A Christmas message and a warning of what’s coming

Learn the lies of the new world order to profit

I just want to extend this Christmas message solely to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. While there is nothing biblical about the day or ceremonies of Christmas, except in reference to Jeremiah 10, we can nonetheless celebrate Jesus’s birth on December 25th, as well as every other day of the year.

Do a Google search on the term “no king but Jesus.” On the search results,  Google will tell you that the usage of this once often-used phrase during the colonial period was only a myth. Of course, the phrases “no king but Jesus” and “we owe allegiance to no crown” were often mentioned during the times leading up to the First American Revolution. Perhaps, in a few years, after the die-offs accelerate and the people get sicker from the mRNA jabs, the remnant will begin to proclaim these words once again as the Remnant fights to stay alive like it says in Revelation 12. This will be leading up to the time of the Second Exodus, after many of our former loved ones, friends, and neighbors are removed from the equation.

The next few years will be the worst ones for mankind since Noah, and I suspect that we will all have to endure the fallout from a complete economic and financial market collapse. This, of course will be manufactured. The concept of QE will be history, as the monetary and fiscal authorities seem to be willfully ignorant of what high price inflation does to the entire QE system. QE can only exist in an environment of sustained low price inflation. Thus, QE will soon no longer be a viable way to finance the ballooning government budget largess. Based on the current inflationary trajectories, I give it 18-24 months. If the numbers fade, we get more time. If they accelerate, we may only have a year.

If you think racism, misogyny, white supremacy, and intolerance are the great evils in this world, there is no longer any reason to visit my site. There are no victims in the Kingdom, and you need to figure out how the Laodicean Church has been duped in these final days leading up to Christ’s return.

A politically incorrect response to a politically incorrect email

In response to an email I received from a hispanic reader who has figured out why our adversary is programming us to mix all the races in the West, but not anywhere else, I responded:

“By the way, there’s a reason why our adversary wants us to mix the races. It is a very simple reason. Mixed races in the new world order don’t share anything from the past. A nation of mixed races worship watered down false gods that are offered to them by their adversary, the synagogue of Satan and the devil (e.g.  psychology, money, political correctness, sports, social justice, unity, etc.) and have no common frame of reference or background. Mixed races lack cohesion, and their marriages tend to not be as durable. It’s like mixing iron with clay. A nation with no common frame of reference is also easily duped into taking mRNA jabs and falling for manufactured crises. A nation a with demoralized and delusional population can be easily fleeced. It seems that the more the plebes hope for unity and racial harmony, the worse their lot becomes. It is no coincidence. Our adversary has the dumbed-down populace concentrating on amorphous concepts, while it steals, kills, and destroys our nations and our peoples.

You can marry and have children with whomever you want; it’s too late to stop what’s coming. As for me, I’ve dated many women over the years and when I was an unsaved man I was also with a lot of women. They were all from different races. Of course, mostly were white as that’s what I find most appealing, but when it comes to marriage, that was a whole different affair. I could never imagine having to deal with the NWO political correctness of a mixed race relationship, with an unwashed wife.

As I’ve said before, everyone is created equal, but they certainly are not created the same.  Why isn’t there a concerted effort to mix the races in Japan or China? Why not in Ethiopian Africa? Why only in the White Christian West? The upshot is if we know this, we can succeed as we move through life. Those who know the truth are not deluded with the false realities of the New World Order.

For example, I was able to comprehend the falsehoods used to demoralize and reengineer the Western nations, which is why I had been recommending being a landlord. In the West, the demoralized Whites have stopped having children, while the open borders overwhelm the housing market and financial system. For those who were not tainted by political correctness, this was the easiest way to make a boatload of money and cash flow. Now I declare that as the economy begins its terminal descent, landlords need to begin accepting housing vouchers. My next two vacancies will be filled with housing voucher participants. The non-voucher tenants will increasingly be unable to pay the escalating rents. This is what happens when we fight for racial injustice. I say to the unwashed sodomites, keep fighting!

Indeed, only the obtuse can’t see that there has been an ongoing and concerted effort to malign and demoralize the Western white Christians, specifically of European origin. I speak in the past tense now, because the reengineering is nearly complete.

All of the races are desperately trying to reengineer the United States in their new image. The problem is that the United States was made great because of the European whites. The United States cannot exist in any other form, regardless of how much political correctness we employ. It wasn’t meant to be a great nation in the eyes of the unwashed plebes of the New World Order.

The United States is now collapsing under its own weight because it cannot exist as a different nation. America was given to its founders as a gift, and the earlier secret societies and Christian refugees of the 1600-1700s knew this. Jacob declared it on his deathbed and it wasn’t meant for anyone else except his Ephraim and Manasseh remnant. That doesn’t mean anyone can’t live in it. Anyone can live here, but to attempt to re-engineer it will be an exercise in futility, and God is now putting an end to it.

This has nothing to do with whether or not we think white people are virtuous. It has nothing to do with being right or wrong. It has all to do with a prophecy. The Jews are white and so are the Northern Israelite remnants.

Enjoy your new nation. The closer you get to your desired outcome, the further it will slip away.

Merry Christmas, and let’s profit as the people get more and more stupid. They deserve what they have coming. Don’t be a victim; know the truth.”

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71 thoughts on “A Christmas message and a warning of what’s coming

  1. Just came back from a visit with my family member who works for Health Canada, rolling out the vaccine and now the booster shot. She thinks this will all be over in a couple of weeks. The government is so disorganized with the vaccine passport – there is still no way of tracking anything. The booster is making things more complicated – what does does “vaccinated” mean now? Two shots? three? How do you adjust the data with one more shot? And right now, it’s 1 more shot for certain people, not all. Nothing is interconnected and the platform for their technology is antiquated, keeps failing. She doesn’t see this covid/omicron narrative lasting much longer, thinks it’s falling apart.

    1. I told my friends (the couple I have left) a year and a half ago that this was going to stretch on to mid decade. It has nothing to do with the virus.

      The chaos and disorganization is by design. The adversaries media is continuing their full court press to demonstrate the need for the gene therapy jab and the need for more organization. It’s manufactured consent that are adversary is after.

      The only outcome of this will be the proffering of a subdermal implant.

  2. Chris,
    I have been reading a lot about record insider selling of company’s stock by their corporate executives. Elon Musk is a prime example. Do you think these guys see something ugly that we have not been alerted to yet? Do they see a stock market crash coming?

    1. Maybe they were told something by the S of S. The S of S now controls the entire financial system, since the advent of QE.

      Musk is no fool. Neither is the CEO of Microsoft, etc.

  3. The Birth Of Christ And The Birth Of America Are Linked – Pastor Chuck Baldwin


    In the past, this blog wrote about the diarist and President, John Quincy Adams, and the words he wrote before, during, and after his presidency. He spoke of an Israel of his days, and referred directly to America. He marvelled at how the US was formed and what it aspired to be. No other nation, save one, was ever like the USA. The only other nation was the unified ancient nation of Israel during the time of the Judges.

    I weep at what has happened to this once wonderful nation. Wow, Jacob’s last days promise to Manasseh was spot on. There has never been anything like the USA in the past 3,000 years, and there never will be again til Shiloh comes.

    God bless you all, and have a Merry Christmas!

  4. I am not one to be paranoid, but I think that we must be heading on some nerves, because I’m having big problems with the website over the past couple weeks. Keep posting comments as I think most of the posts will show up.

    Some posts aren’t showing for hours, however, and a few never post.

    1. I wonder if your server is censoring some of the discussion as some postings take forever. Could we possibly have CHICOM style surveillance of the internet?

  5. Imagine a scenario where a financial markets collapse is blamed on those who did not receive the gene therapy jabs.

    The centralized power of the markets by the S of S is making this not just possible, but highly probable.

    QE has facilitated this required power consolidation, so that our adversary can pull the plug whenever they choose.

    Please beware of this possibility. It grows in likelihood the longer these markets are juiced by their monetary and fiscal mechanisms.

    By taking the mark, you can show that you were not responsible for causing the market crash or economic collapse. You can show your solidarity with mankind by taking the mark.

    1. But like you said, they are getting much more done by keeping the spigots on full blast.

  6. In 2019, 1-2% of the population would have taken a subdermal implant to prove their allegiance to the government. Fast forward two years, and it is clear that at least 50% of the population in the West will now gladly take a subdermal implant to prove their allegiance to the government. All it took was a phony COVID scam.

    The more I speak to people around where I live, the more I am convinced of this sobering reality.

    It happened that fast, and since the people have become so biblically illiterate they will walk right into the buzz saw and lose their souls.

    It’s coming together quickly and all of this will happen this decade. All of the threads are coming together to be woven for a tapestry that is now appearing.

    Revelation 16:2 KJV
    And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.

    Perhaps it’s not the mark that causes the noisome and grievous sore, but it’s what the person has to do in order to receive the mark.

  7. A Global Savings Glut Is Set to Anchor U.S. Yields Below 2% – Bloomberg


    More savings gluts will work to keep rates low. As the profit from the stimulus spending is skimmed off by the largest firms, they need a place to park all this cash. Hopefully, price inflation will fade once again as the stimulus is captured and retained in the financial shell.

    Of course, time will tell. I am betting on the savings glut winning out. It’s up to our adversary, and they still are running the show.

  8. I think if the Covid Vaccine uptake by the population is less than planned there will be a Plan B:
    1) Force people to take the Covid 19 vaccine by making life so difficult without the vaccine.
    2) Release another more lethal, more virulent disease as well as an equally lethal vaccine against the disease.

    3) Spark another event that reduces the population.

    1. Taking into account everything we know, there will likely be no forced vaccinations. Why? Because the purpose of the vax campaign is obviously not about vaccinating everyone. Ok, we don’t know what the real purpose is, but for some reason it is only the certain specific segment of population which passes the specific selection criteria, set by the Controllers, which ends up being vaccinated.

      Note that pretty much everywhere in the world, where the vax campaign is in place, TPTB still allow the unvaxed access to food and drug stores and to medical care. The unvaxed are also allowed full access to their bank accounts and credit cards. The unvaxed are also allowed to buy gas. In other words, the unvaxed are still allowed to live their lives, albeit without access to certain conveniences like eating out or international travel. Do you think that if TPTB really wanted to vax everyone, that they would still allow the unvaxed all these liberties? Hence, this is clearly not about vaxing everyone.

      This appears to be about vaxing only those people who value modern conveniences more than their own life. Now why TPTB would want that? That is the question. The answer does not look good to me.

      1. It is much better to ask questions and not have answers than it is to have lots of answers and few questions

  9. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your blog and for spreading the word of Jesus Christ.

    Here in Europe there are signs that the vaccines are less popular than they’re presented as. There were admissions in a national newspaper in my country that the official vaccination figures could have been overcounted by a large margin.

    I also saw that members of the Italian military and security services are refusing mandatory vaccination though that is not official.

    Will this affect the fulfillment of the prophecy or timeline if less people are taking the vaccines than seems?

    I ask because how do we even know who Deagel are? Presumably they are a spook outfit, perhaps based out of Langley, and thus trafficking in lies and gaslighting. What do you think?

    1. Based on the persistence of our adversary, using their mass media, I am certain that there are more events and circumstances to come. They are going for broke.

      Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, they are insisting on these poisonous jabs. They are insisting on their Great Reset agenda.

      Perhaps they know something catastrophic is going to take place. Perhaps they know there’s a large asteroid called wormwood approaching the planet. I am just speculating here, but I am certain that are adversary knows it is already too far gone and they have crossed the bridge and have burned it.

      There is no going back. No going back to normal. They have fooled the great masses as many of the people who will get sick with terrible and chronic diseases or worse, will never put two and two together. 2 + 2 = 5.

  10. Sargon II of the Assyrian empire, oversaw the depopulation of the Kingdom of Israel (not Judah) in 722 bc and over the subsequent 15 or so years, made certain that Israel’s former lands were repopulated with foreigners.

    The last days Israelites (the West) are suffering the same fate. They have been conquered and are now being depopulated. Over the past few decades, their former lands have been repopulated and our adversary has taken great pains to duplicate the process that the Assyrian captors accomplished the first time. And as the prophet Hosea had declared, the Israelite remnants would never know who they were.

    This is what we call double fulfillment, and the first fulfillment is just a shadow of things to come during the final days leading up to Christ’s return.

    We have the anti-West propagandists to thank and the 501c3 fire and brimstone pastor jerks that take great pride in demoralizing the Western listeners.

    1. In the first fulfillment, Samaria was repopulated with a bunch of mixed races and mixed religions. These people were what you would consider totally unsaved and worshiped their pagan gods. Judah and the Jews avoided these people, and rightfully so. They knew that if people came and introduced new religions, their nation would crumble.

      With regards to the white Christian Western nations today; these once great nations have been overrun with a bunch of mixed races and mixed religions. And our conqueror warns us all the time not to say anything, lest we be labeled racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic, white supremacist, neo-Nazi, spreader of hate, anti-semite, etc., etc.

      If you are depending on the government or an employer for money, you are then canceled and the livestock humanity will look upon you with scorn and derision.

      Line up you delusioned and demoralized Westerners and take your toxic death jabs. Did Zero Hedge scare you enough early last year?

      I have people that I talk to every day that are suffering consequences from these jabs and are in complete denial. They view me as some outcast.

        1. As far as I can remember, by the time the Jews were taken into captivity by Babylon, they weren’t that large in number and size. You look at the Kingdom of Judah, and the geographic size had been slowly whittled down. When they were allowed back to return I don’t think they were that many choose left. A few hundred thousand? From what I recall, I think a lot of them remained in Babylon.

          The Babylonians didn’t do the same thing that Assyrians did. I think the area that the Jews had occupied previously was in ruins and disrepair and was inhabited by some Samaritans.

          They did have problems with the Samaritans, but eventually retook all of the former cities, including Jerusalem, and worked to reestablish themselves with the temple, etc.

          The numbers mentioned in Ezra and Nehemiah weren’t all large. I mean, I don’t think we were talking about millions. Going from memory here.

  11. You may think the Jews are white, but they don’t think they’re white. In fact, they’ve shown, over and over again, they hate “white” folk – meaning Christians of European descent.

  12. Just an FYI. I’m having problems with the posting feature on the website again. If your comments don’t show up initially, give it a couple hours. I am going to have to notify my ISP.

  13. Go back to February and January of 2020, and recall how Zero Hedge was so instrumental in helping to engineer the psyops against the West with all of the stories and supposed videos of Chinese people dropping dead in the streets with body bags. Remember how that scared the crap out of the demoralized and dazed Zero Hedge followers in the West and the dumb down sheep that religiously latch on Zero Hedge. It was very successful in helping to achieve what the globalists have achieved up to this point.

    And still the people read that garbage. It gets easier and easier to fleece the plebes.

    1. Indeed, Chris. We know who is pulling ZH’s strings.

      “Zerohedge founder Daniel Ivandjiiski is the Bulgarian-born son of Krassimir Ivandjiiski, a former Soviet minister of foreign trade in Bulgaria.”


      If I had continued listening to X22 Report, ZH, and others, I never would have made the key investments that I did. Thanks for countering their BS and helping others make better informed decisions!

      1. Glad to hear… I know it’s difficult to pull away from the Cassandra calls of these charlatans, because they help us to indulge in our preexisting confirmation biases. I mean it would be great to hear that our adversary’s system is failing. I was fooled in the aughts, but you and I both know that would be self-destructive… and impoverishing to keep lying to ourselves.

    2. Those videos back in January and February 2020 of wuhan residents dropping dead in the streets were also shown on YouTube as well as pushed on Zero Hedge. With restrospective hindsight, those were fake videos designed to whip up fear of Covid 19 and ,of course, to get people to run for the killer vaccines when they came out. People around me were so excited and eager to get the vaccines it was crazy. My boss and his clients were bragging about getting vaccinated. They are walking dead people.

      1. That’s absolutely correct. I was scared, too, but we had enough discernment not to take those wicked jabs as the dialectical solution.

        Eventually, the truth surfaced. Early on we figured out the financial scams of the monetary and fiscal stimulus. By the time the vaccines were offered as the solution, we already knew it was a disingenuous fraud.

        God gave us discernment!

        1. Amen To God’s given discernment. I prayed about taking the vaccines or not and I kept getting a resounding warning not to take these Covid Vaccines.
          I previously posted a video and an article about demon possessed people saying that these vaccines are designed to kill people AND separate them from any connection to God.

          1. I got a report from Jon Rapapport drtailing how it was nothing and that was enough for me to avoid getting jab. He put it on March 2020.

    3. Why such animosity towards Zero Hedge? It is just a news aggregation site. I doubt ZH was in on the plandemic plan. China did lock out a few cities, ZH and other outlets showed it to the world. I saw it, it was very impressive. No one back then could even contemplate that so many governments could all be co-opted and could engage in a psyop on such a scale.

      I remember my own assessment shortly after seeing those early videos: “well, it is either some nasty sh*t leaked out from some super-secret bio-lab, or this is an attempt at changing the social order”.

      Normies do not read ZH and do not even know it exists.

      1. Hehe, Eugene, please pay attention. Zerohedge is an obvious KGB operation whose target demographic is not normies but disenfranchised Western conservatives and libertarians. The Left is already under communist control, so no need to target that demographic. The idea is to get Western conservatives to hasten and support their own demise through controlled opposition, like Zerohedge, leading them to said demise.

      2. They have over a million Twitter followers and it is frequently referred to by Bloomberg, Marketwatch, and WSJ/Barron’s.

        Never underestimate our adversary.

  14. Per Chris’s last blog on the fatima secrets,

    This podcast https://andrewcarringtonhitchcock.com/2021/12/21/ach-1672-eric-gajewski-the-tradcatknight-ach-show-16-prophecies-for-2022/ may be of interest, some info do match.

    Additionally, Google and duckduckgo are accelerating on censoring “conspiracy”, the former more extreme than the latter. Try yandex.com for now, compare typical “spirit cooking” or “effects of the the vitamin d injection on infants” results are radically different.

  15. Who is really responsible for this massive cuck up in immigration? I see a lot of accusations it’s the Jews, without evidence. Is there validity to the argument Gov’ts need immigration due to falling birth rates to keep the socialist Ponzi scheme of social security rolling?

    1. This mass immigration into the United States for instance, started in earnest in the early eighties as Daddy Bush began running the show in Washington.

      Their goal at the time was to dollarize the Western hemisphere and I recall when many South and Central American governments defaultef in the late 80s early 90s. Essentially the United States Treasury used their treasuries to reliquify these Bond markets South of the border. In return, the nations in Central and South America would begin accepting US dollars for payment. At that point, essentially the immigration into the United States began to explode. It’s the immigrants from Central and South America that have caused many of the cost of living clothes with rising rents and costs of living, commentately lowering the wage base.

      This all sounds insane, but it was done purposely to flood the world with dollars and to go a long way in helping to finance the ballooning federal budget deficits.

      Well Daddy bush was the point man and the Bush cabal was instrumental in getting all of this promulgated, they certainly got the okay from somewhere.

      1. One more thought regarding how the US Government was able to dollarize the Western hemisphere. In the 70s and 80s, the international banking syndicate led many of the Central and South American nations into bankruptcy. It was done by design. Then they offered these countries a solution that included accepting US dollars for payment.

        Like buying OPEC oil and Chinese imports with dollars, the USG promised that the US would buy whatever these Western hemisphere countries could cheaply produce, as long as they accepted dollars.

        The biggest dollar priced imports was… drugs.

        It was truly evil, but highly effective for the new world order engineers. By dollarizing the Americas, they could export inflation, which would assist the powers in financing the budget deficits, lower the domestic wage base, flood the US with immigrants, ship off the jobs to below the border, and demoralize the US citizens with cheap Western hemisphere drugs. By the 80s, the drug industry became a huge boost for the dollar.

        Thank you, Bush cabal. With Rumsfeld dead, Cheney is one of the only ones still alive from that time.

  16. I was asked in an email why I thought price inflation is the QE killer, and the answer is simple, but two-fold.

    First, inflation represents not only a risk to maintaining the bond yield curve, but it enhances the risk that bond yields will converge with official price data.

    Second, inflation can be thought of as a measure and warning bell indicating that global investors and traders as a whole are beginning to lose confidence in the integrity of QE.

    Both are terminally damaging.

    When the monetary and fiscal authorities hand out money directly to the end user without any concerns regarding its sterilization, the ramifications can be catastrophic.

    In the past, the Fed and Treasury labored diligently to effectively sterilize the deficit spending, so that it either stayed in the financial shell or was offshored. When it was offshored, the inflation was exported to lower cost nation states who were eager to accept those dollars in return for building their export-driven sectors. The military also was effective in keeping all that money spread overseas.

    These authorities knew that when they handed out this deficit and social spending the way they did it would cause asset prices to move higher. Now it’s bled into real life.

    All manufactured crises, and we are being set up for a doozy.

  17. We read Chris for the precise reason that he is off the plantation, outside the box, uncensored by the world system. I told an offeneded believer of word lies that I don’t care if truth offends him. If I did, my truth would self-censor deferring to the emotional state of the brainwashed.

  18. Hi Chris, merry Christmas! Very powerful message and undoubtedly on the mark.

    What are your thoughts about the stock and crypto markets at this juncture? Sounds like you think the inflation is not “transitory” and so QE will no longer be a viable tool for the Fed going forward?

    I hear a lot of talk about “stagflation” and market crash for 2022, but looking at some charts, I was surprised (on max time view):

    * negative yield curve spread seems to consistently precede a recession (and presumably a major market crash), but right now we’re still reasonably far away from the yield spread going negative: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/T10Y2Y

    * Fed funds rate still at zero. Prior recessions were preceded by at least some material rise in the Fed funds rate before a crash occurred: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/DFF

    Same on this chart: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/INTDSRUSM193N

    * Velocity of money seems to still be very low, which may suggest “inflation” is actually a supply chain phenomenon (limited goods supply cause) as opposed to a monetary phenomenon (excess consumer demand / excess monetary supply cause). This makes some sense if the view that there is nominally still way more debt than currency in the economic system.

    For example:

    M1 supply exploded in 2020: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/WM1NS
    M2 supply exploded in 2020: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/WM2NS
    But M1 velocity is the lowest in history, in fact bizarrely off the cliff: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/M1V
    Likewise M2 velocity the same: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/M2V

    I don’t understand what happened to velocity. I know banks are hoarding capital in anticipation of the new Basel rules coming into effect that require them to hold more regulatory capital. But is that the full explanation?

    So based on these alone, I’m not convinced that a big crash (based on historic precedents) is in the off’ing, assuming these patterns remain reliable. I would very much appreciate your thoughts as I am trying to assess how to manage my portfolio for my child’s future (on the off chance there will be much time left!).

    That said, I agree with you that we are nearing the end game. The insanity of the political, media and business class highly suggest some force majeure is imminent. The insane, reckless push for the clearly toxic and highly dangerous vaccine highly suggests a “culling of the herd” exercise in progress.

    Aside from Biblical prophecy, which I believe in, there are quite amazing speculation of near term astronomical events, particularly on Adapt 2030 Youtube channel (including, most amazingly, as we enter into a glacial cycle, the possibility of the re-emergence of the “second sun” of Saturn electrically re-igniting and our sun transitioning from yellow light (past) to white light (current) to blue light (future). If these occur, the masses will freak out, and the elite will likely “pull the trigger” on the 5g + graphene injection termination of billions as the first stage when things become unmanageable (in line with Satan’s plan to take as many to the grave as possible without salvation in Jesus Christ).

    Thanks for continuing to post your thoughts. They are a great comfort, knowing there are Christian men of common mind and heart around!

    1. It’s not as if I am looking for a crash, per se. That word is so overused. For most people their lives have already crashed. That’s why they concentrate on amorphous issues of no substance, like racism, equality, and social justice. People are easily offended, because their personal lives already have crashed, but don’t yet know it on a conscious level. Aggressive driving and road rage are big problems, because those engaging in it already feel like their lives are out of control.

      My concern is that the world is being set up to lose confidence in the QE concept in general. I suspect the outcome could go in any direction.

      Also, if PRICE inflation fades from here then we could see a reversion to QE normalcy. Maybe the powers are conducting QE viability experiments in real time. Maybe they want to collapse it. QE is a Western mechanism as their currencies are the reserve currencies. Most nations cannot truly conduct QE. Their nation’s currencies need to be a reserveable one.

      Maybe the powers know demand will start falling as people are removed from the aggregate demand side.

      Lots of questions with open observations. Normally, I do not wish to be long stocks in a tightening cycle, such as this one, but the money that was generated from the covid scam is huge. Stay out of the growth stock stories, I guess.

      Overall, my primary concern is this; the Fed will be limited in its ability to taper the QE stimulus as the government debt balloons, yet inflation remains too elevated to stop the taper.

      To wit, the Fed would have to stop tapering even though inflation remained high. Thus, the spread between nominal bond yields and the official reads on price inflation would remain extraordinarily and historically wide. If this gap remains vast and persists, my concern is that people could start to lose confidence in quantitative easing, putting the governments ability to easily finance in peril.

      I have often said that QE is most effective when people doubt its viability. When the politicians in DC demand that the FED engage in quantitative easing to fund their social programs, that is a recipe for the loss of confidence. It’s basically saying the government doesn’t have any restraint anymore and wishes to spend as much as it could possibly get.

      Indeed, monetary inflation is off the charts and to some extent a lot of this money has been taken out of the system already and sterilized. Perhaps the FED, working with Treasury, has been taking measures to pull this stimulus money out of the system as it accrues as profit, and parking it in the financial shell. Whether it be in the reverse repo window or in some other mechanism, that money could be taken out and would help to lessen rising price growth.

      The ever collapsing velocity of money is a symptom of an economy that’s already essentially collapsed. if it weren’t for all of that intervention, GDP would have been down about 20%.

      I don’t spend much time anymore analyzing the yield curve and interest rates to determine the direction of the economy. In the pre-2008 world, we could easily tear apart the numbers to determine future directions. But with the Federal Reserve managing the entire yield curve, it’s really an exercise of futility to read the tea leaves of the bond market.

      But I do agree that the low yields on the longer end are the symptom of a struggling economy and a fundamentally broken one.

      If price inflation fades from here, then quantitative easing can last essentially indefinitely. Our adversary holds the cards on this one. I have been encouraged by the recent log jam in the federal government regarding these trillion dollar spending packages. Like many of the things the Democrats promised, like defunding the police, I think people are waking up to reality.

      As for it all being insane, I have to disagree. While it may look insane, what we see and experience is all well scripted. All of these politicians in the west were put in place to make these Western Nations, especially the United States, look like stupid weaklings. They want to feign weakness and be set up for failure. Imagine if Harris becomes president. She is probably the least talented person that has ever been a VP.

      This is another concern of mine. Quantitative easing may just fall apart in the West, because the global investor may begin to view Western governments as nonviable.

      In other words, the whole Western monetary system is being set up for a gradual, yet catastrophic, loss of confidence around the world. From the puppet politicians, The reckless fiscal spending policies and social largesse, to the obvious management of the yield curves to hide the economic decay and loss of confidence, perhaps the elites want to make sure that every bridge is burned before they pull the plug.

      Lots of observations, yet few answers.

      1. Thanks Chris. Lots of observations, but lots to chew on. Appreciate the thoughtful response. I will have to re-read and think through all of them several times!

  19. Meanwhile in Canada:


    Justin trudeau: “Regardless of the fact that we are attacking your fundamental rights…or limiting your fundamental rights, and the Charter says that is wrong, we are still gonna go ahead and do it. It’s basically a loop-hole that allows a majority to OVERRIDE the fundamental rights of a minority…”

    1. He has been watching too many Dr. Spock scenes in Star Trek.

      The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… Or the one.

      That philosophy is behind the basis of communism, definitely not a Western republic.

    2. I saw that – indignant Canadians are messaging this to each other, saying – Can you believe this??? Wow. But we still comply.

  20. I wish to say something regarding the emails I get concerning a dollar collapse.

    If we get a financial system collapse of any sort it won’t mean an end to the dollar. The USD will go up in value, at least initially, even if there is some sort of govt default, which I highly doubt. Don’t plan on a dollar collapse. The only way the USD will collapse is if there is a force majeure (e.g. war that takes out the US).

    The defaults will come from the private sector first.

    1. Makes sense. Dollar will be a safe haven in any default scenario b/c the amount of dollar-denominated debt is huge, and the notional amount of those debts do not get haircut until all equity is wiped out first. People will run to dollars, raise dollars by selling all other investments, in order to have cash to pay off their debts, or else they will go into bankruptcy and lose everything.

  21. You have become more and more offensive over the past year. I used to rely on your economic research, but you have wandered off the plantation.

    1. This is Chris’s blog. Clearly he has a right to say what he likes offensive or not offensive.

  22. This is what someone emailed me and I pass along to you. Get out your passports!

    Hi Chris
    Hope you are well. I am shocked – at Mass today, we were told that we need the vax passport (Quebec) in order to come to mass for Christmas Eve. The warden said they wouldn’t check regular church goers per se, it’s mostly for visitors to the community….

    1. In fact, in Quebec today they just closed schools, gyms and bars. Looks like we’re going into heavy lockdown. This is happening quickly – every day there is a new restriction. This is ominous.

    2. There really is nothing new under the sun:

      A popular medieval festival was the Feast of Fools, also known as the festum fatuorum, festum stultorum, festum hypodiaconorum, or fête des fous, celebrated from the fifth until the sixteenth century in such countries as France, Spain, Germany, England, and Scotland. A throng of Fools led by the Bishop of Fools invaded the church and interrupted the mass with heckling songs and lewd gestures. The festival mocked the liturgical rites of the Church, and participants, dressed in masks and disguises, engaged in songs and dances, and practiced all manner of revelry within the church building. Many historians consider the Feast of Fools a successor to the Misrule of the ancient Roman Saturnalia.

    3. This is on good thing about covid. You can tell who the good Priests are. Our Priest thinks it’s a bioweapon and advises the faithful to avoid; says if everyone loses their job they can live in the Priory house. “Based.”

  23. Well I cannot disagree with anything you posted. Bravo, well done.

    The timeline does look like it has become compressed and within 2 years or so we will have a collapse.

    Quite frankly, the insanity surrounding Ukraine and Taiwan just baffles me.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the US Military Industrial Complex walks us into direct confrontation with Russia or China and perhaps both which I think is likely that if the US attacks or causes a confrontation with say Russia, then China will just take Taiwan right away.

    I am dead serious when I think there is a high possibility of nuclear confrontation coming if the US doesn’t back down here and work out a deal. The unfortunate reality is, without the war the US military industrial complex will likely fail and cause serious damage because the US economy is dependent on war and capturing resources to be funneled back into the US. Look at the middle east, knocking off countries that didn’t use the dollar or went away from it like Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, etc.

    Now look at Russia, China, Venezuela, Belarus, Iran, Cuba, etc. all of these countries are working towards different payment settlements outside of the dollar especially Russia/China who are trying to establish a new SWIFT system that works for them. Is the US going to overthrow these countries?

    I think we are in serious danger of nuclear war and I wouldn’t be surprised if Washington D.C. and other command centers get nuked by Russia. In fact, if we go to war I think it is highly likely.

    I think the US System is in a bind, they need a war to continue to plunder and prop up their system but this war comes with serious consequences. Furthermore, the US military has been heavily degraded by all of the woke SJW, feminist, equality, NWO crazyville that they are totally incapable of winning a war. Just look at the Afghanistan insanity.

    1. Jacob’s trouble is looking more and more obvious every day. Only the elites in the secret societies are planning this. They are planning for something limited in scope, but God has other plans and will wipe the US off the map. From there, the rest of the West will fall like a bunch of dominoes in line.

      Google as well as the laodicean church pastors think of Jacob’s trouble as something against the Jews. The deceptions are just so overwhelming and you and I have no hope of waking up others. It is so daunting just to be able to articulate it, let alone relaying it to others.

      Whatever is coming will be coming soon. Like you said, it is getting more and more obvious, even to the most profane people.

    2. Zblade, the Western elite are a decoy NWO, while the real NWO in the East fortifies its position. The Eastern NWO (Russia, China, Israel), which is to be the champion NWO, has set up the West for failure and is deliberately drawing it into conflict because it knows the West will lose any major war it gets itself involved in. Once the Western NWO is out of the way, followed by mass deaths, maybe nuclear war, and definitely cyber attacks and microchip vax passports, the Russia-Israel-China beast will reign supreme unto their false messiah.

      1. I don’t really agree with you there entirely. I don’t think changing out the US for the East is going to be any better but the weakening and destruction of the civil rights regime in Washington D.C. could cause a break up and entire remaking of the current governance within the territorial region calling itself the United States. I think this would be a good thing because the regime doesn’t serve any normal interest of the regular people. It is an insane gerontocracy that is obsessed with suppressing white people through “racism” and other bizarre nonsense. The regime lives off of War and they cannot survive without it, which if they go to war they will lose and if they don’t go to war they will lose because the war industry will have to be massively cut back. The regime is in a lose lose situation no matter what decision it makes. The thing is they need the war to continue propping everything up, the whole system is an internal contradiction. I don’t think reforming this system is possible which is why it is inevitable that it will fail and take a lot of useful idiots with it.

        As an aside:
        Much of the issues in the world are due to terminal depletion of scarce resources such as oil, coal, phosphate, etc.

        Why do you think the US went into the Middle East (outside of the bidding for Israel) it was for oil and to control the currency used for oil purchase settlement.
        Same reason why they attack Venezuela, Russia, Iran, etc. (all major oil producing/resource based countries)
        Same reason why they attack China who is the number one competitor for these resources.

        I don’t really think that the future is going to be like the past. Much of the future will be localized and there will have to be less globalization. I think much of the US will have to focus on the Western Hemisphere for resources just like Russia/China are trying to work on the belt road and other bilateral trade deals in the Eastern Hemisphere. The globalized world is facing serious issues due to depletion of resources and there is a massive strain on the worlds current financial system which is breaking down along with the supply chain because the system is too complex to continue functioning at this level. Not to mention how psychotic and insane people have become…I don’t see the current system making it to 2030.

        1. Zblade, you are mistaken if you think this is about resources. That’s secondary, not primary. The primary agenda here is to make way for their false messiah. For that to happen, the West needs to be destroyed and the remnant out of the way. It seems you have taken hook, line, and sinker, the Soviet propaganda that Russia, Iran, and Venezuela are victims. Having lived in Venezuela myself, I can tell you that it is a communist hell hole and only a victim of itself. You have also fallen for the “multi-polarity” lie that the Eastern NWO is dangling in front of Western conservatives. The so called “unipolarity” (globalism) that we have right now is a decoy, as I said before. When the East claims that it wants to make the world more multi-polar is a ruse. What they really want to do is strip power from the West (which they portray as killing globalism) and once accomplished, replace it with their own unipolar globalism that will be far worse than anything the Western elites today could’ve imagined. Neither Russia, Iran, nor anyone else is going to save us from anything, so forget it. The dismantling of the West is a stage in a series of moves.

          1. I don’t disagree here at all. Why? Whatever this timeline looks like, all I can say is that it conforms to Bible prophecy (when viewed through our particular politically incorrect lens), and it is a double fulfillment of OT prophecy (e.g. see my earlier posts regarding Israel’s captivity from 722 to 705 bc).

            Why is our adversary carrying this out according to Biblical script? That’s because they know the Bible is the real thing. They aren’t carrying it out according to the words in the Bhagavad Gita or Quran, because they know how to conjure up their god; do the complete opposite of what the Bible commands us.

            Sure, profit is part of the game. I mean these powers need to make profit over the masses’s misery they cause. This profit also powers their objectives, so they can continue as the last steps get messy. This takes trillions of dollars. But the profit is only a means to the ultimate end; the arrival of their false messiah

          2. You call it the Eastern NWO, makes sense. I call it the Oriental despotism as Eustace Mullins calls it in his book, “The Curse of Canaan.” Have you checked out Brandon O’Connell Channel on the belt road, Israel collaboration with the orient etc? Good stuff too

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