October 31st Update; The only reason asset prices keep rising

15 year chart; The 5-Year Breakeven Inflation Rate represents a measure of expected inflation derived from 5-Year Treasury Constant Maturity and 5-Year Treasury Inflation-Indexed Constant Maturity. The latest value implies what market participants expect inflation to be in the next 5 years, on average. The 5-Year, 5-Year Forward Inflation Expectation Rate is a measure of expected inflation (on average) over the five-year period that begins five years from today.

Even though longer-term (5-10 years) inflationary expectations remain elevated, the prevailing longer-dated UST yields remain low.

With regards to residential real estate, rent rates continue to skyrocket, while financing and discounting rates offer excellent opportunities for investors to earn superior internal rates of return. While capitalization rates may have dropped by as much as 100 to 300 bps over the past few years, the prospects of escalating rent roles ameliorate much of the ostensible sticker shock. This rosy outlook has been the catalyst behind the higher prices that institutional investors are paying to increase rental housing stock inventory.

While the U.S. median rental price increased 13.6% year-over-year in September, the rents of single-family properties have risen even further. In many areas of the United States, home prices, based on discounted cash flows, still offer value to the investor.

Unless a meteor strike wipes out Washington D.C., the stock market finds itself situated with some of the most auspicious circumstances in history. The above chart tells it all, and this was truly the only reason why I predicted much higher asset prices in the wake of the covid stimulus program announcements in March 2020.

Of course, the movements on the lines in this chart were only made possible with many trillions in stimulus. Without this stimulus, the yield curve and economy would have both blown out. There are too many Great Reset objectives yet to be achieved, and busting bond yields are not yet in the cards.

While inflation helps to raise corporate revenue and earnings, the normally higher bond yields and interest rates operate to adversely impact the discounting of corporate cash flows. So far, the Fed has been able to engineer an almost perfect outcome for stocks here. Even growth stocks continue to shine.

If the supply chain issues and labor market drag caused by the unvaxxed leaving the workforce have not been able to derail this bull market, I doubt there is anything, save higher real bond yields, that can halt the slow climb to Dow 40,000.

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58 thoughts on “October 31st Update; The only reason asset prices keep rising

    1. In Canada, the gov’t is walking back some of their mandates.- health care workers are not required to be vaccinated in Ontario and Quebec. Probably too many walked away and now they are short-staffed. I can now teach in Quebec without vaccination. However I don’t know about that antigen test. I won’t accept the mark of the beast via my nasal cavity. I was invited by a band to play, they won’t check vaccine passports – mandate is for sports, not arts. One of the instruments I play is rare and I knew I would have to just sit back and wait until they couldn’t stand it anymore. As I am writing this now and hashing out my thoughts, I’m wondering if they are letting the vax mix with the unvaxxed so that when the vax keel over, they can blame it on us. It’s pretty hard to do that now, since we’re not allowed anywhere.

    2. That is great that they are backing down on the vaccine mandates,HOWEVER, do not rest on your laurels because the Synagogue of Satan likes to retreat a few inches until we fall a sleep then they come back with a vengeance with harsh restrictions.

    3. What does the show have in store for us next? It feels like the curtain has been drawn and we’re waiting for the next act.

  1. “Millennials own nothing because the economy screwed us over for 25 years – but older generations still try and blame it on our work ethic”


    It is a problem with work ethic. The problem is these millennials are told to go to college and take on student loans, and then get a job and make as much earned income as possible. They will always be the unwitting drones for the New World Order. Debt slaves are always compliant.

    These millennials should have stopped by my site and taken advantage of my recommendations for the past 6 years on this blog, and going back to 2012 on Henry Makow’s site.

    The only people who are guaranteed to get ahead in this current monetary system are those who own the income generating assets. The millennials are not getting ahead because they’re being fed a bunch of lies. Then they blame it on other people.

    Moreover, our adversary uses these manufactured confrontations and dilemmas between different peoples, so they can have excuses to conjure up more programs or introduce a new monetary system. They create the crisis and will always provide the solution.

    1. The millenials and younger generations have been fed the lie that you must go to college to get a good paying job and make it. Well, it is a big scam as so many students who really are not fit for college get pushed into going to college. So many of these students rack up debt to pay for school and graduate with little job prospects.

      College is not for everybody and it should not be. Those students who learn differently should not go to college. I feel the trades and vocational education should be encouraged for those that like hands on work. Instead vocational schools are relegated to the “failures” and discouraged. The reason being is vocational graduates don’t rack up debt and can’t be brainwashed like in the universities. At the end of the day, both public and private schools do nothing to help students find their own talents and put those talents to good use. Not to totally disparage college. College’s and universities have a place for those students who are academic whizzes and love the books.

      If I had a relationship with God in my teens and twenties, I would be doing something substantially different than I ended up doing today. I would have either gotten into a trade or I would choose a career where I help steer people in a positive direction and I would have stayed away from the big cities. DO NOT LISTEN TO PEOPLE AROUND YOU ABOUT CAREER DECISIONS. After all they are not the ones suffering the consequences of your bad decisions. If you are not a self centered sociopath then a career in business and finance are a bad choice.

      The important thing is develop a relationship with God. A relationship with God through daily prayer will guide one in the right career direction. They (the media pundits and brainwashed career guidance counselors) say follow your heart’s desires. HOWEVER, your heart’s desires can lie to you and lead you in the wrong direction if your heart is not in line with God. Get your heart in line with God through Jesus Christ first, then you will be guided in the right career direction that satisfies yourself, people around you, and most of all God.

    1. In that article Gates mentioned five years out, and billions more dollars in research and development. Just like the new car commercials, the companies convince the buyers that they made the correct decision and that’s what Gates is doing. Dark winter was last year and didn’t happen. They let up on the media propaganda too much recently so I don’t see any big pandemic stuff happening this winter, if they throw out variant news I don’t see the masses buying into it. They may try to keep up on the vaccine mandates, however it seems like the tide is turning, so I don’t think they are going to try and do the same type of pandemic hoax again.

      The big boys have something else in the playbook! Besides climate change agendas it does look like military conflict with Iran and that could bring in the Soviets and Chicoms. However I know that both of those Countries own an enormous amount of assets and businesses in the USA and have too many of their own people living here in the USA. Entire towns in the USA are Chinese and Latino now. Most Russian Americans seem to live in communities where the white Americans live. In other words they are already here, and have a good amount of political pull. They do not need to bomb what they now own. So I am thinking staged war theater if it occurs, where the USA does lose but nothing changes other than public awareness of the change of ownership. Not mass death or damage to the infrastructure. But anything can happen, which is what helps fuel the Alt media doom and gloom fear mongering.

      TSLA still trading above book value! lol, Never thought it would get this high and that’s post split too. Over 30 million reported shares short as of this week. I’m wondering why AMC and GME haven’t went back down to appropriate levels after their short squeeze pump and share offerings? AMC still has a high short percentage so it could get squeezed again or start to tank. Earnings should be way better than last year.

    2. Bill Gates is confirming my suspicion that the Covid 19 is a dry run to gauge our reaction. Like I said before, a much worse disease is on the way with a much higher mortality rate. Of course, they will come up with a “cure” that will prove equally if not more lethal and they will make people feel damned if they don’t take the cure and they will be damned if they do take the “cure” . If people panicked with Covid 19 which has a 99.9 % survival rate, I hate to think how humanity will react to a disease with a 20% or more death rate.

      Revelations in the Bible predict deadly diseases on the way and I think Covid 19 is not it.

      1. Been thinking about this one, but if it were that deadly, it would stop itself. I could see at least three good possibilities here: 1.) The alt-right are correct about the mass casualty scenario with the current vaxx and the deaths will accelerate; 2.) The delivery system for the next disease(s) are the booster shots; 3.) The next disease is Marburg after all, but genetically modified to be highly contagious with its long incubation period allowing it to spread quickly.

        I have become suspicious of #1 because of just how insistent the alt-right gatekeepers are about it, although it does appear to be possible considered on its own. Personally I favor #2, because it allows them to continue to demonize the unvaccinated and target the deaths. If/when we reach the point of forced vaccinations, then it becomes even more potent in erasing the unvaccinated. “See? We tried to give them the shot, but they had already gotten the new deadly variant.”

        1. While we may never know the original true goal of the operation “covid”, the currently running vax mandate phase of it appears to be a mere data collection social engineering experiment along the lines of “which force vectors are most efficient for convincing the plebs to willingly inject themselves with an arbitrary gene-modifying drug of our choice”. The keyword is “willingly”. No one is being starved to death or being thrown into camps – the populace is merely being denied certain conveniences, neither of which is life-threatening. TPTB back off promptly at first signs of any meaningful resistance – apparently they have no interest in escalating this into martial order. Yes, some people are being fired from their jobs, which is sad, but then a job is not a right. Also, I am yet to read a single report from someone who has bothered to file both the religious and the medical exemptions, and then both exemptions had somehow been denied and the person fired.

          The 2-dose vaccination rate in the US is currently increasing at about 2.4% per month. This is with all the threats and mandates in place. At this rate it would take them at least another year to get to around 85% from the current 59%. Something will break long before that if they keep pushing. Hence, they will never realistically reach any real high number like 97% or so. The best they can achieve is to collect the “sensitivity” data on various force vectors vs. the impact they produce. Then one day they will simply declare the vax campaign a success, and will then move on to the next step of their plan.

          I like doom porn. What is happening right now sure does look scary. But somehow it still does not feel like TPTB are aiming for doom here, for if they truly wanted one they could easily produce it with much less hassle.

          1. Good analysis! There are some theories that they want to collect over 25 million dissidents. I wonder how useful that would be if the plan is eventual nuclear war, but perhaps they can’t expect them all to die. If the planned black-out + collect dissident theory is true, this is a great exercise for smoking out “patriots”.

  2. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/press-briefings/2021/11/04/background-press-call-on-osha-and-cms-rules-for-vaccination-in-the-workplace/

    “… And third, to make it easy for businesses and workers to comply, we will be aligning the deadline for the previously announced requirement for employees of federal contractors to be fully vaccinated with these new OSHA and CMS rules. This single, consistent deadline across all three requirements is January 4th, 2022. …”

    “… Well, so for a standard penalty of $14,000, if there was a single citation, a single violation, a single issue that was wrong, $14,000 would be the approximate penalty. … So $14,000 per item that would be cited. …”

    With this and the recent election results, I wonder if we will get the (manufactured) popular revolt soon? What will the federal response be in such a case? Will that be the excuse to round up more dissidents? Or will it be at such a level to invite foreign intervention? It could be they manage to kick the can again, but they must desire the backlash and increased division.

      1. The synagogue of Satan is leaving nothing to chance and their Kabbalah is their Bible.

        I was in a wedding party about 15 years ago, and the groom was Jewish, and his father was a federal judge appointed by Daddy Bush. It was a rather nice ceremony, and the groom’s parents house was on the water. The groom’s father, the Federal judge, was asked how he would officiate the ceremony, since the groom was Jewish and the wife-to-be was a gentile. He said it wouldn’t matter at all, but I heard him under his breath, “I refer to the Talmud anyway.”

        Of course, I was the only one who understood what he was saying, but we know the truth. The groom’s father, this judge, hated Jesus and was wishing that Jesus was fired burning in fiery experiment in hell.

        This judge lived a long life and died a couple years ago at the age of 94. Now, he can take his turn and burn in fiery excrement for eternity. Let the dead bury the dead.

        1. I mean burning and fiery excrement.

          Understand something very sobering, these lovers of the talmud and Kabbalah are the federal judges. These are the people who make the laws for the land and these are the politicians who run for high office. They despise Jesus and never refer to him by name. Our God is not their god. Their God is Lucifer, because if these people are practicing the talmud, they will all eventually receive their lot in the lake of fire, which burns forever and is never quenched.

          These Federal judges and politicians may win the battle, but they will certainly lose the war.

          1. I wish non-J’s would spend a few seconds reading about the Talmud. They would immediately conclude after a cursory study of the Talmud that any J’s should not be holding positions of power in a country (if they even belong in the country).

            An example of Talmudic justice:

            “The mishna issues its ruling with regard to a gentile customs collector, whom one may deceive, as it is taught in a baraita: In the case of a Jew and a gentile who approach the court for judgment in a legal dispute, if you can vindicate the Jew under Jewish law, vindicate him, and say to the gentile: This is our law. If he can be vindicated under gentile law, vindicate him, and say to the gentile: This is your law. And if it is not possible to vindicate him under either system of law, one approaches the case circuitously, seeking a justification to vindicate the Jew.”


            It’s also worth noting that Talmudists do not ascend to these positions due to merit. Only about 4% of national merit students belong to the tribe, yet they are 20% of students at elite universities. They take spaces from more qualified white Christians and then argue that there are “too many unqualified white students” and push for affirmative action.

            A big agenda is “blotting out the memory of Amalek,” whom they regard as white Christians.

            Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX20CbMvF24&t=3404s

            (I linked to the part where he identifies “Amalek” — their mortal enemy — as Germany, but the whole video is worth a watch. They identify the entire Christian world as “Edom,” which must be destroyed.)

            1. Here’s the irony. The Western Christian is from Jacob, and the synagogue of Satan is from Esau Edom. These are the Rothschilds, etc. These people aren’t Jews, though they claim to be. The typical Jew down the street has no idea about this stuff or what we are talking about. Hardly anyone reads the Talmud, but if they do, it’s because they want to control others.

              They believe they can escape Judgment in the next realm. Oh boy, imagine what they have waiting when they lift up their eyes in hell and the devil laughs out loud, remarking how they fell for Satan’s lie.

              1. Yes, Chris.

                Modern “Jews” actually called themselves “Edom” until the mid 1800s, when they realized that it would be politically expedient to rewrite their history. “Rothschild” means “Red Shield.” Red is the color of Edomite nation. Edom itself means “red.” The Rothschilds (formerly Bauers) would not make a mistake like this.

                Few people realize that King Herod of Judea was an Edomite, and most of the Pharisees — modern Jews — were Edomites. It should therefore be unsurprising that they rejected Jesus because he came for Judeans, descendants of Jacob, who are the sworn enemies of Esau/Edomites. John 8 explains this clearly. (More specially, Esau/Edomites see Jacob as their sworn enemy, while Jacob is willing to forgive. This is reflected in Jews’ ingrained hatred for white Christians, while white Christians are still kind to them, despite the crimes they have committed throughout millennia.)

                Some quotes from their own mouths:

                “Edomite Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860.” En Judaica 1971, Vol 10:23

                “Esau-Edom is in modern Jewry.” 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 5, p 41.

                “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a “Jew” or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew” Jewish Almanac 1980 pg.3

                “No one can deny that the Jews are a most unique and unusual people. That uniqueness exists because of their Edomite heritage. You cannot be English Jews. We are a race, and only as a race can we perpetuate. Our mentality is of Edomitish character, and differs from that of an Englishman. Enough subterfuges! Let us assert openly that we are International Jews.”—Manifesto of the “World Jewish Federation,” January 1, 1935, through its spokesperson, Gerald Soman.

              2. When Rabbi Ovadia “the goyim are insects made to serve us so we can sit around like Sultans and eat” Yosef’s funeral was on in Israel, almost a million (apparently largely Orthodox) Jews were out in the street attending it. The typical Jew down that particular street probably reads the Talmud quite a lot. Their media portrays him as only a befuddled old religious fundamentalist with quaint views. But nearly a million Israelis agree with him enough to go to that funeral.


                A million Israelis show respect for a guy who says gentiles are nothing but pure evil and filth, and we only exist in human form so we “don’t offend our masters” and so we “live longer than donkeys to reduce retraining costs”. (Hashem is wise and efficient.) The MSM mentions none of that, of course. What they say about us is best not mentioned. What we might say in protest is regarded as a speech crime.

                If a gentile even dares to suggest that “at least Germany has a good autobahn system” they lose their job.

                Obviously their PR is far better than our PR.

                1. I am hoping to get the directions of the website back on track. I am an economist and financial expert, who also studies the Bible. I am having a lot of personal problems because of this site.

                  I get what you are saying, but the synagogue of Satan is not the same thing as Jew. The S of S runs this show for the next decade, so I want to talk about surviving and helping others while we still have time.

                  I don’t complain about our circumstances, I accept them and adjust my life accordingly. The decievers in the background and in charge have always been present, but they rule now, because humanity has become just like the souless zombies in The Walking Dead.

                  I have been laying out all the points about the need to earning as much passive income as possible. I begged you all to buy these assets for almost a decade. Up until two years ago, I was largely discounted. The listeners of my shortwave show in 2015-16 sent me emails explaining the errors of my ways.

                  A decade ago, I only had about 30% of the non-trading passive income I have now. I knew these days were coming; the Bible said so. I have been warning that the S of S was in charge. They still are and the typical Jew has no idea about this stuff. They are worse off, because they don’t read the Christian Bible. They are like any other Christ rejector, of any other color or creed. They will answer for this like anyone else.

              3. Chris, did the fake Jewish bankers also fund Hitler’s enterprise? When I say “fake Jew” I mean the hypocrites in position of power who actually worship satan, and aren’t really Jew. If that’s the case — they must had known Hitler’s strong hate for Jews (allegedly their own people) and they still funded him anyways…. I’m sure they had an arm in the printing press too. Time Magazine had Hitler “Man of the Year” in 1938. Even though Hitler was spitting out extreme hatred for Jews in 1938 and before. Then all of a sudden the script was flipped, and war broke out to take out this “lunatic” from power. But they were the one’s that put him in power in the first place haha.

                The potential parallels to what’s happening now is unreal. Fauci – national hero. Government — best thing ever helping people prevent COVID. Free vaccines. Free pay checks. Let’s all get in line. It’s like it was taken from the same playbook. If the deaths increase exponentially from the vaccine side affects, then it’s possible the fake Jews will flip the script on Fauci and the Governments just like they did with Hitler.

                I may start looking for two properties out west early next year. One close to a town/small city. So you can easily get groceries etc. Next one a bit further away from the town/small city as the fall back location, but still close to the main home. Bring the family. Bring the puppers. Bring the Bible.

                I never knew about your podcast before last year, Chris. But thank God you and I were on the same page. Invest in SFH as rental properties. I decided to invest almost all of my cash on 6 rental properties a few months before Covid hit (to save on interest). I did dual agency on most of them to save even more. But it’s time to sell. I’ll sell at least half. Graphs may show real estate will explode 5000% (random #). But graphs don’t understand there’s a possibility of depopulation in the near future. I also started stocks on the side rn. I have a little bit on an OTC – LCLP. They acquired Belfrics Group back in late August. Belfrics is an overseas crypto/blockchain company. They just launched their exchange in India with good advertising. LCLP should submit Belfrics’ financials (audited taxes and 10-Q filing) by Nov 14 (unless they file extension). If they are as good as people expect it should give it a pretty decent bump in price. So hopefully they are good.

    1. Many politicians and labor advocates have been waiting for a codified mandate, as there had been nothing as of yet. So far, it is all been under the allusion of regulation. I guess the judicial system will be parsing this out for a given time and we will have to see what happens with it.

      I don’t know if recent Republican strength will shift and soften things, but the process will need to unfold for the next 6 to 8 months.

      What will be the proverbial line in the sand will be a vaccine passport in order to conduct business. That is the true line in the sand. I know that if I can no longer buy or sell in the store or transact business without these vaccines, and my life is forever altered, I know what I’m going to do.

      I’m sure there are a couple million others out there who will begin to do the same thing. I am doing some rehabbing and getting some properties back up and in shape in case I need to transfer title to other family members. I need to get my house in order and need to begin thinking of the final steps in my life in this realm. I pray everyday for God to give me the courage to be bold.

      God doesn’t say the same thing to everybody in the remnant. We may be all created equal, but we certainly aren’t created the same. Some people are evangelists, some are healers, some are teachers, and some are prophets. We can’t have an army of generals without foot soldiers, and I know where this is heading. The United States was the greatest country ever created for a reason. It was founded on the blood of righteous people.

      Prophecy needs to unfold and the civil unrest needs to take place. Without this civil unrest, there will be no foreign invasion of the troops nor the time of Jacob’s trouble. All of these things need to come to pass according to prophecy and I am not laying down like a dog. I will give my life fighting and swinging.

  3. Doing an old school rehab. I’m sleeping in the property on a few blankets and a couple of pillows. Going to raise rent $1,400 a month and I need to get it rented out. Working over here in PG. Sleeping two nights in a row. All I have is my cell phone. I love doing this work.

  4. Here’s some more hypocrisy of the New World Order and the synagogue of Satan.

    Prince George’s County Maryland is the largest minority majority county in the country with about a million people. It is also a neighboring County of Washington DC, and is part of one of the strongest local economies in the nation.

    PG is also the wealthiest minority majority population in the country. The people here have excellent jobs.

    But, here’s the rub. Whenever a large multinational S&p 500, Dow Blue Chip, or government contractor firm opens up a headquarters or a regional office, it is never in Prince George’s county. These are the firms that virtue signal about racial equality, but they all open their offices in Northern Virginia. Rents, leases, and real estate is much cheaper in PG, but these firms never open up offices Prince George’s county. Moreover, the federal government rarely ever places new offices in this county. It’s always in Northern Virginia as well.

    I know I get a lot of minorities who stop by the website and I just want to keep things in perspective for my readers.

    These firms and the federal government are nothing but hypocrites, and if you are Black or Hispanic, you should take note of this. You should understand the hypocrisy of the New World Order, and it has nothing to do with helping the blacks, it has all to do with subduing the whites with guilty shame. These large firms and the government couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the minorities, because if they did, they would be building offices and headquarters here. It’s on the other side of the Woodrow Wilson bridge. The only thing they do open in PG are casinos. They barely even open decent retail establishments. If anybody is familiar with Prince George’s County, you’ll know that you can’t find a Trader Joe’s or a Whole Foods anywhere. That may be about the change, but you cannot find quality stores around here. It is a retail desert.

    This is the hypocrisy of the new world order. I have been investing in Prince George’s County for 20 years, and there is tremendous opportunities here, but try telling that to the New World Order firms.

    The engineers of the New World Order are full of s***.

    1. Chris you are so right. The virtue signaling from the big corps, famous actors and athletes, and politicians is lip service designed to control and manipulate people.

      They do absolutely NOTHING to help the minorities.
      If they really want to help the minorities they should provide government paid programs to train disadvantaged people for jobs instead of welfare payments to only single moms that divide families. I never see these so called liberals show up in these poor neighborhoods. The nonprofit Goodwill provides job training programs. Big corporations always turn away qualified minorities for jobs unless they want to virtue signal by hiring the “token” minority.

      I am sick of being made to feel guilty for being conservative pro American by the media, academia, etc. I am sick of being made to feel guilty for not taking the Covid kill shot. I am done feeling guilty for who I am. I don’t harm anybody.

      One should only feel guilty for not reading the Bible, not following Jesus Christ, and not following Christian values. That’s where the guilt should exist. God only makes one feel guilty to set that person on the right path to spiritual growth and Heaven.

      1. Nothing’s changed, nor will it ever. The PG government is the biggest criminal. Their property taxes are the highest in MD, as much as 40% more than Anne Arundel. The government in PG treats the residents like children. They have workers drive around the residential streets a couple times daily and ticket households for the most stupid things. The residents take it, too. I live in Fairfax County, and they wouldn’t dare pull that.

        There’s not enough grocery stores in PG and when I had to stop in one this afternoon, I waited on the self checkout line for about 15-20 minutes.

        In the Burke/West Springfield area where I live they are 5 grocery stores within 2-3 miles, including a Whole Foods.

  5. James Karolak and Jeff Rense. Karolak makes the connection between Covid and Deagel 2025, and sees the West, Anglo Saxon, and Christianity as the real enemy, but doesn’t make the connection with Jacob and Esau.


    Once one knows the reality, he or she can read the data at any point and make more accurate predictions than those who parse the daily news feed. We know more than just about everyone else.

  6. Glenn Youngkin’s victory proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon


    There’s a reason why the United States has seemed to skate by with this covid scam much better than the other Western nations. For clue to that reason, we need to read the adversary’s media.

    The white American Christian gun owner poses the only legitimate threat left to the engineers of the New World Order. This is the reason why they are portrayed in the adversary’s media this way.

    This full court press works.

    1. That is great that Youngkin won. If the self righteous socialists push too hard they will get enough voters to vote for the opponent. What is interesting is that I was expecting some overnight fake mail in ballots to Fairfax county to put Mccauliffe over the top. I was expecting this election to get stolen just like last year and it did not happen. The powers that be probably did think much of the VA governors race.

      I think there will be some vote fudging in NJ to put Murphy over the top though.

      1. I meant to say the Cabal did NOT think much of the VA governors race. Sad to say it looks like Murphy will take NJ BUT it is a hollow victory as just a week ago he was expected to sail to victory.

  7. I know that both sides of the aisle are controlled by the synagogue of Satan at the private banking cartel, but it was nice to see the Republicans pick up a gubernatorial win here in Virginia.

    I don’t mean to sound partisan, but much of the blame for the recent rising inflation rests with the Biden regime. The handlers of the puppet Biden regime have done a terrible disservice to the average worker, because of this massive multi trillion dollar social deficit spending on a continual ongoing basis. I think many international investors have grown concerned and has only made the Federal Reserve’s task of accommodating the objectives of the great reset that much more difficult.

    We have always spoken here on the blog that social and deficit spending are nothing more than wealth and power consolidation mechanisms, as all of that social largesse finds its way onto the balance sheets of the most able.

    What makes it so insidious is that the proponents of deficit spending use the plight of the average worker as an excuse to increase the size of budget deficits. The best thing that could happen for the average worker is to do what President Clinton did during his second term and bring the budget back into surplus via less spending.

    When that happens, everything else falls into place. It’d be wonderful if we could turn back clock to before 9/11. But the psyops against humanity been ongoing for decades and covid is the latest scam. The sad part is that the people get dumber over time, so the scams can be more obvious to those with eyes to see it used to hear.

    1. A curious turn of events to be sure… I don’t see Youngkin, et al., being able to reverse the damage in Virginia, even assuming they were genuine. Is it simply pressure release then business as usual, or planned in order for some future event to pass blame to the Republicans?

      1. Just a release valve. The program moves forward. I was surprised the Republican candidate won. I didn’t vote, but anything is better than the one string banjo of the Democrats.

        1. FYI: https://viab.org/
          Paid for by Virginia tax payers. Will Youngkin do anything about this unconstitutional crap? Most in Virginia don’t even know it exists.
          And what about the BARD and the BIRD…ongoing for decades.

          1. Yeah, I don’t think he will. From his campaign site:
            “… Virginia must take clear and concrete action to stop all forms of anti-Semitism, and when I’m governor, we will, … I will push the General Assembly to pass a law adopting the internationally recognized definition of anti-Semitism, and I will form a commission to examine and address anti-Semitic incidents in Virginia. Our Jewish friends and neighbors must know that we stand with them against the tide of hate and discrimination. Virginia must lead the nation in living up to our most cherished ideals and being a welcoming, safe community where everyone enjoys dignity and respect regardless of their identity, color or creed. …”

            1. Oh boy. No difference. I don’t see this going on anymore. I have very immediate family members who are Jewish, and the only anti-Semitism I see is what these phony politicians conjure up. The only acts of anti-Semitism I saw in my years in NY were done by Jews in false flag events. It’s a phantom problem.

              Meanwhile, the real war between Jacob’s remnants (the Western nations, western Europe, and nation state of Israel) and Esau’s remnants through these covid jabs continues unabated.

              Our adversary throws anti-Semitism in our faces, yet it is killing the Jews in Israel with the COVID jabs.

              Nobody believes this sobering truth, and I no longer waste my time trying to explain it (except to those few who stop by my blog.)

              God help us. So far, my life here in NoVA has not been impacted. It’s still very easy and I pray everyday thanking God and Jesus for my auspicious circumstances and understanding.

              1. And the worst part of this ongoing war between Jacob and Esau is that Jacob doesn’t even know who he is and doesn’t even know of this ongoing war. I hope deagle.com was wrong, because according to that website, the Jacob nations are going to get crushed going out to mid decade.

                Deagle.com may be a bunch of bunk, but I find it peculiar that it predicts all the nations founded by the Jacob remnants are going to get beat terribly.

            2. Today’s Zionist and Laodicean Christian thinks that the Jacob and Esau rivalry was hung on a tree. That’s the Esau propaganda that has infiltrated the church over the past 150 years. Even the fire and brimstone jerks are walking right into the buzz saw and tell their congregations to sit there and be beheaded.

              These Zionist pastors and fire and brimstone jerks tell you the Old Testament was written for the Jews, and that we should worship the Christ rejecting nation state of Israel, which Rothschild and the Edomites established as an end time deception for the Zionists and Laodicean Christians to idolize.

  8. Zillow was bailing on its buying program and house flipping. That was a no-brainer. In today’s market it’s nearly impossible to profitably flip a house unless a buyer does much of the work him or herself.

    Moreover, Zillows pricing algorithms leave much to be desired. Real estate is a very local market and when I recommend people getting involved in real estate I always tell them to concentrate on one particular area in which they are familiar. Casting a wide net is never the way to make money with residential properties.

  9. A quote by Sigmund Freud “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity” that was accepted as legitimate 15-20 years ago, has been supposedly now misattributed to him, according to the Google search algorithms..

    In the past 3-4 years, there has been a full court press on Google to discredit this statement and Freud’s view of personal weapons of protection. Of course, we can no longer rely on anything Google spits out on its search results.

    I have observed the 15-20 year change in economics search results on the major search engines, and just about everything else, especially Western history and Christian, has been rewritten.

    In many regards, Google has become almost useless when researching. Their omissions and redirections are hard to overcome.

  10. I think the fed is practicing modern monetary theory these days. It is obvious because honest work barely pays the bills while those who have the income producing assets are getting richer. We are in a beast synagogue of satan system. I sincerely doubt the fed will tighten any time soon unless they are being forced to from above. If they do tighten then the markets will crash and the fed will get the blame. That said, it would be a quick way to get rid of the old boy club of the federal reserve and introduce a new socialist monetary system.

    1. Excellent analysis, Andrei. The Fed is a tool to ride the U.S. people into the dust. Now I know that the “panics” and “depressions” of the past were engineered. Banks are parasitic. I know there are decent bankers out there, but they certainly are not calling the shots. As in every group or cartel, the least moral are the most aggressive, and these determine policy. Eustace Mullins told the story in “Secrets Of The Federal Reserve.” The other book, the one that is famous and quoted, is derivative from Mullins.

      1. A convenient way to bring in the final pieces of the beast system is for the federal reserve bank to suddenly tighten and crash the system. Then Powell and his cronies will get the blame and get ousted and replaced by communist pro modern monetary theory money printing activists. The reason why the Fed may do seemingly counter productive moves is because they take orders from the top of the pyramid. It is interesting that the Australian Central Bank has gone cold turkey and suddenly stopped buying their government bonds.
        The other possibility is that the fed could crash the dollar’s value by lowering interest rates further and/or bringing in negative rates that are lower than overseas rates. If that happens Powell may keep his job but the US Dollar will be worthless and we have hyperinflation.

        Both possibilities could usher in a new centrally controlled digital currency. The best way to figure out what is going on is to take it to God in prayer. God is almighty and knows the worst thoughts of the Synagogue of Satan.

  11. If you have idle cash the easy solution historically was government debt/bonds. That has now transitioned to equities that serve as bond proxies due to stability of cash flows and dividends, and fortress balance sheets. Most of the S&P 500 is composed of these stocks, at least effectively due to the capitalization-weighted nature of the index. There is a lot of idle cash out there which is constantly supporting the indexes. This is also the reason SPY is non stop highs and IWM has been in a range for 9 months.

  12. If i wanted to crash the stock market comming months, i would want to cash out way before the herd.
    Imagine my surprise when we got FED honchos pleading mea culpa on their insider trading, and being “forced” (haha) to sell their portfolio’s.
    That black monday cant be far off now, if i had to guess its around feb ’22.

    1. It would be the perfect opportunity for the 10-year US Treasury to touch a 10 basis point yield.

    2. Interesting…… Martin Armstrong’s computer (artificial intelligence platform called “Socrates”) is calling for a massive crash sometime in February/March 20222.

      1. So now Elon Musk is floating the idea to sell Tesla stock to “battle world hunger”. His brother already sold 100 million worth of Tesla.
        Something is going down.

        1. I agree. I cannot believe how these elites have given Musk so much money. When someone shorts a NWO stock,. They are betting against the power of the central banking elite. Never short TSLA, NFLX, GOOG, MSFT, FB, etc.

          All the visibly wealthy will probably announce an agreement in which they will cure diseases, feed the hungry, and put a roof over our heads. They will gaslight us and say these people are our best answer for humanity.

          How are we going to overcome that propaganda? The answer is that we can’t. It does seem that so many disparate timelines are all coming together this decade.

    1. Unless something else occurs, like another manufactured crisis, I see no reason why we can’t make that number in the next year or so. That’s only another 12% higher from current levels.

      I have been encouraged with the Dow Trannies pulling away and forming a double top well above the daily sma’s.

      For the Fed stimulus reductions and interest rate increases, I cannot see how they can go above 100 -125 bps without problems on the yield curve. Recall how the Fed funds could barely stay above 200 bps in 2018 without talk of repo madness. The new ceiling should not pose a persistent problem on the long end of the yield curve. We must see how inflation continues from here. We must never underestimate the ability of our adversary to conjure up more deflationary crises to collapse yields again. Next time around, yields will go negative in the US.

      Real yields will never approach historical norms as long as this current system is in place.

      Since the top 10% own 90% of the stock market, it will not be a time to rejoice. The higher prices go the more powerful the adversary becomes. Higher prices of everything destroys the average person, even asset owners. Most asset owners don’t own enough to move forward. Most of the average asset owners are still falling behind. I mourn at the fait accompli outcome; a one world financial dictatorship.

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