF?

        I was able to make the connection of how Paul’s letters were being misdirected by the 501c3 pastors with concepts of the “Jesus loves everyone” new world order deception, thanks to you pointing it out with bible scripture. I found it odd every single time I went to a 501c3 church. That was the only thing they talk about in several differerent ways. Never mentioning the enemies: the curse of Canaan, the will of Canaan, Esau-Edom of today, the israelites moving to Western Europe, the breach between Pharez to Zarah, Jacob’s trouble, etc.

        I have not put a foot on a 501c3 in a while and will not do it again.

        1. I have been a lifetime member of Gun Owners of America (GOA) for about 15 years, and GOA sends me action alerts and provides templates to send to my elected officials. I would have to say that 90% of the correspondence goes to VAs two senators and the congressman for the district in which I mostly reside. Infrequently, I will get an opportunity to send an email to the Governor. Though I was a lifetime member since 2005, I still give donations on an ongoing basis to them.

          While GOAs templates are direct enough as is, often I will add a few sentences, indicating that I will never relinquish my gun rights under any circumstances, and that we must never lose sight that the elected officials serve the citizenry and not the other way around. The citizenry acts as a watchdog to make certain that the elected officials act appropriately.

          The last one I sent one out was regarding the Senator vote to loosen the filibuster mechanism. I guess that was before the holidays. The elected officials always respond to my emails, and while most of them are boilerplate, a few of them will refer specifically to my tailoring of the email.

          The next time I send something out I will post it on the comment section.

          As for the interpretation of the Pauline Epistles; Jesus was from Judah and Paul was from Benjamin. These were the two southern tribes that remained someone intact, at least to bring the lineage of the royal priesthood to Jesus. I keep in mind that when Paul is talking to the churches he is referring to himself as a Jew as well as Jesus, since he was from Judah, and to the churches as the gentiles. This doesn’t mean that the Jews are God’s chosen people. I try to keep in mind the frame of reference in which Paul is referring. It’s almost a conversation style.

          Indeed, Paul was an Israelite, since he was from Benjamin. But the Epistles from Paul and James and such referred to the Lost Israelites scattered abroad. Given the context to whom these apostles were referring, it wasn’t the spiritual house as the Laodiceans believe, but these apostles knew these tribes still existed somewhere. They were fully aware of the Old testament prophecies at that time.

          This is why I get so sick and tired of hearing these dispensational pastors and the others who keep referring to the Old testament characters as Jews. This couldn’t be further from the truth. They were Hebrews and then they became Israelites.

          When the Jews left captivity in Babylon, there weren’t a whole lot of them. Several hundred thousand perhaps. They certainly did not fulfill the last day birthright promises, Ephraim and Manasseh never wandered back to the southern Kingdom as some of the Laodicean scholars will tell you, and only a willfully ignorant fool would think that these birthright promises on Jacob’s deathbed were fulfilled or were just figurative in nature. Jacob was one of the most important prophets in the Old testament, and I would put him in the top five.

          I would go one step further and say that by the time Jesus walked this earth, the Jews of his day had already begun to show interbreeding with other people. The tribe remnants of the northern kingdom were probably completely gone out of the area 600 years earlier and had migrated away.

          By the way, I am up to speed on all of those topics you talk about especially healing the breach. I asked you this,; where did Zarah end up? I know where, and that’s why I’m so certain regarding the Nations that the northern remnants founded.

        2. One more thoughthere. I almost forgot to mention in Matthew 15 when Jesus equated the Canaanite woman with a dog.

          Jesus said to his disciples that he was only sent to preach to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. And while it was clear that the Jews were not lost, he certainly was indicating to this woman that he was not sent to preach to her.

          This is something I am confronted with as a non sequitur in the Laodicean pastor mindset. On one hand they talk about the lost sheep of the House of Israel as being a spiritual house, and on the other hand he tells this Canaanite woman that he wasn’t sent to preach to her even though it was clear that she had faith.

          Which is correct?

          I submit that Jesus had something entirely different in mind from what the current Church pastors think.

          1. I would suggest that Jesus’ ministry on Earth are meant to convict the world of its sinfulness and its need for a savior. Jesus posits many hypothetical scenarios where perfection is demanded of an individual for salvation (such as the rich man and passing a camel through the eye of a needle), to which his disciples respond “then what man can be saved?”, to wit Jesus answers, “with man, it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” This is why the red letter edition Bibles may be somewhat misleading, making readers believe that the red letter words hold more importance that the rest of the Bible. It is worth remembering that the entirety of the Bible is the Word, which is all the Word of God through Jesus Christ.

            Likewise, Jesus began his ministry targeted at the Jews, who as a group consistently rejected him (notwithstanding individual converts). He contrasts their stiff-necked disbelief with the conviction and faith of the Gentiles (e.g., the woman at the well, the Centurion, etc.). This contrast was intended to convict the Jews (the “Chosen people”) of their sin.

            Ultimately, after the Cross and the Resurrection, it is Paul whose epistles gives fullness to the message of Jesus of Christ and means of salvation.

            Remember, Jesus started his ministry by speaking in parables. Like the Old Testament, the truth was veiled in allegory in the early part of his ministry. As the time approached the Crucifixion, Jesus explained he would begin to speak plainly, in order to reveal God’s plan. It is like Jesus’ ministry drawing the Old Testament to a close, which is finally rent when the curtain in the Temple was torn in two.

            As John the Baptist said, God can raise sons of Abraham from stones. God intends to save all who come to accept his free gift of salvation.

            That said, I do believe there is an important role for the Lost Sheep of Israel, and that the Gospel is intended them in a special way. God never makes a statement in the Bible without intentionality.

            1. I illustrate all of this, because I’m trying to demonstrate that all these things must come to pass according to a certain timeline. I’m hoping I can help the reader make connections between biblical prophecy and these current circumstances.

              I never thought that circumstances would change so quickly, but time is running short and I believe that the deaths will begin to mount. This seems to be coinciding with our theorized US dollar force majeure. There’s a reason why the globalists are kind of leaving the United States alone for now when compared to the other Western Nations. They know what they have planned for America. It’s the time of Jacob’s trouble, or as George Washington prophesied, the second American revolution. He dreamt that God would return shortly thereafter. None of this has to do with salvation or Glory, but I illustrate the actions and words of the founding fathers of this nation and those from its beginnings, so we can see what these individuals thought about the nation they were creating.

              Clearly the United States is something special, and only a willful fool would think that it had no meaning in biblical prophecy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus knew where the lost sheep were located and it was clear he knew only certain peoples would embrace his message.

              We have some terrible evil in the world right now, the worst in human history, and our adversary, whether they know it or not, is working feverishly to destroy these Israelite remnants. There’s no way that this could be by chance.

              I speculate that our adversary knows exactly what they are doing. They intend to purposely and specifically destroy the Israelite remnant Nations, but only these Israelite remnants don’t know it.

              I still think there’s a good shot of Deagel 2025 being right.

        3. Do a Google search on Ezekiel 17, and it’s nothing but Zionist propaganda. We truther seekers know what it means. The Zionists try to fumble around, and their answer is not consistent with answering a riddle. For them, it’s all about making certain the Laodiceans stay in their mental cattle pen .

          The kingly line needed to be maintained somewhere as Jacob promised this to Judah on his deathbed, and while the genetic line to Jesus went through Pharez, the Pharez kingly line stopped with Zedekiah. There were no Judah kings during the Babylonian captivity. It was transferred somewhere else. Hmmm…..

    2. In regards to how I know the Bible is true? There are two reasons here.

      First, with regards to how Jesus tells us to act and conduct all our daily affairs; he was truly a revolutionary, and because I’ve turned my life over to him and his teachings, my life has been a relative cakewalk.

      We take the Christian philosophy for granted, but when Jesus was walking this planet 2,000 years ago, nobody ever heard of the stuff he uttered. He left the most learned people speechless, and all of the greatest philosophers up to his time taught a completely different philosophy. The world has never been the same since Jesus came to the planet.

      Second, the Bible is the only place that I can find the script for these last days. I’ve studied the writings and Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, the writings like the creation and flood story in the Popul Vuh of the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayas, as well as the North American Indians, and there is no other source that provides me with such granular detail in the actions of our adversary. Only the bible. Based on all the ancient writings, it is clear that the non-Israelite ancient populations decided to worship the fallen ones, in lieu of the God of Noah. They were all polytheistic.

      Why is our adversary carrying out these end time events according to biblical scripture? Our adversary either is using the Bible as a template, because they know it’s accurate, or that’s just the way things are working, regardless of the intent of our adversary. Either way, I have been able to make so many excellent and prescient personal choices, because I have a full and comprehensive grasp on the intentions of our adversary and its abilities. The Bible tells me so.

        1. The protocols’ time frame is vague. Moreover, the protocols doesn’t discuss the Old testament in great detail, according to the prophets.

          What the protocols do leverage is the ignorance of the Laodicean Christian church today to conflate Jew versus gentile and the Jews as God’s chosen people. Nothing could be further from the truth not just figuratively, but even according to the bible.

          The Bible tells us that this would actually happen. The engineers and writers of the protocols twist and manipulate the Pauline Epistles to suit their desired outcome. And the seminaries have all been infiltrated with the secret societies to propagate that message.

          If I could choose only one book, it would definitely be the bible.

          The Protocols tells us that the goy would be drunk on speculation, and while this is true, the drunk speculators over the past century have cleaned up. If someone just read the protocols they would have thought collapse was just around the corner every day of every year.

          The Bible tells us in great detail about the timeline and only how certain things can come to pass only after other things first came to pass.

          I do know this for certain, whoever wrote the protocols knew the Christian Bible better than 99% of today’s Christian scholars. They’re twisting and manipulation of the Pauline Epistles is mind-blowing.

      1. That actually is a great article. It provides a lot of good research and insight. This article is also useful in the field of behavioral economics.

        In classical economics, the thought goes that people make rational decisions with money. But we know that couldn’t be further from the truth..

        Some Nobel prize winning economists were able to come up with theorems, algorithms, and mathematical methodologies used to determine how rationally irrational human beings are in the aggregate. In essence, these people got paid the big bucks and received the big prizes to develop ways to measure just how stupid people are with money and resources.

        And while it is possible to predict the level of stupidity in large groups or in society with some precision, it is still surprising when we deal with a stupid person on an individual level. In my area of expertise, I am often confronted with people who make the most stupid financial and monetary decisions I can imagine. And it’s not just a one-off thing. It is ongoing and continual.

        What is worse than the stupid people are the many bandits in society. These are the people who feel they need to get over on others in order to succeed and get ahead. They view the world as a zero sum game and if they benefit that means someone else is losing. I meet a lot of low level bandits in my daily business dealings. It gets easier to spot as years go by, but I realize there are a lot of helpless people who get taken by these bandits.

        The stupid bandits steel heat pumps from vacant properties. The intelligent bandits run for office, wear a judicial robe, or move up the military or corporate hierarchy.

        Like the author says, the goal is to benefit not just on an individual level, but on a larger level. Intelligent people know that long-term success is predicated on also helping those around them to gain.

        Jesus said we’ll always have poor people with us, because he knew that most people are stupid. They’re not just stupid in one endeavor, their stupidity bleeds into all aspects of their lives. And yes, most are certainly very stupid when it comes to dealing with money. A stupid husband or a stupid wife directly impacts the entire family.

        Indeed, people are not created equal and they are certainly not the same. People are all created to be given an equal shot, but most are too stupid and squander what opportunities they get. Worse, they adversely affect those around them and cost society dearly.

        We can continue throwing trillions of dollars in social spending to try to level the playing field, and all that does is magnify the discrepancies between intelligent and stupid people. And like this article says about the bandits and their impact on society, social spending is just a means for the bandits to come out ahead at the expense of all others.

      2. I’m glad people are talking about psychopaths.

        Psychopaths and so-called “autists” appear to be on opposite ends of a spectrum. (I say “so-called” because autist is used as a smear. Autists are just logical and honest people.)

        Psychopaths have diminished frontal lobe activity, while high functioning “autists” have increased frontal lobe activity. Low-functioning psychopaths end up in jail for violent crimes, but high-functioning psychopaths can be very successful in business and politics. When they band together like the Pharisees (which are still around to this day), they can take over multiple countries.

        Jesus’s commitment to the truth no matter what the consequences makes him seem more like a person who would suffer the “autist” smear. Jesus was also very logical and argued cogently, rather than using sophistry like the Pharisees. Sophistry, particularly appeals to emotion, are far more effective than logic when it comes to persuading the masses.

        So Jesus/God represents logic while Satan represents sophistry and psychopathy. There is another important connection here: Psychopathy results in accelerated entropy, while logic attempts to stall and even reverse entropy on a local level. Reversed local entropy is a hallmark of life. Thus, psychopaths are literally anti-life and anti-human. Now I understand why Bobby Fischer referred to the SoS as “anti humans.”

        1. “Autists are just logical and honest people”

          I met an autistic kid once. He was scary. His own mother had to call the cops because she thought he was going to kill her. He said the nastiest things you can imagine to her – worse than in The Exorcist. He was really weird. As for being honest, I wouldn’t believe a thing he said. Nothing he said made sense anyway.

    3. For “Turn the other Cheek” – it doesn’t apply to instances where someone wants to do you physical harm, or to your loved ones/neighbor. It has more to do with petty differences. It’s good wisdom to follow, and people would be much less stressful if they’d practice sometimes swallowing their pride, and taking the defeat even if you’re in the right sometimes. But on Jesus’ final days he instructed his disciples to sell what they have for a sword to defend themselves. Further proof that doesn’t apply to someone wishing to do you physical harm. You’re supposed to defend yourselves even if it means having to kill in self-defense. It would be a huge sin if you let someone kill/rape your loved ones while you sat by turning the other cheek.

      1. Some people take the bible 100% literally, but refuse to admit that the turn-the-other-cheek thing is literally about what to do when someone slaps you on the cheek.

        1. How common is it for someone to slap another on the cheek? It’s obviously referring to petty duels. Quite a different thing from say, someone punching you or jabbing you with a needle. Looks like you are batting 0-2, Bob

  6. This is in response to L and any spouse in a similar situation. This is a reflection of a great parting that is underway in todays society as we approach the final days of this Satanically controlled world. If the vaccinated spouse pressures the unvaccinated spouse to get jabbed by making snide comments or , even worse, threatening violence against the unvaccinated spouse then the marriage is fraying. The vaccinated spouse is not the person that they use to be and shows utter lack of respect and understanding. Unless the vaccinated spouse starts to show understanding and reconciliation, then separation is the only option. I am not necessarily suggesting divorce, but I am suggesting living apart from the vaccinated spouse. The Word of God has suggested a great parting in the end times between those that follow Jesus Christ versus those that do not(The Covid 19 Vaccine is a great separator from God):

    Matthew 10:34-37 – “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household. Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

    Luke 12:49-53
    “I came to cast fire on the earth, and would that it were already kindled! I have a baptism to be baptized with, and how great is my distress until it is accomplished! Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division. For from now on in one house there will be five divided, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”

    I definitely DO NOT suggest getting vaccinated as a reconciliation with the vaccinated spouse as that will compromise the unvaccinated spouse’s physical AND spiritual health. The Covid 19 Vaccine will definitely separate those who take it from God. Taking the vaccine as a compromise of the marriage is equivalent to tolerating sinful behavior and associating with a sinner. The Word of God strongly forbids tolerating sin as a compromise:

    2 Corinthians 6:14-18
    Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever? What agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, “I will make my dwelling among them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you, and I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty.”

    1 John 2:15-17
    Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions—is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.

    I would urge L and any spouse to hold their ground against taking the Covid 19 vaccine. I would break any relationship with a person and hightail it from those who does not respect the personal medical choice of others. I am planning on breaking a 28 year relationship in 2022 with an employer who used to be my friend due to his pressuring me to take the Covid 19 kill shot. My boss is just like “L” s vaccinated spouse. He makes snide comments about me opposing the vaccine such as ” You don’t have a Phd so what qualifies you to make the decision?” I am also finding out that he wants me vaccinated more for his convenience because he wants me to work in the office with him instead of working at home.
    I pray for L.

  7. This message goes out to the Evangelical, dispensational, 501c3 loving, dumbass Christians… Obey the government through your interpretation of Romans 13 and take your poison jabs. That’s what they want you to do and you need to obey them.

    Bow down and worship God’s chosen people and take your jabs. That’s what your government wants you to do and in order to keep your tax exempt status, you need to obey. OBEY!

    Also remember you dumbass pastors to malign and castigate America in the west as end time Babylon. Your adversary wants you to demoralize your congregations as much as possible before the last Domino falls.

    1. These dummy YouTube pastors are also pretribbers, and forcefully tell their decieved congregations that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were Jews.

      They have a low intellectual capacity, so they are dummies preaching to dummies.

  8. How easy it is to live with You, O Lord!
    How easy it is to believe in You.
    When my spirit sinks
    or scatters in confusion,
    and the very smartest people
    cannot see further than this evening,
    and do not know what to do tomorrow,
    You send down clear certainty to me that You exist and that You care,
    and will ensure that not all the paths of goodness will be blocked.
    On the peak of earthly glory
    I look back in surprise on the path I have taken
    which I would never have been able to invent for myself,
    an incredible path
    through hopelessness
    from which I was yet able
    to send humanity a reflection of Your rays of light.
    And for as long as it is necessary that I keep reflecting them,
    You will let me do so.
    And what I do not finish—well then,
    You have assigned others for the task.
    –Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  9. This is a reply to L.

    My husband is also vaxxed and got the booster. I cried, begged and prayed for him not to. I remember telling my friend that he is repeating the TV, and it is scary. He even told me that the fact I am banned from restaurants isn’t that big of a deal because I can still eat. I think I am married to a communist, and it makes me sick more than it terrifies me. I have tried to wake him up so many times, and he is willingly ignorant and will not accept reality and barely listens. He has a lot of college education (brainwash) and thinks he knows everything. To me, that is one of the huge harms of PRIDE. He oozes pride.

    I wish I had some good advice to wake him up, Sister. The best advice is to trust God. God doesn’t see this as a reason for divorce, but of course never take mental or physical abuse. At that point, I would leave the house. I wouldn’t even have enough money to support myself if that happened, but this is another time I have to trust God.

    God bless, Sister. I will pray for you. Thank you for sharing and also Chris.

    1. Also, if you want to email me and talk to another Christian who knows how it is, my email is blesseda77@gmail.com. I might reply from another email because I don’t like putting my email on the internet because it gets scanned by bots who want to send SPAM.

    2. My wife is having issues after the double vaxx. All the types that have been warned about like blood and organs. She is in denial. Heaven help us. I never got them. I will never get them.

      1. I am sorry to hear J.D. It is not easy to wake them up or deal with it. I will pray for her to heal and also wake up. I would go to jail before I get one.

  10. I find it interesting that NASA would name their new telescope the James Webb telescope. James Webb oversaw the Apollo program.

    James Webb was instrumental in building up and running the Apollo Moon program until his abrupt departure in late 1968. I submit that the United States never went to the Moon and humans are still incapable of traveling outside of lower Earth orbit, as the radiation is too extreme to overcome, and the vacuum poses insurmountable issues.

    Not just do humans need to somehow pass through the Van Allen belts, but they need to deal with the radiation that is omnipresent in deeper space.

    Why do I bring up James Webb? By 1967, it was clear that the United States government and NASA was not going to be able to fulfill sending a man to the Moon. So they decided to stage it. Ever since the Apollo mission, man has never left lower Earth orbit that I find that too peculiar to overlook. That’s because we never left lower Earth orbit during the Apollo scams of the first Nixon regime.

    James Webb left and never looked back. He resigned abruptly and in disgust.

    Perhaps NASA wants to name it the James Webb telescope, so when they manufacture an alien invasion they can say it was verified by the James Webb telescope.

    1. Chris, good points. The moonshot days might be simply this: another great vision put before the American people to suck money out of the treasury. And the moonshots were a HUGE diversion from an even bigger moneysucker scam: the Vietnam war.

      Can’t trust these bustards. If it’s “news” it’s a scam. Every nuance and machination by the establishment is meant to extract money from the herd.

      Best to all you Pirnak log participants in ’22! Chris thanks for your hard work. You are a bringer of light.

      1. Another 3.5 hour moon hoax vid?
        Is there a short form with some sort of “smoking gun”? I’m tired of watching these things and realizing at the end that it didn’t prove a damned thing.

      2. First evidence was JFK’s skepticism about the possibility of doing it. The movie didn’t care to mention that as soon as he saw an F1 rocket engine test in person, he was totally amazed and instantly changed his mind. The F1 was “the most amazing thing he has seen in his life” – totally mind blowing.

        First 20 min is about some senior NASA people quitting. A big org like NASA must have some staff churn. The video admits is is “inexplicable” so it’s not evidence of much.

        Then 5 minutes about the 60s space craze in schools and on TV. As if that adds a speck of credence to this video….

        OK so we are 25 minutes in and there is ZERO proof of anything. Well that’s typical.

        Then it’s the Van Ellen Belt thing. No mention of the actual expected radiation dose. Just the word “radioactive” and “impossible”. Well it must be impossible to walk past a smoke detector too because many of them are radioactive too!

        Then we have The Minions and The Coneheads. Give me a break.

        Next up 10 minutes of circumstantial evidence such as “Russia was in on it because otherwise people would laugh at them.”

        40 min – no need to have retroreflector on moon to bounce laser off. That seems reasonable I suppose.

        After that he says a fake moon rock was given to a Dutch museum. So what? It was fossilized wood.

        So where did the fossilized wood come from? Was it the moon meteorites Werner von Braun got from Antarctica in 1967? No.

        Right one hour in and nothing conclusive. Essentially just saying NASA’s training simulations were so good they could have just used them for the mission.

        Then it’s on to the Van Allen belts. It’s all bla bla bla, zero numbers of what the dose will be and if it really is as deadly as Van Allen though it might have been. They say the walls of the craft are “thin”. Paper stops most alpha particle. Your skin stops them. Beta particles penetrate deeper but are less ionizing. There is no gamma trapped in the belts. High energy cosmic rays are not trapped in the belts. The belts are not that dangerous.

        He plays a clip of astronauts saying their rocket can’t get further than low orbit. That is irrelevant to the Van Allen belts. Alan Bean is quoted saying he doesn’t know where the belts are. The Apollo astronauts just read back their dosimeter badge numbers periodically. They didn’t need to know about the belts. It’s like the people who said nobody would be able to breathe if you drive over 60 mph.

        OK 1 hr 15 min and we are onto the crater for landing. Whatever.

        OK then they complain about the engine noise during liftoff from the moon. Where’s the proof there should be engine noise? All the examples show sounds of the rocket plume in air, not the engine noise.

        OK then the tapes are missing. That is about the first interesting thing in this video, but proves nothing.

        Next up, an astronaut answers a question too early. WOW. If you were used to a 2.5 second delay, and all conversations started with “Rover, this is Houston” surely you are able to answer “yep”, without waiting to see if it was Houston trying to get your attention? Of course it’s Houston. Why wait for the “this is Houston” part before replying? This is retard level evidence.

        Apparently moon dust can’t stick to anything because only humidity can cause dust to stick. Oh yeah? Who says moon dust can’t stick to anything? Why not?

        I’m tired of this crap. If there is a specific part to watch let me know.

          1. I asked if there was an actually irrefutable part of the video you could direct me to so I don’t have to watch the whole 3.5 hours of it, but this is all you can say? You can’t find anything worthy of note in the doco you promoted?

            I never said I believed in anything. I only talked about the video you recommended and listed its serious shortcomings. The video proves nothing (in the first half at least). If you differ then please indicate one thing you think it proves.

            Can you explain why NASA would go to Antarctica to gather moon rock meteorites for their hoax, but then give a Dutch museum a big piece of petrified wood instead? No, you can’t because it’s 100% BS isn’t it? NASA would never do that even if the moon missions were a hoax. Five minutes of checking reveals the wood never came from NASA anyway, so it should not have been included in this “documentary”. This means the documentary is sloppy and selective, at best. It means it cannot be trusted. It means it’s crap – just like I said. It’s crap regardless of whether the moon landings were faked or not.

            1. I didn’t watch the video. But why would NASA send a 460lb dune buggy to the moon for a drunk “buzzed” aldrin to drive around? And then how would that meth heads tree-fort they call the LEM, named after JFKs gay boyfriend, thrust itself off the moon back to Earth? And how would the tin foil it’s made out of survive the vacuum of space?

              What evidence is there that they went to the moon? Oh the telemetry data! Just kidding they erased those to save money on having to buy new tapes.

              Why place the onus on someone to prove a nonsensical story didn’t happen?

            2. Bob, I posted my comment for the choir, not for cheap skeptics like yourself. Frankly, I don’t find the moon hoax as important as many of the other conspiracies so I don’t spend much time trying to convince people of it. Stop being lazy and do your own homework. If that’s not good enough for you, then leave it alone. Conspiracy research is not for you. I’ve seen several moon presentations, that was just one of them. If you are still debating whether we landed on the moon, you’re way behind most everyone else in this movement. Moon hoax awareness is so 2000s. We don’t have time to bring up to speed slow learners (or Uncle Same shills) with all that is going on right now.

              1. There’s several people like Marcus Allen who seems to know a lot about the Apollo program.

                It’s all out there for anyone who wants to see it. That’s why the social media outlets and intelligence groups work so diligently to censor stuff like to moon hoax.

                Think of all the stories and such based on the Apollo program. Humans can’t even leave lower Earth orbit, but if the people knew the truth, the entire Sci-fi genre would go away.

                A grain of sand travelling at 17000 mph and hitting a spaceship would have the explovlsive power of a low grade nuclear bomb. The vacuum of space would boil the blood of the astronauts would explode in seconds.

                There is no way that a space helmet nor space suit of the Apollo type could withstand the vacuum of space. The moon has an almost perfect vacuum.

                In the late 1950s, radiation probes were so overwhelmed with radiation in the newly discovered Van Allen belts that their Geiger counters stopped working.

                It’s all a fraud. Hard to believe, but anyone with an objective background in physics knows it’s impossible.

                NASA still says they have to figure out a way to overcome the radiation of space. I thought they did 53 years ago….

                1. Exactly, Chris. A mere trans-Atlantic flight they say is equivalent to a chest x-ray. How much more severe is the radiation when your are up and above the Earth’s natural protective magnetic field out in space? And they would have us believe that the clear picture we saw of the moon walkers had no interference from all the space junk and radiation all the way to the moon. Crystal clear picture. Yeah, sure. Once again, this story is meant for children.

                  I think you are right about the major harm on science exposing the moon hoax would have had on the general public. They have been grooming us for decades so that we would go right along with absurd “scientific” ideas such as mass inoculations, moon walking, allopathic medicine, “cell phones are safe”, 5G, ad nauseum. It all had a purpose, and we have finally arrived to the kill zone.

                2. This is why NASA seems to classify so much of the data they accumulate regarding the conditions of inner and outer space. If the public knew of the true conditions of space, the moon hoax would just become self-evident. This is why NASA always seems to work with the CIA and other intelligence groups.

                  Bart Sibrel has written at least one book on his research and personal interaction with the former Apollo astronauts and NASA itself, and how NASA classifies everything of substance, even radiation data in and beyond the Van Allen belts. He contends this is not because it’s for military purposes, but rather NASA knows that if we knew, we would immediately doubt the Apollo missions ever took place. Every once in a while a NASA employee slips up and comments to the media regarding man’s inability to travel in space because of the omnipresent radiation.

                  There’s more computing power in an iPhone today then what was available to the entire Apollo program back in the sixties. And yet somehow they were able to perform complex calculations that are still proving insurmountable today.

                  NASA wants us to believe that a 3 KW power source on the moon could power live TV to the masses for the Apollo landings.

                  The temperature of the Moon in the Sunshine goes from higher than water boiling to lower than -100 Celsius in the shade. The temperature change is almost instantaneous when one goes from direct sunlight to direct shade.

                  For some reason God does not want us traveling far from the Earth.

              2. You call me lazy after I took the time to view a 3.5 hour video you posted? I respected the effort you took to recommend the video enough to bother watching it. That’s not being lazy. This is typical these days. It’s like the kid who runs hard to catch a baseball but drops it is told to try harder yet the kid who just lets it bounce is told nothing.

                I took the time to list my objections to the video, explaining in detail (something less than 1% of people would bother to do), and you call me lazy.

                Maybe I should have written my objects to the whole video? Would you call me comatose then?

                1. Being the lazy bum I am, I will take some time to object to some of the assertions you guys make.

                  1. Grain of sand like a nuclear bomb. No.
                  E = 0.5 M* V^2. Work it out. A grain of sand has mass of 13 mg (maximum, according to https://hypertextbook.com/facts/2003/MarinaTheodoris.shtml)
                  17000 mph = 7600 m/s.
                  0.5 * 0.000013 kg * 7600 * 7600 = 374 J

                  Energy released by a stick of dynamite is 1 MJ.
                  Therefore one stick of dynamite releases the energy of approx 2764 large grains of sand going 17000 mph. Far from being a nuclear bomb, a grain of sand at that speed is less than 1/100 ounce of dynamite. I think a space craft can handle that.
                  I think someone slightly exaggerated the energy there.

                  Next up: the claim that a trans-Atlantic flight is like a chest x-ray. Maybe it is, but that’s from Cosmic rays, not the van-Allen belts which do not extend into the atmosphere. Cosmic ray doses would be similar in a space craft as they are in a cruising jetliner. Many cosmic rays reach the ground, but are usually particle showers by then since they collide with atmospheric particles and react. You cannot just extrapolate cosmic ray dose in the upper atmosphere out to space like you want to do.

                  “There’s more computing power in an iPhone today then what was available to the entire Apollo program back in the sixties. And yet somehow they were able to perform complex calculations that are still proving insurmountable today.”

                  An iPhone is more powerful than the famed Cray Y-MP super computer from the 1980s too. This fact reflects advancements in computing, it doesn’t mean the old computers were useless. When you look at what the computers actually had to do, it was not beyond their capabilities. Saying these calculations are beyond us now is ridiculous.

                  Temperature on the moon. Ever stuck your hand in a hot oven? Did you get burned? No. What about boiling water at half the temperature? Yes.
                  Vacuum doesn’t burn. You can walk on hot rocks with boots on. The white space suit covering was designed to reflect heat from the sun, and it did. When you say the temperature is such and such, what are you measuring? The rocks or the astronaut’s butt?

                  I’m too lazy to do more, but can you at least admit I debunked the grain of sand nuclear bomb thing?

                2. Of course, vacuum doesn’t burn. But a vacuum is so powerful that if any seal is broken, the astronaut would die almost instantly as his entire body would boil and gas out. Within seconds his body would actually explode outward.

                  In the early to mid 60s, NASA conducted experiments in which they subjected experimental participants to vacuums that were equivalent to 10 to 15 miles above the Earth in the space suits they were intending to use, and all of the astronauts began to pass out and they had a quickly stop the experiment, lest the participants died.

                  It’s not the temperature of the vacuum in fact there is no temperature in a vacuum. It’s only when something is introduced into the space that it registers a temperature.

                  Think of vacuums, and think of the opposite. Think of pressure a few thousand feet down in the ocean. What would happen to a man who was not properly prepared to endure that pressure. He would be crushed instantly. That is the opposite of a vacuum.

                3. I’m with you on that Chris – I know for certain we haven’t been on the moon. The astronauts went into an oath of secrecy – similar to high level Freemasons. We can’t even pass a certain distance because of the radiation, and I have seen recent videos of NASA employees and even President Obama slipping up there. Not to mention all the truth telling they like to do in shows/movies/cartoons. They always tells you the truth in movies but lies on the news.

                  It’s written in the Bible that the devil will deceive the whole of mankind. And in the Bible, in Genesis, it mentions a firmament. Which would indicate the Earth has a closed dome, and is likely flat. So the adversary comes up with a globe idea, and makes sure it indoctrinates this in the youth through public schooling. The elite want people thinking we are random – evolved out of luck from apes God knows how long ago, and traveling within a tiny speck in the Milky Way Galaxy…. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. Earth is a closed system and we can’t leave; if it was open I assure you the Elites would had already milked moon/Mars/comets for all their resources.

                  Tesla’s mission to Mars is a pump and dump. Closed system buddy and he knows it by now; which imo is why he recently stated he thinks this is all a simulation. Or maybe he truly doesn’t think that but wants the public to think that. Who knows.

                  I don’t even believe dinosaurs are 65 million years old. Recent carbon 14 dating puts them around 14,000 to roughly 40,000 years old. Ofc msm science doesn’t allow that; it’s not even up for debate/discussion. Why? Very simple – if the youth in school are taught dinosaurs are 65 million years old and once they get a little older and are exposed to Christianity; they immediately turn away from it because science in school taught them dinosaurs came way before humans. And it’s working because less people are Christian and more are atheists. Just like the Bible predicted – the devil will deceive the whole world.

                4. It’s interesting you bring up the dinosaurs. I have read stories and listen to anthropologists discuss the fact they found fleshy tissue on some of these bones. There’s no way that keratin and protein, even the best preserved, can survive more than 10,000 years.

                  It would not surprise me if the fallen ones experimented in genetics.

                  There are certain scientific fields like biology, chemistry, and physics, that are amazing, and advancements in these three fields have provided humanity with amazing advantages. And there is nothing in the Bible that contradicts this.

                  But when it comes to the topics of the theoretical sciences like evolutionary biology, astronomy, and theoretical physics, I noticed how all the theoretical sciences directly contradict biblical scripture. That’s because man can’t prove any of these theories.

                  I believed all of that theoretical science crap at one time. I fell for The evolutionary biology story, too, in undergrad. I was fascinated with all the theoretical astronomy stories. But it wasn’t like I had an “a ha” moment and rejected it all. Rather I slowly came to terms with the amount of deception in this world and how our adversary would brainwash us with things that I knew were lies. I then extrapolated its behavior on to other topics in which I couldn’t prove, such as the theoretical sciences, which all directly attempt to disprove the Bible.

                  Even if the Earth is older than 6,000 years, that alone doesn’t disprove the Bible, since the Bible doesn’t directly say the Earth was 6,000 years old. The Bible only directly says humans, or at least Adam’s line was 6,000 years old. However, I would have to believe that the origin of what we see and all of the animals that inhabit this planet are much much younger than most believe.

              3. “Conspiracy research is not for you. I’ve seen several moon presentations, that was just one of them. If you are still debating whether we landed on the moon, you’re way behind most everyone else in this movement.”

                OK, point me to the best presentation if that’s just one of them. I have actually watched lots of them, years ago, and concluded they are all rubbish aimed at non-scientific people. As I demonstrated with the grain of sand thing, most people are incapable of telling if it’s rubbish or not.

                Notice that I still haven’t even said if I believe the moon landings or not. All I’ve done it point out the shortcomings of the “evidence” presented. You could say any level of scientific knowledge sufficient to debunk some of these claims is “indoctrination” but I think if a claim isn’t even internally consistent then that is enough to debunk it.

                I’m not a science dogmatist and believe the electric universe guys are onto something, but that doesn’t mean we don’t test their claims too. You need to test everything, it’s the only way to understand it.

  11. Gold is consolidating at the 50-week SMA. Ready to move either way. I think it’s up. But this could take a while longer. Let’s see what bond yields do.

  12. Zero hedge out this morning pointing out the COVID fear mongering of 2020.

    I wonder what their writers think of the ZH fear propaganda from early 2020. I recall all those carefully placed YouTube videos of Chinese people convulsing in the streets and being piled high in body bags.

    And still the dumbed down prols latch on to ZH. Joel Skousen and the rest of the controlled alt world refer to this anti-West propagandist like it’s gospel.

    1. Chris, I think there are even more controlled opposition than we imagine. It’s very sad, and very treasonous, but it seems to be reality in this anti-Christ system.

  13. I would have thought the female be the one opposing not taking the lethal injection due to female nature to follow direction and order more than men (exceptions exist with feminism, etc). Glad to know she is an outlier of the cases where it is the wife pushing the husband relentlessly to jab.

    Interesting, I wonder if the marriage is a mixed secular marriage and if the husband may be consuming too much estrogen based (soy, vegetable oil, etc) products. Certainly, spiritual discernment can only come from Jesus Christ to understand this is all a major hoax. However, the diets men consume can emasculate them from an endocrynical (hormonal) way and block masculinic investigative critical thinking against unusual order as well, clouding their cognition.

    To emphasize, I am sure exceptions may exist. Nevertheless, most men I have seen following the hoax or/with combination of other deceptions tend to have subtle or extreme effeminate mannerisms, underweight or overweight (obese), or some other peculiar physical or social give away.

    The worst case I heard was from a couple who “quarantined” themselves in different parts of the house and built temp walls to not face each other for months. The level of stupidity is phenomenal.

  14. I also don’t believe the reader to be crazy but it’s more likely that the husband would die of heart attack from being jabbed, especially if provoked to blood pressure raising rage. It might be a good idea to suggest top up of his life insurance, unless that discussion would provoke rage. No easy solution when a couple is not united on this life altering decision, I know a couple in this situation and it seems she might take the jab to “save the marriage”. Its that or they will split. Our adversary wins in either case. I am not sure what our adversary would gain by making people go “berserkers”:

    Berserkers were a special type of warriors, mostly in Germanic and Norse cultures. Literary accounts describe them as murderous fighters, clad in animal skins, howling into a battle in a savage rage, killing everyone and everything that was in their way. They acted like mad dogs and wolves, and it was commonly believed that their battle rage was an effect of possession. The nature of this possession seems to be another type of furor divinus or the trance of fury.

    1. Archeologists discovered seeds from the herb henbane in Viking graves. Depending on the dosage, henbane intoxication functions as an anesthetic and aphrodesiac, in addition to inducing psychotic rage and hallucinations. All of which are useful when heading into battle.

      1. Yes, good point. Today it appears we use other drugs to induce this behaviour but the drugs are the mechanism. I am not convinced yet that these jabs have the ability to do anything but poison, maim, and produce clots.

        The actual possession seems to have occurred prior to taking the jabs. The strange behaviour post jab probably reveals who the person always was.

    1. “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” (Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961)

    2. “Now that we know how positive reinforcement works, and why negative doesn’t, we can be more deliberate and hence more successful, in our cultural design. We can achieve a sort of control under which the controlled…nevertheless feel free. They are doing what they want to do, not what they are forced to do. That’s the source of the tremendous power of positive reinforcement—there’s no restraint and no revolt. By a careful design, we control not the final behavior, but the inclination to behave—the motives, the desires, the wishes. The curious thing is that in that case the question of freedom never arises.” (B.F. Skinner, Walden Two)

    3. When I read Huxley’s novel. I thought this is spot on and that was back on 2012. He has several themes in his novel including the misgenetion of the races, the antagonists had suspiciously common askhanazim first/last names, and the attack on that ruddy woman – white people.

      This novel is purposely overshadow with other dystopian novels like, 1984 and the farm, indoctrinating people that it would be an initial sudden brute force control of the masses. Where the reality is as Huxley portrays most people are begging to get with the program. I confirm that every time I pass by a covid test location. The “Revelation of the method” and the “Externalization of the Hierarchy” on these two authors is timely, just *inverted* in order of procedure.

      1. Huxley did say his book would provide the preferred method to achieve the goals of the future.

        Our current society is the final product of what these philosophers and scientists had in mind. Anyone who can take away anything positive regarding society in its current form has an Antichrist spirit and is not biblically oriented.

        Jones and his Jewish wife are a great power couple. She was just arrested for domestic violence. AJ says her drugs need to be recalibrated.

        AJ and Trump: a perfect pair for 2024. I am grateful both are on our side.

  15. M2 Money Stock level


    It’s safe to say that much of the money generated since the introduction of the covid scam wasn’t sterilized overseas or in the financial shell, at least initially. Eventually, all of this money will be captured by those with the means and abilities to capture it.

    Guess where all this money is ending up? You guessed it, in the pockets of the owners of the income generating assets.

    1. If someone showed me this chart, and I was not aware of the previous two years of events, I would be theorizing that the powers-that-be intend to blow up the system soon and will milk it for as much as they can before they do.

    1. Chris,

      The velocity of money shows that the eCONomy is dead. It has fallen off a cliff and there is no heart beat. I would expect that the small bump up slightly after 2020 was from the stimulus checks and now it is trending back down. If you pull the velocity charts from other countries like Japan it is showing a similar trend, except velocity is even lower there. Japan has a massive demographic problem that we are now entering where they have more older people than younger. These chain letter ponzi schemes like social security are going to go tits up and fail.

      Luckily Japan isn’t flooding their country with the third world trash like the western nations to try to increase population.

      One analysis that I would differ from the mainstream is the supposed labor shortage. It is not a “labor” shortage per se, it is much deeper than that. The fact is we have more older people overall who are now retiring permanently whether it is early retirement or not. Many people who were working who are turning 62 or 65 are now at the age where they can claim social security and receive monthly checks and no longer want to work at their previous job. I would state that we simply do not have enough younger people who are healthy enough to work these jobs period. We have a demographic problem that is not being addressed because the previous generations of americans did not have enough children to keep the system going. Of course, the government has been allowing open borders which is also failing now as the system is being milked dry. The people entering the country are not the people who are going to end up working the jobs that are actually needed either. Many of them will simply end up as welfare parasites draining the system.

      I think the Cassandras claiming hyperinflation are not correct when you examine monetary velocity. How are you going to get currency hyperinflation when the money isn’t moving?
      Sure, you can have massive inflation in real estate, food, etc. but I am still not seeing the hyperinflation of the currency. Perhaps, in the future it can happen but at the current rate the print job that the FED has done looks to me like a looting operation for those connecting with the FED. Regardless, the system is on life support for who knows how long. Look at how long Japan has been in a stagflationary environment and things just keep on going.

      1. There is a labor shortage. Millions of people had to leave the workforce because they refuse to get jabbed.

        I’m also aware of a lot of people on the lower end who refuse to even bother working anymore. They can’t articulate the problem, but wage inflation has not kept up with price and the cost of living inflation. Many lower end workers look at their paychecks then look at how house prices have escalated, and wonder why they should even bother getting out of bed.

        I can’t think of a more satanic monetary system than the one we’re currently enslaved under. It disincentivizes people from working for a living by penalizing earned income, and motivates people to speculate and be lazy.

        People think that slavery ended in 1865, but slavery is very expensive to the slave owners. They need to care for their slaves and provide for a roof over their heads, three square meals a day, and medical care. It is a very costly endeavor and the modern slave now just gets a slave wage and is then left twisting in the wind to figure out how to pay for medical care and rent and food. There’s nobody more enslaved than a person who thinks he or she is free.

        Go racial justice!

      2. Imagine how high inflation would be if velocity was back in the longer-term range. It is a consolidation program, and the higher that inflation is while yields remain low, only helps to accelerate the objectives for 2030.

        I estimate that the powers are gunning for a mid-decade denouement of the USD system. That is 3-4 years. Maybe add another year or so, based on recent curtailment of fiscal largesse.

        The powers just need to paint things over for a few years and keep the plebes flatfooted. The elites need to keep the hoi polloi diverted while they run the last quarter mile lap of the marathon naked in the stadium.

        I also estimate that the powers can kill or seriously injure up to 15-20 million here in the United States without it becoming obvious. The livestock population is fixated on whatever the MSM says, and if the news says mRNA jabs are just vaccines and are helping then the cattle believe it.

        Even if their neighbors and friends are getting sick with new diseases or dying, the dumbasses will still line up to get the poison jabs.

        Once we hit 25 million sick and dead from the jabs – probably in another couple years- it will become more difficult for the SofS to keep it under wraps.

        That’s when we get the next crisis. Maybe an alien invasion like Project Bluebeam. Maybe a financial collapse. Maybe more engineered bioweapons. Maybe WWIII.

        Anything to keep the sick and dying from figuring out how they were fooled. Most will go to their graves never admitting they were duped.

        I still see Deagel.com 2025 as a distinct possibility.

        1. Yeah, I think the system still has legs for a few more years.

          It is obvious that the owners are going to discard the USD system for a new system in the future however they want to move to the next system is anyones guess.

          It is quite amazing the mental gymnastics people will play in order to not admit they were duped.

          Anyways, I received a religious exemption for the vax so I am in the clear for the forseeable future.

          1. Excellent! If there was anything you did to obtain this exemption, please let us know.

            1. Yes, I made sure to include my denominations policy regarding exemptions and attached it with my written portion of the exemption.

              My denomination has a clear policy and history of requesting exemptions. Plus, my denomination puts our protection with god and prayer instead of “vaccines”.

              You should include how to mandate is unethical because it creates a moral quandry that sets you against your established beliefs.

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