October 18th Update – A response to an email; Investing according to the objectives of the Great Reset

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Investing successfully during the Great Reset

A reader comments and asks:

Your perspective and interpretation of the current events is bang on! I enjoy the Christian perspective and scripture quotes you refer to, along with some of your followers. As a Born-Again Christian I am very blessed to read your site. It is heartbreaking to see many of my fellow believers brainwashed by what is going on and fast asleep regarding the current events.

1) Regarding finances: What do we do now? I sold all my Real Estate holdings due to the craziness here in Canada. I only hold US stocks and some blue chip dividend paying Canadian stocks. Armstrong still says “DOW 40,000”. But….HE SAID ON HIS SOCRATES AI SYSTEM THAT ON MARCH 8th OF 2022 THERE WILL BE A ONE DAY 50% CRASH…….LIKE THE OCTOBER 1987 CRASH. What do you think?

2) Cyber Crash: I have been hearing and reading a lot lately about the great cyber crash that is being planned by the elites that is coming in late fall or coming just before Christmas.

A complete electronic/societal breakdown: no heat, internet, cell phones, gas, electricity, traffic lights, rationed food, no banking access, Visa Cards frozen, no water pumped from utilities to homes etc…..total chaos! I THINK THAT IS WHY BIDEN CALLED HOME THE TROOPS – CROWD CONTROL AND MARTIAL LAW – TOTAL CHAOS FOR A WEEK OR MORE. What are your thoughts and insight on this?

Here is my response:

Success is only possible when we know what we’re up against

Indeed, it is impossible for me to interpret the ongoing “madness” without the understanding of the Bible and my belief as a Christian. Moreover, I would have made the wrong long-term investment decisions and recommendations. Here is my one guiding principal; we must never underestimate our adversary and its ability to achieve its objectives of the new world order. If you think this is not the case, you can listen to the recommendations and fear-mongering of the Health Ranger and Alex Jones. They have plenty of stuff to sell.

Sure, there are some other philosophies and religions out there that can get us a few steps ahead, but those people who subscribe to them will continually underestimate the adversary and overestimate humanity’s ability to recognize the threats to its existence. True remnant Christians should know better.

Here are several questions and observations I ask when making investment decisions:

Question: What would the engineers of the Great Reset gain by crashing the markets now? What would they gain by collapsing the economy?

Answer: The short answer is nothing, but unnecessary uncertainty.  They would only create surplus risks for themselves. If our adversary, the synagogue of Satan, decided to slice the Dow by 20-50%, or collapse the RE market by 30%, there would be several adverse outcomes:

1) The concerted campaign to consolidate the global wealth in the most expedient manner would be delayed, perhaps for years.

The objectives of the NWO are obvious

Since 2012, I publicly discussed how QE was purposely devised to be the primary mechanism for the elites to consolidate the global wealth. Social largesse is nothing but an excuse to soften up the population while simultaneously extracting the global wealth. The money that is created through deficit spending is eventually transferred to those with the income generating assets. While this may help someone who owns a dozen rental properties, for those who control the largest firms, or the central banks, the wealth transfer is beyond comprehension.

2) If the wealth consolidation process is impacted, these NWO engineers would also risk losing the Great Reset narrative in the MSM, medical establishment, governments, NGOs, as well as the educational and military-industrial complexes. It takes tens of trillions of dollars to control these objectives and timelines, and if the elites drop the ball or try to collapse the markets now, they risk losing their position of strength and momentum.

3) If the PTB collapse the markets, they risk undermining their green agenda and ESG investing objectives. These investing theses are complete frauds and are not based on reality. The phony concepts of carbon footprints and ESG can only be supported with negative real interest rates and bond yields. They are not profitable on a stand alone basis, and these lies can only be supported and nurtured with massive QE programs.

4) If the markets are holding up just fine while millions of people are forced out of the workforce from vaccine refusal, I think it’s safe to say the markets will remain in an upward trend. If the powers could effectively shut down the economy for over six months and pay out trillions in “freebies” to the dumbed down and scared livestock, these powers can maintain the markets all the way past Dow 40,000.

5) By keeping the markets levitated, homeowners, 401(k) participants, and stock and real estate investors, will continue to underestimate the existential threats to their existence. If the globalists decided to crash the stock and real estate markets, they risk having the people wake up from their slumber at the most pivotal moment in history.

If these elites want the livestock humanity to take these mRNA jabs, they need to create an environment of ostensible stability in an otherwise “insane” time. Talk of war, the covid scams, vaccine mandates, etc., can only be ameliorated with high asset prices; not the other way around.

Question: What would be gained by creating a cyber crash now?

Beware of the whistleblowers; paid actors and limited hangout

Answer: We currently have an adversary that is desperately moving to get everyone in the world to receive experimental and unproven mRNA jabs in light of the overwhelming evidence that shows they are pure poison. What would happen to this timeline if the globalists create a cyber crash now? Once again, they risk losing the narrative. I don’t see it, though this has been an ongoing risk in the MSM and alt-media for a decade or so.

Just the talk of cyberterrorism creates the need and excuse to centralize the control of the internet. I view these sham Facebook and social media “whistleblowers” as another act of fakery. These paid actors are placed in the spotlight to help facilitate and accelerate the objectives for tighter control over the web and information/news feed.

Question: Will the markets and economy crash as the people are forced out of the workforce over the vaccine mandates?

Answer: No. Already, the employment data are lagging expectations, and the MSM are wilfully choosing to lie to the people about how businesses cannot find enough workers. The problem is that businesses cannot find enough vaccinated workers. If the shortfall persists, the governments and businesses will just replace all those Western college graduates with third-world illegals.

The shocks to the supply chains are all being manufactured or caused by COVID and vaccine mandates. The elites have centralized the power of the transportation and shipping industries, and cause any types of bottlenecks they choose. Don’t ever think for once that any of us are indispensable. We are all replaceable. The replacement workers will just work to raise rents and prices, while the unaxxed college grads fade into obscurity.

Think I’m kidding? Look at the backlash from the vaccine mandates. There is little to none. Where are the attacks and civil unrest? Where is the infrastructure sabotage? There are none. The only acts of “terrorism” will be engineered by our adversary to blame us Christians and anti-vaxxers.

Toss the “cycles” garbage in to the trash bin

Question: What do I recommend as investments?

Answer: Given what we know regarding the Great Reset timeline and its speed of approach, I think we will see more of the same in the markets. However, the “wall of worry” will be completely fabricated and manufactured as the NWO objectives must be achieved in a limited time frame (e.g. out to 2030). Collapsing the markets now will not help our adversary.  Our adversary has more to lose right now than to gain.

This has nothing to do with cycles and all to do with a centrally-managed economy, monetary system, and asset marketplace. Beware of charlatans trying to take advantage of your confirmation bias to profit by offering you superfluous, but costly, services.


Never short Tesla, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Netflix. People like Michael Snyder may refuse to recognize the value proposition of Netflix, but its existence has proven vital to the NWO engineers. NFLX has been instrumental in creating a demonic and depraved culture who will embrace the evils of the Great Reset. These firms will always get the cheap financing and inflows of money and business to grow more powerful. The biggest only become bigger.

Look how the Dow and S&P 500 have performed in the face of rising catastrophic risks to the economy. Both retook their 50-day sma. Some catastrophe….

Housing and Real Estate

If mortgage rates rise to 5-6% they would only be matching current official inflation numbers. Real inflation is running at least double that, and given the sharp increases in rents, residential real estate is actually fairly priced in the United States. I can actually provide a thesis that states house prices are still reasonable in many areas of the country.

Real mortgage rates have never been lower in history and even if they rise another 100 bps, inflation is still 150-200 bps greater than the 30-year conforming mortgage.

Already, we are seeing the most liberal aspects in government beginning to scale back their wilfully ignorant ambitions. However, the urge to overspend on social and Marxist programs remain. This upward pressure will remain relentless and if any other “catastrophes” emerge, they will only provide for more catalysts to lower bond yields and ramp up QE.

Whether it was the repo madness of late 2018, which “forced” the Fed to reverse course, or the covid scam, each crisis is met with more QE and lower bond yields. Never underestimate the PTB from engineering another market moving crisis to keep their Great Reset agenda on track.

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31 thoughts on “October 18th Update – A response to an email; Investing according to the objectives of the Great Reset

  1. I enjoy this blog the most when we are talking solutions, preparations, and try to make a fist together.
    Telling ourselves we were right all along, and seeking knowledge that only confirms those thoughts, what difference does that make? Other then the “i told you so” 5 seconds of fame.
    I have been visiting sites, blogs, watched video’s for 12 years now, and i still see people trying to defend themselves against the normies, trying to prove our view is the right one. I am done doing that. We know whats comming, the rest could have known too years ago. At this moment they are ballast, redundant sheep and likely our enemies when the shit hits the fan. They will blaim us, not reward us for our insights. I am ditching everyone in my circle that lives in the clouds still, and it gives me so much more energy that i can use to help likeminded people.
    My world has become a lot smaller, but so much more rewarding and worth living.

    Whatever Powell has to say, or Biden, or any other puppet, complete waste of my time.

    1. Amen to that.

      All these alt media people tell us they’re right, but they never offered the correct solutions or actions to take. They copied what they saw on the preppers TV shows. They kept telling their audience that they needed to turn it around. What a joke.

      Our society and ways of life have been collapsing for decades. We don’t wake up one morning with 90% of the stocks owned by 10% of the population. That takes time. That happens over decades. What I find so incredible is that the stock ownership is so concentrated and yet we have tens of millions of people buying stocks in their retirement and 401k plans. This goes to show how our entire way of life has transformed and has been re-engineered while the preppers and alt-media bloggers slept and warned us of impending collapse.

      They point us to puppet a or puppet b. Neither one matters. Unless Colon Powell got his heart right with Jesus before he took his last breath, he’s just like any other lost soul burning in hell right now. He was just another lying puppet. What Biden says means nothing to me anymore. He’s just a puppet.

      The United States has been collapsing since I was a child. I remember a solid 50 years of slow motion collapse. All the things I have done and have recommended are all in response to this slow motion car crash. The country and people that I remember from 50 years ago are completely unrecognizable today. Both whites and blacks were neighborly and family oriented. Today, it’s is a total disgusting dump of degeneracy. If the people are wondering why the nation and world has turned into a cesspool, they need to look in the mirror first. This has allowed our adversary to slowly creep in and take over.

      Salvation lies within. We need to make certain that none of us fall into the snares and traps that have been established by the engineers of the New World Order.

      There’s no reason to have a stock market crash anymore. Each stock market crash is met with more buying by the elites. Now that they own virtually own all the stock, they have concentrated the power and wealth of the corporations into their hands. They can just let the stock prices levitate forever, and let themselves get richer and richer. These social engineers who own the stocks never sell. They let the plebs dither with their Robin Hood accounts. These elites also own most of the Bitcoin.

      1. Doesnt it bother you Chris that you are well known by now. I mean you are braver than me, i rathher keep to the shadows. Glad for all you do, and risk, i am sure it matters to a lot of us to have a place to talk, learn, enjoy.

        1. I’m not that well known by now. I don’t advertise nor have any social media presence. My views are not popular with the alt-crowd, who think we can all be the same, and live together, and overcome our adversary. Although humans have been on this planet for 6,000 years, only one other time did all the various humans live together in one nation. That was in during the time of the tower of Babel.

          I have no allies and never get asked for any interviews. I have no friends in the alt-community; they may agree with one idea, but be offended with the next one. That’s what happens with independent thinkers.

          The alt-masses and socially-reengineered livestock seem to think that all the different humans can all live together in peace and harmony and all be happy. They were fed that by our adversary in their schooling and media, who creates this cheap amalgam through cries of racism, misogyny, trillions in deficit spending to support the lazy and dumb, and religious intolerance. Thus, the weakened country with dozens of races and religions lacks cohesion and is thus easily managed by our masters who are the synagogue of Satan.

          I stopped caring about the easily offended plebes. They are unable to figure out how they are being played. I am too old to give a hoot about the people and what they think of me. It helps not having a job or business. Imagine if I were running a business and my customers and clients come across this site. They would virtue signal me into the ground. If I had a job I would be fired.

          People do deserve what’s coming. I have to go now; it’s time to stop charging low rents. I need to kick out more tenants.

  2. The title Rainbow Six is very interesting as they have announced a varient called R.1. If you watch the third video you will see a clip (7.15) from the 2009 V series where there is a reference to a molecular compound called R6 that embeds itself in human DNA. Also the second episode in this series is called “There Is No Normal Anymore” and the episode in the link is called “This Is Just The Beginning.”

  3. Read the plot summary of this book.


    In the book they use the vax to wipe out humanity to “save the Earth”. We’ll that’s something only white people could ever believe. Wipe out the cows to stop cow farts. Go for it.

    The SOS loves white people – the single most intelligent and inventive people in existence, and simultaneously the absolute dumbest. Do-gooders are Satan’s sharpest tools.

    People tell me their bosses are telling them to get the vax. I ask them if they know why their bosses want them to get the vax, and they don’t really know. The boss probably doesn’t know either.

    People think these lost jobs are coming back. Have you noticed how they have channeled us into pointless busy work over the years. Jobs that shouldn’t even exist. Jobs that could disappear overnight and make no difference. Jobs that a computer could do. Mindless cubicle nonsense. Creating templates for powerpointless slide shows to explain the useless procedures required to generate useless reports on irrelevant meetings about completely inane management and planning initiatives that people spend time avoiding. These jobs can be wiped out and it would not affect the system. They don’t even need to be automated. Many only exist due to “reporting requirements”. It’s just another rug they can pull from under us.

    1. Two thoughts here;
      White people are by tradition, Christians. They were smart and wealthy, because of their faith in Jesus. Now they have been cast down with the rest of the unbelieving sodomites. Their lot is now worse than the others.

      Western white people have become the most brainwashed I meet. If they truly turned back to Jesus and shut off their electronics, this would all go away. It will not happen until the force majeure.

      Second, you are absolutely correct about the job market. A great observation. So many of the jobs are really superfluous and unnecessary. They can all be automated. The COVID scam proved that.

      1. Alan Watt used to talk about how the job market was deliberately established in the post WWII world to be like how you describe it. He said it would eventually be transformed into a credit system with credits that would disappear if not spent. The credits would be based on our behavior. Our skillet would mean little. Watt said our jobs were really meant to be a routine of essentially meaningless tasks for the vast majority of humanity.

        1. Bob and Chris you are right on the money. I worked in financial services for over 30 years .Every year became worse. The legal ,compliance ,administrative departments were a never ending stream of minutia and useless paperwork. The state and federal regulations . The middlemen and salesman. None could read a financial statement or understand any technical analysis. Everything seemed important except making money for clients and yourself. It was like being a carcass on the African plain with 80 hyenas pulling on you. I dont know if I read watt but I do remember reading that one of the goals of the sos was to encumber the plebs with realms of paper so that they never good grasp what was happening. Reminded me of throwing a smoke grenade before an attack. A few guys I worked with over the years would have an insight into this but like the vax scenario now what could they do they had families to feed. Yes all of those jobs could dissolve without it being noticed. The social credit system is around the corner.

          1. I remember in the late 1990s when the ISO9002 inspector came to our premises. The idiot in charge of the lab proudly showed off all the filing cabinets full of folders which were all categorized according to the standard, and told the inspector how hard we had been working on them.

            The inspector flipped through them all for a minute, then turned around and said “but they’re all empty!”. We had to leave the room and started laughing our butts off around the corner.

            We had all the right folders, so we got the certification. It was a huge craze back then and everyone “needed” ISO9002 certification. Nobody probably even knows what it is anymore but it was literally a paperwork standard. I even said to the inspector “all of our calibrations and tests could be complete garbage but so long as we have the right paperwork we are 9002 compliant, right?” He said yes.

            This badly effects women. Bertrand Russell in his 1930s book about happiness wrote about the problem of women getting attached to their work. The bad signs are that as soon as they got home they start talking about work, at parties they talk about work, and in the weekend they talk about work. In severe cases they talk about nothing else. This is very common today. They can’t disconnect as easily as men can he said.

            I wonder if this was the real reason women were pushed into the workforce – not this idea of “doubling the tax take” – more like halving the birth rate.

            Russell’s book is here.

            “In this respect there is a great difference between men and women. Men on the whole find it very much easier to forget their work than women do. In the case of women whose work is in the home this is natural, since they do not have the change of place that a man has when he leaves the office to help them to acquire a new mood. But if I am not mistaken, women whose work is outside the home differ from men in this respect almost as much as those who work at home. They find it, that is to say, very difficult to be interested in anything that has for them no practical importance. Their purposes govern their thoughts and their activities, and they seldom become absorbed in some wholly irresponsible interest. I do not of course deny that exceptions exist, but I am speaking of what seems to me to be the usual rule. In a women’s college, for example, the women teachers, if no man is present, talk shop in the evening, while in a men’ s college the men do not. This characteristic appears to women as a higher degree of conscientiousness than that of men, but I do not think that in the long run it improves the quality of their work. And it tends to produce a certain narrowness of outlook leading not infrequently to a kind of fanaticism.”

            1. You get no disagreement from me on this. Russell and the rest of the futurists and social engineers knew exactly why they wanted women in the workplace. Having two breadwinners in each family doubles the tax take, it lowers the effect of wage base as more people compete for the same jobs, it helps to reduce population growth as these families have less children, the children from these homes are also more easily indoctrinated in the schools as there is less resistance to the New World Order doctrine pushed in their curriculum. I can go on and on as to why the engineers of the New World Order wanted women to enter the workforce. Double breadwinner households tend to be less stable as well.

              Russell does make a good observation here. Women have a strong maternal instinct that is ingrained in their DNA and if they transfer that from having a family and children to their job, they will also take that instinct to their employer.

              I guess I will have a few more women unsubscribe.

              1. Chris, I won’t be unsubscribing I agree with you all completely and more women need to understand all this.

                As a child I was very in touch with maternal instincts and loved the idea of running a household. My hobbies were piano, sewing, cooking, gardening and I babysat. It all resonated with me and I loved doing it. My parents pushed me to become educated solely to have a high paying job yet my mother wept when I got cruelly dumped by my first boyfriend because even though the guy was not a great person and treated me badly he was an engineer and so he could take care of me. Confusing…indeed.
                My job is deadline driven, a high amount of hours and tons of pressure. At certain times of year I barely see my husband and I was always unable to leave work at work as one of your subscribers mentioned. It caused strains on my marriage and I was always bewildered about why I’m so unhappy because this is what women should want right? Everyone is a feminist including our beloved prime minister (barf) and it’s a mortal sin to be a woman but not a feminist.
                I was working but hating it for the last two few years only because we have maternity benefits from the Canadian government (that we of course pay into so I’d like some return on that). I think we are done having kids so I’m going to reduce down to contract work and keep my kids home and out of the school system.

                I really loved this post and all the thoughful discussion it is generating. Thank you Chris

  4. All your well written insights are so very appreciated. Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to read/listen to your valuable and very generous perspectives. Thank you, Chris!

  5. The wealthiest 10% of Americans own a record 89% of all U.S. stocks


    Job well done…

    In order to enjoy the middle class lifestyle of 1971, a household now needs to be in at least the 80th percentile of household wealth. Perhaps, higher, depending on age and number of children. A household with five children and a father in his late 40’s should be close to the 90th percentile, so the mom can stay at home and raise the children properly.

    The s of s makes it nearly impossible and too expensive to properly raise children.

  6. Man you are dead on with the supposed facebook whistleblowers…..this is a complete fakery. Furthermore, the supposed woman is actually a man. The government must have a literal “actors” warehouse.

  7. ‘We are all replaceable’. Indeed. In Ontario, since I became a teacher in 1995, there were very strict restrictions on who could teach in the public school system. You had to be Ontario certified, and because I came certified from Quebec, I was overqualified but I had to jump through several hoops to attain my certification. I just heard on the news that they have done away with that for French teachers – teaching certification from France will be accepted without question. There had always been a shortage of French teachers, probably now more acute than ever now that the unvaccinated are leaving. The board is pulling in non-certified people – warm bodies basically, former tour guides, yoga instructors – I saw this with my own eyes. The results in the classroom are disastrous. No doubt they will find people willing to go into a classroom and ‘babysit’ because that’s what it has become. Shutting the schools for a fake virus, masking kids, restricting play and activities, babysitters in the classroom. They really don’t care about the kids.

    1. The true colors of the agenda come through. It has nothing to do with a virus, nor is it about developing the next generation. It’s all about psyops and social re-engineering.

      They are now throwing it in our faces. We are being told we mean nothing unless we do certain things (e.g. perform a certain ceremony and get jabbed).

  8. Hi Chris, very much agree with point #3 in response to the first question. In 2008, the Great Recession utterly destroyed the nascent carbon credit trading markets, wiping out all sorts of financial speculators in this entirely fabricated and entirely useless “new financial asset class”, which could not recover for 10 years and is still nowhere at the level of financial infrastructure that existed pre-2008. I know b/c I was involved in it. There would be no interest in investing something so useless when the economy is on the ropes (except in the mind of financially retarded and irrational leftists). Given the current obsession with “saving the planet”, being a major component of the “Great Reset”, I agree this points to the unlikelihood of a major financial crisis (although notwithstanding short term crashes to scare the unwashed masses).

    1. I am not all that familiar with the carbon credits market and such. I just look at its structure and underpinnings and know that there is no way that these sectors can successfully grow without suppressed real bond yields and quantitative easing.

      There will always be corrections, but notice the corrections are so short-lived. These are nothing like the corrections I remember like after the stock market crash of 1987. Stocks would take at least a couple years if not longer to recover. This intimates of financial engineering. These only offer opportunities for the elites to scoop up even more shares.

      I marvel at how the stock averages just seem to levitate. In some regards, this does make sense as the power of the economy has been concentrated into the hands of only a few large multinational firms. These firms continue to profit regardless of economic circumstances. The world has become one huge oligopoly, and this oligopoly is just an illusion as the owners operate the whole thing. There’s just an illusion of freedom in the markets.

  9. The stock and RE markets will be going up until the day TPTB are ready to take your property from you. Remember that “you will own nothing”. Most people are over-leveraged, with a mortgage on their first home, another mortgage on their second home or a rental, and the rest invested in 2x levered Nasdaq ETF. All it takes is for TPTB to pause their money printing in order for all that leverage to transform into the biggest margin call in history. Most people will then be forced to liquidate all their assets, and I am sure the “government” will be there to “help” with some new program. It will all be perfectly legal and is very easy to accomplish.

    We just don’t know when that day is going to be. Presumably it won’t be before the Fed is ready with their digital coin, which they are saying is at least 2-3 years away.

    1. Indeed. The PTB have bigger fish to fry right now. They’ll collapse things when they’re good and ready. We can take that to the bank.

      Some people on the blog have suggested they have observed personality changes in a few of the vaxxed. Maybe a purpose of this stuff is to make them more accepting of the inevitable.

      It’s just like when cats spread toxoplasmosis to mice and other rodents. The mice are less fearful of the cats and are easily killed. People seem to be ostensibly nonchalant about accepting their demise. Maybe there’s a toxoplasmosis type of chemical in the vaxxes.

      People make stupid choices, but once again, I find them more predictable. I had to lower the bar after the covid scam, but it is recalibrated. Something is terribly wrong and the people are not scared.

      1. Chris,
        Great October 18 Blog. Once again dead on. I think stocks and real estate are the places to be right now. I set aside a little bit of my savings for precious metals to get a little money out of the beast system because that’s what our monetary system is. I do not expect to make a profit on precious metals and therefore do not put my lifesavings in them. The economic knowledge is definitely your department. The key to successful investing in today’s world is to gauge what the PTB will do next and not so much the economic activity. Todays economy is so contrived and manipulated like the supply shortages which are totally contrived. So far no geopolitical event nor earth event to slow the movement of goods.

        Yes , I am with you on humanity. I find most of humanity as a group very stupid and unintelligent. In my area I do not know a single soul around me who is Unvaccinated other than myself. Speaking of stupidity, the guy who does landscaping work for me would not get the flu shot nor any other vaccine,YET, he goes out and gets the Covid Shot. My respect for him has dropped to the point I almost want to fire him. I really think people around me are in a Stockholm syndrome. I think the Covid Vaccines are designed to make people lethargic and give them brain fog so they more likely accept the Mark of the Beast and other directives from the Satanists ruling this planet. We clearly are in the last days and the most important thing is to get our spiritual house in order and follow the ways of Jesus Christ.

    2. The future is uncertain, and the end is always near. Always!

      That big rumored upcoming crash is going to happen any day now right? Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a few days or few weeks or months from now…oh wait take a look at most of the recent Alt news media articles. Seems like the wording of the doom and gloom media is now pushing the big one out to 2030. Ten more years they will have weak minded people by the eyeballs and by the balls. Ten more years of fear mongering, trying to sell us silver, gold, and bitcoins, telling us to stock up on can goods and water bottles. Some currently say the market is due for at least a small correction after a year of huge recovery gains from that 2020 Covid19 crash, however it already had a correction that included small dips, pauses and consolidations.

      1. I have given up worrying about a stock market crash or major economic calamities. The Alt media does financial fear mongering for clickbait. I just stay the course in my stock investments and that has been proven to be a winner and definitely gives me leverage to oppose the Vaccine mandates.

        I feel between mainstream media trying to brainwash us with their fear mongering and the Alt media fear mongering for clickbait the Truth is somewhere in the middle.

        Ultimately, if you want to seek the truth then establish and maintain a relationship with Jesus Christ through daily prayer. That is the only way to get the truth and nothing but the truth about what is going on. The Holy spirit told me to avoid the Covid Vaccine like the plague and now I am beginning to see for myself why. The Holy spirit also told me to keep most of my savings invested in stocks. Now I see why. The powers that be will crash the market when they extract as much as they can from the plebes.

        1. Amen to that. I sometimes get frustrated when I scan the videos on Brighteon and all of the posters try to outdo each other with fear and scare-mongering. Each one tries to jump the shark and outdo one another. This generation of fear and hopelessness creates an unfilled need in the viewer. Of course, the Alex Joness and Martin Armstrongs of the world have a lot of services and products to sell.

          Of course, these times are very grim. But I do not know how someone can get through this without being a remnant Christian and understanding the Bible and its message. The Bible told me there would be days like this; that’s why I’ve been preparing for as long as I have been preparing. This has been my message throughout the years; don’t be dependent on an antichrist firm or the government for money. These entities, all working as one organ, will continually force their stakeholders to cross each proverbial line in the sand. We’ve not seen anything yet, and by the time Jesus comes back, most lukewarm Christians will be doing things they once thought impossible. They will be lining up to take the mark and bowing down to worship homosexuals.

          I’ve gotten a number of angry readers who have left the blog and have accused me of being racist and misogynist. The centralized mind control and social reengineering has been extremely effective on the livestock. People are now easily offended and can no longer think objectively.

          A person can prep all he or she wants, but if he or she is dependent on others for money and camaraderie, he or she is going to end up beheaded for refusing the vaxxes and mark.

          1. Yeah, Americans especially have an obsession about race. They seem to think the purpose of supermarkets is to make sure blacks aren’t hungry, the purpose of whites is to serve blacks, the purpose of the government is to make sure they do, and the purpose of NASA is figuring out how to get blacks into space to populate the Galaxy. But they always send some whites with them- guaranteeing galactic levels of crime, poverty, and institutionalisationalist racism for eons and ages. Thankfully the blacks are always in charge – at least for the first 2000 years or so – and the problem is restricted to only our galaxy for the foreseeable future. But whitey wants to go to other galaxies, and this is the foremost problem of our universe. What can we do?

            Does anyone know what the first Planet of the Apes books were about? Asians! They were about Asians, copying us and taking over.

          2. I feel this site is NOT racist in any way. We have a lot of snowflakes in this world , especially the younger generation, who get offended at the smallest things. There is going to come a time when starvation, war, and basic survival is going trump all those petty snowflake’s worries if they survive till then.

            1. Like the marketing great Dan Kennedy said, it isn’t profitable to be offended. 😆

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