The new world order and how it destroyed the middle-class lifestyle

1971 was an important year for the monetary system… and the labor market
Effective goods trade balance; Balance on Merchandise Trade (blue, dark green) was discontinued in 2014; Trade Balance Goods, Balance of Payments Basis (dark green, light green) commenced in 1992. Their overlap (dark green) is essentially identical. and are both used to illustrate the long-term trend of the nation’s goods trade imbalance. Levels are quarterly.

As we can see, the goods trade deficits began to widen by the mid-1970s. With regards to the widening trade imbalances, the catalysts for this long-term trend were established and set in motion 50 years ago, in 1971.

Let’s look at the changes to the demographics of the labor pool since then.

Our government sellout; The 50-year transformation of the labor market pool and the destruction of the middle-class

When it comes to analyzing the long-term demographic trends in the labor market, we should consider the causes behind the long-term trends in the goods trade balance as the independent variable, while everything else depends on these causes to the changes to the goods trade balance.

I submit that the causes of the long-term explosion in the goods trade deficit were directly responsible for the transformation of the United States’ labor market and college industry, while degrading its citizens’ standard of living relative to the rest of the world.

When I compare the 1971 middle-class lifestyle to today, I’m being deliberate in the selection of this time frame. Of course, the lifestyles of 1971 pertain to those of 50 years ago. But 1971 was also a watershed year for our monetary system and the global economy.

The United States throws the American worker under the bus

In 1971, President Nixon shut the gold window to international transactions, while Henry Kissinger began to hold secret meetings with Zhou Enlai, with the express purpose of building up CCP China and its economy.

Subsequent to Nixon’s meeting with the heads of the CCP in 1972, the global corporations were encouraged to begin offshoring manufacturing jobs to mainland China. In return, China would accept US dollars for as long as the globalists demanded.

Around the same time, Kissinger cut a similar deal with OPEC for global oil supplies. Thus, during the early 70’s, the world began to be flooded with U.S. dollars. Although these international dollars were no longer guaranteed with gold; theoretically speaking, if these dollars could remain overseas, domestic price inflation would not rise as quickly as monetary inflation. Although investor resistance to these new programs resulted in rising price inflation throughout the 70s, these experiments ultimately worked, and by 1980, price inflation and interest rates/bond yields began to ebb.

In essence, the United States elite were willing to accept ever widening balance of payments and trade deficits in return for transforming the U.S. dollar into the global reserve currency. This phenomenon is featured as the cornerstone of the Triffin paradox. We could say that the elites running the United States were more than eager to throw the American workers under the bus in order to achieve the objectives of the new world order.

The Triffin dilemma or Triffin paradox is the conflict of economic interests that arises between short-term domestic and long-term international objectives for countries whose currencies serve as global reserve currencies. This dilemma was identified in the 1960s by Belgian-American economist Robert Triffin, who pointed out that the country whose currency, being the global reserve currency, foreign nations wish to hold, must be willing to supply the world with an extra supply of its currency to fulfil world demand for these foreign exchange reserves, leading to a trade deficit.

Wikipedia – Triffin paradox

As anyone can see, the trade deficits here in the states began to widen in the mid 1970s, and by the end of the Carter regime, these trade and balance of payments deficits began to grow for the first time in the nation’s history.

A demoralized labor pool and how the college industry was born
Trying to keep up is often a losing battle; The growth of the civilian labor force level with bachelor’s degree or higher (blue) is greater than the growth of the labor force at large (green).

The middle-class lifestyle from 50 years ago is now worth a million bucks, and two income earners can no longer achieve the lifestyle that one wage once provided.

When comparing middle-class lifestyles over various time frames, we should consider both the quantitative and qualitative aspects in our analysis. When we view through this lens, it becomes increasingly clear that the qualitative advantages that people enjoyed previously are now very costly in monetary terms today.

Supply-side economics is a macroeconomic theory that postulates economic growth can be most effectively fostered by lowering taxes, decreasing regulation, and allowing free trade.

Wikipedia – Supply-side economics

With the advent of the supply-side shenanigans and Reaganomics, which were just bogus theories that enabled the globalists to offshore the dollars and transfer the wealth and power to ChiComm China, the media and government began to promote job retraining and college education as a way for the American worker to stay competitive in an ever evolving workforce.

By the time the early 80s rolled around, high school students who previously didn’t need a college degree, were actively being encouraged to attend college. Previously to all of this, a college education wasn’t required to succeed in the workforce. The jobs that had been offshored to China and the other developing nations were previously available to Western citizens. For most of these jobs, there was no need obtaining a college education. But in order to achieve the objectives of the new world order, while masking the monetary inflation of the Western fiat currencies, the elites needed to export inflation while importing deflation. As a result, these once precious jobs were exported to cheaper global outposts, where cost-advantage arbitrage became the objective of free trade.

While the causal relationship may be imprecise, the long-term trends are clear. I propose that if the trade and balance of payments deficits were eliminated by re-importing the manufacturing jobs that were lost to “free-trade”, the student loan “crisis” would cure itself on its own.

For example, living the middle-class lifestyle of 1971 meant that the family could afford to let the mother stay home and care for the children. When I was a young child 50 years ago, my mother didn’t work, nor did any of my friends’ mothers. Perhaps a couple mothers worked part time 15-20 hours a week, but they were always home for the children when school got out.

My friends’ mothers were the cub scouts den leaders. None of my friends’ parents had college degrees, nor did my parents. My father dropped out of high school at 16, and we were able to make ends meet and still own a house on Long Island. We had large families and plenty of food.

Today, in order to achieve these goals, both parents normally need at least a bachelor’s or graduate degree, and if the mother stays home, the husband better make good money, and have plenty saved up for retirement, because the defined benefit plans and pensions are gone. Moreover, the purchasing power of the monthly Social Security payment has been nibbled away over the decades.

Thus, based on just domestic temporal changes to PPP, I estimate that by the time the primary income earner has reached his mid to late-40s, the balance of a household’s defined contribution assets should be about $500k to make up for these retirement benefit changes.

Thus, the genesis of the current dilemmas we face regarding escalating college costs and the degradation of the wage base can be traced all the way back to the early 70s with the transfer of the country’s manufacturing base to our existential enemy.

While the manufactured feminist campaign during the 70s encouraged women to leave the house and enter the workforce, the transformation of housewives into working drones was borne out of necessity. Fathers could no longer earn enough to maintain the same middle-class lifestyle of just several years prior. To make matters worse, women and men now both compete for the same jobs, which just works to suppress wages further. Adding mass immigration into this mix just creates an additional burden that impacts wage base growth. It is no longer uncommon for some family units to possess three wage earners.

So, how do we turn this around? The answer is, we can’t. But, if we recognize the dilemmas, at least we can work to overcome them. This was the primary reason why I always recommended owning income-generating assets.

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56 thoughts on “The new world order and how it destroyed the middle-class lifestyle

  1. Another John O’Looney interview, this time with Reiner Fullrich.
    He’s a funeral director from England who has noticed interesting patterns and how everyone who died of cancer were regarded as Covid deaths – they used 45 cycle PCR tests to fake it.

    They said there would be massive deaths in care homes. How did they know? They said that and then specifically transferred patients there who promptly died. Interestingly they ordered huge quantities of Medazolam. That is a drug used for paralyzing and relaxing people who go on invasive ventilators. It stops you breathing on your own. Hint, hint. With no vent it’s a euthanasia chemical.

  2. Voices For Freedon in NZ had a session with Dr Geert vanden Bosshe last night.
    He said the vaccine side effects, as bad as they are, are a quite small issue and not even worth talking about compared to the immunity problems caused by selection pressure on the virus.

    Vaxing during the pandemic is a BAD idea. When you get the vax, it takes 6 weeks to build immunity, for the antibodies to “mature”. IF you catch Covid during that process very bad things occur. Because the vaxed are told they are “safe” by the media they go out and about as if immune already. They are actually at greater risk than the unvaxed and should quarantine themselves for a month after getting the shots. The immunity provided by the shots is very specific too.

    This will lead to massive death and disease. Mass vaxing didn’t CREATE the delta strain, but it is SELECTING the Delta strain. And it will tend towards selecting something even worse if we don’t stop this madness. These artificial antibodies crowd out the innate immune system too, which in most cases could deal with the virus if allowed to.

    The same thing happens if you catch Covid and then catch it again before your antibodies are ready. You don’t even really get anitbodies until the infection has cleared anyway. They are for next time. So the vaxed are a threat to the unvaxed now, because Covid is becoming easier to catch. In addition, we are destroying the pool of “sterilizing immunity” (i.e. children) by doing this too. If we vax all the kids with this, and they catch the more infectious strains while vaccinated, they can get sick whereas before they would not have noticed anything and became 100% immune. We are potentially selecting a super virus, some kind of airborne super-infectious ultra AIDS if we keep up this madness. Vaccination was never done during a pandemic. This was traditional and standard knowledge in immunology and epidemiology – until 2020 for some reason.
    People are telling me if we all get our shots we can have our freedoms back. I ask them if that’s the case then why has the government already ordered 2 more boosters for everyone in 2022? The ignorance out there is simply incredible.

  3. > Surely, by now, most people have friends, loved ones, …that died because their immune system wasn’t enough to counter the virus-provoked attack against their white blood cells.

    First, being vaxed does not reduce one’s risk of dying from covid. It only reduces the severity of symptoms.

    Second, it requires a big leap of faith to agree to being jabbed with a substance, which has been developed by the same people who honestly believe that there are too many of us useless eaters here on this planet, and who are for some reason doing everything in their power to suppress all other treatment options for covid except the vax.

    1. You make an excellent point. That one reason alone should be all the excuse you need to not take these jabs. Talk about conflict of interest. On one hand, these eugenicists insist there are too useless eaters and speak of humanity with contempt. On the other hand, they develop these mRNA jabs in record time, and through several of their front drug firms.

      They give themselves injury immunity, only offer a mass vaccination campaign to the exclusion of all else, bill the development costs to the taxpayer, then pocket tens of billions from the whole process.

      This is clearly a situation in which the concerns or aims of the elites and us are incompatible. Yet the people believe them.

  4. Trump has been obeying the commands of the synagogue of Satan to the letter.

    He threw his supporters under the bus after the election, and the S of S allowed him to personally cash out at least $200 million from a $1.2 billion dollar mortgage in which he controlled a third of the property.

    In return he supports vaccinations and says they’re the greatest thing to fight this covid crisis. He recommends says he was instrumental in getting them approved.

    Now that he’s shown his true colors and that the synagogue of Satan has approved of his performances, he’s now receiving favorable press regarding the upcoming 2024 presidential campaign.

    Unfortunately, this is all about splitting the Republican vote, and he will be instrumental in getting the Democrats and communists back into power. He’s a liberal sellout from New York City and he despises his constituents. He’s a master performer and carnival barker, and has even duped Alex Jones and Joel Skousen. These two fools continue to run cover for him and believe that whenever Trump acts in a way that is adverse to his constituents, it’s because of poor judgment and not because he’s doing it intentionally.

    These fools still believe that Trump is a reasonable man and is open to reason if only someone can show him “the truth.”

    1. Yes, Trump could have easily stopped the Covid charade by firing Fauci and installing real scientists at the top of the NIH, FDA, and CDC. If all of the top “experts” weren’t pushing the Covid narrative, the media would have a hard time creating credibility. (This is precisely the problem that honest doctors have now — they are fighting from the outside, while the corrupt SoS puppets pontificate from the position of “experts.”) So Trump was clearly in on Covid. Pushing the MRNA jabs should make that even more obvious. Overall, he is a loyal SoS puppet.

      I do think there is a small possibility that Trump might return in 2024 as the actual antichrist. He will “rescue” the world from the disastrous Biden presidency. Don’t forget that the antichrist is going to be loved by almost all people, including most Christians. Trump is much closer to being a messianic figure than Biden or anyone else is.

      The caveat is 2024 seems a bit soon to create a world so bad that it needs to be “rescued” by the antichrist. Also, the third temple doesn’t seem like it’s close enough to being completed. I suspect that the US and Israel will fully merge, with the antichrist claiming that the third temple is the true Washington DC.

    2. What about Don Jr? His tweets are often good. I wonder if he’s disappointed in his dad? I don’t follow US politics that much so others will have a better idea of Jr’s merits.

      1. I consider DT unelectable. He has lost a substantial amount of goodwill from his former support base. I doubt anyone in the Trump circle has a chance. The Republican faction has been fractured with military precisions to ensure the democrats and communists retain control.

        If Trump and his cadres of scumbags stand away from a 2024 run, I believe the Republicans stand a fair chance at recapturing at least the Senate majority. If Trump runs, he severs the Republicans in two.

        Both sides are of the devil, but anything that counters the communists is better right now. If for one reason, neither side will have the momentum to keep full throttle with a republican victory of any size.

        The problem is, like Otto says, the livestock in school are being conditioned to embrace Communism. They see it on Netflix and the Squid games and think this stuff is great.

    3. Trump definitely threw the conservative patriots under the bus. Look how he quickly folded up his tent after November 3 and handed the election to Biden. Trump’s past history indicates he is no man of God.

      Human leaders have sin in them while God is sinless. We should not put our full trust in human leaders.
      This is why we must put our trust in Jesus Christ who was sent by God to die on the cross for us and came back to life three days later. Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for us while human leaders sacrifice their followers to the chambers. Here is some inspiration from the Bible to look up to God instead of people:

      Psalm 118:8-9 ESV
      “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.”

      1 Corinthians 2:5 ESV
      “That your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.”

      Psalm 146:3 ESV
      “Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation.”

      Micah 7:5 ESV
      “Put no trust in a neighbor; have no confidence in a friend; guard the doors of your mouth from her who lies in your arms;”

      Psalm 9:10 ESV
      “And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.”

      Psalm 108:12, KJV” Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man.”

      God never threw his followers under the bus especially in the spiritual plane. While Christians have gotten sacrificed physically for their beliefs they have received their ultimate prize in heaven.

      1. There’s a recent video of someone asking Trump if he would ask God for forgiveness; and he pretty much shrugged that question off. C’mon on – who is he to humble and bow down himself to God. He probably thinks it should be the other way around.

        Appreciate the verses. The Bible truly is such an amazing/spiritual read. No words to describe it. I’m getting close to finishing the New Testament. Then will start with the Old Testament right after.

  5. Council on Foreign Relations;

    The Fed Should Peg Rates to Reality, Not to Its Stale Forecasts

    Despite what the gloom and doomers think, a Fed funds rate at 1.9% will not be a game changer for asset prices. If long-term bond yields can remain in the post QE range, things should hold up okay.

    My only concern here is simple. I do contemplate a scenario in which the federal government loosens up the purse strings to the point that investor confidence is undermined. It took 12 years for the people to finally worship QE and believe it is the cure for everything. QE was successful when the people doubted its integrity. This circumspection forced government spending to remain relatively restrained.

    We have seen in the post covid environment that all restraint is lost. Now the politicians think the FED can conjure up as many dollars to spend as they choose. The FED has also promised the federal government of an open spigot.

    But even under this scenario, it would be from inflationary concerns, which would still support asset prices. The worst case scenario would be that the dollar’s confidence is lost. If that’s the case do you think asset prices would fall? Of course they would not.

    We may think the dollar is toast, but if asset prices are falling in relation to the dollar, then the dollar would be gaining strength.


    “Unvaccinated individuals will no longer be able to dine-in, go to shopping malls, or visit attractions from next Wednesday (Oct 13).”

    Yup, it was inevitable. Despite the vaccinated dying in droves in the country. They only wanted herd compliance. Sooner or later the double jabbed will be considered unvaccinated. Too bad I still will NOT comply.

    1. My concern is we will no longer be able to buy groceries. My concern is I will no longer be able to shop at Home Depot. If you are dependent on government services you should be aware that the government may attempt to mandate vaccines to receive those services.

      Sure, right now it’s only elective activities. Within the next year or two, it will be our daily routine.

  7. I have a couple of books to recommend in light of some of the topics that have recently been discussed on the blog:

    Durable Trades by Rory Groves,

    I have recommended this book to my nieces and nephews, one of my daughters told me about it, she found out about it from the Townsends Youtube channel (another valuable resource).

    Another great reference is this one written by Maria Treben on natural herbal remedies called Health Through God’s Pharmacy:

    This has been an invaluable source for us to make our own remedies, poultices, salves and cures from plants that are abundant or easily cultivated in North America.

    1. As a long-time pharmacist, it’s curious to me why folks continue to recommend digging up their own ginseng and mixing concoctions based on hearsay, when really it’s quite simple to eat a balanced diet, drink clean water, exercise, and get a good’s night sleep. The medications I dispense are usually intended for the purpose of replacing a necessary biochemical that is missing, in short (or long) supply, or for adjusting a level in the human body which is out of whack, no longer working in balance with the rest of what is meant to be homeostasis. The FDA defines a drug as “a substance in part, intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease” and “articles (other than food) intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals.”

      As for economics, I’ve never studied it. Only commonsense tells me that as my spouse and I start to look around for something to replace this GE appliance that lasted 40 years as an original purchase in this old house (built in the ’50s) is not going to be a piece of cake. First, there does seem to be a deficit of appliances and folks can expect to wait for shipment of whatever they order to arrive, but second, the materials, the construction, and the designs of the few items we’ve had to replace generally don’t seem to be intended to last for the next several generations, and the third factor is that when I do find something that I can expect to last a little longer than those I find on first blush, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. I expect those complaints have been around for quite some time, however.

      I guess my rationale for avoiding waste and working as good stewards for what is here to work with is based on some physics principle from high school about matter not being created nor destroyed. Scientists may come up with outliers, which don’t fit the general everyday issue of where does the money come from? When jobs are shipped elsewhere, yes the accessibility to ‘jobs’ is increased but it usually means that the ‘job’ can be done/completed for less effort or less pay for the effort to produce the goods and services required in fulfilling the job. A business model that cannot sustain a sovereign workforce, without requiring slavery of some form or another.

      My other gripe is why so many folks flick the imaginary dust of ?? off their shoulder(s) and assert that availability of a vaccine for provoking a person’s own immunity protection is something to be scoffed at. Like it’s a matter of their own choice whether they will be infected by the virus. Like it’s a matter of ones’ own choice that their body will be adequately immune to the worst effects of the virus if they’ve become infected. Like they don’t have any responsibility to watch out for the old folks, and the young folks, and the vulnerable, and those that don’t know they’re vulnerable. Like making an argument on a technicality in the fine print when the virus doesn’t read the fine print and continues its own persistent biochemical reactions. Like folks have to keep yammering when they could just get the shot and do their part.

      1. So you think we should all just get the shot? Is that really what you are saying? You’re on the wrong site lady.
        Besides sounding slightly insane/senile, you seem to have this idea that we all need to take a vaccine because “young folks” might catch something off us. Did I read that right?
        What game are you playing?

        1. Not the first pharmacist to bad mouth Maria Trebens book and Maria has been dead for years.

          From Durable Trades: Apothecary (#18 on the list of 100) King James established the first pharmacists guild in England. Initially known as “Apothecaries”, early community pharmacists prepared and dispensed remedies while offering front line medical advice to their customers. Apothecary traditions travelled to the New World with the English Colonists where they flourished for centuries.

          King James had to get control of this after he fired this guy:

          The majority of John Dees occult library still remains at the Royal College of Physicians.

          1. Nutrition in food is predicated on the obvious; that there was the basic building blocks of nutrition in the soil to begin with. Minerals don’t appear through photosynthesis. The atoms need to be present as the food is grown.

            In the old days there was enough Mg in Brazil nuts. Now we would have to eat a pound. There’s not enough food to eat in the day that would provide me with enough magnesium to subdue my arrhythmias. The body doesn’t produce enough malic acid to chelate out aluminum anymore.

            Nutritionists are naive to believe we can get enough nutrients in the food. We have chemtrails burping up toxins and heavy metals. We are surrounded with petrochemical poisons and plastics. Pesticide residues, food bereft of any nutritional value. Chelators in even organic foods.

            I don’t understand the logic with the vaccines here. Again, a non sequitur conclusion. Why should anyone be forced to take a vaccine that provides protection for the person who take it? It’s clear that these things don’t work and the vaccine proponents cleverly avoid all this and use ad hominem arguments, like appealing to emotion and authority, to spread their fallacies.

            Welcome All views and would like to see our adversary step in here and provide us with sound reasons on why we are to get vaccinated. Of course there will never happen as vaccine proponents can not logically discuss these topics. Their sets of logic are not our sets of logic.

            1. Besides, the same authorities who have been lying to us with regards to politics, economics, finance, religion, constitutional rights, etc, are demanding once again that we accept their virus and mRNA jab arguments.

              They tell us that the $30 billion in pure profits from the jab campaign is not an issue.

              They say that just because the taxpayer paid for the jab development costs and that the drug firms are immune from liability shouldn’t be a factor in determining whether or not to take the 💉.

              1. Robert Malone said it’s “crazy” to give everyone the vax – and he invented mRNA vaccines. I think his opinion outweighs everyone else’s so he’s my doctor.
                I’m not getting the vax.

                Recently an acquaintance said they wished everyone would get the vax because then the lockdowns would end and we could go back to normal.

                Just one small problem with that idea: the NZ govt has already ordered 10 million booster shots for next year. (That’s 2 each for every person in the country.) So no normal life for you, until you all get the boosters. Take the pills too. Keep going until dead. Science wins. Thank you for your cooperation.

        2. Unless you work in a bubble and don’t come into contact with human beings, it behooves you to protect those vulnerable humans around you. I am a rather shy retiring pharmacist, mostly fill the script and answer questions about how to avoid constipation if going on a 10-day cruise (on a small boat) but this stupidity whirling around us as stirred up by the intelligent, book-learned fools is enough to want to gently push the lemmings over their own ledge.

          You want proof? Plenty of it available if use the basis of logic. What proof do you have that it’s not in the best interest of THE GENERAL PUBLIC not to be vaccinated? I hear the nay-sayers come up with anecdotes, and one-offs from folks not even in the field of public health that spout their singular experience they think should be thrown in the mix of theories. When I push back about these ‘people’ who show up on paid-for-view YouTube videos, the typical response is just that … some typical ill-, or misinformed yadayada.

          My interest as a pharmacist when I took the Oath decades ago was underlined in the first couple pledges, “I will consider the welfare of humanity and relief of suffering my primary concerns. I will apply my knowledge, experience, and skills to the best of my ability to assure optimal outcomes for my patients.” Of what benefit to mankind is someone who comes up and says something to the effect that folks shouldn’t get vaccinated, even though their actions are watched by folks less learned than them? Think about it. To what benefit to the rest of us in your family, in your village, your country, the world, is it NOT to be vaccinated? Us here, right now, living through this pandemic are NOT some part of a giant academic exercise, or a conspiracy, or whatever.

          Surely, by now, most people have friends, loved ones, acquaintances, heard about folks that died because their immune system wasn’t enough to counter the virus-provoked attack against their white blood cells, with the first hit on the respiratory tract.

          If folks really wanted to try to solve this matter of viruses attacking the lung tissue and stop putting their head in the sand, they’d invest some time and money in research on human immunity and how to replace damaged lung tissue. There’s a remarkable paucity of actual knowledge about how to live with damaged or non-functioning lungs. ECMO is not the answer due to the extensive requirements to monitor all functions of the body while the patient is soft-restrained so that they don’t inadvertently remove ventilatory tubes.

          As for response to someone who uses the statement that basic nutrients are no longer part of the average diet as a point of why they believe in voodoo ‘nutritionists’ as gospel above real scientists (take a look sometime and note the curriculum of some of these schools of nutrition), so that’s why they take a magnesium supplement, “well, that’s why you take a magnesium supplement!” Not everyone who eats the average diet has a problem with low magnesium levels. His body (probably at the level of the kidney) is obviously not able to retain the usual amount of magnesium available in foods for MOST people. If he were to go further out on the nutrient deficiencies in the foods available to him, then I’d daresay the year I did my residency at the VA in Fargo ND, there used to be a saying –the building grounds were close enough to the Red River that we had to have volunteers with sandbags to avoid flooding that spring, folks grumbled that location along the river had the highest concentration of nutrients available in the government brand of therapeutic vitamins and minerals. That’s why there are any number of vitamin supplements for sale even at the dollar store.

          When a hospitalized person has extensive burns or raging lower abdominal infection etc and cannot take nutrients by mouth (in the way of foodstuffs) or tubes entering the GI tract at the level of the intestines or stomach, pharmacists/dieticians come up with total parenteral nutrition with standard components of lipids, dextrose, proteins, fluids, and minerals and essential vitamins.

          Well, I guess I am getting ‘hot under the collar’, but really, at this time, why are there even still people pooh-poohing PUBLIC health measures? Just don’t get it, and I’m not stupid.

          1. Cathy,
            People who took both shots of the covid 19 vaccine still get the covid 19. In addition other people who took the covid shots get myocarditis, blood clots, and reduced immune system which makes them sick of other diseases. These side effects do not go away.
            Other people who got the covid shots get other serious side effects that don’t go away and others die soon thereafter. These Covid vaccines are EVIL. Check out these sites:








            There is also a dangerous spiritual aspect of these covid 19 vaccines if you believe in God .
            Even if one does not believe in God there are the serious physical side effect risks with these Covid 19 vaccines.


            Thats fine that you believe the Covid 19 vaccines are the best thing since sliced bread, however, I think it is not fair to impose on those who do not want these Covid 19 vaccines.
            I think it is totally wrong to mandate these Covid 19 vaccines on everybody against there will.
            I will drop out of society before taking any Covid 19 vaccine.

              1. That’s funny , actually. You could be right, but I let her writings stand as her (or his) testimony.

                I don’t get enough traction to make it worth their while.

                Imagine if the masses did heed my warnings and advice. The world would be a much better place. The people would be much richer, all nations would have their sovereignty back, the average person would be able to raise a family and have a wonderful life, and the adversary would be exposed for the satanic synagogue that it is.

        3. I convinced a buddy of mine (who already had covid with no symptoms) not to get it. He wanted to get it due to everyone else getting it. I simply approached it from a inflation perspective. But the vax is free, he says. Nope someone is paying the bill. The taxpayers – hence the massive increase in spending of money and inflation. Your rent is higher. Your food costs are higher. So yea take it if you like paying more for everything. He’s not going to take it.

          So silly – if something happens to you. An adverse reaction. You can’t even sue the manufacturers. You’re literally all alone. With a new vax. New side affects. But Covid has been out for a while. There are plenty of documented treatments that help if you get serious symptoms. But this generation is easy to trick and manipulate. I think even the Adversary is surprised by how quickly Humanity has folded over.

        1. Jim Jones would’ve done the anti-vax cultist dance to be sure. Cultists need a charismatic leader. Research on vaccinations has been around a long time, and you, yourself have taken advantage of it to the best intent of public health when you received your tetanus, measles, mumps, pneumococcal disease, etc and you did NOT need a smallpox vaccination.

          That’s it. Had it with you folks today.

          1. You assume a lot. I am grateful my parents deferred. Only took half the vaccines. My dad finally had enough and took the school principal to task. Maybe that’s why I have a higher IQ. Maybe that is why I don’t get sick. My undergrad and grad school demanded the shots you mention. I told them to go take a leap. I never got them.

            Besides the entire concepts behind these jabs are totally different. They are not testing these mRNA jabs properly (actually they were, but the animals tested all died) and the vaccines you mention are like comparing apples to plumbs. They are two different animals altogether. Based on two entirely different models.

            How about I take a dump in a syringe, call it a vaccine, use the trillions of dollars to take over the media, brainwash you to believe the disingenuous arguments, and then jab people?

            1. That is a great response Chris on the Covid 19 Vaccine argument. Sad that some people are so brainwashed into thinking the Covid 19 vaccine is the best thing since sliced bread.

          2. Ms. Lane, your message implies that you trusted the media before this Covid came along. Is that the case? And you still trust it.

            I dismissed the media decades ago as Wall Street’s mind control facility. Now I see it as a criminal cartel. Every media movement is a ploy to strip peasants of their assets, and turn them into profit centers.

            Further, I have witnessed no signs of a plague. I haven’t see sweating, staggering people on the streets. I haven’t noted higher EMT vehicle traffic. The country coroner here is quiet.

            Hospitals can tell you anything they want. If a hospital tells you your Uncle Bob died of Covid, do you have the means to verify it? No, you don’t. Hospitals get extra money from Satan’s government for Covid patients.

  8. Thanks to Bob in the other article for that link:
    That website does have interesting reads.

    About stocks, i’m deep into a few Oil plays since the end of September, every dip is getting bought up, the sector is still in a bullish mode.
    As far as the highly speculated upcoming Crash, I’m not seeing it happen anytime soon. Unless a unique catalyst such as the rumored Klaus Schwab internet power outage happens.

    1. It’s a very interesting site for sure.
      The owner of the site has a knack for ending up in jail. He just can’t resist offending liberals so they call the cops on him all the time. He’s back in the clink again now.

      Did you know Feminism is/was branch of Satanism? It was unleashed at the same time as the Communism, and the full revelation of the Talmud – about 1840. Another thing worthy of mention is the Zohar. It was released at the time too. That was kept far more secret than the Talmud. This was all planned centuries ago, to presage the end of the time of the gentiles.

      I recently heard a woman of advanced years proudly telling a little girl about how New Zealand was the first to give woman the vote. Giving women the vote is like letting men decide when it’s time to have sex – it leads to excesses. They never tell you universal suffrage also gave many men the vote too. You aren’t supposed to know what.

      There was a university study done in New Zealand – it showed that the average woman pays negative tax over her lifetime. Men pay ALL the tax. But mind that gender pay gap. Work harder. Pay your fair share.

      “Professor Gemmell says he expects the patterns uncovered by the research would be similar in other countries, but that this is the first time such a study has been done.”

      The first time such a study has been done. (And probably the last.)
      OK, there was a link to the paper somewhere. It’s got lots of charts showing how men are slaves and women live in a nice Gynoecium.

      It took some time to find, but here is the original paper. It’s a long read but just look at the charts.

      In 1971 (wow! 50 years ago) Esther Vilar wrote a book about this problem called “The Manipulated Man”. She got a lot of death threats for her efforts. She did write a sequel 20 years later I think, but said she wouldn’t have even written the first one if she’d known how much hate she would receive. Women don’t want men to wake up to their deceptions. I can’t blame them, those deceptions kept the race going and men didn’t really mind, but now things are getting a bit out of hand. The book has been hard to find at times even on the net.

      I know an old man who divorced his wife after 30 years and she finally said to him “None of the kids are yours.” Mind blowing.

    2. The oil plays have been doing very well. I look at the oil tracking stock ETFs and the other oil plays and I am impressed with the performances. I always liked XOM after it was kicked out of the Dow. It has a nice tasty dividend yield.

      If anyone has any stock recommendations, please post them. I haven’t been trading all that much lately and have had my mind on other affairs.

      If we do get a crash it will not be because of any unintentional unraveling of the system. The point of my article is to show the reader of this long-term control that the elites possess over its own system. I ask myself, why do the Chinese still accept dollars after all this time? It’s because they’re ordered to accept them.

      Take my word for it on this one; if the ChiComm Chinese government decided to unilaterally discontinue accepting the dollar as payment, the globalist would begin a campaign to isolate China and transfer all of the globalist controlled firms’ manufacturing base oout of mainland China. Believe me it would happen instantly and the Chicomm Chinese government knows this and has been told this. It would happen so fast that everyone’s heads would be spinning in disbelief.

      All this hogwash analysis on the gold shill websites about how the ChiComms are dumping the dollar and going to another currency. They’ve been talking about this for 20 years.

      If there is a stock market crash or collapse, believe me on this one, it was planned in advance.

  9. The people are brainwashed. The world has gone insane. How can it continue?

    By the way, the British show, Utopia seasons one and two are available on Amazon Prime free for members. Someone on the board mentioned the American version with John Cusack. The British version is better.

    It is remarkable how the show parallels the current reality. I recommend watching the British version first. It is actually a well produced program. It rates an 8.4 on IMDB.

    1. I watched the first season of the British version. Bloody and violent, but fast forwarded through those parts. It is about a virus release, but the forced vaccines are what sterilizes and kills the people. Exactly like covid today. They throw it right in our faces.

  10. I got asked by a young reader
    On genesis 27:40, we see the prophetic words about Esau indicating he will break free from Jacob, the white nations and go to revenge, Which ties with the prophecy of Jacob’s trouble in Ezekiel/Jeremiah, would you agree?

    Here was my answer;

    That’s right. Double fulfillment in the last days. Jacob was a very important profit. Esau spearheads the war in Ezekiel, though the confederacy he is building will double cross him and try to destroy his enemy (Jacob). God will then be forced to intervene (Jacob’s trouble). Jesus will set the final days in motion.

  11. What I find to be an ominous sign here is the fact that bond yields have risen this morning in spite of a gloomy unemployment report. The number of new jobs will continue to fall. The mainstream will tell us it’s because of the Delta variant and unvaccinated, but we know it’s because the people are being fired from not being vaccinated. So in one sense, the mainstream is correct the loss of jobs is because of the unvaccinated. It’s because the unvaccinated are leaving the workforce.

    Let’s hope these unvaccinated have turned to Jesus. There’s not a lot of talk about Jesus on the blog the past few days, so I need to mention the name Jesus and that Jesus saves.

    Let’s hope that the upcoming and planned force majeure is a brutal one and that it will be the time of Jacob’s trouble. Because if it’s not, you and I are doomef to extinction.

    1. I just finished watching Squid Games. A show on Netflix that the masses are watching in droves. There were 4 religions represented. Christianity, Buddhism, Muslim, and Atheism (I consider this a religion as well – they usually worship Scientists and see them as Priests who can’t be wrong). The only religion that was constantly ridiculed several times was Christianity. The characters that had the 3 other religions were given a strong light of favor. Only Christianity in the show was constantly attacked and made fun of. What’s that saying Chris that you always talk about? Take the contra. When the stockboards are full of bullish sentiment and the price has risen 50% — take the contra.

      The show also had a very strong push towards Marxism. Very troubling since it’s mostly the youth watching this stuff. The show talks about the suffering of in-equality and discrimination “outside the games” that the participants had to face with. But inside the games they are are all equals under the same conditions. Made an example of one person trying to get ahead by eliminating him if front of all to see.

      Take the contra. Jesus Saves. He’s the truth. Even the Elite know it’s the truth. Otherwise, why try to attack/dis-credit Jesus every chance you can get? It’s like a bear inside a stock board posting bearish to try and get the price down for him to buy. You don’t do that unless you believe in the stock.

      1. The S of S has established our lives to be a simulation of fakery, just like how you describe in the Squid Games. In their fake reality, everyone is the same, but it’s an illusion. I want nothing to do with whatever they say.

        If the show denegrates Christianity, then it is safe to assume that of the four religions depicted in the show, Christianity is the one true one. Aethism is a real religion. It is totally different than agnosticism.

        Take the contra! I am here to tell everyone; Jesus is the real deal. I beg you all to listen.

    2. I think you’re right about that. The unvaccinated are not speaking up about why we are really leaving the workforce. I have lots of valid and believable reasons for leaving teaching but I never say to others why I really left. There is a shortage of teachers – I’m still following the union page and they can’t get enough supply teachers to cover planning time. My colleagues are covering extra classes as well as their own to deal with the shortage. I’m also being asked why I left my bands and I don’t want to say why either. I don’t know who to trust. Apparently my section in one of them is down from 12 to maybe 3 or 4. The vaccinated were very vocal about making it a must to keep the band running. However, it’s membership that keeps it running and excluding people will ultimately lead to its demise. I wonder about the ‘numbers’ on mainstream media and whether they are lying about how many people are actually vaccinated. There may be more of us than is being reported.

      1. You make an interesting observation regarding the mainstreams representation on the percent of population who are vaccinated. If their past is any guide, I have to assume these numbers are bogus as well.

        Even with the censorship, it’s difficult for the average person not to come across media anecdotal observations that demonstrate the adverse reactions and side effects of these jabs.

    1. Karl some of the charts pinpoint the time frame of exactly what I saw occur in real life during my lifetime. The quote by Hayek I suppose could be used as an advertisement for crypto. However I hope the ptb just aren’t letting the kinks be worked out until they put their own version in place .

    2. That is a great web page. Anyone who solely relies on wages and salary since 1971 has gotten decimated. That was the time to begin buying income generating assets. I know of a person who is in his late seventies and bought properties in Alexandria Virginia 50 years ago. He still owns a couple of them. The first one he bought new for $25,000 and it’s worth about a million today.

      According to the table on that web page. The price to income multiple for typical house in the United States 50 years ago was just over 2x of household income.

      The worst thing someone could be doing in the West it’s going to college and looking for a job. With all of the data we have provided, person must be insane to spend a ton of money on college and look for a job afterward.

      Unless you obtain a specific type of degree, I would stay away. I don’t even really recommend getting a business or economics degree. You will have to overcome all of the brainwashing that you receive in college and all of the lives that will be talked to you. Just because you get an economics or business finance degree doesn’t mean you will understand anything we talk about. You most likely will disagree with the topics we discuss. To an unwashed economist, our views are heresy.

      1. The issue with college today is the majority of degree recipients will be debt slaves for life due to student loans and that includes doctors/lawyers. Many of them will be paying off loans for much of their lives. Technically, they are slaves without freedom. Not to mention, doctors,nurses, and other medical jobs will be forced to take the vaccines or lose their jobs like in New York.

        One is better off learning a skilled trade that doesn’t require any debt. You can become an electrician, plumber, locksmith, carpenter, etc. and work for cash or coin off the books so to speak. I actually think you are better off getting a CDL for a couple thousand and just driving instead of taking on all of the debt. You may not make a ton of money but atleast you are not a debt slave. Plus, you can move to different places and work which gives a bit more flexibility. Plus, there are shortages of workers in these trades anyways.

        Thinking about the current situation, if you can find some cheap rural land and you are a carpenter you can probably just build yourself a small little home far away from everything and live off-grid. You will be better off than the accountant who works at some corporation living downtown someplace.

        1. Amen to that. A huge upshot with being a landlord and property manager is that we must learn how to fix things. Do this long enough and you will know carpentry, plumbing, and electrical well enough to get paid to do it for others. I’m too old to do it for a living, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

          CDL license is good, too. Get to see the country. I would love out to the mountains and base out of there.

          Be self sovereign in every sense of the word.

        2. Agreed on the trades. I have several friends with liberal arts college degrees that 1) hate their jobs, and 2) dont make any real money. They complain and ask for advice. In almost every case I tell them – go to the union hall, learn a trade, come up through apprenticeship and eventually a project manager. It it good honest work, and you make a whole lot more, not to mention union benefits and pensions. No one listens, they think I’m crazy.

          I would add that the problem with college is the lie that you should go to school for what you like and what you are good at. So people that like studying different cultures and customs decide to major in anthropology and pay an enourmous amounts for it. How is that anthropology degree theating you after you graduate? I’m appalled that this lie has been told for so long. What a disservice to our youth. Someone needs to sit down with these kids and go over a basic IRR/ROI analysis. They will see that it is simply a poor economic idea. Now, if you are independetly wealthy, please go ahead. But if you are a normal person that likes anthropology, please go to the library.

  12. Great write up Chris. I’ll say this – I live in a nice part of Chicago/burbs with traditional Midwest values and many households where mothers stay home with the kids. I am very fortunate and grateful. My wife works part time and more for sanity than money. I work in private equity. My patents live in the same suburb where they lived for over 30 years. Again, I am very very fortunate and I know it everyday. What I’m trying to say is .. my parents could never afford to live here based on their incomes back then (nurse and union mechanic). I’m sure some folks will think I’m a complete a-hole for saying this, but $200k a year here is paycheck to paycheck. I can’t even imagine being a kid fresh out of school these days.

    1. It’s sobering to contemplate that many people who make $200,000 a year do not have much. It all depends on the balance sheet and what they own. I know many real estate investors who, for tax purposes, don’t make all that much money. At least according to the IRS. And they’re worth several million dollars. I know of others who nake $250,000 a year in household income and have it all taxed and stick the rest in a 401K plan.

      This article actually was not meant to be a time to reminisce. This article was meant squarely for the younger folk younger than 40. This article was meant for a person of college age. I hope this is a wake up call to many of the young people, so that they can redirect the trajectory of their financial lives.

      Someone asked me what I would do if I had just gotten out of prison serving a 20-year sentence and was broke. I told him the first thing I would do would be to try to partner up with someone to upfront me money for a down payment on rental a property around where I live. I could find a condo for $150,000 and I would fix it up, rent it out, and manage it. I would figure out the ownership stake and such. I would do this, since I am perfectly aware of how the deck is stacked against me, not just as I an unemployable person, but as an ex-con. I knew that within five or six years, I’d be wealthier than my peers.

      I know of many people over the years who came to the United States as an immigrant and couldn’t find a job. They set out to begin investing and speculating in real estate rental properties. They are worth much more than the person who has a graduate degree it works for someone for 20 years.

      If you understand what I’m saying in this article, the riskiest thing you can do is not taking any risk. You will be a guaranteed wage slave in the New World Order.

  13. The literal consequences of these policies are all around us. When I was a boy in the late 60’s my next door neighbor.son of Italian immigrants, supported a wife and four children digging ditches for a gas company and working as a night watchman. Nothing fancy mind you but they had clean clothes and plenty to eat. Now those jobs would only allow him to support himself. For some reason I decided to move near my childhood neighborhood in my later years,really just to see before I head into the wilderness. Of course,it went from a respectable working class place tough but with a good amount of dignity to the deep hood. Where I go to mass in a magnificent decayed church built in 1903 by German immigrants there was a shooting a mile up the road recently where 3 people were killed in front of a strip club. Funny this week the people pointed out at the meager congregation and said you are the remnant. Whatever you want to call them the illuminati ,ptb,elites,Zionists, satanists. money power etc etc they have managed to flatten the world out on a low level. Even using these petro dollars to build up Germany and Japan – I doubt the majority of citizens there ever enjoyed the classic American middle class lifestyle- and now they have consolidated most of wealth to themselves. They are now prepared to make their ancestors the counts barons kings and dukes of the 10th to 15th centuries proud by imposing a digital feudalism that their ancestors could only dream about. Unfortunately the only way to avoid this is they fight among themselves and the cataclysm you talk about comes to be. Many will suffer and hiding places will be few.

    1. Sad. As Chris has always said don’t rely on others for money and a job. Very prophetic as you’ve been telling us not to depend on our jobs for years.

      But I bought a second rental property five years ago and I wish I bought more.

      1. Buying the second property was the best financial decision I ever made. As you said passive income is great and the loans are getting paid down.

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