How COVID-19 jab benefits are greatly exaggerated and the MSMs statistics are meaningless

In her post, Demasi highlights one of the most commonly used tricks in the book — conflating absolute and relative risk reduction. As noted by Demasi, AstraZeneca and Australia’s health minister, Greg Hunt, claimed the AstraZeneca injection offered “100% protection” against COVID-19 death. How did they get this number? Demasi explains:

“In the trial of 23,848 subjects … there was one death in the placebo group and no deaths in the vaccinated group. One less death out of a total of one, indeed was a relative reduction of 100%, but the absolute reduction was 0.01%.”, November 23rd

  • One of the most commonly used tricks to make a drug look more effective than it is in a real-world setting is to conflate absolute and relative risk reduction. While AstraZeneca boasted a relative reduction of 100%, the absolute reduction was 0.01%. For the Pfizer shot, the relative risk reduction was initially 95%, but the absolute risk reduction was only 0.84%
  • In AstraZeneca’s trial, only 0.04% of people in the vaccine group, and 0.88% in the placebo group were infected with SARS-CoV-2. When the background risk of infection is that low, even a 100% absolute risk reduction becomes essentially meaningless.
  • Research shows the majority of SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies in obese COVID-19 patients are autoimmune and not neutralizing. This means that if you’re obese, you’re at risk of developing autoimmune problems if you get the natural infection. You’re also at higher risk of a serious infection, as the antibodies your body produces are not the neutralizing kind that kill the virus.
  • At nearly 72%, Vermont has the highest rate of “fully vaccinated” residents in the country, yet COVID cases are suddenly surging to new heights. During the first week of November 2021, cases increased by 42%. The hospital admission rate for fully vaccinated patients increased by 8%, while the admission rate for those who were not fully vaccinated decreased by 15%.
  • Data from physician assistant Deborah Conrad show vaccinated people — counting anyone who got one or more shots, regardless of time since the injection — are nine times more likely to be hospitalized than the unvaccinated

I have included a copy of the article below.

A Thanksgiving wish to my small remnant audience

As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love. If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love. These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full. This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:9-13, KJV

I just want to pass along this reminder to those in the remnant who think that by giving in to the consensus they will somehow have this mRNA jab dilemma go away.

Why is our adversary so intent on jabbing us with what is an essentially useless treatment, at the exclusion of all other treatments? Why is our adversary so determined to distort statistics and numbers, and effectively lie to us? This is because these “vaccines” have nothing to do with a virus, but rather something else more sinister.

Our governments have been taken over by our adversary; an adversary I know very well, and one in which I try to reveal to my small audience.

While we struggle by being one of the very few who know the truth during this American Thanksgiving season, please give thanks to the one who is wholly responsible for creating us; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who told us to put our trust and faith in the hands of his son, Jesus Christ. For there is no King, but Jesus.

So, if these manufactured sets of circumstances and events spin out of control while our “governments” manage the covid and mRNA jab narrative through their organs of government, medical industry, corporate hierarchy, banking system, and media, there is nothing wrong if we resist this power and reject it in any way we know. As long as we do not resort to violence, we are essentially free to resist and help slow down this satanic freight train.

God demands that we help save the lives of our neighbors, friends, and family. There are many out there who are on our side, but are afraid to do anything. Moreover, many are looking for someone to provide that catalyst. Perhaps we can be that catalyst for change.

May God bless and help us, and may our paths be straight. If it weren’t for my obligation to help my fellow sister and brother in Christ, I wouldn’t even be here writing these words. I lost hope in this world long ago.


A response to a reader; Staying focused on the big picture

Lots of theories, but mostly distractions

Dear Chris,
I realize you are probably busy with your renovations, but how are you doing out there?  With all of the topics we discuss on your site, I hope that’s all there is.  Lately there haven’t been a lot of leads, but more distractions.

God bless,

Here was my response (edited for grammar):

Hi A,
Thanks for the email.

I remain focused on one important phenomenon. I view the persistent and sharp upticks in price inflation, coupled with the ostensible willful ignorance of the monetary and fiscal authorities, as the one “elephant in the room” that has the prospect of destroying the entire quantitative easing system.

Recall our discussion in the early part of last year with regards to the covid-related monetary and fiscal stimulus packages, and their ultimate effects on asset prices; I mentioned at the time that I did not know why they were doing what they were doing (handing out trillions directly to the end user in a heavy-handed way), but whatever these elites were hoping to achieve, it was intentional. Thus, I have concluded that all of this price inflation is also very deliberate.

For instance, the sharp increases in housing costs are absolutely mind blowing and are not an unintentional byproduct or collateral damage from the massive waves of deficit spending and suppression of longer bond yields. This was intentionally orchestrated and carried out with military precision.

The typical wage slave post-covid

For almost a decade, I have analyzed and reported the basic and detailed concepts of quantitative easing ad nauseam and determined that it was a very viable system as long as inflation remained muted. This would allow QE to exist essentially forever. What I do find peculiar is that this inflation is not only persistent, but is intentionally becoming institutionalized. It’s as if it was manufactured with intent.

I look at all of the manufactured supply chain issues and the heavy reporting in the mainstream, and have to conclude that this is not being left to chance. The governments are being willfully ignorant with their profligate spending, and I have to conclude that the politicians are just carrying out a set of orders that are accelerating the system’s demise.

I have family members that are trying to buy cars, but cannot, as there is no inventory.

A rising dollar and the centralized management of this system
Given the trillions in stimulus, the ostensibly counterintuitive movement in the greenback is not really unexpected if we conclude that there is a guiding hand

Viewing all this inflation and the economic distortions through the lens of a persistently rising U.S. dollar demonstrates that whatever is taking place, it is being managed down to the smallest detail.

So, what does all this mean? It means that the powers-that-be intend to jettison the system within the next few years, at a maximum. This all dovetails with mid-decade. That will be perhaps within another three to four years, given the current trajectory.

The all-seeing eye is still in control

There really isn’t any reason to get on the blog anymore and expound upon the daily matters of life. I leave that up to the novice cassandras in the alt-media. I have made some very dreadful predictions for mid decade, and when viewing it through the lens of our monetary and financial systems, everything seems to be dovetailing.

The eventual civil unrest that will begin to upend and unravel everything will find its genesis here in the United States. It’s going to be pretty tough going out to mid decade. All of these vaccine mandates and eventual passports have nothing to do with a virus. And while this covid analysis in a medical sense is outside my realm, I’m also coming to the conclusion that there is no virus, since many of the efficacious treatments for this so-called covid virus, are not meant for viruses at all. Regardless, these passports to buy and sell have always been the proverbial line in the sand that many people here in America will not cross.

I know I will not cross that line, and if coerced in this manner, I will burn down the town. That is a direct order from God.

The elites know all of this and are accelerating the demise of the current fiat currency system. We always talked about how the quantitative easing was nothing but a wealth and power consolidation mechanism, and if you think this current Antichrist system is evil now, just wait as the desired product slowly emerges.

As of now we still continue buying income generating assets and I continue fixing up my properties and maximizing their capitalized values. I’m currently sleeping at one of my properties on an air mattress. I don’t like doing these things at my age, but there seems to be a sense of urgency now.

There really isn’t much more to discuss and there isn’t much of a need for me to come out every day and report like what others are saying. Indeed, don’t take the mRNA jabs, and prepare mentally and spiritually for what’s coming. We need to empower ourselves to stop relying on the medical establishment.

The elites have many things planned for the eventual showdown here in the states and are preparing accordingly. Much of it won’t be reported in the MSM and we need to get right with Jesus, which means we need to come out of the tax deductible charities that are commonly called churches. Pray for strength during these lonely times. Jesus is always with us if we seek him out.

Make sure you’re prepared for the time of Jacob’s trouble. It’s going to be a sad time for humanity.