A reader is concerned about her future

Note to reader: I recently received an email from a reader, and pass it along to you for contemplation.

I include this jpeg file I received from a reader

While we may never know the precise timeline of events outlined for humanity, we do have a lot of solid ideas and evidence, which we can just base on the previous revelations of our adversary. While the unwashed plebes will remark that the topic of conspiracy theory is nonsense, we have plenty to go on, and I state that it is a well-developed science for those who are objective and fearless enough to see the truth.

To wit, we can learn a lot by just listening to the elites and their mouthpieces themselves; they are often so prideful, and cannot keep quiet. Many of them have bragged for decades about what their ultimate goals are for humanity. Given our superior long-term economic track record, as well as all of the useful information that has been shared in the comments sections on this blog, I believe we all have a good handle on what is transpiring, and what is to come.


While reading this [one of your recent comments], “They will view the other 50% (unvaxxed, unchipped) with complete disdain. If your spouse gets chipped and you don’t he or she will hate your guts. If you think family members are at odds with one another now”, I got a chill on my back. Recently, my jabbed husband started to use words like “if any consequences, people like you are going to be responsible.” etc. The frequency for him to suddenly speak like a robot is becoming so noticeable, and gave me startles every time he acted like that.

I knew mind-control tech has advanced a lot these past years. But I thought it is not there yet to control via the shots. Am I wrong with this information? Maybe they can be controlled via the nanobots injected with the first 2 shots? So far, I have been able to stop him from getting booster, by giving him some evidences. Now, I start to worry about my own safety. What if the things I said to him is being used by the controllers to turn my husband against me? via violence?

Have you heard about anything in this aspect?

– L

While we may never be able to prove the full scope of all the mind control techniques that have been employed to reengineer humanity, we can take a quick look at how society and humanity have devolved over the decades, and deduce some sobering conclusions.

Any reasonable person who embraces the science of conspiracy regarding the objectives of the new world order and the elites’ aspirations for a one-world financial dictatorship will not find any of this woman’s concerns unwarranted. Indeed,  the idea for the usage of injections via “vaccines” for mind control purposes goes back to Bertrand Russell’s time on this planet, and before.

Diet, injections, and injunctions [e.g. schooling, media] will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.

Bertrand Russell; globalist, eugenicist, philosopher (1872-1970)

Is this reader’s concerns completely overblown? Is she crazy? Unfortunately, I don’t think so.

I would rather err on the side of paranoia than go with the herd. I ask, why is the dialectic outcome to every illness that is proffered by our adversary a vaccine-based solution; even when they prove utterly useless at achieving their goal of preventing diseases?

Bertrand Russell is correct; the central banking cartel has powered a conspiracy too monstrous to conceive for the vast sea of humanity. It has labored to take control of all aspects of our lives. It owns the educational and banking systems, MSM and alt-media, corporate hierarchy, medical-industrial complex, food industry, and governing authorities. These satanic appendages have all worked in concert to produce a population that is amenable to virtually anything, regardless of how adverse it may be to their existential outcomes.

Market update; Thoughts on inflation and bond yields

End of inflation? Here’s when experts think gas, housing prices could stabilize in California – Sacramento Bee.


You and I know that we shouldn’t put any credence into the so-called expert predictions, as they never seem to be correct. This is why I’ve always instructed the reader to take the contra, by default.

However, I am predicting much lower housing price and rent rate GROWTH over the next 12 months. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that the federal government is reining in its spending.

Check out the large net short position of the 10-year UST futures of the large and small speculators, which includes hedge funds as well as Joe six-pack.


The once large net short position of the speculators in the long Bond futures has diminished quite a bit, as they have shifted their focus to the shorter duration USTs in anticipation of Fed fund hikes.


This is why we see a growing net short in the 10 years futures. But as I have always said in the past, we should take the contra.

The once large spending bills that were being contemplated have been scaled back or eliminated, and this is fixed income bullish.

This also signals a clearer path to higher asset prices, which of course, include stocks, bonds, and real estate. The killing of the BBB bill is probably the most important development in the asset markets over the past six months

While  President Biden signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) today, allocating $768 billion to the Department of Defense for the 2022 fiscal year, this type of spending is not as inflationary as direct transfers of social spending. Much of the defense spending is shifted overseas or remains in the financial shell. The legislation sailed through both houses of Congress as a number of deficit hawk legislators dropped any pretense about spending concerns and voted for the bill.

Even Sen. Manchin voted for the NDAA package.

I offer a few observations and predictions for the US dollar

We see the USDX at a hair over 96, and above its longer-term average. The rate differentials regarding the United States debt versus the rest of the world, especially the developed world, is noted.

With Greece and Italy’s sovereign yields less than the United States comparable treasuries, the money continues to flood into the United States markets.

As long as the dollar is the reserve currency, the United States is afforded a great luxury in its borrowing and spending efforts.

Given the current circumstances and trajectories versus the other nations whose currencies comprise the USDX basket, it is likely that the US dollar index could touch 100 over the next year. At that point the FED will most likely begin to entertain scaling back its ambitions.

It seems interesting that the dollar index did not fall below 90 on any sustained basis, though it touched it twice. I note this action and wonder if there is official management at play to keep the major currencies within a certain trading band.

If all of this massive fiscal spending being proffered gets scaled back or delayed indefinitely, we could see a further confirmation of the one to two year trend until the dollar touches 100 on the USDX.

By its nature, the reduction of quantitative easing or even its contemplation of a reduction is dollar bullish, as global investors tend to need those dollars to repay debts.

The dollar is still king and only one set of circumstances is going to take it out. If a bunch of bumbling politicians in DC has no effect, nor do trillions of dollars in fiscal spending, the system still has legs.

Run, greenback, run!

A Christmas message and a warning of what’s coming

Learn the lies of the new world order to profit

I just want to extend this Christmas message solely to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. While there is nothing biblical about the day or ceremonies of Christmas, except in reference to Jeremiah 10, we can nonetheless celebrate Jesus’s birth on December 25th, as well as every other day of the year.

Do a Google search on the term “no king but Jesus.” On the search results,  Google will tell you that the usage of this once often-used phrase during the colonial period was only a myth. Of course, the phrases “no king but Jesus” and “we owe allegiance to no crown” were often mentioned during the times leading up to the First American Revolution. Perhaps, in a few years, after the die-offs accelerate and the people get sicker from the mRNA jabs, the remnant will begin to proclaim these words once again as the Remnant fights to stay alive like it says in Revelation 12. This will be leading up to the time of the Second Exodus, after many of our former loved ones, friends, and neighbors are removed from the equation.

The next few years will be the worst ones for mankind since Noah, and I suspect that we will all have to endure the fallout from a complete economic and financial market collapse. This, of course will be manufactured. The concept of QE will be history, as the monetary and fiscal authorities seem to be willfully ignorant of what high price inflation does to the entire QE system. QE can only exist in an environment of sustained low price inflation. Thus, QE will soon no longer be a viable way to finance the ballooning government budget largess. Based on the current inflationary trajectories, I give it 18-24 months. If the numbers fade, we get more time. If they accelerate, we may only have a year.

If you think racism, misogyny, white supremacy, and intolerance are the great evils in this world, there is no longer any reason to visit my site. There are no victims in the Kingdom, and you need to figure out how the Laodicean Church has been duped in these final days leading up to Christ’s return.

A politically incorrect response to a politically incorrect email

In response to an email I received from a hispanic reader who has figured out why our adversary is programming us to mix all the races in the West, but not anywhere else, I responded:

“By the way, there’s a reason why our adversary wants us to mix the races. It is a very simple reason. Mixed races in the new world order don’t share anything from the past. A nation of mixed races worship watered down false gods that are offered to them by their adversary, the synagogue of Satan and the devil (e.g.  psychology, money, political correctness, sports, social justice, unity, etc.) and have no common frame of reference or background. Mixed races lack cohesion, and their marriages tend to not be as durable. It’s like mixing iron with clay. A nation with no common frame of reference is also easily duped into taking mRNA jabs and falling for manufactured crises. A nation a with demoralized and delusional population can be easily fleeced. It seems that the more the plebes hope for unity and racial harmony, the worse their lot becomes. It is no coincidence. Our adversary has the dumbed-down populace concentrating on amorphous concepts, while it steals, kills, and destroys our nations and our peoples.

You can marry and have children with whomever you want; it’s too late to stop what’s coming. As for me, I’ve dated many women over the years and when I was an unsaved man I was also with a lot of women. They were all from different races. Of course, mostly were white as that’s what I find most appealing, but when it comes to marriage, that was a whole different affair. I could never imagine having to deal with the NWO political correctness of a mixed race relationship, with an unwashed wife.

As I’ve said before, everyone is created equal, but they certainly are not created the same.  Why isn’t there a concerted effort to mix the races in Japan or China? Why not in Ethiopian Africa? Why only in the White Christian West? The upshot is if we know this, we can succeed as we move through life. Those who know the truth are not deluded with the false realities of the New World Order.

For example, I was able to comprehend the falsehoods used to demoralize and reengineer the Western nations, which is why I had been recommending being a landlord. In the West, the demoralized Whites have stopped having children, while the open borders overwhelm the housing market and financial system. For those who were not tainted by political correctness, this was the easiest way to make a boatload of money and cash flow. Now I declare that as the economy begins its terminal descent, landlords need to begin accepting housing vouchers. My next two vacancies will be filled with housing voucher participants. The non-voucher tenants will increasingly be unable to pay the escalating rents. This is what happens when we fight for racial injustice. I say to the unwashed sodomites, keep fighting!

Indeed, only the obtuse can’t see that there has been an ongoing and concerted effort to malign and demoralize the Western white Christians, specifically of European origin. I speak in the past tense now, because the reengineering is nearly complete.

All of the races are desperately trying to reengineer the United States in their new image. The problem is that the United States was made great because of the European whites. The United States cannot exist in any other form, regardless of how much political correctness we employ. It wasn’t meant to be a great nation in the eyes of the unwashed plebes of the New World Order.

The United States is now collapsing under its own weight because it cannot exist as a different nation. America was given to its founders as a gift, and the earlier secret societies and Christian refugees of the 1600-1700s knew this. Jacob declared it on his deathbed and it wasn’t meant for anyone else except his Ephraim and Manasseh remnant. That doesn’t mean anyone can’t live in it. Anyone can live here, but to attempt to re-engineer it will be an exercise in futility, and God is now putting an end to it.

This has nothing to do with whether or not we think white people are virtuous. It has nothing to do with being right or wrong. It has all to do with a prophecy. The Jews are white and so are the Northern Israelite remnants.

Enjoy your new nation. The closer you get to your desired outcome, the further it will slip away.

Merry Christmas, and let’s profit as the people get more and more stupid. They deserve what they have coming. Don’t be a victim; know the truth.”

A response to an email; The horrors of the new world order, the third secret of Fatima, and God’s intervention

…I have learned a lot from you and gotten to start reading the Bible daily particularly the old testament where now I can identify who is whom, and it makes sense.

I have shared this with with my mom and she is amazed on all the things she did not know. Every other family member is deceived to the core. In some of your blog messages, there is an undertone of sadness. But I feel we should rejoice for what is to come.


This all needs to come to pass

Indeed, it’s sad to know that my fellow Westerners are beginning to die from a bioweapon campaign engineered by our adversary. It’s sobering to know that the Western and Christian values I once took for granted represent only a faint shadow in this present world. I write this blog post as I listen to Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, and marvel at the miracle of life and revel in our ability to make an important choice right now; a choice that Jesus in John 4 explains to a woman by Jacob’s well.

Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

¶ The woman saith unto him, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw.

John 4:13-15 KJV

The primary reason why the globalists need to jab everyone is so the control group (the unjabbed) remains small. Thus, going out to mid-decade, when the people start getting sick with blood clots, heart attacks, destroyed immune systems, strokes, Bell’s palsy, heart and circulatory problems, cognitive impairment, organ failure, etc., the MSM will be able to fool the vast majority of dupes into thinking that the rise in stillborn births, infertility, and accelerated death events are just normal, or a fluke in statistics.

Everything we hear and see is now a lie. You and I need to stay together to keep sane.

Is the third secret of Fatima revealing itself?

I came across a December 3rd Jeff Rense interview with a Father Paul Kramer. Father Kramer claims to be an expert on the third secret of Fatima, and he seems to be knowledgeable with regards to eschatological matters and how the third secret of Fatima fits in to the timeline. Thus, I wanted to include it with this post. I have no opinion of either Jeff Rense or Father Kramer. I have no opinion on the matters of the secrets of Fatima, but include this for your reference.

What Father Kramer claims seems to be germane to our running and ongoing theme regarding the upcoming US dollar force majeure (since early 2020, I determined this to also be the time of Jacob’s trouble). If you think we are critical of Pope Francis, this man makes me look like a piker.

He also theorizes that Pope Francis will reorganize the church upon completion of the current synod, which is set to end some time in 2023. Father Kramer’s timeline conforms cleanly with this decade’s march towards the Great Reset, as well as our timeline, given what we know about the true Israelites, and their ultimate fate. He also claims that while the new world order will finally emerge in all its full horror, he is in agreement with my assessment that God will intervene and end it. He is of the conviction that this age will not get past this decade. You and I will live to see it all.

To download the podcast, right click here

Reference to current Catholic synod; OPENING OF THE SYNODAL PROCESS

So, if you wonder why I can appear sad, I think you already know why.

Sure, I am an economist and financial expert, and thus I recommend we keep doing what we have been doing, since it has been a successful venture. But I know it will ultimately not matter much in the end. All I can say is that we need to keep our noses to the grindstone and continue moving forward, with our eyes on the prize.

12/4 Update: The real reason why I am so bullish on residential housing

Note to reader: I do not subscribe to any particular person, and only forward this email, because of my response. My reasons for the powerful rally in residential housing have little to do with market timing here, though many will prognosticate accordingly. Being involved in these matters on an ongoing basis affords me a certain perspective that few possess.

This may be of interest. You and the author have some similar views.

Home Prices, Interest Rates, and Recession

Gary North – November 24, 2021

This was posted on my Website yesterday:

With interest rates predicted to rise will that ensue a recession and cause home prices to come down significantly?

Every month, the Federal Reserve System buys $35 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities. This subsidy to the housing market is extraordinary. The FED announced:

The FOMC also directed the Desk to increase SOMA holdings of Treasury securities by at least $60 billion per month and of agency MBS by at least $30 billion per month during the monthly purchase period beginning in mid-December. The Committee judges that similar reductions in the pace of net asset purchases will likely be appropriate each month, but it is prepared to adjust the pace of purchases if warranted by changes in the
economic outlook.

So, the FED is prepared to support this market in a recession.

Second, prior to a recession it is common for a decline in the stock market to begin. This is the most overvalued stock market in history. I think it is going to create panic selling when it finally breaks.

When people sell a stock, they have to do something with the money. They can put it in the bank. But the bank has to put it somewhere. Where will big money put it? They are going to buy T-bonds. They want a return on their principal. They want safety. This is going to drive down T-bond interest rates.

They will also go looking for long-term equivalents of T-bonds — that will include mortgages. That is going to drive down mortgage interest rates.

This does not mean that there will be a big new demand to buy homes. It depends on the overall economy. In a recession, a lot of people who could have qualified for a loan in the boom phase will find that they cannot qualify for a loan in the recession phase. This is important for entry-level home buyers. If they cannot buy a home, they are going to have to rent. This is why the purchase of investment properties of three-bedroom, two-bath homes in middle class neighborhoods has always been a good investment. Read John Schaub’s books about this.

People do not indulge in panic selling of their homes. They will do almost anything to hold onto their homes. They are going to meet their mortgage payments every month. So, downward pressure on the buyers’ side is likely, but there will be little downward pressure on the sellers’ side.

The insanity of what took place between 2005 and 2008 in terms of mortgages is not going to be repeated. This is why I do not think we’re going to see a decline in housing prices comparable to what happened in 2009 and the years that followed.

Therefore, while recessions are good times to buy homes by using Schaub’s method, I do not expect to see widespread declines in the price of middle-class housing.


Here was my response (edited for grammar):

Rents rarely drop, and though the rental CPI has been climbing higher than the general CPI, this is because the true price inflation numbers are much higher than what’s released by the government. It is more difficult to hide a specific measure than a general one. In other words, rents are rising along with true price inflation.

I agree here though my reasoning differs. I am mostly concerned with investors during this boom cycle in housing, who have been buying a greater percentage of the single family housing stock than before. My concern is that desperate over levered investors could need to unwind.

However, my personal observations have allowed me to be more confident in the resilience of the housing market. My rent rolls have been increasing tremendously over the past two to three years. In particular, there seems to be a powerful demand for single family detached housing stock and townhomes. The rents in my areas have gone up about 30% of the past two years. This has provided a tremendous benefit to the capitalized values of single family housing, and this is why the large money is so interested in this sector.

The large investors view housing as benefiting from any outcome. With higher mortgage rates, rents will be generally rising faster than historic norms, and if bond yields remain low, the capitalized values will increase.

However, my one theoretical concern about this phenomenon is straightforward. If rents begin to fall, we need to be concerned about the prices of residential housing. But I doubt very much we will ever see rents fall. Recall our research regarding the 2005-2008 bubble. Nationwide rents amounts barely budged during the nadir of the 2008-2009 recession.

Rent rolls are surprisingly resilient and the housing stock is being depleted in a larger than normal clip over the past 12 or so years. The builders are no longer building a single family detached housing that is in great demand. Rather, it seems to be higher-end condos and townhomes as well as houses above the median value.

At one house that I am rehabbing, the monthly rent rate has gone up over $1,200 in the past six years. I have another house that will be ready for rent in several months and the market rent has gone up about $700 in the past three years. Indeed, the prices of these houses have gone up quite a bit, but the capitalization rates have barely budged.

For investors desperate for yield, residential housing still makes sense. I ask my family and fellow investors how people can afford these rents, but I leave that up to the tenants to figure out. I let them take the jabs and deal with all of the hassle of working for somebody. I’m the landlord and I’m here to collect the rent. I’m the boss.