10/19 Update; A subscriber asks about gold, silver, and bitcoin

Hello Chris

You [mention] in your blog [post about] stocks and real estate. I am interested in your opinions on gold, silver, and bitcoin for the short and long terms as investments.

Thank you

Here was my response:


I refer to all three (gold, silver, bitcoin) from time to time, and specifically recommend gold and btc. I own both, but do not dabble in the other alt-coins too much, other than the well known ones, as I do not know many specifics about the crypto sector. Owning bitcoin provides me exposure to the sector without having to overly dwell on the crypto sphere.

I have always said that there is something unique about btc as its origins are shrouded in mystery. I believe it has a special purpose in the future and with all the derivative products trading against it (e.g. COMEX futures, and BITO ETF), this shows me it has official sponsorship. It has received massive publicity in the MSM over the years. That speaks volumes and provides us a clue about its future.

(Click to enlarge). Double top rules are often ignored with btc; rather the introduction of btc derivative trading vehicles often coincide with a top. The commencement of BITO ETF trading is coinciding with a double top. Which way will we go?

I am certainly not as bullish on btc right now as I was a couple months ago, but with an impending double top forming on the daily chart, we could see a big breakout run to the upside. Although, I normally sell away my trades on other assets at a  double top, this is bitcoin, and btc more often than not breaks this rule. What I do find interesting is that when a new btc derivative product commences trading, btc usually sells off after a huge anticipatory runup.

Any breakout could help the alt-coins like bch, eth, ltc, etc., on a trade. BTC futures must take out the ATH 65520 if we are to see a serious shot at much higher prices (100,000). If it fails here, would could see it retrace to the 50-day sma (48725).

Gold & silver

Gold (Au) was always preferred by wealthier people over silver (Ag), as Au is specifically a monetary metal. Ag is an industrial metal and exhibits wild price swings. Large dollar amounts of Au are easier to hold than with Ag. Spreads are usually much smaller with Au than with Ag. I do like Ag, but I prefer Au over it.

I always say that I own 1 oz. US gold eagles, but recommend people to hold the 1 oz. version of whatever their country produces. So, Canadians should hold maple leafs.

I think the PTB want to keep Au in this range for now (close to the 50- and 100-week sma).  I do see a large move on the horizon, but it could come in either direction.  The 200-week sma is about 1550. The ATH is 2089. I accumulate as I get the available liquidity to buy. I stated in the past that btc was created to also keep Au from rising too much. They are partial substitutes.

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157 thoughts on “10/19 Update; A subscriber asks about gold, silver, and bitcoin

  1. Fauci knew HCQ worked 15 years ago. He called it a “potent” cure for Coronaviruses.

    These lying scientists, teachers, politicians, nurses, pharmacists, and doctors all deserve execution. There must be hundreds of thousands of them by now.

    That scientist in NZ who said kids have “no natural immunity” is a criminal too. There are so many of them. What’s wrong with people?


    1. This was only made possible with the power of the privately run central bank’s printing press. It is amazing how easily well-educated people will throw their fellow man under the bus in the name of the almighty dollar.

      Hell is enlarging itself.

  2. Scientist in New Zealand lies like Fauci.

    “I’d be much more comfortable if we were already vaccinating five to 11-year-olds before we open schools, because we’ve got almost half-a-million children who will otherwise be exposed to this virus without any natural immunity,” the University of Otago’s Michael Baker told Newshub Nation on Saturday. “That’s the situation.”

    He’s got that weird fake face look Fauxci’s got too. What are these creatures? Do they make themselves in the lab?

    Quote of the day:
    “almost half-a-million children … without any natural immunity”

    Have all the kids in NZ got AIDS now? School’s pretty gay, but who knew it was that gay?



    1. The elites, using their psychological think tanks in DARPA Pentagon and McLean VA, could have engineered this partisan covid vaccine dynamic with the conservatives pushing the vaccines here in the states. But these people are the gun owners and freedom lovers and despise government by nature. They would have caught on and the partisan vaccine push and infighting would have fizzled out. The New World Order engineers chose to attract the left and liberals, because they know that this aspect of society doesn’t mind giving up freedom for safety and government control. The left pushes for gun confiscation.

      The irony here is that the left traditionally have been antivaccine, anti-gmo, and for health. Despite claiming to be very educated, and they do possess more advanced degrees than the conservatives, they are actually very naive.

      I always take a step back and wonder what the alternative outcomes would be given different scenarios. The New World Order engineers already chose the left, because they don’t mind giving up their gun rights. That’s why we have seen it positioned this way. Get half the population to go along with this, and they hope to eventually get the rest. The problem in the states is that this is not going too well. This covid crisis has a shelf life, and too many people have woken up to this particular scam. Not enough people have woken up in the other Western countries in time.

      The reason why I disparage all of the 501c3 pastors is because they are not doing their job to warn the people. How many times have we heard of a 501c3 pastor analyze Ezekiel 33? Now that we should be talking about not getting murdered and not having our children murdered and maimed, and admonishing us against our own governing authorities, these pulpit pussies are sleeping, because they have golden handcuffs. Even the fire and brimstone jerks. They just tell us to wait our lot and be beheaded.

      1. That’s an interesting take on the left-right thing Chris.

        There are Respectable Conservatives who are RINOs, anti-racists, “democrats are the real X”, keep-retreating-to-a-new-defensive-position, conserve nothing conservatives, and completely useless cucks. They are the majority of conservatives, so in a way conservatives are captured too. Revilo Oliver helped found the John Birch Society, but he left after two years because it was already completely taken over. People still think it’s a powerful conservative organization but it essentially never was.

        Then there are the conservatives that read hate (as defined by the left) sites like this one. These are people that would smell a rat with this Covid thing and actually bother to watch a couple of videos about it.

        Does the left have a corresponding hard core of truth-seekers that would do likewise? I guess they do, but the left also gets a lot of stupid people because it’s really the de facto mainstream. Perhaps the left is made to look bigger than it really is, but there sure are a lot of people who agree with it. I’d say most people in my experience. It’s always safe to agree with the TV.

        1. A positive outcome that I am observing here in the states is the fact that many people are waking up to this particular charade. Thus, many of the politicians in the Republican party can only push so much on a string, lest they lose favor with their constituents. They can only go so far with the mainstream covid story. I have been observing how Trump is trying to change and soften his covid stance to appeal to his base. If the so-called conservatives continue to push the mainstream line they risk losing their relevancy.

  3. Excellent news for landlords!

    Invitation Homes Boosts Rents 11% as Housing Crunch Persists


    (Bloomberg) — The largest owner of U.S. rental houses isn’t seeing any let-up in demand, or in its ability to increase rents.

    Invitation Homes Inc., which owns more than 80,000 single-family rentals, raised prices by nearly 11% in the third quarter, according to a statement. The company boosted rents by 8% on renewals and 18% when leasing homes to new tenants. Rates are rising fastest in the Southwest, where rents increased 30% on new leases in Las Vegas, and 29% in Phoenix.

  4. Books considered now inappropriate are going to be removed from Ontario schools. I’ve never been about censoring any kind of book. Making certain books off limits makes the kids want to find and read them even more, so there’s no point. But this, I believe, is dangerous. Are we going to have book burnings too?
    ‘Ontario school board reviews every book in every library to cull those ‘harmful’ to students
    The culling begins at the Waterloo Region District School Board, west of Toronto, as schools and libraries around North America debate reviews that often provoke a clash between notions of free speech and racial or social equity.
    The library review in Waterloo — a region of seven municipalities, including the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, with a population of more than 600,000 — is already underway, school board trustees were told Monday.
    The culling is expected to take two to three years, Graham Shantz, coordinating superintendent in human resources and equity services, told trustees.’

    1. There won’t be any book burnings. I’ve heard that after WW2 the US Education Department pulped all the school text books in the country, and replaced them with denazified versions. (The US lost WW2 too.)

      Only Nazis burn books. Democracies just grind them up or put them in landfills.

  5. Just a quick FYI. I have been buying TRKA and YVR for a meta and media play. I think YVR may be involved in NFTs. Do the due diligence.

  6. This supposed billionaires tax that the Democrats are floating could possibly morph into the desired outcome; a federal nationwide ad valorem tax.

    The most common form of ad valorem tax are property taxes on real estate and other real property. The state of Virginia has a personal property tax on the assessed value of passenger and commercial vehicles. That is also considered an ad valorem tax.

    What I suspect could be the hidden objective of the federal government could be some sort of systemic ad valorem tax on all sorts of assets, including define contribution assets, brokerage account assets, and all other types of liquid assets that can be quantified.

    I have to believe that the federal government knows that it is going to continue spending and financing the way it has been for the past 12:00 or so years, and they know where asset prices will be heading as a result of the suppressed real interest rates and bond yields.

    The functions of QE have exposed the weakness in taxing earned income over other types of passive income. Passive income is the predominant form of income that is generated by wealthy individuals. It’s either comes in the form of rental, dividend, or other types of distributable income sources from income generating assets. Also capital gains is another form of passive income. Not only is passive income taxed at lower rates, but they are not subject to payroll taxes, like social security and Medicare levies.

    Maybe this will all die on the vine, but time will tell.

    1. The fine print i’m reading, says there will be taxes on the losses too? Say goodbye to those retail trader premarket pumps.

      About China, they own a substantial amount of assets, real estate, businesses here in the USA. Some cities that used to be predominantly White Caucasian, and even the South Side Black neighborhoods are now entirely Chinese and Latino as well. Plus it seems our government is controlled by China powers. I’ve seen Biden with Asian looking men around him at the last few speeches he gave. If he gives another public speech take a look at his staff after the speech is over.

      A military conflict is not needed. Also keep in mind disease, bad diet, sedentary lifestyles, etc..are sadly doing a great job at reducing the USA’s population. China can continue to buy it up and keep sending their population over to replace the current people in the USA. I assume the harmful vaccines will speed that process up.

      They can breed out a large portion of the remaining population too. Most every White girl I see in my town has a mixed kid and some of the well to do White families adopt Asian kids instead of White ones.

      1. I think an ad valorem tax would suit the governing authorities better in a highly charged deficit-spending economic environment. The government is basically coming out and saying we’re going to spend many trillions more than we used to to maintain the economy.

        Understand that without government deficit spending, the economy would have collapsed in the wake of the covid crisis. I put out an estimate a couple months ago; based on the deficit spending to GDP, I estimated that if the government did not get involved the GDP would have collapsed by at least 15 to 20%. And that was just based on the increase in government spending versus base years. I estimate the collapse would have even been greater, since much of the monetary and fiscal stimulus was supportive in nature. It provided a backstop to many sectors of the economy and society.

        Who really knows what the economy would have registered without massive government intervention.

        Okay. With this as a preface, there is really only one direction for asset prices to go as the government assumes more and more power over the economic and spending functions. We need to keep in mind that the wealthiest and the government itself are now a much greater percentage of the overall economy than in previous years. This will now be a permanent feature as it has essentially crowded out all other types of economic activity. This has been a facilitated via suppressed interest rates and bond yields in which the wealthiest, richest, and most powerful have a marked advantage over all others.

        We’re becoming Marxist on a gradual basis. Thus, asset prices are going to continue to escalate as a function of this new spending functions and mechanisms from quantitative easing. The most effective way for the government to begin collecting tax revenue will not be through capital gains or earned income but rather, through an valorem tax that will be taxed based on an assessed value on an annual basis. Thus, cars, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, real estate of all sorts, etc, can actually receive an annual tax bill from the government authorities. This is much different than capital gains taxes and is more aligned with the annual real property tax bill. This actually would be the best most egalitarian system out there, as the poorest and lower classes of people wouldn’t have many assets to be taxed in the first place. An ad valorem tax.

        The problem with sales taxes and vats and income tax is that they are highly regressive and function and punish the poorer people in a society. A much greater percentage of their income goes to paying these taxes.

        I think “the billionaires tax,” as it was dubbed, is being scrubbed out of the bills introduced in Congress anyway.

    1. I find the vaxx liberation script to be in the same category as Qanon: give everyone hope that someone else does the heavy lifting, so that you can sit on your chair doing nothing, giving (((them))) time to accomplish their NWO.
      Phase 4, 5 and 6 are what Canadian governmental whistleblowers told us a year ago, and that is the script that is most in line with what is seen everywhere today.

      1. From the article itself: “It’s possible that this counterfeit unveiling will remain reserved for the fringes of society and the current trajectory of world communism via compliant Western leaders peddling a fraudulent pandemic will continue unabated, but according to their Kabbalist texts, a devastating reversal is in order.”

        To my knowledge, according to the Kabbalist texts refers to the idea that first the “Patriots” will be taken out, and then the liberal revolutionaries get their turn. Once both sides are removed, the final stage can begin. This might involve a false restoration through Trump, Pence, etc., then it turns out they are just as bad and Western civilization is finally “liberated” (destroyed) by the nascent Eurasian Empire in the form of Russia+China.

        1. I think China will be the tool to destroy the West.

          Once we are gone it’s easy to dispose of the Chinese with a race-specific virus. They are the least diverse race on Earth.

          The Chinese are all reading the Talmud so they can “be like Jews”. They will have no defense if that’s their attitude. We are helpless enough knowing about the SoS. The Chinese think the SoS will hand them the Earth and let them keep it. They might be allowed 10 years of party time like the Americans got for destroying Germany, but then the party’s over. Time to die.

        2. I’m still trying to figure out what force the ZOG is going to put together to destroy white men who want to stay white. I think there is no beast more savage.

          1. Just look at the long-term demoralization campaign against the white folk. It’s been a job well done. I also observe the long term demoralization campaign against the black people. As a property manager and investor in some black areas, I find the breakdown of the family unit remarkable. Anecdotally speaking, the damage has been great in both communities. The Black culture I observe is really engineered from the top and was pumped out of Arlington and McLean Virginia. This goes at least 40 years or more. I recall the blacks when I was young were from intact families who had jobs that lived in the community like everyone else. The parents weren’t divorced and they certainly weren’t having children born out of wedlock.

            If you have been studying the New World Order long enough, you know the long-term goal is to create a society which everyone is a light shade of brown. This is why we see the type of social engineering in the advertisements and in TV and movies. It really does have little basis in reality, but it serves a vital function to the globalists and their agenda. A virtue signaling and politically correct society can be easily managed from the top and it lacks cohesion. Meanwhile the attenuated plebes who have been cast down with the sodomites continue to rage about being offended or get angry over racism. This is the perfect situation that these elites want. Raging against absolutely meaningless stuff keeps the livestock in the pen.

            The elites knew that if they could submerge the white population and make it just like any other segment, they would have achieved their goal for a new world order and one world financial dictatorship. Thus if you want to gauge the timeline of success for achieving this supposed great reset. We need to observe the degradation of the white community. We’re basically there now and it’s all done. Mission accomplished as the white folk wave their BLM flags outside their house and emphasize how open-minded they are.

            Meanwhile the divorce rates in the white community are astronomically high and moving higher, and they are having more and more children out of wedlock as well. It is a broken and busted society in which the shards can be reglued and managed from a top.

            The only threat that still exists, and this is a huge threat to the elites; the white Americans who will use guns to defend themselves. That is the only thing left holding the great reset objectives from being achieved. Something has to happen in order for this to change.

            Oh boy, A change is coming.

            1. The new world order engineers exploited the God-given Manasseh birthright blessings of the United States to build a massive army that was victorious in two world wars and could have fought the whole world at that time and won. The US shape the world for their objectives.

              The synagogue of Satan exploited this God-given power to create the dollar monetary system. Thus, they needed to create a war-like culture here in the states. Now that the power of the United States is no longer needed, and much of this has been transferred to its existential enemies, the elites need to turn this war like culture off or have it used to self destruct the United States from within


              Take a look at these shotgun rounds. This is legal and these magnesium pellets burn at 5500 degrees Fahrenheit and will burn through any Kevlar or armor protection that is non-metallic. It’ll incinerate the black helmeted recipient and they will have no hope of survival. This is the culture here in White America, and mark my words, the culture of White America is the only thing standing in the way of the objectives of the New World Order and great reset.

              Everybody hates white Americans around the world, yet they are the last bit of hope that we have.

              Once again, it always comes down to the United states. Get rid of the 501c3 Church pastors, they are poison. They are lying to you willfully, because they’ll lose their favor and tax status. Their families will walk out on them and they’ll preach to empty church pews.

              A huge change is coming! God will intervene.

              1. I’ve been saying for years American gun nuts might be our last hope.
                People look at me as if I’ve told them Ronald McDonald is the president.

                OTOH politicians in Victoria, Australia are finally starting to call Daniel Andrews a dictator. They should be chopping his head off, but it’s a start.

                Unfortunately, there are people there who think he’s doing a good job, and the police are doing a great job rounding up “extremists”. I’ve spoken to such people and I just can’t hardly believe the things they say.

                1. The the vast majority of American gun owners are not gun nuts. Don’t be misled by the media. Don’t be misled by revisionist history either.

                  Our adversary owns all arms of propaganda. White Americans have been so demoralized because they’re believing the anti-white social engineering.

                  There are several million people like I am, and I am certainly not a nut. I send out about 18 to 20 anti-gun legislation letters a year to my congressman and senators warning them. They respond, too. They know what I am telling you.

                  You people who live outside the United States do not know what it’s like here. My life has been barely impacted. That’s because I speak up and they know we have guns.

                2. Trying to respond to you Chris, but it seems I cannot reply directly to your comment above (on guns).

                  As a non-American and non-white, I’ve been telling my countrymen about the importance of Americans 2nd Amendment rights and I get demonized every single time. I keep telling others that gun owners in America are the last bastion of hope for freedom and if they are gone, so will the rest of us. Only some countrymen in the truth movement understand that. I tell them not to fall for the psyops and false flags they see in the media. How alleged “gun nuts” are shooting up schools and cinemas and they just don’t get it. If you own a gun (smuggled in of course) in my country you’ll almost definitely be sentenced to death. Even the media in my country demonizes Americans gun ownership. If some false flag takes place, the demonizing campaign is as crazy as the covid narrative. They are one big criminal syndicate and their members work hand in hand despite their geographical differences.

                  Australia no doubt serves as a warning to America.

                3. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a gun nut, but I’m sorry if you took offense. I will use the term “gun owners” from now on.

                  So when does the shooting start? Any ideas?

                4. Too much money being made by selling Joe six packs and Janie soccer moms their pee shooters that are by now collecting dust in a closet. The big boys don’t want to end that gravy train. I’m sure everyone here knows a long list of ways they can reduce or even end gun ownership.

                  If it’s for self defense one would need to carry a loaded gun at all times, and have it in quick reachable distance when inside their home, otherwise a gun is a useless expensive paperweight. Depending on the County/State one lives in, the fine print legal trouble one would experience by using a gun even in a self defense situation, could make for a brutal lifestyle change. A real paradoxical scenario.

                5. In Melbourne people are given fines for not wearing a mask in their own car, and they now have $99,500 fines and 2 years prison for attending a protest. People I’ve talked to blame the protestors and say the police are doing a good job.
                  You are allowed to take off your mask if you are drinking something. People started walking around with coffee cups, so the police are checking the cups now for coffee.
                  The police, although portrayed in the media as a kind of white supremacist anti-black eradication squad dispensing summary executions because they disapprove of someone’s skin tone, are actually the main driving force of white genocide. We probably will not survive the police. They are the Golem.

                6. Notice in the states, the gun laws are essentially the jurisdiction of the states; one of the aspects of the 10th amendment.

                  In the states with the harshest gun laws and restrictions lie the harshest covid requirements as well as taxes and every other type of government control.

                  The governing authorities know that if the pussies in the population voluntarily relinquish their gun rights, they deserve to be fleeced.

                  The states with the most liberal gun laws have the lowest taxes and most personal freedoms.

                  Never underestimate the power of the handgun or the firearm. Just because it’s not being used in a battlefield doesn’t mean it’s not needed.

                  They used to call the Colt 45, the peacemaker. Because it was so big and powerful that when one carried it on his side nobody dared fight.

                  I think you are all falling for the anti-white American propaganda. Just because the firearms are not being used, except by our adversary as a means to stage mass shooting attacks, doesn’t mean they’re not needed.

                7. The guns will be used when the people are cut off and they begin to sabotage the infrastructure and buildings and such. People will burn down grocery stores and such. The gums will be used then. They will assisinate authorities when they are desperate.

                  The difference between the other Westerners and many Americans is that the Americans are an angry people. Very angry. They can be vindictive. Not saying whether this is bad or good. I get a lot of foreigners on the site, so I wonder what they know.

                  We need to consider that if it weren’t for the white gun owning Americans the world would have already been in the end times and Great Reset. 2020 would have been 1995. The adversary is getting impatient.

                  The resistance will be derailing trains and ruining water supplies. It will be burning sub stations and such. Destroying electric grids.

                  The real threat will never go to a protest.

                  Now you think that this is a terrible thought, but this terrible thought is the only reason why the adversary still hasn’t completely clamped down yet. I am never going to beheaded. I am either going down swinging or I will survive all the way to the end.

                  If they took everything away from The Americans, the Americans would lose it. This is much different than the Europeans or the others.

                8. Yep, correct.
                  I think they are restricting travel (in particular for unvaxed) to prevent whites going to America to help clean the place up.

    2. Good observations. I see Fitz doesn’t have much faith in humanity either. After the children are all vaxxed, the narrative can be turned. Mission accomplished.

      1. Infowars propaganda making the rounds today:


        Chris, I was trying to talk to someone about China really building up for the US, and the guy just couldn’t grasp the concept. He could admit that the CCP is bad news, but could only think Taiwan was their target. The idea of an invasion or nuclear war in the States was impossible conspiracy theory. I tend to think videos like the above are meant to enforce that idea, that a fight would take place “over there” and the States are impossible to fight directly.

        1. Whether it’s intentional or not is irrelevant. The vast sea of humanity as well as the Patriots are in total denial about the inevitable. They just can’t believe that the United States will be subject to an offensive nuclear strike.

          We know a great war is coming. The Bible goes into great detail about it on several occasions the aspect of it in Ezekiel 38 & 39. It’s the time of Jacob’s trouble

          Jesus talks about a time of War that will be so quick, he warns people not to go back and take their possessions. What type of War can be the cause of these circumstances?

          The war in Ezekiel is described as being so comprehensive and so lightning fast that there is no way that this could have yet happened. It’s coming in the last days and this war describes America and the fallout from this upcoming conflict. America is the land of unwalled villages in which a whole Confederacy of Nations needs to conspire to bring it down.

          It’s going to happen very fast when it does and the only way that this can take place is through a nuclear confrontation. A nuclear strike will be the only way that the United States will lose on its mainland. Indeed, because of the auspicious geographical circumstances of the United States, conventional conflicts will always result in a draw.

          The large Christian remnant in the United States needs to be taken out of the way, and in order for the great reset objectives to be achieved, United States needs to be humiliated. United States needs to have its guns confiscated. Something terrible has to happen in the United States. I suspect that the powers will just get frustrated as the timeline stretches, and they will just nuke it.

          Skirmishes in Southeast Asia are prelude of things to come and are a signpost on the road to perdition.

    3. Great article. This confirms my suspicion that Covid and the Covid Vax are designed to play and manipulate humanity.The Covid 19 Vaccine is NOT a real vaccine. It is a serum to further dumb down humanity and separate humanity from God. I also feel this Vaccine is designed to kill or maim certain segments of the population. The article fits in with the Hegelian Dialectic.

  7. New article from Henry Makow.

    Apparently a billionaire told a guy in New Zealand that the plan is to allow people to eventually lynch all the politicians doing this to us, and get their revenge. This will further collapse and create mad max conditions.

    “The tables turn on the vaccine narrative. …. billions die…. people enraged…. burn governments to the ground…. media, officals, scientists torched, hunted, hung in the streets….. the vaxed and non vaxed will join forces…. the vaxed for what was done to them and especially their children, and the unvaxed for what the government has done… ”

    Well that certainly sounds exciting doesn’t it? I’m sure many are already having fantasies like this. I’m sure people hate politicians enough to do this, given a chance.

    There will be an antidote to the vax (some say this will actually be the MOTB).

    Lots more in this article. What do you think Chris? Could it play out like this? He says NZ will be a safe haven. I wonder if this is a ploy to stop us leaving. Or maybe he’s right – lots of elites have their bunkers here.


    1. The idea that all these current vax pushers are patsies is very logical and it does match the almost cartoonish level of evil being promulgated (they are about to start vaxing children, which makes no sense whatsoever unless maybe that someone is setting them up and they are too stupid to realize this).

      Unfortunately, just because something is logical does not mean that it necessarily matches what is happening. Qanon was logical too, yet it did not work very well.

      At the end of the day we have been shown beyond any doubt that the current government structure has been completely compromised across pretty much all countries in the world, hence the global government is de facto a reality. The only remaining mystery is whether those who have captured it all are the “good guys” or the “bad guys”. In the unlikely event that they will end up being the good guys the current vax pushers are finished. If they are bad guys then we’re finished. This is my humble take.

      1. Remember the soviet whistleblower G. Edward Griffin interviewed in the 80s? He said the liberals and enablers will all be lined up and shot.

        When the Soviets arrived in Cambodia (I believe it was), the generals who welcomed them in expected praise for a job well done. They handed the country over and then were lined up against a wall and shot. It was for two reasons: they weren’t needed anymore, and they knew too much.

        Whether they are “bad guys” depends on whether you think depopulation is good or not, and whether you think western countries are good or not I guess.

    2. What goes around comes around. These socialist Vax pushers should get a taste of their own medicine once most plebes find out the hidden agenda of these Covid Vaccines. This will only happen when and if most people wake up. For too long the Synagogue of Satan has gotten away with their evil deeds. I read that same article on Henry Makow. I hope that billionaire is right.

      Satan uses his minions and once they are no longer useful he throws them to the wolves to be chewed up. God is the opposite. When anybody does Gods will they get rewarded with a joyful place in the heavenly kingdom.

      1. Here’s an ironic twist. This whole covid mRNA engineered to be a left right issue. The left have definitely taken these jabs in much higher percentages. If these actually turn out to be kill shots, the left will die in much greater numbers or become much sicker.

        The left have been engineered to be the primary proponents what actually does them in.

        1. The world is literally enforcing the no jab no job mandate and I’m seeing each single day 2-3 new countries joining their “alliance” forcefully pressured under FJB/Fraudi administration with CDC as accomplices.

          A new variant had already been identified intentionally. I’ve watched a lot of banned videos like covid : the lockdown and then finally some protests started in US about the mandate and worldwide but the elites already previewed us about the outcome of HK Riot 2019.

          A lot of clown acts going on as well.

        2. Great point Chris.It is a blessing in disguise that the election got stolen from Trump and Biden installed. When Trump was touting the vaccines as President, many liberals were speaking against these vaccines as dangerous. Now that Biden is pretendent and touting these killer vaccines the Democrats are in tow to tout these vaccines. Now all the liberals were the first to line up to take these kill shots. Just shows how brainwashed these self entitled liberals are.

          1. It’d be impossible to get the #’s they received in the US without a helping hand from both sides; Trump and Biden. Right and left. That is why Hillary was not able to win. And that is why Trump had to go. Both sides’ supporters are in a conundrum in terms of acceptance to the vax; more so on the left due to a much stronger push. Also, important to note that the S of S doesn’t like the new agers and Godless either. Albert Pike had a few choice words for the Godless in his book.

            Also, the right has been corrupted with so much hatred. I read recently Candace Owens said that it’s “Poetic Justice” for what happened to Alec Baldwin; because of his hatred towards Trump/and his supporters; nvm an innocent woman was killed. Don Jr — selling a shirt for $27.99 — Guns don’t kill people Alec kills people. They are falling into a trap and bringing their supporters down with them. You’d kinda expect these comments from Trump, but not from the other two propped up role models for the right.

            Galatians 5:19-26 ESV
            19 Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, 20 idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, 21 envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

            22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law. 24 And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

            25 If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit. 26 Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.

            1. Amen Otto. The synagogue of Satan likes to play both sides. It is best to focus on Jesus Christ instead of left vs right politics.
              The leaders on both sides of the spectrum are bringing their supporters down.

    1. Physiognomy is a valid science. (Science that the SoS “debunks” tends to be legitimate.)

      So you can look at Jacinda Ardern’s face and tell right away that she’s not particularly bright or ethical. She has a very soulless face.

  8. So Yellen opened her yapper again and bingo, floating the “unrealized profits” tax idea.
    Of course, “only” for billionaires.
    If you believe that i have a swamp for sale in Florida.

    1. Indeed, she has been on the circuits over the past couple days with interviews and testimony. She says that these unrealized cap gains will be on very liquid assets. I would assume that’s something that could be in a brokerage account. The problem with taxing real estate is that there arises a problem with whom actually takes precedence in the lien on the property. We have lenders who originate and finance mortgages. So, what happens if the government decides to tax the unrealized gains? How are those gains determined? All of these situations and circumstances would pose many other problems. Who pays the capital gains? What about owner occupied versus rental? How are the cap gains determined?

      How are cap gains determined with stocks? Are they assessed on defined contribution plans? Are they assessed on pension funds? How about trusts? I think she’s speaking nonchalantly as any unrealized tax scheme would break basic contract laws.

      If the government authorities wish to tax residential real estate, I believe that the best way to do this would be by raising the mortgage rate and the difference between the market and the increase would be devoted to subsidizing government spending. This action would alleviate some of the basic contract law conflicts. I am just speaking extemporaneously in this instance.

      What I find to be another problem in her remarks; instead she continually underestimates the inflation rate and inflation out into the future. Granted, she’s a partisan shill as she is selected by Biden, but she is in congruence with the Fed and it’s assessment on future inflation. I suspect on some level this inflation may be institutionalized and will be at a higher plateau.

      I can see a scenario here where the monetary and fiscal authorities continually and willfully underestimate inflation over the longer term. They’ll keep saying that it will do in 6 months and then 6 months from now they’ll say it’ll do in another six months and before you know it, we are out to mid decade with persistently high inflation as consumers and investors begin to lose confidence in the ability of the central banks to quell inflationary pressures

      The reason why income generating assets are doing so well in light of inflation, has to do with REAL interest rates and bond yields.

      Real interest rates and bond yields are the lowest in history and if inflation persists at 4 and 5% for the next 12 months, and perhaps higher, and we have the 10-year treasury yielding 1.6%, we can see how low real yields are. The real yield on the 10 year is 200 to 300 basis points below the real inflationary number and expectation for the next 12 to 24 months. This has never happened in recorded history and the stock market firms can pass along this inflation to its consumer and end user. All the while the discounting cash flow formulas have an incredibly low discounting rate. Their nominal earnings will continue to rise, and landlords rents will continue to rise commensurate with inflation, yet financing rates will continue to remain suppressed and assets will continue to be well supported in this environment. It really is the best of both worlds for asset prices. High inflation is excellent, but the reason inflation is traditionally a harbinger for down markets is because interest rates usually rise to match. In this instance we have the monetary and fiscal authorities both supporting low bond yields and suppressed interest rates.

      Given the fact that we have a long way to go to reach the Great Reset agenda objectives, there are tens of trillions of dollars more that need to be spent in order to achieve these goals. The governments and central banks must continue suppressing interest rates while the governments and largest corporations crowd out all other traditional investment.

      This is going to be a terrible time for small businesses going out to mid decade and further as the governments and largest firms crowd out all other forms of investments just to achieve their green goals for the great reset. I’m not even talking about the other types of objectives. There are some estimates that the green agenda will mean an additional 5 trillion dollars a year in investment spending. This will all be heavily subsidized by the fiscal and monetary authorities.

      I may put out a podcast on this. We have been warned.

      1. You are more knowlegable in this field than me Chris, but here is my 2 cents.

        – the FED etc do not care about the economy crashing
        – inflation will help governments all over the world (those that have to implement the great reset) to get rid of promises : pension debt, town/city debt, and since the money printer is in their reach a few more trillion here or there to compensate for inflation wont hurt them one bit.
        – getting rid of laws does not seem to deter them one bit either: one executive order here, one rigged court ruling there, and if all else fails a 2 tier society where “they” simply disregard the laws for common folks
        – they also seem to do not care anymore if we know their plans or not, they barely try hiding it at least: its all in your face now, which might mean that they will take the uproar when implementing all this for granted

        1. I see what you mean, but if the monetary and fiscal authorities collapse and crash things;
          First, they will get the blame,
          Second, they would create unnecessary risks to their great recent agenda,
          Third, this whole vaccine campaign would go away as the people would more likely than not begin to question the whole covid narrative,
          Fourth, the monetary and fiscal authorities would find it much more difficult to be able to finance their agendas for the green and clean energy, the new monetary system with its technologies, and the social equality objectives,
          Fifth, if the economy crashes and collapses at this point, the ability to finance these objectives would be in great peril as a weaker economy would mean less ability to crowd out the rest of the economy. These multi-trillions that are being spent are going to crowd out the rest of capital investment activity. That’s just by function. The weaker the economy, the less able they will be able to implement their objectives in a timely manner. They do not want people questioning more than they all already.

          This is an observation I have on my part. I am shocked and amazed at how little questioning is going on by humanity at large. The reason why I am not optimistic is because there are too few of us who understand. As long as that percentage is 10% or less of the people, the great reset should go through. If this percentage rises to 20% or more, the great reset could be put back another 5 to 10 years. An ostensibly stable economy helps facilitate these Powers reach their goals.

          The fact that these Powers have been able to maintain real bond yields at such a suppressed level is testament to their power. As of right now I do not underestimate their power.

          1. After a nights sleep and reading a bit more about the subject matter….
            If they implement this wealth tax or unrealized capital gains tax for crypto, stocks, private stocks etc, you would go broke rather quickly. Imagine having to pay for bitcoin that went up to 100k, when it is effectively at 50k again (imaginary numbers for arguments sake).
            Or if you hold private equity in a non-traded company, you would have to sell assets to comply, maybe even hand over said stock to fulfil requirements.
            If they combine it with excessive money printing to inflate every bubble even more, to prop your imaginary net worth up to the extreme, oh boy that would be something.
            Wouldnt that help their “you own nothing and be happy” agenda along quite nicely?
            If this is what they are aiming for, do you see any posssible ways to survive that scenario? Physical gold/silver?

            I remember that they changed Dutch tax law a few years back so that you had to pay taxes on your net worth 1 january of last year..at the time everyone thought it to be an odd move, but now it would explain a lot given the above.

            1. If the tax authorities were to implement these types of things, of course gold and silver in physical form would be a way out.

              I’ve heard talk about this from time to time and even recall in my public finance and economic studies in the ’80s, how there was theory behind all sorts of taxes. Of course, the ad valorem tax was discussed as well as a wealth tax which were taxes based on asset wealth. The problem with taxing people on unrealized capital gains is that there may never actually be capital gains, since it really doesn’t yet exist. What happens after when a person sells and the asset value subsequently dropped?

              Personally speaking, if I were to implement the most egalitarian type of tax, referred to as a progressive tax, it would be some sort of tax on balance sheet wealth. The problem with many wealthier people in this instance is that they shield income. It’s very easy for many wealthy people to show little to no taxable income. A heavy taxation on earned income is probably the most regressive form of income tax. Even though there are graduating tax brackets, which in theory, is progressive in nature, the wealthy work around it to show little to no taxable income.

              Under current internal revenue code regulations, we can only deduct a certain amount of that loss, yet the entire gain is recorded in a one-time event.

              Moreover the forced taxation of unrealized gains can actually force the asset prices lower. I know there has been a lot of discussion lately with the Democrats here in the United States and elsewhere, but if these tax laws become reality, it’s almost a de facto admission that asset prices will continue to escalate as deficit spending and quantitative easing continue to escalate.

  9. Henry Makow just published Michael Yeadon’s Timetable to Tyranny.

    According to this, life as we know it is totally over. It looks like within a year most of us will be dead.

    People in NZ are still saying we all get vaxed then we go back to normal. Morons! Idiots! If that was true then why would the govt order another 2 shots for everyone in the country for 2022?

    It seems the last two years only a preparatory psyop for the main event.


      1. I suspect it’s the same here they just haven’t told us yet.

        The amazing thing is the political opposition in our parliament is attacking the government – for not fighting Covid hard enough! It seems humanity goes mad from time to time , and that is normal enough. The last time this happened was WW2. Before that it was the Civil war in America (whites slaughtering themselves to resolve a bizarre slavery neurosis. Many say slavery had nothing to do with it, but I disagree. Every waking minute and every dream at night of the southerner was filled with worry about slavery – “we can’t keep them in chains forever” they said to Alexis de Tocqueville when he visited in 1830s. Plantation owners worried about their children’s distaste for the job, and the black population had grown to equal the white. Slavery’s days were always numbered. Whites weren’t too keen and the Jews simply used it as a way to get blacks to America. Eventually it was time to merge the two races according to Kabballah, and invert the pyramid so to speak, to make whites the slaves of blacks to prepare for the Messianic age or Aquarius.). De Tocqueville said in his book, “Within one more generation, another revolution is all but guaranteed in the United States – because of the presence of Negroes on American soil.” He was an astute observer, absolutely faultless in his analyses.

        Unfortunately this time I believe extermination is the goal and we’ll be lucky if 10% of us make it out- and the survivors might envy the dead anyway. As the protocols said, they will furnish all our leaders and receive no resistance. What tribe is Daniel Andrews from?

        1. Ask southerner about the civil War and it was all about states rights and the 10th amendment prevailing over the power of the federal government. Synagogue of Satan wanted to make certain that the power was centralized in Washington DC. This had nothing to do with slavery but the history revisionist made certain that it went down as such. This is a multi-century demoralization campaign and history is always rewritten.

          Who controls the past controls the future.

          Who controls the present controls the past.

          1. Well, to that I would say that de Tocqueville was there and wrote what he saw and heard. And he saw that the South was headed for disaster, one way or another. He knew the slavery thing was causing constant anguish and said everyone in the South dreaded the day it would end. They all knew something really bad was coming eventually and said so.

            I guess we could debate this forever, but I trust de Tocqueville’s instincts on this. He predicted a war, and explained the reason and that’s good enough for me. I admit that everyone could have thought they were fighting about state rights, how to say “tomato”, or anything really.

            Can we say what was the cause of WW2? Was it the Holocaust? No. Was it Hitler? No. Churchill said WW2 was simply about crushing Germany. The US said it was about democracy. Rabbis said it was just another harvest. It created the state of Israel in 1948, the exact year predicted many centuries earlier. What an amazing cohencidence.

            1. Really? History is my background
              WWI and WWII were only possible with the the Federal Reserve. They funded it all. 1913 then WWI in 1914. Russian revolution in 1917. Failure of League of Nations 1917. Rise of Nazism and Racism 1920s. Great depression 1929. Decade long squeeze on supply chain and the support for Hitler. Hess tried to make a peace accord with Britain in 1942-43. Captured and imprisoned. Not allowed to speak. War needed to conclude with Zionist state in Palestine.

              Behind the scenes, the s of s.

              Of course, the south dreaded the eventual showdown. They knew war was coming. The constant compromises. Only a few owned slaves. They were the wealthy. You believe it’s slavery. That’s nice.

              De Tocqueville was misguided as he was not versed on the constitution.

              You say tomato and I say tomato

              1. The s of s needed the league of nations established and when it failed the first time around they wanted to punish the goy. With the control of the newspapers in the US by the late 1910s and early 1920s they controlled the narrative here in the states. They got the US involved in WWI when it was only a European war. They rewrote the curriculum.

                After reading the Gettysburg address, ask yourself what Lincoln meant? He knew what the people at the time knew. He knew the ideals of those personally involved on the battlefield. These people were not fighting about slavery. That’s hogwash s of s propaganda.

            2. You believe the Churchill WWII propaganda. Hess snuck into Britain to make a secret peace agreement. Churchill ordered Rudolf Hess be put into isolation. Remember the Rothschilds Balfour declaration needed to come to pass so the Jews could hijack the name Israel and confuse the Laodicean Christians.

              All started after Britain transferred the monetary power to the US Fed in 1913.

              1. Hitler knew the war was unwinnable and wanted to end it. The S of S makes it sound like Hess was a lone wolf. He was not, but all the Nazi echelons were silenced and put to death. The objectives of WWII needed to be achieved (e.g. European common market, United Nations, nation state of Israel). They got what they wanted and 10s of millions of white goy were killed.

            3. Chris is correct here. Nothing to debate.

              I recommend you read Conceived in Liberty by Murray Rothbard, you will understand that the slave trade was ending well before the civil war. The reason was economic, commodity prices dropped so low due to excess supply that even with “free” labour there was not enough money left over to feed the slaves so they were gradually being cut loose.

              Its free on mises.org – print and audiobook.

              1. De Tocqueville said there would be another American Revolution because he didn’t understand the constitution? Usually I find books by French authors to be more insightful and enlightening than their Anglophone counterparts, but his must be an exception.

                Would you agree with the following assessment?
                What led to the outbreak of the bloodiest conflict in the history of North America?

                A common explanation is that the Civil War was fought over the moral issue of slavery.

                In fact, it was the economics of slavery and political control of that system that was central to the conflict.

                A key issue was states’ rights.

                The Southern states wanted to assert their authority over the federal government so they could abolish federal laws they didn’t support, especially laws interfering with the South’s right to keep slaves and take them wherever they wished.

                Another factor was territorial expansion.

                The South wished to take slavery into the western territories, while the North was committed to keeping them open to white labor alone.

                Meanwhile, the newly formed Republican party, whose members were strongly opposed to the westward expansion of slavery into new states, was gaining prominence.

                The election of a Republican, Abraham Lincoln, as President in 1860 sealed the deal. His victory, without a single Southern electoral vote, was a clear signal to the Southern states that they had lost all influence.

                Feeling excluded from the political system, they turned to the only alternative they believed was left to them: secession, a political decision that led directly to war.

                That’s saying it was about slavery after all. Are they wrong too?

                From here:

        2. If you review the history of slavery here in the states, it was the S of S that built and profited off of the slave industry. They were the ones who captured the slaves in Africa and paid for the shipping. They knew that it would all work to water down the power of the founding families and populations of the United states. It works well. And now they are out, the descendants of those same S of S families, preaching the Arlington and McLean VA engineered racial equality garbage. Crisis, reaction, solution. The industrial revolution was making slavery obsolete anyway. Slaves were very expensive. The S of S also financed the civil War fighting. They profit from all angles.

          1. Yes. I think one of the main purposes of slavery was just getting the blacks in there by whatever means necessary. Racial mixture was always a long term goal from the start. The whites in the US were resistant to this process however, unlike in South America.
            2% of whites had slaves, but 50% of Jews. Spielberg’s Amistad movie made sure all the ship’s captains wore big crucifixes so you got the right idea. (Most of the people the media interviewed on the street on 9/11 had big crucifixes too, as part of the agenda for setting up the Muslims.) They always try to blame Christians for what they do, or cause Christians to do.

            1. The US is done. The Manasseh of the US was early 1600s to 1800. The tribes of Israel were allowed to exist for centuries after they turned from their God. So was the US. The US is now a God foresaken shithole and it’s done.

              1. You are so right. The USA is definitely in the crap house and the rest of the world is following suite. The Synagogue of Satan know that if they demoralize the USA , then the rest of the world is easy work.

      2. BK, have you tried telling people it’s not going away?

        I have, the results are interesting. Usually it’s either the fluoride stare, a subject change, walking away, or some other similar reaction.

        When I ask them if it’s all over when we are all vaxed, then why has the government ordered 10 million boosters for 2022 (for a 5 million pop), their brains just short circuit.

        I believe the most dangerous organism on Earth now is the politician, followed by the cop. The Jewish politicians and White cops are the worst. We’re in serious trouble.

        1. I’ve told many people that this isn’t going away. And have told them even if we achieve 100% vax rate, they will just create new scariants on the fly. They will give me the fluoride look and most of them just agree with the government on pretty much everything. The boosters, the “science” and even lockdowns. Even as they see the vaxxed starting to die, they still think it is normal or some crazy powerful mutations.

          I’ve also told people this is a spiritual war and a war against God and His people. This is where people are most turned off. I told them everything you see today is written in the bible. I have had occasions where people straight out plead with me to, “stop talking about the bible”, or “stop reading / believing the bible”. Seriously. When someone tells me that I know right there they won’t ever be saved. Well, at least I tried.

      3. Blade,

        It’s hard as hell now to be living in Singapore without vaccs.

        All my peers have taken it.

        All of them.

        Very pretendous government we have here crying to open up and crying their beds overloaded.

        Fuck them all. I’m not following rules anymore

          1. We can still leave for now. It’s definitely in my plans. They have laws where they can force vaccinate you. At some point they are definitely going to make it illegal to leave the country / give up citizenship without vaccination.

            1. It will be made in a way such that there shall be no escape.

              Just today news, Austria threatens lockdown for the unvacc.

              If I didn’t believed this was the mark I would take it but because it is that’s why there shall be no escape.

              Interestingly Chris, the Singapore
              climate certainly have changed over the course of a year.

              There had been multiple floods hails (especially in china) volcanic activities, there’s even reportedly hails along with warm water rain happening in china.

              1. There was two flashes of orange light appearing on my curtain one of the day this week during sunset but stopped after I pull out my curtain I only see the sunset and everything was normal. (Do the sun normally do peek-a-boo or what)

                The whole city looks like London tonight, hazy smokey and there was a very wierd chemical smell in the train station I alighted from.

                I hope it’s just me being disillusioned for staying at home too long as I used to be hustling as delivery rider when I’m not doing my main job.

                Temperature here can drop 8-10 degrees on a rain just minutes ago when the temperature is short of frying people.

                The days ahead will not going to be easy and many people can’t stand it to get jabbed for temporary relief. But I’m predicting a scenario where the common jobs people here (like drivers,deliveryman, cleaners) are gonna be jobless out of a long plandemic-cum-recession to be replaced by robots. My buddy here thinks I’m nuts but I’m already seeing the signs.

      4. Thanks for the article – you now need three shots. It’s interesting in your country that you cannot take Sinovac as your third shot. I have a family member who works high up at Health Canada – preparing the roll out of the the 3rd shot. Yes, it’s definitely coming to Canada. She said Sinovac was problematic at the outset as it doesn’t do anything of significance for anything. When creating restrictions for vaxxed vs. unvaxxed, they had a hard time making parameters for Sinovac vs. the others.

          1. Bob, I can’t anymore. It causes a huge rift – most of our family is anti-vax. It’s now an elephant in the room. Discussions about the vaccine have been off the table since they made it mandatory for employment. This is a good thing since I don’t want to inadvertently reveal how we’re circumventing the system. I let it slip that I let my daughter drive without a license because COVID protocols made it impossible to book a drive test. She was intrigued by how normally law-abiding citizens don’t care about breaking the rules. So I had to shut my mouth. It might get reported to Tam, JT et al, who will then further restrict and punish us. Better for us all that she thinks we’re complying with the restrictions.

    1. Indeed. There is much more to come. We are only in the top of the second inning of the tribulation. I kind of live in isolated lifestyle and I’m not concerned, at least so far, about finances, since I don’t have any earned income per se. If I or other family were fired, because of an unvaxxed status and we’re not making any money, my personal tribulation would be more profound.

      There are many family members in which I doubt I will ever see you again. I ponder traveling up to New York to visit family for Christmas, because I am concerned that the social reengineering has been so comprehensive I wouldn’t even know what to talk about. Of course as an unvaxxed and unmasked individual, how could the socially re-engineered New Yorkers adjust to that? I would make friends and family so uncomfortable.

      I think about what type of lifestyle the typical New Yorker possesses and I marvel at their ability to adjust to circumstances that I would view as so demoralizing. Yet they have adjusted accordingly. My only conclusion is that they prefer that lifestyle and are already God forsaken prisoners in their own minds. They don’t even know.

      As Orwell said; reality exists, if only in our own minds.

    2. He’s a Pfizer scientist. How does he know? That’s too soon. The last bit of his predictions won’t come true until the force majeure.

      I could see a problem in the stock market if interest rates do we adjust accordingly, given the persistent inflation and willful fed ignorance. I give that as a 30% likely scenario.

      Now with Trump going back on social media, we can have the manufactured civil unrest here in the states as people start going crazy. MAGA!

    3. Very informative article. Henry Makow does have a lot of informative articles about what is really going on behind the scenes. However, pray to the Lord for discernment of the truth. Only the Lord knows the whole truth and what are lies.

    4. The problem with these kinds of doom predictions is that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. The simple evidence so far is that the S.o.S. (or whoever these people are) already control pretty much everything. There is no real opposition to them. Any “opposition” which we’re seeing is simply allowed to be one. Hence, there is no “opposition leaders” to arrest. Every development we’re presented with is basically a social engineering script to condition the masses to accept some soon-to-be-announced change. There is no evidence that TPTB are intending to kill many or even any of the plebs, this would immediately hurt their goodwill with the sheeple. Also, note that even without any QR codes in place, TPTB can simply cancel one’s credit/debit card (not the bank account, just the card for electronic payments), making one’s life rather limited and miserable (as one is then forced to rely on cash or checks to survive). Hence, we are already in a state where we’re essentially “allowed” to live a particular lifestyle by the S.o.S. Should they decide to change what is allowed going forward, there is not much we can do about it other than to reject it one-person-at-a-time and face the consequences. It is very likely that at the end the refuzniks s will still be allowed to live their lives in reasonable peace, simply because it is then a lot easier to manage the society (compared to having to fight a guerilla war).
      No need to worry too much about something which we have no control over.

      1. You see the Deagle Report? They have an amazing track record and use the “Deep State” as their source. It predicts massive de population by 2025. Credit cards are handled by private companies; not the Government. The thing is that here in the US we still have guns. That’s why we have it quite good vs New Zealand, Australia, etc in terms of lockdowns. Plus the one’s running the show are obviously milking this country as much as possible before they leave it to crumble. Simple question – does it benefit them to push lockdowns and provoke riots when they are still in process of milking this country dry? No – makes zero sense. Their job atm is pushing the youth with “Marxist” ideas. Which means do as you please. Take what you please. Also ofc massive social engineering to get people vaccinated. So that is their current goal in the US. To get as many people vaccinated as possible. Pretty soon they will change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to include booster shots.

        They could still milk this country for another few years at least. Perfect – they can get as many vaccinated and potentially weak from side effects + brainwashing the youth with Marxist ideas (the Father of Marxism was a satanic worshipper), while mommy and daddy are too pre-occupied with left/right, covid, and both working to see what their kids are up to.

        1. The show that just took the youth by the storm is Squid Games on Netflix. Perfect case study of Marxism – plain and simple.

          Let me ask you something – does it make sense for the elites to push these type of agendas on the youth (transgender, white privilege, BLM, feminism, lesbianism) on a society they see a future for? No – absolutely not. That tells you the elites don’t see a future here – those ideals are meant for self-destruction. And trust me they won’t be around when that happens. They aren’t going to risk themselves and their own being caught in the crossfire.

          1. They also talk about the need for generational immorality in order to foment a successful revolution, I believe it’s at least 3 generations. With Zyklon they’ve been going for broke with their evil campaign. Poor deluded souls.

          2. Our adversary knows when people turn to God the s of s loses it’s power. Only a demoralized and degenerate populace that was once Christian can be defeated.

            In only several more years, the population will naturally cave in on itself. No need to fight. In several more years there will be less of us and more of the depraved. The tippng point has been reached and we are no longer large enough to hold back the inevitable.

            History has been completely rewritten by our conquerors. We have been defeated and the victors now control the past. Even remnant don’t understand. If it weren’t for my understanding of the s of s and how they exploited and lied to humanity via the money system and the power it gave them, I would have been duped. All of the American history I learned had to be thrown out and relearned. All that college education was just indoctrination. And my history training goes back 35 years. Imagine what the young folk are learning today….

        2. We have plenty of guns in NZ. But what are we going to use them for exactly? That’s a question worth pondering.

          Semi autos are illegal here now, but hardly anyone handed them in. There are tens of thousands of them out there. If you use it you are finished though, and it’s hard to practice if you have one hidden.

          I’m just trying to imagine where the line is where Americans would start shooting. It’s a big decision, and all the Rambo fantasies can dissolve instantly when you actually see the feds coming. Plus a lot of people will be disappointed in their AR15s when they just bounce off the authorities’ body armor.

          So far they have us in a holding pattern, slowly dissolving us without giving us an immediate reason to fight. How we will burn in the camps…

      2. We don’t have long to wait for November and the predicted “martial law to defeat the opposition”, so it will prove or disprove itself shortly enough. The timing with Trump and his social media platform is interesting, but may end up being nothing. The current tension does seem to allow for some big event before the end of the year, but they’ve been teasing us about the conflict for a while now already.

        1. Trump supporters are as brainwashed as the left. If they fought with such vigor for Jesus and his teachings the world would be 10000x better. Instead they are being mis-led by their “savior” and even their priests in Church. They’ve had too much kool aid from Fox and Trump that they will fight tooth and nail for Trump; and he’ll only lead them to darkness. Just look at how Trump threw his own supporters under the bus during his incited election riot; it was simply ammunition for the left to convince the few on the sidelines that the right really are a bunch of crazy Christians/nazis/white supremists.

          The best thing the right can do is to cast Trump out and rally behind a candidate on the right that walks the talk in terms of his convictions.

          1. I don’t think there is a real opposition candidate, as others state above. Trump may come back and end up being the one to lead the “Patriots” into the gulag. There are some others available for the role, but Qanon has somehow kept a lot of true believers.

            Imagine Trump on his new social media platform cheering on the right to self destruction. That could play right into martial law and chaos before a peacekeeper or round-up operation. We still don’t know what will lead up to it or how the force majeure will play out, so we can only remain vigilant.

            1. Even if there was a candidate the media wouldn’t give that candidate the light of day. I remember during the campaign trail with Trump and Hiliary. CNN had their kid gloves on Trump. They gave him the most attention by far vs the other Republican candidates. CNN…..actually gave Trump constant compliments. So if an outsider comes along he’d be treated like Ron Paul; consistently ignored. Ron Paul actually wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve system. The definition of an outsider.

              1. But Chris is right — the time you could had voted out of this mess was many, many years ago. Get your spiritual house in order – most important thing you can do. Trump imo will only cause chaos and further conflict if he gets his supporters to fight back. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Have contingency plans as Chris described regarding property out west.

      3. Perhaps take a look at a history book… most every time those people have secured the total upper hand in political control, people were lined up and shot by the millions, or starved to death. (Russia, China, Cambodia, et al) That is their modus operandi. Why would it suddenly change to peaceful benevolence when they achieve that next time (USA, GB)? Australia is being deliberately run by and as the Chinese CCP model. Look at what’s happening…. one step from concentration camps, which they admit they have already created. And then it’s one step from there to exterminations. Canada is slightly behind AUS timetable wise, but *enjoys a CCP leader (son of Castro- do some easy research) and is moving swiftly to totalitarianism. It is head spinning that they took two major western countries and installed their methods in less than a year. Things can move really fast in our era…

        1. Sadly, I believe you’re correct. I think this housing crisis is going to get so out of control by the time it’s done and house prices will be so outrageous, and so many other things in the economy and society will be so far from normal equilibrium, that the S of S will just collapse everything into total chaos.

          It really does have to do with how the Christian church took a turn south with its quest to become relevant through political correctness and virtue signaling. This is even true in the fire and brimstone pulpits who tell us not to fight back. I have to believe that the United States is going to be the toughest country in aggregate, for them to subdue. I still believe eventually it’s going to be a force majeure that’ll knock out the United States. That’ll serve two functions.

          I can’t believe what is going on in Canada. For years I have had to endure all of the jokes about moving to Canada for free healthcare, but we know this always comes with a price since there is nothing free. The one thing I do like about the United States is that there are a lot of places in which to go.

          There are too many people here in the states that are really pissed off and the globalists do not want to push that far yet. I think it’s going to be a humiliating military defeat that’ll change the course of the United States. As I’ve always been talking about on this blog this will be a blessing in disguise. The mass casualties and the loss of electronic grid will rapidly unravel the new world order plans. This is why I say in the United States we need to stick up for ourselves and fight. If we don’t, we’ll end up like Canada and Australia, and the whole world will go down the Talmudic toilet bowl. The three big difference between those two countries and the United States is their small populations, the gun ownership situation, and the fighting instinct of the physical remnant in its DNA.

          Yes, there is a difference in many of the Americans here and it is genetic. Many generations have come from those founding remnants in which they had fight in their DNA. They fought to overcome religious oppression from Europe. They fought to overcome other settlers and Indians to win the land. They thought to overcome British occupancy. They fought to be victorious in two world wars. These physical remnants fought to create the greatest country the world has ever seen. There will never be another Nation like the United States until Shiloh comes.

          Our adversary knows all about this genetics. They used it to subdue the rest of the world and they used its greatness to engineer a monetary system that exploited it. They know all about it and we don’t. Now, the synagogue of Satan and the New World Order engineers need to somehow turn it off in order to achieve their final capstone. Prophecy tells me it’s not going to end well.

          I just don’t see how they’re going to be able to subdue the United States under the current scenario. Something has got to change and I already know what that is, because I already know what the United States means in prophecy. This once great mighty Manasseh is now ripe for destruction as Babylon.

          But we are going to have to fight back here in the states. There are just too many people and it’s going to be next to impossible for them to win under conventional means. This is not like Afghanistan.

          We can talk about how Obama and the Communists have taken over, there are still a sizable percentage of the people here with fighting in their DNA. The synagogue of Satan has tried through drug addiction and alcoholism and all things degenerate to undermine that physical remnant. Our adversary has brainwashed us into believing that everyone in the world is the same, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s a war instinct in the DNA of Americans who came from the beginning remnants.

          I don’t know about the other people I talk to, but there is a strong urge to just want to go nuts and fight back. I am sure I am one of millions. My life would have been more appropriate for times past, and I weep for what is coming and what the world has become. I wasn’t meant to live during this time, but yet I am here, and my DNA tells me to fight back. I’m going to go down swinging like a 6 ft 5 autistic man whose life is on the line.

          There’s a tragic showdown coming in the states and the synagogue of Satan knows it and has saved the United States for last. If worse comes to worse, they’ll just nuke it and start over.

          1. If you believe Jesus Christ is God, then you can’t believe he put you by accident. Somehow this time was conducive to our or others’ salvation, and the suffering we have to endure in the modern world is meant to perfect us for the life to come. You wound up being a truthteller in our age of universal deceit. I personally think there is a lot left that you could do.

            Justice and charity are also virtues, and what just man could see his neighbors murdered and robbed, and not feel righteous anger? But prudence demands a proper time and place. Someone else said it better on a different site, that a lot of people are going to have to take a bullet, personally, in order to realize there is a war going on. Right now too many are still plugged too much into the system to give these ideas a chance.

            I hope the force majeure does what you say. It might be the one brief galvanizing time we have, if it doesn’t come in the form of a pre-emptive nuclear strike. If it is that, the pre-emptive strike of all bases, air fields and missile sites followed by Chinese occupation, that would certainly create mass casualties and little hope of victory, even on an insurgent level. The CCP has promised ruthlessness in dealing with the US and “clearing the land”, which I don’t think even needs insider leaks to confirm.

            If it’s along the lines of the pre-emptive “pink terror” (a pre-war demoralization phase) by Spetsnaz forces posing as Muslim terrorists, etc., accompanied by the Afghanistan-trained troops enforcing martial law, that would be a different story. I’ve read reports about Russian involvement that suggest that BLM/Antifa were actually a warm-up for the pink terror schedule. Chris, have you read about pink terror and do you think it’s something we are seeing now?

  10. I think we need a little Jesus Christ here. It is great to get your financial houses in order to give you more options during the hard times. However, it is most important to get your spiritual house in order through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross to free humanity from their sins for those that believe in him. We are VERY NEAR the end and God has lost his patience for the wickedness of humanity.

    I advise all of you to watch this you tube video about a traveling pastor who encountered an angel:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqJMxRhaLM8

    You see God is at the very end of his patience and is about to start folding up the tent on humanity.
    However, Jesus Christ interceded for one last reprieve for humanity. That explains why a I feel a sense of temporary relief, however, it is only temporary and one last chance. Me, Chris, and others have lost most hope for humanity and are discouraged with humanity as a group. However, Jesus Christ still has all the hope in the world for all of humanity. Jesus Christ sees the best in all humans unlike most of us. Jesus sees the heavenly glory in the worst sinner. That is why he died on the cross for all of us.
    That said we should all turn to Jesus because he loves us all and wants the best for all of us. This is why we must look up to Jesus and not Trump, Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, Alex Jones, nor any other person. We should all pray every day and repent of our sins and ask for the holy spirit to fill us.

    Amen and God Bless all of you on this site. Chris Thank You for your site and your beautiful insight.

    1. Amen brother! I’m very thankful for this site as well. I learned a lot here, and when I decided to turn to Jesus it was Chris’ suggestion to avoid the Churches in the US and simply open the Bible. I randomly started at Matthew. I didn’t even know it was the beginning of Jesus’ teachings and the start of the new Testament until much later. Now I’m ready to get Baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Just not sure how to go about it; since Chris you talk about most Churches being infiltrated in one way or another; especially the larger Churches. The last thing I want to do is get Baptized in a Church that has Freemason infiltration. Perhaps stick with a smaller Church of Christ like this one? (typed in Jesus Christ on Youtube and searched by upload date is how I found it):


      Amen and God bless everyone here. Btw, that video you shared Andrei with the Pastor encountering an Angel was really heart-lifting. Jesus Saves. Thanks for that.

      1. The description of the church on its YouTube channel says that it is independent of all other churches and that it only answers to Jesus.


        That sounds good to me. While I don’t know this church per se, I believe you are headed in the right direction.

        I’ve tried 6-7 kjv churches over the past decade or so around here, and they are either pre-tribbers, once saved always saved, or very politically correct. It’s nearly impossible for me to find a good church here in NOVA. My saved sister on LI says the same thing.

        1. A lot of mainstream churches have been infiltrated by the leftist zombies and other churches have been infiltrated by “New Age” ideas both of which are promoted by the Synagogue of Satan. In addition, most churches dip into your wallet by pressuring their members to donate more money .

          Your best teacher of Christianity is the Holy Bible.

          I think the best form of Christian Fellowship is small groups meeting at peoples houses for Bible study and praying together.

          1. I appreciate the response Chris. I’ll look into it a bit more.

            Andrei – I agree 100% and that’s why I read the Bible daily. It definitely helps keep you from manipulated with this new dogma. I was at a local Church last Sunday. It’s a very large Church. The preacher quoted a passage from the Gospel of Matthew regarding a person asking Jesus how he can get to Heaven. Jesus told him follow the commandments ofc. The man said he does all of that. Then Jesus told him to sell all of his wealth and give it to the poor and come follow me. The man turned his back and left for he valued his Earthly wealth more. The preacher didn’t even talk about that passage in the Bible. He simply had a 10 minute video advertisement on two very large projector screens about donating to the Church. They had envelopes ready in each aisle of seating.

            Regarding “New Age” – yep they have some of that too. A week before the preacher was trying to make a connection with science and the beginning in Genesis. When it comes to problems of the world they’ve only mentioned racial injustice and against the ‘forces of evil.’ Everything Chris talked about is 100% true.

            1. New age aspects of Hinduism and Buddhism began to creep into the Christian Church going back to the fifties. Of course, it goes back even further through people like Norman Vincent Peale and the American writer gnostics of the 1800s. Each one offers a small yet substantial compromise. Fast forward 150 years later and we have a church that is completely unrecognizable from the descriptions given in the Christian bible.

        2. Chris: I feel something distinct and negative has clearly happened to the churches in the last few years. I have been to many, seeking a place to gather. I’m always either totally discouraged or totally disgusted by what I see, hear and find. I assume this is a combination of drifting from Biblical truth, and the long march toward PC/worldly values.

          1. Oh boy, I totally agree. I think if you have the stomach to come to this site and read what I write and listen to what I say and recommend, you have already come to this conclusion. Save a couple of pastors on the internet, like those who understand the origins of the United States, its distinction from all other nations going back to ancient Israel, and what made it great, there is not one pastor on YouTube that I would recommend anymore.

            I say these words deliberately. The worst aspect of today’s laodicean pastor is their continual regurgitation of the meme that you have to find a church in which to attend. That is total bunk, as it only works to create guilt and double mindedness in people like us who know better. Jesus instructs us to come out of her.

            If the pastor runs, or is a front for a 501c3 tax deductible charity, and is not telling us to fight back and resist you need to get rid of him. If a pastor out there is saying that there are plenty of churches in which to attend, but we’re just lazy to find one, you need to get rid of him. Don’t be ashamed to stop looking. This website can be considered a church. We talk more about Jesus and the truth about this world and our adversary that even the fire and brimstone jerks.

            These pastors are terrible and do a horrible Injustice to the true fighting remnant of Christ. There’s a war coming and we need to get rid of these p**** pastors in the pulpits.

            1. I’m attending my local RC church and it’s hard to figure out where this priest stands. He’s pretty old – pre-Vatican II, French and hard of hearing. I attend the English mass, so between the accent and his difficulty enunciating words, I can’t fully understand him. Of what I could decipher, there is a message of having to suffer through bad times, to stay true to what is right. But this is rather ambiguous to me – could be talking about pandemic or tribulation. Mass is masked up, hand-sanitized and communion doled out like cookies. However, I have been learning to play their pipe organ during the week. My neighbour took me through the rectory entrance – no mask protocol – janitor, secretary, priest – no one even slightly concerned about virus. The living conditions are austere, like walking into a time machine. Nothing changed since 1950s but in pristine, impeccable shape. This parish is most certainly not rich. I’m trying to discern.
              In the meantime, today’s reading:
              1st Reading – Jeremiah 31:7-9

              7 Thus says the LORD: Shout with joy for Jacob, exult at the head of the nations; proclaim your praise and say: The LORD has delivered his people,
              the remnant of Israel.
              8 Behold, I will bring them back from the land of the north; I will gather them from the ends of the world, with the blind and the lame in their midst,
              the mothers and those with child; they shall return as an immense throng.
              9 They departed in tears, but I will console them and guide them; I will lead them to brooks of water, on a level road, so that none shall stumble. For I am a father to Israel, Ephraim is my first-born.

              1. That is a very good passage and germane to today’s circumstances. It is a continuation of Jeremiah 30 and its discussion of Jacob’s trouble. Euphraim was taken into captivity long before Jeremiah stepped onto the scene. Here, he discusses a reunited Ephraim.

                Are all the Catholic churches discussing this passage? They usually get a particular passage and all of the churches in the region preach the same thing during mass.

              2. The reading he’s talking about is from the Vatican II “Church”. The traditional reading today is about rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and rendering to God what is God’s.

  11. It all moved that fast as I am walking my dog. Out of the trades as DWAC pulled back. Scaled out up to 3 on TRKA.

    Had a small 100 gain scalp in CRTD and thought I cashed out too early. PHUN still rocking.

    TRKA crashing. Oh well.

      1. I regret selling DWAC too soon. Should have realized the value proposition sooner. Oh well…. The other ones were just ride alongs. These things can move so fast. I also kept an eye on SALM, but didn’t bite.

        I should have loaded up on DWAC early, since the downside was very limited. It’s not like it was an electric car company. It’s a social media firm holding a ton of Goodwill with Trump’s name.

        At least I didn’t buy it at 150.

    1. As of this post the DWACU units are more than the DWAC stock. Crazy pump that I didn’t think it would get this high. Nobody ever mentioned this spac before or was talking about it a day ago. I think CRTD has a Trump NFT, and PHUN is going off an old news event, same with SALM. Wondering if China stocks will boom next week off the Evergrande payment news?

  12. Will gold finally break out of the 50 week SMA?

    MAGA! Sold my shares early. Left in the morning and sold a few hours later. Still nice. I’m looking forward to Trump giving us the truth.

    I suspect the plan will be to consolidate all of the disparate social media platforms in the alt-right and shift the center of gravity to Trump’s truth media, in which the Jysas goats will be able to control the narrative.

    1. It’s going to be so much truth that we’re not going to be able to handle it.

      Doubt we’ll here anything about Jesus though.

      MAGA indeed.

      1. Amen to that.. all a bunch of Judas goats consolidating the opposition with a Delphi technique like precision.

        I am long and strong TRKA. just halted on circuit breaker.


        1. I sold DWAC so early. Should have kept a little into the afternoon. DWAC is confirmation for what you have been saying. Trump played his part and now he’s being rewarded. That spac couldn’t have gotten above $100 without institutional backing. Everyone thinks it’s the small guys rallying around maga which is not.

          Imagine if Trumps new platform had Jesus in its name: the spac wouldn’t have gone above $20.

          I’m in! Got in at 2.71. Just saw your message thanks Chris!

      2. It all moved that fast as I am walking my dog. Out of the trades as DWAC pulled back. Scaled out up to 3 on TRKA.

        Had a small 100 gain scalp in CRTD and thought I cashed out too early. PHUN still rocking.

  13. The sarcasm on the Zero Hedge Twitter feed this morning is off the charts. ZH is making fun of people who have dissed Bitcoin in the past yet full of advice, bashing Dennis Gartnan stock index recommendations, and mocking investment advisors who sold Trump’s stock too early.

    Of course, Zero Hedge has kept the unwitting alt-plebes on the sidelines for over a decade and bashed real estate all the way up and bashed the stock market all the way up.

    Zero hedge; the outlet that was telling us that Evergrande blowup was the catalyst for the next stock market catastrophe. Zero hedge, with friends like them, you don’t need enemies. Guaranteed to impoverish the remnant with demoralizing anti-west propaganda.

    1. Zero Hedge also likes to make a lot of fun of Tesla and Elon Musk. Just goes to show a lot of ZH is just clickbait and not substantive knowledge. I do like ZH anti Vax bias however.

    1. I just bought 100 shares at 11.80.

      The Synagogue of Satan has been very good to Donald Trump since he left his presidency the way he did. He’s gotten hundreds of millions in payouts and has gotten his ostensible enemies off his back.

      He’s gotten on the covid bandwagon and he’s a good little goy.

  14. I think the powers that be are pushing bitcoin above precious metals and other cryptos for a two reasons:

    1) They want to divert investors away from gold and silver so they can get more of it for themselves at cheaper prices.

    2) I think they are promoting bitcoin as a test to see how the plebes respond to digital currency in a similar manner that the internet was promoted back in the 90s. I think eventually they will either make it official or convert it to an official digital currency that will be controlled by the authorities. Remember the 90s when the internet cyberspace was free and wild like the wild west. Now it is more controlled and censured. I think a similar move will happen to cryptos. My research indicates bitcoin was created by the deep state as there is no such person as Satoshi Nakamoto and it was developed under mysterious circumstances as Chris mentioned.

    I have a little bit in cryptos and some savings in precious metals. Precious metals are a great way to get money out of the beast system but not a great way to make a profit. I have a feeling that gold and silver will rise in dollar terms as the dollar loses purchasing power.

    However you invest, DO NOT INVEST ON MARGIN, I have seen clients go all out on margin either short selling and buying long only to see their investments go the wrong way and they end up with huge margin calls. Some of my clients had to sell some of their real estate to cover their margin calls. I have heard of one person who had to sell their long time residence as he leveraged his house on investments that went sour. Use margin sparingly and be careful of the gambling mentality.

  15. Rachel Levine: Transgender official sworn in as four-star admiral – BBC


    Four star admiral is a geriatric drag queen

    Four star admiral is a drag queen

    Nothing has changed with my predictions. The last full decade; that’s it. It’s over.

    Pope Francis speaking and acting like the false prophet. The final battle over free will is raging right now. Pray to Jesus. Jesus saves.

  16. Vax facts.

    Nearly 200 pages of interesting charts and quotes here about how more people are dying of the shots than being saved by the shots. It’s a 4:1 ratio in many cases. I bet it’s worse because the stats are skewed – they downplay vax damage and exaggerate viruses.


    1. People are missing the most important point: it does not matter that the vax is unsafe and mostly useless, the Controllers are forcing it on everyone anyway, and the reason they are forcing it on everyone has nothing to do with health.
      We don’t know for sure what the real reason is, but honestly it does look like some kind of a “forced conversion” ritual or something. Some kind of a dependency test on NWO.
      Note how they are never pushing this to the breaking point. Also, many (if not all) of these new restrictions do come with easy workarounds (like exemptions, etc.) attached. They also back off promptly at any sign of organized resistance. Still, whatever it is they are doing, it does look dark and rather hopeless. Basically all of us are at their mercy now, as there appears to be no real force which would be resisting it for real (if resisting it is even feasible).

      1. They have said supply shortages will continue until everyone is vaxed.
        That sounds a bit like a Holodomor might be coming to the US. What’s a gun for if the supermarket is empty? Who are you going to shoot? Cops aren’t coming to your door, they’ll be starving too.

        That’s just one scenario. Expect the unexpected.

        Go to 00:45:00


        1. I could deal with empty grocery stores. The problems will start when they force us to get vaxxed to enter them or to conduct day to day business.

          You are correct in that regard about using guns, though I wouldn’t hesitate to use them during roundups. I prefer using my dragon’s breath 12 gauge. Anything it touches burns up with 5500 degree magnesium pellets.

          What I see, rather, is that many will start to burn down the stores and government buildings. There will be sabotage with utilities, which would render their buildings useless. I see sabotage to water mains and power lines. there are many vulnerable places in the electric grid and water supply that can easily be exploited.

          You think this is far-fetched? This is the real reason why the troops for Afghanistan are coming back home. This is where the battle is going to be before Jacob’s trouble. It will be bad in the United States much worse here than anywhere else in the world.

          The only places where they’re introducing some sort of vax pass are in the blue areas where there are a lot of effeminate men and government lovers.

          1. No matter what they do, they won’t be able to jab a perfect 100%. There will be Party-favorites exemptions, health-related exemption, etc. etc. All these people will somehow need to get through the QR checkpoints into the stores. This suggests that QR codes will ultimately be handed out to everyone regardless of their vax status. At the end of the day, TPTB are not after killing you (that would be easy), but rather they need you to accept the brave new world of total control and to love it.
            I cannot understand how TPTB are planning on rolling out QR checkpoints in grocery stores while half of the US states are wide open with zero restrictions. Again, maybe they just want everyone who does not like the new rules to move to those states.
            I am trying not to worry too much about what’s coming because there is no realistic way to fight it anyway. They will either kill the last few percent of refuzniks, which is possible but not very likely, or they will let these people live somewhere somehow. I just wish they would announce it up front where it is they need us to move to, to save me the hassle of moving more than once…

            1. The answer for all of this is to destroy the industrial infrastructure. Destroy the cell towers. Destroy the electrical transformers. Destroy the water-treament facilities. Destroy highway bridges.

              If you can knockout industrial infrastructure this country grinds to a halt within hours.

              Sabotage the “System” as much as you can.

              1. Then they call you a terrorist and the common people believe them. What good does that do except harm innocents? This is more of a federal agents’ suggestion than something from Christ. Accept that this time is allowed by God, and use it to get your spiritual house in order, because recognizing the current plot doesn’t get you into Heaven automatically.

              2. Actually, when the people start rioting and looting, any real acts of sanotage won’t make the news, because the adversary wouldn’t be able to control the situation. They would be concerned it would spread, and that would not be something they would contain.

                The only time it will make the news is when it’s staged.

                If the “deep state” doesn’t sabotage the drinking water supply, and if it was done through genuine civil unrest, we would never find out the real reason. It would be called a supply chain issue.

                Biden would be talking about spending another couple trillion to fix the water infrastructure. The S of S would rejoice as the children continued to be shuffled off into the Communist indoctrination centers. Then we can relax, pat ourselves on the back, and say we are good Christians.

                Here’s a rub about the end timers. We may not be here and this may go on and on; the people who refrain from acting will be killed anyway. Not by beheading, but by starvation or a bullet. The Russians in 1917 thought they were going to be raptured out. Just like many Germans.

                These elites may just get their 500 million. Then the endtime. And a quarter of the survivors are beheaded sometime in the distant future, long after we lived our lives.

                At the judgment throne God will say you didn’t defend yourself or your family and neighbors. You sat watching everything while the electronic radiation from your electronic screens pulsed and put you in a theta brainwave stand down mode.

                The people who overthrew the British to declare a new country here in the states would be considered terrorists today. Meanwhile, the Laodicean hypocrite Christians are living fat and sassy, living off the blood and sweat of their forefathers. Actually, most here are just sucking it dry while they call the founding fathers racists and terrorists. Tear down those statues.

              3. Chris, it’s a near certainty that any conflict you imagine as a “civil war” will be staged, and otherwise would be useless anyway. Whatever you imagine America was, it’s just another New Jerusalem now. To have something like the War in the Vendée, you need a truly religious citizenry to recognize the evil for what it is, and to regard the next life more important in order to fight against the Revolution. Do you imagine any leader could appear who would or could say “Jesus Christ is God” and, just as importantly, _condemn everything else_?

                Instead he would say that it’s just a choice, he personally believes it, but it’s ok to believe in Buddha, Mohammed, Vishnu—you have your belief I have mine. This mode of thought comes from Satan and is the popular error of our time. Anything less than Christ the King is guaranteed to fail, absolutely. If it were possible for a popular revolt to succeed, then we should see it happening now, and instead we see the Revolution continues without much real opposition. If your happiness is in this life, then there is every reason to capitulate, and the majority of people are finding their own way of doing so.

                The society that America was, was also just part of the Revolution, and you may not believe that, but it was integral for its success. We’ve all been there, looking back at the long compromises and preferring a different stage, but there is an endpoint, a perfection, or final culmination to everything. The Revolution is preparing to remove the name Jesus Christ from everything (the “promised” destruction of “Edom”, Western Civilization), but most especially the lives of His people from this world. The Synagogue of Satan’s name for him even has that very meaning, “may his name and memory be blotted out”, and just shows the preternatural hatred of the devil in its inspiration.

          2. And there really is no need for us to be involved in any sabotage. The majority of people don’t share the views you have published here. Their desire is to get back to the consumerism and hedonism, not the Kingship of Christ. It is morally acceptable to a point to match force for force, but not to cause undue damage to innocent people (e.g. sabotaging infrastructure). Any kind of probably manufactured “popular” movement will be crushed and used as a scapegoat for the main goal of destroying the United States, which rests entirely in the hands of Jesus Christ and His Divine Providence.

            The main goal of a Christian is salvation. The most important thing is not to survive at all costs, but to remain in God’s grace at all costs. If this means dying, it is better to be beheaded by the Synagogue than to be cast into Hell.

            1. I am not a FED you blathering fool. Yeah, keep talking about salvation as the satanists come to your house and shoot your dog, rape your wife, kill her, and then shoot you in the back of the head and leave you in the front yard.

              You are softer than a marshmellow cream puff.

              Guess what happens when the grid goes down? The government surely is too incompetent to do anything about it. Remember Katrina?

              All that needs to happen is for the industrial infrastructure to get taken out and this govt folds up like the cheap suit that it is. Unfortunately, there are too many cowards who would rather drink beer, watch grown men in tights chase a ball and tackle each other, and uselessly navel gaze about what could go wrong. Dude, the Taliban who literally wear sandals, man dresses, and use old Ak-47s and homemade bombs made the US govt fold up like a cheap suit and run away in the middle of the night.

              Ted Kaczynski literally was in a shed in the woods reigning terror on the government for over 20 years as just one man sending mail bombs. Yet, all the knuckledraggers and windowlickers cannot even muster anything. This country has gone so soft and bizarre that it isn’t worth even bothering because you will probably end up turned in by your own friends.

              1. Ok, tough guy, but this is more of a catch-22. Your compliance or rebellion serves the purpose. I don’t plan on getting caught and my advice isn’t do nothing. It’s much more useful to get your spiritual house in order than to make the news and go down with Trump.

                Even if you could take back some part of the US, the problem is much bigger than that. The other nations aren’t going to let you have a little Tea Party and take no action. Inciting people to random acts of violence is no solution, glowy.

        2. It is better to have a gun and not need it than to need it and not have it. Pretty soon guns may be impossible to get due to very restrictive rules and supply issues. Get a gun while you can.
          If your on a budget then a 12 gauge shotgun is the best thing to get. Shotguns are useful for home defense AND hunting a critter. You don’t need to have the best aim for shot guns. Shotguns can be acquired for anywhere between $200 to $1000 whereas a good semi-auto rifle will go upwards of $1,100.

          If you are considering concealed carry then a small semi automatic handgun such as Glock or Sig Sauer is the best bet because they are lighter and smaller than a revolver but semi auto handguns are a little more complicated to operate than a revolver. Revolvers are easier to operate but are bigger and heavier. Most good Semi auto handguns go $500 or upwards. In a lot of states you must get a permit for concealed carry.

          1. When I suggest getting a gun, I only suggest it for self defense when a situation gets out of control.

            1. Amen to that. If you see thugs dragging your neighbor out of the house it’s time to use it. They’ll be shocked that there was any opposition. Of course, at that point you’re going to have to put it into your heart that you’re going to be next, so you’ll have nothing to lose anyway; defending the life of your neighbors is a uniquely Christian phenomenon.

  17. What do you think about the revaluation idea concerning gold.

    Central banks revalue gold, say to $25000, in order to repair their balance sheets and regain an ability to demand, both domestically and abroad.

    1. I know this is a popular theory in the gold community, but I have been hearing about this for 16 years. It’s been revalued on an ongoing basis. I started buying gold at 400/oz during the Summer of Katrina. It’s more than quadrupled since. I say it’s about to move again. If it weren’t for bitcoin, gold would be 3,000.

      The problem about revaluing and then pegging currencies to a certain gold price, is that there would not be enough subsequent M2, M3 money growth to service the interest payments on the outstanding debt. The economy would collapse and go bankrupt. Only money creation can keep the existing debt in service.

        1. It’s fine. I used to work in mutual and closed end funds, and trusts in the mid 90s and can recall some of this stuff. ETHE and GBTC can be bought like shares of a closed end fund, from what I can read.

          This means they usually trade at a premium or discount to NAV. It’s OTC, but can be bought in your brokerage account. Since it’s OTC, I doubt your firm would let it be marginable. That’s okay for most of investors. I do not recommend high margin balances anyway, especially as stocks have risen.

          From what I can see, these grayscale trusts have a 2.5% annual mgmt fee. That’s pretty high, but I think it still is a decent vehicle. You can own this as as well as ETH.

          If these OTC trusts can be converted to ETFs to allow asset additions, not by direct purchase with the trust, I think it would be even better. These trusts are like traded mutual funds and tend to trade at large discounts. Any conversion would most likely remove the large discounts to NAV. Also, the management fees would have to be reduced by at least 100 bps, and a move to an ETF would likely cause management to do that as an inducement to attract assets.

          If anyone out there has anything else to add or wishes to correct me, please do. It’s been a long time since I was working with these things.

  18. You mentioned that gold is getting ready to make a major move. If you were looking at the odds, what percentage would you give that it will be an up move versus a down move?

  19. Regarding Gold.
    There are rumours (yes, i know, but hey its gold right) of vast amounts of gold being kept away from the public.
    One vocal advocate of this theory is Bix Weir, who i follow loosely. He had some really good calls with Theta, but his silver calls are basically “it should go up but it doesnt”.
    Anyway, here are two links to his side, with articles about gold discoveries that were quickly confiscated and erased in the news.

    Why is this important. Well, if true, it means we are also being lied to regarding the amount of known gold inventory. I wouldnt be surprised, after all when was the last time we actually got some truth.

    This is also why i am more bullish on BTC (and crypto) than gold: you never know the exact amounts of gold available, while you know everything that happens on the blockchain.

    Silver i am hugely bullish on, mainly because of the extreme price rigging. But it will go higher when and if they allow it, or when physical silver is depleted. I talk the talk with 30% of my portfolio into silver (and a bit of gold).

    1. There’s the old joke regarding Fort Knox, and why it’s so well guarded. It’s to stop people from finding out the gold storage vaults are empty.

      Besides, much of the gold held in the name of the United States government at the Federal Reserve in downtown New York City is not the property of the US government anymore. Most of it has been hypothecated and rehypothecated to the central banks as collateral over the decades.

      People can call silver a dead asset, but I first started buying silver when it was about 5 to $6 an ounce. Silver eagles were selling for about eight and a half dollars a piece 18 years ago. I was buying 100 oz bars of silver back in 2005 for like $6 an ounce. It’s basically quadrupled. I sold most of my silver about a decade ago down to about 25, so the volatility is outrageous here. $25 may sound like good deal, but I felt like I was licking my wounds after seeing it nearly touch 50.

      We had a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy silver at 15 and 14 dollars an ounce early last year when everything crashed. I still think it is priced well for long-term investors. I just don’t recommend silver eagles anymore. A small speculators bid up all of these silver coins.

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