A response to a reader; Staying focused on the big picture

Lots of theories, but mostly distractions

Dear Chris,
I realize you are probably busy with your renovations, but how are you doing out there?  With all of the topics we discuss on your site, I hope that’s all there is.  Lately there haven’t been a lot of leads, but more distractions.

God bless,

Here was my response (edited for grammar):

Hi A,
Thanks for the email.

I remain focused on one important phenomenon. I view the persistent and sharp upticks in price inflation, coupled with the ostensible willful ignorance of the monetary and fiscal authorities, as the one “elephant in the room” that has the prospect of destroying the entire quantitative easing system.

Recall our discussion in the early part of last year with regards to the covid-related monetary and fiscal stimulus packages, and their ultimate effects on asset prices; I mentioned at the time that I did not know why they were doing what they were doing (handing out trillions directly to the end user in a heavy-handed way), but whatever these elites were hoping to achieve, it was intentional. Thus, I have concluded that all of this price inflation is also very deliberate.

For instance, the sharp increases in housing costs are absolutely mind blowing and are not an unintentional byproduct or collateral damage from the massive waves of deficit spending and suppression of longer bond yields. This was intentionally orchestrated and carried out with military precision.

The typical wage slave post-covid

For almost a decade, I have analyzed and reported the basic and detailed concepts of quantitative easing ad nauseam and determined that it was a very viable system as long as inflation remained muted. This would allow QE to exist essentially forever. What I do find peculiar is that this inflation is not only persistent, but is intentionally becoming institutionalized. It’s as if it was manufactured with intent.

I look at all of the manufactured supply chain issues and the heavy reporting in the mainstream, and have to conclude that this is not being left to chance. The governments are being willfully ignorant with their profligate spending, and I have to conclude that the politicians are just carrying out a set of orders that are accelerating the system’s demise.

I have family members that are trying to buy cars, but cannot, as there is no inventory.

A rising dollar and the centralized management of this system
Given the trillions in stimulus, the ostensibly counterintuitive movement in the greenback is not really unexpected if we conclude that there is a guiding hand

Viewing all this inflation and the economic distortions through the lens of a persistently rising U.S. dollar demonstrates that whatever is taking place, it is being managed down to the smallest detail.

So, what does all this mean? It means that the powers-that-be intend to jettison the system within the next few years, at a maximum. This all dovetails with mid-decade. That will be perhaps within another three to four years, given the current trajectory.

The all-seeing eye is still in control

There really isn’t any reason to get on the blog anymore and expound upon the daily matters of life. I leave that up to the novice cassandras in the alt-media. I have made some very dreadful predictions for mid decade, and when viewing it through the lens of our monetary and financial systems, everything seems to be dovetailing.

The eventual civil unrest that will begin to upend and unravel everything will find its genesis here in the United States. It’s going to be pretty tough going out to mid decade. All of these vaccine mandates and eventual passports have nothing to do with a virus. And while this covid analysis in a medical sense is outside my realm, I’m also coming to the conclusion that there is no virus, since many of the efficacious treatments for this so-called covid virus, are not meant for viruses at all. Regardless, these passports to buy and sell have always been the proverbial line in the sand that many people here in America will not cross.

I know I will not cross that line, and if coerced in this manner, I will burn down the town. That is a direct order from God.

The elites know all of this and are accelerating the demise of the current fiat currency system. We always talked about how the quantitative easing was nothing but a wealth and power consolidation mechanism, and if you think this current Antichrist system is evil now, just wait as the desired product slowly emerges.

As of now we still continue buying income generating assets and I continue fixing up my properties and maximizing their capitalized values. I’m currently sleeping at one of my properties on an air mattress. I don’t like doing these things at my age, but there seems to be a sense of urgency now.

There really isn’t much more to discuss and there isn’t much of a need for me to come out every day and report like what others are saying. Indeed, don’t take the mRNA jabs, and prepare mentally and spiritually for what’s coming. We need to empower ourselves to stop relying on the medical establishment.

The elites have many things planned for the eventual showdown here in the states and are preparing accordingly. Much of it won’t be reported in the MSM and we need to get right with Jesus, which means we need to come out of the tax deductible charities that are commonly called churches. Pray for strength during these lonely times. Jesus is always with us if we seek him out.

Make sure you’re prepared for the time of Jacob’s trouble. It’s going to be a sad time for humanity.


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68 thoughts on “A response to a reader; Staying focused on the big picture

  1. Chris,
    What is your take on Biden choosing Jerome Powell for a second term as Fed chair? Do you see some interest rate hikes sooner rather than later?
    Just goes to show that Biden is just a pretendent who really is not running the show. Somebody at the Synagogue of Satan likes Powell. I guess that means the USD has a little longer to go. Certainly the inflation hedge asset market thinks that the USD life has been extended after Biden’s announcement.

    1. My suspicion is that the PTB who are running this show are hoping to keep this system alive for at least a few more years. Without coercion, I believe that Powell would have been more hawkish than now. Powell comes from the private sector and knows how this system works. In order to coax any sort of longevity out of it, there needs to be some restraint.

      I doubt Powell on his own would have been as dovish as he was during covid. I also believe that the powers who own these banks are experimenting in real time regarding the flexibility of this current system. If this current system, which I think can be effectively managed through their media outlets, is a system that can be slowly transformed into the desired outcome for the Great Reset, I believe that these powers can keep this going for a long time. Even with higher rates of inflation, the ability of the central banks to maintain low real bond yields is simply breathtaking.

      I tip my hat to my adversary.

      This is a big warning to those who think that Powell and the FED are going to collapse the asset markets. I have to suspect that the powers have other crises and catastrophes planned.

      Recall in the second half of 2018 during the repo madness, in which the Fed backtracked their balance sheet reduction and began to lower interest rates. Similar things happened right around the time of covid. Perhaps Powell will feign hawkishness, but will once again need to backtrack because of some other unforeseen crisis.

      If the Great Reset agenda is to be achieved, the powers need to engineer one rapid fire crisis after another. By the time this is all done we may see the 10-year US Treasury yield down at negative 2%.

      These low real bond yields will allow the false economy behind the climate change scam and the ESG sector to flourish. Only economic and societal lies can flourish in a low real bond yield environment.

  2. Hi Chris
    There seems to be a lot of talk from TPTB calling cryptos a bubble. Such as the big short guys like John Paulson and Michael Burry. As well as here down under like ASIC Chairman Joe Longo, RBA, AMP who are also discussing increased regulation for cryptos.
    What is your opinion on this? Do you think BTC will drop to below its 50 day moving average?

    1. Yes. Perhaps a test of the 100 and 200 day sma’s are likely. Please note that the 50, 100, and 200-day sma’s are all in an uptrend. By the time this happens and the 100 day SMA is touched, it could be at a higher level than the current 100 day SMA.

      Mathematically speaking, an asset cannot remain above its 50-day SMA forever. An asset is always competing against its prior price.

      1. The more talk we hear of a bubble, the more fuel there is for higher prices. All we hear is talk of asset bubbles in stocks, real estate, and cryptos. All we heard about was dollar collapse. And yet, all we see are higher prices in the intermediate and longer run.

        1. It’s like they intentionally scare us with bubble talk to keep us out of the various markets so that we keep getting poorer. I remember they did this with Sydney property prices and they kept going up.
          I will take the contra.
          Thanks again Chris.
          Keep up the great work

          1. A couple years ago, I spoke specifically on Australian real estate with an emphasis on the large cities. I stated that the prices were going to move back higher and this was many months before covid. You see how this works.

            I observed how all of these dollars were circulating all around the world and that the US dollar was the reserve currency for real estate purchases. All of the key areas around the world would continue being bid up, because of all of the massive deficit spending in all of the Nations. This was even before the covid scam, which is just an excuse to consolidate the wealth and power of the globe.

  3. Here is a Thanksgiving reminder.
    As Thanksgiving day approaches we should be reminded to be thankful for the blessings we have in our lives. This thankfulness should not be just on Thanksgiving day but it should be celebrated every day of our lives. It is very empowering to be thankful because it reminds us of all the good things we have INSTEAD OF the good things we crave for and don’t have. Thankfulness makes us feel full instead of empty. Being thankful also cuts back on buying unnecessary items and helps our budget. Thankfulness should extend beyond the material items and also include the intangible blessings we have in our lives such as helpful friends and strangers, having discernment to stay out of trouble, and having wonderful family around you.

    Most of all, we should all be thankful we know Jesus Christ as our savior and incorporated him in our lives. Jesus Christ is the biggest blessing we all have AND most of all he is free of charge to all who reach out to him.Unfortunately, many people do not know Jesus Christ and our job is spreading that thanks by sharing the Gospel with lost souls.

    The Thanksgiving Holiday started on the Christian idea of thankfulness. It started because the Pilgrims were kept alive through the harsh winter by friendly natives and so they returned the favor by sharing their first bountiful harvest with the natives in the fall.

    The Bible constantly reminds us to be thankful for what we have:

    1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
    Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

    Psalm 107:1
    Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!

    Ephesians 5:20
    Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

    Colossians 3:15-17
    And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

    James 1:17
    Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

    Philippians 4:6
    Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

    Psalm 106:1
    Praise the Lord! Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!

    Psalm 100:4
    Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!

    Ephesians 2:8
    For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,

    Psalm 100:1-5
    A Psalm for giving thanks. Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing! Know that the Lord, he is God! It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name! For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.

    1 Corinthians 15:57
    But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Ultimately we should give thanks to God because he sent down his one and only son Jesus Christ to teach us the way to heaven and sacrificed himself to pay for our sins and then returned to life three days later. In addition, all the material items in our possession are allowed to us by God. Ultimately,God owns everything and just grants us the privilege to possess the asset. All the friends and family are directed to us and provided by God. By the way, if you need something then take it to the Lord in prayer. God gives you what you need to survive but not necessarily what you want. Sometimes what you want ultimately may not help you and that is why God does not bring it forth. So give thanks by praising the Lord!
    Amen and God Bless.

    1. Amen, brother. I will be sleeping on an air mattress for Thanksgiving. I have two rentals that are being turned over and need to get them re-rented. One needs a major rehab after 7 years of wear and tear from a poor tenant.

      Always remember that we give thanks to Jesus Christ, who was nailed to a tree for the remission of our sins. I have too many personality shortcomings, and should have fallen away or been dead long ago. But here I am, giving thanks to the one great Almighty, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who sent his son as the perfect sacrifice, so he could give me hope of something better.

      Without this, nothing else matters.

  4. Well…it finally happened to me…..my employer has finally mandated that we all get the vaccine. This is after working the whole time through the scamdemic……we have until the fourth of january to submit our exemptions which I am going to as soon as possible to see if it will get approved and if not I will gladly be fired.

    I will never submit to the vaccine or any other satanic device designed to maim and kill me. No thanks, let the slaves take this jim jones juice.

    1. Sorry to hear it. Tens of millions here in the US are getting the rug pulled out from underneath by their employers.

      When the passports to buy and sell come to the US, there will be all sorts of stuff happening. Water supplies will be poisoned, electric transformers and substations will be vandalized and burned, bomb scares phoned in, gas lines sabatoged, trains derailed, rivers and lakes dumped with toxins, grocery stores burned down. Vast forests set on fire. We see where this is going. This is why the troops were pulled out of Afghanistan and will make their way back to the “homeland .”

      The 501c3 churches chant Romans 13, but this is no longer our government. It was taken over by these S of S elites who use what it used to be as a customer service window. They use their authorities to exploit us, while the churches get their tax credits like hamsters receiving food pellets from a dispenser when they turn tricks.

      I say we go nuts! We will finally have absolutely nothing to lose, and the angry Americans can finally do what they always wanted to do. Burn down the cities.

      BTW Homeland was just another term coined by the think tanks in Arlington and McLean Virginia. Everything is a psyop and these organs of power despise us. We aren’t citizens, we are civilians like in a war. That’s because this war is already underway against us.

      1. Dude Ted Kaczynski was right…..his whole premise about Industrial Society…..I say screw it….I am opting out of the “System” entirely.

        I’ll live in a shack and grow my own food.

        I’ll let you peons inject yourselves with poison….get ran over by feral blacks…..import all kinds of third world people to rape your own people…..accept usury and fiat currency…..have fun!!!

        1. I am all for living in the woods in a shack and growing my own food. I feel that society has gone off the cliff.

      2. Chris,
        If they impose strict vaccine mandates to the point where you need the vaccine passport to buy groceries and gas then riots probably will happen as so many people in the US get shut out. A quote from Gerald Celente :”When people have nothing to lose then they lose it”.

        As a Christian, I would not resort to violent tactics but I certainly would resort to passive resistance if at all possible. Violent force should only be used for self defense as a last resort.
        I feel the best approach is to buy that house with land in the woods or any rural area and produce your own food. Form communities of like minded people to produce your own food and form your own barter economy with other unvaccinated people.

        Where the violence may be required is in self defense of these communities when the Synagogue of Satan thugs use force shut down these communities or break into your house to cart you off to quarantine camps. I have to draw the line when they come to my house and try to take me away because I am not Vaccinated. If they break into my house to cart me off then force will be necessary.

        Right now the US is backing down from the strong vaccine mandates. However, the question is how long will this mandate easing continue before they tighten up on the vaccine mandates again.
        Bad news in Australia where they actually are taking Covid positive people to quarantine camps and most likely these people have already been vaccinated.

        1. What I’m talking about is not violence. Never once do I say that we should hurt other people. If something is not done, these eugenicists will murder hundreds of millions, if not billions of people. The reason why the United States is still in relatively good shape is because they know the abilities of the resistance.

          Don’t look at the news and think that the resistance will be a guy driving a vehicle in a crowd. The type of resistance were discussing is a completely different type. It takes tenacity and brains. The type of resistance I’m discussing is the type of resistance that keeps you and the rest of the world from being forced to take a jab.

          Keep in mind that by the time the type of resistance I am discussing gets enacted, we are way past the point of no return. You won’t be able to own a cabin in the woods as they will be after you. Christians are ordered to defend themselves, especially their loved ones, family, and neighbors. We are ordered to take bold and courageous action.

          I don’t know what happened to today’s Christian. They roll on over and the doctrine they profess is the doctrine crafted by our adversary. If the Christians of today lived 250 years ago, there would never be a United States. The Patriots back then were exclaiming we owe allegiance to no crown and there is no King, but Jesus. None of them were Catholic either.

          Every time I walk into a government office I feel the presence of Satan. Every fiber of my being wants to run out of the building and take a shower. There is nothing godly anymore with this government as it has been taken over by the synagogue of Satan and is used to exploit humanity. Y’all better get this straight. Death is coming one way or another. Are you going to cower in a corner in a cabin in the woods or are you going to stick up for yourself and fight?

          1. That is a great argument Chris. I think if we Christians are pushed into a corner then we have to fight back. If death is coming one way or another then we have to fight against the forces of Evil or they will destroy innocent people. The forces of Evil must be knocked out OR they will knock the good people out.

          1. That said. The news of people being taken to camps might be just media scare. Perhaps scaring people to take the vaccine. I have reread the article and it appears it is only North Australia, but you should know better than me.

    2. Do not worry too much just yet. Because there’s a 99% chance that your exemption will actually get approved.
      The time to worry will be if/when they push it to the point of cutting the unvaxed off from crossing state lines, buying gas or using bank accounts. I doubt they will push it that far though, at least, not everywhere across the US. One of their goals could be self-segregation of people into large population clusters based on willingness to live in a techno-slave society. Those not willing to submit will have to move outside of the perimeter of their current techno-slave cluster.

    3. Zblade,
      Whatever you do DO NOT take the Covid Vax. No job is worth sacrificing your health and body to a gene modifying experiment that has tremendous side effects. It is Jim Jones Peoples Temple Kool Aid except the death will be slower and more agonizing. I have heard too many stories of people getting Covid 19 AFTER taking both shots of the VAX(breakthrough cases). The stories of irrepairable side effects and myocarditis keep piling up on the internet. People dying after the shots keep piling up. It is clear that these so called Covid vaccines DO NOT work. I am sure you are aware of all this.

      There is also a serious spiritual side effect from these Covid 19 Vaccines. I have read that they also cut people off from communication with God. Check out these links:


      If you are the least bit spiritual, then that is another reason to avoid the Covid Vaccine.

      1. If you do take the Vax to keep your job you may not have the job for long anyway as your health could fail.

    4. Have faith, Zblade, – the Lord will provide. I left my teaching career way too early. Retired. My religious exemption at the Catholic school board would not have been accepted, and they wanted me to get covid tested. I refuse to even stick that swab up my nose. Now our professional designation at the college of teachers requires a course and exam on how not to be a sexual predator. The world has gone made. But in a way, it’s been a blessing, really! I’m working for myself now, tutoring online, teaching piano at home. As long as people still believe in the college dream nonsense and both parents are working to just to make ends meet, there will be plenty of tutoring jobs for me. I never would have done this pre-Covid. God works in mysterious ways.

      1. Now you’re thinking. Move into a growth industry like tutoring. The children are not being properly raised and educated anymore. They are rudderless ships in an ocean and depend on tutors to keep steering them in the right direction.

        The college dream is utter nonsense. So is the so-called American dream. High school graduates need to come to grips with this reality and re-engineer their financial lives accordingly. The acquisition of income generating assets at a young age will be all the difference between success and failure. The only debt they should be going into is one in order to buy an income-generating asset, and a college education is definitely not considered an income generating asset, though our adversary tells us it is.

        Young people can pursue their desired profession, if they choose. But they should also be acquiring these assets at a young age.

  5. Hello Chris,
    Like John S. I am surprised that Biden chose Powell for a second term. Do you see some tough love coming from the Fed?

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Chris whether it is with your family or without. There is a lot for you to be thankful for regardless of family or not.
    Be thankful you are independently wealthy with your rental properties. You don’t have to choose between losing a paycheck or taking the Covid kill shot. You don’t have to kiss somebody’s ass to make a living and you call your own shots.

    Your Blog is a Godsend and I am very thankful for discovering your site.

  6. I do not see much chance for any sort of rent controls because most of the legislators(Demonrat and Republican alike) at the state and Federal level are landlords. Rent controls crush property values and I sincerely doubt these legislators want to see their assets go down in value.

  7. As Chris has mentioned time after time, be sure to have spare cash on hand and NO debt because the Federal Reserve Bank could throw a monkey wrench by raising interest rates. I see that as a possible path for the elite to grab more assets at basement prices and to discredit the stuffy academics at the Federal Reserve bank so they can be replaced by socialists.

    1. I can see why more adults are not having kids. It is just what the powers that be want. There is much more economic instability today than 40 years ago. When my father started working he counted on staying with one corporation with promotions etc. That is mostly not true today. Housing is so much more expensive today for the average person than 40 years ago. More people have to rent as they cannot afford a house. Renting tends to be less stable as the landlord can kick you out when your lease is up and if not then your rent goes up and therefore you end up saving nothing. This leaves less money to support a child. In addition, children are a lot more expensive to raise today as there are more expenses and expectations for the children to keep up with the “game” . You are made to believe that you have to put your kids through college and that costs big money.

      Clearly we are in a Satanic economic system where hard work does not get you ahead. One of the few ways to get ahead is to be a part of the Synagogue of Satan Club where you figure out where the next move will be and invest accordingly. Another alternative as Chris mentioned is definitely investing excess savings in income producing assets such as rental real estate and stocks. Good luck trying to save if you work at an average job because it is increasingly difficult with the increasing cost of living. I don’t know what to say for those who are living paycheck to paycheck. Those who have income producing assets that they can live off of of the rents or dividends then that is great. If you are in debt and have no savings then you are a real loser in this economy.

      Only with God’s help can you get ahead. If you are in alignment with God then you have a strong tailwind to help you get ahead.

      1. The deck is totally stacked against the fast sea of humanity. The only way that someone with a medium-paying job and no discerning skill set can get ahead is to buy at least one rental property.

        In this instance, I do not recommend buying an owner- occupied property initially. It’s not too wise as they cost a lot of money to maintain and the only way the average wage slave can maintain that property is through his or her labor.

        For the first decade or so, I continued renting while I built my portfolio of rental properties. I found it easier for me and much cheaper. I know this is something that most people who own real estate and looking to get into the game overlook. Continue renting and buy rental properties. The rental properties will tend to pay for themselves in a few years, if not immediately. We certainly can’t say the same thing about an owner occupied property.

        If I just spent 20 years in prison and didn’t have a dime to my name, I would seek out somebody with enough money for a down payment in my family and offer to go 50/50 on a rehabb property that I would do all the work and manage the tenants, while I got a job bagging groceries as part of my work release program.

        A college education has now become a complete waste of time. What is there to look forward to? Even if you work your ass off and become a doctor then you have to deal with being part of that establishment. You’re not there to help people anymore. What if you work your ass off and become an attorney? Then you have to deal with the legal system. Forget college. Learn a skill set and I strongly suggest that it should have something to do with real estate.

        I think these types of skill sets are some of the most valuable that’s one could possess.

        1. 3/4 of all I know about business and economics, I learned after attending classes. If somebody gets degrees in economics or business, he or she ends up having to work for some Antichrist firm. Take an interest in the subjects and use it to your advantage for your future actions and choices.

          Just don’t refer to Zero Hedge.

  8. Chris – you see that the bill proposes a increase to the SALT deduction limit to $80k? That would be a big tailwind for RE

    1. Indeed, it would. These politicians own tons of real estate. This is where they like to park their money. Hard to show potential conflicts of interest with holding real estate. With all this spending and what you point out, I still see good things, even if the people are dropping dead in the streets.

  9. For all those in the 90th percentile of balance sheet wealth, we need to hope that this massive social largesse spending bill is enacted into law. This nearly 2 trillion dollar spending bill will be of tremendous benefit to those who own the income generating assets.


    This, of course, is how the wealthy get wealthier. All of this money is given to the plebs who then spend it, where it is captured as sales and profits by those firms and individuals who are most able. Obviously, the largest firms like Walmart and Amazon come to mind. but for those who own rental real estate, they will have higher asset values and rents over time.

    Anyone holding stocks will do well, too.

    Even though the sports teams are having a hard time filling up the stadiums and arenas, the market value of those teams will still continue to climb. Artwork and collectibles will go up in value and the price of farmland will continue to escalate.

    The dumb sadsacks left holding the bag are the ones for which the spending bills were ostensibly designed to help. For those with the income generating assets, socialism is the most amazing form of government.

    The American dream is now to own your own mobile home.

    1. Chris I hope you are right about the Build Back Better Bill with the infrastructure spending benefiting asset owners. However, I have a few worries about this infrastructure bill. There has been talk about tax increases on capital gains and a wealth tax as well as many other additional taxes included with this bill.
      I have also heard that they are granting additional funds to the IRS through this bill so they can step up audits and enforcement. If these are part of the Build Back Better then this will be an economy killer. Why do they need to raise taxes when they can just print money to pay for this?
      I am concerned that there is a lot more hidden in this bill than just the infrastructure spending that will later come back and bite most of us.
      The Demonrats are just hypocritical frauds out to screw the hardworking people with assets.

      In addition, another asset killer are the Federal Reserve Governors saying we must tighten and raise rates therefore killing asset prices as a result . Cryptos and precious metals suddenly drop as a result. If the Fed does crash the markets because of their actions then there will be a lot of angry people. As a result the Federal Reserve Board will be flushed out and replaced by dovish easy money board members and there will be QE Forever and or the Federal Reserve may be put out of business. I am worried that the Federal Reserve will crash the markets as a way to pave the way for a new cashless currency.

      1. It doesn’t matter what the bill says or what it states it is trying to do. All deficit spending benefits the wealthiest, because by function, this deficit spending finds its way to the balance sheets of those with the income generating assets.

        Traditionally, much of the deficit spending was sterilized either through military spending or through offshoring of the dollars. Since the covid scam was initiated, the vast majority of the new deficit spending has gone directly to the citizens. The money has not been sterilized and is thus, causing above trend price inflation.

        I have been stating for a long time that all deficit spending and social largesse are designed to help the wealthiest. This is why the wealthiest tend to be socialist.

        While the socialism in place before covid helped the asset owners, the direct relationship was much more difficult to quantify. But we have seen how the covid deficit spending has resulted in an almost instantaneous benefit to the wealthiest as well as the asset owners. The social largesse as a result of covid has effectively been a “petri dish” experiment in I’m covering the dynamics of deficit spending and who really benefits.

        To wit, I don’t care what the bill says it intends to do. I don’t care who proffers the legislation either. In fact, I can make case that I prefer the Democrats legislation as it accelerates the wealth consolidation versus traditional Republican deficit spending. Democrat legislation tends to hand money out directly to the end user. The largest firms administer all these programs and are the ones who are ultimately paid to provide the benefits. Direct unilateral transfers from the government to citizen is ultimately spent at the largest and biggest outfits in all the sectors of the economy.

        It doesn’t matter to me in the slightest what the objectives are in the build back better bill.

        In this regard building up my balance sheet as well as consolidating the global wealth, it doesn’t matter if the federal government takes that deficit money and prints $100 bills and then throws it into a power plant furnace to heat the homes of the United states. It doesn’t matter at all in the least. All that matters is that it is deficit spending. All deficit spending benefits the asset owners, and the people in the United States have been so dumbed down and scared witless that the trend can now accelerate greatly. The people have lost their capacity of reason and so now the asset owners can get richer and richer at an ever accelerating clip.

        This is how the New World Order comes into view and how the wealthiest in the world can bring about the unfolding of the great reset agenda. They essentially own it all now, gratis social largesse. The covid deficit spending has really been the finishing touches on what has been a 100-year wealth consolidation scheme.

        As for worrying about capital gains taxes and confiscatory tax rules, this is why we hire CPAs. My tax return is at least 200 pages long and the CPA is paid well to conjure up ways to not pay taxes. After all of these laws and rules are put into effect, my CPA will then tell me the rules have changed. I don’t worry about it.

        As for the Federal Reserve becoming hawkish, it’s about time. They should have been doing it for at least a year and they should not have engaged in the monetary stimulus in the wake of covid in the first place. So the asset owners may take it on the chin for a time. So what? For those who are under levered it’ll be a time to buy assets at good bargain prices. For those who go into the tightening over-leveraged, they get roasted.

        The worst part of this, for the wage slave going into the Federal Reserve tightening cycle, their ability to buy these assets is still as hard as it is now. They will find it more difficult to make money and they will find it more difficult to get a loan.

      2. > Why do they need to raise taxes when they can just print money to pay for this?

        Because under the MMT regime one has to raise taxes as well, otherwise (as Chris correctly points out) all the money ultimately ends up in the pockets of asset owners, and these asset owners are then destined to become infinitely rich. Apparently this is not good even from the point of view of TPTB.

        I am also a big believer in that it’s not possible to get something from nothing. Under the regular monetary regime, they have to first collect taxes before they can spend that money on their pet projects like green energy. Obviously they could never collect this amount in taxes. Here comes the MMT, where they print and spend first and then hope to recoup IT ALL back via taxes. Note that if they fail to recoup these money, we will have huge asset inflation. However, if they succeed, then close to 100% (if not more!) of all the gains in asset prices will have to be taxed away. Because one cannot get something from nothing – the money needs to balance out one way or another.

        Right now we’re in a period of seemingly unconstrained money printing without any attempts at collecting it all back somehow. I doubt that such unconstrained printing will continue indefinitely. At the very least they will be raising taxes on corporations and on capital gains.

  10. To those millennials who can no longer afford to buy a home, they can now live in an RV.


    The MSM has told us that living in a mobile home is now a great thing and is a new symbol of the American dream.

    For those investors worried about a housing crash, I often say that investors on’t buy properties, they purchase the ability to house a family. I ask myself, how much is that worth? Evidently, it’s worth a lot more than it used to be.

    The only people telling me that living in an RV is the American dream are those who either can’t afford a property or the media whose job is to properly manage the financial rape of society, while the people sleep.

    1. Thank you very much for this video. Then maybe you should get your old dusty Douay-Rheims Bible down from the attic again?

      1. It makes me think. The video makes sense in that I found it highly unlikely that Shem was around when Abraham was alive.

  11. Chris, if the elite are going to end this monetary system in a few years, should we bother buying stocks?

    1. A few ideas right now… The current scenario is that inflation stays elevated longer term as investors and economic participants institutionalize rising prices.

      The central banks continue to be able suppressing real bond yields and those who are the most able, will increase their prices accordingly. Large firms and landlords will pass along rising prices to the end users.

      With the current dynamic, it’s the best of both worlds; rising prices and suppressed bond yields. Pricing formulas determine higher asset prices. Even if the overnight interest rates rise, the yield curve could just flatten.

      The central banks would get the blame here if things unraveled. The governments will restrain ballooning spending as calls of inflation will be hurting voters.

      This scenario would be the most beneficial to the elites as they could get their green agenda in place and mollify the most people to take the mRNA jabs. The people will accept lies if they are getting richer.


      Another scenario is that inflation moves back lower over time. This will cure the current problems and yields will sink back lower again. All will be like before pre covid scam.

      Probability: 20%

      A third one; the central banks will have to massively raise overnight lending rates like the mid aughts or late 70s to catch up to rising price inflation. Things in the asset markets could unravel and asset prices could get hit hard. Though residential real estate would be pummeled, high prices has a way of softening the blow. Real estate still rose during the late 70s as mortgage rates rose to as high as 10%, or higher. The shadow lending world would be destroyed.

      We would need to figure out why yields are rising. But with a firm US dollar, it won’t be from a dollar collapse. A credit crunch ensues as a liquidity crunch is the result.

      Probability: 20%

      The final scenario here, and it’s a grim one; the elites are pushing the distortions in the markets and economy to the point that things will collapse. Think of the roaring 20s going into the 1930s. These depressionary conditions were the catalyst for WWII. If we are to get a WWIII (i.e. Jacob’s trouble) this would be the perfect setup. The willfully profligate government spending and ostensibly flaccid central banking system are teaming up for a doozy.

      Probability: 20%.

      With these thoughts in mind, I continue holding assets, while getting rid of leverage. I only have two mortgages left. An owner occupied loan and one investment loan. If prices collapse, I have the collateral to take advantage of lower prices. The over levered always get destroyed.

      Investors like the current Fed stance. Investors like high inflation and so does the US government. I suspect that whatever the Fed does, rates and yields will always lag here. The PTB don’t seem to care anymore. They are destroying the financial lives of the many while their victims sleep.

      1. As I have always theorized, the force majeure for a new monetary system will be a military defeat. What better way for the elites to allow humanity to walk into that buzzsaw than by keeping things alive until that fateful moment when the nukes drop in the states?

        A third world war could be the result under any of the theorized scenarios here. Suppressed real bond yields and interest rates will continue to wreak havoc in the supply chain and that alone could be the catalyst for war as the governing Powers get more desperate like in the late 1930s with Germany and Japan.

        1. I see a buildup to a two-front war (again). One cartel vs. two. The U.S. military is a zoo. It will lose. All by design. We owe this government nothing.

          1. Amen to that, brother. I owe the government nothing and they are certainly not looking out for me. There is no love loss.

          2. Amen David. The US Federal government is run by the Synagogue of Satan. They are not representing the Average American.

            If the US government drafts young men for war like in Vietnam then they should not go unless our borders get attacked.

            I feel the Federal government does not deserve a penny of our taxes. In fact we should not be owing them any taxes. If the American people suddenly stopped paying taxes the corrupt government would quickly grind to a halt. I see no loss when the Federal Government shuts down.
            It would be a blessing if this corrupt Federal Government permanently shuts down.

  12. Motley fool, a prolific copywriter, writes an article on how we can turn $30k into $500k. I had a better response. I turned $25k in 2002 into $800k today.


    Of course there is always risk involved with these types of investments, but the shields will always tell you how it’s easy.

    Oh,and by the way, that original investment in 2002 now yields about 30k in net rental income.

  13. Thanks federal government and Federal Reserve. Median house price is now $381,000, and the US government plans to back higher mortgage amounts.


    In August of last year, I predicted the median house price within 3-4 years would hit $383,000; a rise of 26%, and that was based on prevailing QE and covid stimulus at the time.


    We hit it faster than even I thought.

  14. On that comment of the cars for the fam,

    A used toyota/lexus/Honda car should work unless of course vanity is involved.

    1. Used Japanese non-SUV sedans or minivans stay on the road forever and are in greater supply, even in NoVA where there are inspections and emissions. The climate here fries electronics, but a car without all that (if we can find one) can stay on the road for hundreds of thousands of miles.

  15. Hey Chris — I was just about to email you right before you posted this. You haven’t posted in a while brother, and I just wanted to make sure you were doing alright. I’ve been super busy as well — working hard this winter doing some work on the side for Amazon. Going to become a dad soon as well; my wife is due next month with a baby boy. I didn’t even have time to make sure all rent was paid this month till recently haha. All my renters usually pay on time; except for my very first tenant. Typically an extra day or two late, but they’re good tenants. They take good care of the property. So I go easy on them. All the best Chris and God bless.

    1. Excellent news, Otto.

      Thanks for the post and God bless your family. I love to hear remnant Christians doing well.

    2. Congratulations Otto on becoming a Dad. It takes a lot of bravery and maturity to bring a child into this world today. Just protect your son from the Satanic influences of the deep state. If the deep state is in control by the time he is school age I would home school the child. It takes faith in Jesus Christ to raise children today. Keep that spiritual house in order by keeping in the ways of Jesus Christ. Keep the child away from too much TV or internet as the deep state uses those as tools to brainwash children. The Deep state love to brainwash children as they are very impressionable.
      God Bless and I wish you the best of luck.

  16. > The eventual civil unrest…

    For the life of me, I can’t understand the endgame which is envisioned by all the people suggesting that the elite’s ultimate goal is civil unrest.

    I mean it is rather obvious that if TPTB keep pushing the current vax madness then they could indeed push it to the point of civil unrest. No question about it. But why would they do that though? Unless their intention is to physically exterminate millions of people, civil unrest would just be a royal pain in the wrong place for them. Sure, they can quell the unrest, and they could even put a lot of people in FEMA camps, but then what? Do TPTB really want to end up in the state of global North Korea or Stalin’s Russia circa 1937?

    I find it revealing that in every place with lockdowns and QR codes they always provide exceptions for grocery stores. Hence, in my humble opinion, the last thing they want is civil unrest. This then suggests that they won’t be pushing these mandates to the point of civil unrest. Hence the question of what is their planned endgame w.r.t. these mandates, because it very likely does not involve civil unrest.

    1. The one thought I find encouraging in the states is that this covid scam has a shelf life and there has been a lot of pushback, even in the political and judicial spheres. I have a suspicion the powers-that-be are slowly relenting on this vaccine passport push here in the United States. There are no lockdowns either around here and the narrative has definitely softened up quite a bit.

      These elites use their internet feeds to know what they can get away with here in America. There are too many people like me who will just burn the place down.

      The states that have liberal gun ownership laws are the states with the most freedom. Believe me on this one, our adversary knows this all too well.

      America’s founding fathers definitely knew what they were doing when they formulated the second amendment. It is the most concise amendment in the Constitution, and the reason why our adversary cannot get our guns is because there are no loopholes in its writing.

  17. Nothing to say here just to say hi Chris and rehabbing is hard work. been there done that myself. take care

  18. ” I will not cross that line, and if coerced in this manner,” A followup to this philosophy is:

    Inspirational Solutions – How to survive and THRIVE during this Psyop
    We’re living through the most ambitious, world-wide deception ever perpetrated on humankind, a psychological operation of diabolical magnitude. But there’s hope. Here are 5 actions you can do to survive and even thrive in the face of this international takeover. Start at 5:30 to hear the 5 Actions


    0-5:30 Techniques to enslave populations

    5:30 HOW to survive and THRIVE in a concentrated Psyop

    #1 Look after yourself
    #2 Withdraw our consent from their system
    withdraw participation
    stop buying their junk
    #3 Create a parallel society
    #4 Lose losers, make new awake friends
    #5 Spend time in nature and outdoors, the State cannot stop us.

    1. Great suggestions. There are great ways to say NO to the deep state Psy Op. The steps I take are:

      1) The one and most important step is to seek solace with and pray to God. Read the Bible and study the teachings of Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself by dying on the Cross to pay for our sins. Get your spiritual house in order. By doing this it is much easier to follow the other steps. There is a heavenly kingdom beyond this earth.
      2) Do not watch TV, nor listen to the radio, nor watch today’s modern movies. These are just designed to socially program your mind with subliminal Satanic messages of sex and worship of material items.

      3) Do not buy unnecessary items. Refrain from the urge of “must have”. The deep state loves to distract us with being obsessed with must have items to keep us from thinking about the big picture and to get us into debt. Only buy basic life necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. Material items are idols that take away your attention from God and the heavenly kingdom.

      4) Stay out of debt. Debt enslaves a person to perpetual paycheck to paycheck living and being dependent on others for work.

      5) I hate to say this to those with children or planning to have children BUT in order to get through these tough times either have NO children or as few children as possible. Children are great in normal times in a stable and steady world where one can control their own destiny and settle down. However in these times children tie parents down with extra expenses and most of all the stress to pay their college tuition. These extra expenses tie parents down in stressful jobs they hate because they have to pay the extra expenses of child rearing. It also forces parents into more debt and puts them closer to paycheck to paycheck living. I have no sympathy to parents that struggle because they had too many kids. They could have avoided it by having less kids.

      6) Try minimizing time on the internet as the internet can be addictive and detract from focus on God.

      7) Steer clear of pornography and looking at people in lust. Pornography becomes very addictive and provides a clear path for Satan to enter and control your life. Addictions like this cut you off from God as you focus on the lustful addiction instead of God.

      8) Take care of your body because the medical profession will not. Your body is the physical temple that God created for you. AVOID the Covid 19 Jab at all costs. No job, no relationship, and no money is worth sacrificing yourself to these dangerous vaccines. Stories of permanent negative side effects and death from these Covid kill shots are piling up all over the internet.
      Eat natural healthy foods. Do not overeat. Do not get drunk on alcohol and, most of all stay away from Narcotics. Drug and alcohol addiction create physical dependency that diverts one away from God and paves a clear path for Satan to manipulate your life. Drug and alcoholism also creates health problems and makes you dependent on a corrupt medical care profession. Taking care of your body reduces dependence on the corrupt medical profession.

      9) Do not listen to the major mainstream news outlets. The mainstream news outlet s DO NOT inform ,nor educate ,and MOST OF ALL only tell one side of the story. They only spin your mind to brainwash the masses. Mainstream news only raises my blood pressure as I see through their crap and makes me angry.

      10) Stock up on food and other basic necessities. Buy a camp stove and electric generator. Prepare for empty grocery store shelves and prepare for weeks long power outages. Prepare for some violent chaos. 2020 was a wake up call. Prepare for the worst that way you will not be as dependent on some savior Government that just wants to enslave you.

      11) Buy a gun to use for hunting and self defense. If your on a budget then a shotgun rifle that can shoot slugs or buckshot is the best bet. Shotguns are cheaper but have more recoil. If you can afford more , then get a semi automatic rifle. The semiauto rifle is great for hunting and home defense as it can quickly shoot multiple rounds with less recoil. Hunting will be necessary in times of empty grocery store shelves.

      If your state makes you go through a lot of paperwork to buy a gun then that is a loud and clear sign to move out of that state. Massachusetts, California, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are the worst states to buy guns.
      Another option to avoid government paperwork and background checks is to buy a gun at a gun show or buy privately from an owner. You can also buy a used gun that is over 50 years old. Those sellers will ship a 50 plus y/o gun directly to your house as no background check is required for those items. That way you can avoid going through all the government paperwork. A lot of gun friendly states just require a federal background check and that state’s drivers license to buy the gun.

      The 2020 riots were a reminder that some people can get very violent and the police were not there to stop it.

      12) Produce your own food if you have some green space. Grow a garden and raise chickens. You get your own fresh food and reduces dependence on the supply lines which are breaking down. Also your own food production saves money from buying groceries. Working with the earth brings you much closer to God and God’s creation.

      13) Get Out of the cities or any crowded area. High population centers tend to have the most restrictive and repressive governments. The crime is also the greatest in these places. Taxes are much higher in the cities. Also there is no green space in cities. I used to live around Boston MA and it was very repressive. The 2020 riots are a wake up call.

      14) Break any relationship with toxic and obnoxious people. Stay away from people who just don’t get it . Stay away from people who are sinful such as liers , cheaters, thieves, are into porn, and drug addictions. People who don’t get it such as the Pro Vaxxers, normies , etc will run you down and impose their views on you. There are alot of people who just have a pattern of bad behavior. You got to keep away from these people. These are the people who will separate you from God and bring you down. They will encourage you to sin. I am on the verge of leaving a job with a boss who has a pattern of obnoxious behavior.

      These are great,passive ways to resist the deep state and keep a loving relationship with God.

      God Bless and Amen

      1. Wow! Excellent writing.

        I had the choice to either live in MD or VA, and chose VA. Liberal gun laws still, and a whole different attitude between citizen and govt. In PG county MD, the masks are now mandatory again, and the people don’t care. Gun restrictions and taxes in MD are outrageous. When VA becomes like MD today, I will be long gone out of the state.

        Stay out of all debt, except for prudent investment purposes. I still drive my 2002 F150. Built 20 years ago.

        1. Thank You Chris.
          Great point about VA versus MD.
          It is like New Hampshire versus Massachusetts. MA is a lot like MD and NH is somewhat like VA. NH has very gun friendly laws and that explains why NH has no vaccine nor mask mandates unlike MA. Guns are virtually impossible to obtain in MA unless you beg and plead your local police department for a permit many of them deny the permits unless you have a very good reason such as job requirements. I use to live in MA and hated it there as they are all big government loving sheeple down there. I have since moved to NH and is much better, however, as more out of state Soccer Mom and Dads move up here it is becoming more like MA.
          If New Hampshire goes the way of MA I will be out of here and looking for a new place.

    2. Jason
      Your suggestions are great.
      If true Christians get together to form their own community with its own economy and government then that is a perfect way to resist the deep state and form an alternative society.

      1. Being a lone wolf has gotten a bad rap in the adversary’s controlled media. I think being a lone wolf is also an excellent concept. Being a lone wolf means we need to take care of ourselves and remain healthy. We must never rely on the adversary. A lone wolf must be self-sovereign and self-governing.

  19. It is hard these days to commit to anything , to keep the faith and motivation.
    Europe is going full nazi now, with country after country locking down the unvaccinated.
    letland, Iceland, Danmark, Austria, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands are either already going full 1939 or are about to, as if it was all pre-planned. Oh wait, it was.
    I have no doubt the rest of Europe is not far behind.

    Still, 90% of my countrymen are fine with it and consider it necessary to beat this “deadly” virus. No matter what evidence you present to the contrary. Goebels would be proud.

    A fema employee came out and told us taking the PCR test with the stick up your nose is actually manafactured to implement nanobots close to your pineal gland. So much for not taking the vaccin, if you get infected this way.

    To be honest, the only reason i still trade and try to make money is to prepare my plan B. But the window to actually spend that cash on getting the hell out of here is closing rapidly.
    Plan A is still to be self sustaining, but if they will drag us out our homes (they actually train soldiers for exactly that scenario right now) our garden and survival stuff wont help much anymore.

    If there are so called good guys out there, this is the time to get going. But realistically speaking i think we are on our own.

  20. After today’s domestic economic data, especially with regard to import and export prices, and retail sales, my concern is that the central banks will begin to rain in the stimulus much faster and harder than predicted. They create the crises and respond with more crises.

    This is one of the reasons why we are seeing a rising US dollar.

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