10/10 Update – A housing bubble? The details of a potential transaction say otherwise

A tenant is giving me an attractive offer; Should I take it?

I recently received an offer from a tenant to purchase a property I own in which she currently leases. Given the recent increases in residential real estate prices, I was willing to consider this ostensibly attractive offer. Let’s run through the numbers to see if it is a deal worth entertaining.

Keep in mind that while this offer is about $20,000 below full market value, it would be an “as-is” offer. Since it is considered a private transaction, I also would avoid broker commissions of about 4%.

The following table enumerates the general financial data behind the proposed transaction on this particular single family house, and illustrates the most likely amounts of taxable and after-tax capital gains.


Okay. The table above shows that the effective capital gains tax rate will be about 20% (15% federal cap gains rate for 2020, 5% for state), and will amount to about $48,000 . Ouch.

But let’s see if the proposed sale at the offer price, which is about 129% greater than my current cost basis, still provides me with a good deal. Keep in mind the longer an investor owns a property the larger the depreciation recapture amount will be. I will thus have over six years worth of depreciation recapture.

[(Sales price: $425,000) – (cost basis: $185,500)] / $185,500 =  1.29 = 129%

The numbers that matter

As an investor, we are interested in what’s behind the numbers. Thus the  current market value only tells us part of the story. We need to see how the rental market has performed over this time frame. While we may not be getting full market rent, other investors will price real estate off this potential amount.

As we can see in the above example, the full market rent that this house provides a potential landlord has climbed by nearly $1,000 a month. This is a substantial increase, and given this incredible climb, I view the ostensibly attractive offer by this tenant as an inadequate return on my total investment experience.

Though the capitalization rate has dropped slightly over the past six to seven years, it has not fallen that much. The drop in the cap rate is, in fact, surprisingly small, and when we consider the opportunity costs of losing the potential cash flow, as well as the rather substantial capital gains tax liability, I will reject the offer.

I predict that the capitalization rate on this single-family detached house could approach 3-4% if bond yields stay in their historically low range for the longer-term. The capitalization rate on this house in the mid-aughts was about 4%. Moreover, given the trajectory of rent rates, I look for more rental rate increases over the years as more immigrants pour into the local area.

Final thoughts in a post-covid world

Of course, I am basing my purchase/sale decision solely on the financial merits of this potential transaction and am not considering the exogenous factors regarding the state of the post-covid world. These two sets of factors should be treated separately, though both are important, given your personal situation.

I have one final thought here to provide the reader. If I believed that residential single-family real estate ownership is in peril for those who remain unvaxxed, I can always borrow against these homes. Thus, I can cash out to remain liquid, while encumbering the property. This would deter the authorities from confiscating this cash cow.

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45 thoughts on “10/10 Update – A housing bubble? The details of a potential transaction say otherwise

  1. So far I don’t see massive changes or massive deaths since most people got vaccinated. There is no question that the likes of Zero Hedge, Rense.com, and Henry Makow like to up the fear level of the Vaccines for clickbait to get additional visitors to their sites. On the other hand the mainstream media likes to ratchet up the fear level of the Covid 19 disease to brainwash people into taking these dangerous experimental vaccines for a disease with a 99% survival rate.The mainstream media also like to scapegoat those who refuse the vaccine just like Jim Jones pressuring the members to drink the poisonous Kool Aid. I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    However, I am good at noting the small details. I do notice subtle differences in those who got vaccinated. The big one I noticed is my boss at work. He was very difficult many times in the past. He got worked up over the smallest occurrences in the office , would breath down everybody’s neck, and pounce on you for how you did your job. He was extremely hyper. Then he got the first covid shot last March and the second one in April. Since that time he has become a lot more lethargic and laid back. Much more mellow and much more pleasant to work with these days. He also admitted to me back in early July that he was getting many more dizzy spells since eight weeks before(May and June) right after his shots.
    I have noticed that other people around me who got vaccinated are more lazy and lethargic and some of them have become more spacey.
    The vaccinated folk around me seem to have gotten more brain fog where they can’t remember as much and seem to be in another world.

    The other strange thing is that I noticed that some vaccinated people around me got sick last summer of other diseases. My niece’s 13 yo daughter got vaccinated in April and May this year and then she gets the flu in mid June. My 27 yo cousin got vaccinated with the Moderna back in April and May and she got pneumonia in June. My boss also got sick for a week in July. The upshot is that these people got sick in the summer when most people get sick with these diseases in mid winter. Very Odd.

    My folks who are in their 80s hardly felt any effect from their Pfizer vaccine shots. However I do notice more brain fog. They got no flus nor pneumonias during the summer nor any other sudden health issues. Thank heavens. I noticed other people I know in their 80s who got the Covid shots hardly felt any effects.

    There has been some discussion on the internet that some vaccine recipients are getting placebos, others are getting very low doses, and others getting maximum doses. I read a lot of reports from people who suffer serious side effects from the Covid Vaccines and I noticed a pattern. Not many reports about old people getting side effects. Even if they do drop dead there are likely to be many other factors. A lot of the reports are people in their 20s to 40s who previously had no health issues suddenly get strokes, heart issues, random convulsions, and many other side effects that do NOT GO AWAY since their Covid Vaccine shots. Check out this link for potential side effects:https://childrenshealthdefense.org/covid-vaccine-secrets/resources

    A bigger proportion of those reporting side effects are 20-40 something women(in their childbearing years), however there are a good number of men in that age group. There are hardly any reports of those over 70 suffering side effects from the Covid 19 vaccine(they will die soon anyway). I hate to be racist, but most of the reports tend to be white people, some latinos, and very few blacks. Understandably, I noticed many Blacks are vaccine hesitant and for good reason.

    I have only read one report over the last 5 years of someone who suffered serious side effects from the Flu Vaccine. In fact the CDC VAERS reports(which is biased FOR the Covid vaccine) show many more cases of those suffering Covid Vaccine side effects than with any other vaccine. The upshot is that the Covid 19 vaccines have many more dangerous side effects. Those who decide to take the Covid 19 vaccines are playing serious Russian Roulette with their health.

    I will never take these Covid 19 vaccines even if nobody around me have suffered side effects. I might be the lucky one to hit the side effects lottery.

  2. Lots of people I know who got the jabs and seem to be doing fine. I think there are lot of saline solutions jabs, with many other different types of dangerous ones of varying degrees. All made to keep us from seeing too much sickness.

    I recall The Health Ranger’s predictions early this year about 100s of millions dying from the vaccines. Just more stuff the alt-media have gotten wrong. It’s always the same, and these “allies” of ours only demoralize us with fear and learned helplessness.

    Thanks for the blog and the ongoing recommendations. I renumber you predicting Dow 30,000 and 40,000 three years ago. I never sold any of my stocks.

  3. This is just an observation. I’ve noticed that the mainstream and independent mainstream have been down playing the inevitability of the vaccine mandates and vaccine passports when compared to a month or two ago.

    I still see them being rolled out worldwide and they have been.

    Come across many more stories about vaccine mandates being overturned and the increased chatter regarding exemptions. But I believe this is purposely implanted as a release valve to give the readers a sense of relief before the next tightening of the screw commences.

    After all, this has nothing to do with a virus or any disease.

    I have started taking large amounts of quinine as a tea and tincture, and have noticed a clearing up of my sinuses. I do notice a decrease in the chronic pain from exercising and walking.

    Dr Mercola put out an article yesterday regarding peroxide and iodine solution nebulizing. I think it’s still on his website for the next 12 or so hours and it’s worth a read. I nebulized for 48 hours a couple weeks ago and my cold and sore throat vanished. It works.

    1. Yes, like Alberta. That guy who challenged his fine was credited with single-handedly ending Covid there. Well that celebration didn’t last long.

      The regime came back worse than ever a month later with 20 pages of rules and HUGE fines for non-compliance.

      It seems the US is being dismantled. All those people that lost their jobs probably won’t get them back. In NZ the government has said they will bring in immigrants to replace any teacher that quits. They can print money to buy citizens’ houses and give them to immigrants. They can do anything to us now. I think in one or two years time people will be lining up for shots and hoping it kills them.

      They fire border patrol who refuse the vax but give Ivermectin to immigrants. They are just laughing at us.

      I hear 600,000 medical staff quit in the US. The system is revoking their licenses over it too, so careers over. They go from doctors and nurses to nothing. The ones left that took the jab slowly fall apart and start making mistakes or breaking down from pressure. Will the 2A save America? Can it, at this point?

      1. The Second amendment will keep the draconian measures from being clamped down on its citizens for a longer time.

        People ask why there hasn’t been much resistance here in the states and I say it’s because there havn’t been many restrictions. After the closings during the first few months of 2020 where I live, life is normal. The only difference is that I see many people wearing masks. But, the percentage of people wearing masks has continued to drop. So the second amendment has kept these elites from pressuring too many Americans. The more guns a population have, the less restrictions there are. I suspect that as these elites attempt to clamp down in the states, resistance will grow and will result in more civil unrest than in places like Australia. Here in the United States you will begin to see acts of sabotage and mass casualties regarding infrastructure and buildings. I see people will be burning down buildings and destroying electric infrastructure. It’s that type of sabotage which will end up in armed conflict. The Americans haven’t been pushed yet with the buying and the selling. Those who have been losing their jobs are still in the denial phase. Most also believe it will blow over. This is all too fresh.

        Mass sabotage will happen. Believe me on this one. It will happen to the point that the economy will spiral down. All the spending in the world won’t stop it.

        1. Here’s my devil’s advocate line just for entertainment:
          – In about half of the US states there are no restrictions of any kind on public places and services. In fact, in many places there are executive orders explicitly prohibiting such restrictions.
          – Judging based on the latest news, about 97-99%% of workers do submit to the vax mandate when pressured hard enough.
          – Very few people are dying from the vax so far.

          This suggests that there will be no mass lay-offs, no mass real estate foreclosures and no mass vaccine depths or injuries. 97% will submit to the vax, 2% will get exemptions, 1% will get fired. This is about it. With no vax passports in red state, I am not entirely sure what TPTB are planning to enforce next. Should they introduce hard vax passes in Blue areas, they will just force mass relocations, that’s it. Maybe this is their plan though.

          My deep Blue county recently reached 70% fully vaxed. The county then immediately introduced vax passes for indoor dining and gyms. But not for grocery stores. The nearby county is currently at 60%, no vax passes. I am watching if they will do the same once/if they reach 70%.

          1. I am the last holdout in my workplace who has not taken the V…at least officially some of these guys may just be saying that they got it.

            Everyone else is still alive. Even one guy who is obese lol.

            My workplace is only doing random testing for everyone and you are given the option to do an at home test if you want. LOL

            I go everywhere without a mask. My work requires a mask in the buildings but in my office we do not even wear them so no compliance from us.

            1. I’m amazed at how everyone is getting used to the new normal and says nothing is really happening. Report back here after 3 more years of this.
              Just because they don’t enforce the rules doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

              A common idea is that one day “it will all just go away” and “people will snap out of it eventually”. Maybe, but maybe not. Look at what they have already done.

              1. Because everyone is so dependent on the “System”….they cannot do anything outside of it. They worship authority and those who wear lab coats, military/police costumes, etc. If you are a doctor and tell people that eating dogshit will cure covid there will be tons of people who go out and do it.

                The average person is a complete fool. I think there are probably only 5-20% of people who have the ability to think and question everything. Maybe even a smaller percentage who will never submit to the insanity like 10%.

                I work with the MIC and these guys are seriously dumb. I think Kissinger was right when he spoke about them being dumb stupid animals to be used for foreign policy. I hate to say that but it is largely true. I see these guys advocating for diversity, inclusion, etc. There are guys who have their pronouns in their emails LOL.
                My former boss a 31 yr veteran, LTC, literally was allowing his teenage daughter to transition to become a man and was proud of it. The guy literally would correct you if you referred to her as her and not him or by the new male name. The world has truly gone insane.

              2. I agree Bob. Most are now programmed to not even bat an eye at any of this. “Not a big deal to wear a mask for a 4 hour flight”. Tells me this is not going to go away.

              3. I remember reading about when President George HW Bush signed into law the beheading of Christians who proselytize to the jews. This was a noahide law and the rabbis were big promoters of it. We’re talking about 30 years ago. There are laws on the books regarding guillotines and the New World Order, but they’ve never been enforced yet. They will be, because the Bible says.

                As long as I can buy and sell at the grocery stores and home depot, I can survive. These New World Order engineers must rely on quantitative easing and the social largesse to consolidate the global wealth, and I have been making some good money over the past couple years while I sit on my can.

                While it’s difficult for me not to view humanity with contempt, our adversary makes it easier for people like me go along with it. They haven’t been banging on my door to get vaxxed and nobody around me in my immediate circles who have been jabbed has gotten sick.

                Life does go on. Welcome to the New World Order. I’m not saying to get used to it, but our adversary is telling us to get used to it. They’re brilliant psychologists and social engineers. We must never forget this as we move forward with our lives.

                Earn as much passive income as possible as that will get us a couple more years of freedom.

              4. Hi, blade,
                If you ever read 1984, I can picture what you mean regarding how people adjust to the insanity. There’s a character in the book named Parsons, who is Winston Smith’s neighbor. The people like your former boss are just like Parsons.

                In the book, Parsons gets turned in by his children, because he was talking in his sleep adversely about Big brother. When he was in room 101, and about to be tortured, he told Winston Smith, who was also there, that he was glad his children turned him in, because he needed his mind cleaned. They ended up torturing Parsons who, of course, was eventually killed, though that was only implied.

                The people adjust to this insanity and this is why I cling to the bible. If it weren’t for the Bible, I don’t know how I would be able to function. It is a constant in an ever-changing insane world.

  4. “‘Home prices will grow a further 16%’ by end of next year: Goldman forecast”

    This was all done intentionally. I warned the readers right after the monetary and fiscal stimulus was announced early last year that this was going to be the outcome for asset prices. Done with military precision. Real estate owners and investors will continue cleaning up. Our goal is to time it here to sell when the time is right. There is still more room to grow. Crisis, reaction, solution… Next crisis; the housing crisis….


    Excerpt: If you thought home prices couldn’t go any higher, hold on to your hat: Goldman Sachs (GS) economists are forecasting even more price increases in the year ahead.

    “Our model now projects that home prices will grow a further 16% by the end of 2022,” wrote a Goldman Sachs team of economists led by Jan Hatzius in a recent note.

    “Of all the shortages afflicting the U.S. economy, the housing shortage might last the longest,” he said.

    Home prices are currently up 20% year-over-year. The boom in prices was spurred by tight housing inventory, low interest rates, and household migration patterns during the pandemic. Millennials buying first time homes has only exasperated the demand for homes.

    Meanwhile investors with cash on their hands are trying to hedge against inflation by purchasing hard assets like real estate, thus driving prices higher.

    “The supply-demand picture that has been the basis for our call for a multi-year boom in home prices remains intact,” wrote Hatzius.

    “Housing inventories remain historically tight, and surveys of home buying intentions remain at healthy levels,” the note goes on.

    1. I think you are right Chris.
      As long as the Fed keeps interest rates low or negative asset prices will continue to rise. I really believe at this point there is a trend towards loose money and more government hand outs all resulting in more money flopping about. There is a lot of pressure to push out the conservative, hawkish federal reserve governors. I think
      Powell will be out as there is talk about such.

      This easy money ,low or negative interest environment effectively punishes honest hard work and savers while rewarding the wealthy who already have income producing assets.

      I am grateful I held on to my stock portfolio.

      1. The low or negative real interest rates destroys the ways of life of those the progressives and liberals are ostensibly claiming to help. I specifically say these labels, because it’s people like Elizabeth Warren and all of these ultra liberal Congressional representatives and senators who are insisting on all of this massive multi trillion dollar spending packages.

        I observe the full court press to get out all of the white conservative Central bankers out of the Fed. I observe and see The coincidence of these supposed acts of impropriety with trading, and wonder why it took place now. These Central bankers have always engaged in such activity. I wonder why now. For those who read my blog, we obviously know the answer.

        Unless the federal government here in the United States can come to its senses and quit all of this massive multi-trillion dollar spending, the system will eventually collapse. I mean a total collapse, because quantitative easing will no longer be able to maintain confidence in the system. The confidence of quantitative easing will evaporate and the system will just unravel. I have to believe this is absolutely intentional and is being directed from a higher Central locus.

        If the government’s burn all the bridges created by quantitative easing, Life as we know it is through.

        With this said, I have to believe that we still have a couple years before we get to that point. Furthermore, this could change if the government decides to restrain itself and allow bond yields and price pressures to float back down further.

        I am very concerned here that the global investor may just decide to abandon sovereign debt and interest rates across the board for everything could spike.

        I I’m having a very difficult time coming to terms with the massive spending and social largesse being contemplated. There is still serious discussion on forgiving student loans on a massive scale. If we think real estate is expensive now, just wait to the time when the millennials have all their student loans expunged. They will be out there buying every stick of real estate they can get their hands on.

        Here’s the conundrum. Say the left gets their wish and throws out all of the white conservative Central Bank officials. Then they install a bunch of very hyper dovish bankers who will ramp up quantitative easing. Then these liberal politicians engage in massive social spending, so that the central bank comes in to absorb the extra debt. My concern is that eventually the investors around the world will finally tire of this dynamic and the system may lose its legitimacy. This scenario spells disaster for the average worker. Suppressed real bond yields and interest rates and huge waves of inflation. The only people who are going to come out ahead of this are the ones who own the income generating assets.

        Say mortgage rates go up to 5-6%. That may sound terrible, but if inflation is 6-7%, real interest rates are actually low.

        At some point, the global investor is going to start losing confidence. I don’t know when, but it all depends on how aggressive the fiscal spending becomes.

    2. Chris I own some real estate that I rent to a national car rental. My cap rate is 16% . I renegotiated the lease in 2019 and it runs to December 2022. I have some offers for the property. In your opinion would you consider a sell or try and renegotiate the lease next year. Thanks.

      1. Obviously, I only know what you tell me, but with that cap rate I would hold on.

        I know the car rental business is not doing as well as prior to covid. What do you think the renegotiated lease will look like next year? Will you be forced to take a cut of large size?

        Did your property always have a 16% cap? Is the property only suited for a rental car company?

        If your property once had a lower cap rate, I would hold and hope that the property appreciated to reflect the lower cap.

        If you don’t want to continue owning the property I would consider doing a like exchange and defer the taxes. But it’s going to be very difficult for you to find anything with a comparable return.

        Personally speaking, I would continue holding, but I don’t know enough about your particular circumstances to say definitively.

        1. Chris the property was assessed at 400k when I last renogiated the lease in 2019. It has probably gone up. My monthly rent is 5450. I dont think I would have to take a cut but the trick is to get them to re up. The property could be used for other things but of course you have to find a worthwhile tenant.

          1. Okay. Commercial tenants are harder to come by. I would do what you had to do to keep them. That is a nice lease payment. Of course, you would know the particular nuances of the specifics and such, and what other types of tenants would be interested in leasing.

            Retail commercial properties have not done as well in general as residential, but of course there are some sectors that still have done well.

            I doubt the 2019 assessment indicates true market value, and the fact you have in interested parties looking at the property says it has good value. I am sure they already know your cap rate. At that level, I would be interested if it were a meth lab… Kidding, of course.

    3. All the key factors that have driven the gains in home prices remain in place: cheap money, inadequate supply of houses (from the building hiatus during the crisis), population growth (modest but relentless) and the baby boomers staying put (when everyone thought they’d be downsizing and moving.) So prices will continue to rise, for at least this year and 2022.

      Rents- I’m less sure on, but the same factors seem to be driving the increases.

      Supply/demand equation plus cheap money.

      When the stock market turns bear, which will happen first, then you’ll know RE prices have about 12-18 months before their bear market begins.

      As to your sale, what would you do with the capital? I doubt you could deploy it anyplace and beat the actual return you’re getting on the house as a rental. Unless you had a higher/better use for the money, I’d keep it. At this point, I think secure income is more valuable than more capital gains for most of us. (No idea what is best for you, of course.)

  5. I have a hunch that a worse disease will be on the way, such as the Marburg virus, once the Covid scamdemic plays out.

    As more and more people wake up to the Covid scam and refuse the Covid kill shot the people up top will release a disease with a much higher mortality rate. They will up the scare tactics ante by claiming that the new disease has a much higher mortality rate and that probably will be true. Then of course they will quickly and miraculously come out with a “vaccine “ against this disease that will be another lethal kill shot. It will be a choice of dying a miserable death with the disease or taking this new vaccine. What they won’t tell you is that this new vaccine will be equally deadly.

    Bill gates has mentioned the Marburg virus could be on the way.

    The Covid 19 may be a dry run to test people’s reaction to a pandemic so those up top could plan for the real thing. Sad to say most of humanity has proven to be suckers for the Covid-19 scare.

    1. Do not worry. They couldn’t even make a good enough vaccine for covid, it is very unlikely they will be able to come up with this perfect combination of a more deadly virus and a better vaccine. Yet should they not have a good vaccine, the deadly virus will not discriminate between the plebs and the elite. I doubt they want to take their chances like this.

    2. Whatever, I don’t care. Why are you worried about Marburg? Stop watching virus movies. Think about it. Why would Bill Gates unleash a virus that might kill him?
      The Covid hoax doesn’t even need a virus. There might be a Covid virus or there might not be. The key thing is that is makes no difference either way. The scamdemic works just the same.

      The “next virus that will get everyone’s attention” is probably just the side effects, poison, lack of health care, depression, police brutality, unemployment, asset price crashes, fear of Marburg, etc etc.

      They don’t need Marburg. And if they did release it, so what? At this point, what difference would it make?

      1. Agree with Bob 100%. The Elites don’t want to spend their final years on Earth worried about a deadly man-made virus that might take them out as well. They know they are going to hell. These people aren’t living for the next world. They have their unlimited money supply and luxuries; which they wish to enjoy to the fullest. Living in a bunker isn’t enjoying life to the fullest, is it? Even if they came up with a vaccine before they unleash it; they aren’t stupid. They know it might mutate and then the vaccine they created for themselves may not longer work.

        But Covid is the perfect scam. They have everyone in their pockets and they can easily manipulate people into thinking it’s extremely deadly. These days more people know of someone that died from the Vax than Covid. And the Vax has just started recently.

        1. This makes sense. We also know that when any of these viruses and diseases are put into the wilderness, the ones that are spread by indirect contact usually attenuate over time. Of course, this is different than bio weapons like lyme and HIV AIDS.

          I just about finished watching the two seasons of the British version of Utopia on Amazon Prime, and I recommend it for anyone who can stomach the brutal violence. The story conforms perfectly to current circumstances.

          They condition us through their media.

          1. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I also started taking a daily double dose of quercetin and have stepped up my intake of zinc.

            I have been taking 10,000 IU’s of D3 for the past 6 months. I also take 12.5 mg of iodine daily. Works wonders. My feet are no longer ice cold at night, but are warm. Niacin also helps.

          2. The second season of Utopia, China began to fight a maritime war with the US over the yellow sea and SE Asia area, right at the same time the race-specific bioweapon vaccines were being distributed. The war was displayed on all the news channels.

            The show’s episodes aired in 2014.

            1. This could easily happen…

              The News: “China releasing race-specific bio weapons to wipe out Americans! Take your vaccine!”

              On the side of the vaccine: “Made in China”

              Someone: “So the virus and the vaccine are both made in China?”

              Everyone else: “Racist. You don’t deserve a vaccine.”

              Someone: “OK, don’t give me one.”

              Everyone: “It’s for our safety. How dare you refuse!”

              Someone: “Maybe there isn’t a virus, maybe it’s just the vaccine then?”

              Everyone else: “Why would they do that?”

              Someone: “You just said they were trying to kill us all with a virus, so why not?”

              Everyone: “That’s just an act of war – nasty, but understandable. Accusing them of sending us poisoned vaccines is just so racist and disgusting.”

              Anything can happen in clown world I suppose.

              1. You are right. The only reason why the media and government treat us like children is because they see we respond to these manufactured crises like children.

    3. Marburg is most likely ADE and side effects of the quack jab. The serious symptoms of “marburg” is eerily similar to the severe side effects of the jab.

  6. Hi all. Got an email that I thought was worth posting regarding the Marburg virus.


    Dear Chris,

    I think it has come up on your site before, but here is an interesting topic on a Catholic R&R forum:


    BLUF, this Marburg Virus talk has been disseminating throughout alt circles. It looks like we can only know if it’s legitimate when it hits, but what a terrible weapon for a man to willfully design and deploy if true…

    God help us all,


    1. That site doesn’t work from where I am. Unreachable.
      On Tor it comes up but refuses to serve the page.

      Anyway, I don’t care about viruses. Ebola was mostly a hoax. So was Zika. Bird Flu, swine flu, H1N1, H1N5, E. Coli 666 or whatever it was, the list goes on.

      Ebola was mostly faked by putting formaldehyde in African wells. They got busted doing that. Not one single picture of an Ebola victim is on the net. There was one famous site full of betel nut chewers and bat bites. No Ebola. All those cell phones in Africa, the same people who video necklacing and machete attacks don’t photograph Ebola cases? Not buying it.

      Zika was a complete hoax with all the microcephaly propaganda. It worked though – I overheard young women (white, of course) saying they were too scared to have kids because of Zika.

      Take some Vitamin C and forget about Marburg. The worse the virus, the faster it stops. That’s the rule. The fake ones are the most dangerous and those ones spread on the Internet, so practice proper propaganda hygiene at all times please.

      1. If the government and media never mentioned covid, nobody would know about it. We might chalk up circumstances to a bad flu season and that would be it. The only reason why covid is a problem is because the mainstream media have told us it was a problem.

        Just like that funeral director said in his interviews. Many of the people who died during that pandemic and were diagnosed with covid actually died from other ailments, because they were denied treatment during the lockdowns. He stated that most of the people he observed who died in the nursing homes died from either circumstances regarding lockdowns or were euthanized. That is the only reason why we saw that death spike, and the media and governments maintained that it was covid.

        I had a friend who was a long time sports writer from USA Today who died last year from a two-year struggle with cancer. He went in the hospital and while he was there took a covid test and it came up positive. In USA today’s obituary article, it mentioned that he died from complications of covid as well. Covid had nothing to do with his death.

  7. Chris
    I just saw one of the better documentaries I’ve seen in a long time.
    I think it should be shared widely.
    I’ll post it here for the benefit of yourself and your readers.
    If you don’t feel that’s appropriate for your comment section, no problem.
    Basically talks about how BlackRock and Vanguard own everything, how their shareholders are hidden and the plan behind the WEF’s Great Reset.
    Very worthwhile viewing IMO. The maker, Tim Gielen, managed to summarize things in an hour in a very tight, effective way.

    1. Thanks. I will take a look. I mentioned a couple weeks ago some sobering numbers;

      -The US stock market capitalization is about $46-47 trillion.
      -Most people have their exposure to the stock market through DC asset plans like 401k plans. The total DC assets are about $10 trillion. Of this, the amount in stocks is about $6-7 trillion.
      -Thus, the amount of the stock market capitalization that is in the hands of the hidden money that you mention must be at least $20-25 trillion. Another chunk is with corporate management. Maybe that’s another $10 trillion. That makes $30-35 trillion. The rest is us via direct ownership or pensions.

      By allowing us to own stocks, they give us the sense that we have a say in the corporate government. These elites allow us to feel that we have a say, but we really have little influence. Most importantly, we help support asset prices by remaining shareholders, while producing in us a vested interest in the maintaining the existing system.

      It’s like there’s a black hole where the assets of these elites are parked. All these trusts and blind trusts. They form dummy firms and institutional money managers who manage their own money. Nobody knows who owns the AUM.

      I marvel at how quickly all these public corporations folded to the covid pressure. But it makes sense if at least 50% of all stock ownership assets is owned by these few elites. If we add corporate management to the mix, we have up to 70-75% of assets in the hands of the elites and wealthy who will go along with the NWO plans. People like Bill Gates are corporate managers.

  8. Chris, you are prudent to contemplate the seizure of your property. I think small landlords will be the new kulaks. The press will vilify them. The REITs will come scoop up the properties.

  9. I find it so interesting and timely that you posted this. As someone on “the other side of the fence” I was just contemplating if I should just try and offer to buy the house I am currently renting.

    Let me know if you think it a deterrent if a tenant offers to buy a property they are renting and you turn it down – does it now make you want to replace that tenant since they may not prove to be a long term occupant?

    Do you have any recommended reading for someone to learn how to better analyze real estate scenarios like this one such as what would make this offer worth accepting for you and if you were on the other side as a tenant would you even bother trying to buy a property you are renting or is it wasted effort?

    1. There is nothing wrong with a tenant trying to buy the house from the landlord. You can save the landlord lots of time and some money with closing costs and commissions. Of course, you would have to make appraisal and such, but it can be a beneficial outcome for both parties.

      It depends on the landlord’s particular circumstances at the time you ask. He may want to hold on, or he may have been looking to sell.

      This is just my opinion. I do not think it is a deterrent to you, the renter, if you ask. Just do not be too persistent. The landlord may begin to not trust you as he or she may think you would want to sabotage something and get it on the cheap. If the landlord says no and you persist, he or she may think you could become a problem tenant. My advice is to bring it up when you talk. Gauge the landlord’s sentiment. He may say no immediately, or he may decide to think about it. The landlord will remember you asking and if he or she wants out someday, you will probably be the first person asked.

      Ask the landlord if you could get a sort of “right of first refusal.” Ask him to ask you before it’s listed with a Realtor.

      My current tenant has been a poor one. They always pay on time, but have trashed the place over the years. I want them gone. They have let me rehab as they rented, so it will cut down my rehab time by half. They have lived in it since I got the place, and the rent is way too low. For me, looking around at the most likely outcomes, I wish to hold, rent it for about 1200-1300 more and get a family that is a more stable one.

      In the case of my situation, I do not wish to unload this, and although the offer is a good one for me as it is close to full market, will be as-is and there is a lot of stuff to do, and will save on commissions, I am not ready to sell. If the situation was in another few years, i would probably have taken it.

      Besides, these people were bad tenants, and I want them out. I would have let them stay longer, but I cannot stand looking at her (the last one living there). Normally, I would have let them live there forever, like my other single-family house renters, but she was so persistent on wanting to buy the place for years, that I was extremely put-off by her persistence.

      As a landlord, here’s the way I look at it; my tenant has a conflict of interest here. She wants the place and is overtly determined to buy it, yet she trashes it, which makes the market value drop.

  10. Note to the reader; asset prices will continue to fly. Jerome Powell is old school and is too white and stuffy. The house in this example that is selling for $425,000 will be selling for 600,000 in the next two to three years and the rent will be $3,500.

    “Fed to the lions: Jerome Powell’s ‘taper’ chase may cost him his job”


    The bear case for Powell starts when his tapering exposes the big lie being promulgated by the Democratic leadership that their new spending plan is “paid for.”

    Without the Fed’s snapping up all that debt to fund the blowout, the lie would be made public through sharply higher interest rates next year because there aren’t enough taxes to be raised or foreign buyers to fund our deficit, according to the Powell-reappointment naysayers.

    Those higher rates on Treasury debt would almost certainly cause a recession. Congress would turn red and Joe Biden’s goal to emulate FDR would turn to mud.

    That is really why you hear progressives like Sen. Elizabeth Warren calling for Powell’s head, these people say. It’s also why the White House, despite public statements in support of Powell, is said to be having second thoughts on his reappointment.

    1. There is increased talk about a world wide tax on unrealized profits for house-owners. Ie, if you bought it for X, and they appraise it at 2X, you own them Y% taxes on the difference, where Y is yet to be determined (although i heard anthing between 20 and 60%).

      1. Heard of this. We talked about this I’m the recent past. Won’t happen until war. The IRC will have to go and RE laws would have to be rewritten. The US with its cheap house prices let’s the solid of majority of the people own. There would be blood and the minority population would get beat more. Good for me as they would always be my tenants. One big dumbed down captive audience. Well funded would come out ahead.

        But something major has to be a catalyst. I recall all the talk after 2008 to confiscate pension and defined contribution assets. QE took care of that. I recall the bail-in alt-media garbage with the banks from about 8-9 years ago.

      2. Another problem here with this philosophy. Basic contract laws would have to be abrogated. Moreover, how do we tax people who sold for big cap gains prior to enacting these laws? Place a IRS/Treasury lien on their other assets.

        This is the same problem with student loans. People work to pay them off and the no pay slobs get off from owing? Who gets the student loan release? A one time deal would be stuck in the courts for years.

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