10/1 Update; Biden OCC nominee is Soviet educated, admires Bank of USSR, looks for Fed to end banking as we know it

Biden’s OCC nominee is proposing the most drastic changes to the monetary system since the advent of the Federal Reserve in 1913

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (duration 9:59)

Will the Federal Reserve assume the role of personal banker and take away the fractional reserve banking privileges from the commercial banks? Biden seems to hope so. He is using advocates of the USSR’s banking system as its template.

If Omarova has her way, you and I would have to obtain credit from the Fed to buy cars, homes, or obtain any loan.

Welcome, Comrade! Biden’s Soviet-born nominee for Comptroller of the Currency thinks Fed should ‘end banking’, admires USSR’s economy because there was ‘no gender pay gap’ and says hedge funds are an ‘a**hole industry’

-Saule Omarova, Biden’s Soviet-born nominee for Comptroller of the Currency thinks Fed should ‘end banking’, admires USSR’s economy because there was ‘no gender pay gap’ and says hedge funds are an ‘a**hole industry’.
-Omarova graduated from Moscow State University in 1989 on a scholarship named after Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin.
The MSM business channels are running cover for this nominee, saying that she is not as progressive as many have feared. They do not mention her Communist past (and present).
-Based on this pick, Powell’s days are numbered. Biden’s picks will be outright Soviet. This is the reason why Elizabeth Warren is vehimently opposed to reappointing Powell. She’s not bright enough to understand these matters, but her handlers will be taking the Fed in another direction.
-Watch out real estate investors! A regulatory body Omarova proposed is included in a House bill introduced by progressive Rep. Maxine Waters aimed at expanding affordable housing.
-This conforms to the timeline and the owners of the central banks are throwing it in our faces.  Once the COVID monetary and fiscal programmes were announced, I declared that the Federal Reserve would gradually assume the role of primary lender.
-As primary lender, the Fed would manage the entire lending credit system. Thus, the whole concept of the fractional reserve system would be shifted to the Fed. The banks would still lend, but they would no longer be able to expand and contract the monetary supply. All of this would be a function of the Fed, as it would dispense credits as it saw fit.
-All Western central banks will eventually follow suit.

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94 thoughts on “10/1 Update; Biden OCC nominee is Soviet educated, admires Bank of USSR, looks for Fed to end banking as we know it

  1. Regarding Omarova, the financial system is one big scam as I see it and this is pointing to one big problem, reaction, solution scenario.

    The problem of course is a century of corruption (that of course was allowed to happen if not by design).

    The reaction is the general population knows the bankers are crooks and demand something be done to fix the problem. Eliminate the mega rich one percent, and so on.

    The solution is Omarova to turn over the apple cart and feed the subverted American population a big slice of the communist pie wrapped in a nice package with a different name.

    I suspect for a while this will be seen as a good thing – just like Hitler overturning the immoral foundation of the Weimar Republic. Naturally we know how that worked out and it might be a really good time to mention “be careful what you wish for or demand from your political leaders.” But….if one was to steer a nation of people down a common path of trickle down totalitarianism there is no other way than to make every major decision “the people’s idea” through manufactured crisis events.

  2. For those wishing to live the middle class lifestyle of 1971, a household needs about $1mm USD in net worth today.

    1. The dollar lost its peg to gold and is now quasi pegged to oil which is in terminal decline.

      The energy is no longer there to give everyone the middle class lifestyle of previous years.

      Now there is a tiny class of money printers with cronies who print up money and give to themselves.

      Fortunately, this system is going to collapse and many are going to be sent into oblivion.

      1. Living the middle class life style of 1971 also meant that the mother could stay at home. When I was a young child (younger than 10-12) my mother didn’t work, nor did any of my friends’ mothers. Perhaps a couple mothers worked part time 15-20 hours a week, but they were always home for the children when school got out. What a great life we had. It was so easy and wonderful.

        My friends’ mothers were the cub scouts den leaders. None of my friends’ parents had college degrees, nor did my parents. They weren’t necessary. My father dropped out of high school at 16, and we were able to make ends meet and still own a house on Long Island. We had large families and plenty of food.

        Today, in order to achieve these goals, one needs a graduate degree, and if the mother stays home, the husband better make good money, and have plenty saved up to make up for the fact that the pensions are gone. SS is only a small amount in buying power now. 401(k) plans for a man in his 40s must be about 500k to make up for these retirement benefit changes. Having children is also more expensive now. Much more expensive.

        Welcome to the demoralized reality of the new world order

        1. Having children is only expensive if the couple is married. This explains the single mommy boom in the last century. Depends on the State or County but many girls can get pregnant and qualify for two years of free hud housing for each kid. After that it is based on income that is usually earned part time as an employee of a fast food or retail industry. Snap benefits include free health care, food stamps, and other grants. Thanks to Biden’s American Rescue Plan currently many woman are enjoying the extra $500 plus a month for each child which may explain the short staffing many business are experiencing. Some alt media websites claim vaccine deaths but that isn’t true, millions of people are still getting Unemployment comp and Fed grants. The first thing many immigrant women do when they arrive in the USA is have their anchor baby. Many single mothers also receive child support from the fathers garnished wages if employed and usually live with a parent or their grandparents. If there is no father put on the birth certificate they receive a boost in benefits. In my Tri County area, I have never seen or met a woman over the age of 20, that did not already have a kid or more. I’m not putting anyone down for this, especially if someone comes from a single parent household, however it should have never become the norm. In other Countries if women have children there are no government benefits and they are expected to take care of the kids themselves. So yes the 1970’s were a very different time for families.

          1. The single mother is married to the state. Dependent and unable to forage on her own. Just like the deer that depend on the daily feedings.

            Those children from these homes grow up to view government as their daddy. They don’t even know it, but to someone who came from a stable and loving home, it is obvious to see.

      2. “Now there is a tiny class of money printers with cronies who print up money and give to themselves.

        Fortunately, this system is going to collapse and many are going to be sent into oblivion.”

        Why do you think that? As long as the money printers control the military and police departments and intelligence agencies, how are proles going to stop them? Also, only about 1% of proles have even figured out they are slaves. As the Western world becomes more and more like Brazil, the average IQ will be too low to even comprehend the situation.

        1. You cannot print barrels of OIL. OIL is in terminal decline. What do you think industrial civilization which you live in runs on?

          Currently, we are finding 1 barrel of oil for every 6 we use.

          All of the major oil fields are being subjected to enhanced recovery methods and water flooding in order to eek out oil.

          For example, Cantarell in Mexico a giant oil field peaked in 2004 where it produced 2.1 million bopd. Currently, it is producing 159,000 bopd.

          The same is true for every giant oil field in the world. They are in terminal decline and the energy return on investment is in massive decline.

          The oil market is being subjected to similar manipulations as the gold/silver markets, the paper contracts are running the show.

          In order to cover this decline and peaking of conventional oil, in 2008 interest rates were lowered to zero in order to bring on unconventional oils like shale and tar sands in order to cover the peak. This is what has kept us afloat since 2008. Now that unconventional oils have peaked and are in decline we are going to face collapse sometime mid-decade and toward 2030. The global markets will unravel and there will be a massive deflationary shock and probably combined with hyperinflation.

          The current epoch in time known as industrial civilization is coming to an end and all of these insane manifestations that are occurring are part of its decline and collapse.

          We will never recover to the same level economically.

  3. “Men Are Now More Likely to Be Single Than Women. It’s Not a Good Sign”

    Do you blame them?


    Three generations of feminists have put men and the stable family unit through the woodchipper.

    As a landlord and property manager, I 💕 and profit from broken families and broken dreams. It drives up rents by creating more unstable households. Women are now married to their jobs and they make excellent tenants.

    1. Here’s to Rosie the Riveter! Thank you for helping me make 💰🤑! The S of S was brainwashing and demoralizing the family unit since WWII!

      Landlords and the governing powers will not be content until the family unit is destroyed once and for all! In 1984, Orwell discussed why this was necessary.

  4. Chris,
    Since you have attended baseball games and some events do you notice any major changes in peoples behavior since the Vax has been more widespread?

  5. Friend’s neighbor got the vax a week ago. Bedridden for a week, now cannot do anything strenuous, “heart hurts”, scared to do exercise, scared to go to the hospital. Sounds like a standard case of myocarditis, but don’t worry it clears up in about 50 years. So long as it eases enough for the second dose in a few weeks, you’ll be fine.
    I think they regret getting the V but I’m not sure.

    We have a restaurant ban for unvaxed here now. They are stepping it up every day. 2022’s going to be the year of death. I don’t care. This world isn’t worth living in any more. But if we can survive 3 more years, maybe it will be better on the other side once all the NPCs and zombies have shuffled off to meet their manufacturer.

    Listen to this absolute prick in Australia. They are obviously just daring us to do something.

    1. I agree, the world as presented is not really worth living in anymore. Few things that were concerning to me in the past really matter now. I exist while the vast sea of humanity is like another species. I guess having my blog provides me with some therapeutic value. I have a chance to communicate with other like-minded people.

      Your friend’s neighbor’s symptoms will clear upon his death.

  6. I just found an excellent source of quinine in large amounts.


    This is a concentrated tincture from the cinchona tree bark. This is the traditional source of quinine before scientists discovered how to synthesize it.

    This vendor has exceptionally good ratings.

    Etsy also sells the bark that you can drink as a tea. The price points are very good and I ordered the 1 lb non-alcoholic tincture and a 1 lb bag of cinchona bark flakes.

    To hell with the FDA.

    1. Evidently, the tincture is concentrated by at least 10 times per dose over a 1 liter bottle of tonic water. The tonic water that is for sale in the stores has preservatives and a lot of high fructose corn syrup. Wikipedia says that today’s tonic water has very little quinine left in it.

      I am going to begin using this on a daily basis. Another preventive measure for the spike proteins.

      1. I forgot about Etsy.com. I ordered that tincture, too. We can always purchase the bark and make our own.

        Wikipedia says that tonic water is really nothing but junk. I looked at the tonic water nutrition labels, and the stuff in the grocery stores is garbage.

  7. I have been looking for quinine as a Hydroxychloroquine equivalent. The FDA removed it as a supplement some time ago, but I can find it as a homeopathic medicine under its scientific term: Chininum sulphuricum. A search on Amazon under that term yields results. It’s still available, but it can never be mentioned with covid.

    The winter time may be difficult for many as these jabbed will be shedding spike protein fragments and such. I am fully stocked on quercetin, quinine, NAC, zinc, and others. I am now taking 10,000 IUs of D3 daily.

    1. Chris, you can also consider hesperidin, fennel seed (both deal with spike proteins), liposomal vitamin c (Dr Mercola) and Carbon C60 (deals with the lipid nanoparticles). I am around vaxxed people everyday and have never felt the effects of their shedding.

      1. Hesperidin and fennel seed are cheap on Swanson Vitamins. I don’t know much about fennel seed except that I recall people using it for digestive purposes. Hesperidin could be useful, too, and it’s cheap.

        There have been a few people that have commented on carbon c60 and say it’s very effective. I would recommend it if you can get it at a decent price point.

        I am sure that Mercola’s liposomal c is probably more efficacious than the regular powder, but I’m sure it’s expensive. I use magnesium ascorbate as it tends to stick around in the body longer and causes less of an upset stomach at higher doses.

    2. Aspirin should be on that list. Ivermectin if you can find it is the granddaddy of items for that list.

      Something also is an cognitive boosting supplement after initial infection, St. Johns wort, 5Htp. There seems to be a cognitive impairment, akin too a bad hangover but it doesn’t seem to lift. Other nootropics might help or NAC. It’s a real downer.

    3. You can make quinine from boiling lemon and grapefruit peels for a couple hours. Drink added to water as a tea. Sounds crazy but it works. Of course the “fact checkers” say it doesn’t work, so it must be good.

  8. I believe this so called supply crisis is totally manufactured and contrived as there are no natural reasons for most of the supply problems. However shortages of food are partly caused by bad weather, but may be possible that the bad weather was contrived due to secret weather manipulation. I have never seen back up of ships in the harbor like we have now in all 54 years of my life.There appears to be no natural reason for the backup of ships at major ports. Sure Covid may be an excuse but I don’t think it is the complete reason. I feel these bottlenecks are engineered for a Communist takeover of the USA and world.

      1. Based on the article I am beginning to think they are using the supply bottlenecks as an excuse to force vaccinations and also to hike prices.

        1. Exactly, not only force vaccinations but also to blame the higher prices and “disruptions” on the unvaccinated. There will be no where to hide soon. We have already received calls from the health dept about why we haven’t been vaccinated and if we have questions. Of course they have lists.

              1. Really? You received call(s) from IL or county health department?

                I agree with you about the lists, too.

      2. The crisis is manufactured and blamed on covid. Of course, some of the aspects of wealth consolidation is the ability of the powers to control globaln transportation and shipping. Their answer is an international vaccine passport with all the governments working with the WHO and UN..

  9. I had a work meeting with CEO. Another guy there said he’s going to get the vax. He said if we all get the vax the government said we can end the lockdowns.

    I said they are lying, they said two weeks to flatten the curve right? The CEO said he knows a few people who just died of the vax.

    I don’t think these facts registered with the vaxer. He said again that we all have to get the vax. I said the vax doesn’t even work. He didn’t care. He’s basically choosing sides and getting ready to blame the unvaxed directly for the lockdowns. I understood his subtle implication. He’s got a baby at home. I guess the kid’s only chance is if the vax kills this guy.

    God should transform himself into a syringe – way more people would believe in him.

    1. I feel for you Bob,
      I would like to see those pushing the Vax on other people get a taste of their own medicine as they get sudden health problems.

    2. Bob – tell him even if everyone gets the Vax they’ll simply come up with a new Covid/Variant + booster shot requirement and restart the whole process. There’s way too much money in this scam + de-population that is obviously building up.

      1. My daughter moved all her courses to online at university to avoid the vax issue. She had been told that she would not be allowed into buildings without being vaxxed. She’s been going into buildings anyway, no one is policing it. Now there’s news out this week that you need to be vaccinated to take online courses (not at her university YET but I see this coming).
        This is getting ridiculous.

        1. I wonder if the plebes will ever figure out that this has nothing to do with COVID.

      2. I could tell him to watch this.


        Robert Malone invented mRNA vaccines and the lipid delivery package, so he knows a few things.
        Geert Vanden Bosche is an expert on viruses and joins Malone for a discussion. Last year he predicted mass death from too much vaxing.

        Malone says vaccinating everyone:

        1. Reduces their immunity
        2. Creates new variants
        3. Forces the virus to select for variants that evade the vax
        4. Will lead to massive death
        5. Could produce a global plague
        6. Reduces/destroys herd immunity
        7. Reduces symptoms but vaxed people will be super spreaders because they won’t feel sick and stay at home, but they produce and shed high levels of virus

        Children are the population’s “herd immunity reservoir”, and vaccinating them destroys this mechanism. The vax should only be used for old and fat people.

        It’s a long video, but it is important.

    3. Merck and other companies are coming out with a Covid pill. More simple, convenient, profitable and compelling for people that don’t like needles. They can even make it a monthly requirement instead of the annual one. MRK may be good for a trade if you want to profit off all this misery.

      If you have been watching NFL Football, every game is a packed house with people sitting right next to each other, and I haven’t noticed anyone in the audience wearing a mask. None of the players are wearing masks. I doubt that many people in the various cities or players on all the teams have been vaccinated. Are people just getting tired of the hoax or will this give the variant pushers a reason for their dark winter…..

      1. I noticed this. I went to a couple Nationals games last month and very few were wearing a mask. This was in DC.

        The big hoax was to get people jabbed.

        NFL stopped virtue signalling and got back to doing what they should be doing. No more kneeling either. That was just a stupid fad. No social distancing. What a joke.

        I think there may be restrictions with indoor sports, but I am not sure on that. I may see a basketball game this year.

        These directions come out of central intelligence.

  10. The news coming out about Pope Francis gets more insane every day.

    Pope Francis’s heresies are so over the top now I expect him to announce the name of the Antichrist any day now.

    Maybe he’ll levitate in St Peter’s Basilica to the amazement of the world.

    Keep in mind the vaccine mandates have nothing to do with a virus, at least not COVID-19. Talking about how the vaccines do not work yields nothing at this point. That’s all a given.

  11. Berliners Are Angry About Housing. And So Is Much of Europe

    According to Bloomberg, it’s all about the covid pandemic and failed capitalism. Don’t ever blame the wealth consolidation mechanisms employed by the central banks. Their answer, of course, is a nationalized housing program. The landlords are evil.


    The mainstream is active pumping the nationalization of housing

  12. Get ready for the new puppets at the Fed to open the spigots. The wealth and power consolidation must continue; all in the name of social, racial, and economic justice.

    “Powell might survive, but those other seats are going to be filled by picks that please Warren and the left,” said Boltansky. “The market is probably going to get who they want at the head of the table in Powell, but they need to prepare for those other seats to turn much more dovish.”


    1. Sorry you will have to copy and paste the whole web link wording to your webpage as it wont automatically go to the page

    2. Bobyakka — wondering if you could kindly copy and paste the story (if it’s not too long) for those of us without Facebook

      1. Mate, will do tomorrow. There’s a lot to digest but I will post the most relevant for USA.

        1. Bobyakka
          I would like to hear about the orthodox Christian prophecies when you have a chance.

          1. Andrei, I can offer some guidance regarding Orthodox faith. I’m not a priest but am baptized from birth and try to follow the teachings of the Holy Fathers. Ever more so these days. Here is some very good information:


            Also see this video:


            You will see the name St. John of Shanghai and SF come up about half way through. My mother was visited by St. John while paralyzed in the hospital about a year before I was born. She is walking today because of her faith in Christ.

            1. Al,
              Both these links are very inspiring.
              Thank You Very Much
              If there are any doubts about what is on the news or about the truth, then pray to God. God only answers the truth.

      2. Elder Ignatius of Harbin(+ 1958) said:
        “What started in Russia will end in America.”

        Possible interpretations of Elder Ignatius of Harbin’s words:
        1. America becoming increasingly socialist in character, in a convergence with Soviet Russia.
        2. Religious toleration to diminish in America as it did in Soviet Russia, perhaps with the result of martyrdoms (the persecution of Christians under a hostile government/society will one day come to America, even psychological martyrdom like whats happening now).
        3. America eventually would become a totalitarian state of the same brutal character as the Antichristian USSR, though still more oppressive and violent.
        4. All of the above.

        1. According to the charismatic and clairvoyant priest John Kalaides (of whom we have several prophecies later on, below), the USA will suddenly be hit by a big geological and biological disaster while the War at Constantinople launches off (WW3), because of their apostasy, self-condemnation (punishment), that God will allow to the USA for the unjust death of so many innocent people around the world.
          An Islamic Militant insurgent terrorist attack on US soil will occur, and the US soldiers will leave the battlefields abroad to go back to the USA. The battle of Constantinople will not be able to stop before the USA pulls out of this battle according to his sayings.

          1. “An evil will shortly take Russia, and wherever this evil goes, rivers of blood will flow. It is not the Russian soul, but an imposition on the Russian soul. It is not an ideology, nor a philosophy, but a spirit from hell. In the last days Germany will be divided. France will be just nothing. Italy will be judged by natural disasters. Britain will lose her empire and all her colonies and will come to almost total ruin, but will be saved by praying enthroned women.

            America will feed the world, but will finally collapse.

            Russia and China will destroy each other. Finally, Russia will be free and from her believers will go forth and turn many from the nations to God.
            Now we are undergoing the times before the Antichrist. But Russia will yet be delivered. There will be much suffering, much torture. The whole of Russia will become a prison, and one must greatly entreat the Lord for forgiveness. One must repent of one’s sins and fear to do even the least sin, but strive to do good, even the smallest. For even the wing of a fly has weight, and God’s scales are exact. And when even the smallest of good in the cup tips the balance, then will God reveal His mercy upon Russia.
            “God will remove all leaders, so that Russian people should look only at Him. Everyone will reject Russia, other states will renounce her, delivering her to herself – this is so that Russian people should hope on the help of the Lord. You will hear that in other countries disorders have begun similar to those in Russia. You will hear of war, and there will be wars. But wait until the Germans take up arms, for they are chosen as God’s weapon to punish Russia – but also as a weapon of deliverance later. The Cross of Christ will shine over the whole world and our Homeland will be magnified and will become as a lighthouse in the darkness for all. – Elder Aristocles of Moscow (+1918)

            1. “The Antichrist will come to power and will begin to persecute Orthodoxy.
              And then the Lord will reveal His tsar in Russia. He will be of royal family and will be a strong defender of our faith.
              When the Lord will give this very intelligent person, life will be good!…
              The Antichrist will declare himself (become popularized and begin his ministry) from America.
              And the whole world will bow down to him except those that remain faithful to the Orthodox faith.” – Blessed Pelagia of Ryazan(+1968)

              1. Scott,
                As requested, I copied and pasted Orthodox prophecies relating to America.
                All I can say is that if you are living in America, prepare yourselves for a communist takeover and terror against Christianity like Russia experienced in 1917 and onwards. I pray this does not happen and I do not want to fear monger. However current events shows that this is now more and more likely.
                It will take a miracle from God to stop the S of S now, which we should all pray for.

  13. I bought and held on LEAS when you recommended a few months ago. Do you think that still has room to run or is it time to sell?

    1. Holy moly! If you have held this I would unload some of the position here. Wow.

      I sold off all the bulletin board stocks a couple months ago after TD Ameritrade said they would stop supporting them. I never bothered to look at them.

      What happened to LEAS that made it runup like that? Do they actually own the btc some claimed?

      Someone asked me about ENG several weeks ago, and I thought it was kind of a dead stock. But for the past week there has been a fire 🔥 lit underneath it. I have been trading it on dips for scalps, but something else may be going on with it.

      1. From what I’ve seen, mostly talk about a new CEO that’s supposedly legit. I haven’t jumped into trading really but have general understanding from what you’ve said. It’s my only position, not playing that much money on it but could be a decent pay day if it got to a few cents or so. Just wondering if that is realistic? Need to buy a hunting rifle!

        1. Sell some and keep the rest. That is a fantastic run…

          A 12 gauge semiautomatic shotgun works wonders. A pump action is also most excellent. There is some amazing ammo. Flare rounds that would destroy targets further out as well as dragons breath magnesium buckshot that will incinerate anyone hit with it. Good up to 20 yards.


          Have fun!

  14. Has anyone heard of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970? It conferred broad regulatory authority upon the unelected officials who operate the U.S. government agency known as OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
    With this, the Evil One and his minions both willful and ignorant established the legal framework, over half-a-century ago, for the dictatorial Scientocracy that only recently inserted itself into the daily lives of practically every American man, woman and child.
    For more details:

    1. Oh yeah, OSHA is a big tooting horn in the US. The globalists are using flimsy reasons to employ emergency actions enforced by the likes of CDC and OSHA to impose draconian measures. These actions, of course, are unconstitutional, but by the time they get overturned in the courts, it’s 18 months later and the plebes accept the outcomes.

      As of now the Supreme Court has to abide by the constitution, as if it didn’t it would all be too obvious.

  15. The communists were the leading promoters of feminism, racial justice, as well as sexual, social, and economic equality. They led the charge to abolish CHRISTIANITY, and promoted the political correctness being rammed down our throats.

    Why? Because under Communism, everyone’s the same, regardless of sex, race, proclivity, ability, etc.

    Feminism destroys the family unit and shifts the isolated individual’s allegiance to the daddy government. Orwell described this is fine detail in “1984.”

    Regardless of ability, everyone is doomed to be the same. Don’t waste trying to excel, unless it’s for the promotion of Big Brother.

    In a country that is owned by the banking elites, like in Soviet Russia, these elites need to force all the disparate peoples together. These elites knew that when only like people are together (like in the Bible), these people think with one mind and are less able to be conqured. Welcome to the NWO with these increasingly loud racial, sexual, social justice movements. These are all meant to quiet the majority by claiming to help the minority. The real outcome is something much more sinister – a weakened population with no cohesion, ruled by an aristocratic elite.

    This is what Communism represents, and we are already more than halfway there. Enjoy your racial, social, and economic justice. There is nothing Biblical about it. In this regard, God is the biggest racist. God is the elite’s biggest enemy.

    1. Well said Chris. The writing is clearly on the wall. Yet people these days have their modern creature comforts, and prefer not doing any critical thinking; or questioning what’s actually going on here. So they go with the flow – it’s the much easier path. They are more focused being accepted and pleasing their fellow companions than pleasing God. They’ve chosen their father and out of their ignorance most don’t even know it.

      Ofc it’s too late to change the system. We can’t vote our way out of this mess anymore. It’s not a Democrat problem if these policies/movements are being implemented worldwide. At this moment only the almighty Jesus can change it, which I believe he will when things eventually escalate too far. But you can still save yourself/others from not having an external life; by choosing to live/preach according to the Gospels set forth by the Good Shepherd.

  16. She is tied to the National Investment Authority bill – an openly communist plan. This timeline is accelerating as you said.

    1. What’s interesting is she basically openly admits that it is important to take on projects that the private sector would not touch due to lack of economic benefit. In other words, the projects have negative or zero IRRs, but that does not matter.

      I don’t want to sound self serving, but this reeks of institutional largess and waste, which also means extreme profits for the partners of the NIA.

      1. This is all part of that Fabian concept. Institute an agency with noble sounding words, and before long it is involved in every aspect of our lives. It becomes the guiding force the five year plans. Give it enough time, and this Authority will be drafting up communist five-year plans to guide the economy and society. It will be directing the corporations and the state and local governments on how to implement requirements and centralized dictates.

    2. It really is. That NIA bill is a Marxist concept. It’s actually outright communist. In that interview that someone posted on this blog she began by sounding idealistic regarding this authority. As the interview progressed, she began to relax and show her true colors and intentions.

      Here is another figurative sleight of hand. The US government was loathe to use words like “authority” in the titles of bills and in names of organs in the government and such. They used relatively benign words like “agency”, “administration”, and “department”. Now they come right out say the word authority. Next they’ll use the words Parliament and Ministry. They know the dumbed down plebes won’t know the difference anymore.

  17. Chris
    How will this affect your investment strategy ? Should we think about getting hard assets as a way to get money out of the beast system? This nomination indicates they are solidifying the beast system.

    1. You never go wrong with gold. I also like Bitcoin. There’s a small chance that Bitcoin could be used as a currency in the West. I only say this because of how it originated, or how we don’t know how it originated.

      While I warn those who own real estate, this warning is not directed toward people who live in their own home. This warning is directed towards investors who own a lot of it in certain areas like the blue States with expensive prices.

      If we look to what I think is possible with regard to the stock market and business ownership, I would look to China as a possible template. If the western governments to intervene like the CCP does in China, we could see a reduction in the PE multiples of stocks to compensate for this additional uncertainty.

  18. Very disturbing podcast. This means the Federal Reserve will take over the whole economy and only the big corporations will be left in the economy. Saule Omarova is an outright communist with her views.
    Jerome Powell will be out. USA will become United Soviet Socialist States of America. I doubt the Republicans will oppose her nomination as they have proven to be useless opposition in previous Democratic presidential administrations.

    My question is how will this impact your investment strategy?

    1. I have to suspect that the same forces that are generating this covid strategy mRNA jab mandate worldwide are the same forces that are placing these figures into positions of government. In the current liberal and communist climate, I don’t see much resistance to her and her objectives. The synagogue of Satan media endorse her.

      I don’t see talk anywhere regarding this woman at the alt-media finance yet, not that I look at any of the blogs. Perhaps they don’t realize exactly what she seeks to do. Fitzpatrick and Siousen are correct and that the fall of the Soviet Union was a phony one to lure the West asleep. We are now at least one generation away from the first-hand experiences of communism. I grew up during the time of Brezhnev, and this Biden pick is around my age, but she remembers that time fondly.

      While I don’t think it’s the current Russian government per se at this point, I believe it more to be the synagogue of Satan that is driving this and has lured the West to sleep regarding the existential dangers of communism.

      Only a dumbed down population that has rejected Christianity can fall for the lies of socialism and Marxism. I don’t give the current Russian government that much credit for achieving these goals. I give all the credit to the synagogue of Satan that has spent tens of trillions of dollars over the past few decades to recondition the West. They were responsible for killing the tsars and installing the Soviet communist government. They installed their Central Bank and ran the whole communist concept from behind the scenes. When Stalin was no longer useful, they had him killed as well. They promoted their Marxist philosophers, but we’re expedient stooges to the S of S’s philosophy of death.

      I don’t give the Russians that much credit. They are too stupid. The synagogue of satan, working with the devil, are formidable enough.

  19. Very interesting podcast and scary. I had a bad feeling the leftists took over by stealing the November 3, 2020 election last year. This means that the Federal Reserve Bank will eventually take over the whole economy and we will be left with nothing but big corporate conglomerates. No small businesses left.
    This Saule Omarova is an outright communist. Jerome Powell will be out.

    Has this altered your investment strategy at all Chris?

    1. It hasn’t really changed anything short to intermediate term. But it doesn’t help cultivate confidence with investors. If they catch wind of potential heavy-handed government intervention, they may begin to reprice assets like they have done in China. This is a new dynamic and direction and will probably have to be priced in to the markets.

      Of course, when it comes to residential and single family real estate, this further verifies my concerns regarding ownership restrictions and outright confiscation.

    2. Sorry for the multiple postings with the same question.When I posted I did not see it appear so I thought it was not posted.

    1. She really does admire the Soviet economy; the economy of the 1960s-1980s.


      But if the government is sort of managing this types of investment, the NIA might decide to build that type of a plant, new plant, new complex of plants in Flint, Michigan, for example. Right? Or in West Virginia. Somewhere where that plant will actually have far-reaching, very important collateral benefits to the economy and to the society as a whole.

      And that’s what the NIA design is trying to do. So the NIA being kind of a federal independent federal agency, it sort of tries to offer that type of mid way institutional forum for adjudicating a lot of those conflicts, but not in that kind of, you know, the way Congress kind of operates, unfortunately today.


      As the interview progresses, her true colors really begin to show.

      Thanks for posting this. She really does admire the country of her upbringing.

    1. Like I said I the podcast, the commercial and savings banks will still lend and provide the services to their customers, but they would be restricted in underwriting and originating loans and demand deposit accounts, based on the Fed’s objectives. The credit would originate from the Fed. The lower rates go, the more urgent this dynamic will be, as the banks will no longer be able to make money on lending. The Fed with the federal government would manage it all.

  20. Here is part of what i wrote on your blog on 5 july:

    “The central banks will transfer power to the BIS, but will be kept in place so that every zone can get their flavor of the digital currency aka digital euro, digital dollar. The BIS however will be in control, and we will have a true global digital currency system for the first time in history.
    A digital currency, that will be used to introduce negative interest rates (up to 40% i heard somewhere). So for every hour you work, you get digital dollars minus whatever negative rates and taxes they impose. Those digital dollars will have all kinds of restrictions, like how long they are valid (force you to spend, no saving possible) and where you can use them (restrict business or activities that they dislike).
    Debt will be gone after this transition, and cash will be gone as well.
    So will your traditional bank account, your assets and your wealth, unless you somehow can find a way to hold assets outside their system that people want and need.”

    Seems its all is still going according to their plan.
    Here is the clip from the BIS head that confirms it all in less than a minute :

    1. Already, we see the Fed becoming a primary lender and deposit institution. We look at the implementation of their deposit program on excess reserves, and now the reverse repo window with over a trillion dollars parked daily. The commercial Banks don’t want to get involved in this as interest rates are too low for it to be profitable. Thus, as interest rates continue their long-term fade it becomes incumbent on the Fed to step in and manage the entire process of the fractional reserve concept.

      And you are right, there is going to have to be a sea change in the monetary system once we go to negative interest rates. This is why this dark intelligence introduced Bitcoin and the whole blockchain concept, amongst other reasons.

      These technologies will be employed as the dollar and the concept of the dollar as we know it transforms over the next several years.

      By necessity, the FED will become primary lender and the institution that will manage the whole fractional Reserve concept. Once this is all consolidated at the Fed, there really will be no more fractional Reserve system. It will be come a system that will dispense credits as it sees fit. The owners of the FED will manage the entire process and it will be similar in scope to the banking system of the USSR.

      1. China disposed of Bitcoin because they do not want competition for their Yuan digital currency. I feel the same would happen in USA if CBDC is implemented. Although Powell has stated there wasn’t a rush to do that, so he may be on his way out.

        GTEC did good, may continue next week. Looks like Oil has more room to move upwards. Gold, Copper, Silver may get a run up soon. News about the Demonrats passing an initiative for carbon credits in the energy sector came out today, there may be an uptick for stocks in that clean energy industry next week. I am thinking that your OEG pick will be back in play.

  21. I am concerned that the circumstances over the next couple years will pose an existential threat to the current monetary system. I suspect it is going to be transformed into a Soviet style or Chinese style credit system.

    This will begin to pose as a greater threat to us nvestors than the normal uncertainty during Fed regime changes. This could also be playing into the volatility we are seeing currently in the stock market.

    There’s nothing wrong with liquefying assets.

    When even the alt financial bloggers are predicting continual rises in the asset markets, I begin to think that I should take the contra.

  22. There’s a great rearranging of the deck chairs at the Federal Reserve. Notice that the two older white puppets, the Dallas and Boston Fed Presidents were forced to resign. I find the timing quite peculiar in the wake of Biden’s OCC nomination. I assume that Powell will be out, unless of course he gets with program.

    I have to believe at this point that the new Fed picks will all be Marxist and will conform with the agenda to centralize all of the banking at the Federal Reserve. They will seek to shift all of the fractional reserved aspects of the banking system to the Federal Reserve itself.

    This is so paradigm shifting that we could possibly begin to see cracks in the stock market as investors become very spooked.

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