A response to an email; The horrors of the new world order, the third secret of Fatima, and God’s intervention

…I have learned a lot from you and gotten to start reading the Bible daily particularly the old testament where now I can identify who is whom, and it makes sense.

I have shared this with with my mom and she is amazed on all the things she did not know. Every other family member is deceived to the core. In some of your blog messages, there is an undertone of sadness. But I feel we should rejoice for what is to come.


This all needs to come to pass

Indeed, it’s sad to know that my fellow Westerners are beginning to die from a bioweapon campaign engineered by our adversary. It’s sobering to know that the Western and Christian values I once took for granted represent only a faint shadow in this present world. I write this blog post as I listen to Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, and marvel at the miracle of life and revel in our ability to make an important choice right now; a choice that Jesus in John 4 explains to a woman by Jacob’s well.

Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

¶ The woman saith unto him, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw.

John 4:13-15 KJV

The primary reason why the globalists need to jab everyone is so the control group (the unjabbed) remains small. Thus, going out to mid-decade, when the people start getting sick with blood clots, heart attacks, destroyed immune systems, strokes, Bell’s palsy, heart and circulatory problems, cognitive impairment, organ failure, etc., the MSM will be able to fool the vast majority of dupes into thinking that the rise in stillborn births, infertility, and accelerated death events are just normal, or a fluke in statistics.

Everything we hear and see is now a lie. You and I need to stay together to keep sane.

Is the third secret of Fatima revealing itself?

I came across a December 3rd Jeff Rense interview with a Father Paul Kramer. Father Kramer claims to be an expert on the third secret of Fatima, and he seems to be knowledgeable with regards to eschatological matters and how the third secret of Fatima fits in to the timeline. Thus, I wanted to include it with this post. I have no opinion of either Jeff Rense or Father Kramer. I have no opinion on the matters of the secrets of Fatima, but include this for your reference.

What Father Kramer claims seems to be germane to our running and ongoing theme regarding the upcoming US dollar force majeure (since early 2020, I determined this to also be the time of Jacob’s trouble). If you think we are critical of Pope Francis, this man makes me look like a piker.

He also theorizes that Pope Francis will reorganize the church upon completion of the current synod, which is set to end some time in 2023. Father Kramer’s timeline conforms cleanly with this decade’s march towards the Great Reset, as well as our timeline, given what we know about the true Israelites, and their ultimate fate. He also claims that while the new world order will finally emerge in all its full horror, he is in agreement with my assessment that God will intervene and end it. He is of the conviction that this age will not get past this decade. You and I will live to see it all.

To download the podcast, right click here

Reference to current Catholic synod; OPENING OF THE SYNODAL PROCESS

So, if you wonder why I can appear sad, I think you already know why.

Sure, I am an economist and financial expert, and thus I recommend we keep doing what we have been doing, since it has been a successful venture. But I know it will ultimately not matter much in the end. All I can say is that we need to keep our noses to the grindstone and continue moving forward, with our eyes on the prize.

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128 thoughts on “A response to an email; The horrors of the new world order, the third secret of Fatima, and God’s intervention

    1. This is a very constructive and informative article on how to prepare for when it hits the fan.
      Self defense is very important, but equally helpful to get through the hard times is to help your neighbor.
      Get together with your friends and neighbors. When stocking for the worst case scenario stock extra for your neighbors as well as for yourself. People who work together get by a lot easier than every man out for himself. Another good plan is to get out of the cities and move to rural areas. Most of all, leave these blue states that make it difficult to buy guns and ammo. You will need guns and ammo.

    1. Maybe. Also could be a Rothschild funded decoy. Pantone just released colour of the year, its that blue shade that appears everywhere in the video you linked so there is some form of coordination in pushing this metaverse


      Its a colour that has a lot more red than regular periwinkle, So the “creativity” it is supposed to inspire is more like furor divinus – one of the aspects of melancholy.

    2. a lot of this stuff is beyond my pay grade and I would only be offering an opinion here. I’ve owned etherium on a passive basis for a few years, as i place my bets on a bunch of horses. In terms of its founder being the Antichrist, I doubt it very much as he lacks the charisma. But I tip my hat to him as he is a genius. His efforts to change the world and make it into the vision he theorizes definitely goes a long way in helping the adversary bring about their desired objectives for the New World Order.

      He is correct in one regard, most human beings have chosen the internet to be their reality. People now are born, and they live their entire lives and make their life choices based on their experiences that are generated in a virtual reality.

      The lives of most people under 30 are now a complete illusion. The internet is all they know.

      I admit I was wrong when it came to Facebook’s crypto venture. So far it seems their blockchain endeavors have died on the vine.

    1. After looking at the videos a few more times the bleeps mean vaccines. The demon implies that these so called Covid 19 vaccines DO NOT protect against Covid 19 but serve to kill those who take the vaccines.
      If you got cajoled into taking these kill shots then you can reverse the effects of the Vaccine by repenting and praying in the name of Jesus Christ. The only way out is giving your life to Jesus Christ.

    2. Andrei, your fervour is admirable. If only it was this easy. For me, not taking the vaccine made me give up a career I enjoyed. Not loved, just enjoyed. Restaurants, travel, gyms. I liked these things but I never really yearned for them. So giving them up and focusing on Jesus and following the right path was pretty easy. If this is as hard as it gets, then it really isn’t a hardship. Just quiet acceptance. The one thing that was difficult was my musicianship, I slipped out and I thought, unnoticed. I imagined the group going on without me, all those vaxxed members enjoying their rehearsals, feeling ‘safe’. They just reached out to me yesterday to see if I ‘resolved’ my issues that prevented me from going. There is the pull for me. The ego building I get from this is probably the work and trappings of the devil. It’s so hard for me to ignore. I thought immediately about this demon video and how Satan wants our souls. This is the only way Satan could get mine. Anytime I feel tempted with the things I love, all I have to do is think about this video. ‘Dost thou renounce Satan and all his works, the vain pomp and glory of the world, with all covetous desires of the same, and the carnal desires of the flesh, so that thou wilt not follow, or be led by them?’ I do.

      1. Lientje, Thank you for your post. I feel I like to help people steer away from Satan’s booby traps. The Covid 19 vaccine is one of them and the video I posted if real or not just confirms my reason to avoid these vaccines at all costs. These Covid 19 vaccines do not really protect against Covid 19 and it is obvious from what I have heard and seen that they affect people spiritually in addition to compromising your physical health.

        I myself am sacrificing my career to avoid these vaccines. I have not got laid off but I see myself on the way out due to not being vaccinated as well as other issues with the boss. I think it is an opportunity to switch to a career that is more in line with God’s plan for me and also more personally satisfying. I hope you use this as an opportunity to change your career to a more personally satisfying direction.

        If your fellow music band members would accept you even if your not vaccinated then you could still consider going back to the band. However if they want you vaccinated then it is not worth compromising your physical health never mind compromising your relationship with God.

        Just remember that things on this Earth do not last forever and I feel it will soon fall away anyway. Your relationship with God is eternal do NOT sacrifice that for things of this earth.

  1. The PPI numbers were just atrocious. The Federal Reserve is going to act even more vigorously than it did during the mid-aughts at the height of the last real estate bubble.

    I cannot believe how much rents and prices have been moving up in the 3 months that I have been rehabbing actively. I can’t keep up with the price increases and have been doing extra rehab work in lieu of delaying.

    I’m warning the reader here. Something is going to crack in the markets. I suspect on some level that the investor will begin to lose confidence in the quantitative easing concept. This is a huge sea change and if the monetary and fiscal authorities cannot get inflation down to below four or five percent on the official read, quantitative easing as a concept may be done.

    The federal government seems to be so willfully ignorant with their deficit spending and social largesse, and I suspect that the covid crisis is quickly morphing into a huge financial crisis. These were all manufactured and engineered and this website discussed all of this in the summer of 2020.

    While mortgage rates may rise more than expected, the rent rates have been rising in step.

    I would be very careful about investing in the stock market. The small growth stocks continue to get pummeled every day.

      1. I would only recommend a longer duration loan. If you intend on a 10 year time horizon before moving, then get a 10 year adjustment rate loan, with a long amortization period.

        For a person who will own it indefinitely, I would recommend a long duration with a long-term rate adjustment. Canadian loans are different than in the states, but here in the states, I would recommend a 15 or 30-year fixed. The difference in percentage terms may sound like a lot, but in percent numbers, they are very compressed. The shorter term adjustable rates do not have the same advantage that they used to. The yield curve is too flat, so long adjustment periods and fixed rate loans make the most sense.

    1. The alt-media is trying to push the idea that they are winning against the government and they just need to do a bit more to get rid of the vaccine push for good. Chris, do you think they’re softening them up for a financial blow? The U.S. government has not been doing as much as it could here, but they’re still purging dissenters from the military this late in December (for troops in the streets?). I’ve seen some predict it out Jan-Mar, but do you think this could last another year to 2023?

      1. I don’t want to put a time frame on these sorts of things, but if these elites wanted to collapse the current financial system in general, we are currently being set up for the most auspicious conditions since 2006 to 2007. I would say the conditions are more favorable for the objectives of the new world order then they have ever been in world history.

        While I am not saying they’re going to pull the plug, and by pulling the plug I mean they would eliminate the differences between price inflation and bond yields, but if they chose to pull the plug, current conditions would be the most favorable for them as the world is totally lopsided right now. This reminds me of the protocols how they will get everybody so drunk with speculation and then they’ll pull the plug.

        In a centrally managed economy in which we find ourselves, we must be particularly sensitive to the actions of these powers.

        If they do not reduce the size of price inflation, within 12 to 24 months, the concept of QE will be history.

        And whenever there has been a collapse in the markets and economy, it is always been a deflationary collapse. Under that scenario, if I were betting here, I would say we have a 90% shot that asset prices would fall and the dollar would rise.

        These Powers seem to be intentionally leaving the United States and the covid problem until last. Of course it’s tougher here in America to impose a national program, because ultimately the 10th amendment leaves much of these things up to the states. In the United States, it can appear that the powers are trying to herd cats.

        For instance, there are big differences between Maryland and Virginia at least two to three hundred miles long.

        1. I meant to say that there are vast differences in how how Virginia and Maryland govern themselves, yet they share a border 200 to 300 miles long.

          1. There are also vast difference between New Hampshire and Massachusetts which share a 100 mile border as well. I left Massachusetts for New Hampshire for several reasons:

            1) Massachusetts was the first state to fine taxpayers for not having health insurance and of course the individuals faced more fines than the employer who should provide the health insurance to the individuals.

            2) Massachusetts laws and taxes favors large corporations over individuals and small businesses.Yet the politicians running the state say they favor the working class and small people. Such hypocrisy.

            3) It is a one party fascist state.

            4) Housing is that much more expensive down there.

            5) If your viewpoints down there are anything other than virtue signaling Leftist/Progressive then you are socially marginalized.

            6) It is way to crowded down there. I wanted space and privacy.

            7) There is much more freedom to do things in New Hampshire.

            8) It is much easier to own a gun in New Hampshire. Just need a clean record and a drivers license. In Massachusetts you need to go to your local police for a permit issued at their discretion to buy a gun and many police departments will deny the permit despite having a clean record.

            If New Hampshire becomes like Massachusetts I will not hesitate to move again.

        2. I wonder if the Fed is going to make a policy error by raising the rates too quickly and crashing the markets so the elites can scoop up the last assets they don’t have at basement prices. Then this will be used as an excuse to do away with the Fed and go to modern monetary theory. If not do away with the Fed then maybe clean out the old guard at the Fed and replace it with the likes of Saule Omarova. This is an opportune time to do this as you mentioned.

          1. The only thing that the FED is good at doing is committing policy “errors”. It always seems that those in the know benefit the most from those policy “errors”.

            They have done the same thing since 1930. Icy dubbish. Then they play catch up and keep raising. Then it cracks and crumbles and the average person slowly gets poorer over each monetary cycle.

            I have been trying to show the reader that these actions are in fact quite deliberate in nature and not a mistake.

            Welcome to the New World Order. People get sucked over and over again and get fleeced to eat. Now that the people have been dumb down with political correctness, bogus investment themes, and mind control from electromagnetic radiation, the fleecing gets easier and easier to spot every time.

            All I know is this, and you must be warned appropriately. If price inflation on an official read cannot fall below 4% on a sustained basis, QE as a concept is history.

            Covid provided the catalyst to hand out at least 10-15 trillion dollars out directly to the end user on a global basis. That manufactured crisis is causing another manufactured crisis. Unless the synagogue of Satan decides to stage an alien invasion or introduce smallpox, I submit that the next crisis is going to be financial in nature.

            It has the makings of being the worst one in modern history.

            The monetary authorities and the governments are not stupid. They are under direct order to do what they are doing. They are showering tens of trillions of dollars and will continue until the system busts.

            1. Had a meeting with a client today to set up a trust for her children.One of the attorneys present left the room because I am unvaxxed. Then came back all masked up and called me typhoid Mary. I said counselor if you the vax what are you worried about you have the vax and are protected from germs and if you’re not why did you take it. He said haven’t you seen how many NFL players have covid. I said yeah dont they have the vax? What good is it? One of the other attorneys said yeah almost one out of two of my neighbors have covid and they are all vaxed. What good is it really?

              1. You cannot overcome this social re-engineering. I no longer talk to all four of my sisters. It wasn’t what I said to them. They know I never get jabbed. None since middle school. Our relationships are done forever. Covid wins out. They know of my site, and I am like the devil himself.

                I was a liberal democrat up until the early 2000s and I never got vaxxed. I saw it for what it was.

                Matthew 10 helps me to separate myself from the goats.

                What cracks me up is how these liberal Karens are so health conscious with their vegan, organic, yoga, etc. And freely like up for jabs that cause all sorts of latent problems. The worst common effects are the blood issues. Blood problems are the worst, because that eventually affects every organ and tissue in the body.

                I have a sister who has had two forms of cancer, yet she waxes on and on about genetic testing for cancer, eating organic, etc, and yet has been jabbed three times and stares at the libtard late night TV talk shows and CNN garbage.

                We see the insanity, but white society is walking right into the buzzsaw.

                I thought the blacks would be more circumspect, but alas, they drank more of the Kool aid than even the libetard Karens. You should see them freaking out over in MD chasing ghosts.

                1. Chris you are so true about brainwashed libtards. We are in a Jim Jones Cult Society about these vaccines. I know a landscaper that I hired who never took any vaccines in the past. He never got the flu shots nor any other vaccine. Yet he gets suckered into taking the Covid 19 kill shot. People are so brainwashed about these Covid Vaccines. You pointed out a good irony about these politically correct virtue signaling health conscious vegans/yoga types who run to take the Covid 19 vaccines without thinking twice.

                  I myself used to be liberal leaning (but not Democratic) when I was young. However, I saw the hypocrisy of liberal politicians giving lip service of how they help the poor working class but yet stick them with higher taxes and higher fees. The wealthy liberals never give up any portion of their wealth to help the workers. I see this hypocrisy while working in Massachusetts.

                  I have to say it is best to keep your distance from most people today especially those that want to impose the Vaccine on you or their political ideas. These people are going down and you should not get pulled down with them. The vaccinated are going straight to hell. Just look at one of the videos I posted here.

      2. The real reason why these elites are laying off the United States and not pushing harder than in any other of the Western nations is simple. They know there are at least three or four million people like me who will just go nuts and burn everything down.

        They know that I know. And there are probably several hundred people who come to my website. I know that’s not a lot, but word gets out and there are a few million people who will do what I am suggesting.

        There’s a strange irony regarding the United States and it doesn’t make sense to the unwashed. But it makes sense to us. Despite the degeneracy that goes on in this country, there resides the world’s largest population of the remnant. There’s too much prayer going on in the United States and the refrain from many of the saved is the same. We need to resist in any way we can. And that’s because these people are part of the lost Israelites.

        Believe me on this one, our adversary knows.

        I just sent two letters to my two senators yesterday regarding their voting to weaken the filibuster mechanism. I remind them that I am watching and I remind them that I own firearms.

        1. I forget if I’ve shared this before, but you might be interested in this guy’s site:

          He says a lot of the same things as you and Fitzpatrick (references latter). The second link is most notably related:

          “World War 3 is from the Jews

          Each world war brought The Jews a step closer to fulfilling their prophecy. WW3 must be the destruction of the West and the Perestroika deception is how they are going to successfully pull it off.

          Among the innumerable talmudic imprecations against Gentiles (e.g., “Kill even the best of the Gentiles”) are exhortations to entirely destroy Christendom, “Rome.” Rabbi David Kimchi writes as follows in Obadiam:
          “What the Prophets foretold about the destruction of Edom in the last days was intended for Rome, as Isaiah explains (ch. 34,1): Come near, ye nations, to hear . . . For when Rome is destroyed, Israel shall be redeemed.”

          Jewish philosopher Solomon Maimon (1753-1800):
          “The secret political meaning of the Kabbalah is known only to the superiors of the secret society. These superiors themselves, as well as their operations, remain ever unknown; the rest of the society you may become acquainted with, if you choose. But the latter cannot betray political secrets which are unknown to themselves, while the former will not do it, because it is against their interest. Only the lesser (purely literary) mysteries are entrusted to the people and urged upon them as matters of the highest importance. The greater political mysteries are not taught, but, as a matter of course, ARE BROUGHT INTO PRACTICE.”
          page 158


          Kabbalist Avigdor Eskin states the Jewish planned (neo-Soviet) Eurasian New World Order, is the fulfillment of Kabbalah prophecy & Putin is the new Cyrus the Great, who will conquer ‘liberalism’, deliver the Jews & help build the Third Temple:

          Rabbi tells how a 19th century rabbi said there will be three world wars, then moshiach (antichrist).
          3m 18s

          WW3 has not yet happened. China and Russia (Perestroika deception) will attack overnight after NATO is dissolved. The Jews will paralyze America from within so it is defenseless.

          Jewish prophecy DEMANDS that Edom (The West) is destroyed before Moshiach can be installed.

          We are in The Great Apostasy. The second coming of Jesus Christ is coming in our lifetime.

          The Perestroika Deception: Behind the Mask – parts I & II

          The original book:
          The Perestroika Deception: The World’s Slide towards the Second October Revolution [Weltoktober]
          by Anatoliy Golitsyn


          Historical Edom was a kingdom neighboring Ancient Israel. The Jews have come to associate Edom—and its destruction—with Rome and Christianity in general.”

          Interestingly comes back to the question of Israel vs Edom. I do think we should consider this line in particular: “The Jews will paralyze America from within so it is defenseless.” It may be necessary to counter espionage from the other side.

        2. Being allowed to own firearms makes a big difference in the equation. It is much tougher for the Government to force its will when its citizens have weapons to put up a fight. I am all for unrestricted gun ownership. You pointed out before that states with the most restrictive gun ownership privileges are the ones with the strongest vaccine mandates. Just look at California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. This is a major reason why Austria, Australia, and France have the toughest vaccine mandates.Those countries also make it impossible for most people to own guns. If my state or the Feds ever require gun registration, I just won’t register them and if they come to take them I just won’t hand them over without a fight. The first sign of tyranny is when they come for your guns.

          Sad to say that peaceful protests do nothing. Even so called democratic governments do not listen to their voters because the elections really do not reflect the true will of the real voters. All they have to do is stuff a ballot box with fake ballots in some district where the vote counters sanction it or look the other way and/or they bribe enough voters to vote a certain way.

          1. That’s right. Protest mean nothing. At least to the people protesting. Those are power like protesters, because it allows them to release their frustrations and energy in a controlled setting, similar to a professional wrestling match. Everybody gets to have their fun, but at the end of the day nothing changes.

            Owning firearms is the game changer. A truth-seeking Jesus man who owns firearms is a worthy adversary.

            Never ever relinquish your firearms. I don’t care how many staged mass shootings there are. In fact, The more mass shootings there are, the more lawful abiding citizens need to own firearms to offset the risk that criminals pose to our safety.

            The biggest criminal in our lives is government and those who have taken it over to exploit us.

  2. I see a lot of arguments of the fine points of the differences in Catholicism, Protestantism, and Eastern Orthodox.
    All that matters to me in these end times is that people understand and follow Jesus Christ’s teachings regardless of being Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, or Eastern Orthodox. I am just happy to see people follow Jesus Christ. I am no longer stuck on a particular dogma as I see beauty and great ideas from all Christian Faiths. What is most important is following the Holy Bible and daily prayer to God. God will give you guidance that is personal to the you and may not conform to any particular dogma.

    I really think that in these end times it is best to get out of the mainstream Churches and form prayer groups and bible study groups at people’s houses. The mainstream Churches serve watered down teachings that accommodate sinful behavior and many Churches have been taken over by those doing the Devil’s work.

  3. I wonder if that recent court case with btc and Craig Wright has soured it a bit. If Wright did create btc, what does that say about it?

    Just thinking out loud.

  4. The business media keep mentioning how flat the UST yield curve has become. Their analysts say that the low yields in the longer dated treasuries are telegraphing a policy error by the Federal Reserve. Specifically, they claim the FED will overreact and cause a recession. This is what they see with the low yields on the long end.

    My question is this; how can anyone determine future economic conditions based on a US Treasury market that is completely managed?

    1. I think you’re correct. How can we properly interpret yield curve differentials regarding us treasuries when the entire yield curve is supported by Federal Reserve bond buying? The answer is plain; we can’t.

      I, too, marvel at all of the Wall Street economic research and the energy that is exerted trying to interpret yield spreads and the shape of the yield curve to interpret future economic potential.

      The fundamental and organic economy, which is just the economy minus all of the stimulus stuffed into the mix, is fundamentally broken. The march toward the Great Reset objectives of 2030 means that the economy needs to be regeared, so the powers can achieve their objectives. I think of the goals like zero carbon emissions at the ESG investing themes, and I come away with the sentiment that these bogus ideals, along with climate change investing, can only be achieved with a regime of rock bottom interest rates and yields.

      If it weren’t for the Federal Reserve and quantitative easing, we would be in an economic depression. This would all be highly deflationary in nature.

      In regards to the pre-2008 economy, I could put out reams of economic research regarding the yield curves and the differentials and spreads. But in the post QE world, it almost has become an exercise in futility. What matters more in the end-time world, is our proper interpretation of events, circumstances, and the objectives of the New World Order.

      The reason why these well paid Wall Street and buy side analysts will continually be wrong, is because they refuse to entertain the elephant in the room. That elephant is the one we discuss every day.

  5. To make some contribution to this discussion, among believers:

    For someone who has been repenting as sincerely as possible over COVID-19, I’ve come away with a few points.

    1) I am able to confidently dismiss any attachment to Mary as a deity. I am not compelled by any descriptions of Theotakos, etc. I travelled to Medjugorje and embraced Catholicism at a time I was dealing with acute schizophrenic symptoms in my personal life. Today, I simply lean heavily on the “No Mary-worship” side, and grew disappointed to learn that the Orthodox church is steeped there as well. There is no “purity” in degrading Protestant denominations while proposing this superstition.

    2) I believe that God intends for us to encounter Paul as a greater stumbling-block for Christians. God elected Paul and I believe it was for the task of searing man’s faith in Christ more deeply. It is outrageous on one-hand that Paul should serve as the foremost deliverer of the Gospel after Jesus’s resurrection, but so it is. Moreover, Paul states — emphatically, that women are submissive and must remain so for the good of the church. So it becomes clearer for believers after Paul that a female servant such as Mary plays no participation in the greater trinity between Father and Son, and Christ’s dispensation of the Holy Spirit on the cross.

    1. 3) I would also advise against any preachers who excise discussion of eschatology, and especially the Book of Revelation. Speaking on Christian denominations that claim to know Revelation, but discourage congregations from pursuing it themselves save from some bogus private-council. To think that Christians of all should not be armed with this knowledge — and it is primarily writing that should arm people. Just as I am thinking on this, “spiritual warfare” must be something to be fought only in a latter days context. It is as wicked as oxymoronic secular Christians, or those foolish enough to eschew any relation whatever of the COVID-19 narrative to Thessalonians, etc.

      1. Hello. There is a false group of claimants running the Vatican. However, even they have never approved of Medjugorje. Medjugorje has so many false sayings that not even they are able to spin it in an official document. Because Medjugorje is false does not lead to other apparitions being false, because the Church has only approved a small number of apparitions versus the claimed.

        If you are of an intellectual mindset, try learning what the Catholic Church teaches. You said you were briefly Catholic, but it sounds like you were Novus Ordo. It’s likely that means you do not know what the Church teaches. Google “latria”, “hyperdulia” and “dulia”. Worship of God is latria, but veneration of the saints is not the same thing.

        Revelation is the Protestant name, but Apocalypse has been the source of a great deal of suffering and woe in its interpretation. It was a big contributor to Protestantism due to Millenarian interpretation, such as after 1000 AD the idea that the Pope was the Antichrist claimed by such people as Martin Luther. Obviously that didn’t pan out. There are a lot of these bad interpretations in history that led to bad outcomes. The Catholic Church has never put out official interpretations, as far as I know, because the focus is on the supernatural/spiritual life.

        This means, rather than needing to get a correct interpretation of “Revelation”, it’s actually important to die in a state of friendship with God. Wickedness would be then, committing mortal sins (murder, theft, adultery, etc.) and never having them forgiven. In fact, committing a single venial sin, say eating a bit more than you should or speaking rashly, can offset all of the good you performed in that day. If you really like to be impatient, gossip about people, etc., then we say that leads to worse sins through your “attachment to vice”.

        It’s something to think about for non-Catholics who are bashing Catholicism here, because that de facto means you reject the infallible teaching authority of the Church and constitutes a grave error. If a Bible was enough, why did Christ have apostles and give them the power to “bind and loose” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binding_and_loosing), teach and organize the faithful? If God doesn’t care about your sins and just wants a simple vague statement about Christ, why did he die on the Cross at all? Ecumenism naturally flows from this line of thinking, because then everyone is getting to God in their own way if there is no standard except in the heart (the false “rule of conscience”). In fact, why even subject human beings to this sad life after their profession of loyalty (Protestant “I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior”), if there is no remission of sin required, such as through confession, contrition, penance, etc?

        You don’t have to respond, but if you read this and think about it you might better understand our perspective.

        1. I will say that you’ve offered a very polite response. But I will speak for myself that I am approaching the faith on something of an urgency-basis, for obvious reasons. For this sake, I can only offered the subjective takes a very young person to the faith — but hopefully with a fresh perspective, too. And I understand the risk, too. A person could fall into Ecumenism if they believe, almost in a rebellious fashion, that they are free to pursue their own conclusions of the Bible and church, altogether. I want to tell you that I, for one, recognize that the Bible implies — if not explicitly states, that believers — and especially newcomers, must have spiritual guidance and belonging in a church. But one counter to this is, if we have seen the gradual diminution of the Christian church, coupled with the forward Satanic takeover of institutions under COVID-19, then I would say that the Lord, too, is moving quickly. The more mystical side of me believes that the very foundations of the world are being changed — akin to battles on the earth matching battles in the heavenlies. And the optimist in me says that God has made possible the receipt of his Word in a fulsome way to those who seek it, now. And by this I take some solace.

  6. Here is another small detail of which many Catholics are no longer aware. Protestant readers may forgive me, but we are, after all, in the octave week of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary:

    St. John was conceived with original sin and remained tainted with original sin for the first six months of his mother’s pregnancy. Only at the moment when Mary’s greeting reached the ear of St. Elizabeth was John cleansed of original sin in the womb by a miraculous action of the Holy Spirit. – In the conception of Mary, on the other hand, the same Holy Spirit caused the maternal soil from which Mary was formed to be completely saturated in advance by the blood of Christ, so that the toxic consequences of Adam’s sin could not enter at all, and consequently Mary did not need purification. Thus St. Bernard sums up, “You are a closed garden where the hand of sin could never penetrate to devastate.”

  7. Isn’t this a wonderful description of our mother of all who gave her only son? This tender loving mother loved not only her son completely but also us human children:

    The sanctification of this maternal soil from which our Savior was to sprout; the sanctification of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the first moment of her existence, is called the Immaculate Conception and is the object of today’s celebration. It is a miracle that must inspire us with great wonder, because, as the Oration teaches us, God, foreseeing the redemptive suffering of Jesus Christ, preserved the Blessed Virgin Mary from the very beginning from any burden of sin.

      1. This immaculate conception is a Roman Catholic Dogma formally accepted by pope Pius IX in 1854. It is not accepted by Orthodox Christians or Protestants.
        Lets leave it at that as the focus here should be on Chris and his economic views and not on religion per se.
        Let’s move on .

          1. Why should this be a specifically Catholic apologetic website? Chris has raised the issue of the 3rd mystery of Fatima and it is normal that Catholics speak out.
            I would like to thank Chris for giving us the opportunity to express our Christian opinions on his website, regardless of our personal credo.
            Don’t we European Christians all belong to the “Remnant Christians” described by Chris.
            Thanks a million Chris, that your website exists!


    As it is evident that the Anti Christ New World is fast approaching there will be a great parting between family, friends, coworkers, as well as a great parting from careers. As a Christian I feel more isolated in todays world as I follow Jesus Christ. Sad to say most people today do not know Jesus Christ and in fact many scorn him. I got scolded by my Mom and my niece for suggesting that my sister pray to God and turn Jesus after she was diagnosed with cancer.

    After all, there is very little to lose by praying to God and everything to gain. What little you do lose by turning to God is attachment to things of this world. After turning to God most people don’t physically lose their material items, but they just don’t mean as much anymore. These Christians end up giving away those worldly material items ,hopefully, to those that really need them. So this means in addition to parting from sinning people, there will also be a parting from material items. Most people in todays world, especially the western world, are atheists who are so attached to the ways of this world.

    There is going to come a time, and it is real soon, when practicing Christians will be isolated, scorned, and eventually persecuted. Even Christians in the closet will eventually be exposed and that happened to me. It is already starting with the Covid 19 Vaccinated versus those Christians who refuse the Vaccine because God told them the dangers of these vaccines. There is coming a time when the family members or friends that you trusted and counted on the most will turn away from you at best, or worse, turn against you. Never mind your unreliable family members and enemies. Jesus mentioned many times when there will be a great parting between brothers, parents and children, other close relatives, and friends.

    Jesus mentioned about this separation in the following Bible verses.

    Matthew 10:34-37 – “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household. Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

    Luke 12:49-53
    “I came to cast fire on the earth, and would that it were already kindled! I have a baptism to be baptized with, and how great is my distress until it is accomplished! Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division. For from now on in one house there will be five divided, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”

    Did Jesus come to deliberately sow division? Absolutely Not!
    Because all humans in this world have sinful tendencies, there will inevitably be a great parting between those who turn to Jesus Christ and away from sin versus those who continue in sin and love the things of this world. Those who love the ways of this Satanically controlled world will scorn the followers of Jesus Christ. As it seems we are very close to the end times mentioned in Revelations, there is a spiritual battle which will manifest into a physical battle between those who are with God and those who are with the ways of this world. There is no neutral sitting on the fence. You are either with God or against God.

    Those who are against God and for the ways of this world will end up in the pit of eternal torment. It is the Bible’s way of saying you reap what you sow. If you sow harm and abuse other people to satisfy your selfish pleasure, it all comes back to you. There is no compromise with sin as it only brings you down. This is why there must be a great separation of practicing Christians from sinful people. There are two quotes from the word of God that make this clear:

    2 Corinthians 6:14-18
    Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever? What agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, “I will make my dwelling among them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you, and I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty.”

    1 John 2:15-17
    Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions—is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.

    These verses remind us that it is most important to look up to God and NOT people NOR material items. God is your most trusted friend because God never changes his attitude. God always loves you even if you behaved badly. Even when bad things happen in your life, God will give you the strength and guidance to get you through those tough times and bring you to better pastures as quoted in Psalms 23:

    A Psalm of David.
    The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
    He makes me lie down in green pastures.
    He leads me beside still waters.
    He restores my soul.
    He leads me in paths of righteousness
    for his name’s sake.
    Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.
    You prepare a table before me
    in the presence of my enemies;
    you anoint my head with oil;
    my cup overflows.
    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
    all the days of my life,
    and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD


    1. I often think of Matthew 10 when I hear how the world and its MSM, social/ racial justice warriors, and the like all say how we have to unite or get along in order for things to get better, and I say, hogwash.

      I don’t talk to any blood family anymore. I don’t really have any friends now, and all my interactions are transaction oriented.

      To be honest, none of the stuff I am doing really matters anymore. Yout thoughts make perfect sense. You know where this is all leading anyway. This is all ending in our lifetimes, soon.

      Even Christians I meet say we need to all try to get along. What garbage….

  9. The government is no longer our ally. I view the government as an agent for our adversary. We need to conduct our lives accordingly and we need to avoid the government with every aspect of our lives.

      1. Agree with you Tim. Anything is possible in this age of deception. However if Chris is correct on the timeline, then it is safe to assume that the Antichrist has been born and is waiting in the wings to be revealed and given his power which is also being currently prepared by the Illuminati.
        My candidate for Antichrist is Vitalik Buterin. He will be 30 in 2024 when the Antichrist is supposed to begin his ministry.
        I found his views on private property interesting to say the least as it ties in perfectly with the Great Reset.

          1. You denigrated Fatima, but this is supposed to be better? It’s like the Great Monarch for Russia. Anyone looking to a future Tsardom will probably be walking into the Eurasian World Order or its synthesis.

            1. There are better suited websites for this stuff.

              I get emails from readers complaining regarding the determined Catholic apologists.

              It’s good to have a strong conviction, but I have a particular focus.

              It almost feels like I have the Republicans and Democrats going at it. Confirmation biases abound.

                1. All good everyone. No offence intended.
                  I enjoy the different perspectives I get from this website. I also appreciate all your hard work and advice Chris.

    1. Interesting. Thanks for posting.

      I just wish the commentators didn’t speak so much. People love to talk.

    2. The one thing I find interesting (and this pertains to my website’s thesis) is how Prince Charles says this will take trillions to achieve.

      I take this as a sign that the current market trends will continue to help those with the assets. Thus, these elites will do whatever it takes to keep real bond yields low and going lower. The only way for these powers to get the needed trillions they are seeking in the the most expedient manner is to continue levitating their managed markets via QE. Any collapses now would set back their agenda.

  10. And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.
    Mathew 23:9 AKJV

    1. Does that literally mean not to call your sire on earth “father”? Have you called your own dad father since reading this revelation? And how does this work with the following verse?:

      “Neither be ye called masters; for one is your master, Christ.”

      And how does that fit with St. Paul, who calls on “fathers” and slaves to obey their masters, then masters to kindness?:

      Ephesians 6:4-5, 9:
      “And you, fathers, provoke not your children to anger; but bring them up in the discipline and correction of the Lord. Servants, be obedient to them that are your lords according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in the simplicity of your heart, as to Christ: … And you, masters, do the same things to them, forbearing threatenings, knowing that the Lord both of them and you is in heaven; and there is no respect of persons with him.”

    1. It does not matter whether the author is “real” or a disinfo. What matters is that the content “makes sense” and does come with real non-trivial “explanatory power” about the events (the exact same reasoning as with the “Protocols”).

      Whoever wrote that text definitely knows at least some truth about what is going on. It does not mean that the text is 100% truth, but it is very likely the text is not 100% false either. It is a very impressive writing.

      1. Eugene,

        That’s exactly how I view the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It doesn’t matter whether it is a “forgery” or not because it produced the most accurate predictions of the modern world. Any work that is accurate cannot be simply dismissed because its provenance is disputed.

        Also, we know that the more negatively the general public reacts to something, the more likely it is to be true. You will find no work more widely condemned than the Protocols.

      2. That is a great point. Well father Kramer may be a fraud or huckster, a lot of it makes sense given but we see. And this is precisely the same argument about the Protocols of the Learned elders of Zion.

        Our adversary exerts a lot of energy attempting to discredit the Protocols, yet one glaring observation remains; it bears an uncanny resemblance to our current society and the direction in which it’s going.

        1. Perhaps more important than Fr. Kramer, is the character of the last surviving child seer herself, Sr. Lucia. She was later rehabilitated (read: likely replaced by an imposter) after the Second Vatican Robber Council into an ardent supporter of the Novus Ordo. However, her words pre- and post- Council are very different. She supposedly maintained that 1960 would bring a chastisement from God upon the entire human race, and in an earlier interview, that no country would escape Communism.

          Consider these sources:

    2. Henry Makow’s site is chock full of “revelation of the method” pieces. Reading through his site is like psychological torture. And he happens to “think the West stinks” and often praises Russia. Sure the West stinks, but that doesn’t give us an excuse to join our enemies in the West’s destruction. Makow is also notorious for posting fake news. Even if this alleged Rothschild piece is authentic, it doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know.

      1. Any website that spends its time bashing the West needs to be avoided at all costs. Of course, the people in the West have become wicked and degenerate, just like end time Sodom. But if these true Israelite remnants really knew from where they came, I am guaranteeing you that about half of them would get on their knees right now and repent to the almighty Lord Jesus Christ. There is nothing worse an anti-West propagandist, whether witting or unwitting, doing the work of our adversary. This includes the fire and brimstone pastors who call the United States end time babylon. These people are wolves in sheep’s clothing and do the bidding of our adversary. This is why they are allowed to remain on YouTube.

        Prophecy will indeed come to pass, and the true Israelite remnants will never know who they are until they are standing at the judgment throne. At that point, they will weep and mourn in front of the almighty righteous judge as he casts the great majority of them into the lake of fire.

        These anti-West propagandists have done an amazing job to demoralize the Israelite remnants. These Western bashers have provided an invaluable service to weaken and soften the Western nations.

        Those who spend their time bashing the West will receive their lot as well. The Western ideals are the only things keeping this in check. If the West didn’t exist we would already have been under the wrath of the New World Order decades ago.

        Why am I so certain about this? That is because the fire and brimstone preachers who preach nothing but Babylon and Sodom are lazy and politically correct and do not want to understand the truth. If they preach what we preach, they would lose everything, including their tax deductible status.

        Ignorance is no excuse under the law, whether it be common law or under the prophecies and Levitical law.

        Now you understand why I lament. I am tired of reading anti-West garbage. I am tired of reading the crap about my people. Free my people.

    3. I read this with great interest – at the outset of Covid, I was bewildered at why anyone would want to bother with us plebes, why do the elites, who have so much already, want more? This explains how they think. Even still, I still don’t really get why they would spend so much time and energy on this program. Look at JR’s picture (if that’s the real deal). He’s rather old, not much longer to enjoy what is left on this earth. Unless… it’s simply about oil and that there isn’t enough of that to go around and JR would like to travel without sharing that resource with the rest of us.

  11. Last week the market dipped and was said to because of the Omicron variant. However it was just normal year end selling. Notice how within a matter of days the market recovered. That says people, and the big money are no longer buying into the Covid hoax hype any longer. They failed! Biden mandates have been shot down. The tide is turning and they cannot keep it going much longer.

    There are the occasional masks and the vaccines vibes still in the air, yet most all of it is now on the internet. Nobody is wearing a mask except employees of corporations. Took a recent small flight and only the pilot and attendant were wearing a mask, no passengers had one one.

    Looks like EV’s stocks are still good for a day trade or long term hold.

      1. Amen to that. There are so many ways to strike back here in the United States to sabotage. People like me can be very imaginative and strike in ways that can really undermine.

        As we can see, protests mean nothing and the only way to have an effect is to resort to the tactics employed in the first American revolution.

        But the elected politicians here in the United States already know what the Jacob remnant, which founded this nation is capable of doing.

        1. Wondering if you could elaborate a bit Chris on the role of fighting back / sabotage if this unraveling is leading to the return of Christ and requires him to right the books. Is it solely from moral outrage or is there an equal component of standing in the gab to build a just world that otherwise wouldn’t occur if you didn’t stand up.

          1. Who knows if this is the end. Do you? Nobody does. This is why the Christians have become docile wimps. It must be in the water or EMF radiation. This is why our adversary can get away with what they are doing. Too many people listen to the 501c3 pastors.

            Maybe we will all slowly die over the next decade. Maybe Jesus won’t come for another hundred years. There will only be 500mm people left

            Will you just sit around and do nothing? Most reading this will sit there.

            Our world and all our interactions with government are now all about doing business. It’s all about UCC and commercial code. Everything we do is all about conducting business. It’s all about feeding and worshipping the economy.

            So…. Harming the economy by dabotaging the infrastructure and the medical and government sectors is a must. Understand that this life we live is now based on the economy. It is a global financial dictatorship and we now serve the government, instead of the government serving us. That’s why we need to sabotage anything that impacts the economy.

            We can call in bomb threats. Burn down stores with QR codes. Ruin water supplies.

            Imagine taking 50 lb of course threaded drywall screws and dumping them off the bridge onto the beltway or the interstate. Imagine the millions of dollars in damage you can cause and no one will know it’s you. It will be your little secret. Imagine the untold carnage and misery you can cause. The economy will be severely impacted. Do it daily.

            Of course, you can also sit in front of your computer, let the emf radiation bathe your brain, and listen to pastor Lawson talk about how the Jews are God’s chosen people, and get your release of frustration watching Brighteon. Meanwhile the objectives of the Georgia guidestones are met with virtually no resistance.

            1. You do understand that all the governments around the entire world have been hijacked and are now just brutal and capricious agents of our adversary. Our adversary intends to kill you. The governments are all acting in unison, and are now using their government powers to force us. They are bleeding us dry financially and now intend to do so physically (not some crazy conspiracy as I have been enumerating the process and details for years and we have profited nicely from our accuracy.)

              You do understand that this is it. There is absolutely no going back now and the adversary intends to jab us forcibly until we all start dying or transforming somehow. You know it’s true and you know the media and the press are lying to us. The same entities that own the government, and use them as their customer service windows, also control all of the main stream media and most of the alt media as well.

              If the government leaves me alone and allows me to peaceably conduct my personal and professional business affairs without undue harassment and coercion regarding any bioweapon jabs, I don’t do anything. But once they start fining me like they’re doing in Austria and in other countries, it’s all over.

              You understand that if they start doing that in your country or state, they’re eventually going to take away all of your assets and they will leave you penniless. Like I said, it’s all about feeding the economy. This has nothing to do with morals or what you think is right or wrong. It’s all about transacting business.

              I look at it this way. A person goes to Home Depot or some distributor who sells coarse threaded drywall screws; that feeds the economy. Then someone dumps all of those course threaded drywall screws onto an interstate highway causing untold backups and millions of dollars in damage and countless time lost (opportunity costs can also be substantial, though unquantifiable). The debt backed currency and the debt backed economy can then build itself repairing all of the millions of dollars in damage. So it perpetuates. It helps to build gross domestic product.

              Perhaps it would cause so much misery and heartache that the Federal Reserve could maintain interest rates at a lower level and our assets could continue to remain at an elevated value.

              Have some fun as the Western world, but especially America, moves closer to the time of Jacob’s trouble. Many of us are going to die anyway.

              1. Chris your tone has become like ZH. While much of what the comments say are very possible, where is the optimism? There is enough focus on the Doom everywhere, but can we now start taking the contra and look at the bright side? God wouldn’t want us to be constantly living with worry and stress. I think things are going to get better. Although I don’t know for sure even though it doesn’t seem like it right now, masks requirements and vaccine mandates should eventually fizzle out.

                Both Gates and JP Morgan released statements that the pandemic will be over next year. I’m looking at my tri county area budgets for the next 2 years and it’s million dollar projects like I have never seen before, a lot of Fed money coming in. So if my humble sized area is getting that, then the big cities across the country would be doing many more projects. Rental assistance agencies are still plopping down the bucks to landlords with no end to that yet. Many places are still hiring. Concert promotion is in full swing, way more entertainment coming to venues than even before 2020.

                We have to get out in our communities and look with our eyes, talk with those that have some say so and know so.

                We even have to become someone with the say and know so. Run for city council and Mayor positions. Most cities have only a few candidates for each position so the average joes do have a chance to be voted in. Chris just think if you became the Mayor of your town, or a city councilman. Your voice would be heard and your community would improve. Even if you don’t win, you’ll come in contact with the evil types face to face and you can let them know God is watching them. We need to infiltrate the institutions, just like our adversary did, and get them back.

                1. Let’s see. I don’t read Zero Hedge and the only news I’m reading is from my mainstream news aggregator on my phone. All of the news coming out of Europe is grim. They are now fining adults in Austria 15,000 a year. You know it will not stop there.

                  The people here in the states are under total and complete mind control. They have been socially re-engineered to view the unvaxxed as social outcasts. They are glued to the relentless barrage of mainstream propagandizing.

                  There has been a dark turn over the past couple years with regards to my investing in minority communities. They do not like white people. I’ve been investing in Black communities for 20 years and over the past 1 to 2 years, something is changing. The blacks and minorities have been engineered to hate the whites and if you think that I can run for office or affect change in the political realm, you are really off on a tangent there. The whites in my area are ultra liberal and hate my views more than the blacks foreigners.

                  What gets me is that the blacks continually vote Democrat, but they should consider themselves financially speaking like the whites. Both were born and raised here. The Democrats promise them all of this stuff and all of this deficit social largess only works to impoverish those without the assets.

                  We talked about the fiscal and monetary stimulus in the wake of covid back in March and April of last year and concluded that asset prices of All sorts were going to continue to go through the stratosphere. I never thought that it would continue like this into 2022. Specifically, the willful ignorance displayed by the US Fed and the federal government is not a mistake. There is no way that these monetary and fiscal authorities could hand out this much money directly to the end user and not expect prices to do what they’ve done. None of this is chance.

                  So, what does this mean? I don’t know how much longer the federal government is going to be able to pump out money directly to the end user. Already these child care tax credits are driving up rents. This money is going directly to the average plebe on the street who will continually underestimate the cost of their demand.

                  How much longer will the Federal Reserve be able to keep the longer end of the yield curve suppressed at the level it currently is? I’m not saying they can’t, but I view the willful ignorance of those in power and determine that the script was written long ago and was on the shelf for an event like covid.

                  I began accepting vouchers for the first time in 15 years, because the rents of climb so much, I am observing that there are fewer and fewer people able to pay the rent.

                  I don’t read Zero Hedge. I scan their Twitter feed, but I scan a dozen other news sources from the mainstream business press, and they’re all pretty much in lock step.

                  Gates and the like are just puppets and these gene therapy jabs have nothing to do with a virus. You and I may think covid’s bogus, but 80% of the population is scared witless.

                  I suspect that they will begin to try and more and more areas of the United States to make mandates a permanent solution. Covid jabs for Fairfax County employees or weekly testing are mandatory, and if I were working for the county I would have been fired.

                  For you doubters out there you me to get a shot of reality. The elections are rigged during pivotal moments, and for those with discernment, you see the social reengineering in real time.

                2. I think things will get much better at the end as mentioned in Book of Revelations when the remnant have Jesus Christ in their hearts. There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel, however, there will be several years of tribulations which I think are just beginning now. With that in mind, the tough times should be a joyous time for Christians as it is a sign that at the end Jesus Christ will return.

    1. This is a great observation. Once again we see that the United States is going to pose a problem to the narrative. The only reasons why the United States have not folded like the rest of the West is for two reasons; there are 300 million guns in the hands of private owners and many in the white population here is a very angry and vengeful people.

      Already this week, I sent two letters out to the federally elected representatives of Virginia warning them about my gun rights. These rights will never be infringed.

      The narrative has indeed been damaged here in the states, and the elites haven’t dared tried to impose any of the stuff that has been imposed in the other nations. Sure they get some success in places like San francisco, california, and New York City, but they don’t dare try elsewhere.

      We do see the markets responding in a way that says the whole covid deal is a scam and was nothing but a boondoggle for the wealthiest elites to ransack the nation states through the fiscal and monetary stimulus programs to consolidate all of their wealth and power.

      The problem with this going forward is simple; as the wealth and power gets more consolidated, the tighter the agenda will get. Thus, we need to be on the lookout for other manufactured crises in the future. We can leave the types of crises up to our imagination. Unfortunately, too many people got jabbed at least twice in the West, and we may see a slow unraveling going out to mid decade and beyond as the great culling is initiated.

  12. For as long as I have been reading this blog, I would characterize the undertone your reader mentions as lamentation. This is very different from sadness or sorrow, the profound sorrow being melancholy. Lamentation is definitely different from melancholy – the latter being a prime characteristic of the program run by our adversary.

    Alan Watt had a photo of an engraving by Albrecht Dürer of “Melancholia I” in his photo gallery, I have the time to study this deeply and came to understand that it is in fact one part of a tryptich (contrary to what art historians still question). You see, there are two cures of melancholy – the primary one is the joy and wonderment experienced in the words and works of God the Father which we can access so easily via the Holy Bible (represented by “St. Jerome in his study”). The secondary one is death (represented by Knight, death and the devil). Our adversary promotes melancholy, and offers many remedies as well as the secondary cure if we chose that. Strangely, Abby Warburg (brother of Paul and Otto) had at the top of his bookshelf in his apartment a copy of St. Jerome in his study beside Melancholia I in that order, but not the third engraving.

    Chris promotes the primary cure, so from this point if view I do not see sadness or sorrow in his writing.

    1. Lamentation is a great word to use in this regard. It isn’t sadness per se, rather it is a lamentation. I see how the people are walking right into the buzz saw just as the Old testament prophets declared that the people would not know who they were, even though the prophecies would come to pass.

      Imagine if the people in Europe and Germany realized that they were part of the lost Israelites; none of that garbage would be going on.

      The synagogue of Satan has brainwashed the true Israelites into believing that the synagogue of Satan, who are using their legal twisting and manipulation of the Pauline Epistles, are the true Israel.

      I marvel at how the people are willingly able to want to destroy their lives and selves. I lament at how I no longer really have any blood family left. They all took the bait, save one. I am frustrated and lamenting at how the people fell for blatant lie.

      And to be honest, as sad as I may ostensibly appear to be to the unwashef eye, I am more driven by a deep-seated sense of anger. This isn’t rage, rather it is an anger that motivates me to continue moving forward. I just hope that my unique view can help others who are confused and baffled by the mainline Church garbage. I hope my unique perspective can help others to achieve some sort of financial self sovereignty.

      My deep-seated anger motivates me to eat well had to take many supplements and to remain thin and out of the doctor’s offices. My deep-seated anger directs me to view my government with complete contempt. I do not rely on them in any regard and I pay a lot of taxes for them to maintain these roads. I don’t need their social security and benefits.

      It’s my deep-seated anger that motivates me never to work for others.

      I lament at the human condition and I am angry. If this illegitimate government here in the states attempts to curtail my personal freedoms, they are going to regret it.

      For every $1,000 fine they impose because of an unvaccinated status, they will incur 100 times the damage to the infrastructure. There are a number of ways that I haven’t even stated because it will point back directly to me.

      Indeed, I am a descendant of the Manasseh remnant and we are a very angry and vengeful people.

      1. It can be a sin to remain silent and do nothing. One might also be culpable for seeing an injustice and have no reaction. There is such a thing as just anger, but the danger is always that it serves our feelings and not the rights of God. Bottom line being, when one has knowledge, one might be obliged to act.

        Keeping in with the Advent/Christmas season, St. Nicholas, the inspiration for Santa Claus, slapped the heretic Arius across the face, to the shock of the other bishops. He was lightly punished and later Arius was condemned for his errors. Sometimes even great saints were moved to such a degree as one wouldn’t expect.

        1. Our adversary considers anger to be one of the four profane passions. Jesus let out his anger in the temple when he turned over the tables, how can this be considered profane? God poured out his wrath in Sodom, how can this be profane? Deep seated passion is a characteristic of the meek.

          Meekness is an honorable characteristic, the modern meaning of meek has been perverted to imply “weakness” and “mousy disposition”. Completely false, the essence of meek is the soldier with his sword in its scabbard – you know he will kill you without hesitation if provoked. But he does not need to, the threat is enough to check your behaviour.

          The remnant is meek, and will act when provoked.

  13. I have listened to the Podcast. While the Fatima event and prophecies may be controversial , the best thing to do to sift through the arguments is to pray to the Lord for answers to the questions. Only the Lord can give you an accurate answer.
    These prophecies must be measured against Revelations in the Bible. Revelations is the most accurate and best prophecy because it is the word of God itself.

    The Virgin Mary deserves high honor as the mother of Jesus Christ. She should be viewed as a person who carried out God’s work with honor and grace.

    1. Oh, man, you had some insightful comments I have been following until the “Virgin Mary” deception came to light. Originated from the mother of Nimrod by a different name, who she had incestous relations with and had a son of his. She had to come up with a way to deceive the masses in Babylon. Hence the catholic trinity concept comes from Nimrod and his fam, etc.

      Point is, in the Bible, no such thing as “Virgin Mary”. She was not a virgin in any way. She had other kids. If somebody is authentically virgin that is Jesus Christ. She was used for the purpose to bring Jesus Christ physically and that it is. Move it along.

      1. Keep drinking Jack Daniels. I can see its helping you. Not!
        The Father, Son and Holy Spirit makes up the Holy Trinity. The Mother of God is not a part of the Holy Trinity and the gnostic/masonic fable of Nimrod has nothing to do with it.

      2. False, even in your Sola Scriptura you are incorrect. The Bible does, in fact, predict a virgin:

        Isaiah 7:14 (http://www.drbo.org/cgi-bin/s?q=isaiah+7%3A14&b=drb):
        “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign. Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel.”

        You should move it along and come out of your Judeo-Paganism to the truth.

  14. Ah, I knew there was something fishy with this agenda. During the last couple of minutes of the podcast, Father Kramer says with certainty that Russia will be consecrated and will “be instrumental”. Instrumental in what, Father Kramer? Leading the Eurasian world order where Eastern Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism are merged into one syncretic Noahide system under the false messiah of the Kabbalah/Talmud? I smell a plot.

    1. I didn’t understand what he was trying to say about Russia either. He wasn’t the only person in the past that has said this regarding Russia.

      The only thing I do know is that Russia and Siberia and Asia are part of the Japheth remnants, and form the confederacy in Ezekiel’s war and are Israel’s (the West) adversary in the Great War in Ezekiel 38:39. Thus, in this regard, Russia can be seen as rising up to put an end to the current world order when it tag teams with China and the rest of the Confederacy to strike the West.

      The evil thought in Ezekiel 38-39 is in regards to Russia and China’s secret agreement to not only subdue the Jacob remnants, but to seek to destroy them.

      This is also the time of Jacob’s trouble and World War 3. Once the United States is taken out, God’s going to make certain that the destruction is so comprehensive that the New World Order will quickly unravel from that point until the return of Jesus.

    2. I also agree with you regarding the last few popes. I recall the popes going back to Pope John Paul I, and how he died under mysterious circumstances. Pope John Paul II get more to destroy the Catholic Church than even Pope Francis, because he was in power for so long and had a profound effect at redirecting the church to the current mess that the hierarchy is in. Without John Paul II, there could have been no Pope Francis. All installed to undermine the church and destroy its reason for being. If we all pray to the same God then why you bother having the Catholic Church? Why bother having any church?

      I do agree that Pope Benedict tried to return the church to something more conservative in nature, but it was clear that there was a powerful force behind his removal.

      These are just my observations as an observer and not as an expert in these matters. I leave that up to you guys. By the way Timothy, keep up the good work on your website.

      1. Thanks for the feedback, Chris. 😉

        “If we all pray to the same God then why you bother having the Catholic Church? Why bother having any church?”

        We need the Church because without it, we become our own authorities (with our own doctrines, priesthood, ideas of discipline, etc.) and follow our own hearts, which inevitably lead us astray.

        Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is perverse above all things, and unsearchable, who can know it?”

        I understand the concern. The Church has been beaten up badly, but beneath all the scandals and all the heretical popes, there remains true doctrine and authority.

        1. Endemic pedophillic hotbed; blatantly pagan rituals; communist atheist “Pope”…. that’s some fantastic ‘Christian Church’ ya got there. Sheesh. Crack open a Bible my friend.

          1. It’s obviously not as simple as open a Bible, because there are different interpretation and accepted doctrines from the same book.

      2. Benedict is not as conservative as he appears to be. That the Church could have “liberals” and “conservatives” is not Catholic in nature, but belongs to the current masquerade calling itself the Roman Catholic Church. The thin veneer of conservativism is underlied by a rejection of traditional orthodoxy in favor of novel interpretations in favor of universalism, for the Eurasian world order Church as described by Fitzpatrick.

    3. Kramer sounds like tribe. Note the stuttering, under cover of old age, as he answers co-tribesman Rense. These buggers own the RC Church. I can hear his undertone–the eternal effort by tribesmen to keep goyim in a corral.

  15. I am just listening to the podcast with Father Kramer. It’s interesting that instead of taking the typical sedevacantist position that the last six popes have been invalid (anti-Communist Pope Pius XII being the last valid pope, ending in 1958), he takes the position that only Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) is invalid (Pope Benedict XVI being the last valid one). I had never heard of this movement within the Church until this year. While Benedict XVI was definitely the best of the last six, I tend to side with the sedes. Pius XII seems to be the last truly Catholic Pope. I wonder if this latest movement isn’t more misdirection to legitimize the last five “popes” as part of a larger strategy.

      1. The 3rd secret smells like a load of BS to me. Another distraction down yet under rabbit hole. It reminds me of a Nostradamus quatrain. Best to ignore. BTW the Roman Catholic “Church” was taken over by Satan many many years ago. Move on People.

        1. It should be said that it is impossible for the Catholic Church to defect. What Francis is doing has no effect on the Catholic Church, which remains perfect and spotless. If you want to claim the Eastern Churches as being that very thing, then you should read more from Fitzpatrick on what the Eastern “hierarchy” is really about:


          And sure, you may not be Russian, I don’t know. The Eastern Churches went into error with Constantinople, whose Emperors/Empresses/patriarchs at various times tried to elevate themselves above Rome for political reasons. Rome vs Constantinople culminated in the final schism in the East, which was punished by the Turks. Constantinople itself was defeated around the time of the Feast of Pentecost, for their folly in rejecting the Filioque. Now, many Eastern Churches are in league with the apostates in the Vatican or are simply national churches without apostolicity or lawfulness in their operation.

      2. Thanks for forwarding. It makes sense. They call the published version the “diplomatic version.”

    1. Why didn’t this Lady Of Fatima present herself to Abraham Rothschild, or Lenin, or Wilson, and shock them into morality? Instead she appeared to three Portugese peasant children. Sounds like a tale to me. Sounds like goy control.

        1. Chris,

          Please ask yourself why it would be necessary to have “prophets of doom” as John XXIII called them, and then later have to reinvent the whole “tale” to something meaningless in the form of the attempted assassination of John Paul II. Fatima occurred in 1917, the very same year, preceding the October Revolution by some months, and predicting the apostasy and evil of Soviet Russia. It was necessary to destroy this message because the infiltrators in the Vatican were allies with the Soviets and wanted to push the one world religion instead (the Vatican II ecumenical religion).

          I know Fitzpatrick downplays it, too, but what is the point of this apparition if it was a plot by the Jews? The modern version is different from what originally came from Sr. Lucia before 1960. She repeatedly spoke about the year 1960 and the imminent chastisement from God upon the whole world. The ’60s brought us the Second Vatican Council and the collapse of morality everywhere. Could it really be coincidence?

          1. Andrew, Fatima, if real, didn’t really tell us anything new. Those with the Holy Spirit can discern the signs of the times, as they always could. We could see the trajectory of communism and all the revolutions. It wasn’t hard to predict, much less associate it with God’s chastisement, or wrath. I think Catholics need to move forward and avoid getting trapped in debates about secrets and who said what and who is an impostor or not. Russia has not converted to Catholicism and never will, on their current trajectory. It’s time to move past on all. So many people are hung up on it. We are in Armageddon, not some temporary apostasy before a great revival. The Fatimists’ eschatology is all skewed. In one breath, they are saying it’s the end times, and then in the next, they are saying Russia is going to turn things around for a period of peace. It doesn’t make any sense.

            1. I can definitely agree that the Blue Army types, etc., are not helping anyone. The various people trying to push the “convert Russia” message are just setting up people to be fooled by the Antichrist, and I think you’ve written about that potential strategy. I only want to argue for the sake of the simple Fatima message and Sr. Lucia, before the Fatima Industry took over. Self-reform, right now.

          2. 2.

            To expand on that, Russia’s rebellion against God and his people has been going on since the Great Schism. Remember that Byzantium, the rejectors of the Filioque, was defeated on Pentecost. It seems that the Soviet experiment wasn’t all that knew and was just an evolution of Kiev-Rus-Byzantine socialist imperium. When you view this from a larger timeline rather than just from 1917, it should become a lot clearer. Furthermore, when you track the trajectory of diaspora Judaism (specifically in Khazaria), it seems to align with the increase in Russian-Jewish power. I am simplifying things here, but I hope you can see

          3. I’m a Jesus man. I left all churches 17 years ago. I reject anything that is not found in the Bible. For many that may be a harsh line in the concrete, but I keep it safe. I may refer to Enoch and Jasher. I may refer to the prophecies of the popes and Fatima, but much of these secrets are just that. And they divert attention away from the massive amount of truth that is easily present.

            The bible instructs us at the end to not add anything to it nor take away.

            Okay, I often include the writings and ideas of the secret societies when it pertains to the upcoming time of the USD force majeure (Jacob’s trouble), because there are powers that I believe are in direct contact with the adversarial force (the devil) directing this world to its upcoming conclusion.

            The Catholic hierarchy is one of these groups that jockies for power in the scheme. It has shown a proclivity to side with many regimes in power. I observe the actions of the Popes, especially Francis and the great majority of Catholics approve of him. Only the few do not.

            This doesn’t have anything to do with the laity, who follow the worship of Mary and Jesus dutifully.

            The Catholic church takes the prophecy of the popes and these Fatima secrets seriously. Thus, I do. Whether they are etched in stone or events that are being manipulated to fit the outcome is irrelevant. My observations remain; these Catholic prophecies have merit. They are coming together in the same way Klaus Schwab says that we will own nothing and be happy by 2030.

            None of this is biblical, of course, but the Bible is 100% correct once again. The dumbed down and politically correct Christian masses cannot see what I see, but I am pounding the table here to come out of all churches. NOW. They are all lying to us. None of them dare sound the trumpet to my people. All they do is demoralize my people. Even pastors like Lawson et al. That’s why YouTube’s owners like them.

            The prophet Hosea says God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, and because they reject knowledge, God rejects them. In other words, ignorance is no excuse under the law, and in order for a deception to take place, there needs to be two willing parties, the deceiver and the deceivee. In the eyes of God, there is absolutely no difference. Both are equally at fault.

            The pastor’s 501c3 status creates wilfully ignorant and PC pastors. They are neutered and sleeping. Why is there no one else saying what I am saying? I have been much more correct, but that doesn’t matter anymore. These church members lack the understanding, or choose to avoid it. I see how the mechanisms work in fine detail. They don’t have the intellectual capacity or have a vested interest to keep pumping out their PC prophecies.

            My website is designed to warn the reader of impending calamities, while keeping focused on the things over which we still have control. I am strongly suggesting from the readers that they stick to the Bible as these events begin to rapidly unfold in an accelerating fashion. I am warning the readers that the Bible is the only place that has verifiable proof of what is coming. There’s other stuff that I come across that conforms to this narrative, but this is certainly not my endorsement. I mentioned the secrets of Fatima. This does not mean that I believe in the secrets of Fatima is ordained by God. Unfortunately, the Catholic church seems to hierarchy is as evil as it comes and deceives its members. Some church. It may have been communicated by a god but not the God.

            Why do I observe this? I look at the inordinate amount of confusion and consternation that has been generated by the speculation of the secrets and I say to myself, there’s no way that God would do such a thing.

            There is not one church out there that is warning its members that the fight between Jacob and Esau is coming to an end this decade. Esau has sided with the devil and is being powered by the devil.

            1. About being a “Jesus man”, in this very thread we had a guy deny the Trinity. You yourself said Catholics worship Mary (she is venerated). Consider that Martin Luther considered getting rid of Hebrews, James, Jude, and the Revelation. The modern KJV you have probably removes 15 books it calls Apocryphal depending on the edition. You claim the KJV is reliable, but it was commissioned by an apostate homosexual and skews the text per his theology.

              On the contrary to your assertion, past apparitions have led to great conversions and saints in the past. Because Protestants like the one in this very thread again deny the communion of saints, this history has largely been written off by Protestants as Catholic lies. Therefore, your perspective is not neutral, but rather comes naturally from a Protestant or naturalistic/atheistic perspective (no miracles/saints). The problem comes down to authority, on which we rest on either a particular one or in a general chaos of subjectivism.

      1. The question misses the point. God allowed the current situation to happen in order to punish mankind, but provided a means to avoid it like many other chastisements (see: Nineveh, which repented, fell back into sin and was later punished still). His mercy precedes the just punishment.

        Presenting herself to those men would also have been a gift. Those three peasant children could hardly think of anything else after seeing the Blessed Virgin and suffered tremendously for it. As far as we know, the marranos/conversos/Talmudics mentioned did not deserve the grace of a conversion or even final penitence.

  16. A comment below was an email I sent out to a reader who was displeased with this post and the podcast. He also forwarded me information regarding the powers behind Pope Francis’s ascension to “pope”.

    Hi V,
    Thanks for the email and information. I will look at the links that you provided.

    Given the seriousness of the hour and the speed and direction in which the world is hurtling, it seems to me that Pope Francis was installed to be the false prophet. I never thought that I would live to see any of this, but it switched on so quickly in just a couple years. This is the only reason why my theorized US dollar force majeure will also be the time of Jacob’s trouble. The timelines are all coming together for the only time in history, going back to Adam.

    Most of the stuff regarding the Catholic Church is above of my pay grade and I stick to what I know. I included this post because it seems that even the ideas and actions of the controlled Catholic Church are all coming together for this moment in history.

    For my true sentiments and views on Christianity, please refer to the comment I posted early this morning.



  17. Chris, as great of a human being as mother Mary was, she was a Human. She’s not Jesus and IMO she does not appear to people for any reason because she’s resting like all humans and awaiting the second coming when she will be awaken. These Catholics and their mother Mary they worship is a false religion and the enemy’s disguise IMO. Their is no Intercession and no need for this because Jesus is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. He doesn’t need or use testing human for his prophecy. Guadalupe is another false prophet IMO.

    1. God help you, Amos. This is the Vigil of the Immaculate Conception and you through preternatural inspiration or dumb luck decided to post the above. Whom we call “Our Lady” and venerate as the Mother of God, Theotokos, whom the early Church Fathers and the Church throughout the ages venerated, you detract from her dignity and rightful place of honor. Even the heresiarch Martin Luther sought her intercession, but you cast her down among the dung.

      To say “sleep” means to be “asleep in sin”, not “dead and waiting for the Resurrection”. The dead are not sleeping peacefully until the Judgment, but rather have joined the beatific vision in Heaven, plunged into Purgatory to expunge the unpaid penalty for forgiven sins, or entered Hell to endure torments forever for their crimes. If you read this tomorrow, I pray that you feel even the slightest tinge of regret, because it is not believed that Christ will forgive those at His judgment seat who dishonor His mother.

    2. As you know, I am not Catholic. I left that church by 2004, though I was raised Catholic.

      I don’t really know that much about the secrets of Fatima, but it seems the Catholic church hierarchy takes it seriously. This hierarchy also seems to take seriously the prophecy of the popes.

      There is only one name in which we are saved. I do not know how the average person is going to endure over the next several years without the name of Jesus. They will not find peace in any other name.

      My non Christian sisters are stepping and fetching, and chasing ghosts. They all get sick and get cancers and yet refuse to repent. I am the only one in my blood family that doesn’t need doctors, stays healthy, prospers, and prays several times a day to my King. I pray while driving. I pray in the dark when I can’t sleep. I pray at the breakfast table. I pray when walking the dog. I only pray to the heavenly father and it’s always only in the name of Jesus. Only Jesus saves. I don’t need a pastor or priest to show me how to pray; the Bible explains it all.

      With this said, the Catholic church seems to have a lot of secrets. So does the other groups in the global hierarchy. I watch what those in power do and say.

      Just because Jeff Rense has father Kramer on as a guest does not mean Rense is Catholic. Based on his words and deeds, Rense thinks the Bible is a joke.

      I don’t need secrets to figure out how this world works, I have the Bible; and that’s all I need. The Bible tells me the whole world is operated by a bunch of secret societies that hold on to a bunch of secrets they use to gain leverage over the unwitting masses.

      I think we who come by and write on this site understand.

      1. Chris, my two cents about Fatima is that it is a private revelation that even if authentic, is no longer relevant, as Russia has not turned from her errors but has expanded them at home and to the entire world. Fatima and other apparitions are all private revelations, even if endorsed by the Vatican. It is not binding on Catholics to believe them to be authentic, much less to accept any proscriptions made in them. True Catholic teaching is that the faith is religion revealed, not religion concealed, as some Fatima fanatics would have us believe. This is why I pay no attention to these alleged “secrets” of Fatima. Jesus is the Revelation (singular) and all has been made known through Him and His Holy Church.

        As to Avos Arviz’ denigration of the Holy Mother, it is true that some Catholics become fixated on the Holy Mother while perhaps sometimes ignoring God Himself. Some feel unworthy to approach God directly and choose to approach the Holy Mother instead. Sometimes they take their honour of Mary too far and call her things like the co-redemptrix, which is not traditional Catholic teaching, as far as I understand it. As a former Protestant, the traditional Catholic position on Mary is the correct one.

        May honour and glory be upon her this day, the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

        1. I looked at your web site, interesting articles. But for Christ’s sake, come out of this satanic antibiblical deception – “Some feel unworthy to approach God directly and choose to approach the Holy Mother instead. “

          1. Did you not just post this above?:

            “Hence the catholic trinity concept comes from Nimrod and his fam, etc.”

            You deny the Trinity, but call the Blessed Virgin Mary a “satanic antibiblical deception”. I think this highlights the point above about the need for authority.

          2. Jack I will assume you are genuine and not a shill.
            The teachings on the Mother of God are not anti-biblical but are fully based on the Bible.
            See below OrthodoxWiki link on the Theotokos for you to read. It also discusses what the early Christians and the Protestants had to say on the Mother Of God. If you truly worship our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, you will also give thanks to and veneration (not worship) to his Mother that bared Him.

          3. Anyone worshiping a dead, totally human woman is lost in the depths of pure paganism. Sad.

            She was great (‘the greatest born among women’), but not God.

            1. “Hail (Mary) full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou amongst women” embodies the words used by the Angel Gabriel in saluting the Blessed Virgin (Luke, I, 28).”

              1. Yes, which could all be said to a totally human woman.

                Having any other God than The Father or the Son is idolatry and sin.

                1. This isn’t a great argument against Catholics, because we don’t worship (“latria”) the Blessed Virgin Mary (who is due “hyperdulia”). You simply don’t understand what you are talking about.

    3. If Enoch could be taken straight to heaven, why couldn’t the Virgin Mary?

      Apparitions are highly questionable; however, Mary is the Mother of God. That says it all.

      1. Well, umm it says right in the Word that Enoch was translated. I somehow can’t find anything similar written about Mary….

        1. Do you meet on Sundays, the Lord’s Day, instead of Saturdays, the Sabbath? Are you not commanded to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy? You can’t appeal to the extra-biblical apostolic tradition in this argument of yours, if you observe Sunday.

          1. I worship on the same day The Lord did his entire earthly existence. In re Catholicism, I was raised Roman Catholic- so much for your opinion that “I don’t understand what I’m talking about…” And I’m not appealing to ‘extra-biblical tradition’- just the opposite. (Maybe you weren’t responding to my post, but your comment appears directly under it.)

            Funny how you claim you don’t worship her, but do you pray to her? Do you revere images of her? Do you place faith in her? Yet you cannot see that this is sheer, pure paganism.

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